penguin42apparently today Google thinks I'm in Callow End - which is great, since I'm nowhere near it00:01
penguin42and as far as I know have never been there00:01
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Global Jam Q+A Videocasts Tomorrow! - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/24/ubuntu-global-jam-qa-videocasts-tomorrow/01:11
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu California Walnut Creek Global Jam - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/24/ubuntu-california-walnut-creek-global-jam/07:11
popeymorning all07:46
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Good vs. Bad Trophies - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/24/good-vs-bad-trophies/08:11
MooDoomorning all08:12
diploMorning all08:27
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czajkowskibah waking up to crazy in the inbox08:45
czajkowskiDELETE is a wonderful key08:45
MooDoocareful you don't get delete key finger czajkowski :)08:45
daubersczajkowski: I saw that crazy... people are weired08:46
danfishgood morning..long time no me speak08:53
czajkowskidanfish: looking forward to the weekend ?08:55
daubersdanfish: How do08:56
danfishyup - however I've not been around for a few days08:56
danfishdecided to play rubgy for the 1st time in 10 years and got a badly broken shoulder for my troubles08:56
MooDoodanfish: ooops :D08:57
danfishbeen in hospital having it fixed :(08:57
n1md4Morning Ubuntarians :)08:57
czajkowskidanfish: oh dear08:59
danfishI also have discovered I have an allergy to codeine, so pain relief is tricky09:00
AlanBellhi danfish, that sounds bad :(09:05
danfishAlanBell: not much fun, but more painful is the truly dreadful daytime TV.....09:09
AlanBellguess you won't make it to the rugger at the weekend then?09:09
danfishcatching up on the news, ubuntu on android looks seriously cool - it's from the atrix isn;t it?09:10
danfishAlanBell: might still make the rugby. Just moving is painful at the moment but getting better every day09:10
danfishso I'll see how things are on Sunday morning09:11
DJonesdanfish: Hoep the recovery goes well, what have you been given instead of codeine09:13
DJonesHop even09:14
* DJones replaces the keyboard09:14
danfishDJones: thanks - anti-inflammatories and whisky ;)09:23
iclebytethe engineer sat next to me has a cold and reckons gargling brandy for 3 minutes last night cured him.09:24
DJonesdanfish: Heh, whisky always works09:33
JamesTaitHappy Fix It Friday everyone! :D09:37
brobostigongood morning everyone09:44
matttmorning morning09:56
brobostigonmorning mattt09:56
matttsup brobostigon09:57
brobostigonmattt: nought much, just trying to wake up. and you?09:58
matttbrobostigon: just doing that work thing :D10:02
AlanBelldanfish: how are you planning to get to the rugger if you feel up to it?10:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Laura Czajkowski] Ubuntu Hour Dublin - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2012/02/24/ubuntu-hour-dublin-2/10:11
danfishAlanBell: I was getting a lift anyway10:11
matttthe timing of this rugby game is terrible :-/10:14
matttall northampton's good players play for england10:14
bigcalm_lappyVM connection has wandered off so I'm having to tap my phone's connection10:30
bigcalm_lappyNot optimal10:30
diploAnyone here been on any VMWare courses that they could recommend10:33
diploWe use ESXi and want to implement a few sites with replication etc10:33
diploSo need to get full product, wondering if anyone has done any that they would recommend10:33
diplo( to many !!! )10:33
MooDoodiplo: last vmware coure i went on was for 3.5 lol10:40
davmor2morning all10:41
davmor2czajkowski: PROD!!!! Morning10:42
bigcalm_lappyHi ho10:42
czajkowskidavmor2: good morning my chirpy friend10:43
diploMooDoo, Last time I looked at the products page of VMware there were maybe a dozen options10:43
davmor2czajkowski: have a hug it's friday!10:43
diplonow 5 dozen options :(10:43
* czajkowski hugs davmor2 10:43
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: why you on lappy still?10:43
bigcalm_lappydavmor2: throw me a cup of broadband. VM have snuffed it10:43
diploAlso, anyone in here know anyone who may run IBM RS/6000's ?10:43
bigcalm_lappydavmor2: connecting via my phone10:43
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: sadtrombone.com10:44
* MooDoo slaps davmor2 with a fish10:44
davmor2MooDoo: don't do that you'll upset the fish, morning dude10:44
MooDoodavmor2: morning mate10:45
bigcalm_lappyHayley wants us to attend a wedding fair on Sunday. I hope there is a crèche for the men10:45
Myrttibigcalm_lappy: make your own with taking DVD's of Top Gear and a laptop with you10:47
Davieybigcalm_lappy: like the 'spouse chairs' in clothes shops?10:47
dgjonesbigcalm_lappy: As an excuse to not go, you could say it might give you hints about what wedding dress she might get, so it would be better if you don't go10:48
bigcalm_lappyDaviey: yep10:48
bigcalm_lappyI'm sure we'll both have a good time. I'm just playing into the male stereo type ;)10:49
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: ensure your phone is fully charged and you nod and hmmmmmmm nice in all the right places.  It's the wrong time of year to be attending funerals :D10:51
bigcalm_lappyIs there a right time to attend?10:53
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: if you can last till spring, summer the flowers are cheaper ;)10:54
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: take your laptop to a coffee shop you know you want to ;)11:51
bigcalm_lappySadly McDonald's is closer11:51
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: yeah but the coffee suck11:52
bigcalm_lappyI've had worse11:55
* directhex has windows phone, and likes it. zomg!11:55
popeydirecthex: the crucial question of course.. can you get angry birds on it?11:56
AlanBelldoes it run mono apps?12:00
directhexno! the wp7 sdk supports html/js apps and a silverlight subset, afaik12:01
AlanBellheinz tomato soup with chilli is actually quite good12:03
* czajkowski has 2 angry bird plush toys glaring at me today while I work 12:04
directhexwp7 has some flaws, but it's a really nice mobile os. it's a better fit for my lifestyle than the n9 was12:04
davmor2czajkowski: no they glares at you, because you are you not because you are working :P12:04
bigcalm_lappyczajkowski: don't pinch their eggs and you'll be safe12:04
directhexor put two blue parrots in cages. that angers them too12:05
directhexor send them to space12:06
bigcalm_lappySubway lunch?12:06
bigcalm_lappyDon't mind if I do12:06
directhexsubway means a walk. burger king lunch!12:06
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: you don't want to eat in a subway have you seen what the drunks get up to in them12:07
czajkowskiI've a red and yellow one12:07
bigcalm_lappyRed and yellow drunk?12:10
bigcalm_lappyAny lunch outside of home means a wee drive12:10
bigcalm_lappyBrum brum12:11
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AlanBellhttp://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2012-02-23/ Dell Streak \o/12:22
popeyhah, thats brilliant12:23
* Azelphur_ buys oil rush through desura, wonder if it's any good :D14:06
directhexAlanBell, i was wrong btw, Unity 3D can target WP7, and that's a product based on embedded Mono14:07
directhexAlanBell, many lulz were had when Microsoft Game Studios started shipping WP7 games with Mono inside14:07
* popey hugs chrisccoulson for http://paste.ubuntu.com/855375/14:16
chrisccoulsonpopey, did you see the screenshot too?14:16
penguin42chrisccoulson: Brilliant solution14:19
chrisccoulsonheh :)14:19
* penguin42 assumes that is a picture of a kitty.....14:19
directhexchrisccoulson, is that pushed to the archive?14:19
penguin42chrisccoulson: It's a shame you didn't call it pussyview which may have satisfied both sides14:20
chrisccoulsondirecthex, not atm. somebody suggested that i might start a new world war if i did that ;)14:20
chrisccoulsonpenguin42, lol14:20
directhexchrisccoulson, do it now or i'll sponsor the upload immediately14:21
directhexnot kidding!14:21
* penguin42 waits for chrisccoulson's solution to bible apps14:22
directhexi am happy to upload bible apps as long as they are modular enough to handle any holy book14:22
popeychrisccoulson: someone has pointed out to me that it should not be kitteh's.14:23
popeyno apostrophe14:23
chrisccoulsonoh, good catch ;)14:23
directhexdpkg-source: info: applying pornview_0.2pre1-11ubuntu2.diff.gz14:23
directhexnow then now then...14:23
sagacichrisccoulson: hi, I just realised/remembered that you were involved with chromium... are there any updates/ideas for the translation templates for chromium in Launchpad -- since fta seems to be gone...?14:24
chrisccoulsonsagaci, oh, chromium is in pretty bad shape. nobody is maintaining it at all14:24
sagaciis that a debian or ubuntu issue?14:25
chrisccoulsonit's a "there is nobody motivated enough about it in ubuntu" issue ;)14:25
sagaciah righteo then14:25
directhexalso it's a big jiggly mess14:26
brobostigonhence the chromium ppa, having no updates for months.14:27
chrisccoulsonindeed. i would actually rather maintain 4 more versions of firefox than maintain chromium14:27
brobostigonhence i am using google-chrome-unstable now.14:27
mgdmLaney: ping?14:27
sagaciI'd personally prefer to use chromium but I've just been using chrome of late14:28
sagacibig lion?14:28
brobostigonsagaci: agreed, same here.14:28
directhexautofoo is for losers. let's build our own build system! with blackjack! and hookers!14:28
chrisccoulsonlol @ https://twitter.com/#!/davmor2/status/17305193118132224014:30
chrisccoulsonperhaps it's impossible to make everybody happy ;)14:30
AlanBellchrisccoulson: is it still for one handed browsing? (presumably because you are stroking a kitteh with the other hand)14:31
davmor2chrisccoulson: everyone loves the cloud and it's the in thing call it cloudview :D14:32
AlanBellPornView is an image and movie viewer/manager with thumbnail previews. Additional features includes thumbnail caching, directory tree views, adjustable zoom, and fullscreen view. Slideshows allow for unattended presentation of images for hands-free viewing. Pornview is written using GTK+.14:32
TheOpenSourcererWhat an Interesting conversation to come in on :-)14:34
AlanBellhi TheOpenSourcerer14:34
TheOpenSourcererHi AlanBell14:34
TheOpenSourcererLong time no speaky ;-)14:34
* AlanBell dials the speakyphone14:34
sagaciPawnView, or PictureView14:37
DJonessagaci: PawnView would get the financial watchdogs investigating it14:38
diploAnyone recommend a backup device for a SMB that they can take offsite, don't want tapes/or cloud based/rsync set up14:45
diploStandard usb hard disc, or something like the Dell RD1000 ?14:45
davmor2chrisccoulson: I think we are missing the obviousness of prawnview14:48
gordwell the oneiric alpha iso doesn't work at all... not really allowed to complain about that though really14:50
Azelphur_aww ye, native Linux games on my machine...turn all the graphics to max \o/15:15
popeyAzelphur_: you use desura much?15:17
Azelphur_popey: yea I bought it through desura :)15:18
Azelphur_I like Desura :p15:18
popeyyeah, saw that15:18
Azelphur_I havn't used it too much yet, but I can certainly see it has potential15:19
Azelphur_popey: wonder if they are going to implement something ala steam friends15:20
popeyi expect so15:23
Azelphur_hopefully without all the terrible bits of steam friends though15:27
bigcalm[xoom]This lack of broadband is giving me the shakes15:29
gordi have to run steam on my phone just to be able to talk to people on my steam friends list when i'm not on windows... such a pain. don't need another one of them15:29
bigcalm[xoom]Or is that the coffee?15:29
Azelphur_haha weird, oil rush makes cairo dock crash15:29
Azelphur_gord that's a bad thing, however I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU :P15:29
Azelphur_gord my friend has reverse engineered the protocol on the steam mobile client and has a pidgin protocol plugin available.15:30
gordAzelphur_, cool, get them to make a telepathy version15:30
Azelphur_*shrug* he's a pidgin person, and empathy can load libpurple plugins anyway I believe?15:30
gordi have no idea15:31
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: pretty sure you are still meant to be working or have you just given up on that :D15:32
* daubers needs 100cc of coffee15:32
Azelphur_!info telepathy-haze15:32
lubotu3telepathy-haze (source: telepathy-haze): Telepathy connection manager that uses libpurple. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5.0-1 (oneiric), package size 75 kB, installed size 320 kB15:32
* gord thinks we may lose the patient15:32
Azelphur_gord ^ :D15:32
gordAzelphur_, and what libpurple do i need?15:32
Azelphur_No idea really, I just built it against pidgin since I'm a pidgin user15:33
Azelphur_gcc -I/home/azelphur/Code/pidgin/pidgin-2.10.0/libpurple/ -I/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/glib-2.0/include/ -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/include/purple-2 -I/usr/include/json-glib-1.0 -lglib-2.0 -lpurple -I. -pipe *.c -fPIC -DPIC -ljson-glib-1.0 -shared -o libsteam.so15:34
Azelphur_is the line I used to build it15:34
Azelphur_very early in development obviously, but it works and I'm using it15:35
bigcalm[xoom]davmor2: I am implementing oauth2 for an api im writing. Bits can be done, tricky without a net connection though15:36
gordAzelphur_, ah not in a released version, shame15:37
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: still no T'interweb then15:37
Azelphur_gord nothing besides the source no, but still, it's working :)15:38
Azelphur_so, it's a good alternative for you when he starts building I guess15:38
bigcalm[xoom]I need to store a hashed password in a table. What's the recommended algorithm for this? Md5, sha1, other?15:38
gordi want a ppa :)15:38
Azelphur_want fries with that? :P15:38
gordbigcalm[xoom], rot 1315:39
bigcalm[xoom]davmor2:  I guess vm are having trouble fixing it. They need to do it before end of school or they will have a lot more unhappy custom on the phone15:40
bigcalm[xoom]gord: lol15:40
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]: only one15:40
gordbigcalm[xoom], i think md5 is fine right now, but sha2 has more legs, sha1 is depreciated15:41
bigcalm[xoom]|Oh T-Mobile, don't you start15:41
bigcalm[xoom]|davmor2: only one what?15:42
bigcalm[xoom]|gord: one can google md5 hashes and get surprising results15:42
BigRedSbigcalm[xoom]|: seed it15:43
davmor2I just saw the unhappy custom on the phone  and not the lot more bit ;)15:43
gordwell md5 has a smaller digest size, so that is to be expected15:43
BigRedSanything is vulnerable to rainbow tables, so if you're concerned use a seed15:43
bigcalm[xoom]|I just tried to google from my work station :(15:44
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: Can you say D'oh!!!!!!!!!15:48
bigcalm[xoom]|I can grumble15:49
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: Can you say shuggin' fashin', shuggin' fashin', Dick Dastardly!15:49
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: is it just net or everything?15:50
bigcalm[xoom]|Just net. Tv and phone are ok15:51
penguin42bigcalm[xoom]|: You mustn't just store the hash - add some form of salt15:53
penguin42bigcalm[xoom]|: There are now enough md5/sha's of common passwords on the net to make the easiest way to check them to google the hash15:54
bigcalm[xoom]|That's what I eluded to15:55
BigRedSdoesn't one normally elude *from* (or simply elude)?16:01
penguin42BigRedS: I've never heard someone refer to eluding from16:02
BigRedSno, but eluding definitely doesn't normally happen to16:03
Laneymgdm: HELLO!!!!!!!!16:05
mgdmLaney: do you want me to do anything for that Pandoc thing (be it request a backport or whatever) and if so where?16:22
Laneymgdm: I need to ask Jonas to update it in Debian16:23
Laneyyou could do that if you like16:23
mgdmis that more than just 'emal and go "can you update it please?"'16:23
Laneyyou could file it as a wishlist bug16:24
mgdmI shall do that16:24
bigcalm[xoom]|Silly T-Mobile is silly16:48
davmor2Happy Friday everyone16:55
danfishAlanBell: which mailing list is going potty at the mo? (seen your tweets)17:32
AlanBelldanfish: I tweeted a link to it :)17:33
danfishAlanBell: oh yeah. thanks17:39
* danfish has a look then steps hastily back17:44
AlanBellchrisccoulson: did kittyview hit the archives yet?18:07
davmor2AlanBell: I think you'll find we agreed on prawnview to not offend the dog owners and cat hating czajkowski18:19
AlanBelloh, can I suggest chickenview then?18:19
gordonjcpczajkowski hates cats?  I knew there was something *wrong* about her... :-/18:20
gordonjcphow can you hate cats and be on the Internet?18:20
davmor2AlanBell: might offend the battery farmed chickens if they see free ones ;)18:20
ali1234hmm i think i just found the mailing list thing you were talking about earlier18:22
ali1234OP has a point. the dash has a really nasty habit of finding things you don't want people to see at the exact time they happen to be watching over your shoulder.18:27
AlanBellyes, the adverts should not be in the apps lens18:32
ali1234not just adverts. remember that screenshot where the guy had loads of torrents in the dash?18:33
ali1234well ok, one18:34
ali1234but you get the idea18:34
AlanBellali1234: this is zeitgeist, it tracks what you do and is according to some people a good idea18:35
ali1234i know18:35
ali1234i turned it off18:35
hamitronevening all18:36
ali1234but i'm an expert18:36
zleap26th April for 12.04 release right18:36
AlanBellI don't think I have ever seen it do something usefull18:36
zleapi am trying to get it mentioned in my local community partnership magazine18:36
AlanBellyes zleap18:37
davmor2ali1234: you can just use the privacy tool18:37
ali1234yes, that's what i did18:37
ali1234blacklist *18:37
zleapok ty,  this should go in the April issue,  by whichj time i may have this computer group up and running,  and may be try and see if any young people want a release party :D18:37
zleapor a demo event at the may dc/Lug meet18:38
AlanBellexcellent zleap  :)18:38
zleapyouth service are waiting on references18:39
zleapmore burocratic nonsense basically18:39
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Reminder: Ubuntu Global Jam Video Q+A Coming Up! - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/24/reminder-ubuntu-global-jam-video-qa-coming-up/19:13
DJonesHas anybody tried this gnome2 fallback mode for 12.04 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192835019:23
ali1234no, but i assume it's the new port of gnome-panel to gtk3?19:24
ali1234(or maybe it still uses gtk2)19:24
* DJones loads up virtualbox19:24
ali1234i really hate forums that don't let you see images unless you log in19:26
hamitronor download files19:27
DJonesLooking through the thread, "It's Gnome 3 that's skinned to look like Gnome 2"19:29
ali1234oh that.19:29
ali1234you can't move the panel around19:29
ali1234you can't do anything useful with the second monitor19:29
zleapok they won't put inthe release date for ubuntu 12.04 as aparenly it won;t mean much to most people19:30
ali1234it's basically "gnome 2 if you configured it to be as much like gnome shell as possible and only have 1 monitor"19:30
ali1234there is a way to run gnome panel in gtk3/12.04 though, supposedly19:31
Azelphur_If your after multi monitor support, XFCE is good :D19:31
ali1234no it isn't19:32
* Azelphur_ is a quad monitor user19:32
zleapso will keep trying places, time to print out more posters and put ubuntu stickers in random places :D19:32
hamitronI used to like XFCE, now just don't seem to19:32
ali1234all the standard xfce applications are years out of date19:34
ali1234i'm talking about the video player, the terminal, and the file manager19:34
ali1234and if i use the gnome ones instead, i can't configure anything properly19:34
Azelphur_I use most gnome things instead, nautilus and totem :)19:35
=== moha is now known as moha19860314
ali1234KDE and gnome at least share most settings through xdg19:36
ali1234run a gnome app in kde, it looks like kde19:36
ali1234run a kde ap in gnome, it looks like gnome19:36
ali1234run a gnome or kde app in xfce, it looks like a mess19:36
ali1234because xfce is horribly out of date and doesn't support anything like that19:36
Azelphur_my apps are themed fine19:36
ali1234show a screenshot, i bet i can find at least 3 problems with the themeing19:37
hamitronthemes are not everything.... better to have a mismatched theme, but with the correct functionality19:37
ali1234i disagree19:37
ali1234you only have 1 program running19:38
ali1234and no panels19:38
MartijnVdSHahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-kbMF1GF2A#!19:38
Azelphur_ali1234: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2012/February/2012-02-24-193905_874x632_scrot.png19:39
ali1234the drop "shadow" on those radio buttons is a crime19:40
Azelphur_that's more the specific theme I've chosen rather than an issue in XFCE :)19:40
ali1234the text on the frames appears to be in a totally different font for some reason19:41
ali1234yes, well if you pick a theme that's hideous to start with it's kind of hard to notice when it breaks i guess :)19:41
Azelphur_ali1234: *shrug* It's the only theme that actually uses black as a base colour I could find19:41
Azelphur_I dunno why everybody insists on using bright colors for background19:42
ali1234because it's much easier to read19:42
Azelphur_ali1234: nope19:42
ali1234unless you're a cave-dweller :)19:42
Azelphur_ali1234: whites more intensive on your eyes, white is more of a highlight color, while black is null, void19:43
Azelphur_black backgrounds should be the norm, white is for things of actual relevance (eg text)19:43
Azelphur_plus it looks cool because it totally matches my monitors. :D19:44
ali1234so, on your first screenshot, why is the window title text much bigger than the font used inside the windows?19:44
ali1234the kerning is also terrible19:45
ali1234Pid ginView lol19:45
Azelphur_because I specifically set the font size lower in pidgin to squeeze more text in19:45
Azelphur_ali1234: haha, my little window switcher to manage the madness :P19:45
ali1234on the menus?19:45
Azelphur_in the pidgin menus, yes19:45
DJonesDon't know if its the same for monitors as it is for projectors, I'm always advised that the bext colours for reading on a projector are yellow text on a blue background19:45
ali1234so why don't you make the titlebar text smaller to match it?19:46
ali1234how can you even look at that without getting annoyed?19:46
DJonesBut being honest, to me, it looks awefull19:46
Azelphur_ali1234: pretty fine, no reason that window title bars should have the same font size as the content :P19:46
* hamitron doesn't in KDE either19:47
ali1234moving on...19:47
ali1234why is the gap between names in the nicklist bigger than the height of the actual nicks?19:47
Azelphur_not sure what you mean by that19:48
ali1234"26 people in room"19:48
ali1234then a list of nicks19:48
ali1234Chanserv, Edge, ...19:48
ali1234why is the gap between the bottom of the "C" and the top of "E" so big?19:48
ali1234i don't even know how you could have configured that19:49
Azelphur_*shrug* I think perhaps that's derived by the theme again19:49
Azelphur_It's just a standard gtk widget19:49
ali1234distance between nicks shoulw be the same as the distance between the messages19:49
Azelphur_*Shrug* could probably squeeze one or two extra nicks in the list19:50
* jacobw snuggles irssi19:50
Azelphur_jacobw: irssi can't do horizontal tiling :(19:50
ali1234purely for aesthetic reasons19:50
* Azelphur_ can see all the things19:50
jacobwsure it can, or rather, tmux can :)19:51
Azelphur_jacobw: would require running like 15 instances of irssi in some really weird setup19:51
jacobwyeah, it wouldn't work19:51
ali1234it would be awful19:51
davmor2byobu-tmux ftw19:51
ali1234you want to type in window 13? sure, just press ctrl-a ctrl-n 13 times!19:52
Azelphur_jacobw: not being able to tile IRC was one of my major gripes when I switched from windows, it's what I came up with to solve it :P19:52
jacobwi'm glad byobu uses tmux now19:52
ali1234tmux is for people who think clicking in a window is too easy19:52
jacobwwell, it is :p19:52
ali1234screen is for people who need to run a long running command on a remote server and don't want it to get killed by a hang up19:53
brobostigonwell, i changed back to byobu-screen on my vps, as byobu-tmux was ram and cpu hungry.19:53
ali1234tmux also doesn't support -D19:54
ali1234which is the most useful screen option ever19:54
brobostigonbyobu-tmux alone, used %20 ram, not acceptable.19:54
ali1234since it allows you to automatically run a session inside any context and then remotely connect to it later19:54
davmor2ali1234: you can disconnect from byobu-tmux and reconnect19:55
brobostigonbyobu-screen uses basiclly nothing measurable.19:55
ali1234you can't disconnect from it until it is already running19:55
ali1234i think it's a different switch actually19:56
ali1234ah -d -m19:56
ali1234eg put "while 1; do screen -d -m; done" in your gnome-session startup19:57
ali1234you are now able to ssh into the machine and access a shell inside the X11 security context19:57
ali1234actually don't do that, you'll get millions of screens :)19:58
ali1234you need -D -m, which doesn't fork19:59
ali1234so i was half right19:59
ali1234anyway, tmux can't do that afaik20:00
jacobwweekends are boring20:03
dwatkinstmux is confusing with reattaching20:13
penguin42ooh a play.com advert for a cheap Android tablet for only £NaN20:16
Azelphur_Must buy!20:16
jacobwpenguin42: ooh20:18
ali1234asda were selling the archos 28 for £30 today20:18
penguin42gah - it's £69.99 when you click through20:18
ali1234only on the website. it's sold out20:18
ali1234also it's only a tablet in the sense that it isn't a phone20:19
Laney69.99 clearly is a number20:19
gordonjcpali1234: so, it's a phone, without the GSM chipset?20:20
jacobwit takes 7 minutes to walk to the supermarket, and about 4 minutes to purchase something, making an 18 minutes round trip20:21
jacobwhow badly do i want tangfastics? :|20:21
gordonjcpand because of its daft form factor it can't be mounted in landscape format without looking stupid20:21
ali1234gordonjcp: pretty much yes20:21
ali1234gordonjcp: if you want something that's portrait and mountable you want the archos 32 home connect20:22
ali1234er i mean landscape20:22
gordonjcpali1234: so as a tablet to be mounted in the space where a rear view mirror would go, it's still not what I'm looking for20:22
gordonjcphm, that looks fairly decent20:22
ali1234and  meant 3520:22
gordonjcpeven better20:23
ali1234resistive touchscreen would probably be bad for mounting in a car20:26
ali1234cos you have to press really hard20:26
ali1234you'd need a good mount20:26
gordonjcpI was going to make a bracket up to go onto a mounting point just above the windscreen20:28
penguin42jacobw: Why does the supermarket take so long - don't they have a self-scan ?20:38
* penguin42 waits the extra minute or so for him to return20:40
bigcalm_lappyUpdate manager wants to have some fun. Do I let it download 43.5mb over my mobile connection I wonder20:42
ali1234i had 500mb of updates today20:43
bigcalm_lappyali1234: 12.04?20:43
ali1234now there's another 71mb since 5 hours ago20:44
popeywheee as everything lands20:51
MartijnVdSInstead of doing that throughout the cycle..20:52
popeysadly wasnt ready20:52
* bigcalm_lappy whimpers without his broadband connection20:53
MartijnVdSpopey: at least it's not late March ;)20:53
* MartijnVdS is going to report a lot of bugs on Monday20:53
bigcalm_lappypopey: laptop fully working now?20:53
AlanBellthere should be another libreoffice upgrade to come (at least one)20:53
MartijnVdSMy work machine has an ATi card and it does WEIRD things20:53
MartijnVdS(unity (panel, dock) shows up when the screensaver is active, for instance).. and right-click menus only show up after selecting one of the items in them20:54
AlanBellif you have a big screen and LibreOffice won't start then you have to remove libreoffice-gtk which takes out all the pretty20:54
ali1234MartijnVdS: when you report the menu one tell em it affects nvidia too20:55
ali1234and it's all menus20:55
popeybigcalm_lappy: ya20:58
MartijnVdSali1234: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/91698120:58
lubotu3Launchpad bug 916981 in unity (Ubuntu) "Popup artifacts using google chrome right click mouse menu" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:59
popeyi already filed the menu's not appearing bug20:59
bigcalm_lappypopey: good show :)20:59
popeyand have someone working on it20:59
MartijnVdSpopey: Ah, #? :)20:59
popeybug 93147320:59
lubotu3Launchpad bug 931473 in Compiz Workarounds Plugins "Menus don't fully appear" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93147320:59
popeylater than yours20:59
ali1234MartijnVdS: that one sounds different to what i'm seeing20:59
ali1234popey's bug sounds closer to mine21:00
MartijnVdSI get what popey gets, but even less "working" menu bits21:00
ali1234popey: each menu item appears only after you've moused over it right?21:00
ali1234screenshot looks right too21:00
popeythats just one exaple21:01
popeysometimes you just see the drop shadow21:01
ali1234normally i get the drop shaow and what ever option is directly under the mouse21:01
MartijnVdSmarking as 'affects me'21:01
popeyshows it21:02
ali1234it's not movement based :)21:03
MartijnVdSit's window-switching related21:03
ali1234you have to focus another window and then go bac, then it will do it21:03
popeyeasy to reproduce21:04
popeycan you please leave a comment about how easy that is to reproduce?21:05
popeyactually scratch that21:07
popeyits already fixed ☺21:07
ali1234ok :)21:07
popeyonce it gets merged21:07
popey" The problem is with wrong XDamageNotifyEvents that we get from X"21:08
popey"We get invalid areas that are said to be 'needing redraw' in case of menus"21:08
ali1234hmm how do i even access the right-click-titlebar menu on a maximized window?21:11
ali1234if you have multimonitor, and you have a maximized window on onitor 1 and a focused window on monitor 2, the panel on monitor 1 should show the close button and menus for the maximized window on monitor 1. not the name of the focussed window on monitor 221:12
popeyalt+space ☺21:13
ali1234popey: have you seen the thing with fullscreen windows that don't draw?21:20
ali1234it's probably related21:20
occupy64kTrying Unity again21:36
ali1234argh who unplugged youtube21:42
christian__anyone alive23:06
AlanBelldaubers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/SupportersGuide and anyone else interested23:34
KrimZonI don't see any "Don't refer to releases by rude parodies of their codename" in there.23:41
* popey boggles that the guide recommends people _search_ ubuntu forums, yet not search askubuntu?23:46
popeythere seems to be some obsession in the irc community that askubuntu is somehow bad, and ubuntuforums is good. quite odd23:46
* AlanBell says it *is* a wiki23:47
AlanBelland it *was* an etherpad23:47
popeyits not that I want to correct it23:47
popeyit's that the attitude speaks volumes23:47
popeythere is something fundamentally wrong there23:47
AlanBellcan't say I use either23:47
AlanBellI don't think there is any attitude involved, one person who was drafting the document clearly finds some value in the forums, nobody involved in askubuntu added that as a thing in the guidelines yet23:51
popeyits not just that document23:51
AlanBellwe were discussing some kind of integration between #ubuntu-meta and askubuntu23:52
popeythere's quite an embedded attitude that's been around ever since au started, it hasn't really changed. a resistance to it.23:53
matttevening evening23:53

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