cjohnstonjcastro:  you coming to visit next week?00:00
cjohnstonballoons: you too00:00
balloonscjohnston, I appreciate the reminder00:00
cjohnstonbe awesome if you guys come00:00
jcastrocjohnston: yeah I need a time and place yo00:01
jcastrowe want to make a weekend out of it00:01
jcastroso go to epcot or something on the other day00:01
cjohnstonjcastro:  my house00:01
jcastromail me your address dude, ok off for real, bbl00:02
balloonsanything special I have to do so I can accept merge requests in my branch?00:17
balloonsdoesn't look like it.. just wanted to make sure :-)00:18
jonojcastro, so I know you wanted to update the docs for the Juju accomplishments00:29
jonoI created some docs for how to do this: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/GetInvolved#Documenting_the_Ubuntu_Accomplishments00:29
jonoit is as simple as downloading the branch, editing some files and submitting a merge proposal00:30
jonomhall119, so I got the LoCo Member accomplishment fixed and added00:36
jonoif you just update your ubuntu-community-accomplishments branch it should work00:37
balloonsI bid thee farewell.. but for a moment, and then we shall speak again.. till the morrow00:44
jonogood work, balloons!00:46
jonostepping out02:16
dholbachgood morning07:35
popeypleia2 / akgraner: apparently LWN accounts get deactivated if unused for 5 months. just mail Maria to get them re-enabled.07:37
dpmgood morning all08:17
benonsoftwareHello dpm08:17
dpmhey benonsoftware :)08:17
benonsoftwareHow are you?08:18
dpmfine, somehow a bit tired today, but the weekend is nearly there...08:18
dpmhow's everyone else?08:18
benonsoftwareI must've had the most boring week I have ever had08:19
dholbachmhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~maxolasersquad/ubuntu/precise/smplayer/add_quicklist/+merge/94500/comments/20380508:27
czajkowskiMorning all09:20
czajkowskijo-erlend: got a moment please?10:38
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
akgranerpopey, thank you!12:31
akgranerpopey, 5 months goes by quickly , sometimes I look at LWN  everyday but other times (when I get extremely busy)  not at all for 5 months it seems ;-)12:37
popeyi have it permanently pinned in my browser12:38
popeyrefresh it at least daily12:38
akgranergood idea thanks12:42
* akgraner reads the Orange notebook lets see if I can break something today12:45
dpmballoons, are you already online?12:53
s-foxballoons I just made your interview went live, thank you for taking the time to answer the questions :-)12:55
akgranerdholbach, I need to learn more about how a release (specifically Ubuntu) goes together from the packaging to the it's final and goes out to the world - where do I need to start my reading - do we (Ubuntu) have any documentation that walks someone through how all the pieces go together? (sorry if you are the right person to ask)12:57
akgranerif you are not - I meant to say12:57
cprofittakgraner: that is such a small topic... :-)13:07
cprofitts-fox: +1 gotta read that one13:07
s-foxcprofitt,  http://serial-coder.co.uk/blog/2012/02/an-interview-with-balloons/13:08
akgraners-fox, I really enjoy your interview series!  thanks for doing those.13:10
akgranercprofitt, yeah I know, right.13:10
akgranerI'll bug Pete about it later I just know he is going to start with  - here you need to understand how the compilers work, oh and here's the toolchain, I was hoping for a less indepth top level overview.  :-)  One can wish right.13:11
s-foxakgraner,  Thanks, I wouldn't say "my" series (it was started in 2007 and has 3 different people running it ), I am just trying to keep it alive. :-)13:11
s-fox *has had13:11
akgraners-fox, thank you.13:11
s-foxI love english ;)13:11
Pendulumakgraner: maybe talked to Kate?13:12
akgranerPendulum, yeah that was my next thought13:13
akgranerI just wanted to read something first then talk to her, but I'll email her now.  :-)13:14
cprofitt+1 akgraner13:14
dpmman, Unity 2D FTW, I could not get ustream's crappy flash widget to work on Unity (couldn't click on the popup to enable the camera), but Unity 2D saved the day!13:22
dpmUnity 2D looks gourgeous on precise, btw13:23
dholbachakgraner, you could try http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/ to start13:23
akgraneryep opened that one this morning :-)  I like that site by the way and send other people to it all the time - guess it's time I have to start using it :-)13:24
dholbacham I the only one for whom Ctrl-Alt-<cursor> does not work today?13:30
akgranerdholbach, I don't know what key <cursor> is  - but by Ctrl-Alt- arrow keys are working well.13:42
* mhall119 hates cars14:06
jcastroends up I use them a lot14:13
cjohnstonjcastro: get my email?14:13
jcastroI did14:14
jcastrowas just going to respond14:14
jcastrobut sure, sounds awesome!14:14
dholbachhum, for me it doesn't work14:14
jcastrohey what time is the jam likely to be?14:14
jcastrodholbach: nor me14:14
jcastroand compiz just drew a big white window on one of my monitors14:14
mhall119jcastro: yeah, they changed ctrl+alt+arrow to super+shift+arrow14:14
dholbachmhall119, what for?14:15
mhall119jcastro: fortunately I found this really awesome program that lets you change it back, it's called compizconfig-setting-manager, you should try it14:15
jcastromhall119: no, I want it back to the way it was, not broken14:15
mhall119dholbach: I don't know why, I just noticed it after an upgrade14:15
jcastrothis really sucks14:15
cjohnstonwhen you get here.. ill be getting home about 8:15, beyond that, I don't care.. earlier the better as mhall119  has alot of work to do jcastro14:15
jcastroI love how when you switch desktops the keyboard shortcut overlay shows up14:15
mhall119jcastro: you can probably change it via the keyboard shortcuts settings dialog too14:15
mhall119cjohnston: I'm only going as a spectator14:16
cjohnstonjcastro:  the whole weekend? we are going to sea world saturday and sunday for concerts14:16
cjohnstonmhall119:  you said you were teaching me stuff14:17
jcastrocjohnston: when is the actual jam?14:17
mhall119cjohnston: oh right, I did14:17
cjohnstonjcastro: i think I said 10, but that was just cause I had to put a time.. last time mhall119  was there most of the day14:23
cjohnstonballoons:  you gonna make it?14:23
jcastroon the saturday?14:24
s-foxGot to say that the Ubuntu Accomplishments system is interesting. Fun nice idea14:30
sagaciI can't wait until it's implemented and my system crashes due to the trophies rolling in14:31
cjohnstonjcastro: friday14:31
jcastrosagaci: we need a crash one!14:32
sagaciI fixd my GRUB :D14:32
s-foxYou know what would be good, if planet ubuntu used user avatar from launchpad :-)14:34
s-foxJust noticed my hackergotchi is really out of date. Haha14:35
sagaciI guess it's a community tool but it can be also used as a discover-my-Ubuntu-machine, that is, Installed an app from the ubuntu software centre, etc14:35
jcastros-fox: the problem with avatars on launchpad14:46
jcastrois they suck14:46
jcastroyou need to have an exact ratio14:46
mhall119also getting an avatar out of launchpad is pretty hit or miss14:49
s-foxProject for the weekend, setting up bzr so can update my head image. Haha. Hope it isn't going to be "tricky" ;)14:49
jcastroI wish they would just use gravatar14:51
jcastrolike, you can't just upload a pic and get a nice resizer thing either14:51
s-fox+1 gravatar14:51
jcastroyou have to like, gimp it to get it the exact ratio14:51
jcastroand for some reason they use a custom size that no one else uses14:51
jcastroso I can't just reuse my gravatar14:51
s-foxOh that is easy. Then again I do know my way around image editing...14:51
jcastroright, I know how to do it14:52
jcastrobut it's like 201214:52
jcastroweb services should just do that.14:52
jcastroor what we all really want, is just gravatar, heh14:52
s-foxFile a bug? :D14:53
* czajkowski marks it wishlist14:53
czajkowskipatches welcome :)14:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 860508 in launchpad "Use gravatar for default user image branding" [Low,Triaged]14:53
s-foxWould I be correct in thinking that only I can update my own head image?14:54
s-foxLooks like fun project for the weekend then ;-)14:56
jcastrohey since I have you hear14:56
jcastrohere even14:56
jcastrodo you know if vbulletin 4.x supports Markdown?14:57
s-foxDon't know, could find out. Is that like the vote thing ask ubuntu uses?14:57
jcastrono, the text formatting14:59
jcastroso, launchpad uses, G+ uses it14:59
jcastroand hopefully whatever we do for the wiki next will use it14:59
jcastroanyway, the idea would be it would make it trivial to move content around if everything used Markdown14:59
s-foxI will find out14:59
jcastrolike if I want to move something from AU to the wiki I am doomed15:00
s-foxThe forum has some great howto's that should really be wiki pages imo15:00
jcastrobut if while we're looking for upgrades that we have to do anyway and we can end up with everything using Markdown then that would be sooooo nice.15:00
s-foxI'd go with that :)15:00
s-foxI would also like to see the vBulletin smart phone pluggin installed. You'd be surprised as just how many times people have made the request.15:01
s-foxI guess first things first is to get the forum on 4.x though ;)15:05
jonodpm,  all set?15:30
dpmjono, yep!15:30
technovikingI could test that plugin on my vB 4 box15:30
s-foxtechnoviking,  Awesome :-)15:30
s-foxtechnoviking,  Could you test out the mobile site plugin?15:31
s-foxI'll check the name.15:31
jcastrooh man15:32
jcastroit would be cool if the forums just used gravatars too, one less thing!15:32
s-foxtechnoviking,  http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=24927715:32
technovikingwill look into it15:33
s-foxThat'd be grand, thanks15:33
balloonscjohnston, hmm sea world eh? :-)15:33
dholbachballoons, did you merge the changes I pushed before I called it a day yesterday?15:35
dholbachballoons, I assume https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/+junk/checkbox-app-testing is the new thing?15:35
technovikinghmmmm should I try latest daily iso or the last alpha iso15:35
jcastros-fox: technoviking: It might be worth just browsing the plugins available and see if any are useful15:37
jcastrokeeping in mind that we shouldn't use a plugin that would put us in the situation we are in now, heh15:37
s-foxI think we have to be careful jcastro , some don't scale well.15:38
* jcastro nods15:38
technovikingI'm trying to keep the new forum as KISS as possible15:38
s-foxFor example we had a thanks feature that we had to pull, bit of a shame really. :/15:38
s-fox+1 KISS technoviking15:40
jcastrocan we have a "I hate you button" instead?15:40
* jcastro just throws it out there15:40
s-foxWe have an ignore poster setting jcastro15:41
balloonsdholbach, yes the new thing15:41
balloonsi broke the build renaming it15:41
balloonson another note, i'm note getting my notifications.., sorry for the delayed response :-)15:41
dholbachballoons, working on it15:41
dholbachballoons, try merging from lp:~dholbach/+junk/checkbox-app-testing15:43
dholbachI'll also upload it to my PPA, so you can play around with it15:43
dholbachdo you have your PPA set up now?15:43
balloonsi do have my ppa setup15:44
balloonsi wanted to push something to it15:44
balloonsbut broke things of cours15:44
dholbachAFAICS I fixed the build in my branch15:45
balloonstrying it now15:48
balloonswell seems to have worked15:48
balloonsso tell me, what's the bzr bd command versus pbuilder?15:48
dholbach"bzr bd -S ..." transforms your branch contents into a source package15:49
balloonsafaik, I build it with bzr bd, then package with pbuider15:49
dholbachwhich is the kind of thing pbuilder can build and dput can upload15:49
balloonsok, good.. I'm understanding then15:49
dholbachsource packages are what the debian packaging tools always understood15:50
dholbachubuntu distributed development (udd) branches are newer15:50
balloonsok, waiting for pbuilder to finish15:51
balloonsthen I will push to my ppa15:51
technovikingjcastro: We do have a I hate jcastro button, number 1 requested feature :)15:51
* jcastro flexes15:51
dholbachballoons, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dholbach/+junk/checkbox-app-testing/revision/5 is what made it build again15:52
dholbachmhall119, did you see the message about the merge proposal I sent earlier?15:52
dholbachmhall119, I can imagine that that's going to be the kind of reply many of the quicklist branches will get15:53
mhall119dholbach: yup, just posted a blog about sending these changes upstream15:53
balloonsdholbach, yes I'll be reviewing a diff at some point to see15:53
balloonsto see how to fix what I broke15:54
jcastromhall119: I discovered a new tool!15:57
balloonsok.. pbuilder donw15:58
balloonswoot! ppa published15:59
balloonslol.. I don't see anything yet.. but, it says it published :-)16:00
balloonsi assume I gotta wait for them to build16:01
jonoballoons, dpm, jcastro, mhall119, dholbach demo time!16:02
jonostarting the hangout16:02
dholbach go go go16:02
jonodpm, balloons did you see the invite?16:05
balloonsclicking it now16:05
balloonswait for it , wait for it16:05
balloonsloading loading16:05
dpmjono, yeah, but I'm alone in that hangout16:06
dpmlet me retry...16:06
bkerensaWhy will we wait till the end of the world for upstream to apply a patch instead of applying it locally? :P16:06
jonodpm, we are all here16:06
mainerrorjono: Is there a place I can find all of the already implemented achievements?16:27
jonomainerror, right now the branch lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments16:28
jonothere is no list online yet16:28
jonomainerror, feel free to create accomplishments and submit a merge proposal16:28
mainerrorAlright thank. :)16:28
mainerrorI just wanted to make sure I don't suggest something that is already implemented.16:29
doctormonjono: Is it possible to make accomplishments into a seperate installable package?16:29
mainerrorAwesome! My idea was not yet implemented. :)16:33
doctormonmainerror: What's your idea?16:34
mainerrorUDS participation accomplishments.16:34
doctormonAh, good idea16:35
mainerrorThe trophy image could be a nicely styled UDS scope logo.16:35
mainerrorLike the Precise Pangolin logo for UDS-P for example.16:36
bkerensamhall119: nice blog post16:43
jonodoctormon, totally, lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments is just a package for ubuntu community ones, you could create one for another collection (e.g. OpenStack)16:45
jonomainerror, if you can write a script that detects attendance, we can do it16:45
doctormonThinking of integration possibilities. I take it your open to it being used for none launchpad achievements?16:45
mainerrorI'm trying to figure out how we could detect that.16:45
mhall119hey doctormon, I've been looking for you16:47
doctormonmhall119: IRc is the only place! What can I do for you sir.16:47
cjohnstonballoons: you coming to global jam is what i was asking16:47
mhall119doctormon: dholbach says that you can use harvest to search for bugs from across projects on Launchpad16:48
mhall119in your lens16:48
balloonscjohnston, yes. .I need to double check the details again cjohnston .. but i'm planning on attending16:48
mhall119cjohnston: where are we doing the jam?  Your house again?16:48
cjohnstonballoons: Friday.. my house16:48
balloonsnext fri right?16:48
doctormonmhall119: That sounds ideal, perfect. Does it have a seperate API? .. actually I'll look into it.16:48
technovikingjcastro: is the launcher in both monitor how unity work now?16:50
cjohnstonballoons: yes16:51
dholbachthe only thing I had was my list of stuff we got through on FixIt Friday: http://pad.ubuntu.com/EUxOzMtupK :)16:55
mhall119dholbach: can you point doctormon at an API for querying harvest bugs?16:57
dholbachfor example gives you the top 100 (I think?) bitesize opportunities16:57
doctormondholbach: And harvest has a way to search for terms in launchpad bugs?16:58
dholbachharvest itself is very stupid16:58
dholbachit checks out lp:harvest-data and takes the urls in a file in there where it gets data from16:59
dholbachso harvest itself has no idea what bugs are, who an upstream is, or where to find branches and patches16:59
dholbachit just displays data others provide16:59
doctormondholbach: I see how it's constructed.17:02
dholbachhow what is constructed?17:02
doctormonI mean to say 'I understand, thank you for helping me get that understanding'17:03
dholbachI'm getting more and more confused17:03
dholbachlp:harvest has the source code for Harvest, lp:harvest-data contains a list of data sources for Harvest17:03
dholbachhow can I help? :)17:04
doctormonYes, I understand. :-) please smile for you have completed your epic quest of helping.17:04
doctormonmhall119: Harvest is taking various bits of data; it's probbal that no services offers full bug searching because it would be technically impractical to do so.17:05
mhall119doctormon: yeah17:06
doctormonSmall services like Savannah do, but large ones like Sourceforge, launchpad and github all don't. They allow bug searching within a project only.17:06
mhall119ones that are good about project isolation17:06
doctormonalthough maybe we can search for bugs in 'ubuntu' by default and let users use a different app for asking for per-project bugs.17:08
mhall119doctormon: that would probably work, I think apport send them to ubuntu by default17:10
jcastro<-- lunch17:12
cprofittnom, nom, nom, nom17:12
bkerensaoh Randall took photos with jam on his face17:49
bkerensaI'm going to have to figure something out17:49
dholbachtime to call it a day17:55
dholbachhave a great WE everyone17:55
pleia2have a nice weekend dholbach17:55
doctormonHey pleia2, had a good week?17:56
pleia2doctormon: yes, and a busy week! you?17:56
doctormonpleia2: Not work busy, but certainly busy with baby.17:57
doctormonpleia2: I know you're not a designer or programmer, but I trust your judgment. See the side three tabs in this shot: http://imagebin.org/20059118:00
doctormonI'm trying to decide if splitting out code editing/commiting, research/code viewing and meta-administration like that is a good idea and certainly in that way.18:00
pleia2doctormon: are you using an existing text editor for that panel?18:01
doctormonThat's GtkSourceView, a special widget for highlighted text editing.18:01
pleia2ah, ok18:01
doctormon(using in gedit)18:01
doctormonused in gedit*18:01
* pleia2 nods18:02
pleia2what do the others look like?18:02
pleia2I'd think committing and code viewing would be together, editing and research18:03
doctormonYes but how do you put things like code search, examples, library documentation etc into a editing view?18:04
pleia2can't really18:05
doctormonBut I kind of expect people to open up projects to view them in the editor, people do that.18:07
doctormonThanks for your input :-D18:07
jcastrocjohnston: mhall119: hey so m_3 is charming summit18:29
jcastrohe has questions18:29
cjohnstonhe asked me one18:29
m_3jcastro: hey... so cjohnston answered a question about django18:29
mhall119jcastro: you're the juju guy, cjohnston is the summit guy, my work here is done :)18:29
m_3cjohnston: so for a typical deployment (jcastro, for the thing they need by monday)...18:30
* cjohnston points to mhall119 for all questions about everything18:30
m_3is this typically done on a single hw server?  django, postgresql, and memcached all running on that box?18:30
m_3would ec2 be a useful place to host this?18:31
m_3jcastro: what's the agreement with linux plumbers?18:31
m_3are we providing hw? or recommending hw? or would they be interested in hosting on ec2?18:32
m_3reason I'm asking is I have charms to put together django, postgresql, and memcache in three separate service units18:33
m_3these'd be three separate ec2 instances, or openstack instances, or (with lots of work) three separate physical machines18:33
mhall119m_3: give me one minute, in a meeting currently18:34
m_3really four in all cases including the bootstrap node / orchestra server18:34
jcastrom_3: I don't think they care where.18:43
mhall119m_3: I'm not sure if we currently have postgresql and memcached running on the same box or separate, you'd have to as IS18:44
m_3mhall119: ok, just checking to see what folks are thinking18:48
bkerensajono: Another Jam post: http://benjaminkerensa.com/2012/02/24/lets-jam-ubuntu18:48
mhall119bkerensa: nice!18:48
bkerensamhall119: Probably my last jam post this cycle bu I will continue to push on social18:50
mhall119bkerensa: well it's the only global jam this cycle, so that's okay :)18:51
bkerensamhall119: I have a suggestion of maybe holding a contest for best global jam event photo18:52
m_3mhall119 cjohnston: so the most important thing to know at this point is "is it technically viable to host a production summit stack on ec2 for something like LinuxPlumbers?"19:00
m_3or does it _have_ to live on the ground at the conference itself?19:00
mhall119it can be in the cloud, that's fine19:01
m_3mhall119: awesome... thanks!19:01
mhall119UDS and Linaro Connect have been run from Canonical's network, not at the event itself19:01
m_3excellent... then what I'm doing should work19:02
mhall119awesome, and thanks so much for taking this on m_319:02
m_3hopefully something to look at by Monday19:04
balloonsmy box is getting crushed19:25
balloonsx keeps locking up when I cursor across monitors..19:26
balloons:-( hard locks, have to punch the reset button.. crazy.. not even kernel magic key saves me :-(19:26
* balloons wishes he had never updated today19:27
jcastrojono: are you on a call?20:37
jcastrojono: because if you're not, crank this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urzCX4eZ6Bc&feature=related20:39
bkerensajcastro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVmq9dq6Nsg20:49
jononice bkerensa! :-)21:03
jonojcastro, was on a call21:03
jonojcastro, I saw that :-)21:04
jcastrojono: did you want a charm update before EOD? I don't recall if you wanted me on Fridays starting this week or next.21:12
jcastroDaviey: do remember to ping me when you finish Alice's update, I can finish off that charm for good21:15
bkerensajono: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-or/1553/detail/ <--- pretty good attendance RSVP for global jam so far eh?21:24
bkerensaand thats not even the core of our regulars yet21:24
bkerensaI'm hoping for 30+21:24
mhall119bkerensa: nice21:25
mhall119bkerensa: btw, your interview is up on my blog21:25
bkerensamhall119: Wanna swap gigs for a day? You can mentor the 10 college students for me? :P21:25
mhall119I'm linking to the picture in your blog, hope you don't mind21:25
bkerensamhall119: Sure everything there is CC-SA21:25
mhall119bkerensa: I'll be mentoring cjohnston21:25
mhall119you sure you want that swap?21:25
Davieyjcastro: right, hopefully over the weekend.. Damn upstream swaped out a required lib with something not packaged21:25
jcastroDaviey: yeah I liked how it was in one place and then BAM, moved it on us21:26
mhall119bkerensa: I was more concerned with using your bandwidth21:26
jcastrosneaky leedo21:26
bkerensamhall119: I also have to go deploy a bunch of ethernet today and will be working till 7pm doing that in 40 degree weather? :P21:26
mhall119"deploy a bunch of ethernet" meaning running wire?21:26
bkerensamhall119: Yes... Cabling21:27
mhall119ew, no, there's a reason I went into software instead of networking21:27
mhall119I did that in highschool, never again21:27
bkerensamhall119: Me too21:27
* mhall119 can probably still recite the color pattern for those RJ-45 jacks21:27
bkerensamhall119: My school district hired me after high school :P was fun for awhile and is ok for occasional work21:27
Davieyjcastro: considering he actioned my bug (new release request) in Nov, but forgot to update/close the bug *sigh*21:28
mhall119bkerensa: I somehow always got the job of running cables through older buildings with brick inner walls and no conduits :(21:28
bkerensamhall119: My friend fell through the ceiling of our high school and lost a finger while running cable once21:29
pleia2we frequently have to run cables above lockers in one school we (partimus) work in21:29
pleia2it's kind of awful21:29
mhall119nothing that bad ever happened to be, thankfully21:29
pleia2I am much better at wire crimping than I once was though :)21:29
bkerensaI hate when I have to work for people who want to do jobs cheap because they want to buy cable graded for indoor and use it outside and it only lasts a few months until the sun bakes it and it cracks21:30
pleia2I remember when I was living with a friend of mine and she had 5 cables crimped in the time I did one (we were wiring her whole house)21:30
mhall119that's like saying you're better at applying bandages than you once were.  It sounds good in theory, but usually means something is going horribly wrong21:30
bkerensapleia2: My skill at crimping is shaky at best... Sometimes I have to crimp 2-3 times to get a good end21:30
pleia2I still diligently test all my wires, but mostly because the testing tool is fun to use21:31
bkerensaso I always give myself extra slack because I usually have to take off connectors and re-crimp :P21:31
mhall119pleia2: I once had the task of wriring a 200-seat call center21:31
mhall119I got good fast21:31
pleia2mhall119: I bet!21:31
bkerensamhall119: We had to re-wire our entire high school and upgrade the NIC's in every computer on the campus21:32
mhall119python is definitely better21:34
mhall119even Java was better21:35
JanCmakes me remember I still have a couple 100 meters  of UTP a brought home after FOSDEM a couple of years ago  ;)21:35
mhall119heck *perl* is better than running cable21:35
JanC*I brought home*21:35
bkerensamhall119: PHP for the win :P21:36
JanCPerl is fine if written by a sane person  ;-)21:36
pleia2I certainly don't miss the hardware work as a job, but I actually enjoy it on the weekends a few times a year21:36
pleia2even before moving away from the area my boss had put me on full remote sysadmin duty, I haven't even racked a server at work in over 3 years21:37
JanCdepending on the type (size, contents) of server, racking it can be hard work...21:38
pleia2fortunately anything 4U and above we tend to send two people on site21:40
JanCpleia2: that sounds like a good idea, unless that one person is a powerlifter in their free time  ;)21:41
pleia2heh, seriously21:41
JanCoh, and I remember replacing 150 desktop PCs + displays (CRT --> TFT) in a 3-stage building without an elevator was hard work too...  :P21:41
bkerensapleia2: a 2U can be heavy21:42
JanCespecially in the summer at 35 °C21:42
mhall119bkerensa: I might actually prefer cabling to php21:42
mhall119definitely would if the PHP is in Drupal21:43
bkerensamhall119: Drupal is horrid21:43
pleia2bkerensa: yeah, I am tired after racking a 2U but I have done it without killing myself :)21:43
pleia2mhall119: haha21:43
JanCDrupal is actually a lot more sane than the majority of PHP apps, unfortunately21:44
bkerensaJanC: Wordpress :D21:44
JanCor joomla...21:44
bkerensaWP is my bread and butter with a dash of cabling here and there21:44
* JanC had to do forensics on a defaced Joomla site once21:45
mhall119drupal is worse than wordpress21:45
JanCobviously, not updating joomla for 7 months (~= 13 remote exploits) was not a good idea  :P21:46
bkerensamhall119: Indeed and Joomla is worse then Drupal.... Jeez why Joomla even exist anymore21:46
bkerensaPortals are so yesterday21:46
JanCI told them they were lucky they weren't defaced half a year before  ;)21:47
mhall119isn't Joomla a fork of drupal?21:47
JanCcertainly not21:47
bkerensamhall119: nah its a portal platform like phpnuke and others21:47
mhall119wasn't there a drupal fork?21:47
JanCdrupal, you can understand how it works, joomla is completely incomprehensible21:48
JanCjoomla is a fork of something else21:48
bkerensawasnt joomla called mambo?21:48
JanCa fork of Mambo21:48
bkerensaand mambo was horrible too :P21:48
JanCwell, it's still the same base AFAIK21:49
JanCat least the Drupal folks did some work to sanitize/secure their basic CMS code21:50
pleia2bkerensa: oh man, phpnuke, you're giving me 2002 flashbacks :)21:50
jonomhall119, can we have a quick G+ in a few mins22:01
jonoballoons, hangout invite sent22:41
balloonsaudio is whacked out22:41
balloonsshould be fun22:41
balloonsyep restarting i guess22:42
balloonsit's borked22:42
balloonsreal terror this afternoon on my box22:43
balloonsso much breakage22:43
mhall119jono: sorry, was afk22:46
mhall119sweet, India is having a global jam!22:48
jonomhall119, no worries, will ping in a bit, or just email you, I know it is getting late there22:55
jcastroman it's such a nice day too23:05
jcastrowe should be at the beach23:05
balloonsohh yay!23:11
balloonssuch a nice day23:11
balloonsnortherners staying in my house yesterday and today.. they went to the beach today :-)23:11
balloonsreally really windy here tho23:11

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