greg-gpleia2: :)00:00
greg-gpleia2: word of warning: if you set up offlineimap to sync a gmail account, don't do it on multiple computers on the same day. Google will see the mass download and thing you are using gmail as a file hosting platform and lock you out of imap access for a few days00:01
greg-ghappened to me00:01
pleia2fortunately only doing one :)00:01
greg-gluckily I still had webview, but yeah00:01
pleia2I did have to restart it though, I saw it was downloading the "All Mail" folder as a separate folder, ack00:02
pleia2folderfilter = lambda foldername: foldername not in ['[Gmail]/All Mail','[Gmail]/Trash','[Gmail]/Spam','[Gmail]/Starred','[Gmail]/Important']00:02
pleia2^^ much better!00:02
greg-g:) indeed00:03
greg-gso, since gmail isn't meant to be used via traditional imap folders another word of warning: without "All Mail" you may not get all your email. eg: messages you archived but are not otherwise a part of any other tag/folder00:04
pleia2it's only doing about 100M/hr, I have almost 6G of email, a day was optimistic00:04
greg-gso, I created an Archive folder that I forced all of those into (and set mutt to archive to that folder)00:04
pleia2ah, yeah, I am crazy diligent about foldering00:05
pleia2elizabeth@coruscant:~$ ls -alh Mail/ | wc -l00:05
pleia2ok, I didn't think I had that many00:05
pleia2I like folders :)00:05
greg-gso, yeah, nevermind :)00:05
nhainesHmm, the session picker icon for unity-greeter in precise changed from a gear to an Ubuntu.00:08
brodernhaines: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-February/034800.html00:08
pleia2yeah, they nudged the xubuntu team to get our mouse in00:08
pleia2yeah, that00:09
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philipballewSo we have a global jam after all...06:52
brodereek, global jam is next week?06:53
broderi could host something on saturday at mokafive's offices, but we're in redwood city and not particularly accessible by any sort of public transit, so i assume people wouldn't really be interested06:53
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philipballewi see there is one on friday. I might be around nor cal that time07:16
DonkeyHoteitomorrow is friday07:17
philipballewyeah, but i think its about next week07:17
MarkDudeday after is Saturday07:59
MarkDudeFollowed by Sunday DonkeyHotei ?07:59
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pleia2broder: I'd drop a note to the list and ask, there are a lot of people in the south bay that are fine with driving to venues18:52
broderpleia2: actually, the more i think about it, the more i suspect *i* don't want to drive to the south bay on a weekend if i don't have to :)18:52
pleia2that's why I've never been to the computer history museum (aside from a holiday party when most of it was closed)18:53
pleia2don't want to make my fiance drive all the way to work on a weekend ;)18:53
nhainespleia2: it's a really cool museum though!19:05

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