recon_lapnever set this up but seems like a good idea for young childern00:13
CandlehawkIs it bad that my imidiate thought was how to go around all the security?00:14
w30recon_lap, all I ever did was not give admin rights. I keep a user B on the box so I just replace my kids borked home directory with user B and then chown from user B to kids user name and off she goes again. I look at her old home and transfer some data files like movies and photos00:19
w30recon_lap, I believe in preparing the kid for the cruel world rather than isolating the kid; Sooner than later the kid is gona find the real world00:21
recon_lapw30: the time limit and cut-off time seem like they would be very useful to me00:21
w30recon_lap, that's fine but I am involved close enough just to say ok, shut it down or whatever00:24
w30recon_lap, if you use the computer for a baby sitter I would guess it will fail you because the kids are always smarter than adults00:25
w30recon_lap, we all need to remind kids that everything on the net is not socially acceptable and teach them not to do it and why.00:29
w30recon_lap, and I know it's easier said than done and I fail at it also.00:30
w30recon_lap, best to not let kids watch politicians on the net or tv.00:32
ajinautif1: Good morning !00:44
autif1ajin - good morning, its 7:45 pm here, how are things00:45
autif1did 12.04 work out?00:45
ajinautif1: I was trying to put 12.04 into my USB drive using unetbootin, but it failed to put into USB00:46
ajinautif1: Do you know any clue?00:47
autif1hmmmn, I am not familiar with unetbootin, but if you have ubuntu on some other machine, you can try the "Startup disk creator" utility - that is what ubuntu supports00:47
autif1that has always forked for me00:48
autif1worked, not forked00:48
ajingood, I'll try it.00:49
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
mongyusb creator or dd or grub2 iso booting all work00:56
mongypersonally had nightmares with unetbootin00:56
ajinautif1: I just find a similar tool on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick.  ----linux live creator, this might also work01:02
autif1perhaps - i have personally never used it01:04
autif1all the best01:04
ajinautif1: if one day, the tool on your hand doesn't work, this might be a help.:D01:05
recon69_lapcan you boot from an alternate CD or just install01:10
ajinrecon69_lap: I'm installing xubuntu on a netbook WITHOUT cd driver, bro01:16
recon69_lapajin: thx, but not what i asked.01:19
raevolso, having gvfs-backends installed makes thunar hang for about 20-30 seconds before booting? anyone else observing this?01:30
mongywhy I installed it01:31
mongyuninstalled it rather01:31
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
raevolmongy: same01:59
recon_lapany way to get the workspace picker to go vertical ?02:14
roflcoppermy wifi is being annoying..02:23
roflcopperhey computer screen02:24
roflcopperso yeah, how y'doin02:24
roflcopperyea I'm good, am cool02:24
roflcoppernot much really02:24
babbleI'm trying to sort out the syntax for setting a folder emblem with tdbtool02:25
babbleit's making my eyes hurt02:25
antnash_Hi guys. I'm running xubuntu on my fileserver/download machine and I keep getting a problem with overheating. This shouldn't be happening as I've got a decent cpu fan and 3 case fans, and the only load it was under (as far as I know) this latest time was my playing a divx video off it on my laptop08:07
antnash_It keeps throttling the cpus08:08
antnash_Anyone any ideas how to stop this?08:08
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
nikolaj_basherI tried to install some software through software center, bud the source was not from a trustable source. But it was the through the default repository. Is there  a list of trustable repository?08:47
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:50
nikolaj_basherTheSheep, thanks09:00
Marzatanikolaj_basher: just install it09:01
nikolaj_basherMarzata, the problem is that I can ignore it, it just fail09:01
MarzataUbuntu for Android, huh.09:05
HaferstrohHello, is somebody familiar with the Distribution "Liduid Lemur" ?09:40
HaferstrohI have seen a review video on youtube, and was wondering, if somebody hat any clues how to use the modified xfce within xubuntu09:45
knomewell, that's not really the scope for this channel. as long as the patches are from xfce though, you might want to look into some PPA's, if there is any09:46
knomealso maybe ask about the specific features you want and we might be able to help09:47
Haferstrohknome: Yes, but I thought that maybe someone had replaced the existing xubuntu xfce with the one from liquid lemur in the past09:51
Haferstrohif you want to check it out knome, hier is a cool review for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gdl0aTX0V009:53
knomemost probably not; LL is based on Arch, Xubuntu on Ubuntu (Debian)09:53
HaferstrohI just meant you should check it out for getting an idea not for the distribution, but the desktop09:54
knomeapart from the dock, i don't see much difference09:55
knomeexcept just some icon theme and other theme changes09:55
Haferstrohyes, thats what I meant. The windows are like in MacOs  and the iconset is neat09:57
knomeHaferstroh, applications -> settings -> settings manager -> appearance/window manager09:57
Haferstrohhow did they place the file menue on the upper panel ?10:00
knomethat's globalmenu10:04
Haferstrohokay thank you10:04
NyLes_what does vt.handoff=7 do? is it fine to remove it?10:09
NyLes_knome: thanks..10:12
NyLes_why does xubuntu 10.04 has a lots of package to be updated?10:17
knomebecause it's nearly 2 years old, and it's also and LTS, which means it will still be supported for a bit more than a year10:18
knomes/and LTS/an LTS/10:18
olbinah, LL looks like ugly Mac OS X :P10:19
olbiI'm testing now Cinnamon and it looks great :]10:19
NyLes_knome: but when i tried ubuntu 10.04 almost all are up to date?10:20
olbiand I think Xubuntu should take rolling release :]10:20
Haferstroholbi  thats what they call "different taste" I have heard10:21
NyLes_i can't boot 11.10 after installaion :/10:21
knomeolbi, feel free to start doing the work needed for rolling releases ;)10:21
knomeolbi, and remember, you need to support LTS releases for 3 years10:22
HaferstrohHe should switch to LL, Arch is a rolling release someone told me ;-)10:22
knomeanyway, for the meta-discussion, feel free to join #xubuntu-offtopic10:23
olbiI know that Arch is RR, but I like Ubuntu Software Manager :D10:23
olbiwe could have LTS and rolling release :D10:23
knomeolbi, ...again, welcome to do the work10:24
olbihmm, better I should won 1 mln Euro and employ some ppl for this work :D10:24
NyLes_how to leave in IRC without just closing the application?10:28
knomeNyLes_, /quit10:28
NyLes_knome: thanks..10:28
MRbikmangooseguyhey guys12:40
TheSheep!hi MRbikmangooseguy12:41
TheSheep!hi | MRbikmangooseguy12:41
ubottuMRbikmangooseguy: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!12:41
Riddellhi, I'm the beta tech release manager13:17
Riddellhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html  has lightdm-gtk-greeter which is your responsibility13:17
Riddellplease fix or I'll delete it, thanks13:17
MyrttiRiddell: hate to point the obvious, but you are probably looking for #xubuntu-devel13:20
Riddellthanks Myrtti13:21
jkleinHey guys.13:22
jkleinI've got a problem w/ Xubuntu resp. KDE. Anyone care to help me out?13:23
Marzatajklein: just ask13:26
jkleinWell. I've installed KDE and wanted to boot into KDE. Works fine, but it loads xfce-panel and AWN, which are loaded automatically at session-start.13:27
jkleinHow can I tell my computer NOT to load them when I log into KDE, but still load them when I log into XFCE?13:27
Pasq89converted lubuntu to xubuntu and now xubuntu doesnt boot.. what can i do? reconfigure or something...13:50
Marzatalubuntu is not stable13:55
Pasq89converted lubuntu to xubuntu and now xubuntu doesnt boot.. what can i do? reconfigure or something... it stuck on check battery state! (had same problems with other distros ago. dont remember solution :( )13:57
mongyPasq89, check /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf  and make sure lightdm is set to start on boot  (sudo update-rc.d lightdm defaults)14:00
Pasq89mongy: thanks! the second command didnt worked!14:05
Pasq89what is should change in lightdm?14:05
Pasq89it says: greeter-session=unity-greeter14:06
mongymine is greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter14:07
mongyand sudo update-rc.d lightdm defaults should work.14:07
Pasq89did the update cmd and got warning: missing LSB information..14:11
mongysudo update-rc.d -f lightdm remove14:16
mongysudo update-rc.d lightdm defaults14:16
Pasq89okay! did those . and rebooting. reporting in a while! many thanks!!14:17
Pasq89now its on starting CUPS printin spooler/server .. it went 2 commands after battery state.. but it seems stucked there too.. :/14:21
Pasq89wait.. it says: starting LXDE display manager[fail] , stoping LightDm Display manager14:22
Pasq89i m not using anymore LXDE.. there isnt any LXDE more in my pc.. i switched to Xubuntu..14:23
recon69_laphi all, just tring to use the xubuntu 11.10 usb install, thing is messing up keyboard selection, I selected English(uk) layout but the right hand list box full of Indian layouts14:23
recon69_lapgoing to restart as I think it's stuck14:23
mongyPasq89, remove everything to with lxde then14:26
mongynot used it for ages, is it lxdm or something14:27
Pasq89removing now lxdm14:27
mongysudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager14:29
mongytry that14:29
mongybrb router needs a kick14:29
recon69_lapgod this installer is slow and unresponsive14:30
recon69_lapand look like it's hung again14:31
recon69_lapwhat file system is recommended? ext4?14:38
mongywhy not14:40
recon69_laplook like it's going to install this time, third time is the peach14:43
baizonyes, use ext414:45
Pasq89mongy: still doesnt work.. removed the lxdm..14:46
recon69_lapthx baizon, I had go with ext4 but good to get some confirmation14:52
Pasq89after converting my lubuntu to xubuntu, cant boot. what should i do? any help appreciated!!!15:00
TheSheepPasq89: what error do you get?15:01
recon69_lapPasq89: how did you convert? and what version? what how does it fail to boot ?15:01
Pasq89i posted here, and somebody send me a link containing how to convert any *buntu to xubuntu!15:01
Pasq89when the splash screen appears, if i press keys , i see that it stucks to checking battery state!15:02
hobgoblinpyschocat website was it Pasq89 ?15:02
holsteinPasq89: when i installed xubuntu, i then installed lxde along with it... then, i tried to remove LXDE and had an error that i still havent taken the time to troubleshoot...15:02
hobgoblinthey are fine generally so I doubt it's that15:02
Pasq89what is ould do now??15:03
mongyI will try and replicate it.15:03
hobgoblinPasq89: when you did the loooong sudo apt-get remove command did it actually have sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop at the end15:05
mongyso you installed lubuntu first?15:05
Pasq89yes, it had. i checked that. yes. i was using lubuntu for a month now..15:05
mongyis it set to autologin?15:06
Pasq89if i try again with that command? that psychocat... page15:06
Pasq89emm.. it was.. on lubuntu it was!15:06
Pasq89now i dont know..15:07
mongywill say in lightdm.conf15:07
recon69_lapmind if i ask how old you are Pasq89?15:07
Pasq89why recon69_lap ?15:08
Pasq8922 and a half!15:09
hobgoblinI'm 22 and loads15:09
recon69_lapPasq89: well, wondering if it's age that accounts for you bad communication skills15:09
mongymaybe english is not his first language....15:10
Pasq89its not15:10
hobgoblinrecon69_lap: could be not English and as long as people can understand that's enouigh15:10
Pasq89how about talking in my native language recon69_lap . τωρά καταλάβεις τίποτε;15:10
hobgoblincan;t understand that Pasq89 :)15:11
craigbass1976ANyone know how to get the network started before I log in?15:11
mongyso you installed lubuntu, then installed xubuntu-desktop15:11
craigbass1976I'm on Lucid15:11
Pasq89anw.. maybe the autologin from lubuntu makes xubuntu not to login?15:11
Pasq89yes. from the psychocats web ..15:12
hobgoblinI would definitely look into the lightdm confs15:12
hobgoblinthey are different15:12
Pasq89hobgoblin: checked that as mongy told me before!15:12
mongyPasq89, paste your entire lightdm.conf and lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf15:12
thecandystoreHow come my 2nd harddrive isn't 'mounting' right and showing up?15:12
Pasq89lightdm.conf: greeter-session=unity-greeter15:13
mongycraigbass1976,  configure /etc/network/interfaces15:13
mongyPasq89,  we went through this.  unity-greeter should be lightdm-gtk-greeter15:14
recon69_lapPasq89: I was asking politely, To judge how best to continue. but never mind15:14
mongyPasq89, so you have unity installed as well?15:14
Pasq89lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf: theme-name=graybird font-name=Droid Sans 10 xft-antialias=true15:14
mongyPasq89, pastebinit15:15
Pasq89recon69_lap: no problem!15:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:15
craigbass1976mongy, are you kidding me?  That was stupid...15:16
Pasq89i cant paste from that laptop..15:17
craigbass1976mongy, so where is the file that my static ip currently set?15:17
xslis IBUS for chinese imput layouts ?15:18
mongycraigbass1976,  have you set your network up already in network manager ?15:18
Pasq89in /etc/lightdm i have those files: lightdf.conf lightdf-gtk-greeter.conf lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntu.conf unity-greeter.conf and users.conf15:18
craigbass1976mongy, I did, and it works fine.  I just want eth0 to come up earlier than after I've logged into the GUI.  I'm trying to run a dhcp server, but that won't start because the network isn't up yet when it tries15:19
craigbass1976I read somewhere to remove network-manager, but apt wants to remove most of my system in the process15:20
mongycraigbass1976, something like http://pastebin.com/Bbhqc1di will set you a static ip before login15:21
mongycraigbass1976, as for removing network manager,  you don't need to , if you have an interface setup in interfaces file then network manager will ignore it.15:22
Pasq89mongy: what files i should try to paste?15:23
craigbass1976mongy, ahhh..15:23
mongycraigbass1976, ticking "available to all users" in network manager would bring it up before you login also, but might not bring up in time for dhcp server.  you could delay dhcp from starting by adding a line to /etc/rc.local like sh -c "sleep 10 && service dhcp-server start"15:25
mongyfly by15:25
Pasq89while booting xubuntu: starting System V Runlevel compatibiliy [failed]15:26
mongyPasq89, lightdm.conf and lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntu.conf15:26
mongyPasq89, did you get a screen asking to choose display manager during install of xubuntu?15:29
craigbass1976mongy, thanks.  Works when it's supposed to now.15:32
Pasq89paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854118/15:33
Pasq89i dont remember what i choosed... !!! :/15:33
Pasq89mongy: can in any way reconfigure the xubuntu-desktop ?15:34
mongygreeter-session=unity-greeter  should be greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter15:35
Pasq89Yes, it did! <mongy> Pasq89, did you get a screen asking to choose display manager during install of xubuntu?15:38
mongysudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm15:38
Pasq89okay.. changed the lightdm.conf.. and now will try the reconfigure..15:39
mongyaha, I installed xubuntu-desktop and restarted, get the lubuntu splash screen, then console saying checking battery15:40
Pasq89as i do.. but i get the xubuntu screen.. and console stacks at checking battery..15:41
mongyok, let me get a coffee and have a crack at this15:43
Pasq89mongy: you will? :) many thanks so far mongy ! many thanks!15:43
mongyok, fixed.15:46
Pasq89wait wait.. i think it worked!!!15:46
Pasq89YES!! i got my desktop!! :)15:46
mongyit was lightdm.conf trying to use unity-greeter15:46
Pasq89mongy: what you did? you did it wirelessly? hehe!!15:46
Pasq89it was the lightdm.conf i changed before?15:47
mongywell, I reconfigured lightdm, changed the conf, as well as the othet conf file which had points to a wallpaper that was not there and a theme that did not exists..15:48
Pasq89me2 as you SAID me! MANY THANKS mongy ! Many thanks! i owe you!15:49
mongybackdrop needs to be /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops/xubuntu-karmic.png15:49
mongyand theme is greybird15:49
mongyunless you wanna set them different..15:50
mongythose are defaults.15:50
Pasq89yes.. they are like this! i didnt paste in paste bin.. bcz i was manually writing them! Thanks again mongy15:50
Pasq89leaving channel.. many thanks mongy15:57
Buster_hi all16:02
Buster_I've run an update/upgrade today and am seeing some strange issues, missing file associations mainly, anyone else having issues?16:28
Buster_for example Terminal Emulator in all menus and bars reports "Failed to Execute Default Terminal Emulator"16:30
Buster_and from the panel /home button, thunar settings is opening, not thunar itself16:30
beataHappy hello. *grumble* Mornings.17:14
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
matrinkoHi, is it possible, to change settings of xfce theme to default xubuntu's settings?17:35
matrinkoI have xubuntu 11.1017:36
baizonmatrinko: i dont understand your question17:39
baizonyou want to reset you setting to default?17:41
matrinkoI changed appearence settings and now I want to get it back to the xubuntu default.17:42
baizonyou need to delete ~/.cache/xfce and ~/.config/xfce but that will reset all your settings, so there could be a better sollution. I know only this one.17:45
matrinkoOK, it is good for me. thanks17:52
=== recon69_lap is now known as recon_lap
recon_laphmm, disable screen saver while watching movies does not seem to work18:44
justakillanyone here play minecraft on xubuntu?18:55
justakilli have a problem with sound was wondering if anyone could help, the sound is all fuzzy!!!18:55
Marzatajustakill: how do you play it?18:56
Marzatajustakill: via VM?18:56
justakillno i play it with sun java18:56
justakilldirectly within xubuntu18:57
justakilli think the problem must be xubuntu related more then minecraft related because i have had the problem with skype for example18:58
Marzataskype is not a good example18:58
justakilllol yea i guess18:58
justakillhave any idea's, the sound is fuzzy and it seems to double... as in everysound comes twice it nearly sound like the first time its right the second its fuzzy19:00
justakillokay so i have two sound cards on my computer the mainboard 1 another one it seems to be related to the other one: its a creative xi fi platinum19:06
justakillit works fine on my other sound card, something seems to be going wrong between sun java and my creative soundcard19:07
recon_lapjustakill: could java be using one sound card while xubuntu is using the other19:08
justakillmaybe the sound is actually there with the othe rcard19:09
justakillanyway don't want to bother you guys with this also it works with sound so its all good!19:11
recon_lapjustakill: np, it's a odd bug so i doth anyone has much to add19:13
xchris2168xhey guys, i'm having trouble - it seems like i'm stuck in a "login loop" but i can log in using terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1). Any advice?20:09
recon_laphmm, was just about to suggest  > $ mv .config/xfce4 DOTconfig_xfce4 > $ mv .cache/xfce4 DOTcache_xfce4 > $ exit20:25
recon_lapanyone know a fix for the sound juicer musicbrianz bug?20:29
holsteinrecon_lap: whats the issu?20:34
recon_lapholstein: looking for the bug report ...20:36
Unit193Bug #788921 ?20:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455461 in sound-juicer (Ubuntu Lucid) "duplicate for #788921 Sound Juicer depends on deprecated libmusicbrainz4" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45546120:37
recon_lapthink they might have jumped the gun on the fixed bit, just installed a clean xubuntu 11.10 and the bug is still there20:39
holsteinthey?... whos they?20:40
holsteinis rubyripper in the repos?... i think im converted20:41
recon_lapholstein: they would be the people who changed Bug #455461 to fixed and released , thanks for the link to wolfer fix, I'd lost that link. but i tried that on a 10.04 system a few days ago and it did not fix it either, I'll see if it works on 11.1020:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455461 in sound-juicer (Ubuntu Lucid) "Sound Juicer depends on deprecated libmusicbrainz4" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45546120:43
recon_lapok, so how do you add the ppa:phw/musicbrainz to the repo's ?21:19
holsteinrecon_lap: you add the PPA to your sources list... one wasy way is with the apt-add-repository command21:21
holsteinthere should also be instructions at the page where you are reading about the PPA.. but... sudo apt-add-repository ppa:phw/musicbrainz21:22
recon_tvwell, this is what i got from adding the repo's http://paste.ubuntu.com/854580/21:44
recon_tvhave to try with apt-add-repository now21:44
recon_lapit appears to be installed but the bug is still there21:53
recon_lapsynaptic still shows version 2.32.1+20110330-121:59
Unit193Did you reload package list?21:59
recon_lapUnit193: you mean with sudo apt-get update22:00
recon_lapseveral times22:01
Unit193Right, read that.22:01
=== XartaoX is now known as artao
Unit193It's missing the .com in your repo list.22:02
recon_tvUnit193: thx, I have fixed that, and added the repo correctly22:03
recon_tvUnit193: the version has still not updated22:03
Unit193Right, so now it reads right, you updated, now try apt-cache policy $packagehere22:05
recon_tvshould the ppa appear in sources.list ?22:09
recon_tvi used sudo apt-add-repository ppa:phw/musicbrainz22:11
Unit193Something closer to that.22:12
recon_tv cat phw-musicbrainz-oneiric.list deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/phw/musicbrainz/ubuntu oneiric main22:13
recon_tvdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/phw/musicbrainz/ubuntu oneiric main22:13
recon_tvopps, enter sent it , did not add line break22:14
recon_lapso it it fecked?22:14
recon_lapis it*22:14
Unit193...Those lines are just fine, no problems there. I see it didn't show as a source in the policy and you said it's not working when you update the cache...22:15
recon_lapand yet ... stumped22:19
Unit193How much you want to bet it's a basic thing we're both missing?22:19
recon_lapis it ok to think that the repo is incorrect?22:20
Unit193Not really, I followed it just fine.22:20
Unit193You're also looking at the wrong package: https://launchpad.net/~phw/+archive/musicbrainz22:22
Unit193I just added it with no problems on a Natty box.22:22
recon_lapUnit193: and what version of juicer have you got? the 20110330-1 one or something later?22:26
Unit193That program in that repo is only for lucid.22:28
Unit193Would you be looking for rbrainz, picard, or mb-discid?22:29
recon_lapUnit193: I don't know :-(22:31
Unit193I'm sorry, I can't help you with that part of it as I don't use the service or program. :P22:33
recon_lapwell, I'll try install rbrains , points back to the bug being marked fixed/released being premature22:35
recon_lapwell, i'm defeated22:53
beataHeyas. I'm poking at an issue with the cursor returning to default in some areas, such as menus. Ideas?22:56
ChristopherNgknome: you there?23:01
recon_lapanyone know how i add the power management brightness apllet on the tool bar?23:04
Pasq89how do i disable touchpad while typing?23:11
mongyi tend to disable it completely.  synclient TouchpadOff=123:16
mongyman syndaemon23:18
mongysyndaemon -i -d23:18
beataStill kind of need it myself. Hey, while the question's up, wouldn't happen to know how to disable taps from console, would ya?23:19
mongyman syndaemon :)23:21
mongysyndaemon -i 2.0 -d  to disable while typing..     syndaemon -i 2.0 -d -t    to disable taps23:23
beataI get 'Can't open display." ;)23:24
mongyhmm no idea what that is23:27
beataThat's when you don't have X running, of course. :) But hey.23:28
beataI *think* I'm down to just tweaking stuff now, once I get the cursor issue resolved.23:29
mongyI assumed you at least had an X display :)23:31
xubuntu916erm... i wasn't paying attention too much to the install. is there supposed to be a progress indicator while installing?23:32
beataHeh. I'm in X at the moment, but I'm still more comfortable with the console.23:32
beataBut yeah, I had to turn that off; I'm prone to accidental tapping.23:34
Pasq89syndaemon works pretty nice! thank you mongy one more time!23:37
recon_lapok, installed the xfce4-power-manager-plugin , added it to the toolbar and clicked on it, nothing23:37
mongyrecon_lap, is that the screensaver not being disabled for you when playing videoss?23:38
mongyI had that once, it kicked in after I'd changed my xscreensaver times.  I changed them again and it worked.. I have not touched them since..23:38
recon_lapmongy: no, that me going blind in front if this TV =-O23:39
recon_lapthe video/screen saver bug is a different one , as is the cd ripping one , as is the network encryption locking up when playing urban terror , the list just keep growing :-(23:41
beataI think the only tweaks I want to make right now are: Window sounds; Pinnable app bar; Visible mount indicator. At least that's all that comes off the top of my head.23:42
mongy:( guess I'm lucky23:42
knomeChristopherNg, ?23:42
mongybeata, there is that mount plugin... tho I use places plugin to mount/unmount23:43
mongya bit nicer at it23:43
beata I do have places enabled right now. It's easy to get to, just not toplevel-visible like the gnome2 plugin. ;)23:45
recon_lapwell , enough ubuntu xfce misery for one day, thx for the help23:45
mongymeh, pasq89 went23:48
mongyknome, he and I found a bug when installing xubuntu-desktop from an lubuntu install, it sets lightdm.conf to try and use unity-greeter23:49
knomemongy, aha. did you file it?23:49
mongyalong with ambiance theme and wallpaper that does not exist.23:49
beataAfter I get a little more comfortable, I'm off to kernel-land to work on laptop stuff.23:49
mongy:( didn't have time23:49
mongybecause he didnt do what I told him to do the first, second or third time, it ate what time I had at the time.23:50
knomeright. could you file a bug now?23:50
knomethat would be the most helpful23:50
mongyi think my eyes could stay open long enough23:51
mongylong day, late23:51
knomecould or couldn't? ;)23:51
mongybeen a while since I did23:54
knomewell, it's not too hard23:54
knomeand even if you miss some bits, triagers will ask for more23:54
mongywell, they won't get it tonight :)23:54
mongynot sure if it's just an xubuntu thing or what.23:56
mongyI only tried to replicate what he did in a vm, found it did the same, and told him for the 4th time to change lightdm.conf23:57

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