superm1stgraber: do you not have cia turned on for your bzr branch?05:19
superm1(of ubiquity that is)05:19
stgrabersuperm1: yep, I do for ubiquity, I tend to forget for the other ones as I don't usually keep them on my laptop05:20
superm1oh i just didn't see any announces for today's ubiquity upload in this channel05:20
stgraberthat was ev, so maybe he doesn't have CIA configured05:21
superm1oh i see, yeah maybe05:21
NCommandercjwatson: need to pick your brain for a moment. Roughly speaking, how hard would it get base-installer to properly install a kernel from precise-proposed/updates? As far as I understand it, d-i wants to always install the release kernel, then update on the fly12:41
infinityNCommander: He's on leave.12:42
* NCommander picks infinity's brain instead12:42
infinityAnd this is a solved problem.12:42
infinityWe build d-i against backport kernels from updates.12:42
NCommanderRight, I understand this12:43
NCommanderbut my understanding is what happens is the system is booted from the d-i build in updates12:43
NCommanderInstall base system happens, kernel from precise-release is added. d-i then populates /etc/apt/sources.lists, and the kernel gets dist-upgraded on the fly12:43
NCommanderat least as late as oneiric, base-installer would explode if it couldn't grab a kernel deb from where it debootstrapped from12:44
infinityThat would never work for the lts backport kernels, since they aren't direct version upgrades from released packages.12:44
infinitySo, while I haven't looked at the code, I don't see how it could work that way.12:45
stgraberbdmurray: looking at bug 89827822:28
ubot2`Launchpad bug 898278 in ubiquity "Upgrade menu option should not appear for old releases" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89827822:28
stgraberbdmurray: did you ever reproduce it on Precise?22:29
stgraberas in, with a Precise system and using an Oneiric media?22:29
stgraberI'm still digging through the code at the moment but at least in my VM, it doesn't let me "upgrade", it only lets me reinstall22:29
bdmurraystgraber: looking22:31
stgraberI was planning on using a 11.10 media with a 12.04 install to reproduce and then fix ubiquity, but it'd be nice to actually get the bug for that ;)22:31
ubot2`Launchpad bug 891711 in ubiquity "Fails to copy directory over symlink (e.g. /var/lock when downgrading from 11.10 to 11.04)" [High,Confirmed]22:32
bdmurrayIt seems like I did at one point22:32
stgraberor I'll just add a lot of debugging to ubiquity's code and try to figure out where the bug might be and why it doesn't affect me (there are a lot of FIXME's in there)22:32
stgraberyeah, I guess I'll have another look through the history for the commit that might have fixed it22:33
stgraberbecause there isn't much point in testing the 11.04 installer on a 11.10 system as I couldn't really fix it anyway and ubiquity changed quite a bit since then22:34
bdmurraystgraber: in ubi-partman it says22:40
bdmurray                   # TODO: Verify that the version is in fact older.22:40
stgraberbdmurray: yeah, and for some reason I never actually hit that part of the code when trying 11.10 with a 12.04 system22:41

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