infinityDaviey: It's on my TODO.00:41
* infinity wonders what the new mesa broke in EGL that makes qt4 unhappy.01:08
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broderslangasek: ok. just uploaded the insserv SRUs; apologies for the stalling01:11
macocyphermox: woooooah, somebody's actually looking at that bug01:13
macoi forgot about it01:13
RAOFinfinity: Oh, what's happening?01:20
infinityRAOF: qt4-x11 no buildy on arm{el,hf}, whining about GLES not functioning.01:21
RAOFHm.  Got a buildlog url handy to save me the trouble?01:22
infinityRAOF: I haven't looked into it yet, in the (perhaps misguided) hope that the folks who uploaded the shiny new mesa upstream may either be (A) aware of it, or (B) prepared to take responsibility and dig deeper.01:22
cyphermoxmaco: yeah, at it would take the best of 50 seconds to implement ;)01:22
* RAOF would be one of the people responsible for mesa, so…01:22
infinityRAOF: Same failure pattern on armel and armhf, so pick randomly.01:23
RAOFHuh.  Cannot find -lEGL on armel and armhf, but not i386 or amd64?  Oddness.01:24
infinityRAOF: Not odd in the least, x86 links against OpenGL, arm links against OpenGLES.01:24
infinityRAOF: So, EGL is /probably/ broken on all platforms, but it's only showing up on ARM because QT4 uses GLES on ARM.01:25
JontheEchidnafwiw, the latest updates (dist-upgrade) wants to remove the egl stack from my computer.01:26
RAOFJontheEchidna: You're probably seeing multiarch archive skew.01:28
JontheEchidnayes, I did notice some 386 packages involved01:29
JontheEchidnaah, yeah. looks like the ia32libs update is causing the issues01:29
RAOFEGL doesn't *seem* to be broken on amd64.01:31
infinityRAOF: Hrmph.  So the breakage was tailor-made just for ARM?  How kind. :P01:35
RAOFHm, no.01:35
RAOFAha.  There it is.01:35
smoserhey...i shoved a 'ps w' into initramfs, and see http://paste.ubuntu.com/854829/01:36
smoserdoes that seem right?01:36
smoserbah. first one missing some. second01:36
infinitysmoser: Could be a tiny bit excessive.01:36
RAOFinfinity: Ah, yeah.  We dropped a symlink on the floor.01:37
infinitysmoser: Is it actually eating CPU time, or is it just a ton of idle chilren spawned during the initial event storm on boot?01:37
infinityRAOF: Glad it's something that simple.01:37
smoserwell, its not the cpu time i'm concerned about.01:38
smoseri was debugging bug 93735201:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937352 in cloud-initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "root partition in may not be grown" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93735201:38
RAOFinfinity: Presumably you'd like that to make B1? :)01:38
infinityRAOF: If you could be so kind.01:38
smoserand trying to find out what might cause 'BLKRRPART: Device or resource busy'01:39
smoseri'm not sure that any of the processes in that output have an open handle (as this run didn't fail to resize)01:39
smoserinfinity, you think each of those udevadm processes is handling an event ?01:43
infinitysmoser: No, they're probably all idle.01:43
infinitysmoser: But on a massive event storm (such as initial boot), a ton of children can spawn to handle them.01:43
infinitysmoser: In theory, they get reaped.01:44
infinitysmoser: (And on the pivot to real root, I think udev gets restarted, which effectively reaps them anyway)01:44
infinityslangasek: Can explain it all better than I, but I'm assured that it's basically like a ghetto implementation of apache's prefork child model, and "nothing to be concerned about" (as long as they're not spinning your CPU to death)01:45
infinityErr, s/://01:45
smoseryeah.. i'm not too concerned about it.01:46
smoserbut basically, for that bug, i'm trying to figure out what it is that had a open handle on /dev/vda01:46
smoserto see what was keeping it busy01:46
infinityI don't suppose your growroot code shares any common ancenstry with jasper_growroot?01:48
smoserthe current suspicion is that there are some udev processes (like blkid) around at that time, and in racey conditions, i'm hitting sfdisk failure.01:48
infinityCause I remember fixing a few races in that last cycle.01:48
smoserif that is the case, then udevadm settle would fix it01:48
smoserno relation to jasper_growroot.01:48
smoseri dont know which came first01:49
infinityHrm.  Maybe they should consider mating.01:49
smoserbut i only learned of jasper_growroot a while ago.01:49
infinityDuplicate code offends me. ;)01:49
smoserlink to jasper growroot source?01:50
infinityBut given that we do the same basic thing on SD cards (which, due to their horrible speed, are WAY more racy than anything you're writing to), maybe it's just an ordering thing, or something.01:50
smoserwell... you might be surprised at disk speed.01:51
infinityI might be. :)01:51
smoserthis particular case is qcow disk backed by a file on a filesystem.01:51
infinityStill not sure that beats SD.01:51
smoserso even reads are going read -> qcow-delta -> qcow-backing file -> filesystem file -> disk01:52
infinityAnyhow, lp:ubuntu/jasper-initramfs is the source.01:52
infinityIt's hackish (your is probably prettier, though I haven't looked, it's a fair assumption), and makes assumptions about device names, but the general step-by-step resizing bit is solid and doesn't seem to break no matter how we stress it.01:52
smoserthe next big move is to ditch the initramfs code all together.01:53
smoseras psusi (probably spelling name wrong) says that new kernel features allow us to resize a partition that is mounted01:53
macocyphermox: i know you're an ubuntu member. does lwn.net say you are or arent a subscriber?01:53
infinitysmoser: Yup.  Moving jasper-initramfs resize into partman in d-i is on my agenda.01:54
infinitysmoser: At which point, I might be able to reach some magical fairytale land of being able to do preinstalled/copy installed to/from the same media!01:54
smoserwell, in my case it doesn't have to be in initramfs or installer (cloud images)01:55
smoserit would just run on first boot01:55
smoser(or every boot, and do nothing if not needed)01:55
infinitysmoser: (ie: use "normal" live media to both do a live install to another disk, or to just resize itself)01:55
smoseryou maybe shoudl look at 'growpart' which is the primary code in 'growroot'01:56
smoser(growroot just calls growpart)01:56
smoserand it may be prettier, i dont know.01:56
smosersame basic idea, using sfdisk.01:56
infinityI didn't write jasper, and if asked, Oliver will admit that it's hideous. ;)01:56
infinityBut yeah, when the "move it all to d-i" thing happens, I'll rewrite, and look at other implementations.01:57
smosergrowpart is in cloud-utils. it has a dry-run, so you can test it out.01:57
cyphermoxmaco: I think I didn't have an account. I may be able to respond tomorrow, assuming their system updates regularly for this stuff01:59
macocyphermox: oh ok. nvm then01:59
infinityRAOF: If you fix mesa for me, be sure to poke me, so I can massage it through the queue.02:00
RAOFI'm fixing now.  I'll prod you once I've uploaded.02:01
infinityRAOF: My hero. ;)02:01
infinitySweetshark: Does libreoffice-voikko need some massaging to build with the new LibO upstream?02:04
infinitySweetshark: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/94071457/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-armhf.libreoffice-voikko_3.2-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz02:04
infinitySweetshark: (Or perhaps the new LibO is missing some SDK bits?)02:04
micahginfinity: new version in sid, don't know if that'll fix it02:08
infinitymicahg: Hard to say, since it built against LibO 3.4.5 in sid.02:09
micahgone way to find out, /me kicks off a build02:10
micahginfinity: nope, doesn't work02:16
micahginfinity: would you be willing to process removals from Ubuntu that happened in Debian?  /me wants to fix FTBFS over the weekend, but figures quite a few are in that category02:19
RAOFinfinity: Sitting in the queue now.03:27
slangasekbroder: insserv> yay, thanks03:29
scienteswhere is KMOD?03:37
pittiGood morning05:55
nigelbMorning pitti05:59
scienteswhere is the ubuntu kmod?06:05
pittiscientes: we don't have it yet; it's a bit too young to put into an LTS at this time, we'll get it next cycle06:07
broderpitti: did we not at least get it into universe?06:07
pittiseems not; we don't need it anywhere yet, and it will quickly get outdated, so backports etc. sound better for this06:07
micahgpitti: I see some upgrade failures because cups can't be configured, can you take a look (bug 939977 and bug 939979)06:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 939977 in bluez (Ubuntu) "package bluez-cups 4.98-2ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93997706:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 939979 in hplip (Ubuntu) "package hplip 3.12.2-1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93997906:08
pittimicahg: yes, in a sec06:10
micahgsure, no rush06:11
pittiinfinity: linux-meta-armadaxp builds a linux-tools-armadaxp which depends on a nonexisting linux-armadaxp-tools-3.0.0-150006:42
pittiinfinity: is that supposed to exist, or copy&paste error when creating the -meta?06:42
infinitypitti: The tools build is turned off in the kernel temporarily because it was broken and getting a kernel uploaded was more important than fixing the tools, AIUI.07:27
pittiinfinity: ack; so it's supposed to be there and will come back then?07:27
pittierk, I just got another wubi build failure due to ext407:27
infinitypitti: In theory, the tools will come back, yeah.  If not, we'll drop them from the meta.07:28
infinitypitti: And, err.  ext4 failures shouldn't happen anym--... Unless I forgot to pull my branch on nusakan.07:28
infinityWhich I did. >:(07:28
infinitypitti: Fixed now.07:29
pittiinfinity: cheers07:29
dholbachgood morning07:35
micahgjanimo`: did libreoffice-voikko build for you?  it failed for me earlier this evening07:37
infinitymicahg: And just failed on all the buildds.07:40
micahginfinity: we had this conversation 6 hours ago ;)07:40
infinitymicahg: But at least the sync has the advantage of hilighting that it's not an arch-specific problem, so someone will perhaps fix it. :P07:40
micahginfinity: the archive rebuild did that :P07:40
infinitymicahg: People pay less attention to rebuilds than I'd like. :/07:41
infinity(We need to figure out how to fix THAT)07:41
micahgwe've fixed >100 since the last rebuild happened07:41
micahg~270 failures superseded07:42
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* nixternal remembers when micahg used to be in bed at like 9pm here in chicago08:14
nixternalgrr, that was supposed to be in a totally difference channel. hit enter instead of alt+p to get to our chicago chan. sorry08:14
slangaseknow we know about your secret backchannel08:15
slangasekyou'll all have to move to Wisconsin08:16
micahgor Portlandia :)08:16
nixternalWisconsin? that place still exists?08:18
micahgit's Dellicious :)08:19
slangasekis that the new catch phrase?08:19
nixternaldidn't the government go on strike there? though I shouldn't joke about that, since our government here in Illinois & Chicago is constantly going to prison08:19
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infinitymicahg: So, voikko upstream claims 3.3 works with LibO 3.5 (in fact, is has 3.5-specific features), so I suspect the failure is in our LibO packaging breaking the SDK.08:36
micahgok, so that means Sweetshark^^ :)08:36
RAOFHm.  How hard is it to create a C++ function that takes a unary function and returns a nullary function?08:38
infinitymicahg: (I have no hard evidence to back up my assertion, mind you) :P08:38
Sweetsharkinfinity, micahg: oh, great. I will have a look.08:41
infinitySweetshark: Thanks.08:42
micahgSweetshark: Mirv is the Debian maintainer, so it shouldn't be too hard to coordinate :)08:43
pittiRAOF: creating functions on the fly in C++?08:43
pittiRAOF: or just returning a pointer to one out of N existing functions?08:43
RAOFCreating functions on the fly.08:44
RAOFNow that I *say* this, I know it's possible, but that I'll be overloading operator ().08:45
pittiRAOF: in C++? (or any compiled language for that matter..)08:45
RAOFpitti: Well, it's more: take a function f(x) taking a single parameter, and a parameter z, and return a function which evaluates to f(z)08:46
pittiRAOF: haskell FTW08:46
pittiRAOF: so just "return f(z)" is too simple, I guess08:46
ionHaskell ♥08:47
RAOFRight.  I need a nullary function :)08:47
pittii. e. you really want f o z, and want to call it yourself08:47
SweetsharkRAOF: 'on the fly' as in 'not known at compiletest' => impossible. of course you could write an interpreter *mumble* every language becomes a dialect of lisp at some point in time.08:47
slangasekRAOF: is the function type fixed?08:48
RAOFSweetshark: Well, the underlying function f is known at compile time; I basically want to specialise a closure.08:48
slangasekor do you have to cope with arbitrary function signatures? :P08:48
SweetsharkROAF: functors/function objects are your friend then08:48
SweetsharkRAOF: for variable meanings of friend08:48
RAOFslangasek: Indeed it is fixed.  Now that I've said this out loud I know I (a) can do it, (b) can get the outcome I want without all this faffing around.08:48
slangasekok :)08:49
SweetsharkRAOF: http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_48_0/doc/html/lambda/le_in_details.html#lambda.bind_expressions <- if you want to get nifty08:50
RAOFYeah, I think I'll keep my niftiness for features rather than arcane language extensions :)08:51
SweetsharkRAOF: yes, that kind of niftiness caused a coworker of mine preaching to gcc, MSVC and SunStudio compilers from his Bjarne-C++-Standardbook, because once he had it so that MSVC wouldnt complain anymore, SunStudio would barf at him -- with both implementations being valid C++ by the book.08:57
RAOFAh, Mr Undefined Behaviour!08:57
SweetsharkRAOF: it not so much an issue with one compiler.08:58
SweetsharkRAOF: No, it was defined behaviour, but MSVC and SunStudios brains were to small for the insanities of the C++ standard.08:58
RAOFAh.  Right, that other form of C++ fun.08:59
ionSome quotes from a #haskell bot. :-) <lambdabot> mikeash says: you may have noticed that templates being turing complete theoretically allows you to add any language capability to C++.... so did the boost guys.   <lambdabot> kmc_ says: you should take a look at Boost, they implement things like Maybe and tuples in only a few thousand lines of C++08:59
Sweetshark(and did spit out template errormessages pagewise)08:59
ionAlso, http://pikersden.eu/~eclipser/err.txt09:01
Sweetsharkion: what to have a fibonacci sequence, but you dont have execution rights on your /home? use templates as an interpreted language: http://blog.emptycrate.com/node/27109:01
Sweetsharkion: boost::spirit is its own kind of insanity.09:02
Sweetsharkion: also boost is just a implementation of greenspuns 10th rule of programming09:03
broderRAOF: C++11 has lambdas09:06
broderthough i'm not sure if you can represent a function type in pure C++ or if you need to pull in boost::function09:08
broderi guess you can just use a function pointer? the memory management there isn't really clear09:09
Sweetsharkbroder: http://ask.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=2659339&cid=3896463509:16
broderi think as long as i capture by value i can do what RAOF wants09:18
broder(build with g++ -std=c++0x)09:19
RAOFTurns out I can do it just as easily with a static class funtior.09:20
RAOFAlthough I forgot how crazy initialising a static member in C++ is.09:21
Sweetsharkinfinity, micahg: openclipart and voikko soon fixed upstream at debian it seems.09:29
Sweetshark(kudos to _rene_)09:29
infinitySweetshark: Kay.  So, not a LibO packaging goof?  I just heard the buildds breathe a sigh of relief.09:30
Sweetsharkinfinity: no. from 3.5 on the basis-link stuff has changed and that needs to be adjusted in packages relying on it.09:32
infinitySweetshark: Fair enough/09:32
Sweetsharkinfinity: I have enough fun for the buildds in the pipe still :/09:32
Sweetsharkinfinity: btw I made the disc usage of the package quite a bit smaller by using hardlinks/symlinks in the build and testinstall ...09:33
infinitySweetshark: *cups his hands over the Pandas' ears*09:33
* Sweetshark pads pandas on the heads.09:34
SweetsharkThey do a good job. Much faster than the old buildds.09:34
infinityYup.  We have much faster hardware in the pipe, we just need to get some vendors to admit it exists and, like ship it.09:35
dholbachHappy Fix It Friday!09:46
sladendholbach: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/LWN  is that ACLed?09:52
sladendholbach: I'm trying to update it to add the details about expiry09:52
dholbachsladen, unless I'm VIP, no09:53
sladendholbach: you were the last person to edit it (in 2009)09:53
Guest43539Hi, I joined ubuntu-mobile yesterday however that channel now seems closed. I am interested in the Ubuntu for Android project and well helping in contributing towards it's development. Can anyone direct me to the right place?09:54
dholbachsladen, are you logged in?09:54
sladendholbach: yes09:54
dholbachdoes logging in/out fix it? I wouldn't know how to unACL it or where to check if it is09:55
ajmitchdholbach: if it's an ACL, it should be at the top of the raw text09:55
dholbachajmitch, no, there's nothing there :/09:56
* ajmitch can edit the page, so it doesn't look to be locked09:56
janimo`micahg, no it does not build. I just synced form Debian so we get it FTBFS on all arches and it does not look like an armhf specific thing which may lead people down the wrong paths09:59
janimo`was that a bad thing to do?10:00
infinityjanimo`: It's all good, _rene_ is all over fixing it in Debian and filing bugs.10:02
janimo`infinity, yes, noticed just a few mionutes ago in the LibO-dev channel10:02
infinityjanimo`: But the sync was probably unnecessary, people were aware it wasn't arm-specific.10:02
ajmitchsladen: manage to edit it?10:03
janimo`infinity, I was not, and maybe other arm ftbfs hunters were in the same boat10:03
janimo`I automatically skip all-red rows in the table whereas arm column only jump out :)10:03
infinitysladen: My usual advice for wiki ACL issues is "hit Ctrl-R harder".10:03
janimo`I then saw there was an i386 bug filed on voikko, from the autobuilds10:04
infinitysladen: (It has no ACL that I can see)10:04
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apwev, i just got a package installation error and when the crash detect stuff fired, it said 'This report is damaged and cannnot be processed.", reporting an IOError(13, 'Permission denied')10:13
sladeninfinity: dholbach: ajmitch: ta.  Eventually managed it using a separate 'lynx' sessions running in a terminal10:18
ajmitchthat's pretty special10:19
ajmitchuseful to know about the expiry time though10:20
sladenthe crash reporting process about the crash crashed, so we've fired up a crash reporting process to report the crash that was being reported when it crashed10:20
infinitydrwatson used to have that bug...10:21
infinityInfinite watsons on early NT4 was no end of fun.10:21
ogra_hmpf, why are the sound settings so screwed up since yesterdays upgrade10:26
ogra_the hardware tab is gone, so i cant select the mode my BT headset uses anymore10:27
pittithat hardware tab was really confusing10:27
pittiogra_: the mode is in the output tab now10:27
ogra_pitti, well, its the only way for me to make my BT headset not run in hifi mode (e.g. as an actual headset to use the mic)10:28
excowhat package do I file bugs in carl9170 against?10:28
pittiogra_: hm, that seems to work fine here10:28
ogra_its greyed out (as it always was ... apart from the HW tab i could set it nowhere)10:28
pittiogra_: oh, indeed; same here10:29
ogra_pitti, i could imagine that settings that can only apply globally (in *and* output) become greyed out10:30
pittidiwic: ^ who worked on that again?10:30
ogra_i can select output for the builtin speaker vs the plugged headset10:30
ogra_but cant change a thing for settings that need to apply for both, in and out at the same time anymore10:31
diwicpitti, me and ronoc10:31
pittiogra_: in the past I didn't even have to -- my headset just used the low-quality bidir mode in mumble and friends10:31
* ogra_ wonders if there is a cmdline way to tell his BT headset to not use hifi mode10:31
diwicogra_, there is10:32
diwicogra_, want me to tell you? :-p10:32
ogra_diwic, that would be awesome :)10:32
diwicogra_, anyway the easiest workaround is to install pavucontrol which is an alternative GUI10:33
* ogra_ does so10:33
diwicogra_, you should be able to set profile from the "configuration" tab in that application10:33
diwicogra_, but also file a bug against the gnome-control-center package, please10:34
ogra_will do10:34
diwicogra_, out of interest, what profiles can you select between?10:35
ogra_HSP/HFP and A2DP10:36
diwicah, same as here then10:36
diwicI should be able to reproduce it10:36
ogra_hmpf, the mumble setup wizard just hangs after i selected the device :(10:43
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Sweetsharkthat would mean rolling back the sacjava, libbase MIRs as they are only needed for reportbuilder and (no libloader=no reportbuilder). meh.11:35
* Sweetshark needs to take a walk.11:35
pittiSweetshark: don't worry about the rollback; they will semi-automatically fall out of main again as soon as you drop the b-deps11:40
jibelslangasek, re upgrade of main - no idea why apt-term.log shows only removals. It looks like a bug in update-manager.11:40
jibelslangasek, the only log file I found which shows which packages have been upgraded is dpkg.log. It is attached to the test results11:41
jibelslangasek, I saved the VM if any one want to look into this.11:42
infinitySweetshark: Are you already aware of the need for a !armhf fix for the libreoffice-report-builder-bin depdency in the libreoffice metapackage?12:27
infinitySweetshark: (Or, alternately, building it for armhf, I guess, but it's not currently)12:28
Sweetsharkinfinity: unfortunately the solution is dropping it, as reportbuilder pull in a huge java mess called maven in.12:30
infinitySweetshark: Actually, I'm confused now.  Is it built anywhere anymore?12:30
infinitySweetshark: The version in the archive on other arches seems to be stale.12:30
infinitySweetshark: So, that dep should just be dropped from the metapackage entirely, for all arches...?12:31
TLEpitti: hallo12:33
Sweetsharkinfinity: yes, I enabled building it in the last upload, but it turned out it would require MIRs we cannot fullfill. So I am not building it anymore, and drop the dep in the metapackage.12:34
infinitySweetshark: And I should clean the old NBS libreoffice-report-builder-bin binaries from the archive, so this stops looking like an arm-specific issue.12:34
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TLEpitti: I was wondering what the status is of the natty lang pack export12:39
infinitySweetshark: Alright, the stale binaries are removed.  When do we see the upload with the fixed meta deps? :P12:40
Sweetsharkinfinity: source package is building12:40
Sweetsharkinfinity, pitti: libreoffice_3.5.0-1ubuntu4 in /home/bjoern on chinstrap12:56
infinitySweetshark: Poking it with a stick.12:56
Sweetsharkinfinity: it hisses12:56
Sweetsharkpitti: so only now only the libexttextcat automake1.7 dep remains right?12:57
* infinity watches debdiff cripple his laptop.13:03
infinityLa la la.13:03
pittiSweetshark: ah, you dropped the extra build deps?13:04
pittiinfinity: oh, are you sponsoring already?13:04
infinitypitti: Yeah.13:04
pittiTLE: sorry, I didn't deal with that yet, too much stuff going on13:04
infinitypitti: Well, if this command ever returns, I'm reviewing and sponsoring. ;)13:06
* infinity goes to find a coffee and cigarette.13:06
Sweetsharkinfinity: argh, that one it buggy still13:08
infinitySweetshark: Oh.  Then I'll wait for another. ;)13:08
Sweetshark(additional comma at the end of the deps)13:08
infinitySweetshark: I'll go find that coffee, ping me when the shiny new one's up.13:09
Sweetsharkinfinity: well, I removed the last dep in the list :/13:09
TLEpitti: no problem, let me know when you find the time13:23
doko_jamespage, maven wants to promote again ...13:24
* jamespage sighs13:24
Davieyjamespage / doko_ : For 12.10, should we look at allowing maven in main?13:24
doko_Daviey, if it's maven3, maybe13:25
doko_jamespage, ahh, scroll up, it's libreoffice reportbuilder13:25
jamespagedoko_, I was just gazing at this - http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg13:26
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dokojamespage, Sweetshark: and libloader ...13:27
jamespagedoko, Sweetshark: if that is what is pulling it in it might be possible to drop maven by disabling testing in libbtm-java13:28
jamespageDaviey, we could but the star chart is impressive - http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg13:29
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Davieyjamespage: happy, happy, joy joy13:32
jamespagedoko, Sweetshark: or demote libehcache-java to Suggests? I'm not familiar with libloader13:32
pittiit's being handled Sweetshark already has a new version prepped13:33
pitti(image a comma there)13:33
pittiargh TGIF -- "imagine"13:34
* jamespage stands down13:34
pittijamespage: it's not just the recommends, it's also build deps13:34
pittiI guess c-m gets a bit confused with so many packages13:34
jamespagepitti, looks like it - I see13:34
jamespagepitti, Sweetshark - what fix are you going for?13:35
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pittiSweetshark | pitti: so only now only the libexttextcat13:35
pittijamespage: so I guess he dropped the new build deps again13:35
pittiLibO has some stripped down internal libraries, I guess he's using those13:36
pittiin sum they'd probably take much less space like this, too13:36
pittilibexttextcat can be fixed to use automake instead of -1.713:36
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Sweetsharkinfinity, pitti: 3.5.0-1ubuntu4 FIXED on chinstrap.14:39
vanhoofherton: hi14:42
hertonvanhoof, hi14:42
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vanhoofherton: dont think we're going to get the ack on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/906832 from the original reporter14:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 906832 in linux (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Broadcom bluetooth device BCM20702A0 [0a5c:21e3] not supported" [High,Fix committed]14:44
vanhoofwe (hwe) got involved with that one since it's quite similar to two others (different device ids) in this current SRU14:44
vanhoofbut we don't have that specific chip in house yet to verify on our own14:45
vanhoofhave even emailed the guy directly a few times.14:45
vanhoofassuming the deadline is COB today?14:45
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hertonvanhoof, yes, looks like the guy isn't going to test it. We can wait until monday, since this is verification week.14:46
vanhoofherton: ack ok14:46
vanhoofherton: if i hear back in email I'll let you know14:46
vanhoofherton: and post to the bug :)14:47
hertonvanhoof, ok, thanks14:47
jibelslangasek, the problem with upgrade test of main seems to be a bad interaction with the way we capture debconf prompts14:52
didrockscnd: ping me when you are around, some remarks on xorg-tests package14:53
cnddidrocks, pong14:53
didrocksoh, already? :)14:53
jibelslangasek, I disabled debconf prompt capture, re-ran the test and it seems to proceed with the upgrade. result in 4 hours14:53
didrockslet's switch to pm to not annoy people :)14:53
jibelslangasek, it was faster than expected. Now main upgrade failed but for a good reason :)15:29
pittiSweetshark: roger, uploading15:31
pittiSweetshark: so this is the good one for b1? or does anything else need to be sorted out?15:35
pittiSweetshark: it basically reverts to ubuntu2, right?15:35
Sweetsharkpitti: it revert parts, but not all. some MIRs went well, so lets keep them.15:36
pittiSweetshark: ah, good15:36
Sweetsharknow, if I am not mistaken we only need to drop the automake1.7 dep in libexttextcat.15:37
* Sweetshark has a source package already.15:37
pittiSweetshark: toss it over? It's a good thing to fix either way15:37
* Sweetshark fuddles it out of the virtualbox15:37
pittiSweetshark: ubuntu4 uploaded (CC: infinity)15:39
Sweetsharkpitti: tweaked libexttextcat in on chinstrap15:43
pittiSweetshark: can you please upload libexttextcat_3.2.0-1ubuntu1.dsc?15:44
pittiSweetshark: (you uploaded libexttextcat_3.2.0-1.dsc)15:44
Sweetsharkpitti: ugh15:44
Sweetsharkpitti: done15:45
pittiSweetshark: uploaded; would be nice if you could send this to Debian, too15:46
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pittibkerensa: ^ lots of conflicts16:31
pittibkerensa: also, it needs to be called .png for backwards compat reasons16:31
pittibarry: how much would you hate me when we switch lsb-release back to py2.7 and drop python3 from the CDs again? we are a bit despearate on size now16:49
pittibarry: and we only carry it for the tiny lsb-release script16:50
pittibarry: from next cycle on we'll have bigger images and can keep it, promised16:50
pittibarry: (already talked to stgraber, doko, ScottK, and skaet)16:51
barrypitti: i will hate you forever16:51
barrypitti: kidding :)  do what you have to do16:51
pittibarry: thanks, taking the bullets *sob*16:52
barrypitti: i'm very happy with the progress we made, and i'm confident we'll see py2 relegated to universe for 14.04!16:52
pittisounds like a plan16:53
pittibarry: and indeed, lots of new py3 modules in precise, including py3-dbus which was a major blocker indeed16:53
pittibarry: now we just need launchpadlib16:53
barrypitti: yep, we'll get there16:54
pittiSweetshark: now, that's much better: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg16:56
Sweetsharkpitti: nifty!16:56
pittiSweetshark: promoting textcat now16:57
pittiSweetshark: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt has the demotions now, doing them as well16:57
Sweetsharkpitti: although its a bit boring. It invokes the same urge in me as precise did in chrisccoulson (according to the quotes page): "Can I break it?!"16:58
slangasekjibel: oh, you mean it wasn't doing the upgrade at all? :(17:00
pittiRiddell: will calligra drop the recommends: lyx? (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg)17:01
pittiDaviey: ^ on the same page, do you know the status of the keystone MIR?17:01
pittithis has been there for months17:01
slangasekjibel: thanks for identifying the problem, though17:01
Riddellpitti: I don't know, wasn't aware of it, but I expect it can yes17:01
jibelslangasek, it was doing the upgrade, but not completely17:01
jibelslangasek, there is a bug in apt or update-manager here any way17:02
Davieypitti: yes.. it's blocked17:02
Davieypitti: The underlying code is being changed next week17:02
Daviey(rewrite from scratch)17:02
DavieyOnce that is introduced into the platform, jstrand's team will need to re-do the audi.. sadly.17:03
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pittiDaviey: new nova needs new MIRs: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg17:28
pittiRiddell: ^ FYI17:28
pittiwill depwait, so no immediate archive breakage17:29
* pitti waves good bye, have a nice weekend everyone17:29
dholbachpitti, you too17:29
slangasekjibel: where did you see that the upgrade was incomplete then?17:42
m_3cjohnston: hi.. how many django app servers are typically used in a single summit deployment?17:48
cjohnstonm_3: just 117:49
m_3cjohnston: gracias!17:49
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chrysnonce again, i'd need some help finding out why my ppa builds don't work:18:40
chrysnin the chrysn/openscad ppa, i'm trying to build opencsg-1.3.2-2lucid1, for which i've collected some backports in the same repository18:41
chrysni've previously made the experience that the builder uses the ppa itself to satisfy build-depends.18:41
chrysnbut now, it complains about missing build dependencies "libglew-dev (>= 1.5.4)" -- but the build dependency says "libglew-dev (>= 1.5.4) | libglew1.6-dev | libglew1.5-dev (>= 1.5.4)", and i provide libglew1.6-dev in the ppa18:43
chrysnadmittedly, libglew-dev is (in that ubuntu version) also a virtual package whose version can't be satisfied, but it shouldn't bee too uncommon to have alternative build-depends whereof the first is virtual18:45
Ampelbeinchrysn: I think the sbuild version LP uses doesn't support resolving alternate dependencies.18:50
arandchrysn: I'm not sure, but the log seems to indicate that you should not use the metapackage?18:50
micahgit doesn't support alternatives where the one is versioned18:51
micahgbug 59491618:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594916 in Launchpad Auto Build System "buildd does not install alternate dependency for versioned ORed build-dependencies" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59491618:52
chrysnthanks you all. i guess i'll work around it by building an explicitly depending pakcage for the moment18:54
chrysnarand, the reason i'm using the "metapackage" is that the newest version (1.7) doesn't build a libglew1.7-dev but a generic libglew-dev18:55
adam_ganyone have any knowledge of the squid -> squid3 transition? are there blueprints from last cycles around, or mailing list discussion anywhere to get some context around the decision?18:57
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ansgarHi, I was wondering if Ubuntu might want to sync libquvi and cclive from experimental.  It not really usable right now (#874554).19:09
ansgarFor your entertainment this would also include a soname change, but libquvi only has two reverse dependencies (cclive and one other).19:14
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micahgansgar: I count 3 reverse dependencies in the archive, but feel free to file the request if it's broke (requestsync -e -d experimental), by the way, what's keeping them from being uploaded to unstable?19:15
micahgit'll still need release team approva19:16
ansgarmicahg: Waiting for Debian's release team to ack the upload to unstable.19:16
micahgah, ok19:16
maco>_>   <_<   new vm wants to use nano when i type "dch -i" setting EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim in bashrc and sourcing it didn't change this. where does dch keep its notion that i want nano?20:31
cody-somervillemaco, try running select-editor20:35
macoooh didnt know that existed20:35
macothanks cody-somerville20:35
macomy next guess was going to involve ln -s20:35
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cody-somervillemaco, dch uses sensible-editor which will look at VISUAL and then EDITOR20:35
macocody-somerville: its been a while since ive doen this. whats that thing for making pbuilders real easy, and what package is it in?20:36
cody-somervillemaco, There are a number of different things out there - but the only thing that I know of that is packaged is pbuilder-dist in ubuntu-dev-tools20:38
cody-somervillemaco, I personally just use a .pbuilderc file and environmental variables: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/855806/20:39
macopbuilder-dist is what i was thinking of. thanks!20:39
cody-somervillemaco, You're most welcome :)20:40
cody-somervilleIf you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ping me.20:41
slangasekstgraber: should the values on dns-nameservers lines always be numeric?20:43
slangasekstgraber: to be precise: does [0-9.]+ cover it as a regexp?20:43
slangasek(thinking specifically of ipv6 here)20:43
stgraberslangasek: if you extend your definition of numeric to contain ":" then we should be fine, yes20:43
* stgraber is quickly checking on a system using dns-nameservers with ipv620:44
slangaseksome things like to put ipv6 addresses in brackets, didn't know if this was one20:44
stgraberslangasek: at least resolv.conf doesn't use brackets but I'll quickly check for resolvconf20:45
slangasekstgraber: also, I believe we have to remember that a-f are numbers for this purpose? :)20:45
slangasekdoes netcfg give us upper or lower case?20:45
stgrabergood questions, it's probably taking them as-is from the RA so I'd say lowercase20:46
slangasekthe RA is text?! :)20:46
beunoso, switching workspaces is broken, right?20:48
brycehbeuno, try <super><shift><arrow> ?20:50
stgraberslangasek: netcfg doesn't deal with RDNSS directly at the moment, it uses rdnssd if around which returns the IP in lowercase20:50
slangasekstgraber: ok20:51
stgraberslangasek: I'm checking what's dhclient's behaviour for dhcpv6 now20:51
stgraberslangasek: actually, netcfg doesn't write these to /etc/network/interfaces, it'll just mark the interface "iface ethX inet6 auto" or "inet6 dhcp"20:54
beunobryceh, nope, not working either20:54
slangasekstgraber: so we only have ipv4 to worry about?20:54
beunotried it, it's what the overlay says now20:54
stgraberslangasek: so the only case where dns-nameservers contains an IPv6 value as a result of an install is when installing with static20:54
stgraberslangasek: and in static, it's whatever the user entered20:54
slangasekstgraber: ok, so upper+lower case are valid20:55
brycehbeuno, dunno then.  does the icon switcher thingee work?20:55
beunobryceh, it does20:56
beunoI'll file a bug20:56
beunothanks bryceh20:56
slangasekstgraber: how's this look to you? ;)20:56
slangasekgrep -Eq '^[[:space:]]*(iface[[:space:]]+.*[[:space:]]+inet[[:space:]]+dhcp|dns-nameserver[[:space:]]+[0-9A-Fa-f.:]+[[:space:]]*(#.*)?$)' /etc/network/interfaces20:57
barryslangasek: can you sanity check something for me?  try to apt-get the oneiric source for kexec-tools and build the source package w/debuild -S.  does it work or fail for you?20:58
stgraberI think we could extend to cover "inet6 dhcp" too but it's not going to be a common use case ;)20:58
stgraberit needs to be "dns-nameservers" (plural)20:59
stgraberand can be dns_nameservers20:59
slangasekbarry: build it on what environment? oneiric, precise?20:59
stgraberother than these, it looks good (though my brain's regexp parser is far from perfect ;))21:00
slangasekyeah, I fed it a couple of examples here21:00
slangasekbut of course I missed the variable name misspelling21:00
slangasekstgraber: resolvconf uploaded, then21:06
slangasekstgraber: I'll have a look at ifupdown a little bit later21:06
stgraberslangasek: thanks!21:06
stgraberslangasek: btw, blog post published, will see how many people complain about it in the comments ;)21:07
* infinity starts trolling stgraber's blog.21:09
slangasekstgraber: just block everything from quagga_fan_in_calgary21:10
* broder resists the urge to make canada jokes21:10
stgraberslangasek: I'll just add a new static route to my quagga to route quagga_fan_in_calgary to a blackhole ;)21:11
barryslangasek: i'm just trying to get a source package built :/21:15
slangasekbarry: yes, but which environment are you trying to build it in :)21:15
barryslangasek: i've tried on precise, but also in an oneiric chroot.  i've tried from apt-get source and from the udd branch, all fail in the same way21:16
infinitybarry: With the build-deps installed?21:17
barryinfinity: doesn't even get that far.  `debian/rules clean` fails because it can't unpatch21:17
slangasekbarry: ok, having a look21:17
infinitybarry: But, I dunno, if you're just patching the pristine source, and thus don't need a clean, cheat and debuild -S -nc :P21:17
infinitybarry: Yes, but unpatch may rely on the build-deps being installed.21:17
barryinfinity: yeah, may have to do that ;)21:17
slangasekbarry: right, 'debian/rules clean' isn't guaranteed to work without the build-depends installed21:18
slangasekdebian/rules:12: /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make: No such file or directory21:18
slangasekmake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make'.  Stop.21:18
slangaseklike so21:18
* infinity nods.21:18
barrygotcha, okay, thanks21:18
infinityYou could just install dpatch.21:18
infinityBut if you're sure you're doing things cleanly, -nc is fine.21:18
slangasekin a chroot in a container in a vm in a pocket universe21:18
slangasekwhere it won't contaminate anything21:18
barryi actually thought i had it installed but apparently not ;)21:18
infinityJust double-check your debdiff after an -nc build to make sure you didn't introduce cruft.21:18
barryslangasek, infinity actually, no.  on precise i *do* have dpatch installed.  installing build-deps in an oneiric chroot does pull in dpatch, but `dpatch deapply-all` still fails21:20
barryso i will try -nc, but this seems like a problem with the package21:20
infinityOr a problem with how you fiddled with patches in your upload?21:21
infinityAfter you do that -nc build, dpkg-sourc -x it to a new directory and make sure it builds. :P21:21
barryinfinity: i haven't uploaded anything yet, just apt-get source && debuild -S21:21
infinityThough it may now be dirty from previous sadness.21:22
infinityThat would be a bug, mind you. :P21:22
infinityclean making things unclean isn't, sadly, uncommon.21:22
barryinfinity: that's what i was looking for :)21:22
infinity(That said, we expect build-deps to be installed for all steps, so if it works correctly from a fresh download with build-deps installed, the rest is a wash)21:23
barrycool, infinity, slangasek thanks for the confirmation21:23
barryinfinity: right, but it doesn't so i'll file a bug21:23
barryactually, i should check the precise version.  it's not worth an sru21:23
slangasekbut you're doing an SRU anyway? :)21:24
slangasekso it might be worth fixing the build system along the way21:24
barryslangasek: think so?  i thought it was generally frowned on to mishmash fixes.  but if not, and it's an easy-ish fix, it would be wroth it21:25
barryworth it even21:25
barryslangasek, infinity yep, precise is happy21:26
infinityI'm curious how the original source package was built if it is, indeed, broken.21:26
barryinfinity: my question too!21:26
micahgwell, it's using dpatch, that's strike 1 :)21:26
barryyes :)21:26
slangasekit's frowned upon to include low-priority fixes in an SRU; but fixing things like "the build system is fubar" warrant coming along for the ride21:26
infinityLet me double-check this.21:27
barryfair enough, yep, and thanks21:27
infinitybarry: I hate to be the bearer of confusing news for you, but in an oneiric chroot, with build-deps installed (all build-deps, mind you), a freshly-unpacked kexec-tools source builds itself just fine.21:34
infinityEven several times in a row.21:35
barryinfinity: dang, but okay that's very interesting and makes me more optimistic.  thanks for the confirmation21:35
infinitybarry: I suspect you're working in a dirty source tree from previous no-build-deps-installed clean failures, or sometihng.21:36
infinitybarry: So, a fresh download, a fresh unpack, and making sure ALL the build-deps are installed before you build your source should do it.21:36
barryinfinity: trying that...21:37
infinity(The kicker being that it not only needs dpatch to build the source, but also autoconf/automake)21:37
infinityBut just check with dpkg-checkbuilddeps before you build. :P21:37
barryinfinity: the combination of building in the distroseries chroot + installing build-deps before debuild -S seems to solve the problem21:51
infinitybarry: Good deal.21:54
slangasekadam_g, zul: is this new upstream version of glance needed/wanted/expected for beta-1?  (currently sitting in the freeze queue)23:10
slangasekand should it have a FFe for the new upstream version?23:11
adam_gslangasek: hmm, im not sure? the other parts of openstack were uploaded at the same time23:26
adam_gslangasek: that new upload does have a new dependency that is not in main, though23:27
slangasekadam_g: well, that new dep is already on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt due to nova23:27
slangasekso that wouldn't seem to be a blocker IMHO23:27
adam_gslangasek: hm then im not sure, the new version is expected to be uploaded with the rest of openstack every week, not sure why it'd need a FFE in this case23:39
slangasekadam_g: n/m, there's a standing FFe that I wasn't aware of23:40
slangasekso that's good to go in23:40
slangasekbut someone probably needs to fix those new deps on universe23:40
adam_gslangasek: what is the policy on new MIRs for such things this late?23:43
slangasekadam_g: MIRs aren't subject to the freeze23:44
slangasekit's the changes to the packages already in main that are usually dubious :)23:44
slangasek(in this case it's fine, and someone needs to follow through on the MIR)23:44
adam_gslangasek: gotcha23:45

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