rick_h_snap-l: lol, awesome00:11
snap-lIt's a little beat up00:11
snap-lso I have dubbed it the beat box00:12
snap-lI crack me up sometimes.00:12
rick_h_you so funny00:12
snap-lGood morning11:46
brouschsnowpacalypse is a let down this morning. < 1" of snow12:46
snap-lYeah, but now we're getting sleet12:46
brouschwe just got little round balls of frozen snow. not hail, frozen snow.12:48
brouschgreat stuff12:48
brouschuh oh, dropbox just got the only feature of ubuntuone that i actually use http://blog.dropbox.com/?p=98412:52
snap-lIf they get the ability to purchase music, Ubuntu One becomes less valuable to me. :)13:03
brouschi buy from amazon and google13:06
snap-lI buy from Amazon when I want to test Banshee. :)13:06
snap-lThough more often than not I'm buying CDs13:07
brouschi don't even use a local music player any more13:07
brouschjust drop the files into my music folder, they sync to google music, play it using their web player13:07
brouschbanshee, rhythmbox, and amarok all suck in some way. google music in a chrome app is very nice13:09
snap-lHow do you rip CDs? :)13:09
snap-lhttp://www.naxos.com/catalogue/item.asp?item_code=8.112070 <- Fuck Copyright13:21
snap-lAll Naxos Historical, Naxos Classical Archives, Naxos Jazz, Folk and Rock Legends and Naxos Nostalgia titles are not available in the United States and some titles may not be available in Australia and Singapore because these countries have copyright laws that provide or may provide for terms of protection for sound recordings that differ from the rest of the world.13:21
brouschsnap-l: audex13:26
snap-lI should have guessed13:33
snap-lMan, I can be an itiot sometimes13:34
snap-lfired up Banshee on my laptop and saw a bunch of duplicate library entries13:34
brouschwhen in qtland, do as the qties13:34
snap-lWas about to get indignant, but then remembered I made a symlink for Purchased From UbuntuOne in ~/Music for the logitech squeezebox server13:35
snap-lso, of course there were duplicates. I made them. :)13:35
snap-l<- idiot.13:35
brouscha smart music player would detect duplicates13:39
snap-lbrousch: Write one. :)13:40
brouschno thanks13:40
snap-lI love how WOW calls their e-mail bill service "Care Express"13:49
snap-lI guess the e-mail address caresexpress wouldn't fly.13:50
brouschworld of warcraft?13:51
snap-lWide Open West13:57
snap-lSorry, forgot the !13:57
brouschnot really13:58
brouschholy crap look at all the comments on this already http://www.nixternal.com/why-does-kubuntu-suck/?utm_campaign=Why%20Does%20Kubuntu%20Suck?14:00
snap-lMan, Doug Helman's Standard Library stuff is awesome15:41
snap-lrick_h_: I'm going to give you $20 to keep that man in beers during PYcon. :)15:41
brouschbah, rick_h_ will just blow it on discount books15:43
* jrwren googles doug helman15:49
rick_h_yea, he's good stuff15:50
rick_h_jrwren: python module of the week15:50
rick_h_and turned that into a book, some good python tips/etc15:50
jrwrenspeaking of python tips... python411 podcast.  wtf?  i listen to get more awareness and the guy talks about biochem teh whole time and no python.15:50
jrwreni was very disappointed.15:50
brouschjrwren: i had hoped that guy retired permanently15:51
jrwrenwhere are teh python equivalents of "The Ruby Show" and "the Ruby 5" ?15:51
brouschhe tried to give away his podcast domain and such a year ago, but rick_h_ wouldn't bite15:51
jrwrenwould you want ot be associated with that?15:52
brouscha year ago there were 4 python/django podcasts. now there are none15:52
jrwrenI wouldn't.15:52
brouschhe gets good guests15:52
rick_h_brousch: that wasn't him15:52
jrwrenMichael Foord's show is good.15:52
jrwrenthe one wiht teh pypy guy is what made me think pypy is awesome.15:52
rick_h_jrwren: no, not really a killer python podcast I've found that's lasted more than a few in a row15:52
jrwrenor is it pipi ?15:52
brouschpython 411 is an old guy who uses a mac and eats the whole time, right?15:53
rick_h_pypi == package hosting repository15:53
rick_h_brousch: yea, old guy15:53
jrwrenpypy == python JIT15:53
snap-lWHy they named the cheese shop Pypi is beyond me15:53
jrwrenpypi is a terrible name for cheese shop15:53
rick_h_python package index15:53
jrwrenesp when pypy already exists.15:53
snap-lAt least call it Py Pee15:53
rick_h_pypy came after pypi15:53
brouschpython package index15:53
snap-lAnd not py py15:54
jrwreni'd enver seen python package index abreviated as pypi until much after pypy15:54
jrwrenbut that is probably ME15:54
rick_h_this is like python trivia...next question15:54
snap-lName the fastest land mammal15:54
snap-lThe Cheetah15:54
brouschmy car goes faster than a cheetah15:54
snap-lSorry, rick_h_ it's your turn at the board.15:54
rick_h_I saw the title come across, then thought when I last tried to add hex and skipped the link15:57
Blazeixthe biggest wtf is that spaces work15:59
snap-lHave I mentioned lately that PHP is a bastard language?16:00
rick_h_yea, it's kind of funny. Since I've left php there's not once I've thought I should use it for something16:00
rick_h_there's days I even think 'perl would be good here'16:00
rick_h_but NEVER php16:00
rick_h_meh, I'm sick of WP16:02
snap-lbrousch: That and gallery2 are the only PHP apps I'm currently running16:02
snap-land I'm replacing gallery2 with Zenphoto16:02
snap-lI think the only PHP code I'd write would have to require it to be easily deployed on hosting environments16:03
snap-land would also be an exploit. ;)16:03
brouschwhen i paste something into vim it indents each line more than the previous. this is really annoying. where is my problem? my .vimrc http://paste.mitechie.com/show/547/16:09
snap-lbrousch: Use set paste16:18
brouschjust add 'set paste' to my vimrc?16:18
snap-lDon't do that16:18
rick_h_" set the paste toggle key16:19
rick_h_set pastetoggle=<F11>16:19
snap-ljust type "set paste" if you're pasting in a chunk of code16:19
rick_h_then toggle it back/forth when you paste something in16:19
snap-lor be like rick_h_ and map it16:19
rick_h_because once you set paste, you'll want to set nopaste16:19
brouschah, so do that when i paste from outside vim?16:19
Blazeixi set my vim buffer and linux copy/paste buffer to be one and the same, then just use 'p' to paste both16:19
Blazeixthat gets around having to use 'set paste'16:20
snap-lBlazeix: How did you get that to work reliably?16:20
rick_h_yea, I use autocutsel to copy then around, but not done the one clipboard to rule them all yet16:20
snap-lAlso, if you're using SSH, set paste is still useful16:20
Blazeixsnap-l: yeah, for SSH i still use set paste16:20
Blazeixi have set clipboard=unnamed in my vimrc16:20
Blazeixand that works for *almost* everything16:21
brouschhey, it works!16:21
Blazeixchrome sometimes has weirdness16:21
snap-lbrowser clipboards and vim are failboats16:21
rick_h_oh yay, the technology debate gets going and I get to do my jqyery vs YUI rant!16:27
brouschjquery FTW!16:27
snap-lGot a conference pack from Ubuntu coming16:33
snap-lbrousch: LMK if you want some swag.16:33
snap-lbrousch: ARe you comin to the jam in Ann Arbor?16:33
brouschstickers maybe16:33
brouschyeah, jamming16:33
snap-lOK, I'll bring them with, then16:33
snap-lAlso will be bringing a bunch of 11.10 CDs16:34
snap-lwant them out of the garage prior to 12.04 dropping. :)16:34
brouschi have an assload of them still16:34
brouschyou sent me a lifetime supply16:34
snap-lThat's about 1/3of what I have left16:35
rick_h_wtf, someone pitching ExtJS?!16:43
snap-lHello 200516:43
snap-lI hear ExtJS got better recently16:44
rick_h_grrrrrr, can I just go off and be like "let the real JS people decide this kthx" ?16:44
snap-lsomewhere called "MUG"16:44
rick_h_someone actually threw http://trends.builtwith.com/topsites/jquery at me16:44
snap-lrick_h_: Is that related to the tremor I felt?16:45
rick_h_naw, not yet. No one's talking of switching yet16:45
snap-lI'm surprised nobody tossed out Bootstrap yet.16:46
rick_h_basically wanted to throw the 'jquery + backbone' == yui and is more popular16:46
rick_h_so then I threw back:  yes, if you narrow down we're all going to do AMD, require.js, backbone, jquery, handlebars, qunit  then you start to match up16:46
rick_h_snap-l: heh, let's just say the bootstrap conversation is out there as well16:46
snap-lso essentially it's do-able. ;)16:46
rick_h_no, at least we have smart people there16:47
rick_h_basically it's "yes, handy for that first time you use it, then a pita when you go to change it, and even more a pita to maintain over time"16:47
rick_h_it's like django!16:47
brouschbeautiful perfection?16:47
snap-lProgrammer crack16:47
rick_h_"whoa, I get all this working ootb? Let me just tweak this over here...and over there...and there's a update to the framwork, so change all this..."16:47
rick_h_"@!$#@@#$#@ this tool!"16:48
* brousch checks the calendar for th next time he'll see rick_h_16:48
rick_h_brousch: there's a small chance I'll be at the jam16:48
rick_h_so play the odds!16:48
rick_h_grandpa is in town and wife is working, so if I can pitch the boy off on gramps I'll run out maybe16:48
snap-lbrousch: You're only three hours away. Don't think he won't make a special trip to kick your ass16:48
brouschsnap-l: he hasn't yet ;)16:49
brouschbring the boy!16:49
brouschwe can convert jrwren's office into a child holding cell16:49
rick_h_that's it, my penguicon talk is decided...why jquery can suck my left spaceball16:55
rick_h_see, fit some sci-fi in there :)16:55
rick_h_no wolfger today?17:03
rick_h_well http://honk.sigxcpu.org/con/Iodine_plugin_for_network_manager.html anyway I guess17:03
brouschhm, are the armel packages in some special repo?17:06
rick_h_ok, talk is submitted17:12
rick_h_and no waldo to poke to get my talk granted, where is everyone today?17:13
snap-lwaldo323 can't get his IRC set up17:16
rick_h_dammit, I'm sick of this devolving into "but everyone else uses jquery..."17:42
* rick_h_ screams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!17:42
rick_h_"have you used it?" "well no, but it seemed so hard to get started"17:43
nixternalyou know it18:20
brouschi think you can only call someone a homeskillet if you've eaten with them at denny's18:21
nixternalI love how out of more than 60 comments thus far, not a single negative one or a troll. some of the best comments I have ever witnessed, though most seem to be coming from Arch users and not Ubuntu users :p18:21
nixternaleww, denny's18:21
nixternalthe best skillet I have ever eaten in my life was from a restaurant in Watervliet, MI called Maw & Paw's. they had the best food ever. lard rocks! :D18:22
brouschyeah, a lot of arch on there. specifically that Chakra offshoot18:22
brouschlard rocks does not sound good to me18:23
nixternalarch is pretty awesome, though it definitely isn't for new users18:23
nixternaldwm & arch > *18:23
nixternalif you are a developer of course18:23
brouschonly python and web18:24
nixternali am starting to look at my workflow more and more and am realizing i could easily switch to any distro i wanted & not notice much of a difference. just as long as they had yakuake in their repos :)18:24
nixternali use pip to install everything python18:24
nixternali would never use ruby in ubuntu's repos because it is garbage, so i manually do that as well18:24
brouschyou pip install ruby?18:25
nixternali don't use a file manager, i am at the cli 99.9% of the time18:25
nixternali use chrome for browsing, thunderbird & gmail for mail18:25
nixternalno you don't pip install ruby :p18:25
rick_h_heh, I need a decent shell and I'm moving to a chromebook18:25
rick_h_cli + chrome == my day18:25
nixternalif i didn't need to compile java/c++, a chromebook + cli would be all i need really18:26
nixternalfairly certain I am going to get one of the Intel Ultrabook things, probably the Asus because it doesn't do that crappy 13xx x 768 or whatever resolution everyone seems to use18:32
brouschkubuntu is missing armel packages. it's not happy on my NookColor. i'm going to try debian18:45
brouschnixternal: have you tried the kde plasma netbook?18:48
nixternalnot in 2 years I haven't18:50
brouschi can get the galaxy nexus for $200 today. should i pull the trigger?20:31
krondorwhy not quad core phones are a ways off, it is the cadillace of specs at the moment and you get nexus support20:35
krondorI expect around xmas you'll see the first real quad core or nextgen SoC options and 720p samoled screens.20:41
krondorandroid 5.x is on the horizon too, but definitley not till next year and gnexus will no doubt get that update.20:42
brouschdo you work for vzw?20:45
krondornope I'm just speculating from the rumor mill20:45
brouschgrrrr, fighting with a sales goober over chat20:46
brouschthe $100 discount doesn't show when i login20:46
brouschshe punted to phone support and tried to sell me a pouch for carrying my phone20:50
brouschoh those bastards20:57
brouschnow the ad has removed the galaxy nexus20:57
snap-lThank you for choosing Verizon20:58
nixternalunless you have amazing 4g support where you will be using the gnex, i wouldn't go with it. i would either wait (quadies coming soon), or if you have to upgrade now, htc rezound then the gnex. i returned my gnex twice before switching to the rezound. couldn't be happier21:05
rick_h_4g is nice :)21:05
nixternalics is nice, especially on a tablet. on a phone you really don't get to utilize the greatness that ics brings to android.21:06
rick_h_and I do like the size/ics myself of the nexus21:06
nixternalthough ics folders pwn me21:06
nixternalunless the gnex can make a chicago style dog the way portillos, super dawg, and such do, i don't care for it :)21:06
krondornixternal:  i think ics is worth it for the gmail/corp mail client updaets alone...21:07
krondorI'm jealous (still eying the sgs2 ics ports, which have too many rough edges at the moment)21:07
krondorplus phone encryption because I'm paranoid!21:08
nixternali wouldn't say alone, though that is a really nice feature to be honest.21:08
nixternalkrondor: yeah, seems all of the ics roms/leaks out there for the phones seem to miss the "hardware accelleration" right now21:08
krondoryeah sgs2 issues so far are wake lock craziness (ie crap battery life) and camera / rendering perf. issues21:09
brouschwe have good 4G in grand rapids. had it before those ghetto east siders21:10
nixternalyeah, camera always seems to be a PITA with initial ROMs and usually never gets straightend out until an official ICS OTA comes out21:10
nixternalseems the work around for camera is "install camera app foo instead"21:10
krondorooh and third party vpn api in ics so I can actually vpn to work without root (not that I wouldn't have root)21:11
nixternalkrondor: now that would be a reason no doubt, especially if you have to vpn21:11
brouschand they're letting me keep my unlimited plan21:11
nixternalbrousch: yeah, as long as you had unlimited with 3g, you will have unlimited with 4g, until verizon figures out a way to get away from the grandfather rules the fcc enforced21:12
nixternalnow if only vzw could keep their 4g service up for longer than 2 to 3 weeks before it shuts down for a few hours21:13
krondornixternal:  if they really cared they'd just start doing what AT&T do and throttle the unlimited to 2G when you pass their quota mark21:13
krondorthey might already be doing that... but at least you don't get billed I guess21:13
nixternalvzw does that already21:16
nixternalthey will throttle you even if you have "unlimited" data21:16
krondorooh looks like opencomputer has added things since I last looked21:22
brouschi'm gonna have to go occupy verizon if i want this $100 off21:22
krondorerr opencompute21:22
krondordownward spiral of apple http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-1715804721:26
krondorman this channel is quite for a friday despite my best efforts..21:47
krondorquiet my brain is apparently done for the day21:47
rick_h_heh, working21:49
rick_h_widox: heading to the store, last minute requests?21:49
rick_h__stink_: that cherry coke is regular right?21:49
_stink_rick_h_: sure21:50
rick_h__stink_: k21:50
_stink_but uh, don't go too crazy21:50
_stink_trying to get what i suggested :P21:50
rick_h_heh, easy requests21:51
brouschpork rinds and prune juice please21:51
jrwrenya'll having a party?22:03
waldo323_maybe they are having a coding party?22:13
Blazeixjrwren: http://blog.mitechie.com/2012/02/20/bookie-sprint-feb-25th-10am-4pm/22:33

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