thomibschaefer: cool, what was the issue?00:15
bschaeferthe display00:15
bschaeferthomi, so when it was done the display wasn't getting closed, but we didn't actually need the display00:16
thomiahh ok. Let me know if you want me to re-review your MP00:16
bschaeferyup, working on the autopilot test right now00:16
bschaeferso far I changed it to test_ctrl_a, test_ctrl_c_v and test_ctrl_x_v00:17
bschaeferwhich will test for that crash anyone00:17
thomibschaefer: cool00:17
thomibschaefer: while you're at it, I think you should change the text to something nicer than "Segfault" :)00:17
bschaeferalso thanks for the novel, its very helpful00:18
bschaeferthomi, that test is getting removed anyway00:18
bschaeferits replaced with ctrl_c_v which just uses Copy as the text00:18
thomiheh, ok00:18
bschaeferand Cut for the ctrl_x_v one00:19
bschaeferthomi, o yeah, should I be putting these under DashKeyNavTests?00:19
thomibschaefer: hmm, I'd make a new class, something like DashClipboardTests00:20
thomisince it's not really keyboard navigation00:20
bschaeferalright sounds good00:20
DaekdroomIs precise going to ship Unity 5.6.0?00:23
thumperDaekdroom: or later00:35
Andy80jono: I've installed Ubuntu 12.04 on VirtualBox too so I can test "Ubuntu Accomplishments" and if it's not too hard I can help implementing other accomplishments00:41
jonoAndy80, awesome!00:42
jonoif you can install and run it that would be cool as a first step00:43
jonoand some contributed accomplishments would be great00:43
* DebolazW likes this idea.00:43
jonoAndy80, for creating them, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Creating00:43
jonoDebolazW, if you can help, that would be cool too :-)00:44
DebolazWI think I would fall quite short if attempting to think up new achievements. :)00:44
Andy80jono: yes, I already installed and tested on my netbook. Now I'd like to try again on the desktop so I can work better on the code. And yes, I was referring to your blogpost for all the informations :) the wiki is written very well and all the steps worked without any problem00:45
jonoAndy80, cool, so you saw the trophies appear OK?00:46
jonoDebolazW, you can also help improve the docs on our existing ones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/GetInvolved#Documentation00:46
Andy80jono: yes, the one I have appeared. There was just a delay on the "First bug filled" trophy, but I could not understand why.00:48
jonoAndy80, that is because it was unlocked until you got the registered on LP one :-)00:48
jonothey come in in waves :-)00:48
* thumper waves00:49
Andy80jono: ahhh, now I understand :) it's something like .deb deps ;) to have one you need to first have another one ecc...00:49
jonoit helps map out the community journey00:50
jonowould be awesome to have trophies for Unity team contributions00:50
jonoe.g. First Bug Fix00:50
jonoFirst Successful Merge00:50
Andy80jono: ok, I'll have to implement something anyway if I want to test how to create them. Any idea, please let's add it to the wiki, possibly something like this: "First Unity bug fixed" - IN PROGRESS - @yourlaunchpadId00:52
Andy80so people can know if another one is already working on it and they won't duplicate code00:52
jonogood idea00:53
Andy80ok, time to sleep now (2:00 AM here), I'll continue tomorrow! See ya guys :)01:10
bschaeferthomi, hmm setting the primary text doesnt seem to work01:10
DebolazWjono: By the way, while I have you here, which mailing list should I post on if I want to draw attention to a compiz-on-unity bug?01:12
thomibschaefer: be with you ina minute01:13
bschaeferthomi, alright, dont rush, I pushed the changes I had so far01:14
jonoDebolazW, probably unity-devel01:14
thomibschaefer: OK, so.. when you say it doesn't work...01:15
thomiyou mean that GTK code snippet?01:15
DebolazWIt's a regression bug that sneaked in for 12.04, it looks very simple to fix but I have no idea how to do it. :-)01:15
bschaeferthomi, I make a PRIMARY clipboard, then set the text and try pasting. Nothing is in the PRIMARY clipboard when I try to manual do it also01:16
thomibschaefer: it works perfectly for me - where are you trying to paste to?01:16
bschaeferline 18201:17
bschaeferin the diff01:17
thomibschaefer: OK, a few things I forgot to mention in my previous novel:01:19
thomithe most important thing is that the values of classes (like SearchBar) don't automatically refresh when the unity state changes, so you need to call 'searchbar.refresh_state()' if you think it may have changed unity-side01:19
thomiOR you can just construct the searchbar when you need to read the state01:19
thomiso diff line 194 should have a search_bar.refresh_state()01:20
snadgeyou guys are on fire!! another unity update in precise?01:20
bschaeferI should do a searchbar = self.dash.get_searchbar()01:20
thomiotherwise you'll get the 'search_string' from whenever it was created01:20
bschaeferdo both?01:20
thomibschaefer: or just call refresh_state()01:20
thomijust one or the other01:21
thomithey actually do the same thing - both trigger a dbus call, grab the new state, and set the object properties01:21
bschaeferwhats weird is I just changed it from PRIMARY to CLIPBOARD and now the text is getting set in the clipboard01:21
thomicalling refresh_state() looks nicer, sinc eyou've already created the object01:21
bschaefervery true01:22
thomibschaefer: also, you should really move the mouse to "searchbar.x + (searchbar.width/2)" instead of "searchbar.x + 100"...01:22
bschaeferyeah, I saw it used above in a different test01:24
bschaefersaw it used that way, but that makes more sense to put it in the middle01:24
thomiso are you sure middle-mouse-btn paste works in the dash?01:24
bschaeferyeah, I also tried to see if it was in the clipboard just using gnome-termainl01:24
bschaeferand I can get it to work for the normal CLIPBOARD but not PRIMARY01:25
thomibschaefer: OK. everything I need is in that one branch, correct? I'll build the branch and try and see what's goingon01:25
bschaeferok, thanks. I added test for just ctrl+c and ctrl+x also01:26
bschaeferusing Clipboard, so those have test now!01:26
* thomi grabs the branch01:26
bschaeferthomi, yeah also sorry about the length of my name haha01:27
bschaeferthat I used for the launchpad login01:27
thomino worries - that's what copy+paste is for01:27
bschaeferhaha, not if its broken!01:27
bschaeferI put the wait_for_text in there since it should be a better timer then sleep01:28
thomiI didn't realise you even had to wait :)01:29
bschaeferidk if you do or not01:29
bschaeferI guess it might take a while to convert to utf801:29
bschaeferI bet its un needed01:30
thomibschaefer: wtf?01:36
thomiwow, that's odd01:36
thomiOK, when I run it manually myself it works...01:37
bschaeferon the command line?01:37
bschaeferor python interpreter01:37
bschaeferyeah it does thats weird!01:38
thomibschaefer: in the python interpreter01:40
thomibschaefer: also, your indentation is a bit messed up01:40
thomiall indents should be 4 spaces01:40
bschaeferyeah, I just tested it in the interpreter and it worked01:40
thomiin the python files, that is01:40
bschaeferops, have it set to 2 for unity01:40
bschaeferI was wondering why the functions were 4 spaces away01:41
thomihmmm, OK, that's interesting01:44
thomiif you set the clipboard text, then exit the interpreter, the primary clipboard gets cleared, which makes sense, since it's a client-side property01:45
thomibut that's not happening in our test...01:45
bschaeferI also tried cb.store() which should store it for when the app closes01:46
bschaeferthe primary text doesn't get cleared when I exit from the interpreter01:46
bschaeferthomi,  nerver mind it does01:47
thomihuh? does what?01:47
bschaeferit clears the primary text01:47
thomiI'm with you01:47
bschaeferhmm but it should still work since the program is still running!01:49
* thomi has an idea01:50
bschaeferwhat is it!01:51
thomiI wonder whether it's because our Mouse emulator uses python-XLib and we create our own display instance, while gtk uses the gtk.gdk.Display class01:58
bschaefero i bet if we used the main display for the clipboard it would work01:58
bschaeferhmm well01:58
bschaeferit should actually already do that01:58
bschaeferthomi, one thing I found odd is if you replace PRIMARY with CLIPBOARD01:59
bschaeferthomi, then do a cb.store() after the set text and run the problem01:59
bschaeferand if you paste anywhere its the set_text worked01:59
thomiok, I'm getting closer01:59
thomiI have a tiny function now that works when run from the interpreter, but not from the command line02:00
dmj726Mainly curious here: Why was the switch workspace shortcut changed?02:00
thomiand it's only 5 lines long02:00
bschaefercould you pastebin it?02:01
bschaeferor just paste it here02:01
thomibschaefer: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/854850/02:02
thomiif you download that to a file called 'cp.py' in your tests/autopilot dir02:03
thomiand then open a python interpreter and do this:02:03
thomifrom cp import test_middle_mouse_paste; test_middle_mouse_paste()02:03
thomiit works perfectly02:03
thomibut if you run to from bash: (python cp.py) it doesn't do anything02:04
bschaeferhmm thats odd02:04
bschaeferso what does th interpreter do differently?02:04
thomiexactly - I can't think of anything02:05
thomiok, using the 'xsel' app, it looks like that gtk method isn't doing what we think it is02:07
bschaeferthe set_text method?02:07
bschaeferis the set_text only for the CLIPBOARD?02:10
bschaeferas I think it is used for copy more so02:10
bschaeferno, otherwise the interpreter wouldn't work...02:11
thomino, the docs indicate it should work02:11
thomiand yeah, it works interactivelky02:11
bschaeferhmm weird, so if you run that program "python cp.py" and while it is sleeping select and copy something into primary02:17
bschaeferand it works02:17
thomiwow, ok02:21
thomihah! got it02:23
bschaeferwhat was it?02:24
thomithe gtk.Clipboard needs the gtk event loop running. check this out:02:24
thomithat works perfectly02:24
bschaeferdo we want the gtk main loop running in the test?02:25
thomiOK, so we need a way to do this in pyre python-xlib. I'll take a gander at the gtk source code and try and see how they do it02:25
thomibschaefer: no, we can't have it running :(02:25
bschaeferyeah, hmm well I wish selecting and coping in the unity dash set it as primary02:25
bschaeferhmm I should look into that02:26
bschaeferthomi,  why was the gtk main loop running int he interpreter?02:26
thomibschaefer: do you use ipython?02:26
thomiI do, and it runs a gtk loop for you I believe02:27
bschaeferhmm I just type python on the command line02:27
thomioh ok02:27
thomimaybe pygtk is trying to be clever, and does it differently when it's being run interactively?02:27
bschaeferI could init something02:27
thomiin either case, it'd be nicer to do it in XLib02:28
thomiwell, I say nicer....02:28
bschaeferthat was definitively interesting, what made you think we needed the gtk loop?02:28
thomidunno... just a wild guess02:29
thomiI'm grabbing the gtk source02:29
bschaeferhaha either way good job! I was just getting more and more confused haha02:29
thomiright, the answer we need is in here somewhere: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/xsel/precise/view/head:/xsel.c02:32
thomiahhh, nicely written C code... such a pleasure to read02:33
bschaeferhmm, so we are looking for some sort of event loop?02:35
bschaeferand yes this is very nice C code...02:36
thomiline 1468 is what we need I think02:36
bschaeferI just saw line 162402:37
bschaeferwhich looked like it was waiting for the next event...02:38
thomiI'm hoping we can do a fire-and-forget02:40
* thomi hacks something together02:40
bschaefernice, im interested to see what you hack together!02:45
snadgei hate to sound like a broken record, but is anyone going to fix fglrx?02:53
snadgewhenever i try to play a video with totem/gstreamer x just crashes.. and it still has the window title not being updated bug02:54
snadgeim on the radeon driver atm, cos that works without these issues, but obviously that solution isnt the most ideal02:55
snadgei fear that 12.04 will be released with this issue, because nobody cares enough to fix it02:58
thomibschaefer: I see how it works... it's a bit of a pain02:59
bschaeferthomi, :(, if it will take much time there is still a manual test03:00
bschaeferthat will cover this03:00
thomibasically, you need to create a window (it can be unmapped, so that's OK), and whenever you want to set the clipboard contents, you raise an X event. Then when someone pastes something, you get a XSelectionEvent, which you need to respond to  sending the selection data03:00
thomibschaefer: yeah, let's go with the manual test.03:00
thomibschaefer: delete the AP test for MMB paste I guess03:01
bschaeferthomi, ok, let me remove that test :(, but ill keep the other ones03:01
thomiremember to fix the indentation also :)03:01
bschaeferalready did :)03:01
thomioh, and if you can, trim trailing whitespace :)03:01
bschaeferthank you for spending so much time working on this!03:02
thomiahh well, I now know a bit more about how X works.... I'm not sure that's a good thing or not03:02
thomiheh, no worries03:02
bschaeferhaha yeah I didn't know copy and pasting had so many standards before today03:02
bschaeferthomi, alright, just pushed the changes if you want to review03:07
* thomi looks03:07
thomibschaefer: are you satisfied that you haven't introduced a memory leak in the new clipboard code?03:09
thomiI notice that the old code used a glib::GObject<> smart ptr thingy03:09
thomi...and now we don't03:09
bschaefero, umm I should add that back in03:10
bschaeferI thought it was casting it rather then using a smart ptr03:10
thomino hang on03:10
thomithe docs say:03:10
thomiReturns :03:10
thomithe appropriate clipboard object. If no clipboard already exists, a new one will be created. Once a clipboard object has been created, it is persistent and, since it is owned by GTK+, must not be freed or unreffed. [transfer none]03:10
thomibetter not unref it then :)03:11
bschaeferyeah haha, so it should be good :)03:11
thomibschaefer: approved. Do you have permissions to set the MP to approved?03:14
thomicool - do it :)03:15
bschaefernice, not copy/cut and pasting isn't crashing and works!03:15
bschaeferthanks for your help03:16
TheMusoIs someone able to point me to a document/spec that explains why we needed to change workspace switching keyboard shortcuts? IMO the ones we had are fine and have been around for a long time.03:27
topdownjimmyWhat the hell just happened to my inbox?06:22
snadgehmm.. caps lock / num lock / scroll lock hints aren't showing in latest unity06:24
snadgeim on a netbook which doesnt have led indicators for them06:24
AlanBellwow, interesting thread on the unity-design mailing list :(08:06
senseAlanBell: Which one?08:16
AlanBell[Unity-design] Remove Pornographic Apps from the "Apps available for download" (51 messages)08:16
AlanBellnot sure adding my opinion to that would improve matters, or state anything not already stated08:17
AlanBellI don't like the adverts at all, and I have seen p0rnview pop up in it too08:18
AlanBellthough like most I find religion far more offensive than porn, but that isn't really the point08:18
AlanBellwhat really offends me is that the lens folds up the stuff I do have, to make room for adverts for stuff I don't have08:19
tsdgeosOMG huge trolling there08:21
snadgei hate how my porn comes up in recently used documents08:29
snadgeor downloads08:29
snadgeits like.. err.. glad this is my home computer, and not my work one :p08:29
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
davidcallesnadge, do you know that you can prevent some folders to appear in here?08:32
snadgei thought alternatively i could create a seperate login .. and do all my dirty masturbation and porn from that account08:34
snadgebut y'know, that involves logging out and back in again.. effort ;)08:34
davidcallesnadge, look into System Settings -> Privacy -> Files08:39
snadgeim joking.. im a grown man, in a relationship.. with a 1 week old child08:46
snadge.. which is probably why i need to masturbate.. but anyway j/k08:46
davidcalledidrocks, hello, would you have a hand for a bug fixes upload of the video lens?09:22
didrocksdavidcalle: are they critical bugs?09:22
davidcalledidrocks, nope. One high.09:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 939279 in unity-lens-video (Ubuntu) "video lens slows down pc makes it unusable" [High,Fix committed]09:23
didrocksdavidcalle: hum, can be handy to upload this09:23
didrocksdavidcalle: we only upload high/critical bugs09:23
davidcalledidrocks, it's a corner case, but still.09:24
didrocksas we are in beta freeze09:24
didrocksah corner case09:24
didrocksit's the one where Video doesn't exist?09:24
didrocksand so fallback to $HOME09:24
davidcalledidrocks, no, this one is in since yesterday (kenvandine pushed it)09:24
davidcalleIt's the one where the folder contains a lot of vids and they havn't been seen in Nautilus (so no thumbnails).09:25
didrocksdavidcalle: ok, corner case09:25
didrocksdavidcalle: can wait after beta1, isn't it?09:25
davidcalledidrocks, sure we can.09:25
didrocksdavidcalle: let's plan on that then! :)09:26
davidcalleI will use this time to test it in a PPA on people affected by it.09:27
davidcalledidrocks, fine with me. :)09:27
didrocksyeah ;)09:27
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
apwdidrocks, ok found a way to tirgger the 'white on black numbers' getting stuck; using the new Super+Shift+<arrow> keys, makes it come out and get stuck pretty much all the time10:55
jmlhello, I just did a precise -> precise upgrade after a couple of weeks blocked on an apt bug. Unity seems different. Is there something summarizing the diffs between current precise and, say, oneiric?10:55
didrocksapw: yeah, I saw that I can trigger that quite easily as well11:01
didrocksapw: can you comment on your bug report? (and give me the number back)11:01
didrocksapw: I'm adding it to the priority list now that it's easy to get it11:02
apwdidrocks, hmm its been dup'd against another bug which sounds different, my original was bug #93363011:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 933630 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher doesn't auto-hide after using Super+1..9 shortcuts" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93363011:04
apwarrgle no thats the dup11:04
apwmine is bug #93408411:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 933630 in unity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #934084 Launcher doesn't auto-hide after using Super+1..9 shortcuts" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93363011:04
didrocksapw: agreed, the dup makes no sense11:06
apwdidrocks, anyhow added comment to the dup11:06
didrocksapw: I'm undupping it11:06
didrocksapw: and taking yours on the list11:06
apwand the original :)11:06
apwdidrocks, also just filed this one:11:07
apwbug #94020111:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 940201 in unity (Ubuntu) "Super+Shift+<arrows> viewport switchers also trigger Launcher/Dash/Unity Help popups depending on duration" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94020111:07
didrocksapw: ah, this is a dup :)11:07
didrocksone sec :p11:07
didrocksapw: it's a dup of bug #93952111:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 939521 in unity (Ubuntu) "Shortcut overlay appears even if you Super + another key" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93952111:08
didrocksapw: I filed it, we will have compiz enabling what we need to do just after beta111:08
didrocksI'll fix this afterwards11:08
apwdidrocks, ok thanks11:08
didrocksapw: btw, I'm interesting to gather feedback on those new keybindings11:08
didrocksapw: I can't get used to them after 3 days here11:08
didrocksso if you are trying some for some days, I'm interested in the feedback11:09
apwi thought that we wern't removing the old ones yet, that was a bit of a supprise11:10
apwdidrocks, and for me, i think i have reached the number of bindings i can remember which all use the same keys11:10
didrocksapw: yeah, compiz doesn't allow multiple keybindings for an action :/11:11
didrocksapw: ahah, indeed :)11:11
didrockshey Andy8011:11
didrocksapw: at least, I tried to be clear in the changelogs for compiz/c-p-m/metacity to document the changes11:12
apwdidrocks, we must have a few lines of change for the release notes, perhaps we could beef those up for this purpose11:12
Andy80didrocks: is it ok for you if I temporary switch to another task (helping Jono with Ubuntu Accomplishments) while the u1db guys complete the migration to the new API system?11:13
didrocksapw: agree, I'm noting that in a note11:13
apwdidrocks, as we'll have to release note a complete change of key bindings surely11:13
didrocksAndy80: sure sure, there is no hurry at all one the OneConf side before UDS, take your time! :)11:13
Andy80didrocks: cool thanks :)11:14
didrocksapw: yeah, we definitively need to do that. Noting that down  :)11:14
apwdidrocks, are we going to get a ticky in appearance to allow us to turn off the help, or at least move it out to like 10s11:17
apwas its pretty annoying when waht you wanted was the white on black numbers to appear11:18
apwand its timed at the exact same time11:18
didrocksapw: yeah, the timeout will get longer after discussing with John, but also, Super + another key will not show the help11:18
didrocksbasically, it's the 2 planned changes11:18
didrocks(maybe not 10s, but a little bit more than the one used for the numbers ;))11:19
apwdidrocks, i'd like a slidey, so as i get better at them i can move it right, eventually only getting it if i am very persistant11:19
didrocksapw: yeah, i'll discuss this with John, but yesterday he basically agreed to get a longer timeout (he's not around until Tuesday, so will be after beta1)11:21
apwdidrocks, gawd you know how to mess with my head and no mistake, changing every single window management keybinding, and not keeping the originals ... gurgle11:22
didrocksapw: yeah, I totally agree and I was not supportive of the change for the record11:23
snadgeisnt holding down super supposed to bring up the shortcuts menu?11:23
snadgeor has that been disabled11:23
didrocksyeah, it is11:23
didrocksit does*11:24
AlanBellyou can turn it off though11:24
snadgeits not coming up on my netbook.. im running the latest unity build in precise11:24
AlanBelloh, I think it doesn't come up on short screens11:24
snadgemaybe its a resolution dependant thing yeah.. i have 1024x60011:24
AlanBellI seem to recall seeing something about that in the code11:24
didrocksapw: I would even not speak about the 7 hours to dig into different compiz sources (and metacity) to ensure everything is working and picking the right value at the right place. You can confort yourself in knowing it gave me a real bad headache ;)11:25
snadgeperhaps it could be shrunk or made wider on short screens?11:25
AlanBellit also gets in the way of enhanced zoom on super+mousewheel11:25
snadgeyeah ive noticed that11:25
apwdidrocks, heh sounds like working with the kernel :)11:25
snadgethe proper thing to do would be to have the shortcut screen turn off when zoom is activated11:25
didrocksapw: ahah, some kind of surgery indeed :)11:25
AlanBellalso you can't read it with orca which is a bit faily11:26
snadgeeither that.. or the shortcut screen should zoom along with the rest of the desktop.. maybe its too small and you want to blow it up so you can see it better11:26
=== _salem is now known as salem_
apwdidrocks, i have more odd behaviour, i am no longer getting window titles in the menubar, and holding alt for a lot of windows does not reveal their menu, is this right ?11:36
didrocksapw: hum, doesn't seem related to latest change but rather bamfdaeamon going crazy (for both issues)11:38
ryehm, i have this too11:38
didrocksapw: you can poke d-feet about bamfdaemon11:38
apwdidrocks, odd over time something i did has made weechat now show it, whereas before it did not, but pidjin still not11:38
ryeapw, does ctrl+alt+right arrow jump to right workspace?11:38
didrocksapw: if you can dump all bamf data, then, DBO can look at them11:38
ryeah, hud-service[2129]: segfault at 10 ip b74bbd24 sp bf859a2c error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.3118.0[b743f000+f6000]11:39
apwdidrocks, erm, what is bamf and how can i get to its brains11:39
ryebut hud works11:39
smbrye, think that is super-shift-left/right now11:39
ryesmb, well, does not work either, brings hints overlay11:39
apwrye, does both for me, and thats a known issue11:39
smbI got that overlay thing too but it also shifts11:39
smbbug 94019811:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 940198 in unity (Ubuntu) "Help screen activates when switching desktops" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94019811:40
didrocksapw: do you have d-feet installed?11:40
didrocksapw: bamf is what matches your opened apps to the window11:40
didrocksapw: please install it :)11:40
didrocksthen, go the session bus (connect to it if needed)11:41
didrocksclick on org.ayatana.bamf11:41
didrocksthan, you will see Object Paths like: /org/ayatana/bamf/application<…>11:41
didrocksopens org.ayatana.bamf.application interface for all of them11:42
didrocksand run DesktopFile() Methods11:42
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|lunch
didrockstell me if you have a desktop file containing pidgin11:42
didrocksfor weechat, you have a gnome-terminal icon, isn't it? <- /me uses weechat as well11:43
apwok i have a button which looks like an elephant and hitting that says "Bus Address:" any dea what the answer is11:43
apwdidrocks, actually no, i have a weechat icon :)11:43
apwdidrocks, i couldn't cope with unity merging everything i run under one icon, so i worked out how to convince it to keep them separate11:44
didrocksah, you added a weechat .desktop file?11:44
didrocksapw: in the menu File -> Connect to session bug11:44
apwdidrocks, yeah have one for weechat and one for mutt, so i get separate launcher entries11:45
apwExec=gnome-terminal --class weechat --disable-factory --window-with-profile=Ambiance -e weechat-curses11:45
apwthe key bit is the class needs to be unique to get unity launcher to keep them appart11:45
apwdidrocks, oh it has menus, ... i can't tell that cause there is no hint they exist ... arrrg11:46
didrocksapw: thanks for the exec key, will use it as well! :)11:47
ryehm, relogin - alt does not work11:47
ryehud works, regular menu does not show up11:47
apwdidrocks, the desktopfile i use is on chinstrap ~apw/weechat.desktop11:47
apwdidrocks, that gives you an icon too11:47
didrocksapw: thanks ;) I'll gadly steal it!11:48
apwdidrocks, it would11:48
apwdidrocks, it would be nice to be able to allow a user from a running application to say "make this separate and use this icon please"11:48
apwif we have a suggestions box that might go in11:49
didrocksapw: yeah, it's not technically difficult to get that. I think pinging JohnLea is the fastest way to get an answer11:49
didrocksapw: as everything has to be validated by design for unity11:49
apwdidrocks, ok no i do not have any applicaiton with DesktopFile as pidgin, i have one which has u'' as its desktop file and i assume that is <empty>11:53
didrocksapw: ah interesting, that shouldn't happen11:53
didrocksapw: so, probably pidgin11:54
didrocksapw: if you look at Xids()?11:54
apwdidrocks, yeah i have one with something sane in all of the others and matching the apps i think i have other than pidgin11:54
didrocksI guess from there, you have to wait on DBO though11:54
apwdidrocks, there is a whole bunch of xids11:55
didrocksinteresting, so maybe it lost track of a bunch of apps11:55
didrocksand put all them in this one11:55
didrocksdefinitively have to wait on DBO though, if you can keep the "broken" state11:55
didrocksif you don't, killing bamfdaemon should hopefully fix it without logging out and back11:56
apwinterestingly the mumble also doesn't work, but it does have an application entry in its name11:56
apwi can not kill tings, its only the menus in pidgin which are missing, but it may self fix as i work, weechat did oddly11:56
didrocksyeah, that's really weird, need upstream on that :)11:56
apwdidrocks, am i expecting to get a menu hint, i see there is a mnenu hint time, what does that make happen12:03
didrocksapw: you mean, when you open an application, the menu is showing for a second before disappearing?12:05
apwdidrocks, is it?  is that what that is meant to do12:06
jmlhmm. my compose key no longer works.12:06
apwdidrocks, oh yeah, so it does, not long enough for me to notice, but it does appear; ok so thats is what it means12:06
didrocksapw: indeed12:06
apwbug #94025112:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 940251 in bamf (Ubuntu) "some applications are not showing any titles in unity menu bar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94025112:07
snadgeend of the universe!Q12:07
jmlI know it's a bit of a geeky thing, but I do rather need some way of typing out the pound symbol12:07
didrocksapw: thanks, let's wait on DBO for it12:07
apwjml, the UK GBP symbol ?12:07
jmlapw: yes12:07
snadgei was going to suggest system settings -> keyboard layout -> options12:08
apwjml does alt-gr-3 do it ?12:08
snadgetheres an option in there for adding currency signs to certain keys.. but its only for euro and rupee :p12:08
didrocksjml: seb128 had some issue with his keyboard layout this morning, he had to change it back manually12:08
jmlsnadge: already has Compose set to Right Alt. It seems Unity now grabs that and interpret it as Alt12:08
jmlapw: I don't know how to type that (I have a US Apple keyboard)12:09
jmldidrocks: the setting is already set. I guess I could try un-setting then re-setting.12:10
apwjml, then you are in a world of pain as it doesn't have almost any useful keys12:10
jmlapw: I was using it quite happily until today.12:10
didrocksjml: he had to xmodmap IIRC12:10
apwjml, heh, sounds annoying12:10
didrocksso maybe not the same issue, but just telling it's maybe the same thing12:10
jmldidrocks: you realize this means that no normal English speaking is ever going to spell "cafe", "fiancee" or "resume" properly ever again.12:11
apwjml, i think the art of those being spelt write was lost long ago12:11
didrocksjml: noooooooooooooo :)12:11
didrocksjml: café <- quick, cute and paste as long as I have them :)12:12
apwjml, i suspect you will have instead put the Compose keysym on that key12:13
apwthough in my experience unity converts it syms to codes very early and doesn't notice when you change them12:13
jmlwell, I guess I'll file a bug about this.12:16
smb£ <- <alt-gr>+<shift>+3 ?12:16
jmlsmb: where is <alt-gr>, exactly?12:16
smbjml, On a German non-mac keyboard it is the right alt12:16
jmlsmb: see, my system has Right Alt bound to Compose, except that's being ignored now.12:17
smbYep, in the German keybinding it always was special, not really compose, but giving all kinds of "weird" characters. Was just wondering whether this took over the world... ;-P12:19
snadgehmm.. either alt.. shift 3 gives #12:24
snadgemy keyboard just has "alt" and "alt" .. but i have seen alt-gr on some kbs12:24
tsdgeosgreyback: what do you think of moving the GOBJECT_CALLBACKX macros to a separate header? we use them in two files already and MM uses it in a new one, it's only three lines, buw why copy them all over?12:26
greybacktsdgeos: true. I can think of no objection to that12:28
jmlanyway, I've filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/94027112:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 940271 in unity (Ubuntu) "Cannot input extended characters" [Undecided,New]12:35
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jmlI've tried to describe the problem & symptoms rather than recommend a solution12:35
tsdgeosgreyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_gobject_callback_header/+merge/9453212:40
apwjml, if you run xev what key (put your cursor in the window it makes) and hit left and right alts which keys does it say you pressed12:40
apwjml, as i don't think on my keyboard the alt on the right is doing the hud thingy12:41
apwjml, my right alt seems to have ISOLevel3Shift on it !?!12:42
jmlapw: will try12:44
jmlI hate using xev :\12:45
apwjml keyboard layout settings thingy has a little keyboard layout button which then lets you see wich button lights up when you hit a key12:46
apwthat might help too12:46
jmlapw: it's not doing the HUD thingy. I made a mistake there.12:49
jmlapw: Right Alt comes up as keycode 108, keysym 0xff20, Multi_Key12:49
jmlapw: Left as keycode 64, keysym 0xffe9, Alt_L12:49
apwjml, hmmm, then you should be able to put compose on the Multi_Key in the settings thingy no ?13:13
apwjml, oh you can put compose on caps-lock, a use for that key finally13:15
jmlapw: I use it rather heavily as a Control13:15
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mhall119didrocks: ping15:00
mhall119didrocks: my unity-lens template for quickly is ready15:03
didrocksmhall119: \o/ awesome15:14
didrocksmhall119: so you added an "install" command?15:14
mhall119didrocks: and "uninstall" too15:15
didrocksmhall119: nice nice!15:15
didrocksmhall119: do you want a review?15:15
mhall119didrocks: and also help getting it into the archives, if you don't mind15:15
didrocksmhall119: sure, but we will need a FFe for that15:15
didrocksshould be easy to get15:15
mhall119should I wait for a review from you before filing for an FFe?15:16
didrocksin universe, not installed by default, just a new functionnality not impacting existing pacakage15:16
didrocksmhall119: yeah, I can do that by monday15:16
didrocksthat's going to be awesome!15:16
didrocksmhall119: seems creating a Quickly template wasn't so aweful at the end? (as we didn't get a lot of people creating templates for Quickly, I didn't get a lot of feedbacks)15:17
mhall119I made sure that you get a working lens, complete with search results, without having to change any code15:17
mhall119didrocks: yeah, not too bad15:17
mhall119didrocks: you need a meta-template ;)15:17
mhall119quickly create quickly-template15:17
didrocksmhall119: hum, that's the question :)15:17
didrocksmhall119: in fact, the initial template system isn't based particularly on python15:18
didrocksas some people contributed some templates in shell, C15:18
didrockshence the "I don't inherit from anything"15:18
mhall119didrocks: oh, I did remove all of the extras- stuff from the packaging template15:18
didrocksnot sure if we should keep that or not15:18
mhall119so the package it creates is more standard, not tailored to the ARB15:19
mhall119I haven't looked into what submitubuntu command does15:19
didrocksmhall119: well, I'm afraid that now that we moved to dh_python2, submitubuntu is broken15:21
didrocksmhall119: I have changed multiple components (4) to support /opt in python, but it was with pycentral15:21
didrocks(it added --prefix)15:21
didrocksI even touched some perl, telling how I was motivated for :)15:21
mhall119didrocks: do we have bugs filed against quickly for those problems?15:23
mhall119no guarantees I'll touch Perl though, I've been perl-sober for a while now15:24
didrocksmhall119: I didn't, I think nobody tried this release TBH :)15:27
didrocksheh, perl-sober is nice sometimes :)15:27
mhall119it's hard, sometimes things just aren't working, and you know a little bit of perl will make the pain go away, at least for a little while15:27
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jonohey folks16:56
Andy80'morning jono17:11
jonohney Andy8017:11
BoardinaryAre there plans to make unity QT the default unity experience in the future?17:14
mhall119Boardinary: I don't think so, non17:39
mhall119but it will likely be default for mobile devices, given Qt's advantages in that space17:39
jokerdinohey mhall119 i was just looking for you.17:40
jokerdinocould you spare a moment and look if you can answer this question? (http://askubuntu.com/q/107317/25798)17:40
Boardinarymhall119, Compiz just seems to be really buggy in lots of different areas - even sound - so I'm wondering what Canonical is thinking about the state of unity 3d17:40
DaekdroomDoes compiz handle sound at all?17:41
mhall119jokerdino: sure17:41
BoardinaryDaekdroom, for the volume change toggle sound17:41
mhall119Boardinary: I don't think compiz does anything with sound17:41
Boardinarythere is a bug that is preventing it from playing17:41
BoardinaryIf I switch to gnome shell, the sounds play perfectly17:42
mhall119well that's definitely a bug, but probably not in compiz17:42
Boardinaryif you type replace --metacity the bug disapears as well17:42
mhall119metacity --replace?17:43
didrocksyeah, it's a long standing known bug in compiz and libcanberra17:43
mhall119didrocks: so compiz is breaking sound? weird17:43
jokerdinocompiz affects sound? never knew that.17:43
didrocksmhall119: yeah, it's as powerful as this :)17:43
mhall119with great power comes great responsibility, not stop making my menus transparent17:44
didrocksI had the same reaction first time I looked for the code for this issue :)17:44
Boardinaryeven smspillaz has expressed frustration with compiz sstability17:44
DaekdroomBut regardless, Unity feels smoother than Unity-2D17:48
DaekdroomOr atleast it used to, I haven't tested 2D in quite awhile.17:49
BoardinaryI wonder what the gameplan will be for design as gnome diverges from unity.  It is already starting to happen.  Plus now ubuntuone is switching to QT.17:49
jonoare you folks aware of switching virtual desktops and the currently focused window being moved as I switch?17:50
Daekdroomjono, how are you switching workspaces?17:51
gordjono, on precise? yeah i think there was a keybindings issue17:51
jonoDaekdroom, I switched the binding back to Crl-Alt-Arrows17:52
jonowhich works fine, but when I switch the currently focused window moves with the switch17:52
DaekdroomOddly enough, Crtl-Alt-Arrows doesn't work for me.17:52
jonowhich is unfuriating17:52
jonoDaekdroom, yeah the bindings changed17:52
DaekdroomSuper + Shift.. hm..17:53
jokerdinooh the key bindings changed?17:53
jokerdinoi did an upgrade from 11.10 and didn't see any change.17:53
jonojokerdino, looks like it17:53
jonojokerdino, was in a recent Unity upload17:53
DaekdroomBut while the shortcut overlay says Super-Alt-Arrows should move windows between workspaces, Crtl-Shift-Alt-Arrows is doing it instead.17:54
Boardinaryjono, are you still having problems with the volume toggle sound notification not working?  I saw your replies to askubuntu questions.17:54
jonoBoardinary, that wasnt me17:55
mhall119jokerdino: answered17:55
jokerdinomhall119: i saw and voted up! :)17:55
mhall119jokerdino: I expanded on it17:55
jokerdinomore awesomeness then.17:55
jokerdinois there any way to make super + w activate expo instead of window picker?17:58
Daekdroomjokerdino, I think what you want is Super + S18:02
jokerdinosuper + s shows all the workspaces.18:03
DaekdroomBut yes, there is. Expo plugin on CCSM18:03
DaekdroomWhat exactly are you calling expo?18:03
jokerdino11.10 used to show windows across all workspaces, that is expo.18:04
DaekdroomAh, I think you can't.18:04
jokerdinobut now, it only shows from the active workspace. that is window picker.18:04
jokerdinoso, super + w and shift + alt + up does the same thing.18:04
DaekdroomThey changed it somehow that CCSM has Super + W set for all windows, but only shows active workspace.18:04
jokerdinoi foresee such questions coming in Ask Ubuntu later on.18:05
arandSupplying x64 and x128 hicolor-theme icons should be enough to make the unity applauncher look ok right?18:09
arandI was testing redeclipse via a liveCD before and the icon ended up mangled, could this be due to it being a liveCD or am I doing something wrong in packaging?18:09
dmj726didrocks: I'm wondering what the reasoning behind the keyboard shortcut change for switching workspaces is?18:17
didrocksdmj726: as stated in the debian/changelog, it's a design decision. You can try to ping JohnLea (he's on holidays today) on Monday18:17
dmj726didrocks: ah, yeah I wasn't able to find the design decision in a google search so figured I'd ask18:18
didrocksdmj726: did you look at the bug I linked in debian/changelog?18:18
didrocksthey contain the design info :)18:19
cyphermoxdidrocks: how would I change the whitelist for status icons for unity?18:25
didrockscyphermox: you mean, on your system or for everyone?18:26
dmj726didrocks: I did look and I don't see a linked bug18:26
cyphermoxon my system :)18:26
didrockscyphermox: dconf-editor18:26
* cyphermox thinks there is no reason not to use indicators18:26
cyphermoxah, cool18:27
didrockscyphermox: it's not for indicator18:27
didrockscyphermox: for system tray18:27
cyphermoxdidrocks: I know18:27
cyphermoxI'm saying, there's no reason to want to change the whitelist for everyone18:27
didrocksdmj726: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/1:
didrocksdmj726: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/1:2.34.1-1ubuntu618:27
didrocksdmj726: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz-plugins-main/1:
didrockscyphermox: desktop.unity.pnale.systray-whitelist18:29
didrockscyphermox: it needs to be the X window name return by "xpropr"18:29
dmj726didrocks: huh18:32
didrocksyeah, it's refered in one of the bugs  :)18:33
dmj726So this new keyboard shortcut for workspace switching introduces a bug18:33
dmj726https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/891757 "If a existing keyboard shortcut setting conflicts with one of the  shortcuts detailed here, the existing keyboard shortcut should be  overwritten.  However where there is no conflict between the existing  keyboard shortcuts and the new shortcuts, the existing shortcuts should  always be preserved."18:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 891757 in Ayatana Design "Keyboard shortcut - shortcuts need to updated as part of the 12.04 upgrade" [High,Fix committed]18:34
dmj726can't see where ctrl + alt + Cursor Keys is listed anywhere else in the doc, so not sure why it was changed18:34
didrocksdmj726: on the google doc you pointed18:35
didrocksdmj726: look at "switching worspace"18:35
didrocksyou will see super + shift + arrows18:35
dmj726the new Super + Shift + Cursor combo (which is listed) does introduce a bug18:35
didrockswhich one?18:36
dmj726you end up seeing the shortcut overlay all the time18:36
didrocksI already logged it18:36
didrocksput it in the priority list18:36
didrocksit's not trivial, but will get fixed after beta118:36
* dmj726 just changed the shortcut back so I wouldn't have to look at that18:36
didrocksyeah, I worked on gnome-control-center as well to ensure this is possible (changing it back)18:37
dmj726The other nice thing about the old shortcut combo was that one could switch workspaces with one hand18:38
dmj726(Still possible on desktops, just not on laptops without reconfiguring the keyboard layout.18:39
didrocksplease discuss on the design decision either with JohnLea on this channel or on the unity-design ML :)18:39
didrocksotherwise, it will get lost :)18:39
dmj726yeah, I'll do that later18:39
didrocksthanks dmj72618:39
pquestI am interested in starting to contribute to ubuntu, is this a good place to get info?18:47
mhall119pquest: what kinds of contributions do yu want to work on?18:48
pquestI was interested in coding18:48
pquestI do a lot of .net programming at work, but I havent ever really coded in another environment18:48
mhall119there's not too much .Net in Ubuntu, just a handful of apps18:50
mhall119you might look at Vala though, it's a C#-like language that is starting to be used quite a bit in Ubuntu18:50
pquestHm, I've never heard of that18:51
pquestI am pretty sure I am capable of using c++ or Java as well. I guess I am just trying to figure out where to start helping18:51
mhall119C++ would give you a lot of areas where you can contribute18:51
mhall119Python as well, which isn't very C#-like, but is a very easy language to learn18:52
pquestWhere would be a good place to set myself up?18:53
JanCPython is easy to get started & productive with, but learning all the useful details takes some time18:54
mhall119pquest: http://developer.ubuntu.com/ has a lot of information about developing for Ubuntu18:54
mhall119including languages, APIs, tool, etc18:54
mhall119if you want to hack on Unity itself, http://unity.ubuntu.com/ has resources for that18:55
pquestI suppose bite-sized bugs is probably the best starting point for unity?18:57
pquestI don't really know what I want to do tbh18:57
pquestI just know I want to do something18:57
JanCif you want to work on unity, yes18:57
mhall119pquest: you should check http://harvest.ubuntu.com/ for bitesize bugs too18:58
jokerdinoharvest hasn't been updated for a while.18:58
pquestHarvest is something old?19:00
JanCyou can always look at the bug tracker...19:00
jokerdinohttp://goo.gl/tiheb bitesize unity bugs.19:01
ryeremmina not going fullscreen properly in current unity/precise - is it known?19:11
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mhall119rye: check the unity bug tracker for it19:17
mhall119if you don't find it, please file one19:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 910167 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "In Unity-2D, the desktop does not have a global menu" [Low,Confirmed]19:19
jokerdinoI think I will take a crack at that bug. Any tips?19:19
jokerdinohi seif.19:20
arandDoes unity pick up on hicolor-theme icons or does it need one in pixmaps for the app launcher?19:45
mhall119arand: I think it uses whatever the .desktop file says to use,  using the normal icon lookup priority20:03
mhall119arand: see http://standards.freedesktop.org/icon-theme-spec/icon-theme-spec-latest.html#icon_lookup20:04
arandmhall119: Well, that one indicates that hicolor take prio over pixmaps, I don't see why I would get this issue -_-20:19
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mhall119arand: it could be that the app is using the direct patch to the icon file, rather than a name that goes through the lookup process20:39
mfischmhall119: one thing that's been bugging me about my lens is that I can't get the stock quotes to use more than 1 row20:43
mfischmhall119: the other ones seem to use as many rows as they need20:43
arandmhall119: No, the desktop file uses simply "redeclipse", as is the name of the icons and of the binary that is running...20:57
mhall119arand: is there a hicolor icon for that, or just the pixmap21:11
arandmhall119: I have a .xpm icon in pixmaps, and x32 x48 x64 x128 png icons in hicolor.21:14
mhall119arand: interesting, where do you see it using the low-res version?21:23
arandmhall119: In the app launcher (left), not sure the correct terminology..21:24
mhall119Launcher is the correct term, can you file a bug against unity with details about the app, and perhaps a screenshot too?21:24
arandYeah, I'll be doing some more testing once I get a precise kvm up and working, hm... I wonder if it worked in oneiric before...21:27
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