Oscardoes anyone know of a tool to check an rss feed and update a twitter account with the most recent item?02:16
twbOscar: yeah, indian students02:19
Oscartwb, ?02:20
twbYou pay  them $1/hr and they will just sit there watching the feeds and copy-and-paste them into twitter02:20
Oscarha ha.02:20
linociscoas per http://www.netfilter.org/downloads.html#svn, I can't run "svn co https://svn.netfilter.org/netfilter/trunk/iptables03:34
linociscois there anyone who could explain http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html to me ?03:36
qman___seems pretty well spelled out to me, what don't you understand?03:37
twblinocisco: didn't I already tell you?03:37
linociscotwb,  I am checking possible solution03:38
linocisco is there anyone who could explain this "http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html" to me?03:53
qman___please don't repeat yourself03:56
qman___what is it you don't understand?03:56
linociscoqman___, are you replying me?03:57
linociscohow to ip route add?04:12
linociscohow to ip route add according to split access in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html ?04:12
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=== smw__ is now known as smw
linociscohow to ip route add according to split access in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html ?04:41
linociscohow to ip route add according to split access in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html ?04:47
linociscoHow can I disable eth0 or eth1 permanently down?05:48
linociscoI tried to comment # in interfaces file. but it is not working.05:48
linociscowho could help me?06:48
hex20dec1Question, I'm configuring my BIND server and it states to enter subdomains that I currently do not have set up, i.e: ns1.mydomain.com. Do I need to create these subdomains?07:52
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hex20dec1Question, I'm configuring my BIND server and it states to enter subdomains that I currently do not have set up, i.e: ns1.mydomain.com. Do I need to create these subdomains?08:00
_rubenWhat is "it" in this case?08:01
linociscoi got error on nslookup08:07
linociscoparse of /etc/resolv.conf failed08:07
linociscoparse of /etc/resolv.conf failed08:22
greppylinocisco: pastebin your resolv.conf08:24
linociscolautriv, content of resolv.conf = nameserver x.x.x.x  x.x.x.y08:24
_rubeneach nameserver needs its own line08:24
hex20dec1Question, I'm configuring my BIND server and it states to enter subdomains that I currently do not have set up, i.e: ns1.mydomain.com. Do I need to create these subdomains?08:25
linocisco_ruben, I tried with two lines .line 1. nameserver x.x.x.x    line 2. nameserver x.x.x.y. but not working08:25
greppylinocisco: you need to read the documentation that comes with ubuntu, for example, type "man resolv.conf" in a terminal.08:25
hex20dec1Please, anyone?08:26
humungulouslinocisco: possible EOL issue08:26
linociscogreppy, I am doing only simple and right08:26
greppylinocisco: also https://help.ubuntu.com/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/index.html08:26
linociscohumungulous, what EOL ??08:26
humungulouswhat did you edit resolv.conf with08:27
greppylinocisco: that's the point, you are running into a simple issue, that should be answered in the documentation.  Every time you run into an issue, asking in here should not be your first action.08:28
hex20dec1Can anyone please help me?08:28
greppyhex20dec1: what is telling you to create a subdomain?08:29
linociscogreppy, yes. I read online and only when I got problem, I ask here . because I know I can be blamed anytime08:29
hex20dec1I'm going by this guide, with webmin. http://rimuhosting.com/support/bindviawebmin.jsp08:29
linociscook . thanks anyway08:29
greppyhex20dec1: 1) webmin isn't really supported on ubuntu 2) ns1 is usually the hostname of your frist dns server, if you look at the SOA records for most domains you will see ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4, etc.08:31
hex20dec1greppy: Thing is, I'm really new to this, I'm just trying to make my server work correctly, but it seems really difficult. I'm having a big confusion with this whole domains because my hosting and domains are on different places.08:34
greppyhex20dec1: a better option would be to set things up manually, that way you know how it is actually setup and have a clue when you do need to troubleshoot something.08:38
greppyhex20dec1: what version of ubuntu are you using?08:38
hex20dec1greppy: You're right, I want to set it up manually, but it just really difficult, so I thought I would ease the process by doing it via webmin. I'm using 10.04 (I think)08:39
hex20dec1greppy: let me just make sure.08:39
greppyhex20dec1: start with this: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html08:40
greppythere is a PDF version as well if you want to snag that.08:40
hex20dec1Thank you.08:40
hex20dec1By the way, did you get my private IM?08:41
greppyyeah, and no :)08:41
hex20dec1greppy: Anything a bit less advanced? I'm already confused.08:45
greppyhex20dec1: http://ftp.isc.org/isc/bind9/cur/9.7/doc/arm/Bv9ARM.pdf08:50
hex20dec1greppy: Thank you very much for your help, I really do appreciate it, but I want to setup my server not to be a server admin, it simply does not interest me, (no offense). I have created a site that needed a dedicated server due to the previous server always crashing, I built it on a shared hosting, and ever since I switched, I've been stuck. Do you know anyone that would be willing to either help me one on one, or ge08:57
greppyhex20dec1: do you need a dns server?  or do you just need dns to point to your server?08:58
hex20dec1greppy: I have a VPS at the moment and I just want everything to run as it did on my shared.08:58
hex20dec1That is all.08:58
greppyhex20dec1: and I'm not offended that you don't want to be a sysadmin, it's not for everyone, but if you are going to have a server on the network, not knowing this stuff can make you a liability to others as well.08:59
hex20dec1I will be hiring one as soon as I see income from the site, which would be very very soon.09:00
hex20dec1Well, as soon as I get it up and running.09:00
greppyhex20dec1: like I said, what do you actually need?  If you just need dns to point to your website, your domain registrar may be able to provide that, sometimes without additional charge.09:00
hex20dec1It is currently running fine, I just noticed a few tiny problems, that aren't even noticeable.09:00
hex20dec1greppy: If I knew what you mean by "dns to point to your website" I would answer you, but I don't really understand.09:02
hex20dec1You want to see the zone records? Would that help?09:03
greppyok.  You understand that all that dns does is provide a name to point to an IP address, right?09:03
hex20dec1Lol, I actually just did by you explaining that.09:03
greppywho is your domain registrar?09:03
greppyhex20dec1: instead of setting up a dns server, use 1&1 to point to your server.  http://faq.1and1.com/domains/domain_admin/dns_settings/13.html09:05
hex20dec1Okay, since you've stated that all DNS does is forward for example: mydomain.com to 23.343.345.2309:07
Deim0shello all09:07
Deim0sI am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and have a configured a LAMP server, everything works just fine except my virtual hosts09:07
Deim0sthis server is supposed to host multiple Vhosts, and this is is the configuration of one of them09:07
Deim0swhen I access the localhost or the deimos.ma domain name I reach my hello world page without a problem09:07
Deim0sbut when I try to access it with hope.deimos.ma as I setted it up in my ServerName directive of my Vhost I get an error from the browser09:07
Deim0sany help please ?09:08
hex20dec1greppy: So, domain name is running fine.09:08
iclebyteDeim0s, post your virtualhost config file on pastebin09:08
hex20dec1greppy: I am able to access my site, if that's all it means.09:08
Deim0siclebyte, http://pastebin.com/ryzxE2uK09:08
greppyhex20dec1: what is the website?09:09
Deim0siclebyte, I have disabled the default one09:09
greppyDeim0s: did you restart apache after making changes?09:09
Deim0sgreppy, of course09:09
Deim0sreload then restart09:09
hex20dec1Go private, I don't want to put it here.09:09
greppyDeim0s: had to ask, you'd be amazed how many forget that step.09:09
iclebyteDeim0s, so what doesn't work?09:09
Deim0siclebyte, I want to access the vhost via the servename say : hope.deimos.ma09:10
Deim0sdeimos.ma = localhost and it works09:10
Deim0sgreppy, :)09:10
iclebytewhat happens when you access hope.deimos.ma ?09:10
Deim0siclebyte, server not found09:11
Deim0serror loading page09:11
iclebyteso you don't get anything from apache?09:11
Deim0siclebyte, right !09:12
iclebytecan you ping deimos.ma ?09:12
iclebytei.e. is it setup in your /etc/hosts file to point to
Deim0sand can access my hello world page from deimos.ma09:12
Deim0sit works only the subdomain who doesn't work09:13
iclebytecan you pint hope.deimos.ma ?09:14
iclebytepint = ping09:14
Deim0siclebyte, no it gave me unkown host09:14
iclebyteyou need to add hope.deimos.ma to you /etc/hosts file also =)09:15
Deim0siclebyte, hmm and have to do so for the rest of vhosts ?09:16
iclebyteif they are on your local machine then yes. Your browser is trying to connect to hope.deimos.ma - which doesn't yet exist.09:16
iclebytethere are 2 parts to this. 1) making sure you have connectivity to the host i.e. hope.deimos.ma 2) apache knowing that when it sees an HTTP request for that host it should serve from /var/www/hope/09:17
Deim0siclebyte, then I will need to setup a DNS server later :s09:17
Deim0siclebyte, nice09:17
Deim0sthanks a lot09:17
iclebyteno. you can do it in your hosts file09:18
iclebyte127.0.0.1       hope.deimos.net09:18
iclebyte.ma even =)09:18
Deim0siclebyte, but I need that other people in my private network access my server09:18
Deim0siclebyte, lol ok09:18
iclebyteyes but to verify it add it to your hosts file.09:19
Deim0sof course09:19
iclebytethen you've prooved your webserver is working with vhosts. then setup DNS for all your other users =)09:19
Deim0siclebyte, thank you a lot :)09:19
iclebyteis it working?09:19
Deim0siclebyte, of course :D09:20
iclebyteawesome. well done.09:20
Deim0sit works I will try now to setup a Dns server09:20
Deim0siclebyte, because of you :)09:20
iclebytealso, i'd recommend logging your vhosts to different access and error log directories too. I try to isolate all my different vhosts as much as possible on our internal web app server.09:21
iclebytemakes debugging different sites easier than having apache dump everything into /var/log/apache/error_log09:21
ohai___Does ubuntu supports apparmor profiles?09:34
ikoniaohai___: yup09:38
henkjanohai___: ubuntu is the drive behind apparmor09:40
ohai___henkjan: I'm not sure if I shall use Debian or Ubuntu09:41
ohai___Ubuntu has upstart and apparmor09:41
lynxmanmorning o/09:42
ohai___midday o/09:42
henkjanohai___: i'm happy with ubuntu-server, running an 200+ hosts09:43
ohai___I dunno what I should use09:44
ikoniaohai___: it's personal choice, just try them see what works for your needs09:44
ohai___People here say Ubuntu09:44
ohai___People in #debian say Debian, in #centos they say CentOS09:44
ohai___I don't know09:44
Myrttithat is natural as this is Ubuntu channel, you've got high hopes if you expect non-partial answers ;-)09:44
ikoniaohai___: that's why it's YOUR choice09:44
ohai___I want stable software (debian) but also newer software (apparmor (with profiles), upstart)09:45
Myrttiit's really up to your own tastes. I'd use LTS version of Ubuntu as it tends to be stabler than the every-six-months-release09:45
ikoniaohai___: you need to work out which is more important then,09:45
ikoniaohai___: and pick the distro which offers your priorities the best solution09:46
ohai___Hmm I don't know09:46
ohai___Can Ubuntu handle new hardware?09:46
ikoniaohai___: then find out09:46
ikoniaohai___: choosing a distro because someone says "use it" is bonkers09:46
ikoniaohai___: no more/less then debian/centos09:46
ohai___ikonia: true, but I don't know anything else09:46
ikoniaohai___: then you need to use some and try to see what YOU like09:47
ohai___I used botch09:47
ohai___both *09:47
ikoniathen work out what you like09:48
ohai___i don't know09:48
_rubenohai___: do you know *anything* ? :P10:05
_rubenall i see is "i dunno" :P10:05
ohai____ruben: yes10:17
uvirtbot`New bug: #940172 in augeas (main) "-dev package missing Depends on libxml2-dev" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94017211:10
jamespagelynxman, around?11:23
lynxmanjamespage: I am indeed11:23
jamespagelynxman: excellent!11:24
jamespagelynxman: so - we have a small and late window of opportunity to upgrade nodejs in precise from 4.x.x to 6.x.x11:24
jamespagehowever I don't want to spend time on it if no-one is interested11:25
jamespagedoes this have interest for cloudfoundry?11:25
jamespageI know it supports nodejs but not sure about version requirements...11:26
lynxmanjamespage: cloudfoundry doesn't use it, but nodejs is what the cool kids are using nowadays :)11:26
lynxmanjamespage: afaict no version requirements11:26
lynxmanjamespage: it just "imports" it11:26
lynxmanjamespage: cloudfoundry core is ruby11:26
jamespagelynxman, right - so it just uses whatever nodejs Ubuntu us providing?11:26
lynxmanjamespage: yeah11:27
* jamespage ponders this11:28
melvincvI need an SSH client that tries to auto reconnect if my internet connection fails.11:37
lynxmanmelvincv: http://www.harding.motd.ca/autossh/11:38
melvincvI installed that. how to use that? man page's confusing, as usual11:40
melvincv'autossh -M 1777 root@IP address' Is that all?11:41
melvincvUh, how about FireSSH in Firefox?11:43
jandroHi. I'm using php5-cgi to handle php's in my server. I noticed that after a dist-upgrade the metapackage php5 upgraded installing the default libapache2-mod-php5. Shouldn't the installer be able to identify that I'm using php5-cgi and only update the other packages within the metapackage requiring upgrading? cheers11:57
rbasakjandro: I'm not quite clear on your question. Surely the way for the installer to be able to identify that you're using php5-cgi only is to not use the php5 metapackage?11:59
melvincvIs there a channel for newbie server admins? :)12:02
jandrorbasak: sorry, let me rephrase/clarify my question: libapache2-mod-php5 and php5-cgi aren't compatible and exclusive dependecies of php5, therefore when i installed php, I installed the php5 metapacke as well as php5-cgi in the same apt-get line, so it will select the php5-cgi and not the default libapache module, but the dist-upgrade put remove the php5-cgi and put libapache-mod... back.12:05
rbasakHmm. I wonder why that package exists instead of the four it depends on each using "Provides: php5".12:09
rbasakjandro: what happens if you "apt-get install php5-cgi" now? Does it force anything apart from libapache2-mod-php5 to be removed first?12:10
rbasakjandro: also, which releases are you upgrading from and to?12:10
sorenjandro: How can you be sure that it's not installing libapache2-mod-php5 because some other package depends on it?12:11
* rbasak is thinking along the same lines as soren12:14
rbasakie. that there's some reason that installing libapache2-mod-php5 is needed to satisfy dependencies12:14
sorenAlso, there's no reason php5-cgi and libapache2-mod-php5 shouldn't be able to coexist, afaict.12:16
melvincvuh, autossh syntax guys? I need to have the connection up even if my internet connection is unstable. It does not make sense to me, the session will disconnect in that case, but I want it to stop showing me "Write failed: broken pipe") Maybe you know to make the impossible possible? ;)12:19
datalayi installed ubuntu-server-orchestra, and i have one node, installed profile is oneiric-x86_64-juju, i want to install Oracle Weblogic and deploy it all nodes,, how can i do that?12:27
datalayand juju package not installed together with orchestra-server, should i install it manually,,,12:28
Tricks_hi I'm trying to forward port 80 to another port using ufw. I have opened port 80 and added a few lines to /etc/ufw/before.rules at the top of the file http://pastebin.com/gyvfuWK2 but it doesn't seem to be working... have I missed something?12:29
jandrorbasak: I just installed php5-cgi and it removed libapache2-mod-php512:36
SpamapSjamespage: question about the reboot test mods I did..12:36
jamespageSpamapS, fire away!12:36
SpamapSjamespage: is it at all likely to be merged, or should I just setup my own test-rig to run the reboot tests so we get some coverage of beta1 ?12:36
jamespageSpamapS, sorry - I thought it had - is it MP'ed?12:38
* SpamapS should really go back to bed. :-P12:38
jamespageSpamapS, must be early?12:38
jamespagev early?12:38
SpamapSyeah, 04:3812:38
SpamapSinsomnia strikes whenever I give in to the sugar demons before bed ;)12:39
SpamapSjamespage: let me look again, I thought it had been sitting there12:39
rbasakjandro: interesting. Did it remove anything else?12:40
jamespageSpamapS, I see it - not proposed - lemme press the button (and why can I do that?)12:41
jandrorbasak: no, just that.12:41
SpamapSjamespage: anybody can propose to merge a branch into a project they are a comitter on.. IIRC12:42
jamespageSpamapS, ah - makes sense12:42
jamespageI wondered why I could delete other peoples merge proposals :-)12:42
jandrorbasak: would you advise against the use of metapackages when working on the server side?12:43
SpamapSjamespage: whats the plan long term? Create a new test framework next cycle?12:43
jamespageSpamapS, yeah - the QA team are sprinting on it week after next12:43
rbasakjandro: depends on what you want!12:43
jandrorbasak: just to keep things tight and controlled I mean, I'm relatively new to this so I don't know12:43
rbasakjandro: I'd use them unless there's a specific reason not to. Otherwise you have to do too much management yourself. The point of them is to make life easier, but if they get in the way you don't have to use them.12:44
rbasakjandro: I've just tried installing libapache2-mod-php5 and php5-cgi side by side in precise and it works fine. Installing php5 on top also works fine - it didn't remove either.12:45
rbasakjandro: do you have any packages installed that are not from the distribution?12:45
SpamapSjamespage: awesome. It would be interesting to see how much we can align w/ OpenStack's QA team goals.. I think we share a lot of the same problem space with them.12:47
jamespageSpamapS, I'm hoping to attend ODS for specifically that reason...12:48
jandrorbasak: no, It's quite a plain LAMP server12:52
rbasakjandro: fundamentally your problem seems to be that libapache2-mod-php5 and php5-cgi have become mutually exclusive when they usually are not12:53
jandrorbasak: I'm using 11.10 oneiric btw12:53
rbasakjandro: could you try "apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cgi" and see if it gives you any detail on why they can't both be fulfilled?12:54
jandrorbasak: maybe dependencies are different in the LTS?12:54
SpamapSjandro: if you want to keep things tight and controlled, I'd suggest config management12:55
SpamapSjandro: puppet is quite popular. :)12:55
* SpamapS would suggest juju.. but for 1 server.. its not the best idea ;)12:55
jandrorbasak: interesting, unlike the other way around, it doesn't complain about the installation of libapache2-mod-php5 regarless I have php5-cgi already installed12:56
rbasakjandro: I just tried oneiric and am getting the same results. They don't seem to be mutually exclusive at all. I suspect you have other packages installed that are causing the issue, but I'm not in a position to track down which12:58
jandrorbasak: thanks a lot for your help12:59
rbasakjandro: no problem. If you can find steps to reproduce, please let me know.12:59
jandrorbasak: I will closely look into it next time there's an upgrade of the metapackage php512:59
rbasakjandro: can stick the results of "dpkg-query -W" into a pastebin? "apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg-query-W|pastebinit" or something.13:00
jdstrandTricks_: did you also open port 8124?13:01
SpamapSjamespage: so.. if my changes are merged, then we'll also need to add those post-reboot-tests13:01
jamespageSpamapS, thats not to hard - once it gets merged and in the lab I can template a new set of jenkins jobs to setup the testing.13:02
jdstrandTricks_: (eg, sudo ufw allow 8124/tcp)13:02
jandrorbasak: http://pastebin.com/B1vJWRDU13:03
smbsmoser, Are the daily cloud images only available via http or is there some rsync 'able place (just wondering whether I could optimize the way to keep up to date)13:09
sorensmb: cloud-images.ubuntu.com lets you rsync.13:18
rbasakjandro: how do you have libgd2-xpm and libgd2-noxpm installed at the same time? They conflict with each other.13:20
smbsoren, Ah. Stupid me, should not have used the http prefix in the script then. Thanks13:20
smosersmb, http://paste.ubuntu.com/855353/13:27
smoserthats what i use to mirror.13:27
smoserit tries to pre-populate dirs, which saves some io13:27
smbsmoser, ok. not sure I already understand the pre-poulate part. But I will check the script. :)13:30
smoserit copies one daily to the next.13:30
smoserand then rsyncs13:30
rbasaksmoser: what does "[racb] merge his changes with cloud-stash-sandbox: TODO" mean?13:30
smoserassuming that some of the content between them is similar.13:31
jandrorbasak: no idea to be honest13:31
smoserrbasak, you had some scripts that did what cloud-stash-sandbox did.13:31
smoseryou thought maybe you should merge them into that (kirkland's script)13:31
smoserit can be postponed easy13:31
smbsmoser, Ah, somehow I' assumed rsync being clever about that as long as I keep the old dailies around13:31
rbasaksmoser: ah, I see13:31
smosersmb, well, it wont know across directories.13:32
=== Ursinha_ is now known as Guest31670
smoserit doesn't compare all possible files to all other files.13:32
smoserit just does those in the same path13:32
rbasaksmoser: thanks, I'll have a think about that13:32
smoser(and 'current' is a symlink and it recognizes that)13:32
jandrorbasak: I recall installing php5-gd when implementing Drupal, those libraries might be related to that maybe13:32
smoserrbasak, honestly, i'd just postpone it13:32
smbsmoser, Ah, right. my approach was just to look at current anyway. So I would adapt a bit13:33
rbasaksmoser: oh yes of course. I keep forgetting we have a cycle :-)13:33
smosersmb, since you're here...13:34
rbasaksmoser, smb: how about publishing zsync files?13:34
smoserthat wasn't captured from a fail... but just a ps after umount13:34
rbasak(for the dailies)13:34
smoserrbasak, i forget why we dont bother with that.13:34
smoserrbasak, it might make more sense now... honestly the only thing that likely does very well with using previous is the new '-root.tar.gz' files.13:35
smoserthe rest of them are filesystems13:35
smoserwhich basically mean very little similar content in similar spaces in the image.13:35
rbasaksmoser: AIUI, if rsync can help, then so can zsync13:35
rbasak(and if zsync can't help, then neither can rsync)13:36
smoseri dont know.13:36
rbasakfor the -root.tar.gz, you'd have to use --rsyncable, but that'd be sensible13:36
smoserit might be worth it.13:36
smoserwe do use rsyncable13:36
rbasakawesome :)13:36
smoserbut we do not completely sort the contents.13:36
smoseri only sort the top level directories.13:36
smoserperhaps we should try to force a sorted contents.13:37
smbsmoser, Was that only ps w? There is a lot of udev but strangely not what it would probably call...13:37
smoserthat'd 'make them do well.13:37
smosersmb, 'ps w' is just about all you have in busybox ps13:37
smoser(at least in the one in the initramfs)13:37
smoserit is a list of all processes though13:37
smoser(ie, dont worry about lack of 'a')13:37
smoseryeah... so that was on a reboot (which would always fixt the problem)13:38
smbsmoser, Ah, ok. Well at least it show quite a bit of udev activity, so one or the other may get into growfs's way13:38
smoserso, the only thing that looked odd in there was the ext4 process13:38
smoserwhich, at that point, there are no ext4 filesystems mounted.13:38
smoserbut that didn't mean much, just that it maybe hadn't been reaped.13:38
smoserthe udev, was explained to me that they're just forked in the initial fury of udev events.13:39
smbHm ok. And yes, the ext4 threads just may lag behind on being cleaned.13:41
rbasakjandro: as far as I can tell, the issue is on your system. I can't reproduce. That you've managed to install two conflicting packages without noticing suggests this too.13:44
hazmatrbasak greetings.. was curious if you had a chance to try juju on arm yet13:47
jandrorbasak: ok, thanks, i won't bother you anymore, I'd look into those packages. thank you!13:47
rbasakhazmat: hello! I have it running in a local environment on LXC. That seems to work.13:47
hazmatrbasak, awesome, good to know13:48
rbasakhazmat: I also have cobbler working, so the next step will be to try juju's orchestra provider. I was about to start that today actually.13:48
hazmatrbasak, cool, i'm looking over some of the maas provider work today, but from an arm verification perspective it should be equiv to cobbler13:48
rbasakhazmat: I had been working around bug 914392 with a stragetically placed 'sed -i'. I need to verify that it works without my workaround now that the bug is fixed.13:49
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 914392 in juju "LXC local provider does not respect 'series' (only installs oneiric)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91439213:49
rbasakhazmat: am I right in thinking that I'm supposed to use cobbler to netinst the images first and then mark them as available and then shut them down, and then juju will pick them up? I didn't quite understand the expected lifecycle/workflow around the orchestra provider.13:50
uvirtbot`New bug: #939212 in ec2-ami-tools (multiverse) "AMI created from latest i386 Lucid image fails to boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93921213:54
hazmatrbasak, i'm not really clear on the initial orchestra setup (sans juju), my understanding was that you register the machines with orchestra, set them up for pxe/netboot, and add a management class (to be spec in juju's environments.yaml).. the machines need to be powered down before handing over juju, wrt to getting images into orchestra  i'm not clear, but this is the right place to ask13:57
rbasakhazmat: I'm clear on how to set orchestra up, just not how juju claims and recycles machines.13:58
rbasakhazmat: when juju gets a machine, it expects it installed and with a clean slate? And juju never reboots (currently), so does that mean that we just want to netinst and provide a clean slate on every reboot?13:59
rbasakhazmat: in which case, when juju does support reboots, what happens?13:59
hazmatrbasak, SpamapS has a nice explanation of it here http://askubuntu.com/questions/102874/juju-ssh-setup-in-orchestra-environment  effectively juju searches for machines with the management class specified in juju's config. wrt to install, ideal is clean installs on boot, since we're not using lxc isolation on physical machines14:00
hazmatrbasak, reboot support just landed, that's a slightly different use case though.. the inst on boot is for reuse of the machine, a reboot wants to keep the same identity through the powercycle14:01
hazmatrbasak, atm i don't know that orchestra is setup to reinstall on a powercycle.. most of the efforts this cycle have been going towards the maas frontend, i think Daviey knows a bit more about the setup14:02
hazmatrbasak, yes.. when juju gets the machine it expects it installed with a clean state (enough to run cloud-init at min which it uses to install itself)14:03
rbasakhazmat, Daviey, SpamapS: ok, so this matters a lot on ARM as how we trigger a netboot or switch between netboot and local boot is different to Intel14:04
rbasakI need to make sure I understand this fully14:04
hazmatrbasak, juju removes netboot from the machine when it acquires/uses it14:10
hazmatrbasak, it will re-enable netboot when its not using the machine14:11
rbasakhazmat: OK, so cobbler on ARM needs to add and remove netboot correctly then. This could be interesting :)14:11
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SpamapSrbasak: will the box just not boot w/o PXE?14:13
rbasakSpamapS: sort of :014:14
rbasakSpamapS: when cobbler removes netboot on Intel, what happens? I assume that it's not using IPMI and actually netboots it but gets it to chain load local?14:15
SpamapSit can if you tell cobbler how to make an ipmi request14:15
SpamapSrbasak: so the pxe boot flag makes cobbler no longer boot into the "special" system-specific installer14:16
SpamapSrbasak: but if the system is still "PXE first" then it will pick up the default PXE profile, which is the menu.. which then boots from disk.14:16
rbasakSpamapS: so right now, on a panda, the installer will rewrite the SD card so that it is no longer PXE first. At which point cobbler cannot switch it back to "PXE first" without shelling in to rewrite the SD card. But that's panda specific, and probably not worth working on. ARM server management hardware will need to support this.14:18
rbasakAlthough it may be possible to seed the installer to not install a bootloader onto SD, pxelinux menus don't work on ARM, so the cobbler default target does not either.14:19
SpamapSrbasak: so, effectively, there's no way to reclaim a panda automatically. Bummer. But I have to think something more robust will have a way to remotely say "boot me again"14:20
SpamapSrbasak: or more specifically "net boot me again"14:21
rbasakSpamapS: I've been asked by a vendor about what we need in this regard, and a way to remotely say "netboot me again" is near the top of the list. Right after "netboot capable" :-)14:22
rbasakBut now I'm worried about integration with cobbler. It's going to be awkward because cobbler is assuming a load of Intel-only mechanisms right now (which is reasonable of course but makes it awkward for me)14:23
rbasakIncidentally, pandas can do usb boot and then I can make it do what I want, but this isn't integrated. I have played with it and could integrate it, but don't think it's worth the effort.14:24
SpamapSrbasak: its python. hack-xtend it :)14:24
rbasak(it's be highly panda-specific)14:24
rbasakSpamapS: it's not so much missing code, but fundamental state architecture.14:25
SpamapSrbasak: the translatio of the pxe boot flag to something that pxe boots a machine is surprisingly trivial..14:25
rbasakby hooking the power on command, I suppose?14:26
SpamapSwell right now all it does is cause the 'sync' command to write out templates differently14:26
SpamapSits up to tftpd and dhcpd to pick those up and turn them into network actions.14:27
rbasakso that's assuming that the pxe boot flag is a part of the machine configuration state that will take effect on next boot14:27
rbasakrather than pxe boot being an action14:27
SpamapSits a flag that is accessible whenever any action is taken..14:27
SpamapSso if you take the poweroff/poweron action.. you can see it.. and act accordingly14:28
rbasakand when the machine is rebooted from inside, say by juju, which changed the pxe flag and then rebooted the machine and expects some behaviour as a result? That won't work.14:28
SpamapSrbasak: juju wouldn't change the flag and reboot the machine. juju would change the flag and tell cobbler to turn it off/on14:29
rbasakSo then we're relying on specific behaviour that happens not to trigger the perfectly valid-to-do but broken action.14:29
SpamapSsorry you lost me there14:30
SpamapSif you don't define a power control method for the profile.. then juju just *waits*14:30
SpamapSit assumes the machine is gone after telling cobbler to turn it off.14:30
SpamapSwell.. off/on14:30
SpamapSrbasak: again, the pxe boot flag is more "reinstall me" than "net boot me"14:31
SpamapSrbasak: so if you have mgmt software that can netboot the machine, then on power on.. if you see that pxe boot flag.. you should do the netboot management software step then.14:32
rbasakhey roaksoax, can we talk about "ARM Preseed fiel review (BOOT!)"? What do I need to do?14:39
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rbasakIs cobbler enlistment documented anywhere?15:14
Yann2Hello! I wanted to ask about the status of vm-builder in precise15:14
Yann2has it been deprecated for good - is there a replacement?15:15
Yann2or will it land in LTS and be supported 5 years?15:15
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sorenYann2: live-builder seems to be the preferred tool for what vm-builder used to work for.15:36
Yann2soren, last time I looked, live builder seemed to be to create .iso CD images? not vm images?15:37
Yann2soren, ubnutu got a cloud offering based on openstack - what would be the recommended way to script the creation of 10 vms? surely there is another way than pxe or to boot from the cd? :)15:41
Yann2ah sorry I forgot you werent working for canonical anymore :(15:43
TREllisanyone seeing weird permissions issues with mysql on precise? I swear I granted the correct bits to my users, but all of a sudden I can now connect as any user without passwords :)16:10
jMCg        16:12
jMCgjMCg: that was the enter key.16:12
Cryp71cHrm, in this byobu session I have, there is something new that wasn't there yesterday...between the distro name and the uptime, I see "4!"16:16
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uvirtbot`New bug: #940420 in munin (main) "munin-node crashes when enabling tls.  fix by updating munin packages to 1.4.5 or higher" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94042016:26
benjiHi all.  I have a quick assumption I'd like verified, if possible.  When running LXC containers (ephemeral ones in particular), I assume that any CPU they consume will be reflected on the host (e.g., in top).  Is that assumption valid?16:32
sorenYann2: What I'd recommend these days, actually, is to use the cloud images Ubuntu publishes and customise them at boot time using cloud-init.17:01
Yann2cloud-init, I ll have a look thanks :)17:02
benjihallyn: I'll assume that that "yes" was directed at me (correct me if I'm wrong).17:05
hallynbenji: sorry, yes17:05
admldmhello all I'm newbe here17:05
admldmmay be someone can help me17:06
admldmI've created an ubuntu server box, booting from USB key, with 3 disks in RAID5 with mdadm17:07
admldmand created volumes with l17:07
admldmI need to create an NFS share....17:07
admldmI have created it  and I can access from a windows pc17:07
plmHi all17:07
admldmI can create folders...but when I start to copy files, they are created with 0 length...and the process freeze17:08
admldmI tried creating different ubuntu boxes from scatch17:09
admldmand accessing from different windows pc17:09
admldmsame issue17:09
jMCghohoho! It looks like there's an Ubuntu channel exactly dedicated to my specific problem!17:10
jMCgOf course it's empty.17:10
admldmmount is ok...17:10
admldmany idea?17:11
jMCgadmldm: why don't you access your stuff as from Windows on an Samba share, instead of an NFS share?17:11
admldmI need NFS for virtual VMWare staff....and also because has better performance then CIFS17:12
rbasaksmoser: your fix to manage_etc_hosts worked, thanks!17:12
Ibrahim7897please i want to know if i can manage users in ubuntu like windows?17:14
jMCgIbrahim7897: meaning?17:14
admldmany idea guys?17:15
Ibrahim7897jMCg i want to install ubuntu server on my server then i want to create accounts for users and share a folder for any one cause i do web developpement and i want to keep some files private17:15
jMCgIbrahim7897: uhm... let's start with the simple question: If Windows is what you know, why are you using Ubuntu?17:16
rbasakIbrahim7897: yes, you can do that: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/C/user-management.html17:16
jMCgadmldm: seriously, for communication between Unix and Windows, use Samba.17:16
Ibrahim7897jMCg cause i like linux and worked in desktop version for long time but the server i installed and create something just for eduction17:17
Ibrahim7897but now i have to move to pro17:17
Ibrahim7897rbasak thx17:18
jMCgadmldm: you can even expose it over both, CIFS and NFS -- shouldn't hurt too much. Unless you really have the time it takes to thoroughfully debug the issue.17:18
admldmjMCg: I need NFS because I'm using Veeam Backup, it uses NFS for fast restore and online recovery17:19
admldmI have to use NFS...17:19
jMCgadmldm: does NFS' performance only suck when used from Windows?17:20
Ibrahim7897rbasak i saw your link but i can't find what i need need17:20
Ibrahim7897i need to share a folder for a desktop user17:20
Ibrahim7897so he can edit and write in it17:20
admldmjMCg:may be, but it can be accessed from VMWare ...and NFS is better17:21
Ibrahim7897from an other pc17:21
Ibrahim7897using ubunty17:21
jMCgadmldm: define better. For what purpose? Measured in which unit? Fuzzy feelings/day? As I already said, you can expose the same directory via NFS *and* Samba.17:22
rbasakIbrahim7897: for desktop users I'd use samba, which will work from both Windows and Ubuntu desktops. There's a basic guide here: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/C/samba-fileserver.html17:23
Ibrahim7897rbasak thank you i will check it17:23
jMCgIbrahim7897: what's that other server running?17:24
jMCgs/other server/desktop/17:24
Ibrahim7897jMCg i have one server and five computers and i want to connect all that with linux17:24
jMCgIbrahim7897: NFS for you then.17:25
Ibrahim7897jMCg give me the link plz17:25
jMCgIbrahim7897: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/C/ in your browse, use the search function, enter nfs17:25
Ibrahim7897jMCg ok thx17:26
Ibrahim7897is facebook working with ubuntu?17:26
jMCgIbrahim7897: that question basically means: Is there a browser on Ubuntu.17:27
jMCgIbrahim7897: yes, there are plenty of browsers on Ubuntu.17:28
Ibrahim7897jMCg :D17:28
admldmjMCg:understood, so u suggest to use SAMBA with win and NFS with VMWare, right?17:38
admldmit's ok but Veeam need NFS...17:38
admldmwhy I cannot use a WOW linux box for NFS?17:39
admldmlinux has ALL....I want use it!!!17:39
jMCgadmldm: what I've been saying for some time now is: Install and configure, both, NFS and Samba. Use Samba from Windows, use NFS with VMware.17:40
jMCgWhat's WOW?17:40
SpamapSadam_g: hey, can you confirm that the openstack testing has been using RabbitMQ 2.7.1 since I uploaded it to the PPA? I totally forgot to push it into precise before FF ..17:40
adam_gSpamapS: its still using 2.6.1-1ubuntu417:49
adam_gSpamapS: wheres the PPA, ill point it there now if you want17:49
SpamapSadam_g: wha? I uploaded like.. 3 weeks ago17:51
SpamapSadam_g: https://launchpad.net/~openstack-ubuntu-testing/+archive/openstack-trunk-testing17:52
SpamapSok.. 10 days.. 3 weeks.. sort of the same. ;)17:52
SpamapSgosh.. feels like 3 weeks.. I need to take a break. :p17:52
adam_gSpamapS: i had no idea that was there, the rabbitmq charms dont install from PPA. ill add that in a min17:54
SpamapSadam_g: Oh.. you asked me to upload it there :-P17:54
SpamapSadam_g: I may haev assumed that the tests all used that PPA17:54
adam_gSpamapS: okay, redeploying everything with rabbitmq from there. if i dropped the ball on that one, sorry18:05
SpamapSadam_g: no I think I did18:05
SpamapSadam_g: I got steam rolled by the mysql stuff and just forgot it18:05
admldmthanks all...I have to go..have a good one18:09
Ibrahim7897good by18:15
Ho^OhWhat package should I install so I can expect my server to start up (Using a 2TB GPT harddrive)18:16
Ho^Ohjust grub, or grub2?18:17
njinhello guys,  can someone triage bug 933403 , that is incomprehesible for my little brain. thanks18:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 933403 in ubuntu "Precise Pangolin VM not booting on Citrix XenServer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93340318:17
Ho^OhI keep getting "The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly."18:18
njinor al last suggest what to do.18:19
searHey all.  I just performed a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 11.10, and I can't get apt to update the sources.  I keep getting a bunch of 404s.  I tried changing to a different mirror, but the problems persist.  Anyone have any idea what's going on?18:27
searapt-get update output: http://pastebin.com/v59zeN8N18:27
searsources.list: http://pastebin.com/yVxQ6U4418:27
Davieyejat: Around?18:33
ejatDaviey: yups18:34
Davieyhmm, PM18:35
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adam_gSpamapS: rabbit 2.7.1-0ubuntu1~ppa1 seems to have worked fine for the first test run18:39
adam_gSpamapS: ill let it roll with that version from now on18:39
SpamapSadam_g: Ok cool, I'm going to write up a FFE for it to get it into precise18:51
SpamapSadam_g: thanks for getting that going.18:51
adam_ganyone have any knowledge of the squid -> squid3 transition? are there blueprints from last cycles around, or mailing list discussion anywhere to get some context?18:52
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SpamapSadam_g: I believe that just happened in Debian.. there wasn't a discussion19:08
zuladam_g: security team requested it so you might want to talk to jdstrand19:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #929387 in php5 (main) "[needs-packaging] php lucid packages need update to 5.3.10 on lucid" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92938719:12
zuladam_g: i just dropped coverage and nosexcover for the MIR for keystone they arent really used in the testsuite yet either19:13
zuladam_g: we should be good minus the MIR for keystoneclient and the security review it needs again19:14
adam_gzul: okay, is it okay to wait for e4 freeze before getting those going?19:17
adam_gzul: that sql stuff should be merged soon and then i need a quick change in to keystoneclient to support using it, but that should be quick19:18
zuladam_g: okies19:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #935676 in tomcat6 (main) "package tomcat6 6.0.28-10ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93567619:22
uvirtbotNew bug: #936944 in samba (main) "smbd crashed with SIGABRT in remove_posix_acl()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93694419:22
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adam_gSpamapS: AFAICS, the transitional package is part of our delta as of 3.1.18-1ubuntu119:34
zulmdeslaur: ping19:35
mdeslaurzul: wazzzup19:36
zulmdeslaur: my memory is a bit foggy why did we want squid3 over squid again?19:36
mdeslaurzul: uhm, because squid 2 is a zillion years old?19:37
zulmdeslaur: yeah but it worked and didnt mess with peoples config files19:38
mdeslaursquid 2 is officially deprecated, and will be declared obsolete by upstream in a couple of months19:38
zuladam_g: there you go :)19:39
mdeslaurzul: see http://wiki.squid-cache.org/RoadMap/Squid219:39
mdeslaurzul: can we get kernel 2.4 and apache 1.3 back too, please? :)19:40
zulmdeslaur: yes please..times were much simpler then :)19:40
savidHi, I have ubuntu 10.4 LTS and I want to upgrade to Nagios 3.2.3.  Is there a way to do that without having to upgrade the distro?19:44
jacobwsavid: can you use unsupported packages?19:46
jacobwsavid: ppa:nagiosinc/ppa19:46
savidjacobw, ah, cool.  That'll work.  Thanks!19:47
zuladam_g: however once the FF for keystone happens i want to upload packages for both keystone/keystoneclient though20:00
Ho^OhHow can I tell if my ubuntu server is using uefi or just bios?20:02
zulHo^Oh: it might be able to tell in the /proc dir or /sys somewhere20:07
benjihallyn: another LXC question for you, if you have a moment: I'm trying to use the facility of passing a command to lxc-start-ephemeral but I can't get even the simplest command to work (i.e., touch)20:08
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hallynbenji: is lxc-start-ephemeral working at all (i.e. without a command specified)?20:14
benjihallyn: yep20:14
benjiI can connect to the ephemeral container and then issue the command and it works fine.20:15
benjiit's just that passing the command in doesn't seem to work20:15
hallynand you're doing 'lxc-start-ephemeral <otheropts> -- /bin/touch /xx" ?20:15
hallynI haven't tried in awhile, but last i did try that was working20:15
hallynlemme find a on-lvm container to try with20:15
benjihallyn: cool, thanks20:17
hallynbenji: sorry, i must break for (someone else's) lunch for a bit, but will try.  pls feel free to file a bug meanwhile20:19
benjihallyn: will do; Am I correct in assuming sourceforge is the place for that bug?20:21
hallynbenji: no, pad.lv/u/lxc20:24
benjihallyn: ah, thanks20:24
hallynthank you20:24
benjihallyn: enjoy your (forced?) lunch; for when you get back: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/94060420:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 940604 in lxc "lxc-start-ephemeral ignores command" [Undecided,New]20:34
azertyuii allready got my domain name the problem is simply my server ip change20:34
azertyuiand my question is simply how to point dynamic server ip address to my domain name20:34
guntbertazertyui: additional to a domain name you need a DNS Server, one option is one provided by the organisation that sold you the domain, another option is dyndns or no-ip, you cant configure the IP address and hostname there20:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #940604 in lxc (universe) "lxc-start-ephemeral ignores command" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94060420:41
sirdeiuazertyui: See here http://idefix.net/~koos/dyndnshowto/dyndnshowto.html20:44
sirdeiuazertyui: Checklist: your own domain name, server (with ubuntu :D ), BIND installed on said server.20:45
hallynbenji: ah, oneiric.  that's bug 914169, fixed in preicse .  sounds like you need it SRU'd to oneiric?20:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 914169 in lxc "lxc-start-ephemeral script does not support in-line programmatic commands to ephemeral containers" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91416920:52
benjihallyn: well, if a different (non-lxc) bug has been fixed in precise, I can easily switch20:53
benjihallyn: I'll mark my bug as a dupe.20:53
hallynbenji: ok.  if you do need it for oneiric, pls mark in that bug then20:54
benjihallyn: I sincerly hope I won't ;)20:54
hallynbenji: actually, on precise yo'ure blocked for a few more days by an apparmor-overlayfs bug20:57
hallynbenji: so you'll need to do apparmor_parser -R /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.lxc-start20:57
hallyn(bug 925028)20:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 925028 in lxc "apparmor breaks lxc-start-ephemeral (apparmor+overlayfs returns -EINVAL)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92502820:58
benjihallyn: thanks for the heads-up20:58
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adam_glifeless: ping21:30
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ch33zHello on "Caching Nameserver" Do I use the static ip given from the isp or the DNS servers like ","22:31
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