bkerensahello all15:45
bkerensabkero: I will be heading down to meet dietrich today at Collective Agency15:45
bkerobkerensa: cool okay17:17
bkerobkerensa: he should be there17:17
bkerobkerensa: when will you get out to coag today?17:39
bkerobkerensa: 12:19 < dietrich> sure. it's a white plastic bag, with a Firefox sticker, sitting on the table with the plants by windows by the front door.20:20
bkerobkerensa: 12:21 < dietrich> bkero: scratch that, it's on the coffee table by the front door. more room there :)20:22
bkerensabkero: Ok and how do I get into said coag20:22
bkerensaI have never been there20:22
bkerobkerensa: just walk inside, no clue, I haven't been there either20:23
bkeroIt's a coworking space.20:23
bkerensabkero: ok :)20:25

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