wxlanyone know where today's daily-live of lubuntu is?02:56
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akgranerballoons, are you instructions from your post on the 14th on your blog still good to use for Unity testing?12:48
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balloonshey akgraner19:36
balloonsall the unity goodness is in precise atm19:36
balloonsso, they aren't looking for testing atm19:36
balloonshowever, during beta1 we'll be doing more manual testing19:36
balloonssorry, my box keeps locking up so if I seemingly go afk.. you'll know why19:37
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akgranerballoons,  okie dokie :-)20:42
balloonshello hello ;-0\)21:24
balloonsahh.. idling eh hehe21:25
balloonsalrighty, so on the testcase wiki, we as a community have been attempting to go thru and update all the testcases that are there21:25
cr3balloons: there's also an effort led by gema to move those into litmus or the next version of it, right?21:26
balloonshowever the long-term plan is to not use that wiki for various reasons.. we can't get metrics, hard to track, hard to report pass/fail and in particular which step.. no linking of bugs to test case failures21:26
balloonscr3, yes case conductor is being looked at to replace21:26
balloonswhich is the successor of litmus21:26
roadmrballoons: oK, so what I'm seeing is ... no tests are shown to select :) is this what you get too?21:32
balloonsroadmr, what I want (and at one point got) was a list of tests to run, with the expansion arrows to expand to specific test cases21:33
balloonswhat i get now is a list of the test case names (as in local.txt.in) and then all the specific tests which should be underneath them listed below21:33
balloonsand in the case of some of the tests, none of the actual specific tests show up.. just the general name21:34
balloonsi trust that makes sense?21:34
roadmrah, yes21:34
roadmrsounds like a suiteness problem :)21:34
roadmrcan it be run from the tree I branched or does it have to be installed?21:35
balloonsit can be run21:36
balloonsexecute bin/checkbox-app-testing from the root folder21:36
roadmris your system Oneiric or Precise?21:38
roadmrI see all the tests in one flat list21:39
roadmrI guess you'd like the gedit ones to appear under gedit tree-lke?21:39
balloonsprecise, and yes21:40
roadmrok, checking21:41
balloonsthe tests won't work out properly as they are displayed21:41
roadmrwhy not? they should run individually just fine21:41
roadmrbtw the shotwell tests have a problem: shotwell/swp-002 has indentation inconsistencies in the description (remember the space at beginning of each line!)21:42
balloonsthe tests don't all display21:42
balloonsyes exactly :-)21:42
balloonsbut I couldn't figure out what was wrong21:42
balloonshow did you spot tha?21:42
roadmrballoons: the logfile is your friend! checkbox.log21:42
roadmrballoons: I use "less" to open it and then /ERROR21:42
balloonscheckbox.log != system out21:42
roadmrany errors in parsing jobs will be here21:43
balloonsi wasn't seeing any errors in terminal running.. i expected to see them21:43
roadmrper your binary file it will be (by default) in ~/.checkbox/checkbox-app-testing.log21:43
roadmrno, as it is errors are output to the logfile only. This can be changed in the bin/... script21:43
roadmryou can set --log-level=error --log=21:44
roadmr(yes, log=blank) - this will output errors and criticals to stdout21:44
balloonsroadmr.. kk changing some of this stuff so I can see it21:45
* roadmr wrestles with checkbox21:49
balloonsargh.. i fixed those errors in shotwell once roadmr21:51
balloonsi think when the machine crashed several times this afternoon I lost them :-)21:51
roadmroh ;( that's bad! well looking at the log is an easy way to catch 'em21:51
balloons+1 on the log21:51
balloonsthank you21:51
balloonscool shotwell is showing up, errors are showing up21:52
balloonscool cool21:52
roadmrI think I found the other problem, let me test and I'll tell you21:54
balloonsk thanks21:54
roadmrwohoo! yes, ok have a look at jobs/local.txt.in21:55
roadmrso it basically wasn't finding the sub-jobs because it was pointing to the wrong place (wrong variable)21:55
balloonsthat was a piece of a massive rename21:58
balloonsi missed that file though on the cleanup21:58
balloonslet's see what it looks like now21:58
roadmrhehe no prob, easy to miss21:58
balloonsso i think this is going to be good now21:59
balloonsso let's talk about checkbox-qt for a moment..22:00
roadmrsure :)22:00
balloonswhere did things end up with it? could I get these jobs added to it instead?22:00
roadmrballoons: it should work!22:04
balloonshmm.. ok22:05
roadmrballoons: it does contain some ubuntu friendly-specific bits but the job file format remains the same, so you should be able to create a bin based on that for checkbox-qt and have it work mostly as what you have now does22:05
balloonscheckbox-qt is a nicer gui22:05
roadmrballoons: if anything, it's a question of maturity, with checkbox-qt you'd be testing two things: whatever you're testing and checkbox-qt itself :)22:05
balloonsyes, that's the other piece22:05
roadmrthe important bits are the settings for the interface_module, interface_class and data_path in the .ini file22:06
balloonsok, let me get this piece working first :-)22:06
balloonsbut good to know22:06
balloonsif it works out, I might try for using the qt interface instead22:07
roadmrsure! well if you want to give -qt a go and see if it already works well enough for you, it'd be great for us - the extra exposure will let us find and fix bugs faster22:07
roadmrit's already in precise dailies (and will be in Beta 1)22:07
balloonsyes indeed22:08
AlanBellballoons: http://pad.ubuntu.com/checkbox-orca-unity does this look about right?22:23
balloonsalanbell, yea that looks great22:24
roadmrAlanBell, balloons : jobs need to be separated by spaces, not sure if you folks are doing that in a post-processing step22:29
AlanBellwhat is a job?22:29
balloonsroadmr, yes22:29
balloonsbingo alan22:29
AlanBellok, great22:29
roadmrAlanBell: yes, that's better now :)22:29
balloonsroadmr, can you have a space in the name?22:29
AlanBellfeel free to join in with the multiplayer text editor22:29
balloonsorca/starting orca?22:29
balloonshehe multiplater22:30
roadmrballoons: no, sorry :( use underscores22:30
AlanBellshould names be descriptive?22:30
balloonsfixed AlanBell  :-)22:30
balloonsfor what i've done it follows the old wiki format22:30
balloonsbasically use a unique number, and in this case a 2 letter code22:30
balloonssince nm has so many tests, we have a middle descriptor in there as well22:31
balloonsbut just make it descriptive so the output will make sense to you22:31
balloonsat this point, standards are a bit loose22:31
balloonsyou could do it that way22:31
balloonsor-001, or-002, etc22:31
balloonsbut whatev's22:32
balloonsno matter22:32
AlanBellso that isn't something the user sees is it?22:32
balloonsthey do see it sort of.. it's the title of the window while the test is run22:33
balloonsbut it's not in the test text anywhere22:33
AlanBelltried using checkbox with orca and the monitor off?22:33
balloonsI have never tried.. roadmr?22:34
roadmrballoons: nope! sorry :( hehe22:37
roadmrit should work, it's a rather vanilla gtk application, so Orca shouldn't have a problem with it22:37
balloonsok, now to clean up some more of those errors22:37
balloonsroadmr, I'm looking at the log and it's hard for me to figure out what's wrong22:44
balloonson my syntax in the jobs22:44
balloonsalanbell, feel free to submit a merge request whenever your all set on that orca test. thanks so much for making one!23:10
AlanBellyeah, I need to go through the tests with Pendulum (in fact I think the merge request might come from Pendulum)23:14

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