cheakoI also wonder about performance.  Usually you'll want one of the two and for something that you will likely use for five years or more the extra up-front cost will be well worth it, if it's budgetable.00:00
tomodachiwell to honest our developers claimed that the performance of the dell powervault to be superior to the netapp00:01
cheakotomodachi: Using Dell switches?  I'm highly suspicious of them.00:02
penguin42the Dell Equalogic boxes are quite nice (or were)00:03
tomodachicheako: they call some of their storage products that00:04
tomodachithink its this one http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/powervault-nx3500/pd?~ck=00:04
tomodachiim not the one who ordered it , fairly pleased with the netapp00:04
tomodachithis stuff is more "beta"00:04
tomodachifor me00:04
ActionParsnipwe use netapp at work, its awesome00:06
bjrohanAnyone here by chance?00:19
penguin42shhhh we're sleeping00:19
* Daekdroom is insomniac00:20
penguin42what is the nature of your question?00:20
bjrohaneasy for some complicated for others :-)00:20
ActionParsnipbjrohan: are you using precise?00:20
bjrohanI have a home wireless network through a router. I had 11.10 on both machines. I updated the laptop to 12.04 Alpha 2, and now I can not file share :-(. I can however desktop share00:21
bjrohanActionParsnip: nice seeing you here again00:21
bjrohanActionParsnip:  I have precise on laptop, 11.10 on desktop00:21
ActionParsnipbjrohan: the precise bit may be the issue00:22
penguin42bjrohan: Can't share in either direction?00:22
bjrohanGood, in a way00:22
ActionParsnipbjrohan: are there any bugs reported?00:22
bjrohancorrect not in either direction00:22
ActionParsnipthe systems can see their own shares though, just not the other system's00:22
bjrohanThe day before I upgraded laptop, I removed my wireless router and connected computers via wireless modem (from dsl company) so I don't know if it was switching the modem piece, or the upgrade piece00:23
bjrohanActionParsnip: that is what it looks like to me via smbtree. I am a Linux newbie (about 2 months).00:23
ActionParsnipbjrohan: then why are you using alpha releases00:27
ActionParsnipbjrohan: it is still quite buggy and will cause issues.00:27
bjrohanActionParsnip: glutton for punishment? When I upgraded, didn't realize it was alpha, thought beta :-(00:27
bjrohanI do the same with my android phones, but I understand those much better (Root, ROM's, customizing etc)00:28
ActionParsnipnot beta til March 1st00:28
ActionParsnipbjrohan: android can access samba shares with andsmb00:29
penguin42bjrohan: I guess if I was trying to debug a sharing issue like that I might take something like wireshark to it to see what was actually going over the network, and there are some other samba tools to prod the other end to see what's around - but I've not debugged samba issues for years00:30
bjrohanI had no idea on the android smb00:30
ActionParsnipit can connect to ssh with and-ftp00:31
bjrohanI have used gui's in the past android VNC for desktop sharing. recently though I haven't been able to get a dynamic dns to work with the generic dsl modem. I have dd-wrt running on the wireless router that crapped out00:32
bjrohanI know about enough to cause me trouble00:32
ActionParsnipbjrohan: there is a dyndns client on ubuntu which you can install00:34
ActionParsnipi use noip2 as I use no-ip.com for the same purpose00:34
tomodachibjrohan: i use ddclient as a dyndns client00:35
bjrohanI have a no-ip account, didn't realize you can run it on Ubuntu, and not on the modem/router00:35
bjrohanI will take a look, will make it far easier00:35
ActionParsnip!info noip200:35
ubottuPackage noip2 does not exist in precise00:35
ActionParsnip!info noip2 oneiric00:36
ubottunoip2 (source: no-ip): client for dynamic DNS service. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.9-3 (oneiric), package size 83 kB, installed size 260 kB00:36
bjrohaneverything works okay for me currently, the only issue with no file share is auto backup of laptop00:36
ActionParsnipubottu is wrong, it's in the universe repo00:36
ubottuActionParsnip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:36
ActionParsnipoops thas oneiric00:37
bjrohanSo I can set up ddclient with my noip account, then be able to use smb ob my Galaxy Nexus, as well as VNC? Currently I am using TeamViewer free on nexus and ubuntu laptop00:38
ActionParsnipbjrohan: i wouldnt use vnc over WWW00:40
ActionParsnipbjrohan: why do you use teamviewer / vnc?00:40
ActionParsnipbjrohan: what do you do on the remote system?00:40
bjrohanIn all honesty, nothing. I do find that every once in a while it would be nice to have access to files on my home computers when I an out and about. Not necessary to have control of the computers themselves00:41
bjrohanI had just found things like teamviewer easy to give me access to email the file to someone or myself00:42
ActionParsnipbjrohan: you can use sftp and samba for file access00:42
bjrohanAs I now Know :-)00:42
bjrohanI will delve into it. Do you know if no-ip will give 2 different accounts? I would like to set one up for my laptop, and one for desktop, my laptop of course is not always behind the same router00:43
ActionParsnipbjrohan: the no-ip etc keeps the WAN IP of your router up to date for the name you have00:44
ActionParsnipbjrohan: yu don't have one for each PC, unless you have 2 internet connections and 2 routers00:44
bjrohanWhat if I have my laptop somewhere else in the world, and not connected to my home network (rare but happens)00:44
ActionParsnipbjrohan: to connect to 2 different systems behind the same router, you will need to port forward a oprt for each system and each service you connect to00:45
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if your laptop is outside your LAN, you will use your dns name to access your system back at home00:45
bjrohancorrect, but what if laptop is not behind my home network, but somewhere else?00:46
bjrohanI will do first things first and try to set up the centurytel dsl modem to work with no ip00:47
bjrohanthat is done on the modem correct? then port forward to appropriate computer00:48
ActionParsnipbjrohan: the port forward is done in the router00:48
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if your system is inside the LAN it will use the class C IP or the server's name00:48
bjrohancorrect. when I had dd-wrt on a router, I could tell it my no-ip acct info, and it would stay updated00:49
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if you are outside the LAN you will use the name you have with noip etc and the port forwarding will happen00:49
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if you install the noip client on the laptop and go outside yur LAN, the updated name's IP will update for the IP where the laptop is and it won't work00:49
ActionParsnipbjrohan: you only need the update app on the system which is inside the LAN so that if your WAN IP changes, it is updated in the DNS00:50
bjrohanGotcha. So set up ddclient on the desktop, since it is always behing the DSL modem with wireless router00:51
bjrohanand then port forward router to desktop, and to laptop (plus any other compter I wish to add)00:51
bjrohanand use ports 5900 and 5800?00:52
ActionParsnipbjrohan: i wouldnt use vnc over WAN, it has zero security00:52
buckyi'm getting this error after an apt-get upgrade Internal Error, No file name for libgcc100:53
bjrohancorrect. I just want to set this up for file sharing via my phone, not vnc00:53
dmj726Did the keyboard shortcuts for switching workspaces just get changed in 12.04?00:53
buckyanyone else run into this?00:53
ActionParsnipbjrohan: then install openssh-server and you will get an sftp server by default.00:54
penguin42bucky: Haven't seen that00:54
ActionParsnipbucky: any bugs reported?00:54
bjrohanActionParsnip: I still need to set up the dynamic dns correct?00:55
buckygoogled and haven't found any.. I'll look some more00:55
ActionParsnipbucky: try: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854800/00:56
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if you want the name to be updated if and when your IP of your home router changes, yes00:56
bjrohanOkay. I don't think it will, but I hate to be 1,000 miles away, and it does00:57
aranddmj726: Someone mentioned it here before, I guess it might be so.00:57
dmj726wondering if it was a bug or an intentional change00:58
dmj726has anyone else updated their precise today and had it happen?00:59
dmj726also, thanks to the change you have to look at the keyboard shortcuts while switching workspaces :P00:59
ActionParsnipbjrohan: indeed, plus its light :)01:06
bjrohanI just redid my dyndns account for the free trial, then cancelled, to get the 1 free hostname01:06
bjrohanWhat are the common ports to forward for computer access?01:10
ActionParsnipbjrohan: TCP/2201:10
bjrohanhow do I do that with 2 different computers I want to access?01:11
ActionParsnipbjrohan: you will need to use a different port for the other system but forward it to port 22 on the other system01:14
bjrohanGotcha. port forward 23 on the router to 22 on the computer01:15
* penguin42 generally prefers to use something other than 22 externally anyway - 22 gets portscanned like hell01:15
bjrohanGotcha.  What should I use to best access (preferably gui based) files on my home computer via my Nexus? ftp, smb?01:16
urfr332gOyowsa my unity panel turned green01:17
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if you just want file access, why do you need a GUI?01:21
bjrohanSo I can see my files easier.01:22
ActionParsnipbjrohan: the file browser you use will show the files01:22
bjrohanGotcha, like ES File Browser on android?01:22
bjrohanI just downloaded andsmb to check it out it is GUI01:23
ActionParsnipbjrohan: no idea what ES file browser is, sorry01:23
bjrohanjust a file browser for android01:25
bjrohanI have dyndns configured on my dsl modem/router. To enable ftp for my Ubuntu laptop, do I need to install the ftp server?01:26
ActionParsnipbjrohan: openssh-server gives an sftp server01:27
bjrohanAh, it looks like I have it installed on my laptop already. so now portforward port on my modem to which port on my laptop?01:28
ActionParsnipbjrohan: the port on the desktop you mean...#01:29
bjrohanFirst, how can I tell that the openssh server is running?01:29
bjrohanyes, the port on my computer01:30
bjrohanso tell me modem to port forward say, port 30, to port XX on my laptop01:30
ActionParsnipbjrohan: port 22 to port 22 on the server, thought that was obvious..01:30
bjrohanpenguin recommended a different port01:31
bjrohanthen if I want to do a different computer, port forward 23 to 22 on the second computer01:31
buckyActionParsnip, that paste you gave me solved it... thank you01:40
ActionParsnipbucky: its a handy script of mine01:41
buckyyou nailed it01:42
buckydmj726, Holding down the ‘Super’ key displays a Keyboard shortcut overlay on the desktop01:42
dmj726bucky: yes01:43
dmj726but when I updated precise today, I noticed that the keyboard shortcut for changing workspaces had changed01:43
buckyhmm... ic01:43
dmj726it had been ctrl+alt+<arrow> for years01:44
dmj726after updating precise super+shift+<arrow> changed workspaces instead01:44
dmj726I'm not sure it the changing of keyboard shortcuts was a bug on my computer's part or a deliberate change in Ubuntu01:45
buckyah! thanks for the tip... i hate changes like those because i'm getting senile01:45
penguin42that would be horrible - especially for those of us with Model-M keyboards :-)01:45
* ActionParsnip only uses one workspace...01:46
penguin42ActionParsnip: But where do you put everything......01:46
jbichadmj726: the new keyboard shortcuts were an intentional change01:47
dmj726ah, why were they changed?01:47
ActionParsnippenguin42: like what?01:49
jbichaDesign thought it was a good idea, maybe to make more of the Unity shortcuts revolve around the Super key01:50
penguin42ActionParsnip: The other 140 windows!01:50
arandYeah looking at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/93988471/unity_5.4.0-0ubuntu1_5.4.0-0ubuntu2.diff.gz it's clearly intentional... as to why, no clue...01:50
ActionParsnippenguin42: I use 2 or 3 windows, tops01:51
ActionParsnippenguin42: browser and pidgin, the rest I do ni guake which hides and shows when I hit F1201:52
penguin42ActionParsnip: 6 on this machine about 10-15 on the other one - I open windows everywhere; my desktop is like my real desk; just as unorganised01:53
ActionParsnippenguin42: probably why you use the desktops feature, the others are completely unused here, so I remove the workspaces and save RAM01:54
bjrohanActionParsnip: openssh is an ftp server?01:54
log!info openssh | bjrohan01:55
bjrohanActionParsnip: rather openssh-server is an ftp server? I am trying to access it as such from my phone to no avail01:55
ubottubjrohan: Package openssh does not exist in precise01:55
bjrohanyes it does ubottu01:55
log!info openssh-server precise | bjrohan01:55
ubottubjrohan: openssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.9p1-2ubuntu2 (precise), package size 332 kB, installed size 814 kB (Only available for any all)01:55
log"Only available for any all"01:55
logThat makes sense.01:55
* log pets ubottu.01:55
ActionParsnipbjrohan: it gives a secure ftp server, hence sftp01:56
penguin42note sftp != ftp01:56
ActionParsnipbjrohan: openssh isnt a package01:56
ActionParsnip!info openssh-client01:56
ubottuopenssh-client (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) client, for secure access to remote machines. In component main, is standard. Version 1:5.9p1-2ubuntu2 (precise), package size 938 kB, installed size 2296 kB (Only available for any all)01:56
ActionParsnip!info openssh-server01:56
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.9p1-2ubuntu2 (precise), package size 332 kB, installed size 814 kB (Only available for any all)01:56
bjrohanthat is prolly the issue, ES File Explorer only gives ftp option, not sftp01:56
ActionParsnipbjrohan: not openssh01:56
penguin42bjrohan: ftp is hopelessly insecure01:56
penguin42actually, think of a word 10 times worse than hopelessly01:57
ActionParsnipftp should die01:57
bjrohangiven the issues I am having with Samba on the inside of my LAN between desktop and laptop running Precise, probably shouldn't try to set up SMB on Galaxy Nexus just yet?01:58
penguin42yeh, get it working in the simple case first01:58
bjrohanI can access my laptop via connecting my Nexus to LAN just fine, not trying to get it to access it outside lan (using dyndns)01:59
bjrohanHow do I set up username password in openssh server?02:01
bjrohanwith andFTP it says I am connected, but no files are showing :-(02:02
ActionParsnipbjrohan: andsmb can connect to samba shares just dandy. I use it over wifi instead of slowass bluetooth02:08
ActionParsnipbjrohan: you set the username and password in the app02:09
bjrohanIs there a default username and password on openSSH server, or in my phone app just leave it blank? When I do, it says it can't confirm credentials02:10
bjrohanauthentication failed. I assume that means it is at least finding my laptop (dyndns and port forwarding are working okay)02:11
ActionParsnipbjrohan: its your ubuntu username and password02:16
bjrohanI connected my Nexus to my home network, and accessed my desktop via andsmb :-)02:16
bjrohanActionParsnip: I can access both my desktop and laptop (12.04) via connecting my Nexus to my home network. Odd that I can connect to both, but the desktop and laptop can't connect to each other02:50
bjrohanActionParsnip: I am however having issues connecting to either using my dyndns handle, any suggestions?02:50
bjrohanActionParsnip: I have tried using my IP address, and it will still not connect, any ideas their as well?02:52
ActionParsnipbjrohan: you can connect to sftp via nautilus :)02:55
bjrohanHow do I do that?02:55
bjrohanI went into server settings in Nautilus, then added the same info I have on my Nexus, and it says it can't find the server :-(02:59
ActionParsnipbjrohan: in the menus of nautilus, there is a 'connect to server' option (or similar), select ssh and type your credentials of the server system...03:00
bjrohanYep, that is what I did, odd it can't log in, very odd03:00
bjrohanIdentical credentials and settings I used to log in via my phone03:01
snadgeis anyone going to fix fglrx? i just complained abot it on the unity channel, but they appear to be busy developing stuff03:01
snadgeis anyone responsible for making sure it works? it doesnt appear so03:02
micahgsnadge: bug #?03:02
snadgeim on my phone, so harder for me to dig it up, one moment03:02
micahgsnadge: you can ping me later with it if you like, or hop into #ubuntu-bugs sometime during the european or american work days03:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:04
snadgetheres also an unrelated bug thats more recent, x just crashes when you play a video with totem/gstreamer03:05
snadgeunsure if thats been reported03:05
snadgebut radeon plays video ok03:05
ActionParsnipsnadge: are other players ok?03:06
snadgehavnt tried it, i switched back to radeon driver.. i can try it later03:06
snadgevlc or something, it might be glitchy xv support03:06
snadgeim usuing catalyst 12.1 from amd, with --buildpkg Unity/precise03:07
snadgeunrelated, it would be nice if fglrx-update package could track the current catalyst release, within a week or so of it being released by amd ;)03:08
ActionParsnipsnadge: try gnome-mplayer :)03:09
snadgei understand the reason for having a "stable" tested version by default.. but the update package doesnt need to be well tested, people usually install that because they either need the hardware support, or a particular bug fix and/or optimisation03:10
=== lolcat_ is now known as lolcat
psypher246hello all, does anyone know why the usual shortcut keys to move to another desktop has changed from ctrl alt left right up down, to shift-super left right up down?06:37
kieppiehi all. how stable/unstable is 12.04? I have a desktop system I want to set up that I'll be using as my primary for a while & need to know if it's stable enough for daily use?07:38
psypher246it is still alpha, so think abouit that, but i have been using 12.04 since the first the day it was released. it was kinda unstable, compiz crashed and logged em out the desktop and libreoffice would not open, but since 2 days ago, both those issues are resolved07:39
psypher246i use it for work all day07:39
kieppiepsypher246: cool. how regularly are you running updates/upgrades?07:40
psypher246everyday, first thing i do and then again in the afternoon07:40
kieppieok... I'll give it a try then07:41
psypher246but yeah try it out, it's pretty cool07:42
scarleoDo I have to change something to get the desktop background at login screen?07:49
psypher246aparently only background in a certain folder works07:50
psypher246hold on lemme check07:50
scarleoah, I have one from my Pictures folder, maybe that is why it doesn't work07:51
psypher246scarleo: /usr/share/backgrounds/07:52
psypher246so all the default backgrounds work07:52
psypher246like the stalking ocelot which i use07:52
psypher246I read somewhere that pictures folder works as well, but when I logged a bug about the /usr/share one not working I was told it was the olnly folder working at this time07:53
scarleopsypher246, ok, thanks07:53
psypher246my bug was fixed though by changing the background to something else and then abck to the ocelot, looks really good07:53
scarleopsypher246, yeah, it's working now, too bad that ugly unstyled login still appears on user switch and screen lock, would be sweeter with the lightdm one07:57
psypher246scarleo: it was running like that a week ago, but it was really buggy, every time i lock my screen it was practically unreadable and all cirrupted. so i guess they reverted it07:58
scarleoI remember reading something abt it08:00
scarleopower usage really has improved a lot in 12.04, I just love this :) Big time08:07
scarleowhenever screen goes off I'm down to 3,7 W now which gives abt 13 hours of battery life, fan is off almost all the time08:11
psypher246 scarleo: haven't really tried lately08:19
psypher246just unplugged my power08:19
psypher246only 1:30 left, not that great08:19
scarleopsypher246, I have done some additional tweaking based on powertop as well08:19
scarleowell the time alone doesn't really say much :)08:20
psypher246prob only an hour :)08:21
psypher246scarleo: never really played with powertop08:22
scarleopsypher246, it makes a lot of difference08:22
psypher246do you perhaps hacve a good powertop howto?08:23
scarleojust install it, run it and move to the rightmost tab for applicable tweaks, it runs in terminal with sudo08:24
scarleovery easy really08:24
scarleomake sure you're on battery while running it and let it run for a while to stabilize08:25
psypher246ok shot :)08:26
psypher246what does it mean by bad and good?08:27
scarleobad are things that can be tweaked, use down arrow to select and enter to toggle to good08:28
psypher246what kind of stuff did you change?08:32
scarleothe only thing I made permanent (powertop tweaks are not permanent) are SATA link pm and VM writeback08:34
scarleorest of the stuff was already taken care of by 12.04 :)08:34
scarleowell there are some PCI tweaks that can be done but they don't seem to make much difference on my machine08:35
psypher246do i have to run the app each time at startup or is it a daemon>?08:39
scarleopsypher246, whenever you switch to battery08:40
alkisgHi, can I specify that I want ubiquity to `mount -o compress` my btrfs formatted target disk, so that any files it writes are compressed?09:57
scarleoHi, I'm trying to disable powersavings for wireless since they don't work well with my card. I have previously been able to put an empty file in /etc/pm/power.d/ wit the same name as the script to disable. This doesn't work in 12.04.10:22
scarleoHas the behaviour changed? Or is it a bug?10:23
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
ironhalikhow can I find the UUID of my mountable partition?10:51
ironhalikwant to add it to fstab to automount10:51
ironhalikah /dev/disk/by-uuid10:53
ironhalikand btw fstab, linux could start adding discard to ssd drives by itself, already :)10:57
snadgesudo blkid11:00
ironhalikit says the filesystem type is ntf11:03
ironhalikntfs - should I set ntfs or ntfs-3g in fstab?11:03
scarleoI think it's just ntfs11:05
yofelusually you'll want ntfs-3g11:05
yofelsee examples section of the ntfs-3g manpage11:06
scarleoI thought ntfs was the type and ntfs-3g was automatically used for that type11:07
scarleobut you definitely know more about that than me :)11:08
ironhalikwell, Ill try ntfs-3g at reboot11:08
ironhalikok, ntfs-3g worked11:09
ironhalikand my GF had her show interrupted11:09
snadgealways the way11:12
ironhalikhmm, and 'ntfs' worked too11:12
snadgein theory it should be the same thing11:12
snadgei thought kernel ntfs was deprecated11:12
snadgeit certainly doesnt have write support anyway11:13
KM0201hmm, seems my wireless issue is resolved in 12.0411:13
KM0201thats a relief11:13
snadgehappy days11:13
KM0201i'm downloading Lubuntu now, simply because KDE and Unity repulse me11:13
KM0201but... at least i know it should work11:13
snadgeim on a train atm.. using unity11:14
snadgeits not so bad, if you labotomise yourself11:14
ironhalikguys, just because unity is different dosnt mean we should laugh at it ;>11:14
ironhalikI personally like it, the GUI/CLI mix of it11:14
KM0201KDE isn't to bad, i just hate all the extra crap it installs11:14
snadgeseriously though, if you learn the shortcuts.. maybe read a guide on how to get up to speed with it11:14
snadgeits actually pretty cool11:14
snadgei like the extra screen space i get with unity.. that rocks11:15
snadgefor all the bitching and moaning i do about unity.. i still think its better than gnome-shell11:15
KM0201i honestly can think of very few things i like about unity.11:15
ironhalikI would use lxde or xfce on ma lappy if it had this 'super key -> type -> enter' function11:15
snadgeyou just need to change the way you think about using a desktop11:16
snadgewindows 95 was 17 years ago11:16
ironhalikfor me, lxde still lives in the windows start era ;>11:16
KM0201i like a clean, simple UI11:16
snadgefor every gripe you have about unity.. theres either a way to fix it.. or a different way of doing the same thing, thats more efficient11:16
snadgenothing is simpler than unity11:17
KM0201kde, unity, and even xfce does none of that.11:17
KM0201but not my idea of clean11:17
snadgetheres one bar at the top.. the launcher auto hides for me11:17
KM0201and frankly,i don't think it's all that simple either11:17
KM0201strikes me as very weird11:17
snadgeyou just have to give it time.. more than 5 minutes11:17
snadgeit took me a few days to get used to it.. now i honestly cant understand why people did things the way they did befoer11:17
ironhalikgenerally, you can like it or not, matter of prefference - only thing that annoyed me is when torvalds proclaimed xfce is now the proper desktop because gnome changed too much with shell ;>11:18
snadgewell no offence.. but torvalds doesnt know shit about guis11:18
KM0201i agree w/ him, gnome3 is awful11:18
snadgethats why he is a kernel developer11:18
ikoniasnadge: tone down that language pleas.e11:18
snadgeif he gave it more than 5 minutes.. and used some of that massive brainpower of his to understand why things have changed that way11:19
ironhalikKM0201: I use gnome shell on lappy, and some parts of it could make it into unity - like the alt tab behavior, the window expose when you open the shell etc11:19
snadgethen maybe he might change his opinion.. but he is a busy man.. and just wants to do things the way he always has, and get on with whatever it is he wants to do11:19
KM0201i dunno11:20
KM0201i'm jhust happy mmy wireless is apparently working well... i wasn't holding out much hope... :)11:20
snadgei like unity's alt-tab11:20
snadgeits very configurable also11:20
ironhaliksnadge: it has problems with workspaces, and when you tell it to prefer current workspace, it wont show windows on other workspaces11:21
ironhalikKM0201: if it works in 12.04 you probably could make it work in 11.10 too, with some playing with modules and confs11:21
snadgeyeah im talking about ubuntu in 12.0411:22
snadgeerr unity rather.. its alt-tab behaviour is superior11:22
KM0201ironhalik, probably, but i'm not really interested in doing that11:22
ironhalikKM0201: theres a good chance youll have other problems with 12.04, in its current state11:23
KM0201ironhalik, i can work through that11:23
KM0201i'm not a nnew user by any stretch, just been way to busy to really participate11:23
ironhalikbtw, regarding OSS and GUIs11:25
ironhalikI gate GIMP for that11:25
valdur55ironhalik,  RE:'super key -> type -> enter' function'  Hey! Look synapse semantic launcher: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/synapse-gnome-do-launcher-app-review-ubuntu/11:26
ironhalikvaldur55: I heard something about it, or like it, way back - it allowed kde to search through IM logs, files, mails11:29
ironhalikit was in the XP era, so it was kinda new11:29
ironhalikbut thanks, this looks nice11:29
valdur55ironhalik, install it and you get this function :).11:30
ironhalikits a bit redundant in unity :P11:30
ironhalikhmm, I could use a feature in unity11:32
ironhalikthat would use the top edge to invoke expose11:33
snadgejust use unity.. the more people who get used to it.. the better11:33
snadgeit borrows a lot of ideas from windows 7, and macos X11:33
ironhalikin the same, cool, way that dash is now opened11:34
snadgeand then some.. and people use those without too many issues11:34
snadgelinux desktop users are stuck in the dark ages11:34
snadgeand they bitch and moan like anything else when things change11:34
ironhalikOSS crowd, creatures of habit11:34
snadgeadmittedly i was one of them.. for the longest time i resisted unity11:35
snadgein the early stages.. it was incredibly buggy and foreign at the same time11:35
snadgeso i continued to use the gnome classic option. until it was removed entirely11:35
ironhalikimho, with unity, you work faster and the GUI/OS layer gets less in the way11:35
snadgethen i bit the bullet and tried it.. also tried gnome shell.. stuck with unity11:36
snadgenow i like it11:36
snadgei also tried xfce.. and hated it11:36
KM0201the newest version is awful11:36
snadgei honestly dont understand how people could prefer xfce over unity11:36
ironhalikits faster :P11:37
snadgei guess people really have to have their start button.. and their task list11:37
ironhalikI would use Ubuntu with unity, if it was faster on my lappy11:37
ironhaliknow thinking about unity-2d11:37
valdur55ironhalik, but there is unity2d :)11:37
ironhalikvaldur55: I miss the workspace tansition effect :P11:38
ironhalikand expo11:38
ironhaliksnadge: with windows7, start menu almost dies - it has the built in launcher/finder, and a quick app list11:38
ironhaliknoone uses the directory tree in there11:38
KM0201i hate win 711:41
scarleoI'm trying to disable powersavings for wireless since they don't work well with my card. I have put an empty file in /etc/pm/power.d/ with the name wireless. This seems to have no effect in 12.04.11:52
scarleoHas the behaviour changed? Or is it a bug?11:53
ironhalikI think it would be better to use iwconfig wlan0 power off11:59
ironhalikand place it in /etc/rc.local12:00
ironhalikalso, /etc/network/if-up/ - scripts in this folder will get executed on wifi up, you can place an executable script there12:02
=== dgjones is now known as DJones
scarleoironhalik, yes, question is if this is intended behaviour or a bug... I think there has been a lot of work done around pm scripts12:32
crizzy12.04 unity stuff is finally starting to look and feel very mature12:37
KM0201why is hte install window for 12.04 black, you can't even read it13:32
DaekdroomKM0201, it shouldn't be black.13:35
DaekdroomTo be honest, there were a considerable amount of people complaining about black windows lately.13:35
valdur55i reccomended to use "Install lubuntu to hard disk" option selecting on splash screen.13:37
ironhalikcrizzy: I seem to be getting better performance from unity then gnome-shell, even13:50
ironhalikI wonder how it will look like when gnome-shell drops 3d entirely in 3.413:50
crizzygnome-shell crashes like crazy on ati drivers :/ but at least it works with latest drivers..13:50
crizzyit resurrects itself in a second, though. but still crashes :p13:50
crizzyi just got epileptic with changing applications in gnome-shell... no taskbar and that top corner expose... gets tiredsome after 3rd app change13:53
ironhalikepileptic, like seizure?13:56
crizzyye :P13:56
ironhalikwow, nice13:56
crizzywell it's not that bad after you get used to it13:57
ironhalikwell, it sucks, but still nice ;>13:57
crizzybut all these new unity features make gnome-shell feel lackcluster13:57
crizzylike hud13:57
ironhalikI had a friend who lost consciousness from hyperventilation13:58
ironhalikwas kinda fun during PE in school ;>13:58
ironhalikjog jog jog thud13:58
ironhalikwell, I wonder how the HUD will turn out13:58
KM0201well that went well13:59
ironhalikits the superkey -> enter thing taken to other, more in-app things13:59
valdur55HUD and unity2d?  Does it work?14:00
ironhalikany news on java in precise? anyone got it to work?14:09
penguin42ironhalik: I'm running eclipse ----> in precise14:12
ironhalikpenguin42: 32bit or 64bit? and what jre/jdk version?14:12
penguin42ironhalik: 64bit, java -version identifies itself as Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_26-b03)14:13
ironhalikhmm, so you've got oracle's java14:13
ironhalikIt didnt work for me :/14:13
penguin42ironhalik: Yeh, seems to be14:13
ironhalikit sucks that Ubuntu dropped proprietary java support14:14
penguin42ironhalik: It wasn't Ubuntu that dropped it, it was Oracle that changed the license14:14
ironhalikits way less problematic then openjdk, especially icedtea vs oracles plugin14:15
ironhalikpenguin42: well, yeah14:15
bulll??�DCC SEND &quot;ff???f?𝑹𝑰𝑷𝑳𝑶𝑳𝑺𝑼𝑷𝑮𝑼𝒀𝑺&quot; 0 0 014:15
ironhalikJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_31-b04)14:16
penguin42ironhalik: I thought I'd had eclipse running with openjdk-6 a while ago14:16
ironhalikhmm, and what's your eclipse version? :)14:17
ironhalikmaybe Im running some beta, from precise repos14:17
penguin42ironhalik: Build id: I20110613-1736 version 3.7.114:18
ironhaliksame here14:18
ironhalikmine crashesh when I try to close the welcome window14:18
ironhalikhmm, iteresting, I bypassed the welcome screen and it seems to work14:20
ironhalikpenguin42: silly question, youve got black tooltips too? :)14:22
penguin42ironhalik: No (although I'm running on KDE)14:22
ironhalikoh, its probably gnomes thing14:22
ironhalikhavent tried KDE since 4.2 or sth like that14:23
ironhalikhmm, is there a way, to make Unity-2d use the workspace switcher from Unity?14:42
ironhalikthe slide effect14:42
brendandi doubt it14:51
brendandit's surely a compiz plugin14:51
ironhalikhmm, overall, unity-2d seems nice15:01
ironhalika lot nicer then first iterations15:01
glosolizzecool: anything new ?15:10
ironhalikbrendand: ha! http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/unity-2d-gets-workspace-switcher-too.html15:26
brendandironhalik, i stand corrected :)15:32
ironhalikGonna try it out15:34
ironhalikbtw, anyone lost dash 'enter' button working in the last update?15:35
ironhalikgenerally dash search results15:35
ironhalikwont work, cant click them, enter doesnt work etc15:37
ironhalikWasnt Unity supposed to get new, lightdm-like lock screen?16:06
Daekdroomironhalik, CRTL + ALT + L16:07
DaekdroomOh nevermind, they reverted it.16:08
ironhalikso it was there at some point?16:08
DaekdroomI didn't quite understand why CRTL + ALT + L took me to a lightdm screen and why letting the monitor power off after 10 minutes didn't, anyway.16:08
ironhalikthere was a GUI free, wonder if it made it16:08
DaekdroomWell, that means it probably won't.16:09
DaekdroomUnless it's not working because of a bug.16:09
ironhalikyeah, I think the lightdm wallpaper thing was on and off and on again16:09
ironhalikso the lockscreen may be too16:10
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Hiob10hiobdoes somebody know why i can configure my displays in the live cd with the gnome tool and when it is installed only with nvidia-settings?16:22
ironhaliknot sure if thats it, but did you check the 'install propriatary software' checkbox?16:23
ironhalikduring install?16:23
Hiob10hiobyes i did16:23
ironhalikmhm nvm :)16:24
ironhalikit installed nvidia drivers, but why I would not be able to use gnome tool, I dont know16:25
ironhaliknvm = nevermatter16:25
Hiob10hiobbut if i deinstall the nvidia driver, duelscreen doesnt work16:25
Hiob10hiobjust in the live cd16:25
ironhalikI, personally, had to go through hell to fully revert nvidia drivers to nouveau16:26
ironhalikIt ended with reinstalling the OS, without propriatary drivers :P16:26
Hiob10hiobthis really sucks, there should be an option, if i like to install propriatary graphic driver, if an opensoure one work16:28
penguin42if you install the nvidia drivers via the 'additional drivers' option in the system settings then you should also be able to fully remove it from there; if it doesnt then that's a bug that needs filing - if you used NVidias own installation scheme then you're on youre own16:31
Hiob10hiobdoes somebody know, why click and drag now works?16:36
zzecoolOnly one update since yesterday17:12
Ampelbeinzzecool: We are in beta freeze currently, only important bugfixes will pass through until betarelease.17:13
zzecooli know17:13
zzecooli was used to the hourly updates17:14
zzecooli always like the alpha - beta updates fiesta :D17:14
glosolizzecool, you use xchat yes ?17:15
glosolizzecool, does it support that notification OSD ?17:16
zzecoolwhy asking ?17:16
zzecoolyes it does17:16
glosoliwould you mind writing me to pm  ?;D to check that ?17:16
zzecoolthat why i can see your msg while surfing etc17:16
zzecoolyou have to lose focus17:16
zzecoolminimize xchat17:16
zzecoolglosoli: this is a notification test  lol17:17
glosolizzecool, ok, now  i will minize, and switch workspace try again17:17
zzecoolglosoli: this is a notification test  lol17:17
zzecoolglosoli: this is a notification test  lol17:18
glosolizzecool, nah, nothing happened just in unity dock, i saw icon highlighting17:18
zzecoolrly ?17:18
glosolizzecool, your version of xchat is from repo ?17:18
zzecoolglosoli: open preferences17:19
zzecooland go to Alerts17:19
glosoliok try again to test ;D17:19
zzecoolenable everything for private message and highlighted message17:20
ironhalikglosoli: one two three17:20
ironhalikId love irssi integration with OSD ;>17:20
glosoliWorks fine now17:20
glosoliGonna need to change so fonts, and that will be alright for me ;D17:20
zzecoolomg i hate command mode clients17:20
ironhalikomg i love command mode clients17:21
SpamapSIs it intentional that the HUD comes up when left-alt is pressed.. is there a way to change that?17:21
Ian_Cornezzecool: 375 upgraded, 5 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:21
zzecoolbitchx vs irssi   ...   JESUS17:21
Ian_CorneI've got some catching up to do17:21
zzecoolIan_Corne: i did those yesterday17:21
ironhalikzzecool: I dont like bitchx17:21
ironhalikand I think Im too stupid for weechat17:21
SpamapSpeople still use bitchx?!17:22
ironhalikyeah, in the dark corners of freenode, I bet they do17:22
zzecoolSpamapS: some17:22
* SpamapS made the switch to irssi.. oh.. 8 years ago..17:22
zzecooli bet efnet17:22
zzecoolefnet is the dark network ;p17:22
DaekdroomSpamapS, yes, it is intentional, but it currently interferes with other shortcuts, which is a bug. You can change the shortcut or disable it through CCSM17:22
ironhalikanyone tried weechat? :>17:22
glosoliironhalik, also command line ? :DD17:23
zzecoolomg i hate cmd line17:23
glosoliNo I didint then :DDD17:23
ironhalikfor me, the hud launches by pressing left ctrl + alt17:23
Ian_CorneI came from mIRC -> xchat -> irssi17:23
zzecoolonly reason is if you are desperate or in a server room17:23
ironhalikmIRC -> irssi17:23
zzecoolor if you think you are cool in the black n white17:23
ironhalikzzecool: well, people used to be elitist assholes when yhey used bitchx/irssi and you were on mIRC17:24
ironhalikctcp versions were flying around on channels17:24
SpamapSDaekdroom: I have a strict *no ccsm* rule these days. :)17:24
ironhaliknow the client seems not to be a indicator or wealth, intelligance or social status17:24
zzecooli can edit fast xchat to say that im using Nasa's Irc client on the ctcp reply17:25
zzecoolironhalik: other than that you are right17:25
zzecoolironhalik: bitchx was for the elite haxors  etc.....17:25
ironhalikhmm, I actually connect via ssh with my irssi, which connects to localhost irc bouncer :P17:25
zzecoolbulshits imo17:26
ironhalikyou can have a leet chat on android phones :P17:26
ironhalikwell, it was fun while it lasted, shame I used mIRC then17:26
zzecoolim just finished an 6 hours+ session teaching on my gf her new iPhone 4s lol17:27
glosoliApple Fanboy17:27
ironhalikhuh, my mom catched up with her android in like an hour, was quite impressed17:27
ironhalikmy fiance is rocking a oldschool nokia ;>17:27
glosoliSo where is now Apple talking shit about simplicity :D his mom did android in 1 hour17:28
ironhalikyeah thats what funny17:28
zzecoolit depents on the person17:28
ironhalikwell, sure17:28
zzecoolif he is guite experinced with pc then the transition is easy17:28
ironhalikfor some the icon based touch interface is too different from s40 nokias17:28
glosoliHad nokia X3-01 ;D gave it to my sister17:29
zzecooli "believe" on android but i think its not rdy yet17:29
ironhalikbtw, my mom is on ubuntu 10.04 :P17:29
glosolizzecool, sure it is17:29
ironhalikit very much is17:29
zzecoolglosoli: i dont like the interface17:29
glosolizzecool, have you checked Android 417:29
glosoli ?17:29
ironhalikand I must say, reluctantly, that touchwiz helps with the user expirience17:29
zzecoolso much visual clutter and the design feels kde  5 years ago17:30
glosoliand in btw, interface differs on the cell brand17:30
zzecoolyou mean the "sandwich" ?17:30
glosolizzecool, yes17:30
zzecoolyeah didnt like it17:30
zzecoolso much clutter  tiny fonts17:30
zzecoola mess17:30
glosoliTake android from HTC, and from Sony, you may have different expierence17:31
zzecoolwhatever i used i didnt like it17:31
zzecoolthat the truth17:31
glosolifriggin liar17:31
zzecoolim not17:31
ironhaliktheres a MIUI rom, its very iphone'ish17:31
zzecool+ there is one more thing17:32
ironhalikremember, android is OSS, you hack the hell out of it ;>17:32
zzecoolevery android phone feels like cheap plastic and nothing more17:32
ironhalikthats true, for samsung ;P17:32
zzecoolnowhere near the feel that an iphone gives on yout palm17:32
glosoliso subjective17:32
zzecoolits not its the real thing17:32
ironhalikthats also kinda true, iPhone is at the very top when it comes to build quality17:32
zzecooltake an iphone on your hand you will know17:33
ironhalikbut many mid/high end HTC rock a aluminium unibody17:33
glosoliironhalik: have you  tryed all android phones to say that :) ?17:33
zzecoolyeap glosoli i did17:33
glosolizzecool: No you didin't17:33
zzecoolthis morning17:33
ironhalikno, ive got motorola defy, which is really decent for me17:33
zzecoolactually was the last time17:33
zzecoolon the phone shop17:33
zzecoolwhile buying the 4s17:33
glosolizzecool: Phone shop for sure doesn't hold all the android telephones17:34
glosoliin the planet17:34
zzecoolit does17:34
glosoliso your opinion is so subjective17:34
zzecoolevery single one17:34
glosolizzecool: so about 300 android phones you touched ?17:34
ironhalikzzecool: well, the end argument - when you buy HTC for 500-600 bucks, it will have outstanding build quality too :>17:34
glosolithis mornign ?17:34
zzecool+ the new nokia mumnia 800 how its callexd17:34
zzecoolglosoli: the top end android phones arenot 30017:34
zzecoolare somehow 1017:34
glosolithat's what you think :)17:35
DrHalanhey guys.. when using fglrx video acceleration crashes my xserver.. anyone having this issue too?17:35
zzecoolDrHalan: im on nvidia17:35
glosoliDrHalan: Had today while watching movie :)17:35
ironhalikDrHalan: somebody mentioned it, and moved to AMDs drivers17:35
ironhalikthe best build quality ever... was HTC Dream!17:36
zzecoolsomeone must hack iphone and install ubunut on17:36
ironhalikthe very first android phone :>17:36
zzecoolthat will be my sickerst dream17:36
ironhalikzzecool: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/ubuntu-for-android-announced/17:36
zzecooli know17:36
zzecoollooks epic17:36
glosoliwtf zzecool you sometimes look like real apple fan, ;D17:36
zzecooli am17:36
zzecooli admire apple17:36
ironhalikalso, motorla had some kind of dualboot system with ubuntu I belive17:36
glosolizzecool: so why would you use ubuntu  ?17:37
zzecoolwhy not i loe ubuntu17:37
ironhalikwell, theire products are neat17:37
zzecooli admire apple as a company + design17:37
glosolizzecool: the only thing I admire is how Steve Jobs looked at design :)_17:37
zzecoolglosoli: who do you think mark shuttleworth trying to mimic?17:37
glosolizzecool: There is no point of trying to talk about who is tryting to who mimic, everyeone does that ,even apple17:38
zzecoolbut im talking as a company17:38
glosoliSteve Jobs was the company :)17:38
ironhalikUbuntu tries for the integrated, working feel out of the box - apple has that,that way  ubuntu mimics apple, you could say ;>17:39
zzecoolsomehow he was17:39
glosoliAll products were always confirmed by him17:39
glosoliAll design was always confirmed by him17:39
glosolihe was perfecionist17:39
glosoliand minimalist17:39
zzecoolsteve was the PR17:39
zzecoolthe voice17:39
glosolizzecool: read biography :)17:39
zzecooldo you wanna know the heart?17:39
zzecoolof apple?17:39
glosoliIve ?17:39
glosoliThe Designer from britain17:39
ironhalikIm reading 'Inside Apple' book, it nicely explains the design and deploy process of apple17:40
zzecoolJonathan is APPLE17:40
zzecoolsteve was the puppet17:40
ironhalikit mentions Ive, too ;>17:40
glosoliironhalik: reading this one :)17:40
glosoliSteve wasn't a puppet17:40
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.17:40
glosolijpds: sorry17:40
glosoliin btw, anyone getting screen corruptions while logging in ubuntu ?17:41
zzecoolits a bug allrdy reportedhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Ivefor fix and on the way17:41
glosolizzecool: :DDDDDDDDDD17:41
zzecooli have it reported17:41
glosoliironhalik: I would like to read biography about Denis Ritchie :/17:41
genii-aroundIs anyone experiencing problems with Firefox locking up the cursor until you alt-tab to another running application and back?17:42
ironhalikglosoli: I dont think there many interesting things you can write about inventing C17:42
zzecoolglosoli: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/93196717:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931967 in unity (Ubuntu) "Corrupted graphics after the login until the unity launcher appears" [High,Triaged]17:42
glosoliironhalik: the thing we can't think, doesn't think there isn't anything :D17:42
glosoliironhalik: I am more interested in persona17:42
=== log is now known as eating
glosolizzecool: friggin xchat,  didin't show up in dock once again, when i pressed it opened another instance ;DD17:46
zzecoolits ok for me17:46
zzecoolnever hand any problem17:46
zzecoolironhalik: i think mark got the message and give so much on the design :) and i love it17:49
zzecooli like nice design17:49
zzecoolglosoli: nooboli ;p17:49
glosolizzecool: ? :DD17:49
zzecooleverything ok ??17:50
glosolizzecool: yeah, changed to smuxi :D once again17:50
zzecoolwhats smuxi ?17:50
glosoliIRC client that is actually being updated unlike the xchat17:50
zzecooli see17:51
zzecoolim not an irc fan17:51
ironhalikhmm, how can I force unity2d in a livecd? :/17:51
zzecooli only join for ubuntu17:51
zzecoolironhalik: i dont have any idea17:51
zzecoolthere should be a switch17:51
ironhalikyeah, it doesnt work17:51
zzecooli dont have a clue17:52
zzecoolglosoli: did you check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/93196717:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931967 in unity (Ubuntu) "Corrupted graphics after the login until the unity launcher appears" [High,Triaged]17:54
ironhalikit got a High rating?17:55
zzecool:D i did the bug report because im the man17:55
zzecoolits part of the first impression + experience17:56
glosolilol, no you aint17:56
zzecoolthats why17:56
zzecoolim the man and you know that17:56
zzecoolim the motherf***g monstah :d17:56
zzecoolglosoli: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msdFDCcdwaA17:57
ironhalikwell, I think alpha releases dont try to appeal to new users ;>17:57
zzecoolbut they need things like that fixed for the final product17:57
zzecoolimagine : look my new kick ass OS17:58
zzecool-bitch please....17:58
zzecoolruined while trying to impress17:58
=== eating is now known as log
soccan i  change the owner of all "dot files" with "chown -R foo:foo .*"?18:06
soci'm not sure about the .* part18:06
socdoes it only match directories and files like .foo or .bar/?18:06
pmjdebruijnhi guys, does anybody know about the status of lo-menubar (libreoffice with globalmenu support) in 12.04? as it's a fairly big inconsistency in the current UI18:06
ironhaliksoc: you may try 'chown -R .???*'18:10
ironhalikalso, chown -R .[^.]*18:11
socmhh ok18:14
socwell, it seems like it worked18:14
ironhalikok, Im about to file a new bug in launchpad18:19
ironhalikany tips? :>18:19
socone weird thing: how can i change which folder gets shown on the desktop18:20
socat the moment xubuntu shows me my home folder18:20
socbut i want my Desktop folder to be shown18:20
ironhalikdunno, I use gnome18:21
zzecoolironhalik: what does the "  chown -R .[^.]* " do  ? lol18:39
ironhalikmatches everything thats two characters, and the second one isnt a dot18:41
ironhalikbut Im not entirely sure, its regex, after all18:41
ironhalikanything that starts with a dot, has two characters, and second one isnt a dot18:42
ironhalikI think18:42
ironhalikor not18:42
zzecoolglosoli:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/at-home-with-jono-bacon19:07
zzecooli feel sry about ppl joining this jam parties19:07
zzecoolwhy making ubuntu looks more miserable  :(19:07
glosoliI don't feel miserable, they do what makes them happy, my thumb is up for them, but I won't attend :)19:08
zzecoolimagine the same jam for windows 719:10
zzecoolor even better OSx - Apple19:10
zzecoolThis feels minority  psychological problems  and ghetto19:11
zzecooli hate the idea19:11
glosoliWell, I really don't have anything against them, it's their choice :) I choose to just use ubuntu ant report bugs from time to time, to recommend it for my friends, sometimes to ask them don't install it depending on hardware19:11
zzecoolglosoli: exactly19:11
glosolizzecool: Ubuntu tries to support too much laptops :)19:12
zzecoolUbuntu doing a great job since day 119:12
zzecooli love it19:12
zzecooli hope it is going to stay as it is while gaining users - power19:12
zzecoolpower disrupts19:13
glosolizzecool: well most of the things where ubuntu fails is just fault of for example: ATI, Asus and so on :)19:13
logHow do you disable the HUD?19:16
logI keep accidentally triggering it with the alt key.19:16
glosolilog: I used CompizConfig Settings Manager :)19:18
zzecoolccsm is the way19:19
zzecoollog: ccsm ---> unity plugin ---->  first option on the first tab19:19
zzecoolglosoli: whats the best ide for QT19:20
glosolizzecool: I prefer Eclipse :) and using Qt 4 Designer to make GUI but I am sure, big geeks, would  recommend to you do everything by hand. :D19:21
zzecoolerything by hand ?19:21
zzecooli dont like this ideas...19:22
zzecoolits like to wash your cloths with your hand in the river instead of the wash machine  ( ide )19:22
anonisnaasIts good practice to learn how to code GUI, so that if you run into problems later on you'll be able to edit the code easily19:23
anonisnaasbut if you know your ABC's just use a GUI tool :)19:24
zzecooli see19:26
zzecoolglosoli: whata bout this http://qt.nokia.com/products/developer-tools?currentflipperobject=821c7594d32e33932297b1e065a976b819:27
zzecoolwhats this ?19:27
glosolizzecool: UBuntu Software Center have it all19:27
zzecoolwhat is it ? this is the  qt designer you was talking about ?19:28
glosolizzecool: it is for C++ I think19:28
glosoliI use  Python19:28
glosolizzecool: Well Qt is GUI Toolkit not only for Python, C++, it can work with others quite well, so you just install needed packages in your system, depending on your needs :) I install python-pyqt or somehow that package is called :) it automatically isntalled designer for me which I find in App menu :)19:29
glosolizzecool: but as anonisnaas says, you should learn a bit linear coding, or you will have to make good effort in reading errors when smth wrong appears ;D19:30
zzecooli thought QT was programming language19:30
zzecoolisnt ?19:31
glosolizzecool: I am not good in describing things theorically, but you can read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qt_(framework)19:31
glosolizzecool: I call it GUI Toolkit ;D19:31
zzecoolso qt is C++ with extensions and some more tricks19:33
glosolizzecool: Nah :) for simple you can call it (it may not sound right, but..) you can call it GUI Programming Language19:34
zzecoolok i got it19:34
zzecoolbut the actual code behind is C++  right ?19:35
penguin42yeh but you can glue it to pretty much anythign19:35
zzecooli see19:35
glosolizzecool: well QT is written in C++, but I use it as GUI Toolkit for Python ;D19:35
zzecooloh ok19:36
penguin42you can glue most languages to most other if you use enough glue :-)19:36
zzecooli have no idea about programming only bash scripting19:36
zzecoolif you can call bash scripting programming19:36
johnjohn101using vmware 4.0.1, if I lock computer,  alpha2 does not come back to life.  Is tthis something i should report to you guys or vmware19:38
glosolizzecool: you could first start with non graphical stuff and lesson, only then to switch somewhere else if you are interested :) I was getting out of my mind picking languages, now I am happy with python19:38
penguin42johnjohn101: You should probably submit an ubuntu bug19:39
zzecoolglosoli: more updates landed19:39
zzecoolwith some dependecies19:39
zzecoolkernel + more19:40
glosolialready did ;D19:40
zzecoolglosoli: ?19:44
zzecoolapple apple apple apples apple apple19:44
zzecoolFanboy ?19:44
Hiob10hiobLinux Linux Linux19:44
zzecooli said apple not OSx19:45
zzecoolOSx is bsd after all :O19:45
glosolizzecool: what about apple ?19:46
zzecoolnothing just trying to provocate you a bit  :O19:47
glosoliimpossible :) I have nothing against Apple, or even Microsoft :)19:47
zzecoolThats the spirit19:48
zzecoolglosoli: im gonna restart for the new kernel :o19:48
glosolizzecool: haha ;D19:48
glosolizzecool: you're thinking of learning programming ?20:00
zzecoolglosoli:  no time for such a thing20:14
glosolizzecool: hehe,stop gaming ;D20:14
cheakoUnity blows in kvm/qemu.21:30
cheakoIt's jerky and the background get's corrupted with old data from previous and moved windows.21:31
urfr332gOcheako, try the unity 2d, i21:34
penguin42cheako: Is this Precise running in a precise guest?21:34
cheakopenguin42: Yes.21:35
penguin42cheako: Hmm, I've not tried it for a few weeks - I did have it working with SPICE rather than vnc (doesn't work via the virtmgr yet)21:35
cheakoRunning a USB image in kvm with the only option being to have 768M of ram.21:35
urfr332gOcheako, I have never found ubuntu to run anything like a HD install in a virtual.21:37
cheakopenguin42: Running with no options so X windows is providing the frame buffer, is that using SDL?21:37
cheakourfr332gO: I think the correct slang is a bare metal install.21:38
urfr332gOcheako, lol slang is actually detrimental in computer ares makes it rather confusing.21:38
cheakopenguin42: I hadn't planned on testing that, but I'll think about it.21:39
cheakourfr332gO: A centralized glossary/dictionary would be wonderful.  I'm just saying that from what I know HD install is more slangrific then bare metal install.21:41
urfr332gOcheako, honestly I don't know what a bare metal install is, has to many confounds.21:41
urfr332gOto vague, with computers there are names of things and activities that are specific.21:42
cheakourfr332gO: Then in your opinion what's it called when a system is running without the aid of any type of visualization?21:43
urfr332gOcheako, I would name what it is not being used specifically, many Os's have different applications, and if you want some one to answer exactly they have to be able to have these identified or know already.21:44
cheakoI feel that bare metal restores are to be confused with bare metal install, the former being something that a VM could perform.21:44
urfr332gOheadless is no X21:45
urfr332gOcheako, if you want to play 20 questions your vague at the description, some people will not bother with 20 questions it gets tiresome.21:46
urfr332gOnot saying you are but pointing out the flaws in the schema. :)21:46
cheakourfr332gO: To be headless IMHO is for a system to lack any type of FB hardware, however could also mean that a monitor is not connected.  Weather a serial console counts as a head it up in the air as well.21:47
urfr332gOa server with no desktop is the default of headless.21:47
urfr332gOif your running without a cli it should be mentioned21:48
cheakoUsing code, such as numbers and letters, reduces needless explanation and allows for succinct communication or orders. -- Deadmans Wonderland.21:49
urfr332gOcheako, if the other understands your code rather then it being a standard language, for example on the IRC your asked to not abreviate, I have no idea what FB hardware is.21:50
cheakourfr332gO: Ohh, you'r talking from an Ubuntu perspective...  I guess that's appropriate.  However it's worth noting that the term headless has much broader applications in the rest of the world.21:51
urfr332gOcheako, lol I have 5 OS's on my computer one of two of which happen to be ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04, that is aprojection my friend. :)21:52
johnjohn101i need help with submission of a bug reprot21:52
urfr332gOtwo of which exscuse me. :)21:52
cheakoframe buffer.  An area of memory by witch and image is displayed based on it's contents, also known as video memory.21:52
urfr332gOah thanks. :)21:52
urfr332gOall hardware has buffers of some sort if your running a OS.21:53
ironhalikwow guys21:54
cheakourfr332gO: correct and a virtual frame buffer X server can play make believe providing a head for headless devices, noting that it's only visible when using something like VNC as a display.21:55
ironhalikthats a lot of pointless discussion '?21:55
johnjohn101so i searched launchpad for bugs but don't see a way to enter a new one21:55
urfr332gOironhalik, in some sense yes as the realization of exacting info seems to be lost here. :)21:55
cheakojohnjohn101: The aport or apport command on an Ubuntu system can do this.21:56
ironhalikjohnjohn101: apport or 'ubuntu-bug'21:56
ironhalikyou need to type in ubuntu-bug packagename, I belive21:57
cheakoironhalik: Thank you.21:57
johnjohn101apport  /  aport command not found21:57
johnjohn101how do i know what package?21:58
ironhalikthats the tricky part :)21:58
cheakojohnjohn101: You can also use a file name.21:58
johnjohn101i am running 12.04 in vmware 4.0.1 with the latest tools.  I lock host computer, unlock and cannot get back to virtual machine21:58
johnjohn101works with every other linux i have installed and xp21:59
cheako...though it should be a file that would be provided by a package and not the document you are working on.21:59
johnjohn101it's not really a package i'm having problems with22:00
cheakojohnjohn101: Are you saying that an Ubuntu install can crash a VMWare box?  Or is the lock specific to the Ubuntu box?  Is this lock the X lock where you are presented with a password for the user?22:00
guntbertjohnjohn101: alphas are not supported on virtualization products...22:01
johnjohn101what happens is that vm is running22:01
johnjohn101minimized..   I go to the can, lock computers.  I come back.  my windows box is fine except for no gui on vm machine22:02
johnjohn101that is after i unlock it22:02
johnjohn101i have to power off the machine and restart22:03
johnjohn101power off vm machine22:03
cheakojohnjohn101: I think I understand.  On a Windows client connected to VMWare the Ubuntu Box has it's screen saver locked and you are able to unlock it and then the virtual display is black.  Have you tried changing VTs or using sysctl?22:06
johnjohn101what is vt or sysctl?22:08
cheakoalt-sysreq-k will kill any running X server and the sysreq commands u s b will Unmount Sync and reBoot your box without loss of data, though it's still vary much a hard down.22:08
cheakojohnjohn101: Try ctrl-alt-f222:08
cheakoThough how to send that to a running VMware box is beyond me.22:09
johnjohn101i'm chatting from this session, i'll chat from another irc cleint22:09
johnjohn101ok, on another chat session.22:16
johnjohn101ill try22:16
johnjohn101cheako: I just tried alt sysrq k and it booted x but came back all screwy22:19
johnjohn101didn't work22:19
johnjohn101suse came back22:19
johnjohn101i had to reboot the vmware session.22:20
cheakojohnjohn101: Do you know what video driver you are using?  Did you install VMWare tools in Ubuntu?22:21
johnjohn101i'd be happy to enter a  bug but if  you don't think it will make a difference, I can wait until beta comes out next week22:21
johnjohn101yes, I just reinstalled and recompiled22:21
johnjohn101rebooted and tried22:22
johnjohn101same result22:22
cheakojohnjohn101: Seams like it could be a VMWare bug, imagine that Ubuntu+1 is working in hundreds of other locations.  Though I'd imagine that either side could make a code change to correct this behavior.22:23
cheakojohnjohn101: Try using VESA video driver, remove the vmware tools video driver.22:23
johnjohn101how do i do that?22:23
cheakojohnjohn101: No idea, I'm a kvm user.22:24
johnjohn101it's ok. it's still alpha just annoying. I have similar environments in 11.10 and suse 12.1.22:24
johnjohn101there was some other bug where it didn't detect that 3d aceleration wasn't checked and tried to load the 3d drivers22:26
johnjohn1013d acceleration is now working correctly22:27
johnjohn101let me see if it does the same in 2d22:27
xiambaxafter updating to 12.04 i told my system to reboot. its not rebooting after 10 minutes or so. am i safe to force it?22:28
johnjohn101cheako: ok, no problems with the unity 2d at all22:29
johnjohn101that same error doesn't exist22:29
guntbertxiambax: <ctrl><alt>F1 should bring you to a console session22:29
xiambaxthen what22:30
xiambaxforce reboot?22:30
guntbertxiambax: there you log in and type    sudo reboot22:30
xiambaxit wouldn't take input22:30
xiambaxi chanced it22:30
xiambaxholy shit22:31
DropsOfSerenityis there any way to change the gradation of the volume slider when I press the volume up button, I have sensitive speakers and would like to raise it  around 2% instead of 5% i'm running ubuntu 12.0422:31
xiambaxiv never seen my computer boot so fast in my life22:31
xiambax seconds22:31
xiambax seconds22:31
ironhalikis there any improvement in boot time?22:39
ironhalikim on ssd and it may only work on hdd22:39
ironhalikthey promised like, 3 seconds22:41
valdur55DropsOfSerenity, look this file:  ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml22:41
DropsOfSerenityvaldur55, that's an openbox file.22:42
guntbertDropsOfSerenity: lubuntu uses opnbox22:42
valdur55DropsOfSerenity, leafpad ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml22:43
valdur55oh wait.. i will give you  sed command22:43
DropsOfSerenityvaldur55, that file doesn't exist on ubuntu 12.04 i'm not using lubuntu.22:44
valdur55Damn it! I missed....22:44
valdur55i tought that you are using lxde :)22:45
valdur55DropsOfSerenity, on gnome system is dconf item...22:45
DropsOfSerenityvaldur55, thanks i'll check out dconf :)22:58
JamesMRIs there currently a way to update software sources using a GUI in precise?23:22
zzecoolopen dash type sources23:22
zzecoolor you can access thes same through synaptic23:23
ironhalikactually, the software sources entry is not there anymore23:23
zzecoolit is for me23:23
JamesMRit isn't23:23
JamesMRnot here, on a fresh install23:23
JamesMRrunning today's daily iso23:24
zzecooldo you have synaptic installed?23:24
ironhalikyou can go to software center -> edit -> software sources23:24
JamesMRI've got to the software sources through the software centre23:24
JamesMRbut I can't find a way of reloading them23:24
JamesMRor any equivelant of apt-get update23:24
zzecoolJamesMR: after of any change it is gonna reload23:24
zzecoolinstall synaptic23:25
urfr332gOJamesMR, untick the cd and run a udate in the terminal.23:25
ironhalikhuh, the software center is really nice, except that I used it like less then five times since they implemented it :>23:25
JamesMRzzecool: I don't want to install synaptic, I'm making a video for a non technical friend23:25
JamesMRurfr332gO: I'm avoiding terminal for the same reason as above23:25
urfr332gOJamesMR, if you tick any repos you have to run a update to load them23:26
JamesMRI know that much, I'm trying to find out how to trigger said update from the GUI23:26
urfr332gOnot upgrade but update23:26
JamesMRok, my bad23:26
zzecooladding sources is technical procedure a non tech friend should stay on official23:26
zzecoolor else he must you tech ways - solutions23:27
JamesMRfor the software they're needing to install the only other ways are uglier23:27
zzecoolyou = use23:27
JamesMRIs there a way to do what I'm asking?23:28
zzecoolwe all rdy told you every possible one23:28
zzecoolif you are an IT or something there is one more23:28
JamesMRso the answer is no?23:28
JamesMRthe other option being?23:29
zzecoolto make a deb package that will auto add the repositories23:29
zzecoolSo you can have one deb to install as many 3rd party repos you want23:30
JamesMRso the deb can just add the sources, then the user can use the software centre?23:30
zzecoolafter an update23:30
zzecoolusing the uptade manager23:30
JamesMRupdate manager will update the software source lists?23:31
zzecooland probably will give you access to the software repos23:32
zzecoolif you press setings23:32
JamesMRokay, that answers my question23:32
zzecoolwhat are you using for the screen recording23:33
zzecoolJamesMR: ?23:33
JamesMRzzecool: I'm using kazam23:33
zzecoolahh nice that was going to be my advice23:33
zzecoolbut you are there allrdy23:33
zzecoola trick for smooth video23:34
JamesMRyou involved in its development at all?23:34
zzecoolis to use 10 or 15 fps23:34
zzecoolmore willl produce low performance and low fps23:34
zzecoolchoosing 60 fps gives you worst result than choosing 1023:34
zzecoola trick23:35
zzecoolJamesMR: no23:35
zzecoolJamesMR: im just a poweruser23:35
JamesMRwow, thanks for the tip23:35
JamesMRdo you happen to know if there are any bugs that cut audio off after 30 seconds ish?23:36
zzecoolno never had a problem like that23:36
zzecoollower you fps may solve this one too23:36
zzecoolyou may overload the memory and cpu ;p23:36
JamesMRthat sounds very plausible, especially as I'm recording a VM too23:37
zzecoolthe best screencast app23:37
zzecooli ever used in linux23:37
zzecoolis the build in gnome shell one23:37
zzecooli think its unbeatable in performance23:37
JamesMRIt's almost as good as camtasia is for windows23:37
JamesMRwhich I like23:37
zzecoolbut you dont have it in unity :23:37
JamesMRI'm running it from source23:37
=== Omega is now known as mightbereptar
popeyJamesMR: bugs welcome if you find them ☺23:43
JamesMRpopey: I need my hand held when reporting bugs, for some reason they terrify me23:44
popeyjono just made a screencast about how to file a bug funnily enough ☺23:45
JamesMRgot a link?23:45
ironhalikis there a way to make the unrar progress bar work in gnome?23:49
JamesMRpopey: was it kazam you used (I think it was you..) to make that short video walking around in minecraft?23:50
JamesMRI'd been searching around G+ earlier trying to find that post, couldn't find it23:52
JamesMRin the end, by chance; your mirror, dobey, informed me of kazam23:53

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