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Tm_Toh goody06:37
ROBERT0hi hi hi07:54
bazhangROBERT0, hi07:55
average_drifterhi, I've been banned on #ubuntu07:56
average_drifterbecause I was offtopic07:56
average_drifterI'd like the ban to be removed because I don't agree with being banned on the sole reason that I've been offtopic07:56
average_drifterI don't think that's the way channels should work07:56
Tm_Taverage_drifter: that's not the reason you were banned07:58
Tm_Tas I already explained this to you /:07:58
average_drifterTm_T: ok, why was I banned ?07:58
Tm_Taverage_drifter: on how you reacted after being asked to stop the offtopic in our support channel07:59
bazhang 2012-02-21T06:42:45 <average_drifter> can I make "that's what she said jokes" with a girl ? I mean, is it something that people would do ?07:59
bazhang 2012-02-21T06:44:05 <average_drifter> pangolin: you're an off topic nazi07:59
bazhangand the like07:59
average_drifterwell I still believe he was, if I take the logs I can give you evidence of like 9999999 cases where people have been offtopic and they didn't get banned08:00
average_drifterand you ban me08:00
Tm_Taverage_drifter: calling people nazi is not going to be allowed in our channels08:00
Tm_Taverage_drifter: and I explained this to you, if you disagree with someone on how channel should work, you don't insist arguing or calling names on support channel, but here08:01
average_drifterTm_T: he pissed me off08:01
Tm_Taverage_drifter: there's NO excuse for bad behaviour08:01
bazhangROBERT0, just a moment please08:01
average_drifterTm_T: and there's no excuse for not properly enforcing your rules on everybody08:01
ROBERT0take your time08:01
Jordan_Uaverage_drifter: Comparisons to nazis are never appropriate.08:01
Tm_Taverage_drifter: that's a separate discussion08:01
average_drifterJordan_U: so what's the problem if I want to make a joke ?! I can give you 99999 examples of people who were offtopic and weren't banned08:02
average_drifterTm_T: no it's not a separate discussion, it's part of this discussion08:02
Tm_Taverage_drifter: you weren't banned because you were offtopic, as I have been explaining to you multiple times08:02
Tm_Tso stop arguing that08:02
average_drifterso what was I banned for ? because some butt-hurt dude got pissed off for being called names ?08:03
average_drifterif he pisses people off that's what he gets08:03
average_drifterit's normal08:03
Tm_Taverage_drifter: you continue calling people with names, stop08:03
Tm_Taverage_drifter: and stop excusing bad behaviour too if you want the ban be removed08:04
average_drifterTm_T: I'm continuing to have a ban which I don't agree and don't deserve. Why ?08:04
Tm_Taverage_drifter: because you continue your misbehaviour08:04
average_drifterno I'm not08:05
average_drifterIt's called disagreeing08:05
Tm_Tyou can disagree and still behave08:05
average_drifterI will put pangolin on ignore, I think that will solve the problem08:05
average_driftermay I have my ban removed now ?08:06
Tm_Tignoring an op isn't accepted08:06
average_drifterisn't accepted ? since when it's not accepted ? as long as I have this feature in my IRC client ?08:06
average_drifterwow man, I really thought you guys were reasonable08:07
average_drifterbut I get the impression you're not08:07
average_drifterI've been using this distro for a lot of time now.. but jeez... if you treat me like that I might even consider droping it altogether08:08
average_drifterif you treat users so badly on the channels08:09
average_drifterno feedback ?08:09
Tm_Taverage_drifter: ops in channel should never be ignored, as they are going to warn you if you are in danger of being banned/removed due to breaking channel rules08:10
Tm_Tyou don't see warnings because of your personal choice -> more difficult to discuss the issue08:10
average_drifterTm_T: I don't respect oppinions or what unreasonable ops like pangolin have to say08:11
average_drifterTm_T: I don't respect him08:11
average_drifterin any way08:11
pangolinaverage_drifter: I'll make this simple. Our sandbox, our rules. the ban will not be removed.08:11
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.08:12
average_drifterpangolin: you don't have any rules man, if you had rules they would've been applied for all users08:12
pangolinPlease /part this channel. We are done here.08:12
average_drifterpangolin: if you have some personal issue with me then I don't think you're applying any rule08:12
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bazhang* [answernow] (~anonymous@ purple08:43
bazhanglooks like the same answerasap / helpmeasap /etc08:43
ikoniais he a problem ?08:43
bazhangASAPanswerNOW (~anonymous@
pangolinhe left08:44
bazhangvery misleading. also nicked to lolyourmum/sweetsugar/stfu08:44
ikoniaoh that guy08:45
bazhanglubuntu vbox on a lubuntu live cd08:45
ikoniathis guy is a real problem08:55
bazhangthought you meant expectarun08:56
Silverlionikonia: where is this guy08:56
ikoniain #ubuntu08:56
bazhangSilverlion, #ubuntu08:56
ikoniabazhang: no, I just think he was trying to not say "I'm not using ubuntu"08:56
Tm_Tikonia: ...seriously?08:59
ikoniaTm_T: who/what ?09:00
bazhangbeing an issue09:00
ikoniaooh yes09:00
Tm_The's around again?09:01
Tm_T /:09:01
bazhanghe just said "what brand" unless I missed something09:01
ikoniathat's it09:01
ikoniaI wasn't saying he is being a problem, I'm saying to watch him, he is a problem09:01
bazhangie what brand wireless device expectarun was using09:01
bazhangyeah the nick is familiar, but did not see a problem in this instance09:02
ikoniazero problem in this instance09:02
ikoniamore "be aware"09:02
ikoniahe's a real problem09:02
Myrttigordon1234: hello09:50
gordon1234Hi Myrtti09:51
Myrttigordon1234: how can we help you today?09:51
gordon1234Myrtti .. not really ... didn't know what went on in this channel! Sorry if it is private.09:52
Tm_Tgordon1234: hi, please read channel topic (:09:53
gordon1234Sorry ... bye09:53
sagacibulll in -meeting and -motu?14:17
Piciwas klined14:23
ikonialamer13300980470 is m4dh4tter16:26
Silverlionnixternal: hey there21:59
bazhang<ENtirelyNewUser> Extracted the .zip using winrar zip, and mounted the Iso using PowerIso22:59
bazhangthat does not sound like a correct wubi method22:59
Silverlionbazhang: is the user in #u?23:03
bazhang.ye is Yemen ?23:03

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