KombuchaKipJust to confirm, there is still no way to edit a previous commit log entry (viz. #210142)?06:59
vilaKombuchaKip: confirmed (unless you can uncommit and re-commit)07:47
vilahi all !07:47
* fullermd vila at waves.07:52
* vila waves back at fullermd and wonders . o O (He cannot be in the same TZ anymore...)07:54
fullermdPfui.  TZ's are for the little people.07:56
didrocksvila: hey, how are you?08:12
viladidrocks: fine, thanks, may I help ?08:12
didrocksvila: I guess you may, yes!08:13
vilagood, consider yourself helped08:13
didrocksvila: the tarmac merger for unity is blocking on a bzr traceback08:13
vilacare to pastebin it ?08:13
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:13
didrocksvila: http://paste.ubuntu.com/855099/08:13
didrocksvila: hey, how are you? the first time I encounter that08:14
didrocksvila: I guess you need the offending branch!08:14
didrocksvila: I think it's tarmac at the end using an empty --author or something like that?08:15
vilawell, this looks like a tarmac traceback, a '\n' in an author looks indeed wrong08:15
didrocksvila: so basically, that would mean tarmac try to bzr commit --author "foo\n" ?08:15
didrocks(just need to know where to start to look at)08:16
vilafrom the traceback, yes08:16
didrocksok, that's all I needed to know!08:17
didrocksthanks vila :)08:17
vilayou're welcome ;)08:17
didrocksvila: ok, found it08:45
didrocksvila: apparently rev.get_apparent_authors() in bzrlib can returns some \n08:46
didrocksthere was this code in tarmac:08:46
didrocksapparent_authors = rev.get_apparent_authors()08:46
didrocks                for author in apparent_authors:08:46
didrocks                    author.replace('\n', '')08:46
didrocksthe last line, to workaround the issue, should be: author = author.replace('\n', '')08:46
mgzmorning all!08:59
vilahi mgz09:08
viladidrocks: nice catch09:08
didrocksvila: I'm wonering why rev.get_apparent_authors() gives authorname with \n (as it's about merging already existing commits)09:09
viladidrocks: still worth a bug against bzr IMHO, either we should accept (and filter) '\n' or we shouldn't output them09:09
didrocksvila: agreed09:09
didrocksvila: will open one09:09
didrocksvila: and I have a branch with this! :)09:09
didrocks(as an example)09:10
vilaa bzr one or a tarmac one ?09:10
didrocksbzr one09:10
vilaoh, as a bug reproducing one :)09:10
didrockslucky you, isn't it? :-)09:10
vilayeah, great !09:10
didrockswill open it shortly09:10
vila2.5.0 frozen, build installers and packages !11:23
fullermdSos, that's more than 10 million files later on lplibrarian.11:24
fullermdHm.  Y'know that tarball is more than 2 meg bigger than 2.4.2?  Is that right?11:26
jelmerfullermd: what has changed?11:26
fullermdHm.  Well, all the stuff in po/ is new, and that's over 8 meg before compression.  I guess that's it.11:29
jelmerah, yep11:29
fullermdIt's really hard to find a current bzrtools from the LP page   :|11:30
fullermdThe series and download link say the latest is 2.3.0, which I know isn't true.  But I always have to dig around for a while before finding the current.11:30
fullermdHm.  The build process gives a 'some compiled extensions could not be loaded' error at the end every time.  Doesn't once installed though.  .bzr.log doesn't say anthing about what failed.11:41
fullermdI don't remember seeing that before.  Is that just some new quirk of the build process?11:41
vilafullermd: translations ?11:55
vila(was for the 2m, yeah, you noticed)11:56
vilahmm, 'some extensions could not be loaded' rings no bells, on the other hand, I'm not sure I start from scratch often enough to have encountered it11:57
vilafullermd: did the warning also appear in .bzr.log and if yes for which command ?11:58
fullermdHappens every time I ./setup.py build.11:58
fullermd(even when there's nothing new to do)11:58
fullermdIt does, but it doesn't say anything about it.11:58
fullermdFri 2012-02-24 05:58:40 -060011:58
fullermd[25588] 2012-02-24 05:58:41.025 WARNING: bzr: warning: some compiled extensions could not be loaded; see <https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr/+faq/703>11:58
fullermdThat's the full extent of it.11:58
vilatest leak ?11:59
fullermdDoubt it.  build doesn't run the test suite.11:59
fullermdIt's right at the end of the output11:59
fullermdrunning build_mo11:59
fullermdbzr: warning: some compiled extensions could not be loaded; see <https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr/+faq/703>11:59
fullermdDoes it not do that for you?11:59
* vila tries to reproduce in a clean env11:59
vilaha, got it12:00
vilaright, so, no command probably hints that it's a direct bzrlib use, I'd bet for some translation script which do not care about extensions12:01
vila./tools/generate_docs.py man, bingo12:03
vilafullermd: so, harmless12:03
vilauselessly annoying though12:04
vilafullermd: can be worked around by running make first12:05
fullermdI figured.  So I recklessly sent the update in anyway.12:11
vilathanks for your attention to details *anyway* ;-p12:12
fullermdHey, nit-picking stuff that doesn't really matter is my middle name.12:12
fullermd(makes filling out forms a PITA, true, but otherwise it's kinda fun)12:13
vilaooooh, 'd' for Details, got it ;)12:14
fullermdWell, *I* would pick the d for Details.  But my parents picked it, so it was probably more like d for "dammit, will you shut up about the stupid details already?"12:14
vilaWhere is my milk ? Why is it too cold ? Kind of remarks ?12:15
* vila rewinds the tape to listen again...12:16
vilajelmer: sphinx is already a hard dependency in debian/ubuntu ?12:19
jelmervila: no, but it will be used if present12:19
jelmervila: I'd either have to add a "Build-Conflicts: python-sphinx" or a patch to disable the sphinx tests12:19
jelmerI'm a bit wary of doing the first because it means everybody who wants to build the bzr debian package has to uninstall sphinx first12:20
vilaha, right, so a packager trying to build locally may encounter the issue, sorry, missed that12:20
vilayup, go for disabling the tests, I think the longer term fix will be to use the provided texinfo builder and only resort to ours for the older sphinx versions (including tests)12:21
fullermdOh, crud.  I missed the .mo files...12:21
vilafullermd: not a big deal for 2.5.0 I think12:21
fullermdI mean in the package plist.  It is a deal   :p12:21
vilafullermd: we'll see how it goes for 2.5.112:21
vilafullermd: up to you, what I meant is that translations are just starting so most of the strings will still appear in english anyway12:22
vilafullermd: of course if not carrying the .no files breaks bzr usage, it's a bigger deal ;)12:23
fullermdNo, other way around.12:23
fullermdThey're installed, but without them in the plist they don't get removed on uninstall.12:23
fullermdYeah, that's what I'll be feeling when somebody notices   :p12:26
* fullermd tries to quickly sneak in the change before anybody notices the PR...12:26
fullermdWell, that takes some of the fun out of updating.  Used to be, I could just look at $PYTHON_SITELIB/bzrlib and know I'd caught 'em all.12:30
jelmervila: I'm getting a bunch of test failures in bzrlib.tests.test_btree12:41
jelmervila: we haven't changed any of that code recently, have we?12:41
vilarings no bell12:42
* vila looks12:42
* vila looks again12:43
vilawth ?12:43
vilajelmer: during a build ?12:43
jelmervila: yes12:44
jelmerbuild of 2.5.012:44
vilajelmer: do you know the last successful build to narrow the search ?12:44
vilamy first suspicion will be around extensions but we didn't change anything there either AFAIR12:45
jelmervila: let me see if it's spurious first12:45
vilaeven spurious will be worrying there :-/12:46
jelmeryeah, I agree12:46
vilajelmer: any news of these failures ?13:23
jelmervila: yep13:24
jelmervila: it's reproducible13:24
jelmerbut I can only reproduce it on sid, not on precise13:24
vilawow, kind of rules out bzr itself no ?13:25
vilacpython ? pyrex ?13:25
jelmervila: It seems hard to speculate about that at this point.13:26
jelmervila: cython13:26
vilaoh no, I left a pdb.set_trace() in bzrlib/doc_generate/builders/texinfo.py and it found its way into the tar.gz :-(13:28
jelmervila: hmm, I don't see a significant difference in the cython and python versions on si and precise13:31
vilahmm, so, I can think of only two cases where this will trigger: 1) trying to use the texinfo builder (no big deal, even where we use sphinx we don't use the texinfo builder) 2) When running the full test suite where sphinx is installed which is already a filed bug13:31
vilajelmer: and between the generated C files between <last-known-working> and 2.5.0 ?13:32
vilabut may be the extensions idea is a red herring, I can't reproduce so I'm guessing wildly I can be completely off13:33
vilajelmer, mgz: I'll remove the offending pdb.set_trace() from the 2.5 *branch*, that will need to be merged on trunk13:34
vilajelmer, mgz: it also demonstrates that pqm doesn't care :-}13:34
vilajelmer: even if you disable the texinfo tests, you may want to get rid of the pdb too, just in case (and sorry again about that)13:38
vilaI don't think it's worth releasing 2.5.1 just for that13:38
jelmerlet's see what the cause is of this btree test failure, too13:45
vilajelmer: yup, 2.5.0 won't be released next week anyway (only the week after) but it would be good to fix the failure before pushing to debian/ubuntu in the mean time13:47
vilalooking at bzr diff -r bzr-2.5b5..6478 ( to avoid the .mo noise) reveals nothing regarding indices, did you try reproducing with 2.5b1 or something like that ?13:55
jelmervila: up to 2.5b5 everything built fine in sid13:57
jelmerperhaps I can try rebuilding 2.5b5, maybe something in sid has changed13:57
vilayup, that was my suggestion13:57
vilagood to know 2.5b5 built well though13:57
vilaEOD'ing, EOW'ing, have fun guys !14:23
mgzheh, needless outrage on the mailing list followed immediately by a whoops sorry message15:29
* jelmer is still stumped by the test failure15:50
mgzgo artur/me takes a look15:52
mgz...at the test failure15:52
mgz...the btree ones from the pastebin up there right?15:53
mgzlooks like a cython type issue on a 64 bit build?15:54
jelmerbut why is it only happening on recent snapshots of debian sid and not on precise?15:55
mgzwhat's the exact machine those failures are from?15:56
mgzand the cython version?15:56
jelmerchroot on my desktop machine15:56
jelmera sid chroot on my desktop machine (x86_64)15:56
mgzyour desktop is... amd64?15:56
mgzhm... some of the failures make that look less likely16:00
* mgz double checks the put_file implementation16:00
mgzjelmer: well, osutils.pumpfile is technically borked16:04
mgzbut I'm not sure if fixing that will help you?16:04
mgzhack the tests to get an actual byte diff output perhaps?16:05
mgzor I can patch either atomicfile or osutils to be completely correct16:06
jelmermgz: hmm16:07
jelmerI do vaguely recall we changed something in pumpfile - do you remember?16:07
mgzwell, the most apparent problem seems to be this in atomicfile:16:08
mgz    def write(self, data):16:08
mgz        """Write some data to the file. Like file.write()"""16:08
mgz        os.write(self._fd, data)16:08
mgzthat's not like file.write at all, doesn't handle short writes or interrupts16:08
mgzwhy you'd be hitting it when no one else has though I do not know.16:08
jelmersome recent python change in sid perhaps16:09
mgzanyway, easy enough to turn into a loop and see if it affects the failures16:10
mgzsee osutils.send_all for an approximate template16:11
mgzif not, we really need to know which bytes are actually missing, rather than just that the expected count is too low16:13
jelmerI'm not sure if I have enough time to debug it just now, so I think I might just file a bug about it for now.16:14
mgzif I wave a patch at you, can you apply and see if it changes things?16:14
jelmermgz: sure16:14
mgzokay, sec16:15
mgzoh, and are the failures completely reliable and unchanging, did you notice?16:15
mgzwould suggest this theory is wrong.16:16
jelmermgz: yes, they seem to be consistent16:17
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
* jelmer was wondering if perhaps it was a \r\n<->\n issue16:18
mgzyeah, me too, but I don't see how we'd get that on nix and not windows16:18
mgzokay, rebuilding extensions, apart from the 64bitness this box should be setup similarly to yours16:22
mgzand I have the failure16:24
jelmerah, good16:24
mgzhm, I also get this:16:26
mgzfailed to load compiled extension: .../bzrlib/_static_tuple_c.so: undefined symbol: __Pyx_PyIdentifier_FromString16:26
* mgz does make realclean to be sure16:27
mgzstill there, will deal with later16:30
mgzjelmer: okay, new theory16:55
mgzwe've got an updated zlib that compresses very slightly better16:56
jelmerI guess that's possible16:57
jelmerlet me try installing the sid one on precise and see if that breaks things16:57
jelmermgz: yes, that's it17:05
* jelmer files a bug17:06
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dOxxxso the whole ssl cacert thing... any idea how I would go about test it?21:51
wgzdOxxx: just giving a https url as a branch location is okay for starts22:21
wgzvila had a test site that had some extra things like self signed certs but I can't find it right now22:22
dOxxxwgz: can you give an example URL from like launchpad?22:22
wgz`bzr info https://bazaar.launchpad.net/notabranch` for instace22:25
dOxxxaha, I see. thanks.22:26
dOxxxof course now if I could get sphinx to work, maybe I could get somewhere..... ;_;22:26
wgzhave you seen the log from earlier today?22:27
wgzvila had some sphinxy points22:27
dOxxxfor me, it just breaks into pdb when sphinx is invoked by the bzr build22:27
wgzyeah, he realised after making the tarball22:29
dOxxxso I have to run `./tools/generate_docs.py man` before the main bzr setup.py?22:30
wgzwhatever works to get you past that22:32
dOxxxeugh no the pdb thing is something else22:32
dOxxxit's the second thing you linked22:33
dOxxxvila makes my life hard :P22:35
wgzyou certainly deserve a small piece of cake when you're done22:36
dOxxxwgz: sorry to bother you, but you're the only one around :)22:40
dOxxxwgz: any idea what the error 'Builder 'texinfo' is a builtin builder' means from sphinx?22:41
wgzI'm happy to be bothered :)22:42
wgzthat's the thing talked about in the log right?22:42
wgzbzr registers its own texinfo builder for sphinx,22:43
wgzbut the newer version of sphinx has added one to the builders it provides builtin22:43
dOxxxyeah so it would appear22:44
wgzI agree it's not clear what the right short term fix is22:44
wgzyou should be able to run the build process without generating the tex stuff from what I gather?22:44
dOxxxmaybe I should try reverting to an older version of sphinx22:44
dOxxxwell then I don't get documentation...22:45
wgzthat's all that seems to be suggested, beyond "try and see at some point in the future if the builtin one will work for us"22:45
dOxxxI'm building the OS x installer, so I need to include docs22:45
wgz...ah, and you depend on that rather than the html?22:45
dOxxxso it's only the pdf?22:46
dOxxxthat causes this problem22:46
* wgz hasn't looked at your process in detail yet, I just crib from your nice list of plugin versions when doing windows installers22:46
dOxxxI build both html and pdf, so users have a choice of which they prefer22:46
wgzthat seems possible22:47
dOxxxsince pdf is pretty well supported on os x22:47
wgztrying a sphinx downgrade seems sensible22:47
wgzas I agree osxy people likely expect pdf22:47
wgzokay, I've got to eat something, but am around, so keep throwing questions in here as you need22:47
dOxxxhalleluja! downgrading to 1.0 seems to have worked22:50
dOxxxI spoke too soon22:50
dOxxxwgz: so using sphinx 1.0 crashes with some other error and just running 'make html-sphinx' still gives the texinfo is a builtin error22:56
dOxxxis there any alternate way of building the html docs?22:56
dOxxxah, 'make html-docs'22:58
wgzso, the smart thing for this release is just to not do the pdf docs?23:26
wgzwould be nice if sphinx were a little less... volatile23:26
=== _thumper_ is now known as thumper
dOxxxwgz: I'm doing a build with just html docs but I'm going to have to rework the packager layout as well since it's expecting pdf docs23:31
dOxxxhmm actually no23:32
dOxxxthe packager doesn't install the docs23:32
dOxxxI leave them in the disk image23:32
dOxxxso maybe this won't be so bad...23:32
wgzwell, would be nice if one thing at least was simpler than expected this evening23:34
fullermdAs long as that's happening, can I have a pony too?23:34
wgzcertainly, as long as it doesn't need sphinx to build23:35
dOxxxone last thing to try to get sphinx working....23:36
fullermdSweet.  I shall name him Gumdrops, and he will follow me everywhere and bite people who cut me off in traffic.23:37
dOxxxafk dinner while my build crash & burns23:38

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