tronn26 + 6 = 107:51
slashtommyUbuntu Hour tomorrow, we should be there!09:49
czajkowskijust added it to my blog09:49
tdr112slashtommy: are you headin over at 1.30 or 210:33
tdr112i will be there for 1.30 to have a look around10:33
czajkowskimorning all10:34
tdr112hey czajkowski10:34
czajkowskitdr112: howdy doody10:35
* tdr112 is doing testing for the morning in IE810:39
czajkowskioh joy10:40
slashtommytdr112: we're suit shopping in the morning, shouldn't be too long10:48
czajkowskiohh suits :)10:53
czajkowskiwhat kind10:53
slashtommyfor the wedding10:54
czajkowskiany idea what types you want?10:55
slashtommythere are types?10:55
slashtommywe're first going to try a tailor on capel street, get something nice and proper fitting10:56
czajkowskiyes... colour, summer suit, slacks shirt and tie bit more informal10:56
* slashtommy doesn't fit into most adult clothing, despite being presidential size10:56
slashtommydidn't you see the link from the facebook event - ties are banned10:56
slashtommyas is confetti10:56
czajkowskioh I did see the confetti10:57
czajkowskimissed the tie bit10:57
czajkowskiwell ties dont tend to suit me10:57
czajkowskiplease wearing one from the age of  4 to 17 put me off them10:57
slashtommythey could be a strangulation hazard around the animals10:57
ebelyou wore ties in school?10:58
slashtommywe're hoping to get in with the elephants for some photos10:58
czajkowskislashtommy: ohhh sweet10:58
czajkowskiebel: yup10:58
* slashtommy had to wear a tie and a blazer to school10:58
czajkowskiI also wore a pinnafore and blazer from 4-1210:59
czajkowskiwore shirt tie floor length skirt and blazer from 12 -1710:59
slashtommyi'm using the wedding as an excuse to buy a well fitting suit10:59
ebelapparently some people getting married request that women wear dresses11:00
slashtommystuff off the rack is far too big for me11:00
slashtommyoh yes, czajkowski - wear what you're comfortable with11:00
ebel*plus* we can have a suit for a few years11:00
czajkowskinods makes sense11:00
slashtommyand we will need them the following month for a wedding in kerry11:01
ebelyeah, no dresses if you don't want dresses11:01
czajkowskiquite frankly your day wear what ever ye want11:01
czajkowskime I love dresses :) come summer time usually live in em11:01
slashtommyyou will also get to see the fancy pub in the 'batter11:02
czajkowskihmm just realised I could be at UDS :/11:02

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