Pikkachuis this channel suitable for questions about ppas?02:39
micahgdepends, if it's about how to package something, #ubuntu-packaging would be more appropriate, if it's other stuff, probably here is better02:42
nigelboh wow. this is the second time this week. I type out half a response and micahg reponds before me :P02:43
lifelessnigelb: slacker ;P02:48
nigelblifeless: Hah02:49
Pikkachumicahg: ok thanks...03:26
Pikkachuwhere can I talk about how autistic some pidgin/purple-pack developers look like? seriously...I wanted purple plugin pack 2.7 packaged for oneiric...current version is from natty yet03:30
micahg!coc | Pikkachu03:31
ubot5Pikkachu: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct03:31
Pikkachumicahg: ok ok03:32
Pikkachumicahg: how about the matter03:32
micahg#ubuntu-motu for asking about new versions for that (answer is that we get it unchanged from Debian and they haven't updated it)03:33
nigelbugh, sorry.03:34
Pikkachumicahg: they said the guy responsible for building the debs just disappeared and no one took his job over03:35
madrazrHello everyone, https://launchpad.net/~madhusudancs/+archive/madhusudancs/+build/3234355 does this mean that I have to wait for 8 more hours for my package to build?06:07
fairuz_hi guys.. I try to upload my first ppa (following the guide) with dput. It finished ok but I don't see the ppa in my ppa page. Any additional step to do this06:17
madrazrfairuz_: do you see a mail?06:18
madrazrfairuz_: and also have you setup your opengpg keys?06:18
fairuz_madrazr: no06:18
fairuz_madrazr: opengpg yes06:19
madrazrfairuz_: I ran into the same problem just yesterday06:19
madrazrfairuz_: if you have your keys verified on launchpad before uploading your package to PPA, you should see an email06:20
fairuz_It means it is good right? hmm06:20
fairuz_oh I setup the keys long time ago06:20
fairuz_so yes I have that email about the keys06:20
madrazrfairuz_: are you sure it is verified?06:20
madrazrcan I look at your PPA page?06:20
fairuz_madrazr: It come out on my profile page06:20
madrazrfairuz_: looks like you have, how long has it been since you uploaded the package?06:21
fairuz_the package, just 7-8 hours ago06:22
madrazrfairuz_: Oh wow! You should have seen a mail much before that, now I am not sure what is going on06:22
madrazrfairuz_: sorry about that, may be some one else can help06:23
fairuz_madrazr: ok thanks. I see there's a channel for packaging06:23
fairuz_maybe I should ask there :D06:23
madrazrfairuz_: may be, I am not sure :)06:23
fairuz_madrazr: Do we receive an email if we succesfully upload something?06:24
madrazrfairuz_: yes, if your keys are verified, you should get an email to the email account with which your keys are associated06:24
madrazrin less than 10 minutes of successful upload06:25
fairuz_Something wrong with the key then06:25
fairuz_madrazr: Hey, shame on me. I do received the key. Just the email from lp is archived in a folder. :)06:28
madrazrfairuz_: heh Ok :)06:28
fairuz_madrazr: The email said the thing is rejected for wrong section06:28
fairuz_what should we put on the section?06:28
madrazrfairuz_: ah!06:28
fairuz_kqrcode_0.6-0ubuntu1.dsc: Unknown section 'whatisthis'06:28
madrazrwhat is your section currently?06:28
fairuz_madrazr: Well I put whatisthis because I don't knwo what a section is :)06:29
madrazrfairuz_: I am not sure what sections are available06:30
madrazrbut I have put "devel" till now06:30
fairuz_I should to put devel too06:31
fairuz_since this is just a learning ppa06:31
fairuz_madrazr: So the step is, use debuild to build the deb then use debsign to sign the .changes, then use dput to upload the ppa?06:35
madrazrdebuild should also sign your packages?06:35
fairuz_madrazr: hm it is not06:35
fairuz_I use debuild -uc06:36
madrazrdebuild and then use pbuilder to make sure everything builds properly and then use dput to upload06:36
madrazrfairuz_: ah then yes06:36
fairuz_I should use -k mykeyid?06:36
madrazrfairuz_: I am not sure about that, I have set the DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL in my bashrc06:36
madrazrso it picks up things from there06:36
fairuz_At the end of my debuild, it just sign the dsc file06:38
fairuz_not the changes06:38
madrazrfairuz_: I am not sure what you mean06:42
fairuz_madrazr: Just uploaded a new one06:42
fairuz_Source/binary (i.e. mixed) uploads are not allowed. <-- got this error06:43
fairuz_Another reject email :)06:43
madrazrfairuz_: what kind of builds are you trying single binaries?06:44
fairuz_madrazr: Yes06:44
madrazrfairuz_: are you running debuild -S06:45
fairuz_madrazr: no06:45
madrazrfairuz_: why not?06:45
madrazrand what does your dput line look like?06:45
fairuz_madrazr: Because I don't know06:46
fairuz_dput ppa:wmfairuz-wanismail/ppa ../../kqrcode_0.6-0ubuntu1_i386.changes06:46
fairuz_I will retry with debuild -S06:46
madrazrfairuz_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic06:46
madrazryou should definitely go through that06:46
fairuz_That's the guide that I'm following though :(06:47
fairuz_madrazr: Ah not that one, it's the other guide from ubuntu06:48
fairuz_madrazr: Thanks for your help. I just upload a new one06:49
fairuz_let see what happen06:49
stokachuwhen obtaining a oauth_token, does that token expire after a week?08:09
wgrantstokachu: The user specifies how long the token should last.08:19
wgrantOne of the options is forever.08:19
stokachuwgrant: ahhh08:23
stokachuwgrant: thanks :D08:23
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_16aR_czajkowski, I got a problem with my launchpad account10:34
czajkowski_16aR_: hi10:34
_16aR_it is linked to a mail I don't own anymore10:34
_16aR_and the bigger problem is that I forgot the password10:34
_16aR_then, no possible reinitialization of the password possible10:34
czajkowski_16aR_: what is the account?10:35
_16aR_I still have acces to my gpg secret key though10:36
_16aR_so it can make connection so I'm not a fraud :p10:36
czajkowskino way to reset you password on the email ?10:37
_16aR_because I don't have access to this email anymore10:37
czajkowskiwhy dont you have access to the email ?10:37
_16aR_server got hacked10:37
czajkowskilet me see10:38
_16aR_and I didn't managed to reinstall all the stuff there (dns, mail, etc)10:38
_16aR_and since I have trouble with some package I need to reinstall my server, I would like to participate via launchpad10:39
_16aR_and the snake eats his own tail10:39
czajkowski_16aR_: for now, I'll have to get you to mail feedback@launchpad.net  with as much information about the ac please10:40
_16aR_ok, thank you10:41
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PikkachuLP is not allowing me to change the usptream bug for a given project, the error message is not explanatory. Is there any way to do so? I want to change it to other value because it was marked as duplicate in upstream18:23
Pikkachuoh my bad, just fixed it nevermind18:25
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cjohnstonIf there is a sprint created in launchpad with a launchpad team assigned as the driver, is it possible for a blueprint created by a member of the driver team to not be automatically approved?20:04
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