brobostigongood morning everyone09:44
markjonesmorning brobostigon10:10
* markjones did a bit of streamlining last night ;)10:10
brobostigonmorning markjones :)10:16
markjonesso, in order to finish the changes, I need Chris to update the entrymsg10:17
markjonesas I can't, even when I'm op10:17
brobostigoni risked bricking my eeepc yesterday, haiku wouldnt boot, because of a bug in the bios, so i had to do a bios upgrade. haiku boots now. but it was a risk.10:19
markjonesThe alternative is a bot...10:19
brobostigoni would say, a bot is maybe last resort.10:20
markjonesit'd only be there so if someone went !links it'd bring up all our links10:34
brobostigonthat should be ok, in whihch case.10:35
markjones(and be called something like BotCym10:36

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