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immediatelyI can't  sudo apt-get install virtualbox-4.1 because none????01:08
Unit193Try virtualbox, not virtualbox-4.101:09
immediatelyI did yup01:19
CellTechI'm on Xubuntu. Should I switch to Lubuntu?01:47
holsteinshould?.. you should do what you like CellTech ... you can have both XFCE and LXDE and choose between them.. id say LXDE is lighter... XFCE is more like gnome2 was if thats your thing01:48
Unit193Ask that in the Lubuntu channel with no context?01:48
h4ckm3I use lubuntu01:49
Unit193Except far better ;)01:49
h4ckm3lighter and faster!01:49
Unit193Anywho, what makes you think you may want to switch?01:49
h4ckm3LXDE is also what I use on this fedora1601:49
h4ckm3very fast light and customizable01:49
h4ckm3do it... switch!01:50
h4ckm3or like holstein says, have both01:50
Unit193Or stick with what you already know. :P01:50
h4ckm3you won't learn anything that way!01:51
CellTechWell I've seen all the 'buntu's are the same01:51
CellTechsome are just lighter and faster than others01:51
h4ckm3lubuntu ftw01:51
CellTechAnd that's what I know... Sorry for the 'flood'01:51
Unit193Well, try a live cd, see what you like, the config is a bit different though.01:51
holsteinCellTech: the *buntu's have access to the same repositories of software... the look and feel are quite different.. for example, kubuntu and lubuntu... KDE and LXDE are quite different01:52
h4ckm3kde can do some sweet stuff01:52
CellTechI just like the software ease01:52
h4ckm3but it is heavby01:53
h4ckm3kde has a lot of good software01:53
h4ckm3amarok for example01:53
h4ckm3though they can be run on alternate systems, just with extra dependencies01:53
holsteinyup.. its all in the repos :)01:54
CellTechI just like light and fast01:54
CellTechAnd if lubuntu is that. I'm switching tonight01:54
holsteinid say lubuntu is the lightest and fastest buntu variant01:54
holsteinCellTech: but you dont need to *switch*01:55
holsteinyou can check lubuntu out live.. you can install LXDE... you can install lubuntu-desktop01:55
holsteinyou can have both01:55
CellTechYeah. But I'm a fan of 1 os per system01:56
Unit193Yep, but you can check the live, just know Lubuntu is more configfile based.01:56
CellTechNice.. Thank you01:56
flamengo1Hi. When I try to add-apt-repository I obtain that:  "raise NoDistroTemplateException("Error: could not find a " "   In addition, I can't manage repositories with synaptic (it doesn't open the popup for choosing them)  ... how can I fix?  (oneiric)08:06
flamengo1solved, nm08:10
Unit193Debian bug #513039 I'd think, what'd you do?08:12
ubottuDebian bug 513039 in software-properties-gtk "aborts with "could not find a distribution template"" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/51303908:12
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hyperairhmm, how come lubuntu-software-properties is uploaded to the lubuntu-irc-ops ppa rather than lubuntu-desktop?10:16
thor_Chromium BUG,signalsender shows is to high in powertop, my cpu fan run all the time. firefox dos not have that problem10:21
head_victimthor_: if you think you've found a bug then I'd suggest reporting it against https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser10:41
thor_head_victim:  google chrome dos not have that problem.10:44
MyrttiI fail to see the connection?10:44
KM0201where can i download lubuntu 12.04?10:57
valdur55http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/current/ - it's dailly builds.  For devs10:59
valdur55Alpha2 : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/precise/alpha-2/11:00
KM0201the daily is fine11:00
valdur55KM0201, join to #ubuntu-motu channel. There is Fixit Friday :)11:03
KM0201meh, i don't really have the time to participate much anymore11:06
KM0201wish i did, but i don't11:06
valdur55KM0201, ok!11:23
KM0201why is the install window for 12.04 black... you can't even read it13:32
KM0201no ideas?13:34
valdur55KM0201, known problem13:34
KM0201how the heck can you see to even install?13:34
valdur55Reboot -> Install Lubuntu13:34
KM0201oh ok.13:35
valdur55second option in splash screen13:35
valdur55maybe it works, maybe not..13:35
valdur55but it doesn't load full live desktop13:35
KM0201so who went and jacked with the installer?13:39
KM0201it was fine the way i twas before.13:39
KM0201now it looks like some emo kid did it13:39
KM0201install ubuntu, or i'll cut myself13:39
valdur55KM0201, try Alpha2 release13:40
valdur55and then upgrade :)13:40
KM0201meh, i'm using the current daily.. it's already installing13:41
KM0201no big deal13:41
valdur55KM0201, oh... you booted to installer mode?13:41
KM0201no, i just booted live mode13:41
KM0201you can read it, it's just hard.. gray on black is a little ridiculous13:41
valdur55ohcibi, it isn't full black window?13:42
valdur55Make screenshoot13:42
KM0201sorry, past it... you said it was known so i didn't bother.13:42
KM0201now (it's actually installing) it looks like the normal lubuntu install screen13:42
KM0201hard to believe its almost april..13:43
valdur55KM0201: Hey! It's theme problem... just not more14:22
valdur55KM0201: bugs on dailly builds are normal :)14:22
KM0201yeah, but.. that's kinda ridiculous.. not that i'm overly concerned about it..14:23
KM0201just hope it gets fixed14:23
valdur55KM0201: new theme is not 100% ready :)14:24
tertl4any possibility of an early release for new ubuntu?14:29
Myrttinot really no14:32
tertl4i am an eager beaver14:33
tertl4i always want moar moar moar14:33
tertl4maor ubuntu plz14:33
Myrttithen go ahead and install alpha/beta and break your system :-P14:33
tertl4ok, no14:33
tertl4i would just install arch instead14:34
tertl4or gentoo14:34
tertl4because I like my life to be difficult14:34
tertl4i put beach sand in my bed to make life difficult14:34
kubanchow do i setup display resolution, because i can only have 640x460 and lower resolutions?15:27
holsteinkubanc: i would try arandr15:39
kubancholstein, the problem is that i also get unable to load X server diplay configuration page for Nvidia geforce2 mx 40015:41
holsteinkubanc: i would try forcing vesa with a custom xorg.conf15:41
kubancwhat if i try older drivers?15:42
kubancactualy i'm getting : Unable to load X Server Display Configuration page:15:43
kubancFailed to query NoScanout for screen 0.15:43
holsteinkubanc: you'll need to try something to get different results.. the vesa driver is what should work with any hardware... but go for it!15:43
kubancholstein, OK, i'll try, can you give my some help. Probably first i need to do is uninstall nvidia drivers with command sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-*15:46
holsteinkubanc: i would just use a custom xorg.conf that forces the vesa driver15:47
kubancholstein, i did sudo/etc/init.d/lxde stop and the sudo X -configure. And now i get number of creater screens does not match number of detected devices15:52
holsteinkubanc: not sure about your particular setup... i typically get a knoppix live CD when i run into trouble, and grab the xorg.conf from there... tweak a bit and drop it in to *buntu15:53
kubancnot a bed idea :D15:53
holsteinkubanc: i think puppy linux could help with this too...15:54
kubanci just copy xorg.conf to folder etc/X11/15:56
holsteinkubanc: thats what i would try... i would familiarize yourself with where that file is, and how to get to it and edit it from a live CD... then, you can always go in and rename it *.bad or whatever and get back to where you are now15:59
kubancwell i deleted nvidia drivers, restarted and now the display is OK15:59
holsteinyup... you likely dont *need* nvidia drivers... if you are here for the lighter desktop anyways16:00
pmatuliswhere can i put a shell script that should be run when i log in via lightdm?18:47
phillwpmatulis: take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#How_I_can_autostart_a_program_when_logging_into_Desktop18:49
pmatulisphillw: thanks18:55
Unit193pmatulis: While it's not quite recommended, if that doesn't work you can have a play with /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart just note that it'd be a global change.19:14
pmatulisUnit193: the first method failed, trying 2nd one now...19:57
moesBooting lubuntu-10.10 from live cd...high end computer boot screen show lubuntu-10.10 and o/s specs is correct...low end computer boot screen is purple ubuntu-10.10 and o/s spec are also ubuntu-10.1020:02
pmatulisUnit193: and it worked, thanks a bunch20:05
Unit193Great, just remember that's a global change, but glad that helped.20:07
Unit193moes: 10.10? Would be better to use 11.1020:07
moesUnit193, Please elaborate on how using a more powerful distro would eliminate my problem.20:13
Unit193Lubuntu 11.10 is the up to date version, Lubuntu 10.10 is older.  I'm not talking about changing anything but versions.20:14
valdur55Hey, Can someone paste  "bash -x xdg-open http://www.ubuntu.com" command outpud?20:25
valdur55 `bash -x xdg-open http://www.ubuntu.com`20:26
pmatulisUnit193: re global change, yeah, it's to set resolutions on multi-monitor (with xrandr) and to set up a 2nd language on the k/b20:28
Unit193valdur55: What part are you looking for?20:29
valdur55all :). and use paste.ubuntu.com for copy-paste20:29
Unit193valdur55: ^^20:41
valdur55thx...but what destkop you use? wich version?20:42
Unit193Lubuntu 11.10, but it's been over and under a lot.20:53
valdur55Unit193, can you run this command again and with bash -v :)20:58
Migs_i need sokme help you guys would be so king20:59
Unit193!ask  | Migs_21:00
ubottuMigs_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:00
Unit193valdur55: Not really though.21:00
valdur55Unit193, it's not needed, i can check it myself :)21:00
Migs_alright then man, was just bein polite like, there seems to be little or no internet activity on my lubuntu, how can i address this issue?21:01
Unit193Lap...top, alrighty. That works I guess....21:04
ErrorXJust discovered lubuntu21:32
ErrorXlots faster then ubuntu21:32
phillwErrorX: lubuntu is a slimmed down version21:38
ErrorXIt's works fine21:39
ErrorXUbuntu is too heavy for me21:40
ErrorXAre here users that switched for the same reason?21:41
gordon1234Agree ErrorX, lubuntu is good ... a few little issues with lxpanel, but other than that really good for low spec pcs.21:42
ErrorXmay i ask what is lxpanel?21:44
Unit193The panel at the bottom.21:44
ErrorXI see21:45
ErrorXMade some adjustments21:45
profus2hi everybody ---> wanted to try out lubuntu live cd 10.10, no graphical interface starts, boot up ends on command prompt ---> any command to start graphics from there?21:46
ErrorXDid you mean 11.10?21:47
profus2oh, i am not sure21:47
ErrorXcat /etc/issue21:48
profus2sorry, its 11.1021:48
profus2@errorx: is this a known problem, should I invest in searching for a solution at all?21:51
ErrorXI don't know21:55
ErrorXbut do you have the richt version?21:56
ErrorXCound you choose live or installation?21:57
profus2I choose live, because I wanted to test it ----> Boot up startet but ended on command line22:01
ErrorXHmm, I am not known with this error hope someone here wil know22:04
profus2thanks anyway22:04
ErrorXReboot may help?22:06
david_j_rAnyone here who can tell me how to restart Lxpanel?23:16
icerootwxl: do we still need some debug on this "everything black" issue as talked yesterday?23:16
icerootdavid_j_r: lxpanelctl restart    should do the job23:17
david_j_rThat seems kind of simple. ;)23:17
david_j_rBut did the trick nicely! Many thanks. :)23:18
david_j_rMy icons all went AWOL, but it's back to normal now.23:18
icerootdavid_j_r: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/906825 that?23:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 906825 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "[11.10 - 12.04] lxpanel crashing randomly. High CPU-Load nothing is clickable correctly. Redraw fails" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:19
david_j_rNot sure, but could be.23:20
david_j_rI use "autohide" and panel at top,23:21
david_j_rand when it "dropped" down, I only had the wifi icon on the right and nothing on the left, but the menu would respond if I clicked where it was supposed to be. (Where the lubuntu logo is)23:22
david_j_rNo idea what triggered that, though.23:22
icerootdavid_j_r: if you are facing the issue again, can you look at "top" if lxpanel is going wild with 100% cpu usage? also what lubuntu version are you using?23:24
david_j_rI'm on 11.1023:24
david_j_rJust reading through the thread on the bug report.23:25
david_j_rI'm not sure if that's the same as what I had, as I was able to click on things and get a response.23:25
icerootdavid_j_r: at the moment i am doing some debugging on that bug23:25
david_j_rdo you know how I could try to reproduce it?23:25
icerootdavid_j_r: ah ok, then it sounds different23:25
icerootdavid_j_r: i can reproduce "my" bug with "opening many programs and quickly switch between them using the mouse on the lxpanel entries23:26
Unit193lxpanelxtrl restart, hit alt+F2 and type that in. Not sure if it's already answered.23:26
david_j_rThere's also this suggestion (a bit vague): [quote]steps to reproduce: produce a very high cpu load (in this case it was a very high io-load), then switch windows by clicking on the entrys in lxpanel, after some seconds lxpanel crashed (100%cpu load)[/quote]23:27
david_j_rUnit193: yep, got that above, thanks (but "lxpanelctl" not "...xtl")23:27
Unit193Typo, and faulty memory, time to get a newer model....23:28
david_j_rGot something funky happening now, but not a "panel crash" or the like.23:31
david_j_rGot a bunch of things open, and I can Alt-Tab through them fine, but it draws the frames of each on the screen, and23:32
david_j_rif I try clicking on the bottom panel (where the windows are), the there's no response at all.23:32
david_j_rBut my CPU is reporting 16% :)23:32
icerootdavid_j_r: yes i was reporting this "vague suggestion"23:33
david_j_rUnless it was frozen, because it's working OK now.23:33
icerootdavid_j_r: but what you are reporting is exactly what "my" bug is about23:33
david_j_riceroot: the problem I have with Lubuntu is getting the high CPU load. ;)23:33
icerootah wrong paste...23:33
icerootdavid_j_r: that is not a big problem23:34
icerootdavid_j_r: just copy some files, do "apt-get update" or something like that23:34
david_j_rno probs - What I'm getting NOW is yr bug, but when I first came on IRC it was different.23:34
icerootjust a little io-load is needed23:34
icerootdavid_j_r: i have a fixed packaged uploaded on that bug "only for i386, 12.04)23:34
icerootdavid_j_r: i was never facing the issue with my patched packages but the new packages from julien are reinstroducing the bug here23:35
david_j_rI'm on an older Toshiba laptop (A100 Satellite Pro)23:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 906825 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "[11.10 - 12.04] lxpanel crashing randomly. High CPU-Load nothing is clickable correctly. Redraw fails" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:35
icerootthat is fixing the issue for me23:35
icerootand at the moment i am trying to understand why my packages are working but the latest ubuntu-packages (also containing that patch) are not solving the problem23:36
wxliceroot: i've heard of no such progress on it23:39
wxlmurmurings but that's about it23:39
david_j_rI've got some real hanging going on here - one of the progs I started to up the CPU load was Stellarium, and its still in panel though I killed it in Task Manager.23:39
icerootdavid_j_r: because of the missing redraw23:39
david_j_rAh right - it's also in icon list when alt-tabbing through open apps.23:40
icerootthen its not killed23:40
iceroot!info lxpanel oneiric23:40
ubottulxpanel (source: lxpanel): lightweight desktop panel for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.8-1ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 483 kB, installed size 2688 kB23:40
david_j_ralthough no longer showing in task mgr?23:40
icerootdavid_j_r: is it shown in "ps aux | grep name_of_the_program?23:41
wxliceroot: you're subscribed to this right? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-artwork/+bug/93847223:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 938472 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "dialogs are barely readable-- grey on black????" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:41
icerootwxl: yes, i did the last comment and merged other bugs23:41
wxliceroot: thought that was you23:41
iceroothm, are firefox and thunderbird gtk?23:42
wxliceroot: i got a full (not virtual) precise install going on. going to try to emulate ppc in qemu and see if i can do a virtual install that way.23:42
wxlpretty sure they are not23:42
david_j_riceroot: as I started lxterminal, stellarium finally disappeared.23:42
icerootwxl: i am facing that bug on i38623:43
icerootdavid_j_r: ah ok23:43
wxliceroot: right, that one is universal it seems-- there's also a confirmation on amd6423:43
icerootwxl: yes, i will update the tags because ppc is confusing (me)23:43
wxliceroot: check this out https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/gtk-native/ - makes me think that firefox is actually gtk23:44
wxlactually i think i'll try running that addon and see what happens23:44
icerootwxl: http://alpha-unix.de/~iceroot/ubuntu/evolution-in-black.png i added that to the bug23:46
wxliceroot: despite the ubuntu in the url this is lubuntu, yes?\23:49
icerootwxl: of course23:50
icerootlatest lubuntu 12.0423:51
wxliceroot: therefore the issue must be the gtk theme in lubuntu-artwork. makes sense.23:53
icerootwxl: yes23:53
icerootwxl: and firefox/thunderbird are using there own theme23:53
wxliceroot: right. unless that add on is implemented. i will try it out tonight!23:54
icerootwxl: everything else (gedit, evolution, nm-applet and so on) are using the lubuntu settings23:54
wxliceroot: what about chromium? is there a way to use default gtk?23:54
icerootwxl: i dont know, at the moment i am using this (strage) blue theme23:55
iceroothave not found an option to use standard gtk from lubuntu there23:55
wxlhold i have a lead on it23:55
icerootif you found something can you add that to the bug or write me a message here? i am out for today23:56
wxlif you're registered i can send a message with memoserv23:56
wxlor do you just idle away like the rest of us? :D23:57
icerootwxl: i am always online here, ssh + irssi ftw :)23:57
iceroot+ screen23:57
wxlindeed, indeed23:57
wxl+ tmux!23:57
iceroot!info tmux23:57
ubottutmux (source: tmux): terminal multiplexer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (oneiric), package size 208 kB, installed size 508 kB23:57
icerootlike this?23:57
iceroot!info terminator23:57
ubottuterminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.95-1 (oneiric), package size 226 kB, installed size 1884 kB23:57
wxltry it out23:57
wxlit's very very nice23:57
wxlit's a screen replacement23:58
wxlnot terminator23:58
icerootah ok23:58
wxlanywho click the wrench on chromium23:58
wxlthen preferences > personal stuff > appearance > use gtk+ theme23:58
icerooti will do23:58

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