dpmgood morning all08:17
trijntjegood morning dpm. Is there any news on opening translations for packages in universe?09:39
TLEdpm: hallo, did you solve your db performance problem?10:47
dpmtrijntje, we've got one package (arkose) that's already using the feature. If it works, it's up to everyone that's interested in translating a universe package to bring it up on the translators list10:56
dpmhi TLE, not really, no :/ - I'm getting closer, though, although by the looks of it I'll have to resort to using plain ol' SQL - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9423539/optimizing-performance-of-postgresql-database-writes-in-django10:56
trijntjedpm: I see, will it be announced on the ML if this becomes available, or is there some blueprint I should keep an eye on?11:20
dpmtrijntje, actually, I should write a blog post, that's a good point. Let me do this next week11:43
TLEdpm: seems a little odd, but ok, maybe again it is a matter of what the tool is made for11:53
trijntjedpm: Cool, I'll read about it on your blog. I didn't mean to saddle you with extra work though ;)12:00
dpmno worries :)12:00
TLEdpm: seems a little odd, but ok, maybe again it is a matter of what the tool is made for12:01
TLEthe db matter12:01
TLEagain..! I wonder what I said?12:13
TLEdpm: hey12:32
jokerdinofellow translators, i think i broke the translations for software-center.12:48
twobottux`Launchpad bug 936403 in software-center "There is a typo in Ubuntu Software Center strings. (DVD drive)" [Low,Fix released]12:49
dpmjokerdino, not that we didn't warn you ;)13:24
dpmhey TLE, sorry for not being responsive, I was doing the Ubuntu Global Jam Q+A videocast until now13:25
dpmbtw is anyone here organizing or participating in a translations jam?13:25
jokerdinoI am sorry. they packed it in before i could get the updated .pot file13:25
TLEno problem, it was just funny because you kept loggin off after I asked you about something, seemed like you were avoiding me *G*13:25
TLEdpm: I'm considering trying to put something together, but I have not found time for it yet13:26
dpmTLE, I tried hard, but you caught me in the end :D13:26
dpmah, cool13:26
TLEbut honestly I am not sure I'll materialize13:26
dpmI mean cool that you're trying, not the "not having time" part (I know the problem too well :)13:27
dpmwhat were you thinking of?13:27
TLEyes, a comment on the db stuff, that's not important, besides that it was the natty lang packs, but I already talked to pitti about that13:30
TLEso actually you're off the hook, seems like it worked ;)13:30
TLEahh yes actually13:30
TLEhave you been talking to Jono about the accomplishment system13:31
sagacidpm: yeah for en_AU, fixing strings13:32
dpmTLE, yeah, I haven't had a chance to reply to the e-mail on the UTC mailing list today, but +1000 on that. In fact, I had already promised Jono two translations accomplishments last weekend, and I wanted to have them ready by today. I might have some hacking time at the weekend, but if anyone else wants to contribute to them, even better!13:34
dpmIn short, he really wants to have them, it's just that I haven't finished them13:35
dpmit's really easy to create them, the harder part is to get the info for the actual accomplishment13:35
dpmSo I started small and I thought of 2:13:35
dpm- First translation13:35
dpm- Member of an Ubuntu translation team13:36
dpmThe first one is tricky because you can only get it from LP, but it's not exposed from the API13:36
TLEuhhm back at the API13:36
dpmwell, karma is, but as a lump figure13:36
dpmso for that one I was thinking of *cough*13:36
TLEI never heard that13:37
dpmgood :)13:37
dpmFor the second one, you can get the info from LP, but it's a bit convoluted13:38
dpmas there is no api for translation groups13:38
dpme.g. give me all the teams that are part of the ubuntu-translators group13:38
TLEbut yeah, I guess if you do an authenticated session for getting the page, it is safe enough, it just may not be as stable13:38
dpmyeah, my main concern is about the page layout changing and thus the accomplishment script breaking13:39
dpmbut on the other hand, how often does the LP UI design change? ;)13:39
TLEone thing though13:39
TLEdo you think it might be worth it to discuss potential accomplishments a bit before we start making them13:40
sagacithere isn't really that many accomplishments that come to mind, regarding translations13:40
TLEbecause the first one there, could be grained out if we wish13:40
TLEsagaci: actually we have already come up with a few suggestions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/TrophySuggestions13:41
dpmoh wow, I hadn't seen the page yet, I haven't been through the thread in detail13:41
dpmgood work13:41
TLEdpm: it could be as little as figuring out what the few fundamental ones should be formulated like, check that they are compatible with Jono idea, and then we can flesh out the rest later13:42
sagaciah right, I wasn't really thinking translation/bugs, translation/docs, but they all seem to fit13:42
TLEthe page is more or less just a brain storm, not sure all of them are good suggestions13:42
dpmTLE, I think this is a really good list we can already start with. The next thing I would suggest is for every suggestion to briefly investigate how doable it is to check for them, which will already rule some out13:44
sagaciit would be good to have some trophies as automatic and some require a tick from a translation team member/leader13:44
dpmsagaci, that's a good point - would you mind adding it as a thought here? -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/TrophySuggestions13:45
dpmTLE, in any case, if I get time, I'll start working on the "Member of a translation team" one this weekend (that one shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours), I just want to have one in there already! :)13:46
TLEdpm: yeah, that one should also match the criteria without a doubt13:47
TLEwe can make the list item links to subpages where we can work on the text for the GUI13:47
dpmTLE, yeah, either subpages or if it's a simple one, perhaps just a subpoint on the list, whatever you think it's best13:51
dpmthe challenge here is that we haven't got any API for translations13:51
dpmso there's quite a lot of info in LP about translators, but we cannot query it other than screenscraping13:52
dpmlike looking at the page, I can see some cool suggestions13:53
dpme.g. "Documentation translator"13:53
dpmif your name appears in there: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/ubuntu-docs/+pots/ubuntu-help/pt_BR/+details13:53
dpm(depending on your locale)13:53
TLEyeah, I was thinking though, that if we start by discussing which ones are good accomplishments, and remove that ones that aren't, the we can sort the rest by data availability, because those ones we might want to add later if the data becomes available13:54
dpmI need to run now, but let's continue the thread on the ml and perhaps add a point to next week's translations meeting agenda to sync up13:55
dpmactually, would you mind bouncing the e-mail to the general translators list too? It'd be great to have some more visibility, I'm sure other translators can come up with lots of good ideas13:56
dpmah, and one last thing, also on translations, but unrelated... :)13:58
dpmCheck out
dpmit's in alpha status, just a proof-of-concept for now really13:58
dpmthe DB import issue still needs to be sorted, but the web app is already up and running13:59
dpmwhat I like about django is that the actual code to get there is pretty simple13:59
dpmapart from the fscking import part... but that's another subject14:00
TLEyeah, but that is also sort of a corner case14:00
dpmso now that I've got the data and the views, I'll start thinking of interesting ways to show the data that is useful for translators14:00
dpmyeah, the issue with the import is that even if it happens once a day, if the writes to the db take hours, the db is locked and the site is unavailable14:01
dpmbut we'll get it sorted14:01
kelemengabordpm: wow, it has links to the template! I already love it! :)14:02
dpmkelemengabor, cool, glad you like it :)14:02
TLEyeah, on the upside though, if you handle the db stuff externally, it might prove easy to add some history and make nice graphs ;)14:02
dpmTLE, exactly, check out :)14:03
TLEshouldn't be more that 11 GB per year :D14:03
jokerdinohey nice wor!14:04
jokerdinoI like the progress bar and the graphs14:04
dpmjokerdino, thanks :)14:05
TLEnice work indeed14:05
dpmI'd like to have this ready for the global jam, but I'm not sure how it will turn out, as it's a side project to which I didn't commit to this cycle, so I'm working on it on spare time and yesterday as part of our 20% "work on what you like" thing we've started doing in the community team recently14:06
TLEyou might actually start thinking the history into the datastructure already now, attaching a datstamp to all th entries, so we can start accumulating data14:06
TLEdpm: it is a good idea though, doesn't google do something similar, if I recall the documentary correct gmail started as one such project14:06
dpmTLE, the good news is that it's already like this. The data you see is already accumulated (two timestamps corresponding to 2 days), it's just that I'm doing it manually because I've got the 'data imports take freaking ages' issue :)14:07
dpmso I've left it like this for now, with 2 timestamps to showcase the website in our community demo day today14:08
dpmI wanted to leave it running on Monday and have timestamps for each day of the week, but didn't quite manage14:09
dpmI'm not sure I've heard about the gmail project, what was that?14:09
dpmah, sorry, extended for too long, food is ready. See you all in a bit!14:10
TLEit was started as one google emplyees "personal time" project14:10
TLEbon appetit14:11
kelemengabordpm: I have commented on bug 94038016:27
kelemengaborI'll mark it as a dupe, do you think you can massage the desktop team for a no-change upload?16:30
=== Claudinux is now known as Guest18454
dpmkelemengabor, sure, not sure I'll manage today, but if not next week16:37

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