NCommanderskaet: you around? I need to confirm some things for precise SRU hardware enabelement00:24
skaetNCommander,  yup00:33
NCommanderskaet: would this be a good time for a call?00:34
skaetNCommander, sure00:34
skaetslangasek, have updated MilestoneProcess and BetaProcess with the results of today's IRC discussions - could you (and any other member of the release team who's interested ;) ) give it a review?01:06
micahgcould someone please let xubuntu-meta through?01:24
infinitymicahg: Again?01:26
micahgthis is the first upload today :)01:26
infinitymicahg: Didn't I NEW... Oh, that was defaults.01:27
micahgit'll need binNEW in a while also01:27
Riddellhmm, I screwed up on my removals?01:27
Riddellsorry about that01:27
infinityRiddell: A lot. :P01:27
infinitymicahg: Yeah, I'm watching for it.01:27
micahginfinity: thanks01:27
infinityRiddell: Do you have a list of everything you removed, perchance?01:28
infinityRiddell: Failing that, it's raw SQL to try to figure it all out.  Or guesswork.01:28
micahginfinity: how much longer will you be around?  I need to upload 2 ubuntustudio sources in a few hours before I can upload the meta again01:28
Riddellinfinity: all that http://paste.kde.org/428138/01:29
Riddellhmm whyever did I do that?01:29
infinitymicahg: I'll be idling.01:29
* micahg pokes superm1 or Daviey to reupload mythbuntu-lightdm-theme01:30
infinityRiddell: Was it possible there was meth involved?01:31
micahggilir took care of lubuntu and I've got xubuntu and ubuntustudio, so I think we'll be good01:31
Riddellinfinity: no, just severe head trauma01:31
* Riddell hangs head in shame01:31
infinityWe'll get you a new skull.01:32
infinityI'll gift-wrap one for you for UDS.01:32
RiddellI'm going to sleep, if you notice any other mess ups I've made do text (SMS) me01:39
infinityRiddell: Letting you sleep seems slightly less cruel.01:42
infinityRiddell: G'night.01:42
superm1micahg: what needs to be changed and uploaded?02:19
micahgsuperm1: just a no change rebuild unless you need other changes, the binaries were removed accidentally this morning02:20
superm1micahg: oh i see.02:20
superm1okay i'll take care of it02:20
jbichaI think I need to go to bed, making mistakes now, could someone go ahead and reject gnome-disk-utility?02:49
skaetmythbuntu-lightdm-theme no change rebuild passed through.03:28
* skaet --> zzz time.03:30
slangasekskaet: process page changes look good to me03:33
superm1no change rebuild on mythbuntu-lightdm-theme is still in NEW?03:39
micahgsuperm1: the binaries were removed, so it needed binNEWing03:41
superm1oh, that's annoying03:41
micahgsuperm1: that was the whole point of the upload :)03:42
superm1i didn't realize they'd have to go through NEW again, but yeah makes sense03:43
micahgbinary not in archive in release it's uploaded to requires binNEW03:44
stgraberok, let's see how long that python script will work until it crashes ;) that's basically a 50 lines long script poking at the LP API and doing almost raw IRC (well, python-irclib), minimal but might do the trick04:16
stgraberactually, I'll add some more exception handling around the LP code, just in case LP doesn't answer for some reason ;)04:17
stgrabernow it should be ready to deal with LP going offline sometimes04:26
stgraberwill see if it's still around tomorrow morning ;)04:27
stgraberok, and now we have package sets too04:43
* micahg wonders who uploaded a PPA version to precise :)04:46
stgrabermicahg: "02:49 < jbicha> I think I need to go to bed, making mistakes now, could someone go ahead and reject gnome-disk-utility?"04:49
micahgah, right, I  actually saw that :)04:49
* micahg figured someone would've done it by now :)04:50
ScottKRejected then.04:51
stgraberI guess it'd be nice to put some of that germinate magic into the bot so instead of package sets it can tell you if it's on a media or if it's seeded or if it's a build-dep of something seeded04:54
micahgstgraber: we do have the seeded-in-ubuntu and reverse-dependency tools04:57
stgrabermicahg: yep, would just need to make some caching as seeded-in-ubuntu takes longer than parsing the whole queue does ;)04:59
micahgif you check before posting it, does it matter with the amount of packages we gets?05:01
stgraberprobably doesn't if run in a separate thread. Currently the function looking at the queue is fast enough that I shouldn't be missing any of the IRC PING/PONG but if it gets much slower, then the bot might get disconnected depending on the server's configuration05:03
Riddellthat queue is filling up :)10:01
pittiI did a review round about two hours  or so ago10:03
* pitti has another look10:03
pitticouple of nice FTBFS fixes10:04
pittithe other fixes look ok as well, and all unseeded/universe10:05
pitti^ CVE fix, accepting too10:06
ajmitchpitti: sorry for filling up the queue, just trying to go for important fixes for unseeded packages :)10:29
Riddellpitti: when doing a review what are you looking for?10:42
Riddellworking out if packages aren't on CDs?10:42
Riddellthen of the ones that are what do you look for?10:42
pittiRiddell: mostly that it's safe at this point, i. e. very cautious for packages on install images10:43
pittiand not introducing new libraries/transitions etc. for universe10:43
pittibug fixes, FTBFS fixes etc. are fine for universe10:43
pitti(and very welcome in fact)10:43
Riddellprecise_probs.html looking so much nicer, thanks pitti :)10:43
ajmitchpitti: so something like augeas, which I think is seeded - should I sponsor the upload & have it sit in the queue until after beta 1?10:48
pittiajmitch: depends on the kind of changes10:48
pittithe CDs are by far not finalized yet10:48
pittifor one, the ubuntu ones are all oversized10:48
pittiwe might get a ffox/tbird upload to help there10:48
ajmitchjust an added depends on the -dev package to libxml2-dev10:48
ajmitchchange is by Laney, so I think it's sensible :)10:48
pittiajmitch: that sounds like it'd fix FTBFS of other packages, and thus sonuds fine10:48
pittianythign which doesn't change the structure of the packaging, library transisions, etc.10:49
pitti(or break FF/UIF, of course)10:49
ajmitchI'll upload & let you check then, I've test-built it10:49
Laneywhat is the 'daily' seed?10:49
pittiLaney: uh?10:50
LaneyI ran: $ seeded-in-ubuntu augeas10:50
Laneyaugeas-lenses (from augeas) is seeded in: ubuntu-server: daily10:50
pittinice tool10:50
pittiI ususally look at the Task: header in apt-cache show10:50
Laneyyeah, tumbleweed wrote it10:50
Laneyit can take a source package, which is helpful10:51
pittiLaney: so I guess it means it's on the alternate CD (daily-live is desktop)10:51
pittiLaney: corresponding to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/10:51
ajmitchreally, queuebot? ubuntu-desktop for augeas? :)10:51
Laneyit's true10:52
pittiit's not on any image10:52
pittinot libaugeas0, anyway10:52
Riddellpitti: you expect to get rid of the oversizing for this beta?10:57
pittiRiddell: we'll discuss it in today's release meeting10:58
pittiI hope we can land ffox/tbird, then it's either python3 or yet another langpack10:58
pittiI think we still have two10:58
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ajmitchthat looks a bit broken11:52
* ajmitch wonders where it got that version info from, mana was 0.6.0-1, and in universe11:53
infinityMaybe queuebot has issues parsing syncs sanely.11:58
infinity(That apr is just a revert of the previous upload)12:10
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ogasawaraskaet et al:  Hi, I'd like to request a beta freeze exception for the kernel...14:29
ogasawaraUpstream notified us of a patch yesterday evening to fix up a bug with their original RC6 patch we have applied.  The RC6 patch in it's current form is incorrect and disables the wrong RC6 states.  This fix has been tested and confirmed to fix bug 935965 and will hopefully also resolve bug 937378 (testing feedback still pending).  I do consider this fix critical for the release and would like to see it make Beta.  Addition14:29
ogasawaraally, without the fix, all the testing we will receive for RC6 will be invalid.  The upload will only contain this single fix.14:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 935965 in linux "RC6 enabled causes severe graphics corruption" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93596514:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 937378 in linux "Patched kernel with rc6 enabled shutdowns" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93737814:29
* stgraber looks at what happened with queuebot and mana's version...14:44
ScottKIs this OK for Restricted (I'm thinking not):14:49
ScottK+ * This is UNPUBLISHED PROPRIETARY SOURCE CODE of Broadcom Corporation;14:49
ScottK+ * the contents of this file may not be disclosed to third parties, copied14:49
ScottK+ * or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior14:49
ScottK+ * written permission of Broadcom Corporation.14:49
ScottKIn which case, the bcmwl upload in queue may be problematic.14:50
ScottKslangasek: ^^^14:54
stgraberok, something is really wrong with my version number handling ;)15:02
skaetogasawara, approved.     Can you get it in today?15:06
ogasawaraskaet: I can do it now in fact15:06
skaetogasawara, please do.15:06
ogasawaraskaet: uploaded15:07
* skaet continues on with the backscroll... :)15:08
skaetScottK,  yeah those licensing terms make it a concern. :P15:10
ScottKskaet: I'll go ahead and reject it.  Would you please talk to Alberto about it so we can get it fixed post-beta?15:10
stgraberversion handling in queuebot should be fixed now15:11
Riddellhmm, linux15:27
ogra_i think leann asked for a freeze exception before15:27
ogra_(like 10 lines above :) )15:27
skaetScottK,  email sent,  couple of pings initiated.15:29
ScottKAccepted lintian since it got an FFe and isn't on any images.15:30
Riddellogasawara: that's the linux build you want?15:31
ogasawaraRiddell: for the linux-3.2.0-17.27 package, contains a critical fix for RC6 enablement15:32
Riddellooh you've got your buzzwords sorted, critical and enablement :)15:33
pittiRiddell: ok to upload a new LibO to fix the component-mismatches madness?15:33
pittibuild time is < 2 days on arm, so well within the margin IMHO15:34
ogra_pitti, LibO isnt seeded on arm15:34
pittiogra_: anyway, it's installable now15:34
Riddellpitti: sweetshark is happy that's the final fix?15:34
ogra_no worries about buildtime wrt images15:34
Riddellogasawara: "SAUCE: drm/i915: fix operator precedence when enabling RC6p"?15:35
pittiRiddell: asking15:35
ogasawaraRiddell: yep, that's it.  without the patch the RC6 states which we want enabled, aren't15:35
Riddellogra_: yeah you guys want to get into calligra instead :)15:35
Riddellogasawara: accepted!15:36
ogasawaraRiddell: thanks!15:36
* Riddell is taking archive admin stuff slowly for fear of another mess like yesterday15:36
pittiRiddell: yes; it mostly reverts to ubuntu2, except for the approved MIRs which are now in main15:37
Riddellpitti: cool, go for it15:44
pittiooh, ffox/tbird in the queue15:46
pittithanks chrisccoulson15:46
ogra_to keep the arm buildds busy :)15:47
ogra_and if Riddell lets my alsa-lib upload in, they can play music while building ;)15:47
Riddellogra_: is that a hint? :)15:47
ogra_heh, just a small one ...15:48
ogra_its not super urgent though15:48
Riddellogra_: /pandaES-naming-changes.patch the patch headers need fixed15:48
ogra_oh, i used edit-patch15:49
ogra_why doesnt that DTRT !15:49
Riddellogra_: it needs you to use emacs too :)15:49
Riddellogra_: can you fix those and reupload?15:49
ogra_geez !15:49
ogra_sigh, seriously, it should just dump my name in if i call edit-patch ... tsk... yeah, will re-upload15:50
pittiI keep the others in the queue for now until they get diffy15:53
jdstrandskaet: hi! I am preparing the apparmor userspace upload15:54
ScottKjdstrand: I think Riddell is driving today.15:54
jdstrandRiddell: ^15:54
skaetjdstrand, ack.  :)15:55
Riddellskaet is too, you can either convince me or her15:55
Riddelljdstrand: what is it and why do we want it?15:55
jdstrandskaet, Riddell: I am preparing the FFe now, but this is in support of apparmor/LXC and is on the landing page15:55
Riddelljdstrand: but why is it important for the beta?15:55
stgraberRiddell: it's making stuff stop crashing in containers15:56
stgraber(where stuff currently is mostly udev upgrades and localegen for me, but I know there are more)15:56
jdstrandRiddell: there is that, and we would like to have as many people testing it as possible. It was supposed to be in before FF, but there were some last minute bugs that prevented that. it passes all upstream regression tests as well as our distro tests15:57
Riddelljdstrand: ok, get the FFe and upload and we'll see if it's suitable for beta (probably will be today but getting less so as the beta progresses)15:59
jdstrandRiddell: thanks15:59
stgraberskaet: it can't, I don't think we have an audit trail for these or if we do, it's not accessible over the API16:25
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stgraberskaet: I also wanted to print the irc nick of whoever uploaded the package but that's also something missing in LP, I'd have to parse the .changes file for that which would be pretty ugly ;)16:25
skaetstgraber,  ah well.  Was hoping.   Thanks for getting it going.   Big help. :)16:25
RiddellDaviey: it's zul's uploads for swift and nova16:26
RiddellDaviey: all fine, what's the reason to upload during beta freeze?16:27
DavieyRiddell: As i said, in retrospect it could have been held back.16:30
Riddellpitti: hold out for longer and you'll get more beer!16:30
DavieyRiddell: i will not be upset if it's rejected.16:30
pittiRiddell: darn, missed my chance16:32
jdstrandskaet, ScottK, Riddell: fyi, apparmor FFe: bug #94042216:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 940422 in apparmor "FFe for apparmor 2.8beta1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94042216:53
ScottKI'd lean towards putting it in now, but will leave the decision to Riddell or skaet.16:54
Riddellskaet: the apparmour change?16:55
RiddellScottK rather ^^16:55
ScottKRiddell: Yes.16:55
skaetRiddell, jdstrand I'd rather it go in now, if its tested and ready too.16:55
jdstrandit is ready16:56
jdstrandand tested16:56
Riddellskaet: ScottK: it needs the FFe reviewed in general, then we can decide on beta goodness16:56
ScottKI read the FFe.  I think it should go in and better now than later.16:56
Riddelljdstrand: just upload if it's ready, worst we can do is reject :)16:56
jdstrandRiddell: ok. it will need a binary deNEW for the dh-apparmor package, which I shouldn't do16:57
* Riddell looks16:58
jdstrandRiddell: basically, this includes a merge with debian (as explained in the bug)16:58
jdstrandRiddell: debian didn't want our debhelper patch for dh_apparmor, so we created the dh-apparmor package as a part of the apparmor packaging16:59
jdstrandRiddell: on its own, it does nothing because nothing depends on it16:59
Riddelljdstrand: I don't see dh-apparmor in New16:59
jdstrandsometime after beta1 I will pursue uploading a debhelper which removes our apparmor delta and Depends on dh-apparmor17:00
ScottKRiddell: I think it'll just be binary New.17:00
jdstrandRiddell: well, I only did the source upload a moment ago17:00
ScottKAfter the source is accepted/built.17:00
jdstrand(what ScottK said)17:00
Riddellok, I'm going out for the next three hours so you probably need to convince ScottK to do it17:00
pittiRiddell: ^ reversion to python2, if you are so kind? it's a straight patch -R from http://launchpadlibrarian.net/86333969/lsb_4.0-0ubuntu16_4.0-0ubuntu17.diff.gz17:03
pittiand I tested that lsb-release still works17:03
* Riddell looks17:04
ScottKskaet: Any objection to apparmor?17:04
ScottKIf not, I'll approve/accept it.17:04
RiddellScottK: good with me17:04
skaetScottK,  no objections17:05
Riddellpitti: accepted!17:05
ScottKjdstrand: Accepted.17:06
jdstrandskaet, ScottK, Riddell: thanks17:07
jdstrandScottK: so, for the dh-apparmor binary deNEW, will you handle that or are you comfortable with me doing it since you reviewed it?17:07
ScottKI'll look at it.17:08
jdstrandcool thanks17:08
seb128so, question for you r-t people ;-)17:12
ubot2`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:13
seb128we want to drop a public api from gtk2 (distro specific api added in natty) for the lts17:13
seb128ScottK, sorry I'm typing and thinking how to formulate the question ;-)17:13
ScottKSure.  No problem.17:13
seb128the api is the one for grip handles in the corner to resize windows17:14
seb128I expect that has a few rdepends17:14
seb128would it be reasonable to drop the public includes for beta1 which will ftbfs the stuff that use it, or better to try to fix rdepends first?17:15
debfxjdstrand: dh-apparmor Breaks: debhelper (<< 9.20120115ubuntu2) but ubuntu2 still contains dh_apparmor17:15
seb128also would you be ok with an upload which turns the function to a nop basically today or better after beta?17:15
jdstranddebfx: that's fine. nothing pulls in dh-apparmor yet17:17
jdstranddebfx: I will be doing a debhelper upload after beta1 to remove the apparmor delta17:17
jdstrand(but add a temporary Depends until everything that needs it Build-Depends on dh-apparmor, at which point we can drop the debhelper Depends)17:18
jdstrandthat will happen probably in the 12.10 time-frame17:19
debfxjdstrand: hm still the breaks should be "<=", no?17:20
jdstranddebfx: I see what you mean. I can adjust that-- I guess 9.20120115ubuntu2 snuck in since kees' upload17:23
jdstrand(it still isn't a problem though, since nothing depends on dh-apparmor)17:24
debfxright, it's fine as long as it's done before the debhelper upload17:27
jdstrandScottK, skaet: should I upload ubuntu2 based on debfx comment or wait til after beta1?17:27
jdstranddebfx: yes17:27
* skaet looking17:27
jdstrandskaet: the new dh-apparmor Breaks/Replaces with the version of debhelper that is in the archive now. This isn't a problem unless someone Build-Depends on dh-apparmor, which nothing does17:29
jdstrandskaet: (a new debhelper upload snuck into Ubuntu since kees' Debian apparmor upload)17:29
jdstrandimho, it isn't needed until I update debhelper, which I won't do until after beta117:30
jdstrandthat said, I am ready to upload a new apparmor if you want17:31
* skaet being slow -- sorry jdstrand17:31
jdstrandskaet: actually I said that wrong. dh-apparmor should Breaks/Replaces on what is in the archive now, but it doesn't (it does on the previous ubuntu version of debhelper)17:34
jdstrandskaet: but again. nothing in Ubuntu knows about dh-apparmor, so there is no problem until I upload debhelper, which I won't do until next week, at which time I would upload apparmor before17:35
skaetjdstrand,  ok,  thanks for clarifying.   lets leave it alone then for now.   If a critical bug shows up,  fold it in please.17:36
jdstrandskaet: sure, but that won't happen :)17:36
jdstrandskaet: thanks :)17:36
skaetthanks jdstrand :)17:37
seb128slangasek, there?17:47
seb128slangasek, I want to discuss gtk2 changes and strategy to get them out with you when you will be around ;-)17:49
ScottKseb128: My suggestion would be the best way is to fix the rdepends first.17:50
seb128ScottK, before or after beta?17:51
ScottKHow many packages?17:51
seb128there is probably a couple of those only, I will need to grep through the archive to figure which ones though17:51
ScottKI'd think probably after, but until we know which/how many it's hard to say.17:51
tumbleweedstgraber: re the bot discussion earlier, seeded-in-ubuntu does use cached data, it's the source->binaries lookup that's slow17:52
* skaet --> lunch, biab.17:54
stgrabertumbleweed: yeah, I noticed that a bit later on, importing seeded-in-ubuntu from the bot would be really quick when then querying the binary packages17:55
stgrabertumbleweed: the build-dep part is tricky though as I didn't find a way of making it fast ;)17:55
tumbleweedyup, so if you have a local cache of those mappings...17:55
stgrabertumbleweed: the LP API give me these already I believe, so that part is fine17:55
tumbleweedbuild-dep part?17:56
stgrabertumbleweed: checking if a source package in the queue produces a binary that's a build-dep of something seeded17:56
tumbleweedthat's not an enourmous amount of data either17:57
tumbleweedI almost made reverse-depensd use a similar pre-calculated json dump. But it was useful to have a lot more data than just build-deps, and that meant it had to be a webservice17:58
slangasekScottK: hrmmmm, if that's the effective license then yes it's a problem; but I've seen that particular message before, I think it may not mean what it says?  No clarifications anywhere to be seen?18:11
slangasekseb128: hey, what's up with gtk2?18:11
ScottKslangasek: Not that I saw.  I rejected it and skaet emailed Alberto to look into it.18:11
ScottKIf it's all good we can still get it in later.18:12
ScottKI get really nervous about leaving apparently undistributable stuff in the queue.18:14
* slangasek nods18:14
ScottKjdstrand: apparmor accepted.18:18
jdstrandScottK: thanks! :)18:18
ScottKYou're welcome.18:18
seb128slangasek, I want to drop public apis we distro added in natty and which probably have a few rdepends, I was wondering the best way to deal with it18:20
ralsinanessita, gatox, dobey: maybe a couple of reviews? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-control-panel/opt-parsing/+merge/9459918:20
ralsinaoops, wrong channel, sorry!18:20
seb128slangasek, well first I wanted to check if you think it's fine dropping distro specific apis if we fix our rdepends18:20
seb128slangasek, then I wanted to see if fixing the rdepends before beta1 is ok (there is probably a few) or if better after18:22
seb128slangasek, I was pondering dropping the includes so the test rebuild catch the api users, but we could as well grep through the archive in some way18:22
slangasekseb128: as long as the package dependencies properly tend to the upgrade path, and you're sure no one outside of Ubuntu is using them, I'm ok with them being dropped18:23
seb128slangasek, I've also a patch that turn those api to no-op for now to not break abi which might be another way to deal with it18:23
slangasekthere's a community lintian lab running somewhere now, right?  That might be the quickest / most reliable way to locate packages using those symbols18:24
seb128the functions are18:25
seb128 18:25
seb128slangasek, do you know who I can talk to who is running the community lintian?18:25
slangasekbroder knows18:25
seb128ok, thanks18:26
seb128no hurry to drop those I think I will wait after beta118:26
seb128slangasek, they are basically the resize handle added in the bottom right corner of windows18:26
seb128the api is used by a few things to turn them off18:26
* slangasek nods18:29
broderseb128: what's up?18:31
seb128broder, hey18:32
seb128broder, is there any way the lintian community install could be used to find gtk2 users of the "resize_grip" apis?18:33
broderseb128: yeah, probably. my guess is that grepping the binaries would be most reliable. i'll kick it off18:34
broder(will probably take a few hours)18:34
seb128broder, thanks18:34
slangasekobjdump -T $allbinaries | grep gtk_window.*resize_grip, preferably18:34
seb128broder, gtk2 rdepends only would be good, that's a valid api in gtk3 and we will keep it there18:34
broderseb128: do you know of an example package that's using it currently so i can double-check my search is working, or has everything you know about been converted?18:35
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
seb128broder, I'm trying to think about one...18:39
seb128broder, I don't find any off hand, that's good sign for the rdepends that will need to be fixed but doesn't help you...18:47
seb128 18:47
broderseb128: ok. i'll just go ahead and start searching and we'll see what comes up18:47
seb128btw I just uploaded a gneary and smplayer reverting the unity quickly added earlier today, I talked to mhall119 and dholbach about that18:47
seb128they agreed to not patch universe things with new strings this cycle, we will have a session at UDS on how to deal with those18:48
seb128 18:49
seb128broder, thanks18:49
dobeycan i get an upload approval to be able to fix bug #939797 for the beta?18:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939797 in ubuntuone-installer/trunk "Failed to execute child process "ubuntuone-control-panel-qt"" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93979718:51
* micahg hugs seb12818:52
* seb128 hugs micahg back18:53
broderoh hey, we have hits. i guess it is working18:54
seb128broder, which ones?18:56
broderseb128: lxdm and lxlauncher so far. note that it's running in filesystem order, not alphabetical18:56
seb128broder, indeed, those are valid hits, great ;-)18:57
seb128broder, not sure how long the grepping will take but I closed IRC can you email me the result when it's done?18:57
broderseb128: sure, no problem18:57
broderseb128: oh, that actually finished much faster than expected19:12
broderseb128: lxdm, lxlauncher, and xfdesktop4 were the only hits19:12
dobeymaybe i should e-mail or sub ~ubuntu-release to the bug instead?19:28
slangasekdobey: please go ahead19:32
slangasekdobey: fwiw, best practice during a milestone hard freeze (i.e., beta + final release) is to Just Upload and let the changes be reviewed in the freeze queue19:33
dobeyslangasek: ok. thanks19:33
seb128broder, oh, excellent, thanks!19:42
slangasekpitti: do you know why procps/lucid doesn't show up green on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html ?  the bug is tagged verification-done-lucid19:45
slangasekand has been for a while19:45
micahgFYI, I won't be able to get lightdm-gtk-greeter uploaded until Sat night19:53
seb128micahg, what's the issue with it?19:56
seb128micahg, it should basically be copying the debian dir from debian and uploading?19:56
micahgseb128: we were missing a diff for the flavors to override settings (I got the Debian version working last night, but mr_pouit caught this thing missing, so he updated the old lightdm packaging for the greeter, I'm going to try to consolidate the 220:00
seb128micahg, ok, I was just wondering if there was an upstream issue20:00
seb128micahg, so mostly packaging20:00
seb128micahg, you guys should be able to handle it I guess ;-)20:00
micahgyeah, I'd like this to mainly be maintained in Debian, so I want to get us as close as possible to that20:01
skaetRiddell,  am not seeing the Precise Beta 1 milestone on the tracker,  just the dailies.    We probably should set up the milestone, and put a copy of the current dailies there, so folks can kick at them over the weekend.   thoughts?20:16
skaetor at least start redirecting dailies there once the new kernel is built into some images...20:17
stgraberskaet: whenever we have our first beta1 candidates someone should indeed update ~/.isotracker.conf, disable the Daily milestone on the tracker, create the Beta 1 milestone and mark it as "testing" (ideally before any auto-publishing happens of a beta 1 candidate, or manual work would be needed ...)20:39
skaetRiddell,  NCommander, http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-release  has been set up - please record any bugs that might trigger rebuilds on it,  and indicate which images affected.20:40
skaetstgraber,  if we don't hear back from Riddell in next hour or so,  I'll take a pass at switching it over (while folks are still around to help ;) ).20:42
* skaet would like the images with the new kernel to start getting tested...20:42
broderslangasek: i think it needs to be verification-done - i think verification-done-lucid is an unofficial helper tag20:46
slangasekbroder: well, that's unhelpful ;)20:46
slangasekbecause it's not verification-done everywhere yet, but we ought to get it published for lucid anyway...20:47
stgraberhmm, I guess I need to fix that packageset ^21:11
stgraberslangasek: moving resolvconf to core sounds good to you?21:11
infinitystgraber: Sounds right.21:12
* infinity loves that "beta freeze" means "upload every package with a build time >= $some_large_number"21:14
* micahg is glad there's not another chromium upload pending21:15
micahgalthough, if we figure out armhf, I'm happy to do one21:15
infinityWell, I have a failed build tree sitting on my QuickStart.  Maybe I'll prod it with a stick over the weekend if I don't find a social life and/or nap.21:16
NCommanderskaet: thanks, got the link handy21:34
* skaet not sure to parse "got the link handy" as question or affirmation - so erring on side of overcommunicating it. ;)21:35
micahgskaet: should I add the Ubuntustudio information to the pad?21:39
skaetmicahg,  yes please21:39
micahgskaet: done21:41
slangasekthe resolvconf in the queue would be very good to have before beta21:57
slangasekhigh-impact for upgrades from oneiric in some circumstances21:57
Riddellskaet: I can review it in 30 mins21:58
skaetRiddell,  thanks.21:58
Riddellum that was for slangasek21:59
slangasekRiddell: ok, cheers :)21:59
* skaet really likes seeing the package sets from the queuebot!22:07
stgraberwill be even better once I get to add seeded-in-ubuntu and reverse build depends support to it22:09
stgraberso we'll have a magic "that package is affecting something that we ship" flag on IRC22:09
infinity^-- fixes FTBFS with new libreoffice.22:20
infinityAnd syncpackage lies and thinks nlpsolver doesn't exist in Debian.  Grr.22:23
infinityOh, or maybe the experimental upload is still in incoming.22:24
micahginfinity: probably, it's only been 3 hours :)22:28
infinitymicahg: Yeah, yeah.22:28
infinitymicahg: Rene's other upload made dinstall, I didn't really think about it.22:28
infinity(jodconverter and openclipart are both fixes to work with the new libreoffice, if someone other than me wants to accept them)22:29
infinityslangasek: Did you decide not to support "inet6 dhcp" intentionally?22:37
infinityslangasek: (Seems not, since your dns-ns regex looks for hex and colons...)22:37
slangasekinfinity: didn't actually think about it too deeply - noticed when I was prepping the upload that inet6 wasn't in there, but this was just cleanup for the previous netcfg breakage22:45
slangasekstgraber: ^^ do you think resolvconf's "should tail be linked" handling needs to treat inet6 dhcp the same as inet dhcp?22:46
infinityslangasek: Alright.  Well, looks fine other than that.  Just seems like it's worth having the regex cover inet6, in case we care later and no one remembers why it doesn't work. :P22:46
slangasekthere are rich bzr histories and bug logs ;)22:47
slangasekbut yes, we can fix that quickly enough22:47
stgraberslangasek: "20:58 < stgraber> I think we could extend to cover "inet6 dhcp" too but it's not going to be a common use case"22:50
stgraberslangasek: I think it's easy enough to add and it should behave exactly like "inet dhcp" so that makes sense22:50
slangasekah, missed that comment before, sorry22:51
slangasekok, I'll stage that fix in bzr22:51
Riddellstgraber, skaet: uh oh, I broke the iso tracker http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds23:00
skaetRiddell,  define broke please23:00
stgraberRiddell: no you didn't ;) that's just my bad23:00
stgraberRiddell: it'll be all fine once the first build lands23:01
stgraberRiddell: I could actually just post the upgrade products that'll fix it23:01
Riddellstgraber: php error on that page23:01
Riddellstgraber: ok23:01
stgraberRiddell: fixed23:01
stgraberwell, more like, fixed the reason why you were getting the crash ;)23:02
stgraberI'll fix the crash for good in trunk23:02
stgraberI thought I actually fixed that one, maybe I messed up or IS didn't pull the right version of the branch :)23:02
Riddellstgraber: voila23:03
Riddellstgraber: what's it written in?23:03
stgraberit's a Drupal plugin, so PHP23:03
stgraberor rather it's written in Drupal ;) considering how little raw PHP functions are actually called (kind of C++ vs Qt4-C++)23:04
RiddellI've done drupal modules before, it's all good until you can't work out the drupal way to do it and you're not sure if the raw PHP way is good enough23:06
Riddellwhich is just like drupal vs raw HTML for editing websites really23:06
Riddellok who removed the trousers?  I know it's friday night but there's no call for that23:07
infinityErr, who mangled the preinstalled pipeline on the pad?23:07
infinityAnd dropped omap completely?23:08
* infinity grumbles.23:08
slangaseknot I23:08
* Riddell is innocent this time23:08
* infinity fixes.23:10
stgraberRiddell: yeah, the previous version of the tracker was meant for Drupal 4/5 and was an horrible mess with mixed raw html and raw php code ...23:12
stgraberRiddell: the new one is clean Drupal 7 using only Drupal functions and Drupal templating23:12
stgraberRiddell: so there's very very little html in the code and when that's the case, it's only as some prepend/append of some block in a standard Drupal form23:13
stgraberalso the old Drupal didn't have an ORM so you had to do pretty much raw SQL :( that's all been dropped now and the current tracker is doing clean SQL queries through the ORM :)23:13
Riddellstgraber: ORM?23:15
slangasekobject request manager23:16
slangaseknot to be confused with ORLY23:16
slangasekoh, no, that's "object-relational mapping" in this context, isn't it :)23:17
skaetinfinity,  I'm guilty23:18
infinityskaet: Tsk.23:18
infinityskaet: All fixed.23:18
stgraberRiddell: so that's basically something that gives you nice complete objects from database entries, doing all the joining for you23:18
Riddellskaet: pst, just blame it on brain damage, works every time for me23:18
Riddellinfinity: how do I know if the live rootfs server has the latest livecd-rootfs ?23:19
stgraberRiddell: Drupal's isn't great to be honnest, I much prefer python-storm but it's still nice to have the abstraction layer and not have to care about the different DB engine or copy/pasting huge chunks of raw SQL :)23:19
infinityRiddell: They always do.23:19
skaetinfinity,  omap images are in the manifest for this release, based on what I was hearing 2 days ago -- only for a couple of images,  and given the speed of the arm builds - fewer we're doing the better for the respins. :P23:19
Riddellinfinity: hmm it's saying "bad project: kubuntu-active"23:19
infinityRiddell: Except if you had to update BuildLiveCD.23:19
infinityRiddell: Which you did. :)23:19
infinityRiddell: That requires manual intervention, since it lives outside the chroots.23:19
Riddellinfinity: aah23:19
Riddellinfinity: are you able to intervene manually?23:20
infinityRiddell: -> canonical/#{webops,is}23:20
skaets/omap images/omap images for Ubuntu aren't/23:20
Riddellok thanks23:20
infinityRiddell: I don't have access to those machines anymore.23:20
infinityskaet: I suspect there may have been some miscommunication.23:20
* skaet was only aware of omap for ac100...23:21
skaetinfinity,  likely23:21
infinityskaet: We dropped two images (armel+omap4 and armel+mx5), the rest are still being built currently.23:21
slangasekac100 is not omap at all23:21
skaetslangasek, you're right.23:21
infinityWell, that amounts to 3 images, since it also affects ubuntu-server.23:22
skaetwas thinking armel.... sigh.23:22
slangasekand my understanding is that we're keeping omap for now23:22
infinityarmel+omap will be the one and only armel image we keep down the road.23:22
infinitySince the kernel comes from mainline, it's a decent one to keep for baseline smoketesting.23:22
skaetslangasek, inifinity,   stand by for an email to circulate amongst the parties so we can get the manifest cleaned up.23:22
* skaet adds it to the todo23:23
skaetthanks for fixing inifinity - I won't touch until we get the manifest signed off on.23:23
slangaseknote that the current pipeline there spits out images about as fast as they can get tested, anyway :)23:23
infinityskaet: This might be partially my fault.  I keep forgetting there's wiki documentation and manifests and such, as I just consider nusaskan's crontab to be authoritative. :/23:23
* skaet chuckles and agrees23:24
skaetwith slangasek's comments.23:24
skaetinfinity,  np,  should have checked with you first before showing initiative.  ;)23:24
* infinity goes to print a new t-shirt with "You should have checked with me before showing initiative."23:26
infinityIt will go nicely with my "Let's assume I'm right, it'll save time."23:26
slangasekwho here approved nova, swift, python-novaclient?  It looks like glance is supposed to go with that set23:32
infinityNot I.23:33
* infinity wonders how that escalation of queue audit trails is going.23:34
Riddellslangasek: pitti I think, it was discussed at the release team meeting23:35
* skaet is encouraging folks to comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/885739 and has pinged flacoste on it today23:36
ubot2`Launchpad bug 885739 in launchpad "queue and override manipulations should have an audit trail" [High,Triaged]23:36
Riddellcan he fix the speed of queue while he's at it? :)23:37
slangasekRiddell: ah yes, thanks,23:37
skaetinfinity,  looking forward to seeing you in those shirts.  :)23:38
infinityskaet: We have stakeholders from a few directions championing that bug, I'm a bit irked that it not gone past triaged since November.23:38
skaetinfinity,  agreed23:38
skaetsee comments encouraging other stakeholders to comment on the bug directly so the heat goes up.23:40
* skaet plans on monitoring it daily now23:44
skaetslangasek,  any objections to a request to the rest of the release team members to start broadcasting in the channel when they approve something?23:47
slangasekseems reasonable tome23:48
skaetI see some do it,  and others not.   and agree its an overhead, but not sure we have other short term option for sanity.23:48
Riddellskaet: you mean when we queue accept something?23:49
skaetRiddell,  yes.23:49
skaetfrom unapproved or new23:49
Riddellskaet: just so you know who to blame?23:49
skaetRiddell,  so we can figure out who to ask questions of.23:50
Riddellthat's a more polite way to put it :)23:50
Riddellskaet: fine for beta freezes but I think general new processing has enough overhead as it is (as shown by nobody doing it for the last two weeks)23:50
skaetRiddell,  yes, its during the beta freezes and final freezes its important.23:51
skaetor rather most important/time critical23:51
Riddellthat's fine23:51
skaetScottK,  infinity, ^ any concerns?23:51
infinityWorks for me.23:52
skaetNCommander, ^^ ?23:52
* ScottK thought that's what the queuebot was for.23:53
infinityScottK: Except the queuebot doesn't tell you who did the accept.23:53
skaetScottK,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/88573923:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 885739 in launchpad "queue and override manipulations should have an audit trail" [High,Triaged]23:53
infinity(because it can't)23:53
infinityWhen it can, no more need to broadcast. ;)23:53
slangasekskaet: oh, I agree with Riddell that we don't want to impose that overhead on NEW processing23:54
* Riddell accepts alsa-utils23:54
slangaseksince that's really quite separate from the freeze23:55
slangasekoh, and the glance accept above was me btw ;)23:55
infinityslangasek: Well, except for NEW during freezes, which can relate. :)23:55
* ScottK doesn't understand why we need to know.23:56
slangasekinfinity: the only way new can impact anything during a freeze is if it's an existing CD-affecting source that adds new binary packages, and in those cases we want the packages up-to-date for the milestone anyway23:57
slangasekScottK: well, the triggering example was 4 related packages 3 of which were accepted23:57
slangasekand I was trying to figure out if that was intentional or accidental23:58

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