dpmmorning all08:20
ajmitchhi dpm08:37
dpmhey :)08:37
highvoltagehey everyone12:54
highvoltageI have another meeting that popped up this afternoon that I can't avoid12:54
highvoltageis anyone else available to chair?12:54
coolbhaviisnt arb meeting there today18:00
coolbhavifridge says so18:00
ajmitchyes, it should be now18:01
ajmitchstgraber, wendar, lfaraone: ping18:01
wendarajmitch: meeting time18:01
* ajmitch saw highvoltage needs someone else to chair18:01
highvoltageajmitch, stgraber, wendar, ajmitch: I had a quick glance over the meeting logs and saw some discussion on the scopes/lenses21:31
highvoltage(and got distracted shortly afterwards ;p)21:47
wendarhighvoltage: What do you think of the result (summarized to the TB)?22:02

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