BealhormMy question is; Huawei is a small player, so I recon in the beginning it won't be supported, but will it eventually?00:32
tallnerd1985Sup everyone05:37
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e-frameHi, I' an ubuntu and android user. how can i try ubuntu on android phone?06:22
e-frames/I' an/I'm06:22
mainerrore-frame: Currently you can't.07:58
e-framemainerror: so is it now only for developers and manufacturer?08:13
e-framei watched video on youtube, and it looks great. Like when I use my old archos on tv with usb keyboard plugged in.08:15
mainerrorIt is definitely great. I can't wait to get to test it myself.08:16
e-frameyeah, mee too. first time I use that setup on archos, i was thinking about having ubuntu on my android phone.09:35
ikonianot quite the hive of buzz and excitement I was expecting12:19
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tarelerulzTo do the whole Ubuntu for Android , what software do you need?15:30
ikoniaandroid...and the ubuntu application16:08
mainerrorI'm not sure if that will be an application at all.16:28
Hiob10hiobis this the right channel for ubuntu on android?16:30
Myrttiit's the best we know of for it16:31
Hiob10hiobany new news?16:32
reesk92haya everyone16:47
Hiob10hiobhas somebody ubuntu on a tablet?16:48
reesk92i will in a few moments16:48
reesk92its on  my list o things i wanna do16:48
HacDanI have an ubuntu rootstock imaging being pushed over, but it's not what I'm looking to do ultimately16:49
Hiob10hiobon which tablet?16:50
reesk92cnm touchpad 216:50
CyberDawgipad1 here16:50
reesk92thats not a androiid tablet16:51
HacDanyou won't be running ubuntu on an ipad any time soon16:51
CyberDawgI know16:51
reesk92well who knows16:51
reesk92jailbreaking is getting easier16:52
CyberDawgIm sure it will be done but whats the point16:52
CyberDawgthe ipad 1 is almost a door stop16:53
Hiob10hiobreesk92: low ram and cpu :/16:53
reesk92please dont upset me16:53
reesk92i love my touchpad 216:53
CyberDawgmy son in law has the samsung galaxy16:54
CyberDawghe loves it16:54
MyrttiI've got ExoPC running 11.10, planning to upgrade it to 12.04 this weekend16:54
reesk92so ubuntu wont work on th touchpad 216:54
Hiob10hiobreesk: y?16:55
Hiob10hiobMyritti: how long is the batterie life?16:55
reesk92im confused16:55
reesk92what has low ram and cpu16:55
reesk92mine has16:56
reesk92System Memory: DDR2 256MB16:56
Hiob10hiobreesk92: your tablet?16:56
reesk92so does that mean no ubuntu16:56
reesk92ARM11 600MHz16:56
Hiob10hiobi would say no unity16:56
MyrttiHiob10hiob: I've not really looked into it too much16:56
reesk92not a big deal16:56
reesk92will it till run android stuff16:57
HacDanwhat is a touchpad 2?16:57
Hiob10hiobdoes anybody know how ubuntu on android will work?16:58
reesk92its a android tablet16:58
Hiob10hiobit is like a chrooted ubuntu?16:58
HacDannever heard of it16:58
HacDanHiob10hiob: yes it's a chroot16:58
reesk92where can we get it16:58
HacDanit's not released yet.16:59
HacDanand I don't think it will be released to the public16:59
HacDanthey're only talking to manufactureres at the moment16:59
reesk92oh come on16:59
HacDanit requires kernel integration16:59
reesk92they will fuck it up16:59
reesk92look what they did to android16:59
Myrttimind the language16:59
reesk92they made so many freaking changes to it google can no longer make updates16:59
HacDanMyrtti: there are language restrictions in here?17:00
reesk92so now its left to the manufactures to update android17:00
reesk92and they have little to know interest17:00
MyrttiHacDan: I'd really prefer if we could keep the discussion civilised and professional17:00
reesk92theyd rather sell a new phone with the updates on it17:00
HacDanI'm fine with that, only curious if there are.17:00
reesk92phone companies do horrible things to opensource stuf17:01
Hiob10hiobwhy do you think they wont upload the source?17:01
reesk92i hope buntu does17:01
reesk92but as for hardware namufctures they wont release anything17:01
HacDanHiob10hiob: beacuse that's the response I got from them in an email.17:02
Hiob10hiobif they upload the source to xda , in two weeks it would run on any newer device17:03
reesk92 im not a happy bunny about any of this17:03
Hiob10hiobi am a bit frighten Canonical dont stay opensource17:05
reesk92i can see this going like andoird did17:06
reesk92its opensource untill manufactures start making chnges and locking stuff down17:07
reesk92and now you have 2 options to upgrade17:07
reesk92hope some genius reengineered a update for your device17:07
reesk92or buy the net epensive phone17:07
Hiob10hiobbut android is still open, you just have to root it17:07
reesk92its not open if you hav to root it17:07
Hiob10hiobyou dont have to, but you can17:08
reesk92thats like saying my house is open if you pick the lock17:08
reesk92i jut dont like it17:08
reesk92im going to go install ubuntu 11 and hope to god its purdy enough to calm me down17:09
MrChrisDruifreesk92; .04 or .10 ?17:10
Hiob10hiobon your tablet?17:12
reesk92no laptop17:12
reesk92dont get me started on why it isnt going n my tablet17:12
Hiob10hiobwhich OS are you running now?17:12
reesk92win 717:13
reesk9264 bit17:13
reesk92i kinda like win 717:13
reesk92but theres not alot that im running on there that has to be win 717:13
reesk92maybe minecraft and mclauncher but there java17:14
reesk92so there just gonna be a 20 minite job of writing a launch file17:17
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micgrobHave you tested ubuntu on android? If so, whats your opinion21:03
Shipper_hehe, i cant test it, i don't got an smartphone but i'am interested in it21:05
micgrobDoes anyone have the download?21:05
HacDanmicgrob: it's not released yet21:05
HacDanso, no one has publicly tested it.21:06
HacDanword on the street is it won't be open-sourced either, but that's only what canonical told me21:06
mgjsounds very illegal to have it be closed source21:08
HacDanhow so?21:08
mgjunless, ofcourse, its an entire new OS that has nothing to do with GNU/Linux21:08
Shipper_u can take a look on engadget http://htl.li/9hgkB21:08
mgjHacDan, GPL ?21:09
HacDanthe only part that will be closed source will be the android integration bits21:09
HacDanthey don't have to GPL everything they write21:09
mgjso not illegal, just silly :P21:09
HacDanoh yes, them making money is so silly21:09
Myrttiperhaps it would be wiser to not spread rumours around... just sayin21:11
HacDanyes, them sending me an email is a rumor21:11
mgjpretty much, yeah21:11
HacDanor how about their interview with engadget? is that a good enough source for oyu?21:11
mgjlol, no.21:11
HacDan"We asked if Canonical would make the OS available to us ordinary folk sooner than that, so we can play with it and give our feedback, but that just isn't part of the company's game plan right now"21:11
Myrttiwell that's a bit different than "it won't be open sourced"21:12
HacDanI'll reword21:13
HacDanthey have no plans of making it open-source at this time21:13
MyrttiIf I've understood open source licenses correctly, you're allowed to do development on your own time on top of the icy mountain at Spitzbergen and release the stuff to open when you're finally releasing the product out.21:15
HacDanfine, I'm sure it'll be open-source eventully21:15
HacDanthey're just seeding it to manufacturers for the time being21:15

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