sizzi've just installed a call of duty 2 demo which i'm playing via wine. everything seems fine except there's no sound. does anyone know what the best sound setup is for wine under kubuntu?00:20
sizzokay.. 'pulseaudio -k' fixes it. sound working now!00:32
lorecasterno one in #ubuntu is even responding to me, let alone helping. I managed to blow away all of my settings for speakers while trying to config my BLUE SNOWBALL microphone. not a UI issue.00:33
lorecasterany takers?00:33
DarthFroglorecaster: It's not that you're being ignored (though it seems like it).  Rather it's because no-one has the help for which you're asking.00:35
lorecastersame difference from my perspective :P though I completely understand. It sounded more pityful the way i phrased it, though.00:36
lorecastercan't blame a guy for trying, Darthfrog.00:36
DarthFrogOh, no-one's blaming you for anything.  Both channels are for support and you are expected/encouraged to ask questions.00:37
DarthFrogBut generally no-one pipes up unless s/he has something positive to contribute.00:37
lorecasteroh, no worries. I'm no stranger here. :) I owe you guys half my grades for my early college career, keeping my compy going. ;)00:38
lorecasterDon't suppose you'd be the good samaritan, Darthfrog? :P00:42
ubuntuIs my chat client working???01:12
ubuntuI need help with installing Adobe Flash.  Which one do I choose ---> YUM for Linux, APT for Ubuntu 10.04+???01:15
eodchopI recently bought a car that has a Mark Levinson stereo. It has the ability to play dvd audio discs. Does anyone know how i can burn a bunch of mp3 to dvd? I tried burning a dvd disc by making a data disc. It wouldnt play.01:56
chuck_Hello, audio works for in 11.10 from a fresh install, but stopped working after I upgraded to the latest updates02:01
DasKreecheodchop: DVD audio is not DVD Data02:01
chuck_its a intel audio card02:02
DasKreecheodchop: I think Brasero can do DVD Audio02:04
DasKreechchuck_: check your phonon settings? Might be pointing at the wrong device02:05
chuck_DasKreech: Already have02:05
eodchopDasKreech: Thanks. I will grab it and check it out02:05
* chuck_ cries... I just wanna hear music :(02:16
DasKreechchuck_: What happens when you do a audio test?02:21
chuck_DasKreech: I get no audio02:21
DasKreechchuck_: what are the options it has for your soundcard?02:22
chuck_in the audio hardware setup?02:23
chuck_well the front headphone port works02:25
chuck_it looks like it doesn't switch to the rear port when the headphones are unplugged02:25
chuck_actually, if I plug it in half way, it switches to the rear02:26
chuck_but fully out, or fully in it says "analog headphones" instead of "analog output"02:26
chuck_DasKreech: well the problem seems to have fixed it self... for now02:34
chuck_DasKreech: AND... its back :(02:34
chuck_its like something is forcing analog headphones as the default device02:36
DasKreechchuck_: ugh. Sounds like a pulseaudio thing02:40
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* DasKreech isn't that hip with the pulseaudio/alsa crossover oint02:40
artaohai: i'm having a cursor-redraw issue on my secondary monitor -- i.e. it's a white square .. it's fine on the primary and works fine on the secondary. .. just not drawing right ... .... goes away if i log out and back in .. not sure why it happens, it just does sometimes .... .... is there a way i can just 're-start' the display to make that go away without logging out and back in?03:15
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tintoyhi everyone, can anyone help me  how to rsync to a remote server using different por03:29
tintoyhi everyone, can anyone help me  how to rsync to a remote server using different port03:29
DarthFrogtintoy:   rsync -avvPe "ssh -p <port #> .... "03:30
DarthFrogOops, make that:   rsync -avvPe "ssh -p <port #>" ....03:31
tintoyDarthFrog:this is my case, I want to pull somefiles from a remote server using port 230003:31
DarthFrogtintoy:   rsync -avvPe "ssh -p 2300"03:32
tintoyDartFrog: rsync -av rsync://root@www.trendy.org:2300/var/www/inv2010/* /var/www/main/03:36
DarthFrogDoes that work?03:36
tintoyDarthFrog:is this correct?03:36
tintoyDarthFrog: rsync -av rsync://root@www.trendy.org:2300/var/www/inv2010/* /var/www/main/03:36
DarthFrogI shouldn't think so.03:37
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tintoyDarthFrog: rsync: server sent "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.8p1 Debian-7ubuntu1" rather than greeting03:37
tintoyrsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1524) [Receiver=3.0.7]03:37
tintoyDarthFrog: I have received that error after applying that command, and I think I got wrong03:37
DarthFrogrsync -ave "ssh -p 2300"  user@remotehost:/directory/file <local directory>03:37
tintoyDarthFrog:can you give correct example based on this command:03:39
DarthFrogtintoy: Public support benefits everyone, private support only helps one.03:39
tintoyDarthFrog:rsync -av rsync://root@www.trendy.org:2300/var/www/inv2010/* /var/www/main/03:39
tintoyDarthFrog:Thanks for giving that concept. I really promotes opensource. so nice!03:40
DarthFrogrsync -avvPe "ssh -p 2300" root@www.trendy.org:/var/www/inv2010/  /var/www/main/03:40
tintoyDarthFrog: I'll try it03:40
DarthFrogThat should grab all files in /var/www/inv2010/ and put them in local /var/www/main.03:41
tintoyDarthFrog: You're so nice! Really great help!! it really works!!!03:42
DarthFrogYou're welcome.03:42
DarthFrogThough it shouldn't, really.  Allowing root logins is bad form.03:42
DarthFrogUnless you have PKI authentication.03:42
tintoyDarthFrog: Why allowing root logins is bad form?03:43
DarthFrogMassive security risk.03:43
DarthFrogThough using SSH-agent and PKI authentication ameliorates the risk immensely.03:44
tintoyDarthFrog: what is ameliorates?03:45
DarthFrogIn your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file, you should have "AllowRootLogins without-password".03:45
tintoyDarthFrog:Thank you so much sir!03:47
DarthFrogOops, actually it's not AllowRootLogins, it's "PermitRootLogin without-password".  That's a cut 'n paste from one of my servers.03:48
tintoyDarthFrog: No problem03:48
DarthFrogThe "without-password" prevents a cracker from trying to get in by guessing the root password.  Even if s/he guesses it correctly, it won't work.  It demands PKI authentication.03:49
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: :)03:56
DasKreechDarthFrog: Massive Security risk is a bit overstating03:57
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: Did you get a way to restart the display?03:58
brambleclawwhat is the teminal command to continue an inturupted install?04:13
brambleclawpardon, terminal04:14
brambleclawnever mind i got it04:15
brambleclawsudo dpkg --configure -a04:15
DasKreechsudo dpjg --configure -a04:18
artao_beeblebroxDasKreech: hai. .. sorry, no04:18
artao_beeblebroxaside from logging out/in04:18
DasKreechxrefresh ?04:19
brambleclawthe command sudo dpkg --configure -a worked04:20
brambleclawor is working04:20
brambleclawi actually got the command from here the first time it happened04:22
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kdrhi ppl04:23
artao_beeblebroxok ... how do i get the proper host:dpy to enter?  xrandr shows my displays as DVI-0 and DVI-104:23
kdri have a question about lshw outputs04:24
DasKreechkdr: ok04:24
kdrall the clock frequencies are listed as 33 MHz04:25
artao_beeblebroxxrefresh -d DVI-1 gives me :: xrefresh:  unable to open display 'DVI-1'04:25
kdrfor cpu, memory controller, pci, etc04:25
kdrsry, not cpu04:25
artao_beeblebroxerr except i spelled it right04:25
artao_beeblebrox.. even with sudo appended04:26
kdri'm pretty sure the ram is running at a higher frequency than that, but this isn't displayed anywhere04:26
kdram i looking in the wrong place?04:26
artao_beeblebroxerr ... pre-pended ...04:26
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: try xrandr to see what the readout is04:31
DasKreechkdr: It's probably run through a multipler?04:31
artao_beeblebrox1 sec04:31
artao_beeblebroxhere's the output :: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854967/04:32
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: try -display instead of -d04:34
artao_beeblebroxi also tried xrefresh -d Screen 0:DVI-1 ... but the space of course doesn't work04:34
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: if you want to do an arguement with a space enclose them in quotes04:34
artao_beeblebroxyep, just tried xrefresh -display "Screen 0:DVI-1" and got the unable to open display04:35
kdrsorry, i'm really new to this & not sure what that means. the reason i'm trying to look at this is i want to buy new ram & match the frequency with current DIMMs04:36
DasKreechkdr: The frequency is written on the DIMS04:37
DasKreechYou can usually eyeball them04:37
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: it's much more likely to be -display :0.104:38
kdrah ok, thanks!04:38
kdrbye for now! :)04:38
artao_beeblebroxnope. and i have now tried several variations on that as well04:39
artao_beeblebroxprolly just my crappy vid card, which i'll be replacing soon04:40
artao_beeblebroxfairly minor annoyance .. just have to log out and in04:40
artao_beeblebroxand did i read online that KDE is dropping altogether support for AMD-ATI cards?04:40
artao_beeblebroxor was that about Unity?04:41
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: Either wouldn't be true04:43
artao_beeblebroxinternet rumors or imagination then ... or the universe changed on me without notification04:44
DasKreechWhat driver are you using?04:44
artao_beeblebroxwhat i can. umm .. gflrx or something i think?04:45
artao_beeblebroxi tried the catalyst drivers and that broke it broke it04:45
artao_beeblebroxmy card is a mere x60004:45
artao_beeblebroxi plan on purchasing .. SOON .. a geforce gtx460 or gtx550 ..... maybe gtx560 TI if i can swing it04:46
artao_beeblebroxwhat sort of PITA is it to completely switch vid cards under linux these days?04:46
artao_beeblebroxjust shut down, switch cards, reboot, say ok a bunch of times, reboot, and it's all ok?04:47
artao_beeblebroxys, thx. flgrx04:47
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: umm should just be a reboot04:47
DasKreechthough you may want to spend some time futzing with new drivers depending on how fussy you are04:47
artao_beeblebroxsemi-non-sequiter: years ago a buddy had linux on one machine in his network and we decided to just pull the OS hard drive and stick it in one of the windows machines04:48
artao_beeblebroxi think that took 3 reboots, but it ran fine in the end.04:48
DasKreechYeah that sounds like early Linux 2.6 kernels04:49
DasKreechProbably before initrd04:49
artao_beeblebroxthe whole first output of boot was a bunch of like: "HEY!! Waitaminit!! This isn't at ALL what you told me I'd be running on .... Hold on a second ... "04:49
DasKreechbut should run fine :)04:49
DasKreechYeah ^_^04:49
artao_beeblebroxit. amazed. us.04:49
artao_beeblebroxwe tried the converse with the win .... 98? NT 4? ... OS drive and ... well ... no. just no.04:50
DasKreechYeah that takes some forethought04:51
DasKreechprobably installing things before04:51
DasKreechWindows is a lot more forgiving of video card changes now04:51
artao_beeblebroxwin 7 or 8 would prolly fry yer computer for even trying04:51
DasKreechTry not changing the Mobo Chipset though it will explode04:51
DasKreechAnd not even from the Drivers. It will think that you are bypassing the license and get really huffy04:52
artao_beeblebroxwell. i know in xp i have to uninstall the vid card. swap cards. reboot. install new drivers. reboot04:52
DasKreechOr install the new drivers first04:53
DasKreechbut that gets messier04:53
artao_beeblebroxi've always had problems doing that under xp ... no experience beyond that04:53
DasKreechdropping back to basic PCI drivers is cleaner04:53
artao_beeblebroxeven rebooting into admin/safe mode to do the whole process04:53
artao_beeblebroxespecially when completely switching brand/chipset04:54
artao_beeblebroxi've always gone ati in the past ... but i kinda need the CUDA tech for 3d graphics04:54
artao_beeblebroxopenCL looks cool, but isn't very mature or supported yet ... and i'm lookin for a card NOW heh04:55
artao_beeblebroxi can't WAIT to be able to do 90 minute cpu renders in under 10 minutes on gpu04:55
artao_beeblebrox... i'm even considering adding a 3rd head to the system ... as the mobo HAS an onboard vga display port as well .. and i a spare crt04:57
artao_beeblebroxwould be nice with ... say .. Flight Gear04:57
artao_beeblebroxor racing games04:57
artao_beeblebroxhow is linux with assigning multiple displays thru multiple video cards but keeping them all as the "same display" as it were04:58
artao_beeblebroxi have noticed windows is much more ... elegant ... in regards to multi-heading ... .. ... altho perhaps, perhaps! .. not as .. flexible04:59
artao_beeblebrox... if it weren't snowing, i might go hunt galaxies ..05:00
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: depends highly on your driver05:01
artao_beeblebroxi c05:03
artao_beeblebroxwell. i know the geforce i end up with will be rather recent. not bleeding edge, but recent. so no prob with the dual head05:03
artao_beeblebroxadding in the MB svga out tho ...05:04
artao_beeblebroxnot even sure what it is .. intel something? maybe?05:04
artao_beeblebroxthis machine is a craigslist purchase .. gift from my parents ... not quite what i'da bout, but better than my other machine05:05
artao_beeblebroxpimpin 'er as much as i can whilst fantasizing about what i WANT to build05:06
artao_beeblebroxi. want. octacore. .. at least 16G ram. SLI vid cards. terrabyte raid. 2 to 4 displays05:07
artao_beeblebroxahh to dream. to dream to sleep ....05:07
artao_beeblebroxAHHH  .!! ... fortune isn't installed on my machine either!!   how could they!!05:08
DasKreechI'd probably tell you to hang oout in #phoronix but the hardware snob wars in there can't be healthy05:08
DasKreech!info fortune05:08
ubottuPackage fortune does not exist in oneiric05:08
DasKreechoh my05:08
DasKreech!search fortune05:08
DasKreech1find fortune05:08
DasKreech!find fortune05:09
ubottuFound: fortune-mod, fortunes-min, fortunes-ubuntu-server, fortune-zh, fortunes, fortunes-bg, fortunes-bofh-excuses, fortunes-br, fortunes-cs, fortunes-de (and 16 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=fortune&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all05:09
DasKreech!info fortunes-ubuntu-server05:09
ubottufortunes-ubuntu-server (source: fortunes-ubuntu-server): Ubuntu server tips for fortune. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3 (oneiric), package size 31 kB, installed size 568 kB05:09
DasKreech!info fortunes05:09
ubottufortunes (source: fortune-mod): Data files containing fortune cookies. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.99.1-4 (oneiric), package size 1089 kB, installed size 2784 kB05:09
artao_beeblebroxTHERE!!   'sudo apt-get install fortune' .. wait .. yes ... wait .. DUNZ05:09
DasKreechAh cooo :)05:09
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: Missing an s05:09
artao_beeblebroxan 's' ??05:10
artao_beeblebroxmissed me, sry05:10
artao_beeblebroxwhat is #phoronix ??05:10
artao_beeblebroxi kow i'm being a bit chatty for a channel such as this .. sry05:11
artao_beeblebroxi wouldn't do so if it were more active =]05:11
artao_beeblebroxmy other channels are pretty dead too05:11
DasKreechartao_beeblebrox: #phoronix is an IRC channel05:12
artao_beeblebroxi tend to avoid the 'crowded' ones as they can be overwhelming at times05:12
DasKreechsudo apt-get install fortunes05:12
artao_beeblebroxi know that :P  ... the topic/theme/etc of #phoronix?  the name gives no hints to me05:12
joshwinesartao_beeblebrox: http://www.phoronix.com/05:13
artao_beeblebroxwell, search #join list for phoronix description05:13
artao_beeblebroxAHHHH!!! HUGE ADVERTISEMENT!!05:14
artao_beeblebroxi c ... discuss latest linux hardware software news, plus test suite05:15
artao_beeblebroxat leat the ad didn't have audio05:15
DasKreechIt's a pretty detailed hardware site from the point of view of a linux user05:15
artao_beeblebroxi hate those05:15
artao_beeblebroxpop up ... SOMEHOW. .. past everything .. in the background05:15
artao_beeblebroxyer 30 seconds or more into whatever you WANT to watch, when this LOUDER ad comes on and yer like WTF!!!05:16
artao_beeblebroxi have added it to my 'view now and then and check for info' list05:16
artao_beeblebroxthx =]05:16
artao_beeblebroxok ... NO ... what else is on05:17
artao_beeblebroxi luvz me some good Frontline ... but am in NO mood for an investiation into .. suspicious .. child deaths05:17
artao_beeblebrox"shaken baby syndrome" indeed!!!!05:18
artao_beeblebrox== murdered by abuse05:18
* artao_beeblebrox shakes his head05:19
artao_beeblebroxmaybe i need a 'crowd chat' room tonite05:19
artao_beeblebroxi'll stop bothering you =]05:19
artao_beeblebroxthx for the help tho!! i'm certain this is a case of crappy old vid card with barely supported drivers05:20
artao_beeblebroxi'm'a g'wan log on out 'n' back in to clear up my display then .. i give a hi/bye when successful05:20
artaoback and all good05:23
artaothx again =]05:23
DasKreechha ha :)05:29
DasKreechthat didn't take long05:29
artaosure. minor pita, as i said .. but 3 min vs a couple seconds ..05:35
DasKreechYeah I suppose05:35
DasKreech and KDE remembers all the stuff you had open05:36
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Gonzalocan anyone help me? i cant boot kubuntu, im stuck at a flashing blue screen and the a black one :/06:05
DasKreechGonzalo: How far into the boot process?06:07
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jonahhi can anyone please help, i've made a bit of a mess of my kubuntu system. I have a new ultrabook so it doesn't work great with the standard kernel for powersaving/trackpad/wifi etc so I installed an rc of 3.3.0 which works well. Problem is I tried to install Virtualbox and Vmware Player which haven't installed properly (must be because of the kernels not matching the vm stuff) so now my computer doesn't start or shutdown properly06:40
jonahwithout a load of errors. And package manager won't let me remove them... Can anyone please help as I have a presentation in 2 hours and would be nice if my computer booted up and down properly for work today. thanks for any help please :)06:40
FloodBotK1jonah: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:40
jonahsorry wasn't trying to flood, i just have a genuine problem06:43
bazhangjonah, rc of kernel?06:43
jonahbazhang: 3.3.0-030300rc4-generic06:44
bazhangjonah, and vbox from where? and what kernel headers?06:45
jonahbazhang: when i shutdown kubuntu can't close some services and vm stuff and hangs, then on boot up it comes up with grub asking which kernel i want to boot as the machine didn't shutdown properly. then on boot a few errors flash by too before the desktop starts up06:45
jonahbazhang: i just downloaded the 3 kernel files for ubuntu from the ppa mainline kernel repo. i didn't download any kernels or headers etc for vm and vbox - i just tried to install them from muon/apt06:46
jonahbazhang: i can see now in hindsight this was a silly thing to do...06:46
bazhangjonah, well what is the presentation involve06:48
bazhangerr does06:48
jonahbazhang: the presentation doesn't need either, i just need to get the computer stable and remove whatever vbox and vmware have attached so everything works ok again06:48
DasKreechcan't you just choose your old kernel at boot?06:49
jonahDasKreech: the old kernel doesn't work properly with my new laptop, the wifi etc won't work with it well06:49
jonahwhen i try do something in apt it says i need to run dpkg configure a, but then i get this http://pastebin.ca/212121406:53
jonahand it just hangs on that and won't get past it...06:53
jonahthen i can't use apt at all in a new console etc as it says that it has a super user lock on already06:55
jonahmeaning i have to reboot again which is also a pain, so now i can't install or uninstall anything either!!06:56
new2netI am making a partition for my backup files ~100  tar.gz|tar.bz2 files between 500MB and 12GB. I am wondering what type of partition would be good for this, they rarely need to be accessed, so I would prefer the partition type be better for storing large files even if there is a trade off with the speed at which the files can be read from the partition. Is there a recommend type of partition for this?06:57
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DasKreechnew2net: Any partition would work well for that07:04
Lynourenew2net: if it is on the same disk as you data, you are already sacrificing speed and security significantly07:05
Lynoures/you data/your data/07:05
DasKreechjonah: what's the difference in WiFi?07:05
new2netLynoure, it is NOT on the same disk as my data. The disk is separate and the idea (hopefully) is the set a flag on this partition that lets kubuntu know- "these files are never to be executed", as they are archives and nothing on the drive is meant to be executed.07:07
Lynourenew2net: good. :)07:07
jonahDasKreech: it works in new kernel but not in old07:07
jonahi'm stuck now with dpkg was interrupted, you must run dpkg --configure -a. when i try to run this it gets stuck again. what can i do?07:08
DasKreechjonah: What's the driver it's using in the new vs old ?07:08
DasKreechnew2net: I'm not sure that you can do that07:08
jonahDasKreech: i'm happy keeping this kernel, i just want to remove virtualbox and vmware player somehow??07:09
Lynourenew2net: seems you know what you are doing :) There are some speed difference between filesystem types, but they are not probably significant enough to care about or relevant for this purpose.07:09
DasKreechjonah: Just stop the vmware kernel modules from engaging and then remove vmware07:12
DasKreechnew2net: You can set the parition to be readonly07:12
jonahDasKreech: i've stopped them but my problem is apt won't work. it says i need to run dpkg --configure a, but when i do this it hangs on "stopping virtualbox kernel modules"07:13
DasKreechjonah: why is it stopping the kernel modules if they are already stopped?07:14
new2netDasKreech, yes. But I don't understand what these partition flags mean: (arvrecv bios_grub boot diag hidden hp-service lvm msftres raid). Where can I learn about each flag?07:14
new2netI know what bios_grub and raid are, the rest are foreign to me.07:15
DasKreechnew2net: where are you seeing those?07:16
DasKreechnew2net: boot means that the computer can boot from that partition07:19
DasKreechhidden is self explanatory07:19
DasKreechlvm is a part of the Logical Volume manager suite07:19
new2netDasKreech, I hope you don't get mad that I'm using a gdm at the moment: http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/2122/screenshotveu.png07:20
Lynourenew2net: I don't know what arvrecv is either. Whether things are executable (noexec) is a mount option.07:20
DasKreechnew2net: Again none of what you want is part of the partition creation process07:21
DasKreechJust create a partition and don't worry so much about those options07:21
new2netDasKreech, ok. sounds good :)07:22
Lynourenew2net: ah, atvrcv, it's for another bootloader07:22
DasKreechLynoure: Far as I know it's an Apple setting for some of thier devices07:22
DasKreechnew2net: what you probably want is to mount the partition ro for readonly07:23
LynoureDasKreech: that makes it harder to backup to it, unless one keeps on remounting. I'd probably go so far that I'd only mount on demand.07:24
DasKreechlook into Redhat's automounter07:24
Lynoureunless it is for some timemachine-like constant backupping07:24
new2netDasKreech, Lynoure, The backups are manually done. I will keep the partition unmounted unless I am dealing with backups. That sounds better than read-only, do you agree?07:27
new2netDasKreech, Lynoure, in any case. I understand how to do what it is I'm wanting :) thank you both for your help.07:31
Lynourenew2net: if you do recovery, at that point mounting read-only is good, because it's a stressful situation where people easily copy the wrong way around.07:39
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rosco_yWhen I try to install flash player 11.1 from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?no_redirect, I get a "09:12
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hateballyou get a what?09:13
rosco_yI get an "Apturl error: Unknown channel 'natty-parter'."  Does anyone know what I should do?09:13
hateballTheir deb sucks. Grab the tar.gz, unpack in some temp-dir, copy libflashplayer.se to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins09:13
rosco_y(I'm running kubuntu 11.04)09:13
hateballassuming you use firefox09:14
rosco_yactually, I'm using chrome09:14
hateballlibflashplayer.so, not .se09:14
hateballiirc chrome looks there for plugins as well09:14
rosco_yhateball: ty, not sure actually09:14
rosco_yThank you hateball, I'll try to grab the tar from somewhere and copy the file as you direct :)09:15
hateballrosco_y: otherwise you can copy to /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins09:15
hateballI think09:16
hateballrosco_y: you can choose tar.gz from adobe09:16
rosco_yhateball: ty, I'm downloading it now....09:16
rosco_yhateball: my /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins directory is currently empty--will it work to simply copy the .so file there?09:18
hateballrosco_y: that is how I remember it09:19
hateballI dont have flash on this machine09:19
rosco_y:) done.  I'll restart my browser and see how it goes :)09:19
rosco_y(thanks a lot!)09:19
hateballrosco_y: I found this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-enable-flash-support-for-google-chromium-browser.html09:21
hateballI dont recall having to --enable-plugins tho09:21
rosco_yhateball: ty--worked like a charm :)09:25
jonah_hi does anyone know how to run an fsck from recovery mode please?09:34
jonah_i've ran repair kernel boot up and pressed fsck but it doesn't seem to be doing anything09:35
ikoniajonah_: it won't be an fsck issue09:38
stephans_I am running atop and it is idicating red for vmcom: 5.3G and vmlim of 3.8... what does this mean?09:45
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kbroulikdoes the kubuntu live session use other drivers/configuration than an installation? in the live cd my graphics card and everything works perfectly, when installed I only get a picture on one monitor, tnhe other is grey or with artefacts .. on the live cd my WiFi worked fine, now it doesnt11:02
lightstarkbroulik: have you installed the additional drivers once Kubuntu is installed on your pc?11:06
kbroulikadditional drivers? jockey-kde just offers me the fglrx driver11:07
kbroulikhmm weird, when I unplug and replug the stick it works11:07
kbroulikbut on system start up or when I have disabled it and reenable it, it doe snot … it uses the r8712u driver thing11:07
lightstarkbroulik: the proprietary driver? strange11:09
lightstarkbroulik: oops, it is the proprietary driver. sorry, got confused for a moment11:10
kbroulikI did not check the "Install additional drivers" when installing kubuntu because I had to reinstall the system 3 times due to stupid graphics driver thing, and now it works but WiFi not reliable :(11:10
kbroulikah, lightstar, I got a forum entry about the exact same problem with the exact same stick, let me try :)11:12
lightstarkbroulik: good for you :)11:12
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the_phi. i'm having troubles with the nvidia driver. i can see in nvidia x-server settings that there are 3 performance levels and altough i'm not using my gpu it is always in the highest one. as i am on a notebook i would like to have it on the lowest if i do not need my gpu to save energy.13:14
the_pis there any way to achieve this?13:14
ironfroggyi can't get any audio after a reboot, not even any levels shown in pavucontrol for the streams when they are playing13:40
ironfroggyi have restarted pulseaudio, with no results. is there something else i could kick that might be malfunctioning?13:41
hateballironfroggy: I had an issue like that when booting a laptop without AC plugged in (!)13:45
hateballFor whatever arcane reason13:46
ironfroggythat is very strange13:46
ironfroggyi also have other strange things with audio, and i dont know what it is _supposed_ to do, so maybe my expectations are wrong13:47
ironfroggywhen i open up the sound settings in KDE, should i see my individual sound devices or just "PulseAudio server"?13:47
BluesKajhowdy all13:48
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`korvinI'm trying to install wine, and i's telling me to put kubuntu 11.10 in the disc drive15:38
`korvinI'm booted off a portable harddrive15:38
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stephans_I am running atop and it is idicating red for vmcom: 5.3G and vmlim of 3.8... what does this mean?16:27
designbybeckGreetings Cool Kids!16:29
designbybeckI know this is my 3rd time to ask, but still just trying to throw out some random ideas and looking for the best solution for a Public Access computer16:32
BluesKajstephans_,  I think that's your / partition , which is proly getting full without much headroom left for defaults16:32
designbybeckI have my main login to it, and I created a Public user who isn't part of the admin group16:32
BluesKajhi designbybeck16:33
designbybeckThe Public user can see view files and read them from within the main users /home directory16:33
designbybeckso that is kinda an issue16:33
designbybeckHello BluesKaj16:33
BluesKajdesignbybeck, as long as the public user has read permissions only16:33
designbybeckI also want to set a basic password that everyone will know for the public computer, but no one can change16:33
designbybeckwhen I was doing it in Ubuntu the firrst time around BluesKaj, someone in that chat room had me do a command where the Public person couldn't even see the /main user files16:34
designbybeckso that was nice16:34
designbybeckjust don't remember what command that was16:34
BluesKajthen make sure only the admin group can change pws16:34
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  someone more familiar with public use computer permissions will know , i suggest you try the #ubuntu chat , they havew 10X the ppl in their chat and some are very knowledgable and help full...all the commands are the same as kubuntu of course16:37
BluesKajerr helpful16:37
designbybeckahh ok thanks BluesKaj i'll go there16:38
yofeldesignbybeck: you just need to remove access permissions for 'other' from the main users home folder16:41
designbybeckhmmm ok yofel, where do i do that at?16:41
designbybeckin their User Management area for groups?16:42
yofelno, it's a foder permission setting16:42
designbybeckoh ok16:43
yofeldesignbybeck: as the main user, open dolphin, open the home folder properties and  on the permissions tab remove the permissions for "Others"16:43
designbybeckI found it and changed it for toher.. .and group16:44
designbybeckis that ok yofel16:44
designbybeckfor group as well?16:44
yofelremove it for the group too, if the guest user is in the main user's group16:44
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designbybeckalthough that is the only other user besides public16:44
yofelotherwise it doesn't matter16:44
yofelbtw. command line is: 'chmod o-rwx <folder>' to remove the permissions for 'other'16:45
lightstaryofel: wouldn't chmod 700 /path/to/folder be easier to remember if he wanted to only allow the user access to the folder?16:47
DarthFrog designbybeck: And after you issue the chmod command, issuing the command "ls -ld <folder>" should show you the permissions in a bitmap.  It should read something like 770.  The "0" is the important part, it's what you set with the chmod command.16:48
yofelo-rwx doesn't touch the user and group permissions, 700 just forces a-rwx u+rwx16:48
lightstaryofel: ahh, good to know :)16:48
DarthFrogOops, not 770.  rwxrwx--- instead. :-)16:48
designbybeckso wasn't that what i did gui wise DarthFrog?16:49
designbybeckor do I still need to do somethign else16:50
lightstarwait, he wants to limit to user and group, then 770 or 740 (read only for group)...sorry, didn't read the post properly...got confused for a sec16:50
DarthFrogdesignbybeck: No, nothing else.  That was just a check that the command worked.16:50
yofelwhat you did would probably be rwx------, that's fine in this case16:50
designbybecklet me switch over and check that setting now16:53
DarthFrog!permissions | designbybeck16:54
ubottudesignbybeck: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:54
DarthFrogAs an aside, I've noticed that the majority of problems with files, that don't have obvious causes, has to do with how the permissions are set.  So now permissions are the first thing I check. :-)16:56
DarthFrogHmm, that FilePermissions document doesn't discuss SUID or GUID.  It does discuss the sticky bit, though.16:59
designbybeckThank you DarthFrog17:00
designbybeckI switched over to the public person and I couldn't access or see the main users info17:00
designbybeckis it going to be to hard to have some things locked, and other things open17:01
designbybecklike how do i keep them from changin the password DarthFrog? I'd like for them to do something, but not system settings and such17:01
designbybecksomeone in ubuntu chat suggested a netboot?17:02
designbybecki understand that concept to be, everytime the computer boots up, it resets itself back to a default setup?17:02
DarthFrogdesignbybeck: Is this a public machine that you're giving external users shell access?  This also describes a home computer where the external access is your kid.17:02
designbybeckuh i guess you'd say that17:03
designbybeckor by "shell" you mean the terminal correct?17:03
designbybeckno i don't guess they should need that17:03
designbybecki'm more concern with giving them access to productivity software17:03
DarthFrogSo what do you want them to be able to do?17:03
designbybeckLibreOffice, Blender, GIMP, Inkscape and so on17:04
DarthFrogAh, that requires shell access.17:04
DarthFrogBut is that all you want them to be able to do?17:04
designbybeckjust teach and show them Open Source Software17:04
DarthFrogIf so, then just set them up an account and limit permissions.17:04
designbybeckwell that is what i'm trying to figure out DarthFrog, not sure what all and how all to do that17:05
DarthFrogIf you want to keep your own home directory private you can either encrypt it or set restrictive permissions on your home directory.17:05
designbybeckI'm looking at the Modifying Group access stuff right now17:05
DarthFrogDon't bother, you don't need it.17:05
designbybecki did do that from the instructions given here17:05
designbybeckwhat is lpadmin17:06
designbybeckI should turn off sambashare group17:06
designbybeckor you are saying i don't need to worry about any of those17:07
DarthFrogA normal user doesn't have sudo access so s/he won't be able to change passwords other than their own.17:07
designbybeckand that is another thing, i don't want them changing their own password either17:07
DarthFrogDon't worry about them, they are irrelevant to you.17:07
DarthFrogNo?  Why ever not?  it's good practice.17:07
DarthFrogIf you've got root access, they can't hide anything from you.17:08
designbybecki wanted something easy and generic for anyone to walk up to it and use17:08
designbybecklike Username: public password: public17:08
designbybeckor even a login without password would be nice17:08
designbybecklike ubuntu17:08
designbybeckbut i didn't see that in kubuntu17:08
DarthFrogThen change the permissions on the /usr/bin/passwd file.  That's the program that does passwords.17:09
designbybeckok i found that file DarthFrog17:11
DarthFrogIt currently has rwsr-xr-x permissions.  Simply remove the "s" permission by "sudo chmod 700 /usr/bin/passwd".  After that, only root can change any password.17:11
DarthFrogthe "s" permission is the SUID bit, BTW.17:11
BluesKajI keep getting a keyring notice at bootup, i haven't set any apps etc to "lock" I don't see anything in startup & shutdown that's relavent17:12
DarthFrogAnd the SUID bit has been the source of many system root hacks.17:12
liudasdoes anyone know how to make libreoffice (installed by LO provided debs) look good in kubuntu 11.10?17:13
designbybeckok DarthFrog.. i did that command and did an ls -l and I see that it did change17:13
liudasinterface is ugly17:14
DarthFrogAfter that, and restricting permission on your home directory to you alone (700 permission), your guest user should be able to run any user level program and not access your private info.17:14
BluesKajliudas,  'look good" is amatter of opinion and visual taste17:14
liudasBluesKaj: :) no it's not about somethink additional. it doesn't integrate as 3.417:15
DarthFrogliudas: Well, you might wait until Ubuntu provides integrated debs. :-)17:16
BluesKajliudas,  have you upgraded your desktop ?17:16
liudasBluesKaj: yes 4.8 from ppa17:16
BluesKajthen you won't have a lot of stable options "look - wise"17:17
liudasBluesKaj: ok i'll wait the only reason for LO 3.5 is table of content that automatikaly generates hyperlinks17:18
liudasBluesKaj: ok thanks buddy17:18
designbybeckDarthFrog: i went in as public, and the user couldn't get to the User Management area17:18
designbybeckwhich is what is expected17:18
designbybeckI did try a few other things, trying to change other settings, and when I did try to try the root user password it didn't seem to like that either, and crashed on one screen :/17:19
DarthFrogThere is no root user password.  There is no root account.17:20
designbybeckwell the administrator account is what i mean17:20
DarthFrogSame thing.17:21
DarthFrogUnless you mean the user with sudo access.17:21
designbybecksudo user17:21
DarthFrogand if you want to give sudo access; "sudo visudo" will let you do it. :-)17:21
DarthFrogThat's the command to edit the /etc/sudoers file.  Which controls access to sudo.17:22
* DarthFrog wonders if there's an equivalent command for an EMACS user? :-)17:23
DarthFrog(And, yes, I know about the EDITOR env variable).17:24
designbybeckwell i feel a little better about this DarthFrog17:26
designbybeckThanks for the help17:26
designbybeckI'm hoping our IT department doesn't freak out all together and not let this go through17:27
designbybeckOur Director of the Library was all for it17:27
designbybeckhe saw this as a better way to serve the community by giving them more access to more tools17:27
designbybeckand I just want to push the Open Source Mindset in Education!17:27
designbybeckas you can tell, admitedly, I dont' know much about security on a multiuser system17:28
DarthFrogWhy on earth are you not going through your IT dept?17:28
DarthFrogExactly, which is why you should be letting the IT boys do it.17:28
designbybeckthey don't like me17:29
designbybeckI'm to radical in my Open Source thinking,17:29
DarthFrogIf it were me and I was being bypassed, there is no way that machine would be allowed on the network!17:29
designbybeckthey think it is bad and they "can support it"17:29
DarthFrogIn this case, can't = won't.17:30
designbybeckthey do currently have 3 public access windows 7 computers there now17:30
designbybeckmost of them don't know about Open Source, or think it isn't relevant in Education17:30
DarthFrogRelevant?  It's highly relevant.17:31
DarthFrogIt is education, in itself.17:31
designbybecknot to close minded people,17:31
designbybecknot to IT's who  only know how to take Taxpayers money and go buy support contracts17:31
designbybeckThey don't know how to innovate17:31
designbybeckto learn on their own17:31
designbybeckand they don't teach/cross train each other17:32
Ezim:) guys you can take this off-topic channel17:32
Ezimthis is more for support17:32
designbybeckyes yes DarthFrog has helped me with the support I needed thus far Thank you17:32
DarthFrogEzim:  I would argue that this is support.17:32
EzimDarthFrog, okey :). for me it sounded like more offtopic.17:33
BluesKajheh , i know a windows trained IT guy who didn't know all the servers were linux ..it was at some dumb call center ..took him 2 mos to figure what was going on ,..funny thing is he admitted it to me :)17:34
EzimBluesKaj, :) funny story.17:35
designbybeckdo you set your NumLock to be on in Kubuntu, or is that have to bein the BIOS?17:39
genii-aroundUsually in BIOS17:44
BluesKajI'll ask again : I keep getting a keyring notice at bootup, i haven't set any apps etc to "lock" I don't see anything in startup & shutdown that's relavent17:46
EzimBluesKaj, can you take screenshot?17:46
designbybeckok I'll shut it down and check, thanks genii-around and BluesKaj17:46
BluesKajEzim,  it only happens on bootup , not gonna shutdown right now17:47
BluesKajerr relevant17:47
EzimBluesKaj, nothing to do with kwallet?17:48
BluesKajEzim,  no i have kwalletmanager disabled17:49
BluesKajmaybe i'll chack var/log17:51
EzimBluesKaj, okey.17:52
swexhey anybody please help17:54
swexwhy default directory in new bash session is ~/Documents instead of ~17:54
EzimBluesKaj, is it really save to disable kwalletmanager?17:56
BluesKajEzim,  , I'm just a home user17:57
EzimBluesKaj, :) okey.17:57
DarthFrogswex: What is your $HOME set to?18:00
DarthFrogswex: Have a gander at ~/.bashrc and see if your default dir is set there.18:00
swexecho $HOME=/home/swex18:01
swexthere is no any *docum* string in .bashrc18:02
swexDarthFrog, ..18:02
DarthFrogswex: You having your default directory in a BASH shell being ~/Documents is non-standard.  Mine is just ~.  Somehow you've changed it.18:03
DarthFrogswex: Bash is case-sensitive.  "documen" and Documen" are different strings to bash.18:03
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swexDarthFrog, I'm searching with nano)18:06
swexDarthFrog, yep that's interesting but that's happening with my on my Laptop and Home PC too18:07
`korvinplasma crashes when I try to add a panel18:11
DarthFrogswex: Only happens to me in a GUI file dialogue.18:14
DarthFrogswex: Not in a new terminal session.18:14
swexDarthFrog, try open konsole with krunner18:14
swexalt+f2 then konsole18:14
DarthFrogswex: Works fine.  As does my preferred yakuake.18:15
swexdamn mb this is tilda problem18:16
jcook_5xdataanyone know how to move a windows over virtual desktops like in unity you can use shift+ctrl+alt+arrow keys19:42
peacejcook_5xdata: mm i guess there is a system19:45
RKyleHi, my updates seem to have hung at "Preparing to configure plasma-dataengines-workspace" and I was wondering if I stopped the update and reattempt them after a reboot if it would harm my install.19:59
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DasKreechRKyle: why reboot?20:06
RKyleBecause I don't know how to cancel the update install.20:07
DasKreechRKyle: how are you doing the install?20:08
DasKreechIn the terminal?20:08
RKyleHowever if you can tell me how to stop it so that dpkg isn't locked so I can run them again would be very helpful as well.20:09
RKyleThe GUI for updates.20:09
DasKreechah I should think that closing the window should cancel it20:09
RKyleI would have to terminate the process because the X and menu<"Close" link does nothing.20:11
RKyleMy applications list is currently empty so could you tell me the process name so I can kill it?20:11
BluesKajRKyle,  using muon ?20:14
RKyleI think that may be what it was.20:15
RKyleI just clicked the icon in the corner and started the updates.20:15
BluesKajit's buggy atm , there is a fix but you have to reboot , then open a terminal and do , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ...the fix for the muon package manager is in the repositories , so you have to use the terminal first before it's fixed20:17
RKyleOkay, thank you very much.20:20
DasKreechRKyle: muon-updater I suppose20:20
RKylemuon-updater is the package?20:20
BluesKajRKyle, yes I believe so20:21
RKyleAlright, I will apt-get the package after the reboot.20:21
RKyleThank you two very much.20:21
BluesKajBRB ..dns server is buggy20:28
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BoldLineCononcial is dropping support?21:19
BluesKajBoldLine,  not exactly , they had only one person being paid to help develop kubuntu , and they've given him a different set of assignments/projects to work , due to the problems they have with that dumb Unity desktop ...there are still alot of volunteers taking up the slack from what I've been told so far.21:26
`korvindolphin: could not start process, unable to create io-slafe: klauncher said: unknown protocol 'file'22:10
DarthFrog`korvin: Did you ever get an answer to your wine installation question from this morning?22:19
BlouBlouHi, anyone knows how to make a "rule" or something to auto-maximize firefox at openning?23:03
qbitright-click on the title bar and select 'Advanced', then pick either Special Window or Special Application Settings23:06
qbit2nd tab from left is 'Size and Position' - juggle and adjust until you get what you want23:07
BlouBlouqbit: Great! Thank you23:11
eli0hey ppl. is it woth to download kubuntu dvd instead of cd? what packages are included in dvd?23:23
eli0hello. is it worth to download kubuntu dvd instead of cd? what packages are included in dvd?23:24
JontheEchidnaeli0: everything that the "kubuntu-full" metapackage depends on23:27
JontheEchidna^(for an easy way to see what that is)23:29
aliceнужна помощь по установке Lotus-Notes23:44

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