jo-erlendwrong channel :)03:48
dholbachgood morning07:35
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Andy80is the UstreamTv chat not working for anyone else? http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ubuntu-translations-with-david-planella I can see and hear him but the chat is not loading....12:20
czajkowskiAndy80: working fine here 12:21
Andy80using the pop-up it works fine, thanks :)12:22
Andy80that0s it12:28
dpmAndy80, awesome :)13:18
Andy80dpm: thanks :) p.s: just come back from dentist :\ I'll give a look to the registration of the live cast, it should be already available if I remember well how Ustreamtv works14:37
dpmAndy80, cool, I hope that the visit wasn't too bad :) yeah, I recorded it and should be already available, let me know if it works for you14:38
Andy80dpm: yes I'm watching it14:38
dpmah, excellent :)14:38
pleia2paultag: did you get your LWN subscription sorted?18:56
paultagpleia2: yeah, thanks :)18:56
pleia2turns out they expire if you don't log in for 5 monhts18:57
pleia2a bunch of us realized similar problems :\18:57
paultagpleia2: yeah, I was just consuming over email :(18:57
paultagso I need to set a cal event to login once a month18:57
paultagpleia2: how are you?18:57
pleia2paultag: good, finally getting caught up from the time I missed due to the flu18:58
paultagpleia2: wooo :)18:58
pleia2my workload is heavy enough, unplanned missing of a week is bad news18:58
paultagyeah, truth18:58
paultagbkerensa: what an … interesting … photo of you on the planet19:27
mhall119paultag: not nearly as bad as the picture of Randall19:29
paultaguuuahhhh, whoh19:29
paultagI really really hope people post these19:30
paultaglike, in forums19:30
paultagwhen people say they use Ubuntu19:30
bkerensapaultag: I contemplated doubling down and putting jam somewhere like Randall but I'll let him be planet clown for the day :P19:31
paultagbkerensa: I think y'all are both the clown of the day19:31
paultagI'm going to save those19:31
paultagand post them all up in everywhere19:31
bkerensapaultag: Oh? :P 19:33
bkerensapaultag: How is swimming upstream going? :)19:33
paultagbkerensa: I'm settled in, brah. It's mating season now, to keep the analogy19:33
paultagabout to apply to the process to become a DD in the next few days19:33
bkerensapaultag: Good luck with that... I'm possibly looking to adopt soon but DD is not in the picture for my future plans19:34
paultagbkerensa: it's been on my plate for about 3 years now19:35
paultagso it's about time, I think.19:35
bkerensapaultag: I have too much frustration with upstream leaving BTS patch requests unanswered due to abandons so idk19:35
paultagbkerensa: I have too much frustration with ubuntu leaving bugs unanswered (full-stop)19:36
paultagbkerensa: that's not valid critisism :)19:36
paultagbkerensa: feel free to prepare a NMU and get it sponsored19:36
paultagI mean, if the patch works :)19:36
paultagyou don't have to go through the sponsor if they're MIA19:37
paultagerm, maintainer *19:37
bkerensapaultag: Why should one have to go through the NMU process? Why not have a DD do housekeeping on patch submissions? :P19:37
paultagyou still need a sponsor19:37
paultagbkerensa: NMU = non-maintainer upload19:37
paultagbkerensa: NM = new member19:37
paultagif you've prepared a patch, you've done about 90% of a NMU19:38
bkerensapaultag: Did you ever apply to DMB?19:39
bkerensaor just straight to upstream?19:40
paultagbkerensa: I've never bothered with contributing to the Ubuntu archive directly19:40
paultagbkerensa: all my work has been upstream and sync'd back19:40
bkerensapaultag: I have some pending patches submitted but the only one that was sponsored upstream the maintainer didn't even credit me in changelog19:41
bkerensaso eh idk19:41
paultagbkerensa: do you care that much about having some other person write your name in a changelog? :)19:42
paultagif he's included the patch, your name would be in the DEP3 headers19:42
bkerensahmm I was not aware of that19:43
paultagleave the ego at the door with development ;)19:43
paultagalright, back to work19:43
paultagone love19:43
locodir-useralles gute23:56

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