micahgdupondje: what's your base Ubuntu version?00:49
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dholbachgood morning07:35
dholbachhow is everyone doing on Fix It Friday?07:45
gesergood morning dholbach07:46
geserwhat's broken?07:46
dholbachhttp://harvest.ubuntu.com lists quite a number of things which are broken :)07:47
dholbachI would think we could recommend the 'bitesize' and 'resolved-upstream' opportunities for example07:47
micahgnice list of broken: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20120201-precise.html07:48
dholbachyeah, good one too :)07:48
geserI hope to get to look at some FTBFS next week07:51
broderhappy fix it friday, dholbach :) i'll be back in about 12 hours or so07:55
dholbachIs anyone here for Fix It Friday? Did anyone bring questions? Or wants something reviewed? Or wants to chat? :)07:55
dholbachbroder, excellent - sleep tight then :)07:55
dholbachhey valdur5507:56
valdur55How can i check dailly build packages version?07:57
valdur55geminate log?07:57
dholbachvaldur55, for example this one: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu/precise/daily-20120223.1.log08:00
valdur55Oh i just got it... lazyness :) I already aswered to my question08:01
dholbachsearch for "hardlink:" - that's the section where you can find the packages and their versions08:01
dholbachvaldur55, it took me a bit too to find them :)08:01
valdur55OK. other problem is desktop files translation08:04
geserdholbach, valdur55: what about looking into the manifest? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/precise-desktop-i386.manifest08:07
micahganyone care to do a quick review? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=9397  (lightdm-gtk-greeter)08:07
valdur55geser, good point!08:07
dholbachgeser, that's sounds like a clever alternative ;-)08:07
dholbachmicahg, I can take a look in a bit08:08
dholbachI'm just reviewing one of the unity-quicklist merge proposals08:08
dholbachand will offer some advice about how to work with edit-patch for the next time they submit something ;-)08:08
dholbachvaldur55, you had a question about desktop file translations?08:16
dholbachdpm, might be just your man08:16
dholbachhey dpm :)08:16
dpmhey, morning ;)08:17
dpmwhat's up in the desktop file translations world?08:17
valdur55dpm, Is it possible to send all changes in one folder? Without needing to make personal branch for every package08:18
dpmvaldur55, can you give me a bit more of context? I can't quite understand how the question relates to desktop file translations08:19
dholbachmicahg, done08:21
micahgdholbach: thanks, I just grabbed the pkg-xfce branch and tweaked it a bit08:22
micahgdholbach: not sure what that patch is for to write a description for it, I got it from Debian08:23
dholbachyeah, no idea either :)08:24
micahgdholbach: do you want to see another version? I fixed everything I think except the patch header08:27
dholbachsure, in a bit08:28
valdur55dpm, false alarm.... need some thinking time.08:31
dpmvaldur55, no worries :)08:31
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bcbc2I've got some Wubi fixes. Not sure on the procedure to get them reviewed. I uploaded them to https://code.launchpad.net/~bcbc/+junk/wubi ... what do I have to do to get these reviewed?08:48
valdur55bcbc2, some recent blog bost about this procedure: http://mhall119.com/2012/02/contributing-to-unity-for-non-developers-quicklists/08:49
micahgvaldur55: WUBI is the windows installer ;)08:50
valdur55micahg, yea i know, but contributing model is same ...08:51
bcbc2valdur55: thanks I'll give that a try08:51
valdur55bcbc2, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#Where_is_the_source_code.3F - some links for wubi source code08:56
dholbachbcbc2, I think you should be able to click on "propose for merging" somewhere08:57
bcbc2dholbach: I don't see it on that page.08:58
dholbachah ok08:59
dholbachdid you branch from https://code.launchpad.net/wubi?08:59
dholbachin that case you could try to push to lp:~<yourlaunchpadid>/wubi/<branchname>08:59
dholbachand see if you can find the "propose for merge" there08:59
bcbc2dholbach: I don't think the branch is the problem. I used: bzr branch lp:wubi09:00
ajmitchwhere you push to affects what launchpad will show09:01
dholbachbcbc2, I think it might be a namespace problem - so ~bcbc/+junk/wubi vs ~bcbc/wubi/<branch>09:01
bcbc2dholbach: I'm trying to push to a new branch now.09:02
bcbc2dholbach: okay, it's still scanning, but I see a 'propose for merge' there. Thanks for the help all09:04
dholbachbcbc2, cool09:04
dholbachde nada09:04
broderbcbc2: you can't open a merge proposal for anything you push to +junk09:05
dholbachbroder, can't sleep? :)09:06
broderdholbach: this is me pulling out my laptop for a quick fix before i go to sleep09:07
broderalthough i just started laundry, so it might be a longer fix...09:07
dholbachmicahg, there still seem to a be a number of files in http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/lightdm-gtk-greeter-1202240906/lightdm-gtk-greeter-1.1.4/debian/copyright which don't exist in the source09:14
micahgdholbach: that's not the latest version ;)09:14
dholbachlike ./src/ contains only lightdm-gtk-greeter.c  Makefile.am  Makefile.in09:14
micahgdholbach: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=939909:14
dholbachok, I should have used http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/lightdm-gtk-greeter instead09:14
micahgor that :)09:15
ajmitchmicahg: see, it's not completely broken :)09:16
krychekhi, can anyone help me in opening an upstream kernel bug for this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/811464 ?09:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 811464 in linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot mount media in DVD rom drive, Acer Timeline 4810TG." [Undecided,Triaged]09:17
krycheki donno which category to choose09:17
dholbachkrychek, you could try asking in #ubuntu-kernel - they will know for sure09:18
krychekok thanks09:18
micahgdholbach: thanks09:25
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ajmitchmicahg: I see there's a new bzr-rewrite in debian to fix the FTBFS, but do you want to fix bug 791041 at the same time?09:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 791041 in bzr-rewrite (Ubuntu) "bzr-rebase transitional package needed until next LTS" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79104109:27
micahgajmitch: I do, I pinged jelmer earlier in the week, but got no response, I"ll JFDI this weekend09:27
ajmitchok, looks like bzr-xmloutput & bzr-cvsps-import can at least be synced09:28
rigvedhi everyone. i had filed a bug against one version of a package. now that package has moved two minor revision numbers up. the bug still exists. should i submit a patch against the old version (against which the bug report has been linked) or the new version, currently in precise?09:31
ajmitchpreferably against the new version09:32
ajmitchif it warrants it, after it's fixed in precise it may be able to be fixed in a stable release update for previous releases09:32
rigvedajmitch: ok. thanks!09:33
ajmitchmicahg: do you know if there's been a push to move packages off libdb4.8?09:35
* ajmitch is just looking at RC bugs & wondering if it's serious enough for precise09:35
turbotaxanyone have smtp server or ssh root admin i need to buy09:35
rigvedanother thing that i wanted to ask was: the package in precise is not the latest available in trunk. when i do a bzr branch, i get the latest version. how to get a specific version? more appropriately, how to get the version that is currently available in precise? this is in relation to the live-build package.09:36
micahgajmitch: well, the default is 5.1, I don't think we want 4.8 in main for precise09:36
micahgbut I guess I can' t promise that09:37
ajmitchmicahg: the package is in universe, so I'll just write a note about it & not care for now :)09:37
rigvedturbotax: hi09:37
ajmitchrigved: you should be able to bzr branch lp:ubuntu/live-build09:37
turbotaxhow re you doing today?09:37
dholbachshall we note down all we got done during this fix it friday - I'd love to blog about it later on :)09:39
rigvedajmitch: it gives me version 42, which already has the fix. but as far as i see, version 24 is going to be used in precise.09:39
micahgajmitch: it might be nice, there are only 6 build deps on it and 11 binary deps09:39
rigvedi wanted to fix this for precise. LP #92335509:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923355 in live-build (Ubuntu) "live-build example auto/config script has a typo" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92335509:39
micahgbut we can sort that after beta 109:39
turbotaxcan i also build scanner?09:40
turbotaxfor rfi and smtp sender09:40
rigvedturbotax: you should ask all support-related questions in #ubuntu09:42
turbotaxis there any hackers channel here pls?09:42
=== dholbach changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Das Thema für #ubuntu-motu ist: REVU is back up | Precise: Feature Freeze | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://bit.ly/fz6AyQ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ | FixIt Friday log: http://pad.ubuntu.com/EUxOzMtupK
* Laney looks quizzically at dholbach 09:44
dholbachLaney, today is Fix It Friday!09:44
LaneyHeute ist?09:44
ajmitchyay, laney's here to save the day! :)09:44
dholbachI thought it'd be great to note down what everyone had a look at or worked on09:44
LaneyI was referring to the german in the topic :P09:44
=== dholbach changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: REVU is back up | Precise: Feature Freeze | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://bit.ly/fz6AyQ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ | FixIt Friday log: http://pad.ubuntu.com/EUxOzMtupK
dholbachLaney, I thought a German lesson wouldn't hurt anyone09:45
ajmitchyou want us to add what we've done to the log?09:45
Laneyich habe alles vergessen09:45
dholbachyeah, why not - I think it'd be cool to showcase some of the work and mention all the new folks who got their great work into Ubuntu09:46
dholbachLaney, me too - ask seb128 about my French :)09:46
* ajmitch should probably try & do something useful then09:47
Laneydo you have anywhere to advertise TODO lists?09:47
Laneyseeing as I failed to put the uninstallable stuff out I might as well add it there :P09:47
ajmitchLaney: you're not allowed to comment on that last statement of mine09:47
dholbachLaney, we could add it to the pad page as well09:47
rigvedajmitch: i think i will just download the source package, write the fix and upload a patch, instead of trying this with bzr.09:48
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ajmitchrigved: ok, though by the look of things it will be against 3.0~a24-1ubuntu2609:49
ajmitchit looks to be one of those packages that doesn't get merged often because of the number of ubuntu changes09:49
dholbachLaney, I added a section in the pad09:49
rigvedajmitch: yes. version 3.0~a24 does not have the fix. 3.0~a42 has the fix. it is there in the bzr trunk. but it is not going into precise, sadly.09:50
rigvedso, i thought i will at least fix the problem in the current version: 2409:51
ajmitchyep, that'd be most useful09:51
dholbachHow's FixIt Friday going for everyone? Is anyone stuck with anything?09:58
ajmitchjust peachy :)09:59
ajmitchthough I just remembered that I need to be up at early o'clock for an irc meeting09:59
dholbachI'll now finally have a look at the theme update for the packaging guide09:59
rigveddholbach: trying to fix my first bug on a FixIt Friday!10:03
dholbachrigved, excellent! :)10:03
dholbachif you need any help - let us know :)10:03
rigveddholbach: sure!10:12
* Laney has a FixIt of his very own to do10:16
ajmitchLaney: fix my laptop so it doesn't run at ~100C when compiling?10:23
ajmitchhm, very tempting10:24
dupondjemicahg: base version is Oneiric :)10:25
LaneySetting up libxml2-dev (2.7.8.dfsg-5.1ubuntu3) ...10:25
LaneySetting up libaugeas-dev (0.10.0-0ubuntu4) ...10:25
Laney(precise-amd64)root@raleigh:/srv/home/laney/temp# pkg-config --cflags augeas10:25
Laneymeant to past that into LP :(10:25
ajmitchat least it wasn't anything naughty :)10:26
Laneybug #940172 plz be to sponsoring10:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940172 in augeas (Ubuntu) "-dev package missing Depends on libxml2-dev" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94017210:28
ajmitchLaney: is it a seeded package that mean people in #ubuntu-release would jump on me for?10:31
* ajmitch can see that the debdiff is fairly small & makes sense10:32
Laneylibaugeas0 (from augeas) is seeded in: ubuntu-server: daily10:32
Laneydunno what that means10:32
Laneyalso other stuff10:33
Laneybut it can stay in the queue anyway10:33
ajmitchyeah, I'll test build & upload, let you explain it to them ;)10:35
ajmitchnew nodejs in debian, probably just a bit too big of a change for precise, sadly10:39
dupondjebilal: could you push the changes of audacious-plugins also in debian ?10:48
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rigvedok. so i have uploaded the debdiff for bug #923355. now, should i inform someone or it will be looked into later, when someone gets time?10:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923355 in live-build (Ubuntu) "live-build example auto/config script has a typo" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92335510:59
dholbachrigved, the bug has the ubuntu-sponsors team subscribed, so it's fine11:00
dholbachit's in the review queue11:00
rigveddholbach: ohh. ok. cool! that was fun!11:00
dholbachgood work - I can't test it right now to judge if it's alright, but looking at what you did you seem to have crossed most of the Ts and dotted most of the Is :)11:01
dholbachone thing you might want to do still is document what the patch does11:01
dholbachdo you see these lines in the patch file?11:01
dholbach+## Description: add some description11:01
dholbach+## Origin/Author: add some origin or author11:01
dholbach+## Bug: bug URL11:01
rigveddholbach: yes.11:01
dholbachif you fill them out and resubmit the patch that might avoid one more review/fix iteration, I guess :)11:02
rigveddholbach: i thought the changelog file was for that purpose. no problem. i'll do that now.11:02
dholbachrigved, sure, generally you're right - the thing is just that those patch files are often copied from one place to another, so having description in the file itself is a good idea11:03
dholbachin an ideal world we wouldn't have patch files anyway, but that's unfortunately not the case :)11:03
dholbachhttp://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/ has more information on "tagging" patch files11:04
rigveddholbach: ok. no problem. i had created the patch using edit-patch command. so, now, should i just edit it normally?11:05
dholbachyes, just edit the patch file normally11:05
rigveddholbach: ok. thanks!11:06
dholbachrigved, good work11:06
dholbachdo we have anyone else here with questions? :)11:18
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Laneylook how easy doing a merge is if you have git11:26
ajmitchand when the debian & ubuntu branches are in the same git repository11:28
Laneythanks to the D in DVCS, you too can host the branch11:29
ajmitchso no 0.8.2 for ubuntu? :)11:29
ajmitchor is that what you just uploaded, and it's not mentioned in that paste?11:30
Laneythe changelog entry isn't there at the time of the merge11:30
DavieyLaney: Is that really any easier than bzr?11:31
rigveddholbach: thanks! just one more thing. how do i add multi-line description in description field? do i use "\" - back-slash?11:31
LaneyDaviey: dunno, never maintianed a Debian package in bzr, so I've never merged with it :P11:31
LaneyI imagine it would be roughly the same level of effort in any DVCS11:32
DavieyLaney: lp:debian/sid/foo ?11:32
dholbachrigved, no, you add a line with a . in there11:32
dholbachrigved, like in "apt-cache show gedit"11:32
Laneywell, here i'm working at a finer-grained level of change11:32
DavieyLaney: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/foo ; cd foo ; bzr merge lp:debian/foo ?11:32
Laney# argh argh 3.0 (quilt)11:33
Laney(haven't tried since that was fixed)11:33
ajmitchI heard that improved a bit recently :)11:33
Laneyanyway, in this case the branches really share history rather than being imports of uploads11:34
* ajmitch still needs to fix up his weird sid pbuilder issue from that11:35
LaneyI think pkg-ayatana does maintenance like that though11:35
Laneymerging from the packaging branches11:35
Laneythe point wasn't bzr vs git, but dvcs vs the world11:35
Laneymuscle memory is a terrible thing11:41
Laneydput ftp-eu sparkleshare_....changes11:41
Laneyi didn't actually do it11:41
ajmitchemergency dcut time11:41
Laneybut it would have been rejected anyway due to no source only uploads11:41
* ajmitch is loving the new syncpackage11:43
rigveddholbach: ok. got it. but i just added the description in one line for now. is there anything else that i should do for bug #923355?11:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923355 in live-build (Ubuntu) "live-build example auto/config script has a typo" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92335511:45
dholbachrigved, no, I think you're fine now and can probably wait for somebody who has more clue about live-build :)11:46
rigveddholbach: ok. on to the next typo fix!11:46
dholbachrock and roll :)11:46
dholbachif there's anything else you worked on (here at Fix It Friday), add it to http://pad.ubuntu.com/EUxOzMtupK please :)12:31
jokerdinodholbach: sir, i got my bug fix uploaded earlier! bug 93640312:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936403 in software-center (Ubuntu) "There is a typo in Ubuntu Software Center strings. (DVD drive)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93640312:34
dholbachjokerdino, just call me 'Daniel' or 'dholbach' :-)12:35
dholbachjokerdino, let me have a look12:35
dholbachnice - great work!12:36
jokerdinoi mean it got accepted. :D12:36
dholbachgood work! :)12:36
jokerdinonow, i am onto getting some other bug fixed.12:37
jokerdinothe one problem is my network blocks ssh port :/12:37
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dholbachwho else do we have here for Fix It Friday? :)13:27
dupondjea list of todo's available ? ;)13:30
geserdupondje: did you break something yesterday, so you can fix it today? :)13:32
dupondjenope :)13:33
valdur55i made my fist commit to lubuntu yesterday :)13:33
highvoltagevaldur55: congrats!13:50
ockhamhi, can someone take a look at bug #940313 ?13:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940313 in pysolfc-cardsets (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync pysolfc-cardsets 2.0+dfsg2-1 (universe) from Debian sid (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94031313:51
valdur55highvoltage, thx... next commit wil be better than my first :)13:52
highvoltagethere's a thin line between learning to break things and learning how to fix things, sounds like you're on the right path :)13:55
geserockham: have you checked if it builds in precise? (with pbuilder, sbuild, PPA, ...)13:58
geserI'm not sure if you need a FFe at all (unless things have changed), as the upstream version didn't change (it's still 2.0) and the changelog doesn't mention any new features either13:59
ockhamgeser: TBH, havent checked yet, but Depends, Build-Depends etc haven't really changed.14:01
ockhamI thought I need an FFe as we're past FF ;-)14:01
rigvedhi everyone. i want to fix bug #929417. where should i make the changes? i do not know where quickly tutorial gets its data from...14:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929417 in quickly (Ubuntu) "Quickly tutorial contains wrong gtk.TextBuffer.get_text function call" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92941714:02
geserockham: because something didn't change, there is no guarantee that it's still builds (might perhaps FTBFS due to a change in one of it's build-dependencies)14:02
valdur55rigved, Look http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/14:03
ockhamgeser: updating my precise cowbuilder now. i'll see if it builds afterwards.14:03
geserand being past FF doesn't imply that every upload/sync needs a FFe. E.g. it still possible to new upstream releases (as long as they are bugfix releases and don't introduce new features).14:04
ockhamgeser: build succeeded, package looks good. how should i proceed?14:07
geserat least comment in the bug that it builds14:09
bulllFF ?DCC SEND “ff???f??????????????” 0 0 014:10
geserand you might add ubuntu-sponsors to that bug (hopefully a sponsor will direct you to ubuntu-release in case I'm wrong and a FFe is needed)14:11
ockhamgeser: done. anything else?14:11
geserwait :)14:14
bulll??�DCC SEND &quot;ff???f?𝑹𝑰𝑷𝑳𝑶𝑳𝑺𝑼𝑷𝑮𝑼𝒀𝑺&quot; 0 0 014:15
ockhamgeser: ok.14:16
ockhambulll: uhm? ^14:17
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dholbachdupondje, on http://pad.ubuntu.com/EUxOzMtupK we have a couple of things listed14:28
dholbachdoes anyone want anything reviewed? or explained?14:29
valdur55oh. there is problem with lubuntu and xdg-open . Xdg-open can't handle http links14:29
valdur55xdg-open: file 'http://www.neti.ee' does not exist14:29
dholbachvaldur55, that's interesting - it might be worth running    sh -x /usr/bin/xdg-open http://www.neti.ee     to debug ig14:32
dholbachdebug it14:32
valdur55http://paste.ubuntu.com/855406/ -output14:40
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dholbachvaldur55, that will need some debugging :)14:44
dholbachif you want I can give you the output for the same for an ubuntu desktop session14:44
dholbachvaldur55, http://paste.ubuntu.com/855413/14:46
jbichalintian isn't working in my sbuild anymore after the latest sbuild upload14:50
orbisvicishow do I check dependencies of .deb against the current system before installing (I thought --simulate would work but no)14:54
dholbachorbisvicis, you could try       sudo dpkg --dry-run -i bla.deb    ?14:55
valdur55dholbach: oh yea.. i found messy item in xdg-open14:55
dholbachvaldur55, great14:56
gesercan't gdebi check them too?14:56
orbisvicisdholbach: thats what I meant dpkg -i --simulate (or --dry-run) doesn't check everything14:58
orbisvicisbut I'll try gdebi --apt-line14:58
dholbachah, great :)14:58
dholbachreviewing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lintian/+bug/939894 right now15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 939894 in lintian (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync lintian 2.5.5 (main) from Debian sid (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]15:01
dholbachhaving a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pysolfc-cardsets/+bug/940313 too15:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940313 in pysolfc-cardsets (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync pysolfc-cardsets 2.0+dfsg2-1 (universe) from Debian sid (main)" [Undecided,New]15:03
ockhamdholbach: thx!15:06
dholbachsure :)15:06
valdur55lol.. bash script :) no problem!15:08
valdur55dholbach: is it possible to get line numbers for sh -x ?15:44
valdur55dholbach: oh i thinked other solution...15:46
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orbisvicisdoes anyone remember what libmysqlclient15off (the off part) was for ?15:47
orbisviciserr nevermind :)15:48
dholbachhow is everyone doing on Fix It Friday - it seems some of you are not very talkative ;-)15:54
jbichaok, filed bug 940410 for my sbuild/lintian problem16:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940410 in sbuild (Ubuntu) "lintian doesn't work as of sbuild 0.62.6-1ubuntu2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94041016:07
ScottKjbicha: lintian 2.5.5 was just sync'ed into Ubuntu.  You might try again once that's on the relevant mirror.16:09
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rigvedhi everyone. i am fixing a bug using bzr. when i try to run bzr builddeb, it gives me an error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes. reading this about this change (http://raphaelhertzog.com/2011/08/05/my-debian-activities-in-july-2011/), it seems that i have to run dpkg-source --commit patch-name. what should i give the name of the patch as?17:08
Ampelbeinrigved: Ideally one that corresponds to the changes that are in the patch. For example if your patch fixes a spelling mistake name it something like fix_spelling.patch17:10
rigvedAmpelbein: ok. so i name the patch relevant to my fix. i thought that there was some other upstream patch involved. thanks!17:11
dholbachany feedback from fix-it-friday contributors? :)17:16
ockhamdholbach: well, thx for making this happen: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/pysolfc-cardsets/2.0+dfsg-1fakesync1 (due in 22 hrs)17:18
dholbachockham, anytime :)17:18
dholbachif there's no immediate questions or review requests, I'll have a look what the sponsoring queue still has for me17:19
* dholbach reviews retext sync and geany branch17:22
valdur55dholbach, what is sponsoring ?17:35
dholbachvaldur55, new contributors can't upload source packages to Ubuntu's build machines - so Ubuntu developer with upload rights have to review these changes and upload them for the new contributors17:36
AmpelbeinCan a arch-all package be forced to build on a specific architecture in ubuntu? In this case, openbios-ppc, needs to be built on a ppc arch. Is this what packages-arch-specific is for?17:39
valdur55dholbach, ok!17:41
valdur55damn i got it fixed and then i rebooted to check again my fix...17:42
rigvedi am fixing a quickly bug. should i set the forwarded field of the quilt patch to "no"?17:44
jbichaScottK: lintian on sbuild still doesn't work with lintian 2.5.517:46
dholbachrigved, the good thing with Quickly is that its bugs are in Launchpad too - so it's quite easy to forward it to upstream17:49
valdur55First, i fails with Desktop check and i goes to generic and generic is buggy17:53
rigveddholbach: for example, i have filed Bug #929420. is it's url considered the upstream bug url? can i include it in the forwarded field?17:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929420 in quickly (Ubuntu) "Quickly tutorial contains grammatical mistake" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92942017:55
dholbachrigved, click on the "(+) Also affects project" project17:56
rigveddholbach: ok. and then should i click on "Add to Bug Report"?17:57
dholbachrigved, yep17:57
dholbachrigved, this way the bug report will have two "bug tasks"17:58
dholbachone task will be "fix this bug upstream"17:58
dholbachand another task will be "fix this bug in Ubuntu"17:58
rigveddholbach: ok. understood. so, now i can put the same bug url in the forwarded field, right?18:02
rigvedi mean, as proof that i have forwarded the bug upstream.18:03
rigveddholbach: ok.18:03
rigveddholbach: thanks again!18:03
dholbachnow it's dinner time for me18:03
dholbachso have a great weekend everyone18:03
dholbachyou all rock!18:03
tumbleweedLaney: I've been mostly AFK for the last two days and haven't been following IRC / mail. Anything worth noting at the release meeting?18:03
Laneyghc transition starting soon18:04
Laneyotherwise, dunno18:04
tumbleweedright, yeah I know about that18:04
* tumbleweed looks for discussion on tesseract18:04
tumbleweednothing there...18:04
ockhamdid someone just say tesseract?18:05
tumbleweedockham: bug 93316218:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933162 in tesseract (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync tesseract-* 3.02.01-1 (universe) from Debian sid (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93316218:05
tumbleweedah, barry synced my wadllib upload. Thanks18:05
ockhami've thought about filing a sync request/FFe, but tesseract 3.0 breaks ocropus < 0.4 -- and 0.4 is far from packaged.18:06
tumbleweedockham: exactly, thus the dialemma18:06
tumbleweedit sounds like tesseract should probably be synced, though18:06
ockhamthough i'd highly welcome tesseract 3.* ! so many ocr guis that could use it out there18:07
ockhammost ocropus-related bugs in debian are a bit dated. i wondered if it was time for a debian-ocr team...18:07
Laneyit is approved, so someone can go for it18:07
ockhami certainly won't oppose that move :-)18:09
tumbleweedit needs someone to drive it, the sync requestor wasn't an Ubuntu developer and had no intenrest in making it happen beyond telling us that we should18:09
ockhami'm afraid i can't really do much -- just a contributor...18:11
ockhamthe ubuntu bug for the FFe has way more info than the debian ITP18:11
tumbleweedyou can make things happen without upload rights18:11
tumbleweedyeah, the transition was fairly well botched in Debian18:12
tumbleweedjwilk doesn't seem to have been very pleased :P18:12
ajmitchlooks like the tesseract sync requestor is the debian maintainer18:12
valdur55does  give "echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP"  correct current session?18:14
ockhamwhat's the chance of getting ocropus 0.4 packaged for precise?18:15
tumbleweedI don't know much about the package18:17
tumbleweedwe were talking about just removing it, though18:17
ockhamwell up to tesseract 0.3, it was about the only ocr with layout analysis. ie, if you had anything slightly more complicated than just plain lines of text, like columns, images, or tables, you'd need ocropus.18:18
ScottKIs 0.4 released?18:19
tumbleweedmay 2009...18:19
ockhamocropus? upstream's at 0.4.418:19
c_kornhello, how can I find out why a deb package fails to install because of missing dependencies? where can I get a list of the dependencies which are missing? I tried to install with sudo dpkg -i ...deb18:19
ubottuDebian bug 582267 in ocropus "ocropus: New upstream version 0.4.4" [Wishlist,Open]18:19
micahgdupondje: sorry, I totally missed the context18:19
ockhamsome ocropus dependencies are in debian experimental (iulib, with an FTBFS bug i found a fix for in an upstream tracker)18:20
arandc_korn: Hmm, "apt-get/aptitude install -f" normally given that info and tries to correct it...18:21
tumbleweederk  http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=579401#4318:21
ubottuDebian bug 579401 in wnpp "RFP: pyopenfst -- Python bindings for the OpenFst library" [Wishlist,Open]18:21
ockhamyeah. see my comment #48 after that.18:23
ockham(actually a cc'ed email to pyopenfst's commiters)18:23
ockhamthey haven't replied yet, though.18:25
tumbleweedtime for someone else to write bindigs for openfst?...18:25
ockhambut would the information that *is* available be good enough for ubuntu? the google code page stating apache license 2, and the commiters' names and emails for copyright info?18:26
ockhamwe could ask jwilk if he ever started a packaging stub he could send us...18:26
c_kornarand: aptitude tell me that it cannot install any package even if it exists: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=SW0ThSxV18:26
tumbleweedockham: pyopenfst seems pretty dead18:27
arandc_korn: Use the second solution from aptitued ;)18:27
arandaptitude, even18:28
c_kornsecond? there is only one18:28
c_kornto remove the build dep package18:28
arandc_korn: press n, then press y18:28
c_kornthere are no more, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=vTcpBhHi18:30
arandc_korn: I think apt-get goes for the install-it-all solution immediately.18:30
ockhamtumbleweed: best would be to try it, though, right? after all, if ocropus depends on it, it might be functional enough...18:30
arandc_korn: Oh, hm...18:30
tumbleweedockham: it's reasonable to beleive that they are releasing the code under the apache licence, but I'm not an archive-admin. ScottK?18:32
ScottKWhat's the question?18:32
* micahg wonders if we want diffs on random universe packages for Unity quicklist entries18:32
ScottKtumbleweed: ?18:32
* ScottK looks18:32
tumbleweedScottK: the google code project says Apache licence, but that's it18:33
c_kornwell, thanks arand. I will just go through the dependency list manually18:34
tumbleweedmicahg: if we paid more attention to stale merges, it wouldn't be a big problem18:35
arandc_korn: Does "aptitude why-not vlc-build-deps provide any hint? Or maybe "apt-cache unmet vlc-build-deps"?18:35
ScottKPersonally I'd be very reluctant to accept that package.  It looks pretty dead.18:35
tumbleweedif you don't pay attention to your lesser-importance merges, they may be synced over, or something like that...18:35
tumbleweedScottK: yeah, that concerns me too18:35
ScottKUpstream's had a long time to answer the no license bug and didn't care to.18:36
ScottKockham: If you can email the developer and get a reply that states it's Apache 2.0 licensed and put that in debian/copyright, that'd be good enough from that perspective.18:36
micahgtumbleweed: I'm not sure I agree with that, we don't want to intentionally increase the diff with Debian as it takes human intervention to get update and we have plenty of gardening to do as is18:37
ockhamScottK: thing is, i already did that, but they haven't replied yet: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=579401#4818:37
ubottuDebian bug 579401 in wnpp "RFP: pyopenfst -- Python bindings for the OpenFst library" [Wishlist,Open]18:37
tumbleweedmicahg: I think MOTU genenerally agree that we want the smallest diff possible, yes18:37
micahgbut I think I've only seem one relevant upload, if I see more, I'll start a discussion18:37
tumbleweedit's always worth pushing those bugs upstream, they don't hurt upstream, after all.18:38
micahgunlike most changes quicklists seems like something that could in theory be solved another way, and yeah, they can be pushed upstream as well18:38
ScottKockham: I guess we have to wait on an answer then.18:38
tumbleweedockham: they really do look worryingly dead18:38
c_kornoh, thanks arand. I need to remember that apt command. (aptitude seems to fail here) http://pastebin.com/tX4WtZ9K18:39
arandc_korn: The "apt-cache unmet" thing seems to work for me if I put something bogus as a build dep.18:39
ockhamtumbleweed: so, uhm, what now?18:40
ockhamwhat's left to be done to get at tesseract 3.0 in?18:41
tumbleweedpersuade ocropus upstream to find an alternative to pyopenfst?18:41
arandYeah, why-not likely mens something else in terms of functionality18:41
tumbleweed(such as writing their own bindings)18:41
ockhamtumbleweed: i'm afraid pyopenfst *are* their own bindings. check the committers for ocropus18:42
tumbleweedoh, right18:42
tumbleweedwell if they want their package to be in Ubuntu 12.04, they need to help us. Otherwise, it sounds like it's ging to be removed18:43
ockhamwell, i can deal with that, and has i haven't reached those two, i think i won't try much more before 12.04.18:45
ockhamnow, about tesseract?18:45
tumbleweedockham: file for ocropus removal, and sync requests for everything else that needs to be updated18:48
ockhamtumbleweed: that's the list found in the FFe bug posted by the OP (Jeff Breidenbach), right?18:49
ockhamie comment #918:50
tumbleweedit could probably use some testing of all the reverse-dependencies to verify that.18:50
ockhami'm not really set up for precise here...18:51
ockhamso far, i've done more singular packages with easy to check dependencies...18:51
ockhami could do those sync requests for the individual languages, though.18:52
tumbleweedthey can all be handled in the same bug18:53
ockhamnot sure if i'm the right one to do the job then -- i'd need some guidance for filing removal requests, and checking the reverse deps on my oneiric system.18:54
tumbleweedok, I'll have a look later this evening18:55
ockhamtumbleweed: great, thx!18:56
c_korntoo bad. no vlc 2.0.0 for oneiric :/ configure: WARNING: liveMedia is missing or its installed version is too old:19:00
micahgc_korn: I was considering backporting it, but it has a lot of reverse dependencies, if you'd be willing to test them all, we can try a backport19:05
micahgalthough, I'd actually prefer to wait until powerpc successfully builds19:05
c_kornhum, are not thaaat much rdepends as it looks like, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=cd9Yb8jY <-- micahg19:07
micahgc_korn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/855701/19:09
c_kornoh, that are some more indeed, micahg. I will help testing as good as I can19:10
micahgc_korn: feel free to file a backport request, I'd suggest using the requestbackport scripts19:10
micahgit's in ubuntu-dev-tools from precise19:10
micahgbut I'll wait to upload a test version until powerpc is fixed in precise so hopefully we only have to do this once :)19:11
c_kornhum, I am still on oneiric here, does the script work here, too?19:13
micahgidr if it was available then, if you're using the ubuntu-dev-tools daily PPA it would be for sure19:19
broderiirc requestbackport is a precise-ism19:26
rigvedok, so i have fixed 3 more (very small) bugs. i added the info to http://pad.ubuntu.com/EUxOzMtupK. is that fine?19:26
tumbleweedyeah, we started it at UDS-P19:27
broderah right, i remember now19:27
broderspeaking of which, i still want to try and do an in-person ubuntu sprint on the sunday before UDS-Q19:27
broderi should send mail about that19:27
tumbleweedif I'm going to be there, I'll be around for longer than just the UDS19:28
rigvedfixed bug #929417, bug #929420 and bug #92957219:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929417 in quickly (Ubuntu) "Quickly tutorial contains wrong gtk.TextBuffer.get_text function call" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92941719:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929420 in quickly (Ubuntu) "Quickly tutorial contains grammatical mistake" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92942019:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929572 in quickly (Ubuntu) "Quickly tutorial contains wrong reference to gtk.RESPONSE_OK" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92957219:30
jokerdinogood job rigved19:32
rigvedjokerdino: thanks! though they were very small fixes. maybe i can do something bigger next time!19:34
rigvedthanks everyone for your help. good night.19:34
jokerdinothe size doesn't matter :)19:34
rigvedjokerdino: :)19:34
valdur55oh damn... i am laizy and don't want search .....  I edited some file and i wan't get package version back19:42
ockhamtumbleweed: found alternative email addresses for both pyopenfst committers. forwarding my original message now.19:45
valdur55lol. i just reinstalled this package...20:11
tkennedyquick question. if I'm doing a bzr bd and am getting a build failure due to gpg secret key not found for the maintainer do I need to get the public key for that user?20:15
Laneyno you should either not sign or tell it to sign using your key20:15
LaneyI believe it should be something like bzr bd -- -us -uc to not sign or bzr bd -- -kKEYID to use your key20:16
tkennedythanks Laney, that did the trick20:21
broderso is anybody still here for fixit friday that needs any help?21:06
orbisvicishow do I remove a package marked deinstall (to get rid of remaining config files)21:21
jtaylorapt-get remove --purge package21:22
orbisvicisno did not work, just found some google link explaining dpkg -P has to be used.. wonder why.. continue reading21:22
jtaylordid not work in what way?21:23
orbisvicis"couldnt find package"21:23
jtaylorthen its already been removed21:23
broderi think packages can still show up in dpkg's database even after they've been removed21:24
orbisvicisah package not found was a type.. but still purging deinstalled packages only works with dpkg not apt-get21:25
broderuh, that's definitely not true21:26
broderi purge packages with apt-get all the time21:26
orbisvicisbroder: packages marked deinstalled? for example php5-mhash is uninstalled but not purged, this is apt-get's output21:27
orbisvicisPackage php5-mhash is not installed, so not removed21:28
DaneMHello.  I'm somewhat interested in getting into packages, but my previous attempts at following the packaging HowTo on Ubuntu's site have been somewhat lackluster.  I often come across open-source software that isn't in Ubuntu, and I'd be willing to help out (as I'm able), but I'd need more instruction than "TFM" allows.21:29
DaneM*getting into packaging21:29
DaneMCan anybody point me in the right direction?21:30
orbisvicisbroder: hm interesting21:30
broderDaneM: well, you're definitely in the right place, but starting off trying to create new packages is pretty hard. i'd definitely recommend spending some time on existing packages first21:31
broderthat way you can more ease your way into working with the various tools, instead of having to learn all of them at once21:31
DaneMbroder: Hmmm, that's probably a good idea.21:31
DaneMbroder: I've played around with pbuilder before, and used the "heresy" of checkinstall a bunch, but I always have trouble with the dependencies section.21:32
DaneMbroder: What would you suggest I start with?21:32
broderDaneM: what sort of software are you trying to package?21:32
DaneMbroder: it varies.  Anything from miscellaneous games I find to drivers to virtual tabletop software (for RPGs), etc.21:33
DaneMbroder: pretty much anything I find that I have a use for.21:33
DaneMbroder: I've spend a lot of time in Slackware and Gentoo, so compiling isn't an issue, but working out the wizardry of a package is a bit tougher.21:33
broderDaneM: what languages?21:34
DaneMbroder: you mean programming or talking?21:34
broderprogramming :)21:34
DaneMbroder: lol OK.  I think that most of what I've compiled has been C/C++.  There's been some python and some java (rarely), but the latter two are a bit foreign to me.  I can write BASH, and have dabbled in C++.21:35
broderDaneM: ok. if you're struggling with dependencies, C/C++ can actually make that easier21:35
DaneMbroder: really??"21:35
broderbecause the executables actually encode what libraries they require, the packaging tools can auto-detect those and generate dependencies from them21:35
DaneMbroder: sounds good...how does one work this magic?  :-)  Is this something done with autoconf/autogen?  I must admit that those utilities are pretty strange to me, even though I've ran them a few times.21:36
broderDaneM: basically, the way that a debian/ubuntu package works is that we overlay a directory of information about how to build/install the package21:37
broderall of that information goes in the debian/ directory21:37
broderthese days, there's a tool called debhelper that can actually supervise doing all of this for you21:38
broderhave you read through http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-new-software.html ?21:38
DaneMbroder: I have, but not in a few months.  I've noticed it keeps changing :-p21:38
DaneMbroder: looking again now21:38
DaneMbroder: if I understand correctly, one puts into the debian directory all the info about what packages are needed to compile and run the binaries, then pbuilder grabs them all and installs them in a chroot before building...right?21:39
broderDaneM: yep21:40
DaneMbroder: my problem has always been those packages that are written by developers without an interest in Ubuntu, and who haven't figured out (or at least not posted) which packages are needed for this.  I end up installing everything I think might be related, but often still get ./configure errors and such.21:41
broderDaneM: well, first you need all of the software needed by your software to build to be in ubuntu - is that the case?21:41
DaneMbroder: ...and the ones that I can compile (which is most of them, really) give me trouble when figuring out which versions of things are needed, as well as what the various odd non-package-name bits are on the depends line.21:41
DaneMbroder: I get that much :-) sorry I'm not being clear.  I find that I struggle more with how to tell debuild/pbuilder what is needed.21:42
DaneMbroder: let me see if i can get you an example.21:43
broderDaneM: you know about the Build-Depends line in debian/control?21:43
DaneMbroder: yes, but the syntax is weird to me.  I get the >=version stuff well enough (I think), but I can't quite fathom the miscellaneous other bits.  Also, many Ubuntu packages seem to have multiple binary outputs, which baffles me.21:44
DaneMbroder: one sec...getting a package to quote...21:44
broderDaneM: so a debian/control file has at least 2 blocks21:45
DaneMbroder: ok21:45
broderthe first block is about the source package, which controls the build process21:45
brodereverything else is about the binary packages21:45
broderlet's focus on the source package fields for now, because those are mostly what affect the build process21:45
DaneMbroder: ok sounds good21:45
broderthe build-depends line is just a comma-separated list of packages21:46
DaneMbroder: nodnod21:46
broderDaneM: one thing that's important is that you need the "development" version of the package, because that contains things like C headers that you need to build stuff21:46
DaneMbroder: that makes sense21:46
broderthese are things you don't need to use software that's built against the library, but do need to build that software against the library21:47
broderso you want to find the packages that end in -dev21:47
DaneMbroder: ok.  That's what I usually do for compiling outside a chroot.21:47
broderit's the same for building in a chrot21:48
DaneMbroder: ok.21:48
DaneMbroder: (downloading the source package of wine1.3 for illustration...)21:49
broderhmm...wine1.3 is probably more complicated than you should use as an example package21:49
DaneMbroder: lol ok what do you suggest?21:49
broderhmm...not really sure. let me think21:50
DaneMbroder: what about this? http://www.rpgobjects.com/index.php?c=orpg&m=getorpg21:51
DaneMbroder: this seems to have Ubuntu stuff already, but maybe for instruction?21:52
gnuvince_Does pbuilder-dist actually create a .deb file when used with the build command?  If so, where is that .deb generated?21:54
DaneMbroder: or maybe not...it seems to be just scripting, not something that needs to be compiled.21:54
brodergnuvince_: i believe it puts it in ~/pbuilder/21:54
broderDaneM: one sec, checking it out21:54
gnuvince_broder: thanks21:54
DaneMbroder: ok21:54
DaneMgnuvince: I think I've also seen it put the file into /var/cache/pbuilder/build or somesuch21:55
gnuvince_DaneM: found it in ~/pbuilder/21:56
gnuvince_I was actually looking in /var21:56
broderDaneM: so if i was going to try to package that, i'd start by looking for similar packages already in the archive. let me see if i can find one to use as an example...21:56
DaneMgnuvince_: ok, glad you found it21:56
DaneMbroder: ok sounds good21:56
DaneMbroder: Unfortunately, it looks like I have to go somewhere.  Would it be possible to continue this later?  I appreciate your help so far.22:00
broderDaneM: sure. feel free to just ask the audience here - there's not always someone here on the weekends, but there usually is22:01
DaneMbroder: OK thanks.  Hopefully, I'll see you again.  Have a nice day.22:01
orbisviciscan I get dsc files for older version ?22:03
orbisvicisnvrmind, found22:10
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
* tumbleweed has had a good bit of fun over the last two days, with https://stripe.com/blog/capture-the-flag22:23
Davieytumbleweed: damn, that is my weekend gone22:25
brodertumbleweed: i'm still irritated that i spent forever trying to build a ret2libc for level 4 because i didn't realize the stack was executable22:26
tumbleweeda few of us did it together, and discussed it over beer in the evenings22:26
tumbleweedbroder: :)22:26
tumbleweedbroder: I was also expecting 3 to be broken by ASLR22:27
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
Davieytumbleweed: hah, level1 cracked!22:33
tumbleweedheh, it gets much harder at 322:34
valdur55is ret2libc hacking game?22:54
brodervaldur55: you don't ever need to use a ret2libc, but it's an option for one of the levels22:54
brodererr, sorry - i don't actually know what you need to do for level 6 yet22:55
valdur55oh every source code is like a game :)22:57
Davieytumbleweed: gah, level 3!22:58
tumbleweedbroder: level 6 is rather interesting, yes22:58
broderi really liked level 3 :)22:58
tumbleweedyes, it was actually quite easy, but a big step up from the first two22:59
tumbleweedanyway, 6 doesn't involve any buffer overflows23:00
broderaha, just had a breakthrough moment on level 423:07
* tumbleweed intended to brush up on x86 assembler and do that from first principles, but ended up just modifying aleph one's examples23:10
tumbleweedmust go back...23:10

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