ActionParsnipbjrohan: if you run:  smbtree   on the desktop, do you see the shares as your laptop showed it's shares00:00
ActionParsnipbjrohan: can you please prefix the texts to me with my nick, its easier to spot replies00:00
tlhonmeyArthur__: You might try the install CDs for a couple of different distros first, and try making a bootable USB device. some of them use different bootloaders.00:00
ActionParsnipbjrohan: use TAB to autocomplete nicks00:01
ActionParsnip!test | alejandro00:01
ubottualejandro: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )00:01
Arthur__i have a class and they are teaching ubuntu so i was going to use the same thing on my machine for now00:01
_Marcusalejandro: Ubottu mean's the channel.00:02
Arthur__thanks for the help i will play with it and see what is the issue00:03
tlhonmeyArthur__: well, try making a bootable USB, that might fix it.  If that doesn't work, removing the drive is usually only a couple of screws.00:03
bjrohanActionParsnip: here is what I get running smbtree from the desktop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854747/00:04
bjrohanActionParsnip: thanks for the tab trick00:04
RenatoSilvahow to disable recent files tracking?00:04
ActionParsnipbjrohan: tab works in cli too :)00:05
ActionParsnipbjrohan: ok, did you configure the local firewalls on the systems at all?00:05
bjrohanActually not the one on my laptop, how do I do that?00:06
the_copsI heard someone in here was pirating the latest ubuntu, if this is true please cut it out.00:06
RenatoSilvaActionParsnip: thanks for the guest tip00:06
DonaldShimodahi, i need to uninstall a builded kernel, or avoid dkms to build modules for it00:06
DonaldShimodaçhow to do?00:06
DonaldShimodais a own builded kernel, not ubuntu kernel00:06
bjrohanActionParsnip: actually not on my laptop, how do I do that?00:06
StevenXDoes anyone here use fail2ban? I can figure out if I have if configured right for my ssh server.00:06
tlhonmeyDonaldShimoda: Try make uninstall in the source directory and see what it does.00:06
ActionParsnipbjrohan: but you configured it on the desktop?00:06
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DonaldShimodatlhonmey, make uninstall do nothing00:07
DonaldShimodatlhonmey, the problem is now fglrx package failed to install because cannot build with 3.2 ....00:07
DonaldShimodatlhonmey, anyway to exclude 3.2 from dkms (jockey)?00:08
bjrohanActionParsnip: I believe so. I had access set up before, all worked well, then I did a few things on my laptop and lost connection for file sharing, so it must be that I did something on the laptop. I will google, and check laptop firewall settings00:08
tlhonmeyDonaldShimoda: I'm sure there is, but I don't know what it is off the top of my head.  try man dkms.00:09
ActionParsnipbjolders: i'd look into the firewall00:09
UnclNastyFingerzok so im trying to kompile a kernel to have support for a serial IR port, what modules do i need?00:10
amaroksHi Guys00:10
amaroksanyone around?00:11
ActionParsnipamaroks: nobody at all00:11
CFHowlettamaroks   no.00:11
bazhangamaroks, ubuntu support issue?00:11
DonaldShimodatlhonmey, uninstall -m <module> -v <module-version>... how to know the module version...00:11
amaroksGoodnight :D I was just trying out IRC on empathy00:11
tlhonmeyUnclNastyFingerz: I don't remember the names, but the ones that are available are labeled as such if you go through the options in make menuconfig.00:11
amarokssomeone says my name please00:12
amaroksThat is cool00:12
amaroksnice notifications00:12
amaroksI used ubuntu for 1 month00:12
amaroksthen back to windows because I needed photoshop00:12
UnclNastyFingerzits on a KDE box obviously, hence the Kompiler if i were on gnome i would be using gCompiler00:12
amaroksthen I couldnt continue on windows!00:12
amaroksmissed back ubuntu00:12
amaroksand this week Im back forever I guess00:13
amaroksI felt locked in windows00:13
bazhangamaroks, actual support question?00:13
tlhonmeyDonaldShimoda: I'm not sure.  I'm not finding a good set of instructions anywhere.  Mostly, to uninstall a kernel you just need to delete all its files.00:13
gsramaroks: plus you can run windows apps with wine, and windows itself in virtualbox00:13
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amaroksyeah gsr, just installed some with wine, works well, they dont look best though00:14
amaroksanyway to have them look a bit better?00:14
Afzalamaroks, photoshop cs5 (portable) runs great here on wine00:14
gsri just use Virtualbox in seamless mode00:14
RenatoSilvahow to disable recent files tracking? what's the replacement for ~/.gtkrc-2.0?00:14
Canadian1296I need some help with ssh and sftp00:15
Canadian1296Here or #ubuntu-server?00:15
ActionParsnipamaroks: why not dual boot00:15
kc4zvw_ActionParsnip: after installing XFCE how to make it default sesion?00:15
gsrCanadian1296,  is it a server side or client side question00:15
ActionParsnipCanadian1296: why not both :)00:15
Canadian1296gsr: Server side, but you guys respond faster00:16
Canadian1296ActionParsnip: Okay I will00:16
ActionParsnipkc4zvw_: log off and select the xfce session, the last session will be set as default for the user00:16
amaroksActionParsnip I have dual boot, I just hate windows not sure why00:16
ActionParsnipamaroks: or use Gimp in Ubuntu, its pretty decent00:16
kc4zvw_ActionParsnip: roger and thanks00:16
amaroksand I hate switching always,Gimp couldn't love it00:16
ActionParsnipkc4zvw_: anytime, thanks for the gratitude :)00:16
amaroksdidn't do well as Photoshop00:17
gsrGimp is decent, but it doesn't really compare to photoshop00:17
ActionParsnipamaroks: due to experience by any chance...00:17
amarokseven Photoshop 8 CS does much more than Gimp00:17
UnclNastyFingerzdoes anyone know the modules needed for serial IR ports?  tlhonmey: i get that I need to make menuconfig im in it as we speak00:17
hauxI have a couple of ext4 partitions, where if I right click on them in ubuntu, and check the permissions, they only show "root" as the user and no other options. I cannot write to these partitions. Can anyone tell me how to correct this?00:17
amarokswell i tried to learn some, just seems to do less00:17
npope_haux: google chown00:18
tlhonmeyRenatoSilva you might have more luck asking in #gnome00:18
ActionParsniphaux: add them in /etc/fstab and set better access00:18
humungulousCanadian1296: waiting for your ssh/sftp question00:18
amaroksThanks and Good night people00:19
tlhonmeyUnclNastyFingerz: There are a few sections of hardware drivers in there, the IR port drivers will be in one of them.  Unfortunately I don't recall which one.00:19
hauxI think chown is going to work here, as long as it works for entire partitions. Thank you!00:19
bjrohanjoin #ubuntu+100:19
urfr332gObjrohan, /join00:19
zykotick9haux: change the permission on the mount points00:19
bjrohangot it :)00:19
ActionParsniphaux: chown -R    for recursive00:20
tlhonmeyhaux: chown will work on /dev files, and with -R will work on all files in a partition, either way.00:20
supermunmy touchpad and touchpad click buttons are not working. will someone help me troubleshoot?00:20
supermunubuntu 11.1000:20
zykotick9tlhonmey: i believe trying to chmod /dev will be reset after a reboot00:20
hauxSo like, chown -R /dev/sdc1 haux ?00:20
tlhonmeyzykotick9: generally speaking, yes.00:21
npope_haux: give it a user00:21
humungulousi think haux's problem is theyre not mounted correctly in the first place00:21
Canadian1296I need to confine certain users to their home directory in sftp. I have everything set up (they can't execute a shell, only sftp.) I need to confine them to their home (they are in the group "sftponly"). I'm using "Match group sftphosting00:21
Canadian1296        ChrootDirectory %h" to do so, but as soon as I add that i can't log in (I get "Write failed: broken pipe"00:21
ActionParsniphaux: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /mount/point      not the block device00:21
tlhonmeyhaux: that will change the permissions on the device allowing the user in question control of what to do with them.  It's probably not what you're wanting to do.00:21
Canadian1296Sorry that took so long, I was typing00:21
DonaldShimodatlhonmey, yeah! deleting modules domthe trick, thanks! will reboot and see00:22
tlhonmeyCanadian1296: the chroot you create will need the files and programs necessary to login and initiate the transfer.00:22
humungulous^^^ yes this00:22
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lorecasterHail, all. While trying to get my BLUE SNOWBALL microphone installed (which it still is not) in the sound properties, and selected as my default microphone, I lost my speakers... soundcard now reads "dummy". I assume it's not trying to hurt my feelings, can anyone give me a hand?00:23
hauxtlhonmey, that's pretty much what I'm trying to accomplish. Right now I simply can't write to them (without sudo), because root is set as the owner.00:23
supermuncan someone help me troubleshoot why my touchpad and touchpad left right clicks are not working?00:23
hauxActionParsnip, maybe I'm confused about what you mean by mount point. Is /dev/sdc1 not a mount point?00:23
Canadian1296So what do I have to do? I need to bind them to /var/www/hosting/theirusername so they can edit the contents of their server directory but nothign else.00:23
tlhonmeyhaux: that's an artifice of how they are mounted.  Try the uid and gid mount options to allow usage by non-root people.00:24
blumonkeycan i do a md5checksum on an ubuntu distro thats already burned to a disc00:24
glen_3bhaux: A mount point is where you access the device contents, for example /media/cdrom might be a cdrom mount point00:24
tlhonmeyhaux: /dev/sdc1 is the raw device.00:25
humungulousCanadian1296: read here about chrooting shell users http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/chroot-users-with-openssh-an-easier-way-to-confine-users-to-their-home-directories/22900:25
Afzalcan someone send me the output of their groups command plz?00:25
humungulousblumonkey: md5sum the .iso you burned it from00:25
logAfzal: logan adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare00:25
Afzallog, thanks!00:26
logAfzal: You're welcome.00:26
glen_3bAfzal: glen root adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare subversion vboxusers androiddevs00:26
humungulousblumonkey: there is also a disc integrity check built in to the top menu when you boot into the disk00:26
Canadian1296humungulous: Thanks I'll give it a try. That's pretty much what I did, just there were a few things missing00:26
ActionParsniphaux: no /dev/sdc1 is the block device, you mount the block device and you can access the data etc, you manipulate that00:26
Afzalglen_3b, thanks! ... you're in the root group, is that by default?00:26
glen_3bAfzal: no00:27
hauxAlright, I'll reboot back into ubuntu here in a few minutes to see what the mount point is and give it a try. Thank you.00:27
glen_3bAfzal: At least as far as I remember, no00:27
humungulousCanadian1296: some dependency is missing thats whats causing the erro message youre seeing00:27
Afzalglen_3b, yeah just confirming, thanks00:27
supermunshould i take a ticket and wait haha?00:27
Canadian1296humungulous: I'll just try one thing at a time till I find it00:27
glen_3bAfzal: Yeah, I've made a lot of system tweaks00:28
humungulousyou should be able to track it down in the login scripts but it will require some investigation00:28
bastidrazorsupermun: aren't you using mint?00:28
UnclNastyFingerzi need sum stank foot00:29
supermunno, i was consdiering switching. I am using Ubuntu 11.1000:29
lorecasterSoundcard issues... any gunna give me a hand? :P00:30
BealhormMy question for Ubuntu mobile is ; Huawei only has a few phones, I wonder if it'll be supported00:30
DonaldShimodait works.. :)00:30
ariel`can somebody tell me how to connect from the command line i deleted network manager and cant connect to the internet00:30
humungulousariel': ifup eth0 ???00:30
tlhonmeyariel`: wired or wireless?00:30
Canadian1296humungulous: Okay, I've done everything it told me to and still no avail, as the next step is setting up a bash shell for them. I don't want them to have a bash script, and they won't be using ssh. Just logging in with sftp00:31
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BealhormCFHowlett, what do you mean?00:31
supermuncan you help, bastidrazor?00:31
ariel`which one is simpler wires or wirless00:31
Afzalso, has anybody got vlc 2.0 on maverick (10.10)?00:31
CFHowlettBealhorm   might want to ask at @ubuntu-phone00:31
humungulousCanadian1296: if it's limited to sftp only then follow the instructions in the top half of the article to set their shell to none00:31
Bealhormah, thanks00:31
CFHowlettBealhorm   might want to ask at @  #ubuntu-phone00:31
ariel`how do i connect to wired then00:31
tlhonmeyCanadian1296: you can set their login shell to anything you want.00:31
tlhonmeyariel`: wired is a *lot* simpler.00:32
humungulousariel': what do you get for ifconfig00:32
supermunI am using Ubuntu 11.10 and my touhpad and touhcpad buttons aren't responding. can someone help me troubleshoot?00:32
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Canadian1296humungulous: I already did the top half, I'm getting broken pipe still.00:32
humungulousCanadian1296: on sftp connection attempt???00:32
ariel`i get eth0 etho0 avahi and lo00:32
Canadian1296humungulous tlhonmey: How do I set their shell to sftp?00:33
Canadian1296humungulous: Yes00:33
humungulousCanadian1296: you dont, they dont have a shell. yo uset their shell to /bin/false00:33
supermun:(, ill wait as long as it takes for help but i just want to know someone wil help me eventually00:34
humungulousCanadian1296: do sftp -vv <your server> and read the diagnostic output00:34
ariel`which interface is important00:34
humungulousariel': eth000:34
ariel`but theres 2 of them what do i do next00:35
Canadian1296humungulous: Okay, so I type "sftp username@server" and it asks for a pass. I give it and I get "Write failed: Broken Pipe" then "Connection Closed"00:35
humungulousCanadian1296: add "-vv" to that to get more verbose00:35
Canadian1296I'll do it then pastebin the results for you00:35
humungulousCanadian1296: that will tell you what is going wrong and when00:35
humungulousariel': ifup eth000:36
phcareprdid u hear about ubuntu for mobile00:36
vindavhello every one...I'm trying to figure out why none of my USB webcams will not be visible to me or anyone as I would like to have Skype fully functionable so I can call on friends.  I am currently using Ubuntu 11.1 in gnome classic mode00:37
skypcehello, how can i set super key to open gedit?00:37
Canadian1296humungulous: Here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854788/00:37
skypcehello, how can i set super key to open gedit? i am with ubuntu 11.10?00:37
ariel`humungulous i get an error00:38
Nardelii need help00:38
Canadian1296!ask | Nardeli00:38
ubottuNardeli: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:38
phcareprwhat is your problem nardeli00:38
humungulousCanadian1296: the sftp subsystem is failing to start00:38
humungulousdid you put ForceCommand internal-sftp00:39
phcareprhey nardeli00:39
phcareprwhat is your problem nardeli00:40
pr0tonhow can i check which is the version of the particular package i can download?00:40
pr0ton(i dont want to download it, i just want to know what version i can get from apt-get)00:40
zykotick9pr0ton: "apt-cache policy foo"00:40
humungulouspr0ton apt-get -s00:40
lorecasterCalling all sound-card wizards ;) or at least sound-settings manager?00:40
meganerdpr0ton: aptitude show <packagename>00:40
oliphantis it possible to find-out and copy all files/dirs that my wireless driver uses? Theoretically I could just then paste all that into a new install and have wifi. Would this work?00:40
NardeliI installed Kubuntu 11.10, downloaded to the drive nVidia GTX 560 Ti but I could not install... (sorry, Im using translator)00:40
supermunit worked :) my touchpad works noe00:40
supermunneeded a reboot00:40
supermunthanks for the help00:41
supermuni see Nvidia driver version 173 and the recomended driver, whats the difference?00:42
vindavActionParsnip:  I'm trying to figure out why none of my USB webcams will not be visible to me or anyone as I would like to have Skype fully functionable so I can call on friends.  Can you help me out please if you have some time ?00:42
Canadian1296humungulous: Yes I did. I have ChrootDirectory %h, X11Forwarding no, AllowTcpForwarding no, and ForceCommand internal-sftp. Same error00:42
tlhonmeysupermun the 173 version is for certain, legacy cards if I recall...00:42
ActionParsnipvindav: do the cams work in cheese?00:42
Canadian1296humungulous: But if I try as a user that is not in the group sftphosting then it succeeds, so I'm guessing it's the fact they're bound to /var/www/hosting but there is no stfp program in that directory (or something like that)00:43
supermunokay so ill stick with recomended, thanks tlhonmey00:43
supermunanyone here experienced with Ubuntu and unraring NZbs?00:43
tlhonmeysupermun: If it doesn't work, swap it for the other one.00:43
humungulousCanadian1296: which ubuntu version00:43
Canadian1296humungulous: 10.04.4 LTS00:43
mister2anyone here play eternal lands/know if it works on dial up? i ask here because the channel is dead and the game is listed on playdeb for debian derivatives and thought someone would know.00:43
vindavActionParsnip:  the cam doesn't work in cheese.00:44
ActionParsnipvindav: then run:  lsusb   and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides00:44
humungulousCanadian1296: discussion here says it works http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155221700:44
Afzalsupermun, 260 i think is the "recommended" driver. I wouldn't advist installing 295 from the xedgers ppa00:44
humungulousCanadian1296: are you doing identical to that?00:45
tlhonmeymister2: That's going to depend almost entirely on how much bandwidth it uses.  Most games I've seen run ok on dialup, but downloading update packs may take an unreasonable amount of time.00:45
supermunty, Afzal00:45
humungulousCanadian1296: possibly Subsystem sftp internal-sftp00:45
franz__hi, how to open a browser using proxy?00:46
mister2tlhonmey i'm not concerned about that too much. The game itself is around 100mb so i figure it'll be done after a movie. I'm thinking more and more i'll just download it and see00:46
Canadian1296humungulous: Subsystem sftp internal-sftp (i copied and pasted)00:46
tlhonmeymister2: as long as it's not streaming audio or video from the server, the datastream tends to be fairly compact for most online games.00:47
kihlimhi is there anywhere i can get the newest ubuntu with gnome pre installed?00:47
vindavActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854794/00:47
mister2tlhonmey that was exactly the information i was looking for! thank you :D00:47
humungulousCanadian1296: and you already sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart to capture the changes right00:47
tlhonmeykihlim: http://emperorlinux.com/  They've been around for a while.00:47
Canadian1296humungulous: every time I changed something, yes. Heres my /etc/ssh/sshd_config file if it helps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854796/00:48
ActionParsnipvindav: that's not good00:48
tlhonmeykihlim: Otherwise find your local linux users group and there will probably be somebody who will set it up for you.  :)00:48
kihlimi mean lke a distrubiution00:48
humungulousCanadian1296: it should work. im stumped00:49
Oerkihlim the newest 12.04 isn't out yet00:49
Canadian1296humungulous: I'll pastebin everything that might have an effect on it. Hang on a couple minutes.00:49
humungulousCanadian1296: all you can do is revert back to where you started and redo everything one step at a time00:50
kihlimok whats the name of the old one with gnome preinstalled?00:50
ActionParsnipvindav: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc00:50
Oerkihlim, 11.10 oneiric ocelot00:51
ActionParsnipkihlim: Oneiric Ubuntu has Gnome preinstalled...00:51
vindavActionParsnip:   Output is:   oneiric                                  I'll be back in a half an hour00:51
dmj726Did the keyboard shortcuts for switching workspaces just get changed in 12.04?00:51
kihlimok will try it then00:52
ActionParsnipdmj726: ask in #ubuntu+1 for Pre-release support00:52
kihlimlol thats the same that i have now00:53
motherbrainto make the analogy a percentage breakdown for browsers is here http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp only about .8% of people are using something different the chrome , IE , or firefox.  (maybe they are using lynx,link ,links ,...etc lol :) their are alot but not very much used other then the 3 major players in browsers) GOT TO BE SITE EQUIVALENT FOR THE NETWORK HARDWARE00:53
kihlimbut my doesnt have gnome preinstalled00:53
Canadian1296humungulous: The only things I can think of are a) The way I created the user, b) The fact the user's home is /var/www/hosting/rutger as opposed to /home/rutger, c) The fact they are bound to /var/www/hosting/rutger but that directory has no shell or sftp programs in it d) the ownerships.00:54
humungulousCanadian1296: well lets eliminate those00:54
humungulousCanadian1296: first test, set up one as /home/<user> and see if it works00:54
Canadian1296humungulous: Okay one sec.00:54
ActionParsnipkihlim: it does, unity is just a shell. It uses Gnome desktop by default00:55
kihlimok is there any distrubution witth the gnome shell preinstalled?00:56
Canadian1296humungulous: The guide says to use "sudo useradd -d /home/bob -s /usr/lib/sftp-server -M -N -g sftphosting bob"  but since some of those options are ambigous, itt translates to "sudo useradd /home/bob --shell /usr/lib/sftp-server -N --group sftphosting --disable-login home" I imagine the "--disable-login" may cause some issues...00:56
ActionParsnipkihlim: just install gnome-shell   it's in the repos00:57
humungulousCanadian1296: well you can verify the result in /etc/passwd00:57
RenatoSilvatlhonmey: ok asked there00:57
humungulousCanadian1296: (dont paste that here though for christ sake)00:57
kihlimits not just for me00:57
Canadian1296humungulous: It's "rutgerdehann:x:1001:1001:Rutger De Hann,,,:/var/www/hosting/rutger:/bin/false" (see? I only posted the important line :) )00:58
crystaltvany online poker players here? Ihave questions about ubuntu and running an xp kvm so I can still play..00:58
humunguloustechnically the hashed pw is in /etc/shadow00:58
tlhonmeycrystaltv: Well, the first question is whether ubuntu will work with the site in question...  It does with lots of them...00:58
tlhonmeycrystaltv: you could eliminate the extra setup if it does.00:59
humungulouswhat is you make shell /usr/lib/sftp-server again00:59
RenatoSilvaunity runs on top of gnome 3 libs right? so it runs gtk 3? is gtk 3 backwards compatible with gtk 2?00:59
crystaltvtlhonmey: I am in the US so I can only play on the Merge network.. and have tried to install the clients under wine and they dont run00:59
tlhonmeyRenatoSilva: In terms of programs it's supposed to be backward compatible.00:59
Canadian1296humungulous: I'll create a new user with those option, minus the --disable-login00:59
RenatoSilvatlhonmey: and in terms of what it's not?01:00
kihlimok any other good distrobotion with gnome preinstalled?01:00
humungulousCanadian1296: i never use useradd i always mess around in /etc/passwd and /etc/groups and issue /sbin/pwconv and /sbin/grpconv after01:01
tlhonmeyConfiguration files are probably different in some places.  I haven't done a detailed comparison.01:01
humungulouser, /usr/sbin/pwconv and /usr/sbin/grpconv i should have said01:01
tlhonmeykihlim: Linux Mint, and Fedora come to mind.  Personally I like Mint better.01:01
lorecasterAny new takers (REally don't mean to bother, but I'm trying to do a transcription for work and REALLY need soudncard drivers)01:01
Canadian1296humungulous: Okay I ran "sudo useradd --home /home/bob --shell /usr/lib/sftp-server -N --group sftphosting bob" then "sudo passwd bob" and then tried logging into sftp as him. Still got broken pipe01:01
kihlimok will try install them instead01:02
Canadian1296humungulous: k01:02
tlhonmeycrystaltv: the merge network site is saying that they're not accepting US players...01:02
humungulousreading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148200501:02
crystaltvtlhonmey: I know but I am on several merge sites :) was on the before black friday01:03
humungulouslook at post 201:03
humungulousthe owner of the destination directory must be "root", and group/other users cannot have write permissions01:03
Canadian1296humungulous: I'll give it a try :)01:03
tlhonmeycrystaltv: Ok.  Lock poker and Carbon Poker say they support Linux...01:04
tlhonmeycrystaltv: Otherwise, virtualbox runs a pretty good Virtual Machine if you have a license for Windows.01:04
humunguloussomeones entire wiki about it here http://wiki.lapipaplena.org/index.php/How_to_mount_SFTP_accesses01:04
crystaltvtlhonmey: I did not know that as I play on Blackchip, IronDuke and PokerHost01:05
humungulousphew... glad im not you01:05
crystaltvtlhonmey and I do have a license for windows so I guess virtual box is the way to go.. as I also run Holdem Manager so I would have to install it on the VB image01:05
tlhonmeycrystaltv: If you need any help setting it up, feel free to let me know.01:06
vindavActionParsnip:  ok, I'm back.01:06
Canadian1296humungulous: Huh, what do you know? It worked! I just needed to change /var/www/hosting/rutger 's ownership to root.01:06
Canadian1296humungulous: Thank you so much  :D01:07
humungulouswhat a pain eh01:07
humungulousglad it finally worked01:07
pr0ton(i dont want to download it, i just want to know what version i can get from apt-get)/join #apt01:07
tlhonmeycrystaltv: not that I'm personally inclined to trust online gambling sites that don't offer cryptographic verification.  ;)01:07
Canadian1296humungulous: Yeah, it could've given a more verbose error message (something about ownership would've been nice). But anyways its fixed now :)01:08
humungulousus:1 openssh:001:08
immediatelyhow to install vitualbox-4.1 from terminal?01:08
Canadian1296immediately: sudo apt-get install virtualbox01:09
vindavActionParsnip:  the output is:   oneiric01:09
dlentz!ask | lorecaster01:09
ubottulorecaster: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:09
tlhonmeyimmediately: If you want you can download the packages from the virtualbox site and use dpkg to install them.01:09
ActionParsnipvindav: you need the lsusb output01:10
crystaltvtlhonmey: That is why all poker players need to be heard so we can get the good sites back so join the PPA :)01:10
immediatelywhat is sudo apt-get install dkms for?01:10
vindavActionParsnip:  the lsusb output is:   Segmentation fault01:11
lorecasterI've asked several times in the past... hour or so. I see people pop in and out frequently, and I know that if you hop in you dond't see what has been posted before. I'm not new here, and I asked my question much earlier.01:11
ubuntu_I need to get some files from a system that will nolonger boot01:11
humungulousimmediately: Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework01:11
tlhonmeycrystaltv: Or just use TOR.  ;)01:11
urfr332gOimmediately, allows kernel updates to keep vbox setting..no guest install again after a kernel update01:11
ActionParsnipvindav: thats not good, if you boot to an older kernel is it ok?01:12
dlentzlorecaster, okay, then you should probably use a forum01:12
NyLeshelp me im trying to compile the alsa source, i typed this; sudo ./configure --with-kernel=/usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r) --with-cards=intel8x0 --with-oss=ye01:12
tlhonmeyimmediately: virtualbox requires a kernel module.  dkms will automatically recompile that module when you update your kernel.01:12
immediatelyIs it possible to create a VM inside a VM using VirtualBox? or do I need to install VMWare inside the guest?01:12
NyLesand it replied: The file /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-32-generic/include/linux/autoconf.h does not exist.01:12
vindavActionParsnip:  yes, it has worked in lower Ubuntu O/S grades.01:12
humungulousNyLes: sudo apt-get install autoconf  ???01:13
NyLeswhen i checked it really dows not exist, please help..01:13
ActionParsnipvindav: sounds like a bug01:13
urfr332gOimmediately, this a theoretical question or a goal?01:13
NyLeshumungulous: are you telling me to try it?01:14
humungulousNyles: yep01:14
ActionParsnipimmediately: technically you could, we do it where I work01:14
crystaltvtlhonmey: well there is that lol01:14
NyLeshumungulous: thanks, now installing..01:14
crystaltvtlhonmey thanks for the help bud.. take it easy01:14
humungulousimmediately: yes, you can nest VMs. every guest is a bare metal machine for all it knows.01:14
franz__how to open multiple chromium windows with diferent proxy?01:15
kismetso the 64-bit installer didn't get grub to recognize my Win7 install, but it looks like running update-grub found it. We'll see when it's time to reboot01:15
NyLeshumungulous: same result after installing, do i need to reboot?01:16
humungulousNyles: googling01:16
ActionParsnipfranz__: is there a way to pass it execution options?01:16
NyLeshumungulous: thanks, i really have no idea...01:16
immediatelyany software like autoVPN that auto-connects VPN when VPN failure01:16
ActionParsnipfranz__: you could also make another user and setup the browser there then use su to run the browser as the other user and the other settings will be used01:17
ubuntu_Is there any way to retrive files from a system that will no longer boot with a live cd01:17
LL2|AndroidI really think that the floodbots should respond to a CTCP VERSION01:17
LL2|AndroidJust saying01:17
ActionParsnipubuntu_: sure, as long as you can mount the partitions01:17
humungulousNyLes: you need to install kernel sources01:17
franz__ActionParsnip i barey remember some command01:17
ActionParsnipubuntu_: why do you not have a backup?01:17
franz__like proxy:port appname01:17
martianfranz__: http://www.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/network-settings01:17
franz__or something lke that01:17
RoastedQuestion - I set my resolution to something the TV didn't like. Now I have absolutely zero output once I log in. What can I do?01:17
NyLeshumungulous: you mean this one; linux-headers-2.6.35-32-generic?01:18
ActionParsnipfranz__: make a new user and configure the other proxy first, then read the man page for su01:18
ubuntu_i just installed the system and someone was helping me install drivers01:18
CyFuscan anyone help with with a suspend issue?01:18
humungulousNyles: sure01:18
ActionParsnipRoasted: drop to root recovery mode (which will be text mode) and you can work there01:18
ActionParsnip!anyone | CyFus01:18
ubottuCyFus: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:18
vindavActionParsnip:  If I down graded from Ubuntu 11.1 to Ubuntu 10.0 LTS, would my current dual boot system that has Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.1 on it, would the Ubuntu system be just replaceable like I had upgraded before, if that makes sense to you ?01:19
=== mike_ is now known as Guest90976
NyLeshumungulous: i have it already, and i have the folder structure the only missing is autoconf.h..01:19
ActionParsnipvindav: you would need a clean install to do that01:19
ActionParsnipvindav: did you upgrade directly from Lucid to Oneiric?01:19
CyFuswhen ever I suspend or hibernate in 11.04 i get stuck at a blank screen with the mouse01:19
RoastedActionParsnip, I know that much, but... then what?01:19
histoubuntu_: What happens when you try to boot off of the live cd?01:20
ActionParsnipRoasted: well, what GPU do you use?01:20
RoastedActionParsnip, E-350 APU01:20
ActionParsnipRoasted: did you install the proprietary driver?01:20
humungulousNyLes: try sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential01:20
RoastedActionParsnip, no01:20
ubuntu_histo i see the files but I cant copy01:20
martianRoasted: perhaps: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:21
urfr332gOCyFus, do you have your swap at least equal to the ram?01:21
Roastedmartian, did that. :(01:21
histoubuntu_: where/what are you trying to copy them to?01:21
ubuntu_to another partition01:21
NyLeshumungulous: it says, both are already the newest version..01:21
vindavActionParsnip:  yes, I did upgrade to Ubuntu 11.1 on the dual boot system.01:21
histoubuntu_: are you getting a permision error or something?01:22
CyFusurfr332g0 I have the swap partition at 9gb on an 8gb system, its on an areca raid-001:22
histoubuntu_: you have to mount the other partition before you can write to it01:22
humungulousNyLes: do you have /boot/vmlinuz.autoconf.h01:22
CyFusits on an mbr table as a primary partiton01:22
ActionParsnipvindav: but did you upgrade to the releases between?01:22
martianRoasted: you may need to dive in to editing the xorg config01:22
NyLeshumungulous: none?01:23
vindavActionParsnip:  I don't think so other than the updates from "Update Manager" that are so generally done for the newbie (me).01:24
humungulousNyLes: issue "locate autoconf.h"01:24
ActionParsnipvindav: the I suggest you reinstall. Leapfrogging releases isn't supported and is why you are getting the issue (more than likely)01:24
l_potterskyhi there01:24
ActionParsnipch33z: don't bother next time01:25
NyLeshumungulous: /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic/include/generated/autoconf.h01:26
ActionParsnipch33z: this is support, not only is the subject matter not suitable for the channel but this is a family friendly channel01:26
vindavActionParsnip:  Ok, I'll do that...and on another matter, it seems that Firefox 10 is crashing like banshee in a Dell D630 laptop that has Ubuntu 10.10 on it.  Does Ubuntu 10.10 have issues using Firefox ?01:26
ubuntu_histo is there anyway to take ownership of a file from a live cd01:26
humungulousNyLes: copy that to the location where it's missing from01:26
ActionParsnipvindav: im sure it will be fine01:26
l_potterskyvindav: :(01:26
ch33zo woops sorry01:26
ActionParsnipvindav: do a clean install of Oneiric and wipe out the mess you have now. it will run better01:27
ch33zlike barney and friends etc bleh bleh01:27
NyLeshumungulous: done, i will try the compile again?01:27
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
vindavActionParsnip:  Ok, I'll do that too.  BTW, is Ubuntu 10.10 called Maverick or Oneiric ?01:28
hauxJust to follow up, for whoever helped me with my issue a few minutes ago. 'sudo chown -R haux:haux /media/xubuntu' did the trick. Although, I ended up formatting one of the partitions, and after the format, the user was reset back to root. I wonder why this happens? This did not occur in my previous install of ubuntu. Not a problem, just odd to me.01:28
histoubuntu_: well if the partition you are copying to is mounted read only that could be your problem.01:29
NyLeshumungulous: the last line says hacking autoconf.h is is successful?01:29
l3dhow would i make a drive not auto mount after boot?01:29
humungulousNyLes: dunno, does it continue normally after that01:29
undeclaredxI added a service with a port number into /etc/services, but if I do netstat, it isn't named, and /etc/hosts.allow is not working (the port is open otherwise).01:29
ActionParsnipvindav: 10.10 = Maverick and is EOL in April01:29
humungulousl3d: comment it out of /etc/fstab01:29
ActionParsnipvindav: 11.10 is Oneiric and is the current stable release01:30
tlhonmeyl3d: Change the parameters for it in /etc/fstab01:30
NyLeshumungulous: yeah.. no error..01:30
NyLeshumungulous: ill try this one thanks..01:30
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=== jason__ is now known as jason1234
undeclaredxcan I use just a port number in /etc/hosts.allow?01:30
ubuntu_histo I'm copying to a usb drive it works for all but one file01:31
=== sh4d0wK45t is now known as sk3pt1c_1ne
vindavActionParsnip:  We'll...Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't allow me the full menu (application menu that includes preference & adminstration) in gnome or Unity.  Firefox also crashes like a banshee in that too.  Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is good until the spring of 2013.  What is your suggestion ?01:32
vindavActionParsnip:  Is there a way to remove any traces or remnants, and all of Firefox in Ubuntu 10.10 ? If so, what is the terminal command(s) to do so please ?01:33
almoxarifevindav: sudo apt-get purge firefox01:34
undeclaredxTo add a new entry with a custom port to /etc/hosts.allow, is it correct that I'm looking to add something to /etc/services with the port number?01:34
motherbrainDoes anybody know how hard it would be if you where an expert at cisco networks to learn how to setup,...etc HP or Juniper or the rest of the network devices non-cisco based?01:35
rodhashHi all.. Does anyone know why yakuake opens a new pts/X for each new session??01:35
vindavalmoxarife:  doing that now.  Hope this works.01:35
NyLessound card still doesn't work :/01:36
almoxarifevindav: what is replacing firefox?01:36
NyLeshow do i know if alsa is really running in boot?01:36
NyLesis there something line xorg.0.log01:36
TrueTechhello is some in here?01:37
log!ask | TrueTech01:37
ubottuTrueTech: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:37
rodhashHi all.. Does anyone know why yakuake opens a new pts/X for each new session??01:37
vindavalmoxarife:  We'll...nothing is replacing Firefox (FF). I want to remove it, and do a fresh install because it's crashing like a banshee continuously so as to speak.  Everytime I click on something, FF crashes down.01:37
motherbrain would it take a long time to learn if you where CCIE and wanted to work with non-cisco based networks01:37
TrueTechwhere can I download Ubuntu for android on sgs2?01:37
NyLesis there something line xorg.0.log for alsa?01:38
logrodhash: If you don't get an answer here, you might also want to consider asking that question in #yakuake.01:38
vindavalmoxairfe:  do I need to do a restart of Ubuntu 10.10 since I removed FF in order to install it once again ?01:38
TrueTechwhere can I download Ubuntu for android on sgs2?01:38
almoxarifevindav: in your home folder wipeout any folder named 'firefox' or rename them, but do wipe out firefox in home too01:38
logTrueTech: Ubuntu for Android is still in development.01:39
ActionParsnipvindav: mv ~/.mozilla/firefox ~/.mozilla/firefox_old  may do it01:39
almoxarifevindav: also folders named 'mozilla'01:39
ActionParsniplog: its exciting though01:39
TrueTechIs there any beta version or alpha version that I can test?01:39
logActionParsnip: Very true. :)01:39
logTrueTech: I doubt it; looks very closed source to me right now (probably in development over at Canonical).01:40
vindavActionParsnip:  ok, I've renamed the file called Firefox to something else now.01:41
TrueTechIs there any downloadable content from Canonical that may contain the system?01:41
stevemjoin #reprap01:41
vindavalmoxarife:  ok, I've renamed the file called Firefox to something else now.01:41
logTrueTech: I highly doubt it.01:41
logIf anything, it would be highly unstable.01:41
almoxarifevindav: file? think folders01:42
NyLesis there something line xorg.0.log for alsa?01:42
log!repeat | NyLes01:42
ubottuNyLes: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:42
TrueTecheven so. I do want to test it if there is any01:42
scottjanyone know how lnotify uses categories?01:43
=== UnclNastyFingerz is now known as root
vindavalmoxarife:  I did rename  the former file to /home/.mozilla/old/firefox-defunct01:44
=== root is now known as Guest84784
RoastedQuestion - How can I get a hard drive into fd mode for software raid using fdisk? Disk utility is not allowing me to do so.01:44
skypcehow does can i set super key in ubuntu 11.10?01:44
ActionParsnip!rootirc | Guest8478401:45
ubottuGuest84784: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.01:45
ActionParsnipskypce: set it to what? The question is non-sensical...01:45
skypceActionParsnip,  i want launch slingshot launcher with super key01:46
ActionParsnipskypce: do you use desktop effects?01:49
skypceyes , i use compiz01:49
=== Guest84784 is now known as fukinroot
skypceyes , i use compiz, ActionParsnip01:49
ActionParsnipskypce: compiz can manage shortcuts in the commands bit, you assign a command to a sot, then make a shortcut for that slot and it will run. Not sure you can have just Super on it's own01:50
skypcei was trying with gconf-editor and ccsm01:51
skypcebut nothing01:51
ActionParsnipskypce: ccsm is where is is set01:51
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://ubottu.com/y/shortcuts01:51
orangepnutIn Advanced Settings under the Shell Extensions category there's nothing and it's completely blank how do I get the options there?01:51
vindavActionParsnip:   Do you know of which Mozilla desktop add-ons that are not compatible with Firefox 10 ?01:52
ActionParsnipvindav: no idea dude, I haven't used firefox in AGES. I think its a poor browser01:53
skypcethank you ActionParsnip01:54
skypcei will try with keytouch01:54
__name__Is there any better way to have *good* powersave on my laptop than patching powertop to generate a script that disables the webcam, sets USB &c to powersave, disables the fingerprint sensor, etc?01:55
ActionParsnip__name__: do you use the fingerprint sensor?01:57
__name__ActionParsnip, Nah, that's why I disable it.01:57
Jake_JDoes anyone know if it is possible to configure an active audio crossover in ubunt?01:58
vindavActionParsnip:  We'01:59
eodchopI recently bought a car that has a Mark Levinson stereo. It has the ability to play dvd audio discs. Does anyone know how i can burn a bunch of mp3 to dvd? I tried burning a dvd disc by making a data disc. It wouldnt play.01:59
zykotick9Jake_J: do you mean crossfade?  Rhythmbox can do that.01:59
__name__How was that set of scripts that is exectuted when the laptop goes to battery power called?01:59
grendal-primeI got a blue ray player drive recognizes the movie disk..but...wont play it02:00
vindavActionParsnip:  we'll...what do you use as a browser that uses a cloud like Xmarks to effectively keep or modify your bookmarks you want across your whole network ?02:00
undeclaredxI added a port number to /etc/services, then a rule to /etc/hosts.allow, but it is still refusing connections.. Anyone have a clue why?02:00
grendal-primerecognizes the title...i can browse the file structure02:00
ActionParsnipvindav: what are cloud like xmarks ?02:00
Jake_Jzykotick9: No, crossover as in sending bass content below a certain frequency to a subwoofer02:00
ActionParsnipvindav: thats not special, opera has had centrally stored bookmarks for ages! chromium also does it no problem.02:01
zykotick9undeclaredx: /etc/host.allow or host.deny is unlikely to work for any service you might be running.02:01
zykotick9Jake_J: ok, sorry.  Obviously i have no idea.  Good luck.02:02
vindavActionParsnip:  Xmarks is from Mozilla that supports Firefox in that you can log into it from any computer using Firefox and download or upload to the server.  Oh, I didn't know that Chrome and Opera have the same feature.  How do I go about getting those features in them as they are my back up browsers ?02:02
=== joest is now known as lakitu
=== why is now known as Guest74467
xanguavindav: xmarks works in mozilla, chrome/mium and explorer02:06
bjrohanAnyone have experience connecting their android phone to a computer on their home network via the internet?02:06
vindavActionParsnip:  Have a good night; thank you for helping me today  :D02:06
blumonkeydoes my client have to synchronize with network before i can use it? its going on 2 hours now and its only at 81%02:07
vindavxangua:   pardon me for asking, how do I get Xmarks to sync or be installed into Chromium and Opera ?02:07
xanguavindav: install it on chrome/ium and log in02:07
vindavxangua:  I'm going to do it.  I'll be right back at ya.  :D02:08
urfr332gOvindav, xmarks is a plugin, not actually from mozilla FF has it's own built in sync]02:10
tobias234my notebook shuts down what could it be how can i see the protocols?02:11
tobias234i think maybe its the gfx card(gets2hot)02:11
urfr332gOtobias234, randomly?02:11
tobias234i try now ubuntu2d :)02:11
tobias234so maybe this is an hardware shutdown02:12
tobias234but because of effects. how can i read the log files?02:12
tyleris there a way to completely remove the unity bar in ubuntu 11.10?02:14
urfr332gOtyler, and have what it is a plugin in compiz so yes.02:15
tobias234you can install classic ubuntu02:15
xangua!nounity | tyler02:15
ubottutyler: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:15
urfr332gOtyler, not sure what else will disappear though.02:16
eggzeckI'm not really liking unity either.02:16
ActionParsniptyler: just install xfce4 and use that as your desktop environment02:16
chown_i have a partition on my ubuntu that i would like to share at my network, but i also would like to manage permissions for this partition. Also my network have pcs and macs... what should i look for?02:17
tylerActionParsnip: will that affect my mac os x lion theme?02:17
ActionParsnipchown_: mount the partition then share the mount point using samba02:17
ActionParsniptyler: if you can use it in xfce then it will be fine, I can image you will be able02:17
tobias234how can i read the logfiles?02:17
chown_ActionParsnip:  ty, ill look for samba, ty.02:17
urfr332gOActionParsnip, no mention of lululubuntu. ;)02:18
riddleboxhello all, when will the kernel be updated to reflect the power fix for laptops?02:19
urfr332gOriddlebox, power fix?02:19
questinehhi guys02:20
riddleboxurfr332gO, it is supposed to be in kernel 3.0.20 I think02:21
StevenXIs anyone here willing to help me set up fail2ban. I just don't know what setting I have wrong. The fail2ban-server is running (I can see it under ps -e), but it won't ban anything when I purposely put in a bad password.02:21
riddleboxStevenX, what are you using fail2ban on?02:21
riddleboxurfr332gO, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/11/linux-power-regression-overheating-problem-on-thinkpad-fixed/02:22
StevenXriddlebox, for my ssh server. I am running the server on port 443, so I made sure to change that in the config file jail.local02:22
urfr332gOriddlebox, that is from November, I'm hesitant to follow a link that old personally.02:24
riddleboxurfr332gO, it was the first one I found02:26
riddleboxI have noticed major issues on my laptop within the last year, I used to get 5 and a half hours or so on my laptop now if I unplug it from a full charge and it will drop down to 50% within minutes02:27
yodaboy22so how does WINE work?  Do I have to launch WINE before I launch an .exe file?02:28
urfr332gOriddlebox, the battery problems basically that the manufacturers are not giving out the code to open source, that is the rhetoric I have seen on the channel.02:31
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity02:31
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:31
Lurkin_Lobsterhello ubuntu'ers02:31
riddleboxurfr332gO,  http://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=will+kernel+3.0.20+fix+power+issues&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-802:31
Lurkin_Lobsterdoes anyone know how in 11.10 i can make the dock on the side always visible?02:32
Lurkin_Lobsterif there is a way?02:32
gr0gmintHi, I have a VPN tunnel made only to traffic data for a specific user... when i tcpdump -i ppp0 i can see data flowing to and from my VPN tunnel, but the clients for the tunneled user can't receive the data (but i can clearly see it is there with tcpdump)... will anyone have a look at my iptables script please?02:33
xanguaLurkin_Lobster: you can configure the Unity plugin via Compiz Setting Manager02:33
vindavxangua:  thank you for the suggetion.  I've got Xmarks on all of my browsers, and Firefox isn't crashing anymore.  I'm putting a limit on the add-ons from Mozilla.02:33
=== max is now known as Guest56044
vindavxangua:  Have a great night.  Gotta go here :D02:34
urfr332gOriddlebox, I think it is aprivate parties kernel tweak I doubt it will be in the ubuntu release and if not will not be supported here, just a heads up.  http://forums.opensuse.org/english/other-forums/news-announcements/tech-news/472243-power-saving-fix-kernels-3-0-20-3-2-5-a.html02:34
Lurkin_Lobsterxangua that is already on my computer, right? i dont have to get anything additional?02:34
chown_ActionParsnip: ty man, im reading about how to config samba, and its very intuitive, easy commands, well ty. it will save me.02:34
xanguaLurkin_Lobster: well you have to install Compiz Setting manager02:34
Lurkin_Lobsteroh, ok02:35
Toph2chown_,,, reading online? do you have a site?02:35
chown_Toph2: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/samba-fileserver.html02:35
Toph2chown_,,, thanks02:35
chown_Toph2: np, its helping me a lot, im a complete newbie at linux tho02:36
ubukou__hey folks .. i just installed smaba on xubuntu.. i seem to remember that on ubuntu-server i used my computers username and password to access it from my mediabox... is there something i should change to access it, like a smb.conf line?02:36
xim_I have this old machine with 9.10 on it, but (i presume because support has expired) all the repos are broken.  I need to update ubuntu, but I would like to wait until april for that super LTS coming out.  Is there anyway to temporarily fix my repos to install somethings like git?02:36
Lurkin_Lobsterhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion xangua, is this what i am looking for?02:36
xanguaLurkin_Lobster: i said Compiz Setting Manager, you can fintd it in the Software center02:37
Lurkin_Lobsteroh ok02:37
Lurkin_Lobsterthanks again, can you tell im a noob?02:37
Pikkachuis ppa a subject for here or #launchpad?02:37
urfr332gOxim_, there is a eol update that would get you to 10.04, you could upgrade to 12.04 then, personally I never upgrade myself though.02:38
ubukou__Lurkin_Lobster, try ccsm..02:38
urfr332gOxim_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:38
xim_you never update?02:39
xim_when I say update, I mean format ;p02:39
xim_but this is what I was looking for thanks02:40
urfr332gOxim_, not sure I understand.....but glad your happy :)02:40
ubukou__hey folks .. i just installed smaba on xubuntu.. i seem to remember that on ubuntu-server i used my computers username and password to access it from my mediabox... is there something i should change to access it, like a smb.conf line?02:41
urfr332gOxim_, that link is for upgrading not updating.02:41
ActionParsnipxim_: i'd just hang with your current release til release day02:42
sgo11hi, to change umask globally, which file should I edit in ubuntu 11.10? /etc/profile? /etc/bash.bashrc? or any other files? thanks.02:42
chuck_I am having a problem with pulseaudio/alsa where when I unplug my head phones it switches to the correct connector, but then switches back to the headphone connector02:43
poincare101Hi everyone. I'm currently dual booting ubuntu and windows 7. Now, my ubuntu install got bricked (update went wrong), so, I want to reinstall, but, I want it to write over my old parition, can ubuntu do that?02:44
chuck_poincare101: yes02:44
poincare101chuck_: directly for the instaler?02:44
aboxorgchuck_, do you have an asus laptop, I have the same issue.02:44
chuck_poincare101: just do a manual partition and format the correct partition02:44
orangepnutWhen I use the Gnome setting when I login to Ubuntu the top bar is this neon blue color and all the text is distorted and unreadable, how do I fix this?02:44
chuck_aboxorg: nope, its a custom desktop02:45
Gaming4JCHey all, I'd like to know if it's possible to run two hard-drives on one computer at the same time. Rather than dual-boot. Then just use a VNC to view my windows box. Possible? :)02:45
ActionParsnippoincare101: use custom partitioning and set the system partition for formatting and use it ext4 as /02:45
chuck_poincare101: it'll reinstall grub, but it should auto detect your win7 install02:45
ActionParsnippoincare101: obviously leave your ntfs partition alone and if you have a different partition for /home then tell the installer to use the partition as ext4 but NOT format it02:45
Gaming4JCIt's the best way I can break my windows habbit, by using Ubuntu all the time, and moving to windows when absolutely nesccary. :P02:46
aboxorgGaming4JC, why not just run windows inside a VM (virtualbox?) inside linux. Then you can make snap-shots so you can revert back when you get a virus :P02:46
ActionParsnipGaming4JC: you'd need to virtualize one02:46
Gaming4JCI've done that02:46
Gaming4JCbut it doesn't run certain things02:46
Gaming4JCe.g. video editing software02:46
FloodBot1Gaming4JC: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:46
aboxorgnot happen with performance?02:46
ActionParsnipGaming4JC: what do you use VNC to achieve? Why do you connect to the system?02:46
poincare101ActionParsnip: so, it will be able to recover my data?!02:46
poincare101ActionParsnip: I would love if it could do that02:47
Gaming4JCActionParsnip: nothing yet, currently I dual boot. I would like to be able to VNC into another HDD and play on Windows02:47
chuck_poincare101: if /home is on its own partition02:47
chuck_which IS recommended02:47
ActionParsnippoincare101: 1. Yes, boot to liveCD and you can access the data there and copy to a different storage temporarily.   and 2. Why do you NOT have a backup??02:47
aboxorgI run win7 inside ubuntu and I have access to everything I've tried. I can run wow, grab youtube vid's and convert them. Not happy with performance?02:47
poincare101chuck_: whoever had that idea needs to be given lots of money02:47
ActionParsnipGaming4JC: for the video editting i'm guessing..?02:47
Gaming4JCaboxorg: and DirectX applications02:47
Gaming4JCActionParsnip: right02:48
chuck_Gaming4JC: no you can't run two OSes on the same computer at the same time02:48
chuck_poincare101: errr? its a pretty common thing to do02:48
ActionParsnipGaming4JC: not tried any of the many native video editors in Ubuntu?02:48
Gaming4JCActionParsnip: I have, but none of them offer multi-layers + effects that are required02:48
Gaming4JCe.g. Chroma Key and manual key animation02:48
chuck_poincare101: wait til you discover you can format /dev/ramX devices ;)02:49
ActionParsnipGaming4JC: I see02:49
aboxorgNot really sure. What does WoW use? I tried that before. It's kinda why I did it at first.02:49
chuck_aboxorg: what does WoW use for what?02:49
ActionParsnipaboxorg: you can run WoW very well in wine, its the top rated app in the appdb02:49
Gaming4JCtry running Sony Vegas Movie Studio or Adobe Premier in Wine02:49
chuck_aboxorg: I recommend trying crossover if wine is too difficult of time consuming02:50
chuck_Gaming, adobe stuff normally works in wine02:50
Gaming4JCI definately need a windows box on occassion, it's just frustating having to dual-boot or virtually once you've tried VNC :|02:50
chuck_Gaming, you can always check the wine desktop02:50
chuck_wine database*02:51
Gaming4JCyeah I've done that02:51
Gaming4JCcodecs etc are missing during rendering02:51
chuck_Gaming, crossover database?02:51
Gaming4JCnot tried Crossover02:51
chuck_Gaming, crossover is wine but with some non-free stuff added, including some codecs02:51
Gaming4JCI would prefer to keep my linux distro free of non-free though. Seems wrong. xD02:52
chuck_Gaming, well if you are installing non-free software in wine, then that kills that idea to start with02:52
xanguaGaming4JC: then you wouldn't use ubuntu, do you feel dirty now?02:52
Gaming4JCxangua: switching next week :]02:53
Gaming4JCxangua: but shh don't tell #ubuntu :D02:53
chuck_I am having a problem with pulseaudio/alsa where when I unplug my head phones it switches to the correct connector, but then switches back to the headphone connector02:53
ActionParsnipchuck_: what make and model system?02:55
MayazcherquoiHey guys. I have a fresh install of Ubuntu Oneiric and I've managed to boot into it several times except for the last couple of times. It stops on "PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions \n saned disabled; edit /etc/default/saned [ OK ]". It's just frozen there.02:55
chuck_ActionParsnip: its a custom tower with a foxxconn motherboard... its a N10/ICH7 High Def. Intel onboard audio card02:55
ActionParsnipchuck_: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh02:56
maceleSo I can transfer at 10MB/s with smbclient but only at 4MB/s with ubuntu's cifs kernel implementation. I read that this is due to the kernel not allowing asynchronous transfers. Does anyone have any idea how one might allow async between clients w/o using smbclient or know when the kernel will be patched to allow this?02:57
chuck_ActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=647692055976f86e9a581f0bc906defa7ec47ff602:57
Gaming4JCMayazcherquoi: you may want to try disabling pulse audio, but that sounds like some sort of bug :O02:58
MayazcherquoiGaming4JC: How would I go about that? :S What's the service name?02:58
orangepnutWhen I use the Gnome setting at login the menu bar is completely distorted along with all the text, any ideas?02:58
MayazcherquoiRestarting the lightdm service does nothing :(02:58
ActionParsniporangepnut: is it the same for a new user?02:59
=== sun_ is now known as Guest13541
orangepnutActionParsnip, I haven't tried02:59
starnhello, i had to redo my gnu-linux system and kinda lost my CLI apps.. and i am wondering if someone has a really good list of CLI tools and general apps? i only remember byobu and moc..03:00
starni do know one tool i'd love if it there is even such a thing.. a cli tool that can control a Teamspeak 3 client on either a local network or on the host machine..03:00
Gaming4JCMayazcherquoi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio | http://www.jeffsplace.net/node/12 (I'd lurk in the channel a bit longer though, to be sure)03:00
ActionParsnipstarn: can it be controlled via command line?03:00
Pikkachuisn't there any automated system for keep tracking of upstream releases so they can be tested and packaged and released?03:00
starnActionParsnip: i think it can be controled via telnet.03:00
MayazcherquoiGaming4JC: Okay, thank you :)03:01
orangepnutActionParsnip, When I login as a guest and use the Gnome setting everything is still distorted03:01
ActionParsnipstarn: then install openssh-server and you can ssh on and run commands03:01
chuck_ActionParsnip: I added "snd-hda-intel: model=auto" in the modprobe options, found a post that descirbed a issue kinda like mine where it wouldn't switch to headphones at all... so I thought it be worth a shot to try03:01
ActionParsniporangepnut: has the guest account ever been used?03:01
chuck_ActionParsnip: didn't change anything03:01
orangepnutActionParsnip, no it has not03:01
ActionParsniporangepnut: is the system fully updated?03:02
MayazcherquoiGaming4JC: But it was working fine before :-/03:02
orangepnutActionParsnip, as far as I know yes, though I'm new to the linux world03:02
starnActionParsnip: alright i shall try that.. i do know for sure a teamspeak server can be controled via telnet. so maybe it'll work.03:02
Gaming4JCMayazcherquoi: right. Disabling it may only work around another existing problem... needs debuging :(03:02
Gaming4JCMayazcherquoi: I don't have experience with that particular error :|03:03
ActionParsniporangepnut:  in a terminal run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:03
starnActionParsnip: apparently i already have openssh-server.03:04
ActionParsnipstarn: cool, then connect and you can run commands and junk. you are not telnetted to the service so you will need to telnet to localhost for that03:04
UbuntunubHello everyone.  Anyone care to play another round of "I'm an simple minded novice and barely learned how to sort of move around directories via terminal, and need to know how to add rulesets to iptables"?  Cookies promised to those patient enough to babysit me through it.03:06
orlokUbuntunub: use gufw03:07
tyler_which should i use, class GNOME or XFCE?03:08
tyler_classic GNOME*03:08
xanguawhatever you want03:08
Ubuntunuborlok:  I'd prefer to learn via the terminal if at all possible.  I have the ruleset that I want to use, just can't seem to figure out *how* I go about editing the current one (which is default and of course blank).03:09
starnis it true 64bit ubuntu can install 32bit applications now?03:10
orlokUbuntun..  probably best to ask google for the specifics then, better teacher than i am.03:10
orangepnutActionParsnip, I entered the commands you had said and now the menu bar is still distorted just a different color03:11
zykotick9starn: "typically" yes (i just hope your not talking about zsnes)03:11
Ubuntunuborlok:  I just realized that a help option was staring me in the face.  Thumbing through it now.  :)03:11
* Gaming4JC still thinks it is possible to mount a drive and use VNC... O_o03:12
Gaming4JCAssuming I have two separate hard drives, is it not possible to mount one on linux and then use a VNC viewer on it? :P03:12
=== Gallomimia_ is now known as Gallomimia
urfr332gOGaming4JC, if you don't just install as a dual boot you will not get the the full use.03:14
MayazcherquoiGrr, screw this. Time for a reinstall.03:14
starnzykotick9: no.. i use an emulator on my phone for snes games.03:14
urfr332gOGaming4JC, what I mean and use it as a reular OS.03:15
Gaming4JCurfr332gO: I only want to use it from time to time. For video editing...03:15
Gaming4JCseems possible, I know it can be done remotely03:15
urfr332gOGaming4JC, this is ubuntu support not waht if.03:15
RoastedIf I'm setting up a new raid array, what's better to go with? MBR or GUID?03:15
=== Ttech is now known as [____]
chuck_ActionParsnip: you have any ideas?03:17
=== [____] is now known as Ttech
ActionParsnipchuck_: my sound troubleshooting abilities are low03:21
mverAre we all waiting for someone to put a topic forward?03:21
RoastedQuestion - what can I do about my resolution if I set it to something my monitor does not support? I just get no input now.03:21
bjrohanActionParsnip: I was at least able to connect the backup system to the desktop from laptop and do a backup via ssh, instead of Samba03:24
bjrohanstill can't get nautilus to connect03:24
ActionParsnipRoasted: how did you set the res?03:26
tintoyhi everyone, can anyone help me  how to rsync to a remote server using different port03:27
RoastedActionParsnip, system settings, display03:27
=== yeonhoo_ is now known as yeonhoo
bjrohanActionParsnip: Not sure what I did (brute force) but I got my computers to connect via SSH, in nautilus. How do I make sure Nautilus connects every time it opens?03:29
xauthtintoy: if you rsync over ssh, you could configure ssh to use a different port.03:29
martiantintoy: an example that I think may work: rsync -rav ./somedirectory martian@server.com:12345/home/martian/03:30
UbuntunubDo I have to use sudo anytime I want to use nano to edit a file?03:30
tintoyxauth:this is my case, I want to pull somefiles from a remote server using port 230003:31
zykotick9Ubuntunub: only if it's a system file03:31
martianUbuntunub: only if it is a system file. If it's in your home directory you shouldn't (have to)03:31
tintoymartian:this is my case, I want to pull somefiles from a remote server using port 230003:31
UbuntunubIt's iptables.rules -- so I assume it would fall under the system files restriction.  :)03:31
martiantintoy: well then based on the example I posted you should be able to; just swap the second and third parameter and change the port, path, user, and host03:31
tintoymartian:I will post my command check if it is correct03:32
tintoymartian:rsync -av rsync://root@www.trendy.org:2300/var/www/inv2010/* /var/www/main/03:34
tintoymartian:rsync: server sent "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.8p1 Debian-7ubuntu1" rather than greeting03:34
tintoyrsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1524) [Receiver=3.0.7]03:34
tintoymartian: that error has been encountered after such command03:35
marcosrorizHi guys. I'm still using ubuntu natty (11.04), the main reason is because I found the complete lib transition (libgtk2 -> libgtk3) in oneiric too buggy. I was wondering what is the current 'status' of oneiric, is it buggy? Is gnome 3 currently more 'customizable'?03:36
linociscois there anyone who could explain this "http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html" to me?03:36
Pikkachumarcosroriz: I was annoyed by unity at natty and oneiric but I decided to reinstall from scratch after several years...now I'm just trying things out...I'm giving unity a chance, been doing a few customizations... it's not annoyingly buggy from my experience03:38
ActionParsnipmarcosroriz: its got a bit better, what you think may be different to what I see as ok. Have you maybe tried a different DE...03:38
klenwellHi. Has anyone here successfully installed the ADT (Android Dev Tool) plugin for Eclipse on Ubuntu 11.10? I'm having some trouble.03:38
marcosrorizI kinda like unity in natty, because gnome2 is way stable and customizable than gnome 3.03:38
ActionParsnipmarcosroriz: Natty is fully supported til October so I wouldn't worry a lot03:38
Pikkachumarcosroriz: customizations are sometimes dumb I think03:39
martiantintoy: try getting rid of the "rsync://"03:39
marcosrorizActionParsnip, thanks :D03:39
marcosrorizPikkachu, yeah, in fact I've been using (gnu/)linux for > 6 years and for the first time I only changed the wallpaper03:40
marcosrorizReally liked the default 'look' of ubuntu natty03:40
sgo11how to change umask for all users? set it in /etc/profile or /etc/bash.bashrc or any other files? thanks.03:40
martianmarcosroriz: ditto. Never been more pleased with a default theme.03:41
richard_change it in /etc/skel/.profile03:41
linocisco is there anyone who could explain this "http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html" to me?03:43
Pikkachumartian: sorry are you named after the martian modem driver?03:43
martianPikkachu: haha afraid not03:43
Pikkachumartian, marcosroriz: default background is buggy though... I like setting the login screen background the same as my user...but there are duplicated references: the locked screen background still keeps as the original one of login screen or such03:45
Pikkachumartian: ah ok nevermind03:45
marcosrorizI'm cool with the gdm bg (using natty here). Used few times lightdm.03:46
linocisco is there anyone who could explain this "http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html" to me?03:46
Pikkachumarcosroriz: I used to change bg and theme for gdm, now I need to deal with this lightdm...03:47
marcosrorizoh well, I'll probably change when precise launch03:47
Pikkachumarcosroriz: when precise launch?03:48
marcosrorizsomeday of april (this year)03:48
chipotlehi, i am trying to setup ubuntu, and i have 5 hdd's installed. i would like to use the 750gb drive like this: partition 1: 100gb / ext3, partition 2: 100gb ntfs for windows 7 dual boot and the rest for /home. then the rest of the drives, i want to use to store media on them (this is a file server)03:49
chipotleso what should i do?03:49
urfr332gOchipotle, I would put wundows first on the drive.03:50
Pikkachumarcosroriz: ah you mean you'll just wait 12.04 for customizing it? I see03:50
chipotleshould i partition the other drives later?03:50
chipotleso the first partition ntfs? the second ext3 and in the / position?03:50
marcosrorizPikkachu, not only that but because until there gnome 3 will have more tools to customize and be more stable03:50
urfr332gOchipotle, any reason for ext303:50
Pikkachumarcosroriz: sounds nice... I just hope it doesn't mess with dist-upgraters from oneiric03:51
chipotleurfr332gO: well, what are you recommending?03:51
urfr332gOchipotle, ext3 is okay the default is ext4 in ubuntu03:51
orlokI'm trying to create a suid root copy of bash under ubuntu03:52
orlok.. its not working, even after i remounted / without nosuid03:52
chipotleurfr332gO: well, the point was so windows could view the partition and i don't know if it can read+write ext4, but it can ext303:52
orlokAlso, with nosuid, how does su work?03:52
Jordan_Uorlok: Making a setuid root copy of bash sounds like an absolutely *terrible* idea.03:52
Pikkachuchipotle: it can't read linux partitions03:53
urfr332gOchipotle, on this channel and in general a shared ntfs is preferred.03:53
orlokJordan_U: i know, its to test whether a security auditing package will pick it up.03:53
linocisco is there anyone who could explain this "http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html" to me?03:53
chipotlePikkachu: it can with http://www.fs-driver.org/03:53
Pikkachuchipotle: what do you mean what should you do? you should implement what you just described, no?03:53
Jordan_Uorlok: OK. You had me concerned there for a moment :)03:53
orlokJordan_U: However, the fact that i cant actually do it has me confused now. Also, how the hell DOES su work with a partition mounted nosuid03:53
chipotleurfr332gO: so, should i just partition the one drive right now, the 750gb and then come back to the four other drives at a later date?03:54
linocisco is there anyone who could explain this "http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html" to me?03:54
chipotlemeaning, once i have ubuntu running03:54
chipotlecan i continue /home on several different drives if one runs out of space...03:54
orlokJordan_U: I was thinking it would be a 30 second test03:54
Pikkachuchipotle: cool, is it reliable? last time I checked all apps supposed to do that looked dumb03:54
chipotlePikkachu: yeah, i have heard good things03:54
orlokchipotle: yeah, many ways of doing it03:54
Jordan_Uorlok: How did you mount the partition as nosuid?03:54
orlokJordan_U: installed ubuntu.03:55
chipotleorlok: what do you recommend? i ahve two 3TB drives that i want to also use as /home, can i do that in the installer?03:55
urfr332gOchipotle, all I would recommend is windows first on any of the drives it is easier to repair this way, and a shred ntfs wherever you want and the ubuntu where ever you want.03:55
orlokchipotle: i dont remember sorry, but probably as a mirror03:56
orlokJordan_U: ubuntu mounted it nosuid by default03:56
Pikkachuchipotle: do you want to mount different partitions at the same /home mounting point? @@03:56
chipotlewell, can i have multiple drives mount point be /home ?03:56
Jordan_Uorlok: Why do you think that?03:57
chipotlePikkachu: well, i have 5TB of ~/Movies, so preferably, when i run out on my one 3TB drive, the second 3TB drive can pick right up where i left off03:57
ActionParsnipchipotle: you could use lvms and make one 'drive' from the 2 combined03:57
Pikkachuchipotle: I've never heard of it03:57
orlokJordan_U: Looking at the mounted filesystems.03:57
Jordan_Uorlok: Can you pastebin the exact command and output that leads you to believe this?03:57
=== administrator is now known as Guest76807
PikkachuActionParsnip: cool03:58
orlokJordan_U: No, since i remounted / nosuid since then03:58
orlokJordan_U: However my 4755 chmodded copy of bash owned by root/root still doesnt fire off as root!03:58
chipotleActionParsnip: oh, i'd prefer not use LVM03:58
chipotleso what should i select as the mount point for the other hard drives, ActionParsnip ?03:58
PikkachuActionParsnip, chipotle may also consider just using ntfs and symlinks03:58
Jordan_Uorlok: You are mistaken about Ubuntu mounting / as nosuid by default.03:59
chipotledo i need to select a mount point?03:59
orlokJordan_U: Ok. I am running 10.04 lts if it makes a difference, anyway.. but it doesnt explain my issues running a suid copy of bash03:59
Pikkachuchipotle: what filesystem will they be?03:59
chipotlehow come i can't select an ntfs under "use as" in the installer?04:00
Jordan_Uorlok: What is the output of "ls -l /bin/bash" ?04:00
chipotlePikkachu: ext304:00
orlokJordan_U: /bin/bash or my suid copy?04:00
Jordan_Uorlok: Your suid copy.04:00
orlokJordan_U: -rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 818232 2012-02-24 10:17 /bin/dodgybash04:01
orlok4755 and root.root04:01
Jordan_Uorlok: What is the output of "/bin/dodgybash -c whoami"?04:02
Pikkachuchipotle: stuff are usually mounted in /media/desired_name but you can use any place you want04:02
orlokJordan_U: myusername04:02
chipotlePikkachu: oh, so i can name the mount point whatever i want?04:02
Pikkachuchipotle: yes04:02
chipotlePikkachu: how come i don't have the ntfs option in the installer?04:02
chipotlehow can i install win7 if i don't have an ntfs partition as the first partition04:03
L3topyou will want to install windows before ubuntu.04:04
martianchipotle: you may want to install win7 first as if you install it second it will likely overwrite grub04:04
chipotleoh, really?04:04
chipotlei didn't know that04:04
chipotlemartian: thanks :)04:04
L3topoh ches04:04
ActionParsnipchipotle: the NTFS doesn't have to be the first partition04:04
Pikkachuchipotle: in my case, I have a reiserfs which is / and two ntfs partitions, one is windows and the other a data partition. For those I'm using "udisks --mount /dev/sdaX" when logging in (session apps), that command will create a /media/mount_point_according_to_ntfs_partition_label_dynamically04:05
ActionParsnipchipotle: just install and leave unpartitioned space, you can then install ubuntu to the empty space04:05
chipotleActionParsnip: okay04:05
L3topbut it does want first crack at the mbr04:05
Pikkachuchipotle: 11.10 installer? not sure but the advanced option gives you access to a partition manager which isn't really that hard to go through04:06
chipotleActionParsnip: what would you recommend, i have a 500GB HDD, and two 3TB drives04:06
chipotlehow would you recommend i install ubuntu on them (sans the 100GB i'll leave for windows7)04:06
Jordan_Uorlok: Seems like bash may have a feature of some sort to try to protect stupid users. Doing the same with /bin/dash works as expected.04:07
jardineworkshas anyone here done an install on the Alenware m17x?04:07
Jordan_Uorlok: And to be clear, I am (as you should be) only doing this in a virtual machine. (In fact, I'm doing it in a VM using a LiveCD image only).04:07
jardineworksI'm curious how much success was had .. and with which version04:08
chipotlePikkachu: is gparted on the install disc?04:08
linociscohow to disable sleeping monitor screen on server version if there is no X windows?04:09
Pikkachuchipotle: are you taking about 11.10? it uses some other app but gparted is yet available in the repos04:09
ActionParsnipchipotle: look into lvms, if you want to keep them seperate, you can mount them at boot and have symlinks pointing to the mount points. This will reduce data loss if a drive dies (less to resore from backup)04:09
chipotlePikkachu: yes 11.1004:09
chipotleActionParsnip: i did LVM once and it was a disaster04:10
proboI just swapped my motherboard and need to install the new drivers, I'm booted in a rescue terminal, how do I tell ubuntu to grab whatever drivers it needs?04:10
chipotleActionParsnip: i can't have an easy way to install a 100GB / and the rest on /home  (and a swap partition)?04:10
Pikkachuchipotle: windows does not give a damn about other oses you may be using and overwrites MBR. So install windows first then boot from live cd, or install it later then reinstalls grub onto the MBR04:10
chipotlethen the second 3TB drive can be /media04:10
Jordan_Uprobo: The only drivers which aren't automatically detected and configured at boot would be proprietary drivers (graphics card or possibly wireless card).04:11
Jordan_Uprobo: What happens when you try to boot normally?04:11
proboJordan_U: The new mobo has a different ethernet card, it works fine from the install cd but doesn't work when booted from my hard drive.04:11
proboSo I don't get network when I boot normaly.04:12
Pikkachuchipotle: /media/something_within_it rather04:12
chipotlePikkachu: i'm using gparted first to setup the partition scheme04:12
Jordan_Uprobo: That's very odd. What is the output of "ifconfig" from the installed system?04:12
Pikkachuchipotle: from the livecd? why you didn't go though the normal steps04:13
linociscohow to ip route add according to split access in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html ?04:13
chipotlePikkachu: i like gparted04:13
ActionParsnipchipotle: 100Gb for / is a LOT, you probably won't even need 20Gb. My desktop install is little over 4Gb04:13
chipotleActionParsnip: okay, so if i do 20GB for /, do i need to make any other partitions besides home?04:13
martianchipotle: I think you would be better off just runnign the windoze installer first, as win7 likes to create its own goofy 100mb partition for some thing or another04:13
Jordan_Uorlok: You might ask about it in #bash. But if you do, please make sure to immediately include that you are doing this for a test and not actually doing it on a production machine.04:13
proboJordan_U: It doesn't show eth1 unless I do ifconfig -a, that gives me interrupt code 17, so then I up it and I get some other interrupt code.04:13
Pikkachuchipotle: ok so what are your disk sizes and how much you want for windows and linux? how much ram?04:14
orlokJordan_U: I'd say "I'm the worlds most incompitent script kiddie".. but then, theres no way thats true.04:14
ActionParsnipchipotle: should be ok with those 3 :)04:14
chipotlethird being the unformatted partition for windows 7?04:15
ActionParsnipchipotle: Win7, /, swap, /home  = 4 partitions04:15
chipotlehow much swap do you recommend?04:15
ActionParsnipchipotle: how much RAM do you have?04:15
Pikkachudepends on ram as I asked04:16
ActionParsnipchipotle: do you need hibernate / suspend?04:16
chipotleum, no, i'll just turn off my monitor04:16
chipotlethis will be a fileserver04:16
PikkachuActionParsnip: suspend does not require dumping04:16
ActionParsnipchipotle: could probably get away with zero then, otherwise 9Gb swap will be fine04:16
Ubuntunuborlok:  No, you can't be.  I can't even get new rules for iptables to save right, lol.04:16
ActionParsnipPikkachu: I use it as a generic term, I know its different :)04:16
Pikkachuchipotle: how much you're planning for win7?04:17
PikkachuActionParsnip: ok04:17
proboJordan_U: Any ideas?04:17
chipotlePikkachu: 100gb, just to be safe04:18
Pikkachuchipotle: given that you have so much space, I'd recommend 100GB ã.ã04:18
Pikkachuchipotle: yay lulz04:18
Pikkachuwindows goes to mc donalds every day and gets fatter and fatter over time04:19
Jordan_Uprobo: Check the output of "dmesg" to see if that clarifies the problem. But other than that I don't know.04:20
chipotlePikkachu: okay and now for the other 3TB drive, should i just format it to ext3 and then the mount point /media/movies ?04:22
chipotleand then i can install ubuntu on my 15 GB partition that will be at /04:22
proboJordan_U: Just says it couldn't find an ipv6 router, huh. I just edited the network conf to change teh eth device from 0 to 1. We'll see if that makes a difference04:23
probosince eth0 isn't present, just eth104:23
Pikkachuchipotle: I'd use ext4 or reiserfs but if you really want to try out reading it through windows without fear of losing data, sure04:23
proboJordan_U: Boom! Came right up.04:23
ActionParsnipchipotle: if you use ext3 instead of ext4, you can use partimage to take backups :)04:24
Pikkachuchipotle: why don't you just format it as ntfs instead?04:24
L3topIf it is just for media I would choose xfs.04:25
Ian-MooneI am running Ubuntu LTS, and often times I will click on something, and capslock and scroll lock will flash and the computer will lock up. What do I do here, and how do I prevent it?04:25
Ian-Moonehas anyone else had my problem, or is there something I just did massively wrong?04:26
chipotlePikkachu: it won't let me save the partition because i am using more blocks than msdos partitions allow04:26
ActionParsnipPikkachu: if the files are to be shared with samba, ntfs causes all kinds of annoyance04:26
Raj84Any one want pvt chat04:27
L3topIan-Moone: What else do you have attached to USB?04:27
chipotlewhich partition table should i use then if not msdos (Default)?04:27
Ian-MooneI have a WD USB3.0 external hard drive04:27
Ian-Moone..... not anymore.04:27
chipotleunder "select new partition type table" i can choose msdos, aix, amiga, bsd, dvh, gpt, mac, pc92, sun, loop04:28
L3topDoes the computer lock up, or just the input devices?04:28
chipotlewhat will let me save large 3TB drive partition schemes?04:28
Ian-MooneJust input devices.04:28
Raj84Who like hot ant sex pvt me04:28
zykotick9chipotle: gpt i believe (but verify before choosing)04:28
Ian-MooneActually, my keyboard is PS/204:28
VasisthaIan-Moone: I missed your problem description, but I know that I have had issues with certain usb ports not getting enough power, and that once caused me to think a drive was dying, when the thing was just malfunctioning due to not getting enough power04:28
pnormanI need to install millstone (for node.js) which depends on having sqlite3 >2.0.16 and <2.1.0, how do I install a specific version with apt-get?04:28
pangolin!guidelines > Raj8404:28
ubottuRaj84, please see my private message04:28
Vasisthapnorman: I think like this: apt-get millstone =2.0.1604:29
Vasisthapnorman: you'll need to figure out the specific version you want. Or you can just download the .deb and dpkg -i04:29
pnormanVasistha: no .deb that I can find for millstone04:29
Vasisthapnorman: then how do you expect apt-get to find it? :)04:30
Noobie-LJCan anyone help me with sound issues?04:30
pnormanVasistha: I'm installing sqlite3 through apt-get for millstone04:30
xauthpnorman: apt-cache policy sqlite304:30
L3topIan-Moone: is it just a normal install, or are you running something "unusual" on it? Something which might be scanning USB... say for media or something.04:30
Ian-Moone@Vasistha: I will occasionally click on something (a link, a symlink, a binary, anything, but it can't just be nothing) and everything will continue running, but the keyboard and mouse don't respond. The keyboards scroll lock and caps lock keys flash.04:30
xauthpnorman: then select your version and install with apt-get install sqlite3=2.0.1604:31
ActionParsnipIan-Moone: have you ran a Memtest from Grub?04:31
L3topgood question ActionParsnip04:31
VasisthaIan-Moone: oh that's weird. does the keyboard ever resume functioning?04:31
pnormanxauth: It's not finding that version - how do I see what versions are available?04:31
Ian-MooneI usually wait 5 minutes, then reset the system.04:31
xauthpnorman: apt-cache policy sqlite304:31
ActionParsnipIan-Moone: run one, hold shift at boot and select memtest, run it for about 10-15 mins, if you see ANY red some or all of the ram is bad04:31
lwizardlI have a couple of zip files I need to check and match md5sum's from is there an application that i can select the file, tell it was is expected to be the md5 hash and then have it tell me if it matches or not04:32
=== olaf is now known as Guest90091
Ian-MooneI have never gotten response within those 5 minuts.04:32
ActionParsnipIan-Moone: and you will need to start removing memory sticks till you get a clean test04:32
VasisthaIan-Moone: can you ssh into the box when it is hanging like that?04:32
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
ActionParsniplwizardl: if you run:  md5sum -c filename   it will test the hashes of the files in the filename file04:32
Ian-MooneI don't know. I've had trouble with network connections. I could connect to an LAN IRC server, but that's all I've done successfully.04:33
xauthpnorman: But sqlite3 over here is already at 3.7.3 in stable debian.04:34
Ian-MooneIt's something wrong with me (too little experience), not the computer or OS installation with my last.04:34
Ian-Moonebut I will run the memtest.04:34
Ian-MooneWhich one do I run? there are two.04:34
ActionParsnipIan-Moone: the one thats not serial console04:34
Ian-Mooneokay. thanks.04:34
=== smw_ is now known as smw__
xauthpnorman: there's also an old sqlite-2.8.17, but nothing near as old as
Ian-MooneI dual boot Windows, and I've never had a RAM problem in Windows, but there's a reason I'm in linux.04:36
Ian-MooneAlthough: after booting into windows, I must turn off the PSU, discharge the capacitors, and wait about a minute before booting linux, otherwise the internet connection problems I get in windows carry over.04:37
=== smw__ is now known as smw
Ian-Moone@Vasistha: I don't know how to ssh into it, but running programs continue. Minecraft did hang when it happened once while I was playing, but everything else kept going.04:39
draginxwhy do i get the following error http://pastie.org/private/t62lkmqzuk0xyze52duxg when Im following the http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html guide04:41
* tMH is gone. nsf04:48
haylovi/join #linux04:49
urfr332gOhaylo ##linux04:50
hayloyeah it actually auto added that xtra #   but thanks :) any other channel suggestions? i just like to learn04:51
possible1994I'm trying to align my SSD paritions so that they correctly utilize their block size when writing and erasing, with Gparted. How do I do this?04:54
possible1994Someone please help me properly align my SSD before installing Ubuntu.04:57
abussok so idk anything about LINUX or UBUNTU..so where should i start learning or what should i start learning about???04:57
Vasisthaabuss: have you installed it?04:58
abussyes..ubuntu 11.1004:59
Vasisthapossible1994: I have never heard of such a thing, are you sure it hasn't automatically set itself up for you?04:59
CFHowlettabuss   read FCM, choose a project, start learning...  http://fullcirclemagazine.org/04:59
possible1994Vasistha:  Block size alignment optimizes the use of blocks by preventing using, say, 1.0001 blocks (two blocks) to store data05:00
abussCFHowlett Thank you, appreciate it so much05:01
CFHowlettabuss   be safe/have fun05:01
Vasisthapossible1994: oh ... hmm, are you trying to install ubuntu on a machine that has windows, and you need to shrink the windows partition?05:01
possible1994Vasistha: No, I use ubuntu exclusively. I just want to optimize my SSD.05:02
abussabsolutely thanks05:02
Vasisthapossible1994: well.. if a file is too big to fit into one block then it is going to have to use two05:03
jadoeI managed to brake automatic asking for root password somehow. When I click in install in the Software Center, nothing happens. When I launch Synaptic without (gk)sudo, nothing happens. Only manually starting with (gk)sudo works. How do I fix that?05:03
possible1994Vasistha:  Just google it05:04
Vasisthapossible1994: sorry I responded, I don't know how to help with your issue.05:05
=== mezzo is now known as Guest25537
abussquestion..why LINUX??05:07
AntaresWhy linux what?05:07
abusswhy use LINUX?05:07
jadoebecause ms-dos sucks05:08
linociscohow to ip route add according to split access in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html ?05:08
abusslol what else?05:08
mosnoabuss, why uppercase "Linux"?05:08
linociscohow to ip route add according to split access in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html ?05:08
zykotick9jadoe: (i don't have any suggestions for your actual issue) but, using sudo with GUI apps can lead to bad things happening (perhaps the situation your in?), always use gksudo with GUI apps.05:08
AntaresWhy use Windows?05:08
linociscohow to ip route add according to split access in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html ?05:09
tabernbecause its over05:09
abussi guess thats the real question...05:09
jadoezykotick9: (1) I use gksudo with gui aps. (2) I used neither manually until it broke.05:09
zykotick9!ot | abuss that's not an ubuntu support question05:10
ubottuabuss that's not an ubuntu support question: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:10
zykotick9jadoe: ok, just seem your post suggested you might have been using sudo with U.S.C.05:10
abusssorry about that, your welcome!05:11
goathouse774As it stands, I can't confidently compile and run a program on Linux.  However, I want to begin the - I assume - long process of doing what I originally set out to do with it - which is to hook my small business up with a voip solution on a linux computer.  As the knowledgeable ones, please point me toward the good, and away from the bad.05:13
draginxWarning: ldap_connect(): Could not create session handle: Bad parameter to an ldap routine <— what could be causing this?05:14
tintoyHi anyone helps, I am using apache2 in ubuntu 10.04, When I access it at the browser it always saying "You have chosen to open which is a: PHTML file". what does this mean I supposed to see my hompage instead?05:16
tintoyI'm using firefox05:17
zykotick9goathouse774: for a buiness VOIP solution you should certainly be looking at asterisk (not somthing i've personally used, but it's certainly the defacto gnu/linux standard for enterprise quality voip)05:17
goathouse774zykotick9:  thanks05:21
L3topasterisk is def the direction you want to go05:22
erik32533has anyone noticed lately firefox 11 has become not stable at times05:23
deserteaghello folks05:25
goathouse774how difficult is asterisk to get set up?  let's place my aptitude at the "game but clearly overreaching" level and answer my subjective question in that light.05:25
CFHowlettAntares   greetings05:25
CFHowlettdeserteag   greetings05:25
deserteaganyone know where to start with a game whose audio stutters?05:25
deserteagwhy thank you :)05:25
zykotick9goathouse774: i get the distinct impress, it's not easy ;)  good luck.05:25
erik32533has anyone had firefox 11 freezing up05:25
AntaresWhich game?05:26
deserteagtrue combat05:26
frustrohey all, I am working remotle on a system and hosed X, I have SSH, I tried to copy the backup of xorg.conf but when I start X it shows PID of failsafe mode.  how to get around that?05:26
deserteagit's a wolfstein mod05:26
AntaresAh, I remember that.05:26
AntaresDoes it use ALSA for sound?05:26
MayazcherquoiSo, guys (& gals). my touchpad driver stopped working (it was working before logon, and for about 15 seconds after). How do I get it working again? :-/05:26
deserteagno clue, the furthest i've gone is using aoss05:26
deserteagbut now it just stutters05:26
nathan28frustro: X configures automagically if you use the free video drivers05:27
nathan28frustro: do you have proprietary drivers installed?05:27
van7huhi everyone05:28
CFHowlettvan7hu   greetings05:28
=== dwon is now known as danieldanieldani
=== danieldanieldani is now known as dwon
bjrohanDoes anyone have experience with the ZyXel PK5000Z modem/router? I am trying to figure out how to port forward incoming port 23 to port 22 of a computer on the network05:28
goathouse774#asterisk wants me to identify myself.  how do i do that?05:28
zykotick9!register | goathouse77405:29
ubottugoathouse774: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:29
frustronathan28, not anymore...I did a binary install of nvidia (neve had problem before) but it failed into 640x480, so I uninstalled nvidia with nvidia-uninstall05:29
ingcomplaumsg Username register05:29
frustrorebooted, got xfailsafemode pid's. rebooted SSH in, killed gdm, copied backup of xorg.conf rebooted and still get failsafe on x05:29
chilicuilhi there, I'm looking for someone who could share its ~/.local/share/adium/message-styles file, it's from empathy in ubuntu 11.10 I've just delet it by accident xD05:30
napsterI don't like to use thunderbird. Can someone suggest me a good Gmail notifier which calmly stays in the notification area and get me notifications about new mails? :)05:30
CFHowlettnapster   search software center gmail and you'll see plenty05:30
ingcomplauwhois ingcomplau05:31
napsterCFHowlett: ok05:31
rghosehi, broadcom wifi is not working on ubuntu 11.10... I can see the networks but cannot create or connect to ad-hoc networks... any help?05:31
tallnerd1985Sup everyone05:32
frustronathan28, ooh, I think i know, nvidia disabled the neauvo (sp) with a conf file...I need to delete that to reenable the free driver.05:33
frustrocrap where are the nvidia installer logs..05:33
tallnerd1985Anybody here discussing the Ubuntu on Android?05:34
Antaresrghose, I had the same problem. Did you google the name of your laptop + ubuntu + wifi driver? That's how I was able to get mine working. :P05:34
AntaresThe default driver did not work for me.05:34
CFHowlettrghose let's ID your wifi card - run in terminal lspci -vvnn | grep 14e4 and paste05:34
zykotick9tallnerd1985: try #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-phone - be aware it doesn't exist yet05:34
frustrolol @ zykotick9 sure it does, it's just not supported yet05:35
tallnerd1985Thanks, I am trying to get more info to see if my work on Webtop is the same as Ubuntu on Android05:35
bellmanwhen is support for hardy heron endin05:38
ubottubellman: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.05:38
frustrotallnerd1985, check on xda-developers05:38
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:38
chilicuilhi there, I'm looking for someone who could share its ~/.local/share/adium/message-styles file, it's from empathy in ubuntu 11.10 I've just delet it by accident xD05:39
sgo11chrome just crashed my X ...05:39
tallnerd1985frusto - I would probably get more info on the subject from a Cosmopolitan magazine05:39
tallnerd1985Opposed to XDA :-)05:39
CFHowlettchilicuil   logout/login, start empathy and they'll rebuild05:39
frustrofunny, I have ubuntu on my HD2, my touchpad and my nook-tablet.  hmm05:40
frustroguess they were all wrong and I'm crazy.05:40
CFHowlettanand   greetings05:40
anandi need help regarding wireless driver05:41
tallnerd1985I have it on my Galaxy Nexus and Xoom as chroot with VNC but I am trying to find out if they are using a X server port to Android or Way land05:41
=== jeff_ is now known as rattatoue
CFHowlettanand   broadcom?05:41
chilicuilCFHowlett: ok, got it ;), it's just than I just wanted to look at it from my windows machine05:42
MayazcherquoiSo, guys (& gals). my touchpad driver stopped working (it was working before logon, and for about 15 seconds after). How do I get it working again? :-/05:42
afsalis possible to install ubuntu base system from livecd ???05:43
ubottuafsal: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:43
CFHowlettafsal   pretty sure it's not as the process is automated...mini or alternate install give you more choice05:44
frustrotallnerd1985, gotcha, There is a guy out there, AdamOutler I think he's on twitter, great resource for android ubuntu.  shoot him a message.  I think his gmail is also in his xda sig.05:44
afsalubottu: minimal cd need internet connection while installation????05:44
ubottuafsal: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:44
urfr332gOafsal, yes05:45
chilicuilafsal: yep, and it will use it a lot =)05:45
CFHowlettafsal   I think so ... otherwise how would you get packages...05:45
tallnerd1985frustro - thanks mang05:45
rattatoueafsal: minimal is the very bare bones, but as far as getting packages etc it will download those during the install from the internet. Oh Btw ubottu is a bot05:45
afsalrattatoue: what is bot??05:46
=== Myk9000 is now known as Myk267
rattatoueafsal: means its not a real person. Just a thing that will respond whatever its programmed too05:47
rattatoueafsal: for example05:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:47
zykotick9afsal: bot is short for robot05:47
afsalubottu: !question05:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:47
afsalHaaa is nice......:-)05:48
bjrohancan someone help with port forwarding on a DSL router05:48
linocisco How can I disable eth0 or eth1 permanently down?05:49
rattatouebjrohan: what router?05:49
linocisco How can I disable eth0 or eth1 permanently down?05:49
afsalrattatoue: this is a good one...05:49
frustrolinocisco, clli or gui?05:49
bjrohanI have a ZyXel PK5000s05:49
MayazcherquoiHow do I reinstall my touchpad drivers?05:49
linociscofrustro, CLI on server05:49
frustrolinocisco, looking, I think it's in /etc/network/interfaces see if int ethX has a line that says auto05:51
bjrohanrattatoue: The port forwarding on my Qwest dsl router is odd. I have multiple computers connected, and I want to access the ssh port on 2 of them remotely. I have the default computer set up. I wish to have incoming port 23 forwarded to port 22 of the other computer05:51
rattatouebjrohan: did you look at portforward.com? you can look up specifically your router and it tells you how to configure that05:52
linociscofrustro, yes I found it is auto05:52
bjrohanrattatoue: will do05:52
linociscofrustro, but I disabled it with #05:52
chilicuilbraiam: or use https://pagekite.net/ which is *amazing*05:53
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: what is the make and model of teh laptop?05:54
rghosemy wifi doesn't work (broadcom 14e4:4727) on ubuntu 11.10... ad-hoc mode cannot be set on the device... strangely, it works on the 10.04 LTS version... any help?05:54
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: Lenovo S10e05:54
ActionParsniprghose: are there any bugs reported?05:54
CFHowlettrghose   paste the output from lspci -vvnn | grep 14e405:55
Mayazcherquoirghose: Install proprietary/restricted drivers.05:55
CFHowlettrghose   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:55
frustrolinocisco, not sure then, sorry, ask again maybe someone else can help.05:55
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: is there a shortcut to disable and enable the touchpad?05:55
linociscofrustro, yes. Now i restarted and it is disabled now05:56
MayazcherquoiActionParsnip: Yes. I've alreay tried that :-/05:56
MayazcherquoiBut dw, I just restarted. Working all goods now :)05:56
frustrolinocisco, lol, yes a restart helps, net time after change ifdown NAME05:56
=== jesse1 is now known as jhills
ActionParsnipMayazcherquoi: http://lgallardo.com/en/2010/04/21/configurando-synaptics-touchpad-en-lenovo-ideapad-s10e/05:57
linociscofrustro, I have two ISP links . DNS and apt-get install are ok with eth0 before. When I disabled, it is not working05:57
rghosewell, i did enable the drivers in the first place, else the wlan device would not be created... broadcom-sta drivers is what I had downloaded and installed05:58
rghosehowever, on ubu 11.10 it does not help to set ad-hoc mode in the wlan interface05:58
frustrowhat does an MTR show?05:59
frustrolinocisco, mtr google.com where does it die?05:59
linociscofrustro, I am sorry how to test MTR to show05:59
linociscofrustro, freezing05:59
frustrolinocisco, what about dig?06:00
frustrolinocisco, just dig enter06:00
johny9Enter text here...hi06:00
johny9i am johny06:00
johny9i nee dhelp in ubuntu06:00
linociscofrustro, dig = no servers could be reached06:00
chilicuilask! johny906:01
urfr332gOAntares, howdeee.06:01
frustrolinocisco, k, mrt lets see if you have any routing and if it's just DNS06:01
johny9can we use video chat in ubuntu for yahoo messenger and skype06:01
johny9without any problem or disconnections06:02
chipotlehi, i restarted ubuntu after i installed it and it told me to remove the installation media, but my bios needs to select the right boot device. i selected the hard drive i think is the right one and i just get a purple screen for the past 5 minutes06:02
zykotick9johny9: yahoo video might be a problem...06:02
johny9what about google voice which google is providing free voice call within USA06:03
linociscofrustro, no command mrt found06:03
frustrolinocisco, k, mtr lets see if you have any routing and if it's just DNS06:03
chipotleis this normal?06:03
frustromtr no mrt06:03
linociscofrustro, the thing is I want to make sure internet still working if i disable one Network card which link to one ISP.06:04
=== Dioxin_ is now known as Dioxin
e-framehi, is there any specific channel for "ubuntu for android"? or it's just mixed here?06:05
linociscofrustro, I have two ISP links into two network cards eth0 and eth1. I disabled eth0 and disabled its nameserver and proxy and port in apt.conf. but still not working06:05
bjrohanrasusto: Unfortunatley the site portforward shows how to forward one port to a computer. From my android phone, If I create an ssh connection on port 23, and then port forward 23 to my computers static ip address, won't it go to port 23 by default, not 22 where I want it to go?06:05
zykotick9e-frame: try #ubuntu-phone06:05
e-framezykotick9: thanks, i'll try06:05
linociscoe-frame, ubuntu for adroid will be better to tweak but slower loading and shutdown06:05
ubuntuHI ANY ONE AVAIL... THER?06:06
frustrolinocisco, can you ping the gateway of eth1?06:06
e-framelinocisco: is it kinda dualboot06:06
johny9what about google voice which google is providing free voice call within USA06:06
linociscoe-frame, no good with dual boot if your device is with slow hardware06:06
linociscofrustro, yes. I can ping gateway of eth106:07
frustrolinocisco, do you have DNS servers in /etc/resolv.conf?06:07
ignoredthoughtsdoes anyone know why NetworkManager is so flawed from install06:08
linociscofrustro, yes. i disabled with # to nameservers of eth0 ISP1 link. and put extra entry of ISP2's DNS servers06:08
pelloshow to install zend optimizer?06:08
linociscofrustro, nameserver x.x.x.x and namserver y.y.y.y. two lines06:08
frustrolinocisco, DNS is DNS, dotn matter who servs it.  use and 220.220 for both ISP...06:09
e-framelinocisco: i mean how do you get ubuntu on android phones? do you have to choose which os you want to use like dualboot? or you can switch between them anytime you want without reboot?06:09
ignoredthoughtslubuntu < linux mint XDE06:09
CFHowlette-frame   maybe ask at #ubuntu-phone06:10
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: try wicd then06:10
linociscofrustro, two ISPs are different and we got only subnetted private IPs. even DNS servers are different06:10
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: or wifi-radar06:10
ignoredthoughtsdid wifi-radar06:11
frustrolinocisco, take the cisco off your name.06:11
ignoredthoughtsNetworkManager was a pain to set up06:11
chipotleso when i reboot ubuntu after my install i get (initramfs) after i select ubuntu from the grub menu06:11
frustrolinocisco, DNS is DNS06:11
ubuntuhow do i installed PHP in ubuntu06:11
icebreakerserver irc.fullnetwork.org06:11
chipotlewhat do i do to get x working properly?06:11
chipotleor what did i do wrong?06:11
linociscoe-frame, I will replace android with ubuntu if ubuntu is better.06:11
ignoredthoughtsI like being able to boot and work06:11
ActionParsnip!lamp | ubuntu06:11
ubottuubuntu: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:11
ignoredthoughtsLubuntu makes you work for it06:11
linociscofrustro, why take cisco offf?06:11
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: it uses the same network manager in Ubuntu...06:11
ignoredthoughtsActionParsnip no no no the .cong isn't the same06:12
ignoredthoughtsyou have to alter from false to true06:12
ignoredthoughtsand then it woks06:12
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: never had an issue with it personally, maybe you have a weird wifi chip06:13
ignoredthoughtsThat was set up okay06:13
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: mine works out of the box...06:13
pelloshow to exit vi and save changes?06:13
ignoredthoughtsI had to modify the .conf file06:13
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: are there any bugs reported?06:13
ignoredthoughtsi did good too06:13
ignoredthoughtsi looked it up06:13
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: I suggest you report the bug then06:14
ignoredthoughtsthe bug has been reported solved06:14
ignoredthoughtswhy set it up so that it installs that way then06:14
ignoredthoughtsit turns updown to false06:14
ignoredthoughtsi want it up true06:15
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: report a new one then....06:15
pelloshow to exit vi and save changes?06:15
ignoredthoughtsaction: im literally a noob06:15
zykotick9pellos: ESC then wq06:15
ignoredthoughtswhy report a bug if i'm not sure i'm reporting something useful?06:15
zykotick9pellos: or ESC then x06:15
ignoredthoughtsmy best exp was dealing with a python script06:15
pelloszykotick9: is there a command to search using vi? so i will not check all the php.ini ?06:16
zykotick9pellos: search forward with / and backward with ?06:16
ignoredthoughtsi can't explain how difficult it was to make my comp not ask for install disk06:16
ignoredthoughtsthat was stupid06:16
ignoredthoughtswhere do i gain access to give input?06:16
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: it will be closed by the bug guys if it isn't valid :)06:16
ubuntuhow can i use CUP s in ubuntu06:17
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: try using TAB to complete nicks06:17
ignoredthoughtsthis problem can't be that new06:18
ubuntuhow can i use CUP s in ubuntu ?06:19
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: up to you, never had the issue personally.06:19
ActionParsnipubuntu: install a printer06:19
ActionParsnipignoredthoughts: i'm simply closing your PMs btw06:20
=== godmachine81__ is now known as god-zotac
ubuntuhow can i use CUP s in ubuntu ?06:21
ubuntuplz--plz give me ans..06:22
ActionParsnipubuntu: I told you..06:22
CFHowlettubuntu install a printer06:22
ActionParsnipubuntu: its a printer software, so if you install a printer you will be using it06:22
DogearsHi! Has anyone had problems with the latest Flash upgrade in Firefox and Chrome?06:23
=== [CSI]Octane is now known as Octane
ActionParsnipDogears: what is the problem?06:23
DogearsActionParsnip: My flash has stopped working. There was an upgrade last week and now it is not working?06:24
ubuntuhow to install  FTP server in ubuntu06:24
DogearsActionParsnip: It is working in Chrome?06:24
ActionParsnipDogears: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'    thanks06:24
DogearsActionParsnip: Sorry not Chrome but Opera06:24
ActionParsnipubuntu: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/settingup-an-ftp-server-on-ubuntu-with-proftpd.html06:25
ubuntu how to install  FTP server in ubuntu ?06:25
bazhangubuntu, check the link06:25
ActionParsnipubuntu: why ask a question if you won't listen for replies??06:25
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=== Guest32124 is now known as dRounse
dRounsewhy cant i boot when i use unetbootin? everytime i try i get a boot error06:26
ActionParsnipdRounse: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?06:27
dRounseActionParsnip no but i tried with multiple ISOs and ISOs that i have used before and they worked fine06:28
CFHowlettdRounse   verifying iso integrity takes a minute or 2 - and eliminates one of many possible error points...06:29
ActionParsnip!md5 | dRounse06:29
ubottudRounse: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:29
dRounseok ill do it now06:29
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=== Guest37820 is now known as mi3
CFHowlettmi3   greetings06:32
ubuntusorry i m using it 1 st time so i ca't understand it06:33
mi3yo guys, when I load lshw from terminal it displays all the information but I need it to display only certain type of information like cache, cdrom[only the certain type]06:33
CFHowlettmi3   see grep command06:34
ActionParsnipmi3: try:  sudo lshw -C drive; sudo lshw -C disk06:34
ubuntuafter going no that link tell me further step ?06:35
CFHowlett*blush* much better and to the point AP.  sorry for partial info mi306:35
ActionParsnipubuntu: its all there dude06:35
ActionParsnipubuntu: I recommend installing openssh-server and using sftp06:35
mi3CFHowlett: I dont know how to use the grep command properly can you give an example? lets take an example of network06:36
=== tristan_ is now known as itched
kriskropdecho "my name is kris" | grep "kris"06:37
CFHowlettmi3 grep searches for a specific text string thus...06:37
kriskropdor 'ifcofnig | grep HW'06:37
CFHowlettmi3 lspc -vvnn | grep 14e4 will search output for "14e4"06:38
mi3what is lspc?06:38
zykotick9a typo i believe06:38
CFHowlettmi3 lspci06:38
CFHowlett*fat finger typo*06:38
kriskropdi just got here, mi3, what are you trying to do?06:40
pellosguys how can i install zend optimiser?06:40
mi3trying to get some hardware information from my pc kriskropd06:40
ActionParsnipCFHowlett: if you use the -i option on grep it makes it case (i)nsensitive06:40
ActionParsnipmi3: if you have a desktop UI, install lshw-gtk06:40
CFHowlettActionParsnip   i'll check it out.  Thanks.06:41
CFHowlettpellos see http://www.zend.com/products/guard/downloads06:41
dRounseActionParsnip the MD5 is the same06:41
kriskropdmi3 there is lspci, lsusb, lscpu, df -h  ~~ lots of stuff to tell you pc info, what's your goal?06:41
mi3ActionParsnip I need this lshw for my conky[love that monitor] so am figuring how to apply yhat06:41
pellosCFHowlett: I saw that. I didnt understood the reference i need to add in php.ini06:41
mi3ohh my goal is to display umm wait06:41
mi3kriskropd, processor, north bridge, southbridge and ram06:43
pellosalso why i cant exit vi using esc ?06:43
zykotick9pellos: wasn't programmed with that key06:43
kriskropdmi3, gimme a sec , lscpu should ahve that info06:43
theadminpellos: Because that's not the exit command in vi, esc switches to normal mode. Use :q06:43
kriskropdpellos, hit esc colon and either wq to write quit or q! to just quit06:44
chipotlehi, when you restart ubuntu for the first tiem after you install, does it sit at a purple screen for a long period of time before it loads up?06:44
theadminchipotle: Normally no06:44
chipotlelooks like only 30 seconds06:44
chipotlelast time it took 10+ minutes and nothing happened06:44
mi3!I got cpu infor from etc/cat or something06:44
ubottumi3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:44
chipotlehow do i read an HFS+ partition (mac osx)?06:45
theadminchipotle: sudo apt-get install hfsprogs and then it should mount normally06:45
mi3ubottu I did not think so06:45
ubottumi3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:45
mi3ubottu I did not think so06:45
kriskropdmi3, cat is a program that prints the file06:45
mi3umm wait i added processor variable so forget about that processor pls advice me on northbridge, southbridge and ram06:46
theadminmi3: For CPU info, use "cat /proc/cpuinfo", for RAM use "free -m"06:46
DogearsActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/855037/plain/06:47
mi3theadmin i need the ram details like ram speed, voltage06:47
theadminmi3: Oh, huh, just a second06:47
mi3also ram type like ddr2 or ddr3 theadmin06:47
theadminmi3: cat /proc/meminfo06:48
kriskropdTIL , check /proc more often :D06:48
chipotletheadmin: how do i get permissions to copy to another hdd (it's ext4) i got an error say i don't have permission06:48
theadminchipotle: Mount it properly06:48
linociscowho could help me setup proxy server with two ISP link making failover?06:49
theadminmi3: Also, "sudo dmidecode --type 17 | less"06:49
chipotletheadmin: and my sudo passwd is the same passwd as my user account?06:49
theadminchipotle: Sure06:49
chipotletheadmin: is there a way i can change it?06:50
DansTheManHow do I get a list of all recently installed packages?06:50
ActionParsnipDogears: you need to remove those packages then just install adobe-installer   from the partner repo06:50
pellosI entered a file using vi how can i write in that file now ?06:50
theadminchipotle: You need to change your user password06:50
ActionParsnipDogears: you have 2 flash plugins installed as well as some old config stuff from flashplugin-downloader 32bit06:50
fairuz_pellos: ctrl + I06:50
mi3ohh thanks a lot theadmin06:50
fairuz_pellos: shift + I06:51
zykotick9fairuz_: what?06:51
mi3how do you end that? theadmin06:51
theadminmi3: Kill less? Just hit escape or q06:51
mi3ohh thanks theadmin06:52
ActionParsnipDogears: http://paste.ubuntu.com/855046/06:52
zykotick9pellos: perhaps running "vimtutor" would be beneficial for you06:52
mi3the thing is it requires sudo everytime so how do I set it in conky theadmin?06:52
DansTheManHow do I get a list of all recently installed packages (using 11.10 terminal)?06:53
ActionParsnipDansTheMan: check the back end of /var/log/dpkg.log06:53
DogearsActionParsnip:  Thanks for your help. That is fantastic.06:53
theadminmi3: There are many ways you could approach that. Simpliest is: redirect the output to a file, and print that file in conky06:54
DansTheManActionParsnip: Sorry? :S06:54
pellosand i last question what thats mean PHP Deprecated:  Comments starting with '#' are deprecated in /etc/php5/cli/conf.d/imap.ini on line 1 in Unknown on line 0 ?06:54
mi3okay, should i try pre_exec sudo in that conky? will that work?06:54
CFHowlettActionParsnip   now THAT is some good foo-fu!  I've been wanting to know my installed package list for  a while!06:54
zykotick9DansTheMan: you might also want to check if you have a /var/log/apt/history.log06:54
theadminpellos: ini comments normally start with ";", not "#".06:55
pellostheadmin: is this error something to worry about?06:55
DansTheManzykotick9: No, I don't. But I do have a dpkg log.06:55
fox_im not broadcasting my ip am i?06:55
DansTheManHow can I filter out installed programs only and display it in terminal? :S06:56
theadminpellos: Well... you should really fix the file. Right now it's nothing, but sometime later it might cause trouble06:56
theadminDansTheMan: dpkg -L06:56
mi3should i try pre_exec sudo in that conky? will that work?06:56
DansTheMan* fox_ (~fox@cpe-098-122-023-091.sc.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu06:56
pellostheadmin how can i fix the file? and how it is possible to be broken if i never touch it ?06:56
DansTheMantheadmin: Needs at least one package argument :-/06:56
DansTheManHi fox_06:57
sanplease help me06:57
_nullthreehello everyone06:57
fox_im at the point where i need help from a guru as they say06:57
zykotick9DansTheMan: "dpkg -l"06:57
DansTheManzykotick9: Ah :P06:57
mi3guru hoja shuru06:57
DansTheManzykotick9: Okay, how can I sort that by date? :P06:58
theadminDansTheMan: Err, pardon me, "dpkg -l"06:58
sanplease help me i tried to install burg yesterday but it dint work so i tried removing it but now its themes autum and magic are not getting removed i cant install any other software saying i have held broken packages06:58
zykotick9DansTheMan: dates aren't included in "dpkg -l" so you can't06:58
DansTheMantheadmin: All goods :)06:58
DansTheManYeah I realise :-/06:58
fox_would anyone like to help me?06:58
mi3why dont u ask the question,ehh?06:59
sani tried some code configure -a which was in forums even tried -f for brute force but nothing seems to be working06:59
fox_i dont know the rules about asking06:59
CFHowlettfox_   ask the questions plz06:59
soreau! ask | fox_06:59
DansTheManzykotick9 & theadmin: Found this: http://distilledb.com/blog/archives/date/2009/06/30/getting-a-list-of-recently-installed-packages-in-ubuntu.page , but, it doesn't list any contents :(06:59
ubottufox_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:59
dRounseim going to set up my server, i have 2.5 gb of ram total for my desktop and server, should i use 1 gb in my server or 512 mb06:59
fox_ok sorry hehe06:59
kriskropdfox_ just be polite, its kind of a free for all in here06:59
fox_im having trouble with netcat06:59
fox_the netcat term on windows keeps closing07:00
mi3why does ubottu not have an operator status in this channel?07:00
fox_i have both linux and windows, but netcat isnt working on windows well07:00
CFHowlettmi3   ops are present07:01
ubuntuhow to resolve the problem when i start the redhat 5 it ask for date and time after putting this info i want to c:/  every time07:01
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
theadminmi3: She's just a bot and she doesn't kick users... Why would she need an op status?07:01
sanplease kindly help i tried installing BURG but it dint install it had some sub process error then i tried to remove it but it is not getting removed now i am stuck tried everything including deleting folders, config -a, -f but nothing works07:01
CFHowlettubuntu redhat? ...07:01
soreaufox_: How is that a ubuntu question? Perhaps you should try #windows07:01
fox_i know i know...07:01
mi3okay why do we need 3 floodbots? isn't one enough?07:02
fox_but with wine and such the lines are blurring, eh?07:02
kriskropdfox_ not really no07:02
theadminmi3: That's more of a question for #ubuntu-irc , not here07:03
fox_its not windows im interested in tho07:03
urfr332gOsan, where did you get burg from?07:03
soreaufox_: No. This is the official ubuntu support channel. Problems with netcat on windows is in no way a ubuntu issue07:03
pellosis there a command to see if i am runnin 64 bit linux ?07:03
apporcHi, hackers. anyone know the function of 'host' in dhcpd's configuration file?07:03
zykotick9pellos: "uname -m" to check kernel07:03
theadminpellos: uname -m07:03
pellosok i am using 6407:03
fox_well, i could use some help with netcat for linux07:04
sanurfr332g0, i saw in the site then added repo ppa then sudo update and install07:04
apporcHi, hackers. anyone know the function of 'host' in dhcpd's configuration file? Does it determine the hostname or something else for those clients?07:04
soreau! ask | fox_07:04
ubuntuplz reply07:04
sannow i tried installing many softwares even upgrading but it says i have held broken packages07:04
fox_i need to talk privately with someone who knows netcat, ssh, ect;07:04
soreaufox_: No, you don't. Try ##networking07:05
santried repairing clean confiure -a, -f, nothing working07:05
chipotlewhat applications can i use to use ubuntu as a file server?07:05
saneven tried removing manualy all folders but dint work07:05
soreaufox_: or ##linux07:05
theadminchipotle: Any FTP server pretty much07:05
pellosGuys and a last question.. i installed zend optimiser version 2.2 i need to install version 307:05
sanurfr332g0, i installed super boot manager07:05
chipotletheadmin: local07:05
pelloswhat i do in such a case ?07:05
kriskropdchipotle, or samba or nfs07:06
pellosinstall in a same way the new version?07:06
chipotletheadmin: well, is there a good file manager to view files across various hard drives07:06
chipotlekriskropd: yeah, but is there an interface/application to make it easy?07:06
urfr332gOsan, use the tab complete of nics. run sudo apt-get purge burg-pc burg-common  that will remove it completly then run sudo grub-instal /dev/sdX      the X is the hd your putting grub 2 back in the mbr then run sudo updte-grub07:06
sanurfr332g0, is there anyway that i can go back? anything like system restore?07:06
kriskropdchipotle depending ont he protocol, i like Gigolo on my netbook07:06
theadminchipotle: Uhm... pcmanfm, nautilus, any file manager?07:06
ubuntukoee hai...07:07
mi3hu na ubuntu07:07
sanurfr332g0, u are not getting point my friend my grub2 is running perfectly but burg is not removed properly so it is broken07:07
chipotlewhere are mounted volumes in ubuntu? /mnt?07:07
urfr332gOsan, this is all from inside the running ubuntu the sdX should be sda or sdb depending on what the hd is, no partition number07:07
sanurfr332g0, i dont have problem in booting07:07
=== guardian__ is now known as guardian2013
mi3bolna ubuntu07:07
step_offsetchipotle: /media/07:07
Jordan_Usan: Can you pastebin the ouptu of "sudo apt-get -f install"?07:07
fidelchipotle: that depends on the user basically07:07
fidelat least in case you mount manually07:08
step_offsetchipotle: in general they are mounted by pmount07:08
sanJordan_u, ok giveme 1 min07:08
kriskropdchipotle, wherever you moutn them, /mnt /media, Gigolo is more temporary so itll put them in ~/.gvfs07:08
urfr332gOsan correction  sudo grub-install /dev/sdX  I left out the second l07:08
ActionParsnipsan: how is burg still around, what imact is it having?07:08
sanJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/bgpCAQvj07:10
fox_not much help there...07:10
sanActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/bgpCAQvj07:10
soreaufox_: You might have to be patient or try ##linux07:10
fox_i tried both07:11
ubuntui m putting it again plz .... how to resolve the problem when i start the redhat 5 it ask for date and time after putting this info i want to c:/  every time07:11
soreaufox_: Remember to ask your question and don't ask to ask or else you likely will not get a response07:11
CFHowlettubuntu ask #redhat07:11
DansTheManSoo, how can I get a list of installed packages that are sorted by date?07:11
sanurfr332g0:  sudo grub-install /dev/sdb07:11
sanInstallation finished. No error reported.07:11
cromagfox_: you havnt asked a real question yet have you ?07:12
=== companion is now known as Companion
sanActionParsnip: please help what do i do07:12
Jordan_Usan: OK. What is the output of "sudo apt-get remove burg-theme-autumn burg-theme-magic"?07:12
sanJordan_U: i have tried it but still doing for you07:13
Jordan_Usan: I already know it will fail, I'd just like the output in case it's revealing.07:13
fox_i cant send to ##linux07:13
DansTheManSoo, how can I get a list of installed packages that are sorted by date?07:13
Jordan_U!register | fox_07:13
ubottufox_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:13
sanJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/KHzpKbab07:14
lewis1711can I install a fresh version of ubuntu without wiping my $HOME folder? my installation is broken I think since I can't upgrade distributions07:14
lewis1711and I have no external harddrives I can use to back up07:14
CFHowlettlewis1711   yes07:14
sanActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/KHzpKbab07:14
sanurfr332g0: http://pastebin.com/KHzpKbab07:14
Kartagis!info bootchart07:15
ubottubootchart (source: bootchart): boot sequence auditing. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.90.2-8ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 10 kB, installed size 124 kB07:15
CFHowlettlewis1711   wait - it depends07:15
sgo11DansTheMan, I think you can use ubuntu software center.07:15
CFHowlettlewis1711   is your /home is its own partition or a sub-part of the ubuntu root partition...07:15
DansTheMansgo11: Via terminal :-/07:15
chipotleis the best way to transfer over 1tb of data from one drive to another the cp -r command? i want to set it and make sure it works so when i wake up, it is done07:15
Jordan_UDansTheMan: grep 'status installed' /var/log/dpkg.log | awk '{print $5}'07:16
ubuntuwaiting for reply..07:16
sgo11DansTheMan, ok then. not sure.07:16
CFHowlettlewis1711   if its own part, do not format /home and you should be OK on reinstall.07:16
sanJordan_U: i cannot install or upgrade any other software via internet or through deb file :( i think i will i have to wait for 12.04 then do a format and install07:16
Jordan_UDansTheMan: Not perfect (packages could have been removed after being installed), but should give you a general idea.07:16
lewis1711CFHowlett: it's not its own partition :( which is the ubuntu default07:16
sanActionParsnip: i cannot install or upgrade any other software via internet or through deb file :( i think i will i have to wait for 12.04 then do a format and install07:16
sanurfr332g0: i cannot install or upgrade any other software via internet or through deb file :( i think i will i have to wait for 12.04 then do a format and install07:16
CFHowlettlewis1711   not to worry.  is your ubuntu still working?07:17
DansTheManJordan_U: Oh :-/ That's a bummer. but, thank you nonetheless :)07:17
fox_cannot change nickname while banned on channel?07:17
Jordan_UDansTheMan: Why do you want this list?07:17
DansTheManJordan_U: There's uninstalled ones on there? :S07:17
DansTheManJordan_U: Cos' Ubuntu won't start the window manager07:17
lewis1711CFHowlett: yes it functions, but it's stuck at 10.0807:17
DansTheManThis is the second time today, and the second install.07:17
chipotleso, how do i mount hard drives, e.g. sdb1?07:18
DansTheManI don't want to reinstall again.07:18
chipotlewhat do i need to do?07:18
CFHowlettlewis1711   see http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome07:18
Jordan_UDansTheMan: What are you trying to do to solve that?07:18
DansTheManJordan_U: I think it may be from some application I installed.07:18
Jordan_UDansTheMan: Start by describing your original problem in detail. It's likely that we'll be able to find a better way of solving the problem.07:18
DansTheManJordan_U: But I forgot what I installed just before I reboot :P07:19
DansTheManOh okay.07:19
DansTheManJordan_U: Well, the boot splash disappears and the following comes up:07:19
sanJordan_U: is there anyway i can go back? undo all what i did yesterday?07:19
chipotleand when i try copying over a file i get permission denied, because i didn't create them on this current machine, i took them from another machine... what do i do to get around this?07:19
urfr332gOsan, as far as fixing the burg thing you don't have to install. Whats going on with the upgrade or installs it is usually a basic fix?07:20
ubuntuok i m going...... to quit07:20
Jordan_Usan: Not a specific "go back to yesterday" command, no (though something like that is actually being worked on using btrfs snapshots).07:20
DansTheMan"* PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions. \n saned disabled; edit /etc/default/saned \n [ OK ] \t * Starting anac(h)ronistic cron \n [ OK ] * Stopping anac(h)oristic cron \n [ OK ]"07:20
DansTheManJordan_U: ^07:20
DansTheManJordan_U: And it just stops right there, unable to start lightdm (restarting doesn't help)07:20
Jordan_UDansTheMan: Can you get to a terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+F1?07:20
sanJordan_U: lols sorry but sad there is and option is windows named System Restore07:20
DansTheManJordan_U: That's where I'm at :P07:21
kriskropdchipotle, you likely have permissions mixed up and given to different people, when you move the files, make sure to use 'sudo' to do it as root07:21
Jordan_UDansTheMan: What happens when you run "sudo service lightdm restart"?07:21
sanurfr332g0: sorry i dint get what you are trying to tell07:21
humunguloussystem restore in windows is a joke san07:21
chipotlekriskropd: so if i sudo it, what will the permissions be changed to?07:21
chipotlekriskropd: i want to make sure when i do sudo cp -r it works so when i wake up, it is finished07:21
DansTheManJordan_U: "restart: unknown instance"07:21
humungulousno one uses it07:21
sanhumungulous: why07:21
DansTheManJordan_U: But I've just been doing "sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart"07:22
kriskropdchiptole, it wont change them, it will just override them because sudo can do anything :)07:22
humungulousbecause you fix a problem that presents itself07:22
kriskropdsudo substitues your user to root powers, root is like the god inside your linux07:22
Jordan_UDansTheMan: You should not do that. You should use "sudo service foo {start,stop,restart,foo}07:22
k1llj0yhow do i use man chown?07:22
DansTheManJordan_U: When doing that, it flashes back to the main tab thingy (dunno the name, default Ctrl+Shift+F7), and the same thing (nothing new is printed)07:22
DansTheManJordan_U: I did it on my previous install, not this one though07:23
sanhumungulous: i dint get you but still there shud be a restore option in ubuntu07:23
chipotlekriskropd: well, should i chown the files to myself first?07:23
chipotlehow do i find out what group i am in?07:23
ryoshihonomobhero: hello how do i install my sound car?07:23
Jordan_UDansTheMan: Reboot and tell me what happens when you use "sudo service lightdm restart" (if that's not too much trouble).07:23
CFHowlettsan   you have a dell?07:23
=== undeclaredx is now known as Guest6507
DansTheManJordan_U: No, all goods :) I just don't want to have to go through another reinstall :P07:24
sanCFHolett: no just my moniter is of dell and that doesnt matter i guess07:24
kriskropdchipotle, you don't have to chown the files... are you moving a /home directory to another drive or somethign else?07:24
DansTheMan(which involves taking out the hard drive, and putting it in another laptop) :P07:24
sanCFHowlett: why what happened07:24
chipotlekriskropd: it is a drive out of my mac laptop, i want to copy it to this larger drive on my ubuntu machine07:25
DansTheManJordan_U: I think it has to do with me installing the medibuntu repositories.07:25
CFHowlettsan DELL has restore creator in the software center - I've used it and it works...07:25
sanJordan_U: is there anyway i can force delete or uninstall those 2 themes they ruined my OS07:25
Jordan_UDansTheMan: If you don't want to spend time on a tangent that's OK, but why do you have to put the hard drive in another laptop to re-install?07:25
DansTheManJordan_U: It's a netbook, has no disc drive, and I have no live USB I can use :P07:26
sanCFHowlett: Thanks anyways but i dont have dell pc i think i will wait for 12.04 release and make a clean install07:26
kriskropdthen yeah, 'sudo cp -r /whatever /mnt/sdb1' will move wherever that drive of yours is to the sdb1 (which i assume is your larger drive)07:26
humungulousDansTheMan: thats what pxe boot is for, or usb07:26
CFHowlettsan   probably a good idea...07:26
sanurfr322g0: is there anyway i can force delete or uninstall those 2 themes?07:26
DansTheManhumungulous: I don't think this netbook supports pxe boot07:26
kriskropdchipotle, you are only copying the files, not modifying them07:26
humungulousDansTheMan: you got a 1gb usb stick07:27
DansTheManBut, I've never tried or set up a pxe boot :P07:27
DansTheManhumungulous: Nope.07:27
chipotlekriskropd: i tried to copy and i'm still getting a permission denied07:27
sanActionParsnip: is there anyway i can force remove those 2 themes?07:27
humungulouswonk wonk07:27
DansTheManJordan_U: Same thing, "restart: Unknown instance:"07:27
Jordan_UDansTheMan: You still have enough of a working system to loop boot an Ubuntu install iso from the internal hard drive :) (but there are no guides that I am aware of that detail this process completely).07:27
humungulousDansTheMan: you got $307:27
DansTheManJordan_U: Is there a way I can go without having to reinstall? :p07:28
kriskropdchiptole, maybe i need more info :)07:28
Jordan_UDansTheMan: Probably.07:28
DansTheManhumungulous: Yes. But this is the second install it's happened to me.07:28
Jordan_UDansTheMan: What if you just run "sudo service lightdm start"?07:28
sanJordan_U: how is it that my grub is running fine and burg is not removed?07:28
chipotlekriskropd: when i copy it, it still says owned by root and i can't access it...07:28
chipotleso then what, kriskropd ?07:28
DansTheManProbability states it will probably happen over and over again07:28
Jordan_Usan: It's only the package which is not removed.07:28
kriskropdchipotle, sudo wont let you move root files around?07:29
sanJordan_U: anyway i can force remove? manually delete files? uninstall? something?????07:29
Jordan_Usan: We may be able to do some ugly hacks to get the packages removed.07:29
chipotlekriskropd: the file i am taking it from isn't a root file; the file was made on an entirely diferent computer and network07:29
sanJordan_U: what does that mean?07:29
kriskropdchipotle, I don't see how that should make the file immovable if it is being accessed by your machine by root07:30
chipotlekriskropd: i moved it but i can't access it because now it is owned by root07:30
Jordan_Usan: First, and hopefully this is all that needs to be done (but not likely) try running "sudo mkdir -p /boot/burg/locale/" then "sudo apt-get -f install".07:30
chipotleso how do i change it to be owned by my user ?07:30
humungulouschipotle: so maniuplate it via sudo07:30
kriskropdchiptole, I'm not sure then, if you can't do it with sudo, something is very weird :P07:30
urfr332gOJordan_U, if it is the ppa install unless it is fragmented and standard remove works or just go into nautilus a root and remove it it is just a version of grub2 is all07:30
step_offsetchipotle: chown07:31
humungulouschipotle: sudo chown <somefile> <youruser>07:31
sanwhat if i delete all such files from my pc? i go to places where it is installed and delete manualy? deleting files willl work? it works in windows sometimes some corrupt software can be manually deleted07:31
DansTheManJordan_U: Do you think Medibuntu is the cause?07:31
Jordan_Uurfr332gO: That sentence did not make sense to me. Could you please rephrase it?07:31
Jordan_UDansTheMan: I doubt it, but it's possible.07:31
mosnowhy does unity2d show 4 workspaces in a 2x2 layout when clicking the workspaces dock icon, but when using the keyboard it is a 1x4 row?07:32
chipotlehumungulous: and can i do that before i copy the files via sudo?07:32
Jordan_Usan: No, the problem you have right now is more with the package manager being in an incosistent state (because of poorly written packages) than any problem with the files installed by the packages.07:32
DansTheManJordan_U: I used this guide to install the repository: http://medibuntu.org/repository.php , instead of the more simpler way using Ubuntu's GUI.07:32
urfr332gOJordan_U, it is normally removed with sudo apt-get purge burg-pc burg-common, or just go to where its at in root and remove it.07:32
humungulouschipotle: i missed the earlier part of the conversation so i lack context07:32
urfr332gOJordan_U, burg is grub 2 in drag basically.07:33
chipotlehumungulous: i have a hard drive from a different machine, different network and different users that i want to copy the entire contents over to my ubuntu machine and specific hard drive...07:33
humungulouschipotle: what kind of filesystem07:33
sanJordan_U: ok but still any way? i tried clean but dint work any way to clean package manager?07:34
humungulouschipotle: do you want to do it over the network or physically cable it in07:34
humungulousim missing all this07:34
Jordan_Uurfr332gO: The problem is that san has packages burg-theme-autumn burg-theme-magic which are half configured. These half configured packages cannot be removed due to errors in the postins / postrm scripts and that is breaking dpkg as a whole.07:34
chipotlehumungulous: both drives are inside my server07:34
Jordan_Usan: Did you see my previous suggestion with mkdir -p?07:34
chipotlehumungulous: hfs+ (mac) to my ext4 fs in the ubuntu box07:34
humungulouschipotle: steps are (1) mount the filesystem using the mount command07:34
humungulouschipotle: (2) copy the files with cp -r07:35
sanurfr332g0: and now i am feeling very guilty why i tried to replace simple grub with some graphical burg07:35
sanJordan_U: yes07:35
humungulouschipotle: (3) then you can umount the foreign filesystem07:35
Jordan_Usan: Did you try it?07:35
humungulouschipotle: (4) then you can change permissions and ownerships of your copied content using chmod and chown as necessary07:35
urfr332gOJordan_U, cool your more experienced here.07:36
DansTheManJordan_U: Damn, same thing :(07:36
doc-saintlyI have a 3tb external drive i'm trying to use as the backup for a DD operation, but it keeps saying permission denied even though I'm using sudo07:36
doc-saintlyAny ideas?07:36
ActionParsnipJordan_U: you can edit the postrm files to be logically ineffective. I believe there are guides for removing stubborn packages. You essentially just have an empty if statement and the set -e07:36
kieppiehi all. how stable/unstable is 12.04? I have a desktop system I want to set up that I'll be using as my primary for a while & need to know if it's stable enough for daily use?07:36
chipotlehumungulous: so one big chown would be fine?07:36
humungulouschipotle: chown -R will recurse07:37
step_offset12.04 is out?07:37
kriskropddoc-saintly, you did mount it first right?07:37
llutz_kieppie: #ubuntu+1 for 12.0407:37
ActionParsnipdoc-saintly: is the dest mounted?07:37
Jordan_UActionParsnip: I know, and I plan to do that next if needed.07:37
kieppiesweet - thanks07:37
sando you know i know how this happened07:37
humungulouschipotle: probably ideally you mount the foreign volume read-only and dont manipulate the contents until youve made your copy07:37
doc-saintlyHrm, I thought dd was at the device level?07:37
sani dint do it purposefully07:37
ActionParsnipJordan_U: cool, glad you are aware. Too much to type on my phone07:38
Jordan_Usan: Looks good. Now try "sudo apt-get remove burg-theme-autumn burg-theme-magic" again.07:38
noodlrI'm using the Unity desktop for Ubuntu 11.10, and for some reason I cannot get the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T to respond. I've tried assigning other key-combinations to Terminal, under keyboard shortcut, but they do not work either. I have Ubuntu 11.10 installed on another machine and I use Unity there too, but the keyboard shortcut works there... Anybody have any ideas as to potential causes...?07:38
kriskropddoc-saintly, dd converts adn copies files within a filesystem, meaning it has to be mounted first :)07:38
=== JRandolp1 is now known as JRandolph
doc-saintlykirkland: mmm, AFAIK dd is not aware of "files"07:38
ActionParsnipnoodlr: install guake and you can have the ter07:38
llutz_doc-saintly: dd copies blocks, those can be files or just raw-stuff07:39
flintwingeldoc-saintly: what is the exact command you are using?07:39
noodlrActionParsnip, guake?07:39
ActionParsnipnoodlr: the terminal hide and show with F12 (by default)07:39
sanJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/bShzSvh307:39
doc-saintlysudo dd if=/dev/md0 bs=4k | pigz > /dev/sdk07:39
doc-saintly@ flintwingel07:39
sanurfr322g0: http://pastebin.com/bShzSvh307:39
sanActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/bShzSvh307:40
ActionParsnipnoodlr: ever play quake, halflife or wolfenstein?07:40
llutz_doc-saintly: you cannot traverse > with sudo, use tee or just a plain root-shell sudo -i07:40
zykotick9doc-saintly: sudo can't cross pipes |07:40
flintwingeldoc-saintly: the sudo applies only to the dd, not the pigz07:40
DansTheManJordan_U: Are you present? :-/07:40
doc-saintlyhow do I use the tee llutz_ ?07:40
Jordan_Usan: Still looking good. Now let's see if we can finish with "sudo apt-get purge burg burg-common".07:40
noodlrActionParsnip, yeah played quake/half-life etc. but was confused by guake...07:41
noodlrI thought it was some ubuntu app07:41
chipotledoes anyone know how to mount an hfs+ partition? i've googled but i get error messages when i try to mount...07:41
chipotlei'm wondering what i'm missing07:41
ActionParsnipnoodlr: did you ever use the dropdown console during the game?07:41
Jordan_Uchipotle: What error message?07:41
DansTheManAre you ignoring me? :/07:42
ActionParsnipnoodlr: it is an ubuntu app07:42
sanJordan_U: ok i admit i installed super boot manager then went to burg then just looked but dint install it then went to themes there i double clicked 1 then 2 BURG themes i just did it to view but it got installed and at that time burg was not installed then i tried installing burg but dint work this is where problem started first i had to install burg then themes07:42
noodlrActionParsnip, not that I recall, I just blasted stuff until I died07:42
Jordan_UDansTheMan: No, just trying to support too many people at once (and not just in this channel :)07:42
DansTheManOh okay, apologies07:42
noodlrActionParsnip, ah, I see... I'm just running guake right now07:42
sanurfr322g0: sudo apt-get purge burg burg-common07:42
llutz_doc-saintly: you plan to write gzipped content to a raw-device? how do you plan to restore it?07:42
zykotick9chipotle: i've never mounted an hfs partition in my life, but i've seen mention that journalling must be turned off (using Apple, before you can mount in gnu/linux)07:43
noodlrActionParsnip, does it take terminal profiles?07:43
humungulouschipotle: sudo mount -t hfsplus <dev>07:43
sanJordan_U: Do you want all grub2 files to be removed from /boot/grub?07:43
doc-saintlyllutz_: no idea. following directions mostly. I have a 3tb raid that lost its partition, and the only backup I have is ~13gb smaller than the raid.07:43
chipotleJordan_U: just says thatit is wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc107:43
sanurfr322g0: sudo apt-get purge burg burg-common07:43
humungulouschipotle: sudo mount -t hfsplus <dev> <mountpoint>07:43
ActionParsnipnoodlr: ok well guake is a terminal app that drops from the top on shortcut, you can type a long command, press F12 and it will hide07:43
doc-saintlyso before letting fsck have its way with my raid i was advised to back it up07:43
kriskropdchiptole 'apt-cache search hfs' shows some stuff, could use 'hfsutils' maybe, but like zykotick9, i never messed with HFS+ partitions before07:43
chipotlezykotick9: it mounts automagically in ubuntu, but not manually07:43
sanurfr322g0: ok i admit i installed super boot manager then went to burg then just looked but dint install it then went to themes there i double clicked 1 then 2 BURG themes i just did it to view but it got installed and at that time burg was not installed then i tried installing burg but dint work this is where problem started first i had to install burg then themes07:44
ehsan_Hi today I found the amazing beep command to play a song with given frequencies.because university pc's dont have speakers is there any way that I can listen normal audio (like a music or the system audio) through internal speaker?07:44
zykotick9chipotle: ok, then ignore me ;)07:44
Jordan_Uchipotle: Are you sure that it's really a valid hfsplus partition? Can you mount it in OSX? Do you have the right device name?07:44
sgo11hi, a newbie question regarding mail server. If I setup postfix, can postfix both send and receive email to my mailbox? Do I really need to setup other servers like dovecot? What I want is sending email and receiving email to mailbox. that's all. is only postfix enough for handling this job? thanks.07:44
llutz_doc-saintly: i'm not sure but i think that won't work this way07:44
chipotlehumungulous: that's what i am doing, sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdc1 /osx07:44
chipotleJordan_U: yes, yes, yes07:44
llutz_doc-saintly: create a filesystem on that /dev/sdk and write your gzipped backup into a file07:44
ActionParsnipnoodlr: you can bring it back with F12 and check it, or run more commands etc. Dead handy and supports tabs07:44
chipotleat least according to disk utility in ubuntu07:44
Jordan_Uehsan_: Not with anything close to reasonable quality, no.07:44
sanJordan_U: REPLY! Do you want all grub2 files to be removed from /boot/grub?07:44
humungulouschipotle: what if you add -o ro07:44
humungulouschipotle: sudo mount -t hfsplus -o ro <dev> <mountpoint>07:45
doc-saintlyllutz_: well i was having trouble getting Ubuntu to format it in the first place :\ And, what FS should I use with a 3TB file?07:45
sanJordan_U: Terminal is asking in gui07:45
ehsan_I don't care about the quality is it possible technically?07:45
llutz_doc-saintly: ext4, xfs07:45
Jordan_Uehsan_: Think back to the days of DOS and the audio from those games. That's the best you can get, and you won't get results that good from trying to converting normal audio files.07:45
sanJordan_U: if i click yes i fear my grub will be deleted and i wont be able to boot again07:45
Jordan_Uehsan_: Yes, it's technically possible. Almost certainly not worth doing though :)07:46
Kartagiswhy doesn't 'sudo echo "nameserver x.x.x.x" > /etc/resolv.conf work as a user?07:46
sanJordan_U: YES OR NO07:46
noodlrActionParsnip, it looks quite powerful, seems to have a lot of customisation scope too... but why doesn't Ctrl + Alt + T work? that's really bizarre07:46
Jordan_Usan: Please be patient.07:46
chipotlehumungulous: same error07:46
sanJordan_U: sorry...07:46
Jordan_Usan: Click yes. I will help you ensure that your system will still boot afterward.07:46
humungulouschipotle: requires further research then07:46
llutz_Kartagis: echo nameserver x.x.x.x |sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf07:46
sanJordan_U: THanks07:47
ActionParsnipnoodlr: not sure dude, sorry07:47
DansTheManJordan_U: Let me know when you're finished, please :)07:47
Jordan_Usan: You're welcome.07:47
allu2Kartagis: i guess your trying to pipe the echo command ran as root to the file as user07:47
sanJordan_U: done07:47
sanJordan_U: finished without errors07:47
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
Kartagisllutz_: then I will not get Permission denied?07:47
hex20dec1san: you can always rebuild master boot either way.07:47
ActionParsnipehsan_: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149077107:47
llutz_Kartagis: nope, your sudo won't cross the >, thats why you get the denied error07:48
Jordan_Usan: I recommend you run ppa-purge now, which will ensure that no packages from that ppa are still installed, and will then remove the ppa from your apt sources.07:48
flintwingelKartagis: teh redirect > is setup by the shell before the sudo is run so it has the perms of teh user07:48
allu2Kartagis: long way to do it is to do first sudo -s and then the echo thingy07:48
Jordan_U!ppa-purge | san07:48
sanhex20dec1: i know but i dont know the way or commands07:48
ubottusan: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html07:48
Kartagisllutz_: okay thanks07:48
sanJordan_U: which ppa?07:48
chipotlehumungulous: i figured out a work around, thanks!07:48
humungulouschipotle: what did you do07:48
chipotlewill sudo cp -R not fail for any file, i.e., i don't need an r flag in there too?07:48
Kartagisallu2: I'm trying to do it on crontab07:49
Jordan_Usan: The ppa containing BURG.07:49
chipotleso if i go and copy over 1tb of data, i won't wake up disappointed that it got stuck at some file 10mb into it07:49
allu2Kartagis: ah ok, perhaps a shell script and cron to run it?07:49
sanJordan_U: sorry yesterday did many installations dont know which one is of BURG how do i find07:49
okramHi guys how life07:49
Kartagishow can I make sure network-manager kicks in BEFORE cron does?07:49
llutz_Kartagis: theres no need to use sudo in crontabs, use system crontab07:50
flintwingelKartagis: sudo bash -c "echo x.x.x.x > /etc/resolv.conf"07:50
noodlrActionParsnip, thanks for the guake tip mate :)07:50
Jordan_Usan: "apt-cache policy burg" should tell you what repository it came from.07:50
kmdmHey guys, if I have a jaunty box... would it be fair/sane to dist-upgrade to karmic (via old-releases.ubuntu.com) to get to lucid? (since do-release-upgrade won't go jaunty to lucid)07:50
allu2Kartagis: can't you specify the nameserver via networkmanager?07:50
Jordan_U!eol | kmdm07:50
ubottukmdm: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:50
Flannelkmdm: yes, that's the way you'd do it.07:50
ActionParsnipnoodlr: the kde equiv is yakuake. Should be default imho07:50
sanJordan_U: burg:07:51
san  Installed: (none)07:51
san  Candidate: 1.98+20100623-2.307:51
san  Version table:07:51
san     1.98+20100623-2.3 007:51
FloodBot1san: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
chipotlehow do you use tab complete when you come across two similar file names with a space in it, e.g. /media/Test1 and /media/Test 1 -- if you want to tab complete to the latter, Test 1, what do you do?07:51
doc-saintlyllutz_: SO I finally got Disk Utility to think about formatting the external drive, how do I check the progress?07:51
Kartagisallu2: I can, but I switch from time to time07:51
chipotlesomething with backslash?07:51
humungulouschipotle: yes, prefix backslash07:51
hex20dec1Question, I'm configuring my BIND server and it states to enter subdomains that I currently do not have set up, i.e: ns1.mydomain.com. Do I need to create these subdomains?07:51
allu2Kartagis: hum ok, so simple scrip you could run to change nameserver would sound easier07:51
Jordan_Usan: Please use pastebin for anything more than one line.07:51
kriskropdchipotle /media/Test\ 1\ --07:52
sanchipotle: ?07:52
allu2so it would change only when needed07:52
sanJordan_U: i am sorry07:52
ActionParsnipchipotle: escape the space.  cd /media/Test\ 107:52
sanhumungulous: ?07:52
zykotick9chipotle: /media/Test\ <TAB> should work07:52
humunguloussan ?07:52
kmdmJordan_U: Flannel: Ta for the answers :)07:52
chipotlegot it, thanks!07:53
Kartagisallu2: I did that, but I was wondering why I was getting Permission denied when I tried to run it on console07:53
Jordan_UDansTheMan: I can't think of anything at the moment. As a work around you could try installing GDM, but it's entirely possible that the problem is with X or some other subsystem rather than lightdm.07:53
Kartagishow can I make sure network-manager kicks in BEFORE cron does?07:53
Jordan_Ukmdm: You're welcome.07:53
DansTheManJordan_U: Okay. so, sudo apt-get install gdm? :S07:54
ActionParsnipKartagis: change the number at the start of the symlink in the /etc/c.x folders07:54
Jordan_UDansTheMan: Yes.07:55
ActionParsnipRc.x   sorry07:55
doc-saintlyHow long should it take to format a 3tb drive to Ext4?07:55
allu2Kartagis: i'm not sure i understand what you really want to do, you need to use two different nameservers from time to time and you try to use cron to do what?07:55
ActionParsnipdoc-saintly: depends on interface, spindle speed and many other factors07:56
DansTheManJordan_U: Now I'm not connected to the itnernet for some reason :-/07:56
doc-saintlyis there a way to check the progress?07:56
Kartagisallu2: on reboot, revert the resolv.conf07:56
doc-saintlyActionParsnip: it's not like it has to write all 3tb of data right?07:56
jadoeI managed to brake automatic asking for root password somehow. When I click in install in the Software Center, nothing happens. When I launch Synaptic without gksudo, nothing happens. Only manually starting with gksudo works. With gksudo fonts are broken in Software Center, though. How do I fix that?07:56
ActionParsnipdoc-saintly: depends what options you used07:56
allu2Kartagis: ah, how about a script that changes the nameserver and adding it to autostart?07:56
Jordan_Usan: I'm going to be gone for about an hour, maybe more. Hopefully someone else can walk you through ppa-purge.07:56
doc-saintlyActionParsnip: I'm using the Disk Utility07:57
hex20dec1Question, I'm configuring my BIND server and it states to enter subdomains that I currently do not have set up, i.e: ns1.mydomain.com. Do I need to create these subdomains?07:57
sanJordan_U: Thanks anyways07:57
sanJordan_U: but07:57
sanJordan_U: hey wat about my gub07:57
sanJordan_U: will i be able to boot again07:57
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ActionParsnipjadoe: what files have you been messing with?07:58
ActionParsnipjadoe: ubuntu has no root pass either..07:58
humunguloushex20dec1: noone must know07:58
ActionParsnipdoc-saintly: not sure dude. Just let it play. Read a book :-)07:59
doc-saintlyActionParsnip: ah, it's done now :) So how would you modify the DD command?07:59
ActionParsnipdoc-saintly: to achieve what?07:59
doc-saintlyto use DD to backup a drive with compression onto the EXT4 FS I just made08:00
doc-saintlyI need to use compression in the stream because the destination drive is slightly smaller than the original. I would also like to be able to track progress :)08:00
Jordan_Usan: Almost certainly yes. And to be sure we can check with qemu. Do you have qemu installed? (if not, "sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm")08:00
Ben64doc-saintly: 3TB is slightly smaller?08:01
ActionParsnipdoc-saintly: if your system uses ext3 you can do all that with partimage08:01
doc-saintlythey're ~13gb off08:01
doc-saintlyActionParsnip: the problem is the partition "disappeared" on my raid08:01
doc-saintlyI want to do a DD backup of it before I try fsck08:01
humungulousdoc-saintly: more appropriate to use cloning/imaging tools for that than dd08:02
sanJordan__U: then08:02
Ben64doc-saintly: its gonna be hugely cpu intensive08:02
ActionParsnipdoc-saintly: then dd_rescue may help. Takes an image of the filesystem. Why didn't you backup BEFORE?08:02
monk13hello all, im sure this is a very common problem but not sure how to fix. I have ubuntu installed on a VirtualBox vm. I wanted to turn off GUI so i did based on some googling: 'sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove'  but it still starts up in GUI login.08:03
zykotick9!text | monk1308:03
allu2doc-saintly: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Imaging_a_damaged_device.2C_filesystem_or_drive08:03
ubottumonk13: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode08:03
ActionParsnipmonk13: just add the boot option: text08:03
monk13cool thanks guys. i'll check it out.. should i not have removed gdm then? should i restore it?08:04
=== Companion is now known as companion
sanJordan_U: what is the command for qemu08:04
Jordan_UActionParsnip: doc-saintly: I would recommend GNU ddrescue over dd_rescue (they are not the same). GNU ddrescue is in the "gddrescue" package.08:04
zykotick9monk13: FYI ubuntu 11.10 doesn't use gdm, thus the failure of your command08:04
doc-saintlyActionParsnip: I have a backup of most of the important stuff that is ~2 weeks old08:04
doc-saintlyActionParsnip: the raid was 2.8tb full out of 3tb, and I backed up ~500gb of it to a separate 1tb drive08:04
doc-saintlyacmeinc: the remaining 2.3tb is non-critical videos etc. But I would still like to recover the incremental 2 weeks of data if possible08:05
monk13zykotick9,  PS is the link still valid. i dont see the #Text Mode hash going anywhere.08:05
Jordan_Usan: sudo losetup -r /dev/loop0 /dev/sda && sync && echo 3 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches && qemu -hda /dev/loop008:05
doc-saintlyand, does gddrescue work if the destination is smaller than the source?08:05
flamengo1Hi. When I try to add-apt-repository I obtain that:  "raise NoDistroTemplateException("Error: could not find a " "   In addition, I can't manage repositories with synaptic (it doesn't open the popup for choosing them)  ... how can I fix?  (oneiric)08:06
allu2doc-saintly: well i guess you could pipe it to tar and compress it08:06
Jordan_Usan: That should bring up a qemu window, and within that window you should see the beginning of a normal boot. It *will* fail to boot completely, because the disk is read only for safety, but if you get past the grub menu you know that grub is working.08:06
zykotick9monk13: sorry i don't understand what that means?08:06
humungulousdoc-saintly: use an integrated tool that does the compression for you as a built in feature08:06
monk13the link in the help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode08:06
monk13The hash tag doesnt go anywhere so no info on it.08:07
humungulousdoc-saintly: you are guilty of trying to reinvent the wheel here08:07
=== o_ is now known as longwuyuan
Jordan_Usan: And do *not* pass /dev/sda directly to qemu. Always make a read only "copy" of it with losetup first like I did.08:07
doc-saintly~sigh~ alright - what options do I have other than fsck? Is it even worth it to attempt to back it up?08:07
sanJordan_U: losetup: /dev/loop0: device is busy08:07
monk13i'll google it, just sayin' no info there in \!text08:07
doc-saintlyhumungulous: i'm not trying to do anything other than get my data back. I don't care how , but i'm always open to the easiest way08:07
Ben64doc-saintly: fsck usually works very well08:07
Jordan_Usan: sudo losetup -r /dev/loop1 /dev/sda && sync && echo 3 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches && qemu -hda /dev/loop108:07
doc-saintlyBen64: but the question is are there any other options? If not - is there any point in backing it up?08:08
humungulousdoc-saintly: tell you the truth videos will not compress they are already incompressible08:08
doc-saintlyhumungulous: indeed, but the destination is only 13gb smaller, out of 3tb08:08
Ben64doc-saintly: it'd be quite hard to get stuff back if the filesystem is unfsckable08:08
doc-saintlyi'm sure there's 13gb to be compressed somewhere in there considering only 2.8tb was used in the raid,08:08
Kartagishow can I make sure network-manager kicks in BEFORE cron does?08:08
humungulousdoc-saintly: you could end up with larger size08:09
doc-saintlyWhat do you guys think of cloneZilla as a method to back it up? will it be able to mount the raid?08:09
sanJordan_U: sorry i am not geting08:10
sanJordan_U: showing same msg device busy08:10
allu2Kartagis: make a script, put it to run on boot via cron, put somewhere something like sleep 60 etc and hope it works ^^08:10
Jordan_Usan: Have you been mounting isos or similar a lot recently?08:10
flamengo1solved (nm)08:10
flintwingeldoc-saintly: clonezilla is generally pretty good but if you're having problems with missing partions you'll be lucky if it works properly08:10
doc-saintlyso, it sounds like I just need to fsck and pray08:11
Jordan_Usan: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo losetup -a"?08:11
sanJordan_U: now i mounted partitions i transfered media to my portable harddisk today morning08:11
sanJordan_U: /dev/loop0: [0005]:6280 (/dev/sda)08:12
san/dev/loop1: [0005]:6280 (/dev/sda)08:12
allu2doc-saintly: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Testdisk and photorec are good to recover file08:12
longwuyuanhi, is puppet better than enterprise-puppet08:12
flintwingeldoc-saintly: fsck runs in to modes, automatic and manual. Automatic will try and fix everything the best way it knows how but it can get things wrong and screw up data. It's main purpose if to put the filesystem back into a consistent state08:12
sanJordan_U: it was NO and not NOW sorry08:13
monk13so i pressed Shift in the VM startin gup... Im in the grub menu. .... How should i add the text option? i don't see an option here to mess with how grub loads. Guess I need  to edit via command line/vi some file?08:13
humunguloustrue, testdisk and photorec will recover media off a raw disk with a blown partition table08:13
flintwingeldoc-saintly: if it does screwup in auto mode yu can run it manually08:13
=== flamengo1 is now known as bamLUCE
doc-saintlyso flintwingel , tell me what you would do.08:13
doc-saintlyI have a 3tb raid 5 that is missing its partition but otherwise is healthy, and no data has been written since the partition was lost. I have a 3tb that is slightly smaller than the raid 5 on a USB3 that is completely empty08:13
Jordan_Usan: Try just "gksudo qemu -hda /dev/loop0".08:14
humunguloustestdisk might be able to recover the partition table, actually08:14
humungulousbut the RAID factor complicates everything08:14
Ben64doc-saintly: do you know what happened to it?08:14
doc-saintlyBen64: No. I installed a usb3 card, turned the system on, plugged in the drive, and then the partition for the raid was gone08:15
flintwingeldoc-saintly: i'd do the dd backup you originally planned. DD from the raw device will not care about partitions & filesystems and at least it will give you  a way back to your current state and give you room to experiment08:15
doc-saintlyflintwingel: so I know dd if=/dev/md0 | pigz ... ?08:15
sanJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/1pDUTX0G08:15
doc-saintlyhow do I specify to make a file out of it08:15
hex20dec1Question, I'm configuring my BIND server and it states to enter subdomains that I currently do not have set up, i.e: ns1.mydomain.com. Do I need to create these subdomains?08:16
Ben64doc-saintly: pigz?08:16
doc-saintlyBen64: multi-threaded gzip08:16
DansTheManJordan_U: Installing gdm worked.08:16
monk13zykotick9, any idea what to do once grub menu loads?08:16
DansTheManBut /me likes the presentation of lightdm. Ohh wells :-/08:16
Ben64doc-saintly: well with gzip you could do dd if=blah | gzip >> /mnt/directory/file.img08:16
flintwingeldoc-saintly: what raid level and what devices?08:16
Ben64doc-saintly: if pigz works the same way, you could do that08:16
doc-saintlyflintwingel: raid 5, 4x 1tb08:16
doc-saintlyBen64: thanks08:16
sanJordan_U: Hey! do i use Super Boot Manager to repair or check my grub? its easy there08:17
doc-saintlywill DD list the progress?08:17
doc-saintlyor is there a way to ask it to?08:17
Ben64doc-saintly: it will if you send it a sigusr1 ( i think )08:17
flintwingeldoc-saintly: you can send dd sigusr1 and it will tell you how much data it has shipped up to that point08:17
doc-saintlyBen64:  :S not sure what that is08:17
sanJordan_U: yesterday when burg was not geting installed i changed the resolution and background image of grub2 it worked08:17
Jordan_Usan: I don't know anything about Super Boot Manager personally, but I doubt it can do as foolproof of a verification as this.08:17
Ben64doc-saintly: gimme a sec to make sure08:17
no_gravityHello! When I start a terminal via the menu, it starts in /home/user. I wonder, where this path is defined. Any ideas?08:17
sanJordan_U: so mmm? what now.......08:18
humungulousdoc-saintly: kill -USR1 <pid>08:18
Jordan_Usan: What happened when you ran "gksudo qemu /dev/loop0"?08:18
Ben64doc-saintly: yep. start the dd, and "killall -SIGUSR1 dd"08:18
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode08:18
=== jubianchi[work] is now known as jubianchi
Ben64damn, humungulous beat me to it08:18
doc-saintlyjust seems scary to me to run the kill command to ask for progress08:18
humungulousthats how signals be sent08:18
Ben64doc-saintly: in a 2nd terminal you could do "watch -n60 killall -SIGUSR1 dd"08:18
Ben64and dd will print stats every minute08:19
sanJordan_U:  it is showing starting windows(win7 logon screen)08:19
Jordan_Usan: Wow. I hadn't considered that you might have two drives and this might be the drive with Windows :)08:19
Ben64theres also a program that if you pipe info through it, it'll give you real time stats08:19
monk13k i see, this helped more: http://askubuntu.com/questions/79033/how-to-switch-from-gui-to-console-mode08:20
sanJordan_U: yes i ihave two drives 1 500gb win7 and 1tb ubuntu08:20
Ben64doc-saintly: called pv08:20
doc-saintlycool. Thanks08:20
sanJordan_U: screen jerks for 2-3 secs and then starting windows08:20
Jordan_Usan: Windows might complain a lot, but you don't need to worry as nothing on the drive can be modified by qemu. Shut down Windows and we'll do this with the right disk this time :)08:20
Ben64   1GB 0:00:10 [ 103MB/s] [         <=>                                       ] <--- example of pv08:20
doc-saintlySo the DD is going. Now, when I run fsck, is there a way to know how successful it was?08:21
Jordan_Usan: Is Windows shut down?08:21
flintwingeldoc-saintly: it will tell you if there's anything it cant fix08:21
humungulousfsck -V08:21
sanJordan_U: actually i like ubuntu more but u know there are loads of softwares even games which suite win 7 ubuntu is still al lot behind in these matters so i have to keep both08:21
doc-saintlyflintwingel: so, I DD it, I fsck it, then depending on what it says I give testdisk a try?08:21
sanJordan_U: i dint get you? i just closed the terminal after that i m right now in ubuntu08:22
SubjectOneis there an canto channel ?08:22
Jordan_Usan: The qemu window is gone now, correct?08:22
humungulousdoc-saintly: dont forget to grab your wang and pray08:22
sanJordan_U: yes i closed its terminal08:22
doc-saintlyhumungulous: lol, been doing that already08:22
linocisco i got error on nslookup08:22
linocisco<linocisco> parse of /etc/resolv.conf failed08:22
Jordan_Usan: OK, can you pastebin the output of "mount"?08:22
flintwingeldoc-saintly: i thought the raid array had lost partition information ??08:22
doc-saintlyi was about to /wrists when I got the "Ubuntu cannot load the /dev/md0 device"08:22
Ben64linocisco: pastebin the contents of that file08:22
doc-saintlyflintwingel: it had08:22
flintwingeldoc-saintly: fsck works inside partition.... testdisk will have to come first to attempt to rebuild partition table08:23
doc-saintlyhumungulous: the worst part is that the whole reason I bought this 3tb device was to do a full backup on this raid. And the day I do that - it decides to take a dump08:23
Jordan_U!cn | Iwen08:23
ubottuIwen: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:23
IwenThank you08:24
doc-saintlyflintwingel: so if the raid says it's currently unpartitioned, I would need to do testdisk first?08:24
Jordan_UIwen: You're welcome.08:24
flintwingeldoc-saintly: yes08:24
humungulousfsck operates on a volume08:24
doc-saintlyWhat options would I run testDisk with on a raid 5 mdadm device?08:24
sanJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/2uWFz9AL08:24
doc-saintlyi opened it briefly earlier and it started asking for type, Intel-PC was one of them,08:24
Iwen /join #ubuntu-cn08:24
Jordan_Usan: OK, please run "sudo losetup -d /dev/loop1 /dev/loop0" and tell me when you're done.08:26
sanJordan_U: done08:27
flintwingeldoc-saintly: suggest you spend some time on the testdisk website (http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk before leaping in)08:27
Jordan_Usan: Now please run "sudo losetup -r /dev/loop0 /dev/sda" and tell me when you're done.08:27
sanJordan_U: done08:27
doc-saintlyflintwingel: thanks. will do. I'm hoping this thing speeds up :\ only getting 25MB/s on the DD08:27
Jordan_Usan: "sync && echo 3 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"08:27
doc-saintlygoing to be here 34 hours at this rate08:27
sanJordan_U: done08:28
doc-saintlydoes testdisk work with ext3? i think that's what the raid was08:28
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
humungulousdoc-saintly: yes but the RAID makes everything a little complicated08:28
doc-saintlyOf course :\08:28
kk23can you help me to use labels on partition and grub loads from label and not disk by id08:28
humungulousso you had 3 1.5 TB drives in RAID 5?08:28
doc-saintlyI'm confused. testDisk is made by the same people as photorec?08:29
doc-saintlyhumungulous: 4x 1tb08:29
Jordan_Usan: "gksudo qemu /dev/loop0"08:29
hlbiceEveryone are waiting for ubuntu 12.04?08:29
doc-saintlyoh durr. one is for partition recovery, the other is for files08:29
humunguloustestdisk is actually a superset of photorec08:30
sanJordan_U: same after 2 sheks Starting Windows08:30
humungulousso you had this 4x 1tb RAID5 array on a hardware controller, was it chipset controlled or a card08:31
Jordan_Usan: Doh. My mistake :)08:31
sanJordan_U: lols ^_^08:31
doc-saintlyhumungulous: no, it's an mdadm raid08:31
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
doc-saintlyi'm looking at the testdisk site, and i still see the screen asking what the partition type is. would it be intel?08:31
Jordan_Usan: "sudo losetup -d /dev/loop0 && sudo losetup -r /dev/loop0 /dev/sdb"08:31
expertarunhey how to change my mac address08:31
flintwingeldoc-saintly: should have checked this earlier... is the raid array OK?08:32
expertarunhey how to change my adapters mac address08:32
sanJordan_U: done no output08:32
doc-saintlyflintwingel: yes, the whole thing is ok, except it doesn't think it's partitioned08:32
doc-saintlyjust sees it as 3tb of nothing08:32
expertarunhey how to change my adapters mac address08:32
humungulousand this started when you added a usb3.0 card08:32
Jordan_Usan: "gksudo qemu /dev/loop0"08:32
ServerSage_expertarun: Stop flooding.08:32
expertarunthen say08:32
Ben64thats not how it works here08:33
ServerSage_expertarun: You want to look at /etc/network/interfaces and put in hwaddress ether MAC08:33
expertarunvia terminal08:33
doc-saintlyWell, I appreciate everyone's help. I'll probably leave this window open for a while.08:33
ServerSage_expertarun: Woah there sunshine, you don't flood and make demands.  Nobody here gets paid, we aren't your e-slaves.08:33
doc-saintlyI'm going to (try) to sleep a bit08:33
humunguloussleep? pfft08:34
=== jason404 is now known as diskette
ubuntu-guyhi guys!!08:34
flintwingeldoc-saintly: good luck08:34
expertarunthen plz can u say via terminal?08:34
sanerror: hd0 out of disk Press any key to conitnue... then i press and ubuntu loading screen appears08:34
doc-saintlyhumungulous: I  thought I was going to start this quick backup operation before i went to sleep... 4 hours ago08:34
humungulousexpertarun: sudo pico /etc/network/interfaces08:34
ubuntu-guyI need some help customizing Ubuntu live cd08:34
doc-saintlybut no, I have to fight to get my data to be able to back it up :\08:34
ServerSage_expertarun: Any text editor will do.08:34
doc-saintlythanks flintwingel, i'm sure i'll be in here crying again tomorrow08:35
doc-saintly(or later today rather)08:35
sanJordan_U: BusyBox terminal like08:35
Jordan_Usan: Great. That's exactly what should happen. Grub will work fine on reboot :)08:35
bazhang!uck | ubuntu-guy08:35
ubottuubuntu-guy: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/08:35
humungulousdoc-saintly: sleep sleep go08:35
ubuntu-guyJust two things 1. want to change the hostname 2. And the splash scree08:35
sanJordan_U: Thanks a lot buddy you have great knowledge i will take care of windows all i fear is ubuntu not booting because i dont know much in linux08:36
expertarunis there any software like netcut to view mac address of connected network?08:36
Jordan_Usan: You're welcome.08:36
sanJordan_U: Thank You08:36
sanhumungulous: Thank You08:36
expertarunhow to edit interface08:37
humungulousexpertarun i told you above08:38
expertarunanyone there?08:38
expertarunhow to edit interface08:38
ServerSage_expertarun: Seriously, ask once and wait.  I told you how to edit the interface file.08:38
answernowwhat is the lightest Linux that can use OpenVPN? be precise08:38
expertarunthen what to do in auto lo iface lo inet loopback08:39
ikoniaanswernow: any linux distro can08:39
humungulousexpertarun: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-your-network-card-mac-address-on-ubuntu/08:40
ubuntu-guyFirst question how can i change the hostname please ? It possible to change using "hostname somehost" command but i want to change it for CD . I have tried to edit /etc/hosts , /etc/hostname, /etc/resolves etc but does not work... Please help me08:40
ikoniaubuntu-guy: you can't change it for the CD08:40
hasenjrecently my unity has been acting weird, like I can't move windows, I can't type on the keyboard .. etc08:40
Iwenanybody  interested in this:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1000765&highlight=cluster  which   is about  "desktop cluster" or virtualization08:43
ubuntu-guyikonia, thanks for reply... But i have seen that some peoples did it . Such as gnatrack, http://www.gnacktrack.co.uk/images/screenshot9.png08:44
ikoniaubuntu-guy: typing "hostname $new_name" will set the hostname, but it really "won't" set the hostname properly08:44
ikoniaubuntu-guy: also that is just the PS1 prompt, ubuntu-guy try PS1='james@bigbox' and you'll see that prompt change08:44
Paddy_NIHey I removed nautilus nautilus (as I am using kde) via "apt-get remove nautilus" my problem is I no longer get compositing..  any one have any ideas what I can do to get compositing back?08:44
expertarunis there any software to look mac address of connected devices?08:45
expertarunis there any software to look mac address of connected devices?08:45
Ben64expertarun: just ask once08:45
ubuntu-guyikonia, Do i need to edit any text configuration file for that?08:45
flintwingelexpertarun: arp -a will tell the you mac addrs of devices that have recently communicated with your system08:46
ikoniaIwen: you've already been given the answer that what you want to do isn't possible08:46
ikoniaubuntu-guy no, just type it in the terminal08:46
ikoniaubuntu-guy: eg "PS1='ikonia@yourbox'08:46
ServerSage_expertarun: You mended netcut, tuxcut is supposedly just like it for linux.  You can also run ifconfig in a terminal.08:46
ikoniaubuntu-guy: be aware that's not changing the hostname08:46
ServerSage_expertarun: And stop bloody flooding.  Ask your question ONCE and then count to a million before asking again.08:47
ikoniaubuntu-guy: you'll also find that the person in that screen shot isn't using ubuntu, but a varient called "gnattrack"08:47
ikoniagnacktrack sorry08:47
ikoniaubuntu-guy: does that explain things a bit better for you ?08:48
=== klm is now known as klmmlk
expertarunhave anyone used netcut08:48
ikoniaexpertarun: do you have a question about it, or do you just want to know if people are using it ?08:49
expertarunyes i want08:49
expertarunhave anyone used netcut08:49
ikoniaexpertarun: do you want to know if people are using it, or do you have a question about netcut ?08:49
ServerSage_expertarun: If you have a question about it, ask.08:50
ServerSage_expertarun: It's a windows product though (if I'm not mistaken) so it's not really appropriate for #ubuntu.08:50
ikoniaexpertarun: what does it matter if anyones used it - but if you have a question about it, just ask what you want to know08:50
expertarunhow to view mac of all the devices connected in the hotspot08:51
ikoniaServerSage_: thanks for the info08:51
ikoniaexpertarun: that's nothing to do with ubuntu - that depends on your hot spot software08:51
ServerSage_ikonia: What info?  :)08:51
=== ServerSage_ is now known as ServerSage
ubuntu-guyikonia, i see, Make me it more clear, I am following this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization . Now i want to change the default setting of ubuntu such as the Boot splash(Plymouth) and CD host name(Prompt) and then write to a DVD or CD. And when i will boot my own live cd it will show my customized Boot splash and the prompt hostname(Such as (love-ubuntu@ikonia).08:51
ikoniaServerSage: on netcut08:51
ikoniaubuntu-guy: enjoy08:52
flintwingelexpertarun: kismet08:52
ubuntu-guyJust i need with this two things "host" and "Splash"08:52
expertarunother any software08:52
ikoniaexpertarun: it depends on the hot spot you are running08:53
expertarunhey i want to know the mac address of the connected pc s08:53
ikoniaexpertarun: what is your hotspot device ?08:53
expertarunits wireless08:54
ikoniaexpertarun: what is the device ?08:54
expertarunsay me how to08:54
ikoniaexpertarun: what is your hotspot device (as in physical device)08:54
Ben64use nmap08:54
=== bamLUCE is now known as flamengo1
ikoniaexpertarun: no08:54
ServerSageexpertarun: Make and model.  As in what company makes it and what model is it?08:54
ikoniaexpertarun: what device (is it a netgear for example) is your wireless hot spot device08:55
flamengo1hi. is there a deb package for vlc mozilla plugin 2.0?08:55
ikoniaexpertarun: I'll ask one more time08:55
M4dH4TT3rwhat brand?08:55
ikoniaexpertarun: what is the physical device make/model/brand08:55
doc-saintlytechnically - the mac will tell you what brand (as long as he hasn't changed it yet)08:55
Ben6400E01C Cradlepoint, Inc (was: Mobility Electronicsy)08:55
expertaruni don't know stupid08:56
expertarunsay me plz08:56
soreauWhat's the next LTS?08:56
ikoniaServerSage: 12.0408:57
expertarunhow to know the mac address of connected devices?08:57
expertarunhow to know the mac address of connected devices?08:57
bazhang12.04 soreau08:57
expertarunhow to know the mac address of connected devices?08:57
expertarunhow to know the mac address of connected devices?08:57
FloodBot1expertarun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:57
ikoniasoreau: 12.0408:57
ikoniaexpertarun: this won't end well,08:57
ikoniaexpertarun: lets try a a different approach08:57
ikoniaexpertarun: is the wireless hot spot YOUR device, do you own it ?08:57
Ben64he's already been given solutions08:57
Ben64its his fault he won't listen08:57
ikoniaexpertarun: then this conversation is over08:57
ikoniaexpertarun: talk to the person who owns the device08:57
doc-saintlyI'm currently running ubuntu server 10.04, I dislike Unity. Should I upgrade? If so, to what?08:58
ubuntu-guyI will be ubuntu ninja ;)08:58
doc-saintlyIn light of my raid crap-out this wouldn't be a bad time to upgrade08:58
ikoniaexpertarun: I get the impression you are trying to miss-use someome elses hotspot08:58
ikoniadoc-saintly: try some livecd's see what desktop you like08:58
ubuntu-guyikonia, Can i do what i am trying to do please?08:58
expertarungetoff dog08:58
flintwingeldoc-saintly: look at linux mint08:58
doc-saintlyikonia: I've played around with Mint, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc., But i'm wondering if they will be functionally the same08:58
doc-saintlyAlso - is Ubuntu going to use unity from now on?08:59
ServerSageI'm going to do my happy dance now.08:59
ikoniaubuntu-guy: sure08:59
ikoniadoc-saintly: ubuntu will be using unity for the future, yes08:59
=== SoulShadow is now known as Shadows`sleep
doc-saintlyif I use something like Kubuntu/Mint, can I expect the same repo's to work etc?08:59
rigveddoc-saintly: ubuntu server does not include a GUI by default. so you can upgrade to ubuntu server 11.10 without having to use unity (you will be using CLI). unless you want a GUI on a server. in which case, you can use any of the alternative DEs like Gnome Shell, KDE, XFCE, LXDE etc.09:00
ikoniadoc-saintly: no09:00
ubuntu-guyikonia, thanks for giving me some motivation.... Not understand where i should start for changing this two things correctly.. I need some help09:00
flintwingeldoc-saintly: pretty much, I've been using Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Mint for a few years and been able to sue the same repos09:00
ikoniaubuntu-guy: read the documentation, if you can't work out where to start, it's probably beyond your ability at this time09:00
doc-saintlyrigved: well i'm not sure I actually got the server version, but rather just the regular and use it as a server09:00
ubuntu-guyikonia, Any suggested Link  or tutorial please?09:01
rigveddoc-saintly: there is a separate server version. it is command-line based and more suited for a server. there is no need to have a GUI on a server, right? it seems like a waste of resources...09:01
=== jesse1 is now known as jesseh
flintwingeldoc-saintly: or equivalent. Some of the distros maintain their own version of the core Ub repo09:02
ikoniaubuntu-guy: sorry no09:02
doc-saintlyrigved: well, "server" is relative. I also have it hooked up to a tv to play the videos it hosts :)09:02
doc-saintlyflintwingel: understood, but there's a lot of programs that are lucky to be in the ubuntu repo's, let alone a subset (if it's not compatible with the ubuntu repo)09:02
doc-saintlyThanks for the advice though :)09:03
Deim0shello all09:04
Deim0sI am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and have a configured a LAMP server, everything works just fine except my virtual hosts09:04
=== tobias_ is now known as mezzox
Deim0sthis server is supposed to host multiple Vhosts, and this is is the configuration of one of them09:04
mosnois there a way to make it so i can close a maximised window by slamming my  pointer in the top-left and clicking?09:04
Deim0swhen I access the localhost or the deimos.ma domain name I reach my hello world page without a problem09:04
Deim0sbut when I try to access it with hope.deimos.ma as I setted it up in my ServerName directive of my Vhost I get an error from the browser09:04
mosnoie. pos 0,0 instead of moving down/right to actually hit the X button09:05
Deim0show can I fix this please, thank you in advance !09:05
spudman10392woah there is alot of people in here.09:05
terminhellnot as many as you'd think09:06
Deim0sspudman10392, 149609:06
Deim0sthis is a record for me09:06
rigveddoc-saintly: oh. ok. you should give the new unity (soon to be released in 12.04) a try. it has improved a lot. or you can use one of the other alternative desktop environments (DEs).09:06
spudman10392ya, Never seen this many people in IRC before (only been using it for a year lol)09:07
M4dH4TT3r<<---likes unity09:07
spudman10392so, I have been technically using ubuntu 10.04, I like it. alot09:08
terminhelltechnically, congrats09:08
spudman10392yes :) I kinda use backtrack (Don't start bashing, I'm not some idiot kid)09:09
hateballDeim0s: you may get better answers in #apache09:11
hateballDeim0s: assuming that's the httpd you're using :)09:11
m4kI installed ubuntu using debootstrap, after booting it only get a black screen09:12
Deim0shateball, thanks but nobody is answering me09:13
ikoniaDeim0s: try #httpd09:13
Deim0sikonia, same I am there09:14
ikoniaDeim0s: do you have a dns entry for hope.deimos.ma09:14
Anomie21Does this page not load fully for anyone else? http://ablemagazine.co.uk/    Works fine in windows/macosx09:14
Deim0sikonia, I have one for deimos.ma wich redirects me to
ikoniaAnomie21: please don't spam09:15
ikoniaDeim0s: then that's why it's not working09:15
ikoniaDeim0s: you need one for each hostname09:15
terminhellAnomie21: looks fine to me. try clearing your browser stuff09:15
OerAnomie21, nope, blank screen.09:15
Anomie21ikonia: I'm not spamming?09:15
Anomie21terminhell: you on chrome or ff?09:16
terminhellAnomie21: chrome09:16
M4dH4TT3rAnomie21 to ikonia link=spam09:16
Deim0sikonia, wow ok09:16
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: I'll speak for myself thanks09:16
Deim0sikonia, I will check that09:16
Anomie21weird, it only loads to the first post (which has a quicktime video in it) must be a conflict with quicktime/chrome/mypc09:16
Anomie21*to the third post09:17
m4kI installed ubuntu using debootstrap, after booting it only get a black screen09:17
M4dH4TT3rhow you been ikonia?09:17
expertarunhow to know my mac address09:17
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: it's not a chat channel as you know - so please09:17
terminhellexpertarun: its listed in ifconfig or iwconfig09:17
m4kExpertru: hcitool scan09:17
Anomie21jesus who put ikonia in charge lol, lighten up09:18
m4kI installed ubuntu using debootstrap, after booting it only get a black screen09:18
llutz_!repeat | m4k09:18
ubottum4k: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:18
terminhellm4k: have you tried rebooting a few times09:19
m4kTerminhell: there is no login options09:19
ikoniam4k: what desktop / login manager have you installed ?09:20
terminhellm4k: im not familiar with debootstrap09:20
m4kIkonia: i installed command line system using debootstrap09:21
ikoniam4k: ok - so what is the issue ?09:21
m4kIkonia: when booting to that no login scree09:22
ikoniam4k: ok - what is the last boot message you see09:22
terminhell*i think i know where this is going...09:23
=== zz_meisth0ti is now known as meisth0th
m4kNot any boot message. Only a cursor blinking after boot09:23
ikoniam4k: you must see some boot messages as the system boots09:24
terminhelldisable quiet boot in bios?09:24
ikoniaterminhell: it's a debootstrap built, plymouth won't be there09:24
llutz_m4k: check your grub.cfg or whatever bootmanager you use, what boot options do you use, what kernel-line etc.pp09:24
terminhellikonia: ah, yea, not familiar with that process.09:25
m4kI selected that from grub.09:25
ikoniam4k: you must get boot up messages09:25
ikoniam4k: do you see the kernel boot ?09:25
m4kAny packages for installation to get login screen in cli system09:27
meadhikariplease help i keep getting "(Reading database ...09:28
meadhikaridpkg: warning: files list file for package `libboost-system1.42.0' missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.09:28
meadhikari(Reading database ... 95%dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:09:28
meadhikari files list file for package 'libboost-thread1.42.0' is missing final newline09:28
meadhikariE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)"09:28
FloodBot1meadhikari: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:28
llutz_m4k: pastebin the corresponding menuentry-lines from grub.cfg, and the output of "sudo fdisk -l" pls09:29
ikoniam4k: - as you refuse to answer the questions I'm asking, I'll ask something more simple09:29
meadhikariSorry, I keep getting http://pastebin.com/T4KLLfpz whenever i try to install new software09:29
ikoniam4k: why are you debootstrapping a system when you clearly don't understand what you are doing or how to manage the system's build09:29
m4kIkonia: i will contact you later. Now im in my phone i'm going to on my system09:30
sallyhello world09:31
jonah_hi does anyone know how to run an fsck from recovery mode please?09:35
ikoniajonah_: what file system do you want to check /home for example ?09:35
jonah_i've ran repair kernel boot up and pressed fsck but it doesn't seem to be doing anything09:35
ikoniajonah_: what file system do you want to check /home for example ?09:35
jonah_ikonia: it's just a standard kubuntu install i want to check the whole disk drive for errors09:36
jonah_ikonia: having massive problems with my computer just freezing09:36
ikoniajonah_: that will not be an fsck issue09:37
=== michel is now known as Addle
jonah_ikonia: well i have a laptop which didn't work well with standard kernel on install so i updated to mainline ppa kernel and headers etc. it was working great for days. then i tried to install vmware player and virutal box. they didn't install properly so tried to remove them and now after i boot up after a minute everything locks up and mouse freezes and everything09:39
=== wildbat is now known as Guest56708
ikoniajonah_: to be honest that doesn't cut it for me "doesn't work well with standard kernel, (howdid you know it wa a kernel problem) updated to a PPA kernel it worked until I did more changes now it doesn't work09:40
ikoniajonah_: it sounds like you are just trying random things to fix things09:40
jonah_ikonia: i just thought an fsck would be the first thing to try to recover my system as i've had to turn it off a few times as can't shut down so wanted to check the disk was ok09:40
ikoniajonah_: if the disk wasn't in a usable state you'd have errors/warnings09:41
stephans_I am running atop and it is idicating red for vmcom: 5.3G and vmlim of 3.8... what does this mean?09:41
jonah_ikonia: i'm sorry, i didn't mean to do the wrong thing but i followed the ubuntu wiki advice to update the kernel here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbook09:41
jonah_ikonia: i just want to recover my system that's all and don't know how to get it back how it was yesterday09:42
ikoniajonah_: ok - so that's a bit different, you're following official advice - which is good, doing it "blind" isn't a problem, but then you're changing it by doing thing ssuch as using vmware which requires kernel modules09:42
Ben64ppa kernel can cause all sorts of problems09:42
Ben64i'd suggest using precise over ppa kernel09:42
AklsI have a project and I'd like to keep track of the changes in case I would like to return back. Should I use Git or Bazaar?09:42
jonah_ikonia: i know i wish i'd just left it! Is there anything I can do to sort it out?09:43
ikoniajonah_: Vmware installs kernel modules, they may/may not be stable with the PPA kernel you are using, it's about trouble shooting the problem and working it through, rather than throwing random things at it09:43
ikoniajonah_: you where probably right to change the kernel looking at that URL09:43
jonah_Ben64: it was working fine though, it must be since trying to remove vmware because that's where the trouble has started09:43
cgahi all, my message tray is hidden at the bottom of the screen. how can I make it show? or move it at the top?09:44
jonah_ikonia: i don't know how to now debug and fix this, are you able to help me at all please? if i can get it back how it was i'll never mess with it again i promise!!09:44
ikoniajonah_: I've never used that hardware platform, so I'd need to research what's different that requires a different kernel09:45
ikoniajonah_: you may (this is only a high level suggestion) find it easier to re-install clearn09:45
x25cbubuntu on android looks really great09:46
x25cbwhen can we have taste on it?09:46
=== fireball_ is now known as mi3
ikoniax25cb: app store09:46
jonah_ikonia: is there no way to just remove all the vmware and virtual box addons/kernel mods09:46
ikoniajonah_: you where using vmware and virtal box09:46
Simomdid you use the same kernel for android and ubuntu?09:47
x25cbikonia: i think you mean market? :p09:47
jonah_ikonia: i installed vmware player and virtual box only it didn't work due to the kernel being the updated rc one. then i couldn't uninstall them. and now ever since the system is unstable09:47
ikoniax25cb: sure09:47
ikoniajonah_: if I where you - I would re-install09:47
ikoniajonah_: get a known good clean platform09:48
jonah_ikonia: ok fair enough i'll do that then09:48
x25cbikonia: i actually mean this one: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android09:49
x25cbreleased already?09:49
ikoniax25cb: don't know, what does it say on the page,09:50
ikoniaI don't believe it is,09:50
meadhikariplease help i keep getting http://pastebin.com/T4KLLfpz when installing new application09:50
doda_hi, how do i disable wifi suspend when closing the lid in lubuntu09:50
x25cbikonia: i guess it's not yet released too, seems only a youtube demo is released. really looking forward to that09:50
M4dH4TT3ryou talking about pushing ubuntu on a droid dev?09:51
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: read the link09:51
M4dH4TT3ri did09:51
=== srini is now known as sai
BeelsebobIs there any way to stop software centre closing after you uninstall something?09:52
M4dH4TT3ri gotta push bt5 on a gps dev here soon but need to add wifi and bt first09:52
Ben64hmm, clock on that page says 12:0409:52
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: that explains the project/plan then09:52
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: not interested in that in #ubuntu09:52
x25cbMedH4TT3r: it looks like some addon to the android system to allow ubuntu to run on that09:52
M4dH4TT3rlol :P09:52
M4dH4TT3ri saw it done with ubuntu before there was a tut somewhere just a sec09:53
x25cbmaybe just the compliation of ubuntu packages on android platform, so that they can share the same linux based kernel09:54
ikoniathe link explains what it does quite clearly09:55
Myrttithere is some discussion over Ubuntu on Android going on in #ubuntu-phone, which - while it isn't the proper channel for the discussion - is the best place for it for now. Feel free to discuss it over there.09:55
x25cbMyrtti: oh, noted! thanks :)09:55
Beelsebobgod this is retardedly dificult to work with09:55
Beelsebobwhy the hell does the tree view reload and close whatever I'm looking at when something finishes uninstalling09:56
ikoniaBeelsebob: tone it down please.09:56
Beelseboband why the hell does the whole app close when all the in progress uninstalls finish?09:56
Beelsebobit makes it virtually impossible to work down the list uninstalling stuff you don't need any more09:57
ikoniaBeelsebob: log a feature/bug if you want to change it's behaviour and can't09:57
afsalhow to become a ubuntu expert09:58
MonkeyDustafsal  by using it09:58
ikoniaafsal: use ubuntu and gain experience with it09:58
NyLesplease inform me, nouveau wll be the default driver if nvidia drivers are not installed right?09:58
M4dH4TT3rhttp://www.99cblog.com/2972/install-ubuntu-on-your-htc-evo-4g-device-video/ closest i could find for the driod ubuntu push (there was only one when i did this the last time)09:58
afsalikonia: i'm m4k09:58
ikoniaNyLes: depends if/how your card is detected09:58
ikoniaafsal: that doesn't change what I said09:58
NyLesikonia: what do you mean?09:59
crizzy*Ubnutu :P09:59
afsalikonia: okkk09:59
crizzyis it really that hard to write :P09:59
ikoniaNyLes: if your card is detected as a compatible nvidia when xorg starts, it will try to use the nouveau xorg modules09:59
NyLesikonia: i see, is there a possibility that i can force it to use nouveau drivers? in my xorg?10:00
NyLesikonia: i see, is there a possibility that i can force it to use nouveau drivers? in my xorg.conf?10:00
ikoniaNyLes: yes10:00
afsalMonkeyDust: which parts of ubuntu i use10:00
NyLesikonia: how? can you please tell me?10:00
ikoniaafsal: all of it and focus on parts you want to understand10:00
ikoniaNyLes: change the Driver line to be Driver "nouveau"10:01
NyLesikonia: thanks so much..10:01
afsalikonia: few daya i'm installed ubuntu in my flash drive and that run fine....10:01
ikoniaafsal: that has no relevence to anything10:02
afsalikonia: now i'm try to install ubuntu via debootstrap...10:03
ikoniaafsal why ?10:03
ikoniaafsal: why not just install ubuntu and use it - learn fom using it10:03
afsalikonia: just for fun and study...10:03
ikoniaafsal: but you have no idea what you are doing, and all you are doing is asking "how do I fix, how do I fix" all the time, that's not learning, that just asking someone else to fix things you do'nt know how to do10:04
afsalikonia: your right,,,, :-(10:05
=== aaron is now known as Guest3385
afsalikonia: then how i fix problems to by myself. where i study???10:07
afsalwhat i study10:07
ikoniaafsal: I've told you "use" ubuntu and learn from using it10:07
=== tomtaylor_ is now known as tomtaylor
afsalikonia: thank you for your advice.10:08
afsalikonia: i intrstd in studying bash give any tutorial...10:09
ikoniaafsal: if you are inacapable of researching the application you want to study, you will not be able to grasp the actual application.10:10
Oerafsal, join #Bash for learning :-)10:10
auskaHi! Is there any why to force Unity to NEVER open the menu bar?10:11
crizzy'open the menu bar'?10:11
crizzyyou mean, removing the global menu or?10:11
crizzyauska: global menu bar can be removed with: sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu appmenu-gtk10:12
Oerauska, a solution is to 'never hide' the menubar, so it will stay, bu tnever open is no option.10:12
crizzyauska: or.. sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk indicator-applet-appmenu indicator-appmenu, that's all packages related to it i think10:12
sanplease help me banshee player is not working in my 11.10 it is upto date i also upgraded to banshee 2.2 still not working sometimes it works not most times what do i do?10:12
afsalikonia: ok, then you said "using", actually what you mean by application10:12
ikoniaafsal: correct10:13
mi3I use opera browser on my ubuntu and when I open pages on multiple tabs and then close them , my RAM is not freed, it remains the same, RAM gets freed only upon closing the browser.10:13
MonkeyDustafsal  start here http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Linux_Essentials10:13
M4dH4TT3rsick of my language i said one cuss word and then minused it10:14
afsalThnk u monkey dust10:14
excois this the right place to ask for help regarding finding the cause why my PC won't boot sometimes and filing an according bug?10:14
auskacrizzy, I did it, is there any way to restart the X without rebooting?10:15
afsalikonia: I can undrsnt frm u "use ubuntu, and fix the bugs while the using"10:15
mi3I use opera browser on my ubuntu and when I open pages on multiple tabs and then close them , my RAM is not freed, it remains the same, RAM gets freed only upon closing the browser.10:16
afsalikonia: I can undrsnt frm u "use ubuntu, and fix the bugs while using"10:16
ikoniaafsal: if you don't know how to even use ubuntu, you will have no chance of fixing bugs10:16
ikoniaafsal: learn how to use ubuntu10:16
afsalikonia: Ok,10:17
crizzyauska: yeah, just logout and login again10:17
mi3afsal are you accustomed with windows atleast?10:17
NyLescan someone help me with my sound card? i've tried everything but still doesn't work.. it produces a somewhat buzzing sound "zzzzzzzzzz" whenever the mouse is moved.. aplay -l results wit no soundcards found..10:17
amt0101How do you start a program after you installed it using wine? I am running ubuntu 11.10 on unity.10:18
auskacrizzy, it didn't work... i still have the menu bar... :S10:18
crizzyauska: applications should not use it, though, no?10:18
excoany hints on where to look if my pc sometimes stops during Ubuntu splash (boot)10:18
mi3any suggestions on the opera browser problem I mentioned earlier?10:19
auskacrizzy, theorically not, is the unity menu bar, is not related to the other applications...10:19
afsalmi3: No, (time taken to reply because i'm finding meaning of "accustomed")10:19
crizzyauska: if you mean only leaving the launcher panel at left... that's not possible. but removing those packages, applications will keep their own menu10:19
stimpiewhen I use rdesktop in fullscreen in a dual monitor setup it uses the wrong screen. How do change which screen is primary?10:19
afsalmi3: i'm from india10:19
afsalmi3: i'm indian10:20
mi3afsal: means do you know how to use windows atleast? even I am from INDIA no big deal10:20
drsourceim from Bulgaria10:20
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchiladop
=== enchiladop is now known as enchilado
mi3i am an indian[proud to be called an indian]10:20
mi3afsal tumhe pataa hai windows kaise use karna hai?10:21
amt0101No one knows how to run a program after it was installed with wine under unity...ubuntu 11.10?10:21
auskacrizzy, what i want is not to have the launcer panel at left...10:21
crizzyauska: that is bolted there and not possible to move (without serious hacks)10:21
afsalmi3: hindi thoda thoda maaloom. i'm in kerala10:21
crizzynice area10:22
mi3amt0101 make the file executable from the properties option then run it from wine10:22
exco_amt0101, just search for the name in unity menu und click on it10:22
amt0101mi3,  it's already installed :)10:22
afsalmi3: yes for your qstion10:22
afsalmi3: hindi thoda thoda maaloom. i'm in kerala10:22
NyLesi mean any action in the desktop produces that sound, card is Intel Corporation 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller..10:22
amt0101exco_,  searching for internet explorer returns me nothing ;)10:22
mi3afsal: hmm10:22
exco_amt0101,  iexplore?10:23
crizzyafsal: i've visited varkala, alleppey, kochi and munnar there ^^10:23
lixmanalguien que hable español??10:23
T_H_Xauska: yu can move it with compiz settings manager10:23
mi3afsal: then you should know what is an app10:23
afsalmi3: where are you from10:23
mi3cant tell that10:23
afsalcrizzy: where are you from10:23
crizzyafsal: finland10:23
afsalmi3: ho ho10:24
=== jesse__ is now known as jesseh
mi3afsal, tell me what is an app10:24
afsalcrizzy: nice. How was keral10:24
amt0101exco_,  returns nothing:) as well10:24
=== mobidyc is now known as Mobidyc`
crizzyafsal: pretty nice.. spent 5 weeks touring india, from varkala up to simla, and some eastern areas like varanasi10:24
mi3amt0101 what happened10:25
crizzyafsal: kerala i liked most tbh.. ppl at north were a lot less nice :D10:25
afsalmi3: app is used to do a pirticular job10:25
yo9hnfhello ! i whant to install XBMC on XUBUNTU 8.04 (i can't use a newer version because of my VIA C3 compatibility) and i can't because APT deosen't recognise XBMC, even i update APT10:25
ikoniacrizzy: afsal you may want to chat in #ubuntu-in10:25
ikoniacrizzy:  asakura  you'll also meet other ubuntu india users10:25
exco_amt0101, sorry, no idea then. Here on this machine I just type the first few letters of my winshit program and can then start it in wine10:25
T_H_Xauska: Reveal mode , in the unity plugin10:25
exco_I need help with debugging boot problems10:25
afsalikonia : no this is nice10:26
mi3yeah afsal, crizzy, type" /J #ubuntu-in" and you will be connected to ubuntu-india channel10:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:26
ikoniaafsal: sorry, this channel is for ubuntu support - not chat, hence why I'm suggesting using #ubuntu-in10:26
lixmanhi all10:26
=== jesseh is now known as jhills95
lixmanwhere i have to put new fonts in ubuntu 11.1010:27
afsalSorry bot and sorry all10:27
ikoniaasakura: it's not a problem10:27
lixmanto use them with inkscape10:27
mi3amt0101 which application are you trying to run in wine?10:27
afsalikonia: why10:27
amt0101mi3,  Internet explorer 810:27
ikoniaasakura: oops, sorry, that was meant for afsal10:28
afsalmi3:  i'm rgt plz give my result10:28
=== jhills95 is now known as jaa
=== jaa is now known as jksafd
mi3Internet explorer 8 and 7 are still buggy at the moment only ie6 will run properly amt010110:28
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
amt0101mi3,  Wow, how nice:)10:29
=== jksafd is now known as jesse_hills
mi3app means any application or a program that you run either on windows or linux its that simple afsal10:29
afsalmi3: thnks10:29
auskaT_H_X, crizzy i set the "Edge Reveal Time" to 1000 and now is not disturbing... it will be working, but not appear...10:30
afsalok bye allllllllllllll....................crizzy,mi3,ikonia...and also "bot"10:30
mi3amt0101, and just a piece of advice dont use internet explorer you will need to do tons of settings use firefox, opera or google chrome these 3 are most popular atleast for ubuntu10:30
mi3bye afsal10:30
afsalok see u nxt time....10:30
mi3hey amt0101, which version of wine do you use?10:31
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excowhat package do I file bugs in carl9170 against?10:34
amt0101mi3,  Trust me on this. I have a website that only works on ie. What am I supposed to use?:)10:34
amt0101mi3,  wine 1,3 branch10:34
joa__hey i have a problem with 11.10. i do not want to enter the passwd to perform sudo commands for a specific user.10:34
joa__i did sudo visudo and added "user ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" but it does not work?10:35
mi3amt0101, use virtualbox on ur system, install your favourite windows os, and get started10:35
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amt0101mi3,  haha I forgot about this one. Thanks:)10:35
mi3no problem amt0101 :)10:35
sanbanshee player hangs not working play button please help10:35
alexxioi upgraded my ubuntu(studio) from previous version to 11.10, but when it was installing all the packages i accidentally rebooted it...now it works only in recovery mode and not in normal mode..what can i do to understand where the problem is?10:36
mi3amt0101, you use wine 1.3 branch? you use the unstable one right?10:37
amt0101mi3,  Yes10:37
MonkeyDustalexxio  better ask in #ubuntustudio10:37
geirhajoa__: user ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL  And it must be *after* the %admin rule, otherwise it gets overridden.10:37
alexxiok thanks10:37
alexxioi thought it was the same for you..10:37
mi3amt0101 can you suggest which windows programs have you currently tested on YOUR system and which worked better?10:38
Oermi3 see the wineHQ database10:39
M4dH4TT3rwinetricks and moonlight10:39
mi3i am asking amt0101 ok10:39
amt0101mi3,  I haven't tested nothing.10:39
mi3amt0101: ok10:40
amt0101mi3,  But unfortunately I need IE for running a website, which is stupid but again I need it.10:40
mi3website itself might be stupid you can give them a feedback to upgrade their browser support[ u can tell them to upgrade from stoneage that was 10,000 years ago:)]10:41
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joheyI'm making a debian package, having Pre-Depends: openoffice.org (>= 3.2.0) .. However, as 2.4.1 of openoffice.org is installed, my package can be installed without complaining of the version of openoffice.org. How comes it doesn't break?10:47
DansTheManHey guys, is it possible to rename programs? :S10:51
geirhaDansTheMan: What do you mean?10:52
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picasso__Hello evrybdy :)10:53
mi3Hi, can someone provide me with a link to picasa 3.0 deb file? I guess google was too stupid to remove it from their sites. Thanks in advance10:53
RawProducemi3: this? http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/pool/non-free/p/picasa/picasa_3.0-current_i386.deb10:55
mi3hoho thanks RawProduce10:55
DansTheMangeirha: Like, in the applications menu of gnome-shell.10:55
RawProduceyou're welcome10:56
geirhaDansTheMan: Hm. You could try installing alacarte. It should allow you to rename application entries.10:57
DansTheMangeirha: Okay. Thank you :)10:57
Tricks_hi I'm trying to forward port 80 to another port using ufw. I have opened port 80 and added a few lines to /etc/ufw/before.rules at the top of the file http://pastebin.com/gyvfuWK2 but it doesn't seem to be working... have I missed something?10:59
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hsgjkdhsAlt-tab works, but doesn't display the overlay, and the left panel no longer shows, and super-key doesn't load the dashboard, 11.10 desktop. What command will kill what I need and relaunch, so I can alias it. Thanks11:02
NewWorldhsgjkdhs:  What are you trying to kill?11:06
NyLeshelp me guys, i have a problem with my sound card, i typed dmesg and I noticed this line; ALSA intel8x0.c:2435: codec_ready: codec is not ready [0x300000].. can anyone help me?11:07
hsgjkdhsNewWorld: Alt-tab works, but doesn't display the overlay, and the left panel no longer shows, and super-key doesn't load the dashboard11:07
ubuntu how to resolve the problem when i start the redhat 5 it ask for date and time after putting this info i want to c:/  every time11:09
KM0201hmm, i'm guessing you got lost on your way to the redhat channel?11:09
ikoniaubuntu: ask in #rhel channel11:10
ikoniaubuntu: this channels for ubuntu support only11:10
ubuntuok thanks11:11
NyLeshow can i edit again the grub menu?11:11
scarleoNyLes, sudo nano /etc/default/grub11:11
NyLesscarleo: thanks..11:11
M4dH4TT3rtpudding pop11:12
hsgjkdhsikonia: his problem had nothing to do with redhat, just because that was what he was doing. Sounds like he is just booting into his hard disk, and it has no date setup / battery dead / old machine11:12
M4dH4TT3rso change the cmos batt11:13
ikoniabsmith093: he's asking how to configure Redhat - that #rhel is the palce to ask11:15
IceHunterI've got some problems... I'm new to Ubuntu. Just installed it on my HP Pavilion dv7. Alongside with windows. I really want to delete Windows, but there are several reasons i can't. First of all, the biggest problem is that i can't control screen brightness. Can somebody try to help me deal with it, please?11:16
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l_potterskyIceHunter: i had the same issue with an ACER... i've found something on ServerFault taht might be useful...11:17
Dr_willisIceHunter,  you may want to check the forums, and askubuntu.com for that exact make of laptop. There may be some known bugs/work arounds. the odds of someone in here at this time having the exact laptop would be low. ;)11:17
Dr_willisIceHunter,  does it stay bright all the time? or what excactly?11:18
IceHunterNo, i just cant control screen brightness, neither via operating system, nor with hardware keys (fn + somekey)11:19
alumneke pasa lokoo11:19
LjL!es | alumne11:19
ubottualumne: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:19
alumneolaa olaaa11:20
IceHunterit shuts down normally, works perfect, but then i try to change brightness level, it shows that slider, it is moving, but nothing changes11:21
ikoniaIceHunter: there is also the reality that sometimes things like that just don't work/not supoprted11:21
IceHunterbrightness control not supported? dont you think it is strange?11:22
Dr_willisworth checking out on the forums and askubuntu at least. there might be some trivial fix.11:22
Dr_willisIceHunter,  not strange at all. the laptop makers like to do their 'own' thing and not follow any standards11:22
ikoniaIceHunter: it's the interface tot he system that controls the brightness control that may not be supported, it's not uncommon11:23
Dr_willisor they follow 90% of the standard. :)11:23
l_potterskyIceHunter: theres a 'fix' for ACER laptops, but you could try on yours: http://askubuntu.com/questions/21523/screen-brightness-not-changing-on-acer-5742-notebook11:23
ikoniaIceHunter: I'm not saying it's not supported, just be aware that there are some devices that just don't work11:23
miadbahramisalam kasi nginx kar karde ?11:24
LjLmiadbahrami: iran? try joining #ubuntu-ir11:26
MonkeyDustIceHunter  maybe this link is useful http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/makes11:26
miadbahramiLjL, thanks11:26
chaimaepreg 111:27
LjLchaimae: English only Ubuntu support here, please11:27
skdjskdjHow can I relaunch ubuntu UI? keep apps open. The launcher is not running, alt-tab works but doesn't show the overlay, and the dashboard is missing11:30
skdjskdjsuper-w and super-s work though11:30
skdjskdjactually, I think that is what has happened, the dash and launcher have become "in the background" and behind all the other windows11:31
skdjskdjthey are still there if I do super-w11:31
skdjskdjjust behind everything11:31
skdjskdj... fffffffffffffffff11:32
playmancan any one tell me why when I try to download "sudo wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeghost/files/FOG/fog_0.32/fog_0.32.tar.gz" I get the file as html?11:32
IceHunterHello again11:32
jribplayman: because that's what it is.11:33
ronsonolAnyone else running 11.10 AMD64 found Gimp severely hosed after recent routine update?11:33
jribplayman: visit it in your browser, you will see11:33
ziyadbHello, how can i remove the thumbnail preview that appears when I'm switching workspaces?11:33
IceHuntersomebody, who gave me link to acer fix - didnt help :-(11:33
ronsonolSymptoms include wedging halfway through image scaling and selection areas disappearing on choosing another tool.11:33
ziyadbalso, is it possible to enhance the illusion of continuity by configuring the workspace switcher to switch to "roll-over"?11:34
skdjskdjHow can I do that - change the hide launcher options11:34
playmanjrib: ok, what am I doing wrong? how can I download that program?11:34
jribplayman: visit the link in your browser, it will then download (or you can click on "direct link" on the web page)11:35
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skdjskdjziyadb: back in 1999 I used to just have a huge desktop that was oversized from my screen, and would wd/xscript my way around it, and it would scroll on mouse edge too11:35
skdjskdjziyadb: then I went the ratpoison way of window confs11:35
skdjskdjHow can I change Ubuntu Launcher Hide Options (to active not dodge all windows, ala http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182560511:36
Dr_willisskdjskdj,  compiz tool 'ccsm' has the unity plugin to tweak  some things.11:37
melvincvI need an SSH client that tries to auto reconnect if my internet connection fails.11:37
skdjskdjDr_willis: do you mean apt-get install compizconfig ?11:37
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz11:37
Dr_willisyou can break some stuff by messing with ccsm. :) so only change the settings you need.11:38
skdjskdjright, thought so, what I used to use before this was all nicely integrated11:38
skdjskdjDr_willis: I used ot use it in 6,7,8 but was mostly on OSX after that thanks11:38
theTroyhi, is it posisble to set up 2 usb flash drive in RAID 0 configuration in ubuntu?11:38
Dr_willisskdjskdj,  unity has been tweaked by ccsm as long as its been out i thought.11:39
playmanjrib: I'm trying to download this in another computer, wich does not have GUI (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) and if I click direct link on the webpage it just starts downloading again.11:39
Dr_willisor gconf- dconf- settings.11:39
jribplayman: copy the direct link and wget that11:39
ziyadbDr_willis: will it do what I want?11:39
ziyadbskdjskdj: heh.11:39
Dr_willisziyadb,  will what do what?11:39
ziyadbDr_willis: well, remove the thumbnail previews and enhance continuity by rolling-over to the opposite workspace.11:40
DansTheManHey guys, how do I install gnome-shell-extensions? :S Using sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions, just fails and requires me to install a nightly version of gnome (3.3.90). What do I do? :S11:40
Dr_williswhat thumbnail previews?  I dont recall seeing them in Unity.11:41
ServerSagetheTroy: Yes it is.11:41
theTroyServerSage: any advice where to start?11:41
ServerSagetheTroy: Are you just looking to have two USB drives plugged in all the time and RAID'ed?11:41
ziyadbDr_willis: the a workspace contents are popped up in a small window at the center of the screen when switching.11:41
Dr_willisDansTheMan,  the Webupd8 blog site has a 'tweaking unity' guide 'things to do after installing 11.10 ...' i belive that gives the exact method to get gnome shell going with that.11:41
theTroyServerSage: yep, just that, to double the throughput11:42
Dr_willisziyadb,  thats most likely some other plugin in ccsm.11:42
playmanjrib: that link is to big to copy manually between computers, "http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/freeghost/FOG/fog_0.32/fog_0.32.tar.gz?r=http%3A%2F%2Fsourceforge.net%2Fprojects%2Ffreeghost%2Ffiles%2FFOG%2Ffog_0.32%2F&ts=1330083654&use_mirror=switch" no other way of getting a shorter link?11:42
NyLescan anyone help me about codec is not ready?11:42
DansTheManDr_willis: Okay. Just every site I've looked at thus far says to use what I used above. :-/11:42
ServerSagetheTroy: Are you familiar with setting up software RAID with hard drives?11:42
jribplayman: why is it too big? copy and paste11:42
theTroyServerSage: sadly not11:42
ziyadbDr_willis: cool, I'll try install and see if it solves my problem.11:42
mgjAnyone know of a console torrent client that supports magnet links? I've been using rtorrent, but it does not support magnet (at least not out-of-the-box)11:43
Dr_willisIve neer had to install the nightly-build , you could have some extra ppa's enabled or somthing  DansTheMan11:43
ServerSagetheTroy: You'll want to read up on software RAID.  I'd just give you the commands, but I can never remember them off the top of my head.  mdadm is the utility you'll be using.11:44
DansTheManDr_willis: Nup, all that's coming up in the synaptic package manager is the 3.3.90 version :-/11:45
theTroyServerSage: thanks, Ill read up on the HW set up then, is it identical to usb set up? and how badly will it react if one of the usb drives happens to get unplugged? (during the time when there is no write operation in process)11:45
playmanjrib: i'm sorry, but maybe I've been not accurade regarding my setup. this computer that I'm using the IRC on is Win XP, the computer I'm trying to intall that program onto is Ubuntu 10.04 wich has no GUI or browsing capability, therefore it's kinda hard for me to just copy and paste.11:45
melvincvplayman, why not http://goo.gl11:45
jribplayman: 1) ssh to the machine with no gui from your windows machine or 2) grep for the link in the html file you just wgetted or 3) connect to irc on the machine with no gui and send yourself the link that way or 4) use a console browser on the machine with no gui11:47
ServerSagetheTroy: Take a look at http://tinyurl.com/l5ad4y - jump to the mdadm portion.  As for how it will handle a drive being unplugged, it will handle it the same as if a drive dies.  You'll have to use mdadm to bring the drive back into the array when it's plugged back in.11:47
Dr_willisDansTheMan,  all i recall doing was pasteing some stuff from the webupd8 blog site to get gnome0-shell going months ago when i did a clean install.11:47
theTroyServerSage: thanks, Ill try :)11:47
Dr_willismgj,  just googing and saw a mention that --> rTorrent 0.8.7 works fine with magnet links in terms of downloading.11:48
DansTheManDr_willis: Could you please link me to the article?11:48
ServerSagetheTroy: mdadm looks intimidating at first, but it's actually pretty simple once you start digging in.11:48
theTroyServerSage: hope so :)11:49
mgjDr_willis, oh... Google told me you needed to add a patch and recompile from source to enable it. Will look into it, thanks11:49
Dr_willisDansTheMan,  put in 'webupd8' in your browser and check out their tweak guides11:49
playmanmelvincv: thanks for that, I just didint think that would work, but I was wrong and its working. :)11:49
DansTheManDr_willis: I'm look at the site at the moment.11:49
Dr_willismgj,  all the patches i saw mentioned were 2+ yrs old.11:49
Dr_willismgj,  also seen some mention of some sort of 'script' to convert magnet links to normal torrents.11:50
Dr_willisOff to work for me. bye all.11:50
ServerSagetheTroy: Actually, I just found this article that is exactly what you hope to do:  http://tinyurl.com/6eoh6h11:50
theTroyServerSage: sweet :) I didnt stumble on this article while searching, thanks!11:51
playmanjrib: allright thanks for that, just started ubuntu, i'll keep those informations handy. just didint think of ssh, or that I could IRC on it either lol, well thanks again for the help.11:51
ServerSagetheTroy: Happy to help.  You doing RAID0 or RAID1?  That article sets up a RAID0. The steps are pretty much the same for a RAID1, you just change --level 0 to --level 111:52
theTroyServerSage: RAID 0, doesnt make sense to do RAID 1 with flash drives really, but thanks a lot, this is exactly what I needed :)11:53
ZoffixHey. Does google have some kind of spyware in Ubuntu? Weird question, but I just noticed 4kb/s going up, not knowing what it was. I ran `netstat -tunawep` and there were a bunch of `sh` processes apparently connected to and other IP addresses, all owned by Google (according to whois, at least). I killed all those, and I even restarted my network, but I still get a bunch of entries to google with "LAST_ACK" as status. I closed my browser an11:53
Zoffixd I have no idea where else these could be coming from.11:53
ServerSagetheTroy: You're welcome.  Happy RAID'ing.  ;)11:53
fidelZoffix: just a wild guess: i.e. gnome 3s sys-prefs allow you to define a google account11:54
ZoffixEven putting privacy aside, I really don't want to waste my bandwidth on ... google11:54
jribZoffix: you should look at the whole process name11:54
Zoffixjrib, how do I do that?11:54
theadminZoffix: htop will tell you I suppose.11:54
xenhello i have gnome 3 and  unity i want to configure compiz in unity but it crashes gnome 311:55
jribZoffix: « ps -ef »  will list all commands.  Using lsof or netstat with appropriate switches will give you more fine-grained control...11:55
stl_ps -ef11:56
Zoffixfidel, I'm using gnome 2.30.2, and I don't remember seting any google accounts anywhere.11:56
xenplease help me to configure to so it dosent does that11:56
xenhelp anyone11:58
IceHunterSorry for noob question.. How do i know sda# for mounted device?11:58
jribIceHunter: « mount » will show you11:58
jandroHi. I'm using php5-cgi to handle php's in my server. I noticed that after a dist-upgrade the metapackage php5 upgraded installing the default libapache2-mod-php5. Shouldn't the installer be able to identify that I'm using php5-cgi and only update the other packages within the metapackage requiring upgrading? cheers11:58
shakjdhfFor my problem which nobody chipped in on - IF ANYONE says "the dock / bar / side / thing / something / isn't working" they need to :11:59
xenplease help12:00
ikoniaxen: with what ?12:00
shakjdhfsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager; ccsm #Type unity into the filter, click the purple Ubuntu Unity Plugin, and third option down "Hide Launcher" change to "Dodge Active Window" then save.12:00
shakjdhfThen in alt+f2 type unity12:00
ikoniashakjdhf: who are you talking to - no-one else has this issue, glad your sorted,12:01
shakjdhfor in terminal: $ unity & disown12:01
shakjdhfikonia: stop being that guy12:01
shakjdhfI think every time I come in here, every three months, you say something unhelpful12:01
ikoniashakjdhf: stop rambling, your fixed and working, that's grewat12:01
shakjdhfI am trying to help the next guy who comes in with this problem12:01
ikoniashakjdhf: there is no next guy12:01
xenman but it crashes my gnome 312:01
ikoniashakjdhf: no-one is taking notes on what to do12:01
shakjdhfikonia: you are pedantic, this is a common issue, I've googled it, stop being pedantic and /ignore me if you don't want to help12:01
Guest85052can you stop it guys?12:02
ikoniashakjdhf: I've never seen anyone have the issue, but no-one else has the issue in the channel12:02
shakjdhfikonia: it is going to be google logged, but someone might learn from it12:02
fidelshakjdhf: well ikonia is right as long as someone onhere is in actual need for that info12:02
shakjdhffidel: you never know ;) thanks12:02
fidelin case you want to paste everything someone might benefit from - start with wikipedia from A to Z12:02
rajumohcan we route music played in amarok to ekiga/skype ?12:02
l_potterskyikonia: lol... there must be nothing better to do really...  :P12:02
ikoniashakjdhf: right a wiki page, that's more worth while12:02
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:03
ikoniaxen: are you using unity12:03
l_potterskyits kinda ironic though... because if it's a common problem, then the solution might be easy to find googling...12:03
ikonial_pottersky: a wiki page would be useful, so the information is easy to parse12:04
ikonial_pottersky: it will get spidered, others can maintain it, all the info is in one place rather than broken up into multiple lines12:04
ikoniaANTO: please stop12:04
bamHi everybody!12:05
bamCan anyone help me? I have a little problem12:07
ZoffixWell, all the remaining google connections disappeared now; I guess I'd need to do a restart to get those `sh` back; or just wait... Anyway, thanks for the help, I'll try your suggestions the next time I get anything weird going on again. Thanks.12:07
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:08
Zoffixbam, no one can help you, unless they know what the question is. Makes sense, no?12:08
bamyes yes12:08
bamso I have a server running on ubuntu-server and there is Apache Tomcat running on it12:09
bamI access the server using ssh and then I run Tomcat12:09
bambut I have to stay logged in or Tomcat stops12:10
bam( sorry for my no really good englis )12:10
Zoffixbam, use `screen`12:11
Zoffixbam, to run the tomcat that is.12:11
Zoffixbam, screen -d -m tomcat (or whatever the name is) would start the server and detach screen. Then to return you'd type screen -r. But my memory is foggy, so read the man page (man screen)12:12
bamand I can logout of my server and Tomcat will be still running ?12:13
Zoffixbam, yup12:13
ronsonol_Is there a log of what update manager has installed when?12:14
* melvincv wonders why tomcat isn't a service/daemon12:14
l_potterskywas asking myself the same question melvincv12:15
l_potterskydoesnt it help if you run it like "command &" ?12:15
bamZoffix, Thanks a lot! I'll make search on screen12:15
bamsee u12:15
IceHunterhow long it can take to format to ntfs 1tb external hard drive?12:16
Zoffixl_pottersky, that would put it in background, but the process would still be terminated when you log off the ssh12:16
rajumohZoffix,IceHunter : I think tomcat has a shell script that actually does this in its bin files.. i dont remember the name though..12:18
* Zoffix shrugs12:18
rajumohZoffix,IceHunter : in our world there is more than one way of doing this i guess :-D12:19
ziyadb_hello. So I installed compiz and made the changes I wanted, however, I had inadvertently disabled Unity, now the launcher bar is gone and it appears that I may be on Gnome 2.x, is there any way to revert the changes I have made? By removing the package perhaps?12:20
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IceHunterrajumoh, Why are you telling me this? My question is very different12:21
rajumohIceHunter: type :-p12:22
rajumohIceHunter: typo :-p12:22
dr_willisrun ccsm and Renable unity or the Webupd8 site has a guide on reseting unity and compiz12:22
ziyadb_dr_willis: excellent, thank you!12:22
IceHunterrajumoh: okay :D12:23
Anomie21Is there an easy way to get a program to launch on startup and constantly run in the background (it would reopen itself if it was shut for whatever reason)12:24
ziyadb_dr_willis: and, we're done. Thank you very much.12:24
Tricks_hi I'm trying to forward port 80 to another port using ufw. I have opened port 80 and added a few lines to /etc/ufw/before.rules at the top of the file http://pastebin.com/gyvfuWK2 but it doesn't seem to be working... have I missed something?12:25
dr_willisAnomie21: depends on the program to some degree12:25
Anomie21dr_willis: It's teamviewer, a VNC program12:25
Kre10shello. I've got some CAD as well as their DWG versions. Can I convert these to svg? what would I use to do so?12:29
cucohi all, i am trying to install wine on 64 bit. After apt-get install12:29
cuco.. ing it, I see: bash: /usr/bin/wine: No such file or directory12:30
cucoit seems like the 32bit support is not installed. am i right?12:30
ox3ahi ikonia12:31
allu2cuco: try purging wine and reinstalling helped for me12:31
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ox3aPerhaps i will be able to change host ... Just now i need some hint for changing Ubuntu boot logo.12:31
cucoallu2: did that already12:32
ubottuPlymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »12:32
allu2cuco: sure? with the apt-get purge wine, also check if there is some winebind or like that staying12:32
ox3adr_willis, I am customizing LIVE CD12:33
ikoniaox3a: did you want me?12:33
ox3a just asking12:33
cucoallu2: the problem is not configuration, it's a loader problem. but.. yes, I did that (apt-get remove --purge)12:34
ikoniaox3a: sorry, you just said "hi ikonia" I wondered if you wanted me12:35
muhammedmuhammedany body here12:35
MonkeyDustcuco  maybe you have to delete some hidden file or directory12:35
NyLeswhat is the use of the package (i guess) gettext and xmlto?12:35
allu2cuco: i had same problem while ago, i remember i removed wine and reinstalled but it didn't help, then i removed something like winebind or winbind and it removed wine and its dependencies and then when i installed it worked,12:35
ikoniaNyLes: what do you mean what is the use of them ?12:36
allu2but ofcourse it can be due to other reasons in my case12:36
NyLesikonia: i've been trying this; http://monespaceperso.org/blog-en/2010/05/02/upgrade-alsa-1-0-23-on-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-10-04/..12:36
wadkarhow do I know user information like home directory, default shell etc. ? something like 'usermod --list $userName'12:36
ox3aikonia, oh yeah i see... First you tried to help me for first problem and now i am back again for next problem .. Boot Logo. That is it12:37
MonkeyDustNyLes  do they cause any problem?12:37
NyLesMonkeyDust: nope, just want to know..12:37
ikoniaNyLes: yes, but what do you want to know12:37
NyLesikonia: are they really essential for upgrading ALSA?12:37
ikoniaNyLes: http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/ that is what gettext is, is that the sort of thing are you looking for12:37
ikoniaNyLes: if the package depends on them - yes they are12:37
cucoallu2: again, not working.12:38
NyLesikonia: ahh thanks..12:38
MatisMHello everyone, I have a very strange problem with my ubuntu 10.4, regarding my internet connection12:38
MatisMmy connection comes and goes, several times per minute12:38
bronnowHi an newbee questtion.. can i have zen coding to gedit and how do i do that?12:38
MonkeyDustMatisM  wireless?12:39
MatisMMonkeyDust: not eth12:39
nebkatanyone here who could tell me about getting ubuntu mobile for an android rom?12:39
BeTaMaXHi there :)12:39
ikonianebkat: there isn't one12:39
BeTaMaXAnyone here with java knnowledge could support me with a compilation and some doubts? I'm giving my first steps12:40
nebkatikonia: hmm?12:40
ikonianebkat: not released yet12:40
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:40
ikonianebkat: it should be available from the market place when it's released I believe12:40
nebkatikonia: market place?12:41
nebkatthat would be amazing12:41
wadkardo I have to grep /etc/passwd,group and what not for this ?12:41
ikonianebkat: whatever the android "app store" is12:41
ikonianebkat: I don't believe any of that is confirmed though12:41
nebkatwould be great for me12:41
MatisMMonkeyDust: can you read me at pm?12:41
nebkatall I need a pc for is to connect to ssh12:41
MonkeyDust!pm| MatisM12:41
ubottuMatisM: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:41
NyLesexcuse me, i tried ./configure in alsa-utils and it say configure: error: panelw library not found12:43
ikoniaNyLes: I strongly advise you not to try to do that12:43
MatisMMy question is, My eth connection comes and goes several times in the same minute, as I'm surfing the web, or using git, or whatever, I tried changing the DNS, changing IP to a fixed one set by me in the configuration, and nothing seems to happend, here is more information about my network system http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f85 ubottu12:43
ikoniaNyLes: manually compiling alsa and overwriting files on your ubuntu system can lead to real issues12:43
dr_willisNyLes:  install the needed whatever-dev packages12:43
MatisMMonkeyDust: I don't know wich command is ok for pm, I doubled click on your name on list of names at the channel12:44
NyLesikonia: but the installed alsa causes problems with my sound card :/12:44
ubuntu-guyHow can i change this picture for live cd (Customization) please: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/plymouthtutorial-large_007.jpg12:44
NyLesdr_willis: ok thanks..12:44
ikoniaNyLes: then work with people to fix it, log bugs, get the packages updated if that's what is needded12:44
mut3cityGot a new laptop that came with W7 and I installed Ubuntu 10.10 along side it.  But now I need to return the laptop… is there any way to uninstall Ubuntu and restore the drive to it's original partition size?12:44
dr_willisapt-get build-dep package   is handy command.. for that12:44
ikoniaNyLes: compiling software with no understanding of the consiquences / effects on the system may break a lot more than sound12:45
ikoniamut3city: you'll need to a.) delete the ubuntu partitions b.) resize the windows partiton to the whole disk c.) put the windows boot loader back on12:45
NyLesikonia: OMG?12:45
ikoniamut3city: I wouldn't worry too hard though as the shop will likley re-image it12:45
fidelmut3city: most likely the wrong place to ask in the first place. regarding resetting: check if there is some kind of recovery procedure described12:46
dr_willisthere used to be some update-alsa scripts12:46
NyLesikonia: thanks for the advice i'll stop this now..12:46
MatisMMy eth connection comes and goes several times in the same minute, as I'm surfing the web, or using git, or whatever, I tried changing the DNS, changing IP to a fixed one set by me in the configuration, and nothing seems to happend, here is more information about my network system http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f85 ubottu12:46
mut3cityfidel: it came with a recovery partition, just didn't know if that would delete the linux partitions and restore the original12:46
mut3cityikonia: thanks12:46
NyLesdr_willis: i think i encountered one.. will it help me?12:47
dr_willisNyLes:  ive no idea what your issue is.12:47
MatisMMy eth connection comes and goes several times in the same minute, as I'm surfing the web, or using git, or whatever, I tried changing the DNS, changing IP to a fixed one set by me in the configuration, and nothing seems to happend, here is more information about my network system http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f85 ubottu12:48
NyLesdr_willis: aplay -l results with no soundcard founds, lspci does detect my soundcard.. and whenever there is action on desktop i.e moving mouse, it produces buzz sound "zzzzzz"12:48
fidelmut3city: i returned a laptop to amazon years ago - i didndt even bother removing the os i installed on it and they didnt asked me to clean my mess up ;)12:49
NyLesdr_willis:  is this the one your talking about? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168157712:49
mut3cityfidel: cool good to know12:49
MatisMMy eth connection comes and goes several times in the same minute, as I'm surfing the web, or using git, or whatever, I tried changing the DNS, changing IP to a fixed one set by me in the configuration, and nothing seems to happend, here is more information about my network system http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f85 ubottu  CAN SOMEONE HELP ME12:50
MatisMMy eth connection comes and goes several times in the same minute, as I'm surfing the web, or using git, or whatever, I tried changing the DNS, changing IP to a fixed one set by me in the configuration, and nothing seems to happend, here is more information about my network system http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f85 ubottu  CAN SOMEONE HELP ME12:52
MatisMMy eth connection comes and goes several times in the same minute, as I'm surfing the web, or using git, or whatever, I tried changing the DNS, changing IP to a fixed one set by me in the configuration, and nothing seems to happend, here is more information about my network system http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f85 ubottu  CAN SOMEONE HELP ME12:52
FloodBot1MatisM: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:52
ikoniaI was just typing a response12:52
RawProduceMatisM: could be a hardware problem12:52
dr_willisheh delayed bot12:52
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AlanBellMatisM: firstly don't be irritating, it won't encourage people to help you. Secondly, don't use ping use mtr that will show you where on the path between you and the thing you are pinging the packets are being droppped, might be your router or somewhere in your ISP12:55
AlanBellso "mtr google.com" and watch it for a while12:55
theadminAlanBell: (s)he was kicked12:55
cgahi all, ubuntu oneiric up to date. alsa installed, audio working (realtek alc262) but I neither can control it with the volume widget nor see it listed in sound (system settings) hardware12:56
ikoniathe fact that there are so many "link ups" in a short period of time suggests the card is struggling to negotiate12:57
cgaany idea? already did the "trick" to add options snd-hda-intel model=ALC262 to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf12:57
=== shantorn is now known as kd7jwc
MonkeyDustcga  open a terminal and type alsamixer12:59
cgaMonkeyDust, then what? I want to use the volume in the bar.13:00
cgait is working in alsamixer bte13:00
MonkeyDustah, that's different13:00
ZerpexHi, I'm trying to find all .htaccess files in my /home directory, anyone that knows how to do so?13:00
llutzfind ~ -type f -name '.htaccess' Zerpex13:01
huttanZerpex: find ~/ -name .htaccess13:01
ecolitanhow can I stop esolv.conf from being overwritten13:02
Zerpexyou guys are awesome13:02
lorrien3If I install ubuntu WITHOUT internet what do I miss? and how do I get it back?13:02
llutzecolitan: set your dns in networkmanager or dhclient ot /etc/network/interfaces13:03
kpas_does libre office support ms docx files13:03
ecolitanseems to ignore dns-nameserver in the /etc/network/interfaces file13:04
llutzecolitan: sudo apt-get install resolvconf13:04
ecolitanjust overwrites resolv.conf with its own ideas13:04
=== Guest41099 is now known as Ard1t
lorrien3someone help!13:04
kpas_hmmm let move it mt win7 pc and see if word can open it might be a corrupt file13:04
=== lorrien3 is now known as jiro
theadminlorrien3: You don't "miss" anything, you'll just have to install updates yourself later rather them being installed during the install13:04
=== jiro is now known as ferori
llutzecolitan: "dns-nameserver" in the /etc/network/interfaces only works if that package is installed13:05
eutheriai am trying to add a printer, i get this message about firewallD is not running13:05
eutheriawhat is firewalld?13:05
feroritheadmin: but is it installing? I don't install anything automatically after I connect to the internet...13:05
NewWorldeutheria:  I'm guessing firewall daemon13:06
feroritheadmin: but what13:06
MatisMasters_Hi can someone help me to solve a problem with my internet connection?13:06
feroriI can mantismaster!13:06
eutheriawell seeing as there is no such package as firewalld13:06
ecolitanwell Ive installed resolvconf, will see what happens after next boot. Thanks :)13:06
feroriWhat's the prob MantisMaster?13:06
NewWorldeutheria:  It's a service. It can be part of another package13:07
MatisMasters_ferori: well my problem is that my connection comes and goes several times per minute13:07
MatisMasters_ferori: i already tried setting the DNS and IP fixed, I'm behind a router13:07
MatisMasters_ferori: there is more info13:07
feroriAre you using a wired or wireless connection MAntis?13:07
MatisMasters_ferori: wired13:07
ferorigive me info!13:07
ferorigive me info13:08
MatisMasters_ferori: http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f8513:08
eutheriaNewWorld, well it is a service that doesn't exist, no such file in packages.ubuntu.com13:08
MatisMasters_ferori: on windows everything works great, so its not a router problem13:08
ecolitanMatisMasters: dodgy/wiggly cable?13:09
ferorihahaha MantisMAster. Someone help Mantis.13:09
kpas_where in unity can I match a file type with a application to run when clicking the file I want to open13:09
MatisMasters_ecolitan: no, its the same cable that I use in windows13:09
ecolitani always thought "link up" in messages was L2 ?13:10
feroritheadmin MantisMaster needs help13:10
MatisMasters_ferori: lol, MantisMaster xD, its very weird but It happend to me before I fixed it, didn't even know how, but I thought it had something to do with the IPv6, but I deactivated it from the options in the network-applet from gnome, and nothing13:10
feroriMantisMaster, I dunno a thing about computer! I just installed ubuntu andthe internet works correctly. Hahahaha13:11
huttanMatisMasters_: are u using dhcp on your router?13:12
feroriWhat have you done MantisMAster13:12
RedViperI recently downloaded a new linux and burnt it on to a Dvd, but when I reboot my computer, it boots into the Dvd but after that it remains black. I have tryed pressing all sorts of keys and still nothing happens, Please can someone help?13:12
ubuntu-guyHow can i change this boot picture for live cd (Customization) please: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/plymouthtutorial-large_007.jpg  ?13:12
ikoniaRedViper: what is the new linux ?13:12
kernixhi all13:12
ikonia!plymouth > ubuntu-guy13:12
ubottuubuntu-guy, please see my private message13:12
feroriit's said it's installing additional files but it's stuck like that for 10 minutes already.13:14
RedViperikonia: Linux Mint 12. I have ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7 installed at the moment. I want to move onto Mint but I cant seem to get into the dvd13:14
ikoniaRedViper: ok, so ask the mint support channels for help13:14
theadminRedViper: Mint is unsupported here.13:14
ikonia!mint | RedViper13:14
ubottuRedViper: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:14
ikoniaRedViper: good luck13:15
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amjo324_1good ubuntu book recommendations ?13:15
feroriI know amjo324_113:16
ikoniaamjo324_1: tons on amazon for all different topics/levels13:16
RedViperikonia: How can I get onto the mint chats using Empathy?13:16
ikoniaRedViper: join the server ubottu gave you and then join the channel13:16
RedViperikonia: There is no one in the chat?13:17
ikoniaRedViper: there is,13:17
RedViperikonia: ?13:17
ikoniaRedViper: ?13:18
dr_willisbrad! janet!13:18
llutz #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org NOT on freenode RedViper13:18
RedViperikonia: Well no one is here13:18
dr_willisUbuntu is more fun anyway13:18
ikoniaRedViper: they are - I'm in the channel, over 400 people13:18
llutz #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org NOT on freenode RedViper13:19
RedViperllutz: How do I get onto irc.spotchat.org?13:19
the_phi. i'm having troubles with the nvidia driver. i can see in nvidia x-server settings that there are 3 performance levels and altough i'm not using my gpu it is always in the highest one. as i am on a notebook i would like to have it on the lowest if i do not need my gpu to save energy.13:19
MonkeyDustRedViper  in your browser, surf to irc.spotchat.org and join #linuxmint-help13:19
MatisMastersHey, can someone help with a problem in my internet connection in Ubuntu 10.?? please someone, is a very difficult problem13:19
llutzRedViper: read the manual for your irc-client, /server irc.spotchat.org     then /join #linuxmint-help13:19
ikoniaMatisMasters: you keep asking13:19
=== ferori is now known as lorrien3
ikoniaMatisMasters: 1.) are you using gnome network manager or /etc/interfaces to configure your card ?13:20
RedViperikonia: llutz: Thanks13:20
MatisMastersikonia: hey, can you help me?13:20
MatisMastersikonia: thanks in advance13:20
dr_willisthe_p:  actually unity/compiz is using the 3d features of the gpu13:20
ikoniaMatisMasters: answer my questions and I can help you where to look13:20
MatisMastersikonia: gnome-network-manager, from the ubuntu gui applet at the top of the screen13:21
MatisMastersikonia: http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f8513:21
ikoniaMatisMasters: ok - so you have not configured anything in /etc/interfaces file13:21
MatisMastersikonia: not, I've never touched that file13:21
ikoniaMatisMasters: are you using dhcp or static ip  ?13:21
MatisMastersikonia: dhcp, but I tried to set up the static IP with DNS and everything and still the same problem13:23
ikoniaMatisMasters: make sure you are using dhcp - do not try to use static IP13:23
ikoniaMatisMasters: is this wired direct into your router or a switch ?13:23
MatisMastersikonia: its wired directly into my router, via rj45 cable13:24
RedViperikonia: llutz: Sorry to bother you but I am still having problems finding the Mint Chat.13:24
MatisMastersikonia: but from windows, as I am right now with my laptop everything works perfectly13:24
ikoniaMatisMasters: so you have windows on the same laptop and it has no issues ?13:24
MatisMastersikonia: from both my laptop, and my desktop pc(the one I want to fix)13:24
theTroyhi! Is there a way to find out if my hardware has mini PCI express V1 or V2?13:24
ikoniaMatisMasters: is your desktop or laptop having the problem13:25
=== beboj_ is now known as beboj
MatisMastersikonia: right now to have both powered on, I'm using the IRC chat from my laptop, but in my desktop its an amd, and its the one with problems with the connection, only in ubuntu, my desktop in windows works fine13:25
llutzRedViper: http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/FAQ#How_can_I_connect_to_IRC_in_Empathy_.3F13:25
ikoniaMatisMasters: ok - so your desktop has the problem, when you boot into windows on the desktop does it have any problems ?13:25
RedViperikonia: llutz: Is there a way to access the Linux Mint chat Through Empathy???13:26
ikoniaRedViper: READ what llutz just posted13:26
MatisMastersikonia: not at all, in my desktop windows works just fine, and the internet connection also works fine13:26
RedViperikonia: Ya sorry13:26
ikoniaMatisMasters: ok so that removes a lot of the confusion areas13:26
ikoniaMatisMasters: what network card is in this machine ?13:26
dr_willisRedViper:  any irc client should work. connecct to the server, then join the channel13:27
MatisMastersikonia: how can I check it?13:27
ikoniaMatisMasters: please pastebin the output of the command "lspci"13:27
MatisMastersikonia: on my way13:28
RedViperdr_willis: It's not working with Empathy though. I have checked and applyed these details - #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:28
theadminRedViper: Click this: irc://irc.spotchat.org/linuxmint-help . Empathy should open it and connect where you want to.13:29
MatisMastersikonia: Ethernet controller: Realtek ctor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B Express it Ethernet controller (rev 06)13:30
RedVipertheadmin: Nothing is happening13:30
ikoniaMatisMasters: that should have quite reasonable support13:30
theadminRedViper: mk, anyway, Empathy is not really an IRC client... Why not use something sane?13:30
MatisMastersikonia: I don't know who exactly to address, do you think its a driver problem?13:31
dr_willisi agree - use a 'real' irc client13:31
RedVipertheadmin: Suggestions?13:31
theadminRedViper: irssi (cli), kvirc, xchat (gui)13:31
dr_willisweechat. ;)13:31
ikoniaMatisMasters: doubtful, but possible13:32
llutzMatisMasters: " modinfo r8169|grep version:"13:33
the_pdr_willis:  i'm on kde and i deactivated the desktop effects13:33
NyLeslol this card beats the hell out of me..13:33
ikoniaMatisMasters: the fact that there are so many "up" requests in that syslog sugguest to me it's struggling to negotiate13:33
mosnowhat is the deal with that annoying little resize triangle on the bottom-right of my windows? i don't seem to recall this on other distros. can it be disabled? am in Gnome Shell13:33
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
dr_willismosno:  resize handel? its a theme thing i belive13:34
MatisMikonia: sorry just lost connection13:35
MatisMikonia:  http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f8513:35
ikoniaMatisM: you've given me that link 3 times !13:35
ikoniaMatisM: stop it13:35
MatisMikonia: added latest command result, the last message I read was about that having reasonable support13:35
RedViperdr_willis: Ok I have installed Xchat, What network do I use?13:36
ikoniaMatisM: please show me the output of "ifconfig eth0"13:36
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:37
RedViperdr_willis: MintIRC?13:37
ikoniaRedViper: ok - this is getting tedious now13:37
mosnodr_willis, figured it out: http://askubuntu.com/questions/61280/how-to-remove-the-resize-grip-in-gtk3-windows13:37
ikoniaRedViper: connec to the irc network irc.spotchat.net13:37
dr_willis on 'servername'13:37
mosnodr_willis, it just bugged me in gnome-terminal13:38
SapphireHello everybody , in ubuntu there are many files have a SUID set and can be executed by other user , so why I run a program like this , I still need to enter my sudo password ?13:38
ikoniaRedViper: join the channel #linuxmint-help13:38
ikoniaRedViper: if you are unable to do this, join the channel #xchat and ask for help in configuring it13:38
playmanany one that can help me? I just installed fog on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, now i'm trying to access it's management trough firefox, all I get is "connection timed out" when I try to access the fog management. I cant ping the ubuntu server from the XP machine, but I can ping the XP machine from Ubuntu. any idea?13:38
ikoniaplayman: what are you trying to access ?13:38
theadminSapphire: It all depends on what the program does. If it tries to access some data the user normally has no access to, well13:38
MatisM_ikonia: sorry but I think now, if the ubuntu is connected, could it be that is making have problem connections with my laptop in windows?13:38
ikoniaMatisM_: please show me the output of the command "ifconfig eth0"13:39
playmanikonia: i'm trying to access this http://localhost/fog/management13:39
ikoniaplayman: you won't be able to access "localhost" from a remote host13:39
ikoniaplayman: you need to make sure apache is running to access it from the local machine13:39
ikoniaplayman: I have no idea how you've installed "fog" so can't comment beyond that13:40
playmanikonia: I did not use localhost, I used it's local ip address13:40
new2ubuntuhi guys, can someone help me with ubuntu 11.10, I cant get into graphical mode?13:40
llutz127.0.0.1? ;)13:40
ikoniaplayman: then when I asked "what you are trying to access" give me the REAL thing you are trying to access13:40
playmanikonia: this is how I installed fog, pritty simple http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Ubuntu_10.0413:40
ikoniaplayman: don't give me fake info13:40
dr_willisfor a fast quake server join ''    old joke. ;)13:41
ikoniadr_willis: made me smile, so thank you13:41
playmanikonia: sorry about that ikonia, i'll keep that in mind from now on13:41
Sapphirethx theamin ~13:41
ikoniaplayman: I'll ask again "what url are you trying to access"13:41
new2ubuntulinux expects me to type something it stands on myusername@computerName13:41
new2ubuntuany idea what should I do?13:42
ikonianew2ubuntu: what is the question13:42
dr_willisnew2ubuntu:  thats the console/shell13:42
new2ubuntui just installed ubuntu13:42
theadminnew2ubuntu: Does "startx" do anything?13:42
ikonianew2ubuntu: ok13:42
new2ubuntujust a sec, I'll tell you what happens13:42
MatisM_ikonia: added to the pastie we've been working on13:42
ikoniaplayman: ok - so you need to make sure apache is set to listen on the IP address and that port 80 is not firewalled13:42
dr_willis!info fog13:42
ubottuPackage fog does not exist in oneiric13:42
theadminikonia: (s)he fails to run lightdm apparently13:42
ikoniatheadmin: who/what/where ?13:42
new2ubuntuit says server error?13:42
theadminikonia: new2ubuntu13:43
=== Caspercom is now known as Caspercom|AFK
ikoniaMatisM_: don't see the info - please just give me the info I'm asking for13:43
theadminnew2ubuntu: Uh, huh. Okay, can you try booting with nomodeset?13:43
new2ubuntuthat's what i did13:43
new2ubuntuand ended up here13:44
new2ubuntuI mean on this screen13:44
new2ubuntuI type my username and pass13:44
theadminnew2ubuntu: Well, I take it the same thing happens without nomodeset too?13:44
new2ubuntuwithout nomodeset it's black screen13:44
=== fireball is now known as Guest47637
new2ubuntulaptop has some issues with graphics13:44
theadminnew2ubuntu: Hm, okay. What is your GPU (graphics card)?13:44
new2ubuntuso I activated nomodeset13:44
new2ubunturadeon 6830g I think13:44
armandoborntotauanybody know how to install ubuntu on sony vaio series s?? i can't install with ubuntu 10.0413:44
=== noobuntu is now known as bull
=== Guest47637 is now known as mi3
new2ubuntuit's hp pavilion g7 laptop13:45
=== bull is now known as bulll
mi3Hi, I am updating my natty with the latest updates and I would like to know how can I backup those updates .13:46
armandoborntotauanybody know how to install ubuntu on sony vaio series s?? i can't install with ubuntu 10.0413:46
theadminnew2ubuntu: Hm... Radeon or Radeon HD? I dunno if the old Radeon are even supported anymore13:46
new2ubuntujust aa sec13:47
theadmin(I'm not too into graphic cards or hardware in general though)13:47
=== armandoborntotau is now known as iBuntu
theadminnew2ubuntu: lspci | grep VGA13:47
AdvoWorkis this quite high as load averages? 3.46, 3.46, 3.6013:47
new2ubuntuit's hd13:47
theadmin!find fglrx13:48
ubottuFound: fglrx, fglrx-amdcccle, fglrx-amdcccle-updates, fglrx-dev, fglrx-updates13:48
muelliAdvoWork: well. Yes. But it depends, really. The number is the number of processes willing to run.13:48
theadminnew2ubuntu: Just grab fglrx and it should work... I hope13:49
mi3I am updating my natty with the latest updates and I would like to know how can I backup those updates manually and then again reinstall those updates on an offline pc without any software13:49
new2ubuntuhow to grab? :D13:49
new2ubuntutype it?13:49
theadminnew2ubuntu: sudo apt-get install fglrx13:49
new2ubuntuok, thanks I'll try that13:49
theadminnew2ubuntu: That is given you have a network connection13:49
i2chey guys whenever I try to open up ubuntu software center it takes forever, then automatically turns grey and I have to force quit. Any thoughts? I"ve already tried sudo-apt --reinstall install software-center13:50
mi3any suggest me?13:51
muelliwell i2c. It might just be busy.13:51
muellimi3: I don't really get what you want to achieve.13:51
mi3can anyone suggest me?13:51
AdvoWorkmuelli, what can i do to work out why its so high?13:51
theadmini2c: software-center is pretty heavy, have you considered trying Synaptic?13:51
mi3i2c try updating to a new version13:51
MatisM_ikonia: there, in the same pastebin, at the bottom of everything, sorry its difficult to use the connection right now from ubuntu, im moving the command results through text files in a pendrive now13:52
muelliAdvoWork: you can check with tools like "htop" what processes are running and in which state they are. Then you get an idea of what processes cause the load.13:52
=== toxboi` is now known as toxboi
escottmi3, you can grab the debs from /var/cache/apt/archives/13:52
mi3muelli, I am updating my system and its receiving those updates [those deb files] I want to backup those and save them, then I want to install them on an offline pc that has never connected to the internet13:53
ikoniaMatisM_: sorry, not interested any more, I'm asking for information and not getting it.13:53
roasted_Question - this is such a minor thing, but I'm just THAT curious. Why is it when I format a drive in disk utility, I have 2 mb unallocated, while in gparted it leaves 0 mb allocated? What's stranger yet is if I format it with gparted (leaving 0 mb unallocated) and try to add it to my software raid array, it times out and fails, whereas if I format it with disk utility (leaving 2 mb unallocated) it works just fine. Very minor, but I13:53
MatisM_ikonia: second chance please! I really need help with this13:53
muelliyeah mi3. I think you need to backup /var/cache/apt. But I'm not entirely sure whether that's everything.13:53
ikoniaroasted_: it's just rounding13:53
roasted_ikonia: don't you think it's strange 1 works as raid and th eother does not, though?13:54
ikoniaroasted_: it shouldn't make a difference, and in all the years I've used raid I've never had an issue due to rounding13:54
mi3escott there are a lot of deb files, how do I backup them?13:54
playmanikonia: sorry for the long respond, I checked the httpd.conf file and it's empty, I should se there if my apache is listening. right?13:54
ikoniaroasted_: I suspect there a different problem that you are assoticating with this13:54
mi3muelli i want to backup my updates dude13:54
muelliroasted_: I don't know but I can imaging metadata taking up some space. And well, if there's no space left, it might not be able to write the metadata13:54
muellimi3: yes.13:54
MatisM_ikonia:  http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f4796aa0e81f13:54
roasted_ikonia: have you ever set up software raid after ubuntu is already installed?13:55
escottroasted_, two possibilities (a) alighnment and (b) something gpt related. i think gpt leaves a bit at the front of the disk unused so as not to trample on mbr tables13:55
roasted_muelli: that was kind of my thought process too.13:55
ikoniaplayman visit https://help.ubuntu.com - look in the server section there is a guide on how to setup apache13:55
roasted_escott: I'm not using gpt.13:55
ikoniaroasted_: many many times13:55
roasted_ikonia: when you prep the drives, do you use gparted, disk utility, or terminal?13:55
ikoniaroasted_: personally fdisk13:55
escottmi3, how were you planning to get files to the offline machine?13:55
ikoniaroasted_: no reason other than personal preferences13:56
mi3muelli how to backup them? also i would like to install them on an offline pc so tell me how to do so13:56
LukeNukemikonia, yo13:56
LukeNukemremember me?13:56
MonkeyDustikonia  is popular today13:56
ikoniaLukeNukem: as we only spoke yesterday, yes13:56
roasted_ikonia: I hear ya. hey by chance do you have a preference between mbr and gpt?13:56
MatisM_MonkeyDust: can you help me with my weird internet connection problem?13:56
LukeNukemMatisM_, what is it13:57
mi3escott ,by a flash drive, u know , with those updates copied to a flash drive and then moved to the offline pc13:57
ikoniaroasted_: mbr is nothing to do with gpt, if you mean dos partitions and gpt, unless I have a technical reason (2TB or greater or EFI ) or until dos becomes more retired I'll keep it simple with dos tables13:57
biscegliaciao list13:57
udonthavetoknow_hello there, can somebody help me? i'm trying to format and partition a microsd card with gparted, but always when i'm trying to make a ext4 partition my /dev/sdb gets unmounted. after mounting it again, it says that gparted cannot detect the new partition13:57
roasted_ikonia: I know they have nothing to do each other, and yes I meant the disk size/EFI. Speaking of which, if my board is "UEFI enabled" is that referencing EFI that GPT needs?13:57
biscegliaciao list13:58
muellimi3: *shrug* copy them on a pen drive and move them over to the other machine.13:58
bastidrazorubottu: tell bisceglia about list13:58
MatisM_LukeNukem: The connection from my desktop pc with ubuntu 10.4 is reconnecting over and over again, like several times per minutes, as I surf the web, or do anything on internet, in the same pc in windows, the connection is working perfectly13:58
ubottubisceglia, please see my private message13:58
MatisM_LukeNukem: http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f8513:58
escottmi3, if the machines are identical and the flash drive is large enough you could rsync -delete from the /var/cache/apt/archives/ on a regular basis. that would be the easiest way to get updates over13:58
MatisM_LukeNukem: there is lots of information13:58
ikoniaroasted_: if you know they are nothing to do with each other, why did you ask if I prefered MBR or GPT knowing they where nothing to do with each other13:58
biscegliaciao list13:58
escottmi3, although you would also need to copy the updated apt dependency lists13:58
LukeNukemMatisM_, gee sorry, dunno man13:58
LukeNukemgood luck13:58
roasted_ikonia: I looked at MBR vs GPT as ext3 vs ext4.13:58
HoNgOuRumy volume icon near the time has gone, Im using gnome 3.13:58
ikoniaroasted_: UEFI enabled doesn't mean you have to use it13:58
bastidrazor!list | bisceglia13:59
ubottubisceglia: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:59
HoNgOuRuwhat do I have to install ?=13:59
ikoniaroasted_: MBR is "master boot record" - it's nothing to do with the partition table13:59
ikoniaroasted_: the partition tables are GPT and DOS based13:59
roasted_ikonia: oh. I guess I got confused with disk utility then, because it asked me which kind of partition structure I wanted when I went to format the volume.13:59
sriniIs there any channel available for tweaking terminal?13:59
escottroasted_, if gpt does not require efi. you can have gpt on bios systems. but if you have uefi enabled you are supposed to use gpt to boot13:59
v01d`how do i set up iptables in ubuntu ?13:59
v01d`and arp tables14:00
ikoniaroasted_: it's easy to make the mistakes, I'[m only being picky to make sure I'm answering the question you are "really" asking14:00
HoNgOuRuis there any way of recovering the volume indicator in gnome 3 ?14:00
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
udonthavetoknow_hello there, can somebody help me? i'm trying to format and partition a microsd card with gparted, but always when i'm trying to make an ext4 partition my /dev/sdb gets unmounted. after mounting it again, it says that gparted cannot detect the new partition14:00
MonkeyDust!pm| MatisM_14:00
i2cmi3 how do I update to a newer version? and software center worked for the longest time...14:00
ubottuMatisM_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:00
roasted_escott: I didn't specifically set up gpt on my boot drive. I know my board said UEFI enabled but that was as far as I got with it.14:00
chown_guys i have a network hd that has a interface, at my mac i do a smb://ip and it mount up my hd, how do i do something like that at ubuntu?14:00
v01d`how do i set up iptables in ubuntu ?14:00
mi3escott tell me all the steps i am a newbie dude never tried that before, 1st how to backup them? i know the folder and i copied them, nut there is a lock icon on those deb files14:00
muelliv01d`: check ufw14:00
fidelchown_: you mount if via cli or via your file-browser14:01
muelli!ufw | v01d`14:01
ubottuv01d`: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.14:01
roasted_ikonia: well if you have a second, pop into disk utility sometime, pop in a flash drive you can sacrifice (only because I would never recommend touching the next step on a live drive, even if you would utilize the cancel button) then hit "format volume". I saw MBR, GUID, and several other things there. I just associated them as being similar to ext2 vs 3 vs 4, etc14:01
mi3i2c u can update the software center from the update manager, just reload the lists and install from that ok14:01
HoNgOuRuis there any way of recovering the volume indicator in gnome 3 ?14:01
MatisM_ubottu: can you help me? The connection from my desktop pc with ubuntu 10.4 is reconnecting over and over again, like several times per minutes, as I surf the web, or do anything on internet, in the same pc in windows, the connection is working perfectly14:01
ubottuMatisM_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:01
RedViperPlease can someone help me With Linux Mint in #ubuntu-offtopic?14:02
ikoniaroasted_: nah, totally different things14:02
udonthavetoknow_hello there, can somebody help me? i'm trying to format and partition a microsd card with gparted, but always when i'm trying to make an ext4 partition my /dev/sdb gets unmounted. after mounting it again, it says that gparted cannot detect the new partition14:02
i2cmi3: I believe it's already updated. I hit check for updates and I get nothing. (I update daily, I'm kinda anal about that)14:02
roasted_ikonia: mbr was default so I just left it alone.14:02
ikoniaroasted_: nothing wrong with that, simple14:02
v01d`and also on arp tables14:03
chown_fidel: how do i do that?14:03
mi3then still it gets hanged i2c?14:03
i2cyes sir14:03
fidelchown_: depends on what you use14:03
i2cwhen I open up software-center via command line, it throws a bunch of python errors at me14:03
MatisM_The connection from my desktop pc with ubuntu 10.4 is reconnecting over and over again, like several times per minutes, as I surf the web, or do anything on internet, in the same pc in windows, the connection is working perfectly ANYONE to help me please? thanks in advance14:03
mi3try uninstalling then re installing it14:03
fidelchown_: cli-wise its using the mount cmd14:03
chown_fidel: on my mac i do: smb://ip/partition14:03
roasted_ikonia: I had originally formatted my one drive with GUID, and I noticed when I went to edit the file system type, things were wildly different. Instead of linux raid autodetect (0xfd) it now simply said linux raid. The options were simpler, etc. It wasn't until I went to my other drive, stll live in the raid, that I saw it was mbr. so I reformatted the target drive (drive b) as mbr, then 0xfd was available and I set the type as su14:03
escottmi3, i've never done this so I can't give you all the steps. all i can say is that apt needs a list of the files to install and their checksums and then will look into /var/cache/apt/ to see if the files were already downloaded. so what you need to get over to the other machine is the *.deb files and the updated package archive list. and you would put those in /apt. alternately if you can get a bigger disk to do the transfer you could tr14:03
escotty and use apt-mirror14:03
fidelchown_: you arent listening ;)14:03
ikoniaroasted_: GUID is very different14:04
mi3give me the paste of that will u....14:04
udonthavetoknow_hello there, can somebody help me? i'm trying to format and partition a microsd card with gparted, but always when i'm trying to make an ext4 partition my /dev/sdb gets unmounted. after mounting it again, it says that gparted cannot detect the new partition14:04
roasted_ikonia: oh, when I googled it people were associating htem as the same.14:04
mi3err escott?14:04
roasted_ikonia: are there any advantages to guid over mbr?14:04
escottudonthavetoknow_, double check that it doesnt have a write protect switch on the card14:05
mi3ok is there a GUI to create a backup? escott?14:05
MatisM_The connection from my desktop pc with ubuntu 10.4 is reconnecting over and over again, like several times per minutes, as I surf the web, or do anything on internet, in the same pc in windows, the connection is working perfectly ANYONE to help me please? thanks in advance http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=4f47819721f8514:05
ikoniaroasted_: bigger disk size support really, that's about it14:05
=== DRW_ is now known as ff
hayloRoasted, guid is group user id i think14:05
escottmi3, not that i am aware of14:05
roasted_haylo: you're right, but we're talking about a different type of guid in regard to partition table schemes. :)14:06
roasted_ikonia: gotcha. thanks bro.14:06
escottroasted_, ikonia more partitions, larger partitions, and the entry tables are bigger so more can be stored in the entry table, and there is a backup table at the end of the disk14:06
mi3ok then if u had to install updates to an offline pc suggest me what would u do?14:06
i2cWOW. I just tried doing sudo-software center, and it worked perfectly.14:06
ikoniaescott: ahhh yes, more partitions is another good point14:06
mi3ok then if u had to install updates to an offline pc suggest me what would u do?escott14:06
roasted_escott: would it be more logical for me to use that type of setup on a raided /home volume?14:06
escottmi3, its a lot of sneaker work to shuffle files back and forth. is there a way to make this an online machine?14:07
ikoniaroasted_: I don't think you'd see a benifit as the raid info is held in the private regions of the disk14:07
kpriceudonthavetoknow - have you tried mkfs from a shell?14:07
justsighdudesIs there a good tutorial on how to set up a secure server? I feel like settings up a chroot for each daemon is a good idea but I have no idea how this stuff works.14:07
=== administrator is now known as Guest57423
ikoniajustsighdudes: it's not a good idea,14:08
escottroasted_, one argument for gpt would be that a raid array might live longer than any single disk in the array and your next disk is likely to be too big for mbr. so if you start with gpt today you can be a consistent gpt all the way through14:08
ikoniajustsighdudes: not all applications can function in a chroot enviornment, some have that configuration built in, others you'd have to build a whole machine chroot just to run a daemon.14:08
roasted_escott: gpt? or guid?14:08
Guest57423who is chinese ?14:08
mi3i am just taking an example escott incase i am left totally without an internet connection and pc that has not been updated for months, know what i am saying :)14:08
bastidrazorGuest57423: most people in #ubuntu-cn14:08
NyLesok i think I'm missing something.. please analyze this for me im begging you guys.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/85538914:09
mi3nice answer bastidrazor14:09
roasted_ikonia: I'm reading GPT and GUID are the same thing...14:10
Guest57423why your speak chinese??14:10
mi3:) "most people in ubuntu-cn hahahahahahahaha14:10
=== hemanth is now known as Guest10809
hayloi wish i could speak chinese14:11
zacktuthunderbird has just upgraded to 10.0.2, and wouldn't install lightning -- now google calendar doesn't work -- recent updates have worked transparently?  - any word on where this is going?14:11
escottroasted_, gpt uses guids (in mbr your guid is put not in the partition table but in the pbr AFAIK)14:11
roasted_escott: I'm reading GPT is just an appreviation for GUID Partition Table...14:11
roasted_MBR - Master Boot REcord etc14:11
MonkeyDustGuest57423  please type /join #ubuntu-cn14:12
escottmi3, its hard to work with hypotheticals. hypothetically if the US and russia launch their nukes canonical won't be producing many updates so i wouldn't worry14:12
mi3escott: hehehehehehe14:12
playmanikonia: sorry about this, but both /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and /etc/dhcpd.conf are blank, I used to have fully working dhcpd server before the install of the fog program, is that normal?14:12
escottroasted_, there are technical limitations (disk size) that are forcing the move to GPT, but GPT includes many of the best practices (like partition guids that you see with sudo blkid) into the partition table14:13
mi3escott: hey atleast in modern warfare 3 they did[hypothetically]14:13
bluefrogplayman, /etc/dhcp3-server.dhcpd.conf14:13
bluefrogplayman, /etc/dhcp3-server/dhcpd.conf14:13
roasted_escott: while I'm already tinkering with my partitions I  might as well move them over just for tinkering.14:13
bluefrogplayman forget it, am reading what I want... not what is written..14:14
Guest57423where are you from??14:14
bluefrogplayman, why are you mixing apache conf and dhcp conf?14:14
escottroasted_, the reasons for using gpt on a new disk are decent. the reasons for switching to gpt on a prexisting disk are less compelling. also be very careful to remove the mbr partition if you switch. or create a protective mbr partition14:14
escottroasted_, this will tell you everything you need to know and more http://www.rodsbooks.com/14:15
bluefrogplayman, /etc/apache2.apache2.conf14:15
Trevor69420ok i have been trying to convert COMPLETELY to ubuntu to get rid of windows... but i have a music problem... i have imported all my music from iTunes into my ubuntu system... however i have one tiny issue... my itunes purchased songs14:15
MonkeyDust!pm > Guest5742314:15
ubottuGuest57423, please see my private message14:15
Trevor69420has anyone figured a roundabout way to get my iTunes purchases to work in Ubuntu14:16
escottTrevor69420, you probably need to remove the drm from the m4a files14:16
roasted_escott: these are just data disks. I guess I could do it one of two ways. It's a raid. I could either remove drive A, format to GUID, sync up to drive B (still mbr) then remove drive B, format to GUID, sync to drive A. This is assuming I can do that, but in software raid I don't think it would matter.14:17
ikoniaplayman: dhcpd.conf is nothing do to with apache14:17
playmanbluefrog: /etc/dhcp3-server/dhcpd.conf is also blank. what do you mean about mixing? well I have the file/etc/apache2/apache2.conf14:17
ikoniaplayman: and as I've told you https://help.ubunu.com look in the server info for how to setup apache14:17
Trevor69420escott yea thats what i figured... not sure if theres a tool for that that might run on ubuntu14:17
bluefrogplayman, what are you trying to? configure a web server AND configure a dhcp server?14:17
escottroasted_, you can have both gpt and mbr on the same disk (so long as they are consistent) so you might want to try switching with gdisk by just changing the partitiont ables (gdisk can create hybrids)14:18
ikoniaplayman: your problem is you need apache to listen on the right ip address - those two files are nothing to do with that14:18
playmanikonia: I know but I just wanted to check dhcpd.conf and found it strange that the file was empty14:18
roasted_escott: eh, I'd rather just push it all to gpt if mbr offers me nothing but scaling limitations for the future.14:18
ikoniaplayman: fix the problem in hand - which is apache is not listening on the right IP14:18
roasted_escott: as long as software raid can sync an mbr disk to gpt, then I can do 1 drive at a time like that without issue.14:18
escottTrevor69420, i dont believe those tools work on linux. they need the encryption keys that are associated to your itunes accounts14:18
playmanbluefrog: i'm trying to setup fog server14:18
escottroasted_, i would say that if you have a working system not to mess with it. there really isn't much to gain14:19
roasted_escott: it's a system I'm rebuilding, so if I'm going to do it, now is the time.14:19
roasted_escott: otherwise I probably wouldn't care much at all.14:19
playmanikonia: yeah i'm sorry i'm trying to read trough the https://help.ubuntu.com14:19
roasted_escott: then again, even if I move to a larger array, I'll have to set up a new array to begin with. It's not like I can easily port this array over.14:20
roasted_escott: perhaps it's a moot point?14:20
roasted_escott: especially if there's no higher data reliability or speed increase...14:20
jonnyI'm newbie and I need a little help with gnome classic14:21
escottroasted_, it depends on how your array is configured. if you have lvm on top of mdadm you can just add new lvm sectors to a new array14:21
roasted_escott: no lvm is involved14:21
roasted_escott: just a basic mdadm mirror14:21
mi3escott thanks for the advices!!14:24
ValkyrHi. I'm new to Freenode IRC so if there's any introductory protocol I'm missing, please let me know. I'm having a problem with my Kubuntu Lucid and am hoping that someone might be able to give me some advice?14:26
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
kalimojois it possible for someone to send a malicious link to firefox and hijackt it under ubuntu ?14:27
escottValkyr, the main part of the protocol you missed is where you ask your question.14:27
ValkyrThanks. Here it is.14:27
ValkyrThe problem is with my screen/monitor in KDE. I was trying to adjust the “brightness” setting to something lower using the slider, but when I hit “apply” the monitor seemed to just shut off. I can tell I'm still logged in because my computer is set to logout in 30 seconds if I hit the “power” button once. It logs me out and I can see the startup/login screen just fine. I can also see everything if I log into Gnome Desktop, 14:27
superstrawValkyr: you have to buy us a beer first14:27
tomaso_ciao a tt14:28
Valkyr*monitor goes off and I can hear the login sound but still can't see anything.14:28
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:28
kalimojoi clicked on an image here earlier on - mudkip - that orbii posted ever since its been opening strange pages from my cache14:28
escottValkyr, sounds like the backlight is turning off instead of lowering in brightness. can you get a bright lamp and shine it on the display to confirm14:28
ValkyrI'll dig up my flashlight and give that a try.14:29
ValkyrI can't actually see anything shining a bright light on it.14:30
=== companion is now known as Companion
playmanikonia: just a thought, does it matter if the ubuntu is and the XP is the subnet mask is on both machines14:31
escottplayman, yes14:31
pesarihello, I get two addresses for archive.canonical.com: and -- the latter one seems to have outdated repository contents, at least for the file /ubuntu/dists/lucid/partner/binary-amd64/Packages.bz214:32
dr_willisthat would be 2 different subnets i think. ;)14:32
M4dH4TT3ryes playman theyre on different networks14:32
ValkyrIf it were the backlight shutting off, is there a combination of buttons I would press or something to turn it back on?14:33
playmanok I know they are on different networks, I thought that they could still comunicate if told so14:33
escottValkyr, well assuming that the monitor isn't being turned off by dpms, but rather that the backlight is being turned off. then the issue would with your acpi tables. you would have to do some searches for your specific hardware to identify if there is a workaround/update to the kernel acpi tables14:33
M4dH4TT3rif you change 111 to 1 they will be all good14:34
escottplayman, depends on what lies between the subnets, but local services are usually configured to ignore traffic from outside subnets14:34
ValkyrOkay. I will do some research on that. What if it's being turned off by dpms?14:35
playmanM4dH4TT3r: ok i'll change that, and check it again.14:35
playmanescott ok thanks for that14:35
bastidrazoralisunjaya_: yeah, you're heard.14:35
=== qing_ is now known as qing2
escottValkyr, i think thats unlikely. but if it were there are cli utils for X to change the dpms settings14:36
dr_willisalisunjaya_:  you have a support question?14:36
alisunjaya_bastidrazor? in ubuntu chat?14:36
alisunjaya_i user ubuntu 11.0414:36
playmanalisunjaya_ yes?14:36
bluefrogplayman, I assume a route is in place for both subnets to communicate?14:36
alisunjaya_where do you live?14:36
dr_willisalisunjaya_:  you have an actual ubuntu  support question?14:37
bastidrazoralisunjaya_: this channel is not for chat but for support. #ubuntu-offtopic may be where you want to go.14:37
playmanalisunjaya_: why do you ask about that?14:37
fidelalisunjaya_: this is a support only channel14:38
playmanbluefrog: could you please rephrase that question?14:38
madyany chatrooms on this server?14:38
fidelso NOT for non-topic related chat14:38
bastidrazormady: #defocus14:38
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:38
madyoh ty14:38
bluefrogplayman, forget apache. from one machine, can you ping the other and vice versa?14:38
bluefrogplayman, can they talk together?14:38
Valkyrescott Okay. So I'll look around on the net for something about the ACPI tables and come back if I have more trouble.14:38
alisunjaya_can you tell me supoort14:38
madyso this room is just for IT geeks?14:39
playmanbluefrog: I can ping from ubuntu to xp, but not from xp to ubuntu14:39
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa14:39
Myrtti!id | alisunjaya_14:39
ubottualisunjaya_: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia14:39
dr_willismady:  for ubuntu support14:40
madyin south africa ubuntu means - to help each other :)14:40
alisunjaya_can you speak indonesia14:40
madyi can speak afrikaans and english14:40
madyand a bit of hebrew14:40
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MonkeyDustalisunjaya_  ubottu is a (ro)bot14:40
madyshabat shalom!14:40
alisunjaya_spaek indonsia?14:41
LjLspeak move to #ubuntu-offtopic about which languages you speak :P14:41
mady i cant speak indonsia14:41
LjLthis channel is for Ubuntu support in English14:41
bluefrogplayman, make it easy for you to begin with. put both machines on the same subnet. install your soft and make sure it works. then you will play with different subnets.14:42
madylol ok LjL wanna join me :P14:42
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
alisunjaya_mady where do you live?14:43
madysouth africa14:43
madymossel bay to be precise14:43
fidelalisunjaya_: dude read what we tell you14:43
madyyou can google it14:43
MonkeyDust!ot| mady alisunjaya_14:43
ubottumady alisunjaya_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:43
madyoops sorry14:43
alisunjaya_ubuntu realase 12.04 bulan 414:44
wormmdSo here's a weird one: my machine was bogging down horribly yesterday, so I restarted, and when it booted back up, it seemed as though all of my configurations had been wiped, e.g., hotkeys and such, and a panel showed up behind the GNOME Shell application bar at the top. I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 running GNOME Shell.14:44
playmanbluefrog: yea was starting to look into that, wanted to change the dhcpd.conf but it's blank, and it's there where I can make the ubuntu machine part of the same network. right?14:44
bluefrogplayman, not at all. I believe you may have some things to learn before setting up any kind of servers...14:45
dr_willisalisunjaya_: is there some reason you are using the alpha version?14:45
justsighdudesikonia: Sorry, could you repeat what you said re: chrooting daemons? irssi is not playing nice.14:46
ValkyrQuestion - If I can't see anything at all of the screen, how would I apply any changes to the APCI?14:47
playmanbluefrog: well i'm trying to learn :) i'm just new to the whole server thing. all i'm trying to do now is to setup a fog server to take care of image installing on PC's I have to format. wanted to be able to store the install image on a server and use the ethernet to setup the pc's14:47
justsighdudesikonia: Nevermind. Just discovered /LASTLOG14:47
escottValkyr, it could be that the flashlight is just not bright enough, but that the LCD is still active and updating, but the particular configuration of the display means you absolutely cannot read anything without the backlight14:48
bluefrogplayman, have a look at clonezilla. might be easier for you to understand / put in place14:48
playmanbluefrog: you gotta start somewhere right?14:49
escottValkyr, the fact that this happens when you try and change the backlight is obviously suggestive of a backlight related issue, and the backlight is controlled through ACPI and there be the dragons there14:49
alisunjaya_DR WILLS? alpha i uer realase ubuntu 11.04 no alpha?14:50
alisunjaya_but 12.04 alpha?14:50
playmanbluefrog: wery well, i've gotten used to ppl giving up on me any way. i'll check that clonezilla14:50
kalimojois it possible for someone to send a malicious link to firefox and hijackt it under ubuntu ?14:50
Valkyr@escott - Okay. I will find a brighter light and shut off the lights around the computer. If I can see it then, then should I assume that something like resetting things to their default configs would bring it back?14:50
escottValkyr, do you know much about ACPI?14:50
bluefrogplayman, not a problem of giving up on you. teaching networking and so on is not something you do over IRC14:50
bluefrogplayman, takes time to learn.14:51
ValkyrNothing at all. Just that it stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.14:51
ironhalikIs there a way to use features from Unity in Unity-2d (mainly the workspace switcher)14:51
dr_williskalimojo:  unlikely. but stupid users can do stupid things14:51
wormmdSo here's a weird one: my machine was bogging down horribly yesterday, so I restarted, and when it booted back up, it seemed as though all of my configurations had been wiped, e.g., hotkeys and such, and a panel showed up behind the GNOME Shell application bar at the top. I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 running GNOME Shell.14:52
ikoniawormmd: check the configuration files, see if they are blanked14:52
kalimojois it possible for someone to send a malicious link to firefox and hijackt it under ubuntu ??14:53
playmanbluefrog: yeah I know. I was able to setup my own DHCP server on the ubuntu machine, so seting up the fog should not have been so much trouble, except it seems to have deleted all the settings i've made and left me in the dark.14:53
martianIs it possible to launch a gnome-terminal and have its task icon be something custom?14:53
a11ciao a tutti14:53
ikoniakalimojo: depends if they know a security hole14:53
escottValkyr, so its a set of "standards". by the standards the kernel looks up some table in the bios and the table indicates that by putting values x,y,z into register location r the hardware will change settings in some nice way, but half the time those bios tables are wrong (or the hardware is not following the standard) so the kernel says I have 10 backlight levels with register values x1 to x10, but the hardware is not following those va14:53
escottlues the way the kernel thinks it should. so the kernel thinks it is lowering the backlight to the middle level, but its actually turning the backlight off14:53
kalimojodr_willis : are you saying its possible for malicious web sites to compromise firefox on ubunhtu ?14:54
ikoniakalimojo: if the person writing the attack knows of a security hole, sure14:54
CharminTheMooseHow can I change the default 'installing missing plugins' firefox dealio to just use gksudo, rather than gksu? Running a ubuntu-minimal 11.04 install here14:54
escottValkyr, and so you need to find a workaround to deal with your (broken) backlight and handle it differently. the kernel has various boot options including some that will change the acpi backlight handling14:54
ikoniakalimojo: I can break into fort knocks if I know there is a hole in their security14:54
bastidrazorikonia: can i be a part of your team. i can drive the getaway car.14:55
Valkyrescott - so then the workaround would start with something from the bios screen? (booting with F* or something)?14:55
dr_williskalimojo:  worse case user may mess up stuff in their home. but unlikely14:55
ValkyrF8* sorry.14:55
escottValkyr, see http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_make_ACPI_work (although this has more kernel compile related stuff which you dont want to do) http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt14:56
escottValkyr, so the workaround is to figure out if someone has the same laptop as you and has posted a solution14:56
ValkyrThank you!14:56
CharminTheMoosedang, chroot install rather14:56
kalimojoikonia : are you saying firefox is vulnerable ?14:56
escottValkyr, if not then you can modify /etc/default/grub to include some of these kernel boot parameters to try and make the backlight work14:56
ikoniakalimojo: all software "may" be vulnerable the problem is you don't know of a vulnerablility until someone finds it14:57
Trevor69420ikonia, if you broke into fort knox u'd be terribly disappointed14:57
escottValkyr, in particular acpi_backlight=[vendor,video] option14:57
HoNgOuRuis there any way of recovering the volume indicator in gnome 3 ?14:57
dr3mrohello , I use ubuntu 11.10 and i have this USB disk with very important powerpoint files that i have deleted by accident by shift+delete .. can any one help14:57
escottHoNgOuRu, what volume indicator?14:57
kalimojoikonia : are there any KNOWN vulnerabilities in FIREFOX ? that you know of ?14:57
HoNgOuRuthe icon next to the time.14:58
escott!testdisk | dr3mro14:58
HoNgOuRuto control the audioo14:58
ikoniakalimojo: check the securit CVE reports, that will show you current alerts and versions14:58
escott!undelete | dr3mro14:58
ubottudr3mro: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel14:58
dr_williskalimojo:  check the various browser security sites14:58
wormmdkalimojo, I'm really curious as to why you're so curious...14:58
escottdr3mro, assuming that this is a vfat usb stick testdisk or photorec should handle the situation fairly well. just umount that partition so that you aren't writing anything to it14:59
dr3mroescott, photorec is able to retore ppt files?14:59
escottHoNgOuRu, there is an icon just to the left of the networking icon which is sound14:59
HoNgOuRuescott that one is gone!15:00
escottdr3mro, i don't know if photorec identifies ppts, but testdisk should be able to read the old fat entries15:00
HoNgOuRuescott, that one is missing15:01
CharminTheMooseHow can I change the default 'installing missing plugins' firefox dealio to just use gksudo, rather than gksu? Running a debootstrap 11.04 install here15:02
escottHoNgOuRu, if you go into control center is your sound working there?15:02
chrisgeorgehey all, need a little help. After rebooting ubuntu (and using it forever and a day) all of a sudden it's starting up in intramfs/busybox, is there anything I can do to prevent this? Or any commands to run to help you help me?15:02
HoNgOuRuonly the dog barking ...the rest is gray like disabled15:02
anhdaypeople, should i ask source /etc/profile in my .bashrc?15:02
dr_willisi thought on ubuntu gksu and gksudo we identical.15:02
kalimojowormmd ; cos i think ive been hacked thats why15:02
maashahey, how do you set an environment variable using bash on ubuntu as root? methinks the root account is disabled - and sudo export don't work.15:03
nkrypt_it's ok, I can wait :)15:03
kalimojosomeone sent me a link of a mudkip and my browser was asked to restart. its done several odd things since then.15:03
escottHoNgOuRu, sounds like you have a more general alsa/pulse-audio issue15:03
dr_willismaasha:  /root/.bashrc perhaps15:03
kalimojowormmd someone sent me a link of a mudkip and my browser was asked to restart. its done several odd things since then.15:03
HoNgOuRuI uninstalled alsa15:03
HoNgOuRucause flash videos were playing with no sound at all15:04
escottHoNgOuRu, and what did you expect would happen then15:04
dr_willismaasha:  sudo export would be pointless15:04
HoNgOuRuI got pissed off15:04
HoNgOuRuescott, :) ,,, sound is working.15:04
maashadr_willis: yes, what is the way?15:04
dr_willismaasha:  totally depends on the details.  root has their own .profile and .bashrc15:05
xubuntu5 can i send an x11 application to the background via the terminal if i start it with the terminal?15:07
escottxubuntu5, ctrl-z; bg15:07
maashadr_willis: I need to run sudo gem update --system. That can only be done if a certain env variable is set.15:08
xubuntu5and that will send my x11 app away? but still available?15:08
=== M4dH4TT3r is now known as Guest32268
kernixhi all could someone tell me how to find out from the cli what version my kernel is please ?15:08
dr_willismaasha:  make a script that sets the variables and does the command perhaps15:08
escottHoNgOuRu, im not sure how anything on your system is working. obv you couldn't have completely removed alsa as that is your kernel sound driver. but what exactly you did remove is unclear15:08
escottkernix, uname -a15:08
xubuntu5will that ctrl-z work if the app is being x11 forwarded15:09
CharminTheMooseHow can I change the default 'installing missing plugins' firefox dealio to just use gksudo, rather than gksu? Running a debootstrap 11.04 install here15:09
kernixthanks escott15:09
escottxubuntu5, why would it not?15:09
xubuntu5it doesnt' seem to work when i press ctrl-z app still runs in the x window15:09
xubuntu5doesn't seem to disappear15:09
escottxubuntu5, what do you mean by background?15:09
HoNgOuRuescott, I was really tired of fixing sound issues with firefox/chrome and flash, so the moment I uninstalled alsa it started working...15:10
xubuntu5the hope is that i can start an application on my computer via X forwarding send it to the background and then open it up on the computer itself15:10
dr_willisxubuntu5:  it wont work that way15:10
maashadr_willis: right15:10
xubuntu5thanks for your help15:10
dr_willisyou dont just shift its output to a different display15:10
xubuntu5can't be done at all?15:11
dr_willisvia vnc.. yes15:11
escottxubuntu5, ok you want to switch what server it appears on. much harder. can be done with screen and an xserver in between15:11
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dr_willisbut it will take extra work  xubuntu515:11
=== Guest86066 is now known as treadstone90
xubuntu5i do use byobu15:12
zykotick9escott: do you mean it's possible to "screen" xorg applications?15:12
HoNgOuRuescott,  I'll reinstall alsa and try to fix future sound problems with other ways...thank you for the time spent.15:13
escottzykotick9, if you start it in screen and run it to an xnest (could not think of the program) instance15:13
xubuntu5xnest hmmm will try that15:13
escottxubuntu5, vnc is a lot easier15:13
tumppuaika ruskean näköstä kultaa15:13
escottxubuntu5, but if you dont want vnc look into screen+xpra/xnest/xmove15:14
dr_willisa hidden minimal vnc session, lete you get to the app from any pc. ;)15:14
xubuntu5i do have x11vnc set up probably just easier to keep using that lol than  screen+xpra/xnest/xmove15:14
dr_willisxubuntu5:   you can set vnc to share a minimal desktop.  not the whole desktop15:15
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=== root is now known as Guest99805
xubuntu5and minimal desktop being just 1 application?15:16
maashadr_willis: thanks15:16
chown_man its hard to get freenode under sasl on ubuntu15:16
dr_willisand a mini window manager like jwm15:16
xubuntu5is jwm better than icewm?15:17
dr_willischown_:  yep. got issues with that on my android15:17
dr_willisjwm is smaller15:17
xubuntu5less resources too?15:17
xubuntu5thanks for your help15:17
dr_willisicewm is old skool and showing its age15:17
dr_willis!info jwm15:17
ubottujwm (source: jwm): Very small lightweight pure X11 window manager with tray and menus. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-3 (oneiric), package size 95 kB, installed size 296 kB15:17
xubuntu5will try that!15:17
xubuntu5sudo apt-get install jwm time :)15:18
Guest99805what is the best channel for learn to hack ?15:18
xubuntu5not this one15:18
xubuntu5might want to learn linux first though :) and then learn some programming skills15:18
roasted_RAID Question - Someone had told me you should use software raid with the entire disk, meaning mdadm --add /dev/md0 /dev/sda, but EVERY single guide I read says mdadm --add /dev/md0 /dev/sda1, where you would add the partition to the raid. Is there an advantage to using the drive?15:18
=== Blow is now known as Guest89507
dr_willis'learn to hack' is  a vague and silly statement.15:18
dr_willisgo learn python, or bash ;)15:19
xubuntu5i like perl myself15:19
escottroasted_, you should always have a partition table. very dangerous to not have one15:19
roasted_escott: so you would vote /dev/sda1?15:19
escottroasted_, yes15:19
roasted_escott: I haven't seen a single guide not use that method, I began to wonder why that user told me to use the entire drive...15:19
escottroasted_, but sda1 can be the entire disk15:19
roasted_escott: oh it is, but even still he said use sda not sda1, etc.15:20
roasted_escott: I began hitting up guides to see if that advice he gave showed up and in no guides did it.15:20
martianGuest99805: 'hacking' means knowing a lot about programming, operating systems and their internals, and common programming mistakes. Start by spending a lot of time writing C15:20
escottroasted_, think about what happens if you dont have a partition table and take your data disk and put it in another machine... that machine sees the entire disk as unallocated. one drunken night later you "found" this empty disk and reformatted it, but whatever happened to your previous disk15:21
xubuntu5this jwm is sweet does it have any settings to configure at all such as hotkeys/keybindings??15:21
sun_devilAnyone know how to printer to a home network wireless printer.  Sorry to say its a Kodak esp715:21
dr_willisxubuntu5: yes. ..15:21
roasted_escott: I didn't think it made sense either. I couldn't get too much info out of the guy because he was very beligerent and very "just do it this way and don't ask qu estions". Yeah okay...15:22
zykotick9escott: i wasn't able to find anything regarding screen+xnest from my initial search, best i could find was VNC.  This slashdot comments section mentions Xorg+screen several times (all stating not possible, or use VNC) http://ask.slashdot.org/story/08/06/29/1417247/persistent-terminals-for-a-dedicated-computing-box  It would be very cool, but i was certainly under the impression it wasn't possible.15:22
xubuntu5where do i / how do i configure that? thanks again for all your help15:22
CharminTheMooseHow can I change the default 'installing missing plugins' firefox box to just use gksudo, rather than gksu? Running a debootstrap 11.04 install here15:23
dr_williszykotick9: saw a flakey way to do it years ago. .15:23
zykotick9dr_willis: it would be very cool... I'm not a fan of VNC, but a true "screen" plus Xforwarding on SSH would be very cool.15:24
escottzykotick9, it ends up being much the same config as vnc. you run app -> xnest -> true display, but can switch the true display around behind the xnest (or xpra or xmove) instance without everything crashing.15:24
escottzykotick9, its possible that im wrong in that xnest can do this. it may not have all the bits needed to do the switching, but xpra xmove are built to do exactly this15:25
dr_willis!info xmove15:26
ubottuPackage xmove does not exist in oneiric15:26
zykotick9escott: thanks, it's certainly something I'll look into.15:26
escott!info xpra15:26
ubottuxpra (source: parti-all): tool to detach/reattach running X programs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 39 kB, installed size 224 kB15:26
=== LordDeath_ is now known as LordDeath
sun_devilTrying to print to a Kodak ESP 7 wireless,  I don't think Ubuntu 10.4 supports that printer, cant find driver15:27
zykotick9escott: http://code.google.com/p/partiwm/wiki/xpra starts with "Xpra gives you "persistent remote applications" for X." then later "So basically it's screen for remote X apps." sounds promising.15:28
martianCharminTheMoose: Doesn't firefox just launch an ubuntu application to find them? In other words, I don't think it's firefox that does the gksu but is actually some other tool15:28
dr_willischeck the cups.org site sun_devil15:28
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
sl33k_what command  to use to update to a newer version of firefox?15:30
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins15:30
sun_devilI tried that and they don't offer anything, I think it needs a certain driver.  Looked at the FAQ etc and nothing15:30
razor85How do I remove a program installed from source again? "sudo make clean" does not work. What other options do I have?15:31
sun_devilCups.org only offers (3) Kodak drivers?15:31
cousin_luigiIs it possible to remove every jre/jdk from the system? I tried, but the results aren't encouraging http://pastebin.com/HQeXaAZs .15:31
dr_willistheres linuxprinting.org also15:32
escottrazor85, make uninstall but it may be too late if you already made clean. use checkinstall next time15:32
martianrazor85: try make uninstall. make clean just cleans up temporary files created when compiling15:32
arandrazor85: make uninstall    provided the makefile supplies that, otherwise, do it manually...15:32
arandrazor85: Hmm, you could probably do a checkinstall, and then remove it afterwards, that might get rid of it easier15:33
escottrazor85, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo15:33
sun_devilTried a test page and its says connected to local printer but nothing happens15:33
dr_willischeck the cups logs? enable verbose logginh15:34
razor85arand, escoot, martian: it says No rule to make target 'checkinstall' same with uninstall15:34
arandrazor85: checkinstall is an application, used instead of make install15:35
Ebronuhm.. I connected to my home computer from work through ssh, now I'm home and see that I forgot to terminate the connection - how can I do that from this end?15:36
rumpe1razor85, not "make checkinstall", just "checkinstall"15:36
arandrazor85: It might work to do "sudo checkinstall" and then "sudo apt-get purge foobar"15:36
escottEbron, you can just kill the parent shell that the session started. when ssh sees the child process die it will terminate the connection15:36
FreeTechHi, I'm new here, Do most people use this server or irc.ubuntu.net15:37
theadminFreeTech: ubuntu.net isn't official for all I know. The official Ubuntu channel is this one.15:37
arandFreeTech: Aren't they the same?15:37
razor85arand: I first used "checkinstall lshell" and then "apt-get purge lshell"15:38
razor85arand: none owrks15:38
theadminFreeTech: Actually, seems ubuntu.net as a website redirects to ubuntu.com so hm... Not sure, but still, this is the official channel15:38
chown_Is tehre a problem if i change my user name? My user home folder will change also?15:38
cousin_luigiubuntu.net belongs to the spotchat network15:38
dr_willisi thought ubuntu.net as a freenode server15:38
djQuerythe update manage keeps showing that there are updates available but when I click on it it doesnt open15:38
escottrazor85, did you install checkinstall first?15:38
martianCharminTheMoose: So, the application that actually does the work is gnome-codec-install which firefox simply launches, so THAT is what would need to change15:38
razor85escot: yes15:38
arandrazor85: That's not how to use checkinstall, see my comment above15:38
djQuerylast thing I think I installed before this happened was playonlinux15:38
mr_pauseDoes anyone know how to configure the DHCP configuration priority ?15:38
Ebronescott: you mean something like 'ps waux|grep ssh|grep tty' followed by kill pid?15:39
mr_pauseI mean, i have two intefaces, both using DHCP, and the second one is overwriting DNS setting (/etc/resolv.conf) of the first one15:39
Ebronwhere tty is the appropriate tty15:39
mr_pauseI need this the other way around15:39
escottEbron, i would kill the bash instance not the ssh instance. look at pstree to find the parent15:39
=== shubbar_ is now known as shubbar
CharminTheMoosemartian, was that intended for me?15:39
razor85arand: So what's the purpose of checkinstall, it just installs it for me again. It says "Debian package creation selected." I didn't see you mentioned how to use it.15:39
=== lampe is now known as lampe2
escottrazor85, but now there is an instance in the database so you can ask apt to remove it15:40
aranddjQuery: What happens if you run "sudo apt-get install -f in a terminal" (just see what it says)15:40
zykotick9razor85: once the DEB is created, install the deb "sudo dpkg -i FILENAME.deb"15:40
lampe2hey iam useing ubuntu 12.04 and i cant install java7... i found a ppa but the key dont work can some one help?15:40
zykotick9razor85: checkinstall is VERY handy, especially if you want to remove the package cleanly15:41
sun_devilUbuntu is not very compatible with many printers15:41
cousin_luigilampe2: are you using webupd8team/java ?15:41
CharminTheMoosemartian, my bad, saw your other reply. Well I mean once I've selected the plugin to install, another box comes up that asks me for my password that looks very similar to gksu. And I know fromm previous experience that gksu-ing as root on ubuntu is a no-go.15:41
martianCharminTheMoose: Line 91 of /usr/share/pyshared/GnomeCodecInstall/PackageWorker.py15:41
lampe2cousin_luigi,  no is there one from them? i will look for it15:41
dr_willissun_devil: its more like the printer makers dont support cups15:41
cousin_luigilampe2: https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/java15:41
arandzykotick9: Hmm, does chekcinstall set a different prefix by the way?15:41
zykotick9arand: it might?  no idea.15:42
martianCharminTheMoose: you could just edit that to be gksudo :)15:42
sun_devilKodak most likely has never heard of cups or Linux, so Iam not going to bother to call them, I know what they will say15:42
lampe2thx cousin_luigi15:42
Ebronescott: what would have happened to the shell if I killed the ssh-process instead?15:42
zykotick9sun_devil: would you claim "apple doesn't support many printers"? as they own CUPS15:42
dr_willissun_devil:  i bet they have heard of it.. its also used by os-x15:43
dr_willisapple bought cups   ;}15:43
djQueryarand, it gives me a list of no longer required packages and this 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 6 not upgraded.15:43
sun_devilI dont own a apple and somehow got mixed up with Kodak, which was a mistake15:43
escottEbron, the shell should also die, but your ssh server might be confused by the sudden death of its children. if you dont care about that service ssh restart15:43
zykotick9dr_willis: a while ago, been to cups page in the last few years?15:43
dr_willisavoid canon printers also15:44
razor85zykotick9, escott: Please have a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/855473/ . I really don't know what to do.15:44
cousin_luigilampe2: do you happen to know how to completely remove the other java virtual machines?15:44
dr_williskodak went bankrupt this year?15:44
bindihey, can anyone recommend me a SIP/SIMPLE server software?15:44
ikoniadr_willis: only the film processing gruop15:44
=== blitzkev is now known as blitz
CharminTheMoosemartian, How strange, on this debootstrap install, I don't seem to have /usr/share/pyshared/GnomeCodecInstall folder. :/15:44
zykotick9razor85: the important part being "You are in a limited shell."15:44
sun_devilDont call Kodak, you get someone from India, no wonder Kodak is going BK15:45
djQueryarand, the update manager does open onto the "taskbar?" and I can right click on it and choose install updates.  it just never opens its windows when clickin on it15:45
razor85zykotick9: I was installing as root, in a unlimited shell the whole time.15:45
arandrazor85: A looks like checkinstall uses a prefix or something :(15:45
Chipzzzbindi: apache can be fairly simple15:45
Ebronescott: thank you :)15:45
escottrazor85, you might have confused apt by installing a deb when the files already existed. im not sure what apt will do when asked to remove a deb which installed files that already existed15:45
bindiChipzzz: what, apache? i'm pretty sure that's not a SIP server15:45
martianCharminTheMoose: weird. do you have a binary called gnome-codec-install? type "which gnome-codec-install"15:46
zykotick9razor85: ah sorry, there are two commands in your paste - my bad15:46
Chipzzzsorry... thought the sip was a typing mistake15:46
razor85arand, escott, zykotick9: What's the best thing to do now15:46
`korvinI'm trying to install wine, it keeps asking me to insert the kubuntu disc15:46
CharminTheMoosemartian, Hmm, nope, I don't either.15:47
escottrazor85, if the checkinstall doesnt remove the binary you have to make uninstall and pray it doesn't remove anything you need15:47
arandrazor85: Well I'm guessing you're back to where you started, so removing manually, I guess?15:47
turbotaxhi everyone15:47
cousin_luigi`korvin: either you insert the disc or remove the local repository15:47
zykotick9`korvin: remove CDs from your available repos (somewhere in U.S.C i'd guess)15:47
escottrazor85, you can look at the deb file to audit the files it installed and make sure nothing is critical tehre15:47
sun_devilI also can't refill my ink because they put a chip on the ink cartridge that tells printer it is empty when you refill it15:47
cousin_luigisun_devil: I thought there were workarounds for that15:47
martianCharminTheMoose: it's a debian distro you say? Not ubuntu? (I don't care heh)15:47
ironhalikCan I try Unity2d from the live cd? When I logout, check Unity2d log back in, it always starts Unity3D15:48
razor85escott: Seems a good idea, will do that.15:48
sun_devilNobody figured it out, even the places that make money refilling cartridges, if they had a workaround, they would use it to make money15:48
CyberDawgsun_devil, refill services that refill your cartridges replacereset those chips... Costco does for sure15:49
ilari_Hello folks! Have anyone else problems with flash since last update? Youtube-videos still works somehow but almost nothing else will. Rightclicking videos shows that ''AVM2 - not supported''15:49
arandrazor85: Which application is it by the way?15:49
wormmdI've internet'd all over the place for this: how do I remove gnome-panel?15:49
sun_devilNope, tried it. They cant reset the chip15:49
CharminTheMoosemartian, it's a debootstrapped ubuntu 11.04 install. So a basic install of bash, few other libs etc, then I chrooted into it and started adding packages from the official repositories. No Gnome/KDE DE stuff either.15:49
wormmdI'm running GNOME 3 Shell and the panel is showing up behind my transparent application bar.15:49
shubbarmy Logitech webcam has vertical lines. Its C270, it should work as its in the compatible list15:49
martianCharminTheMoose: oh nevermind I see what it is. Hmm. I don't know. Without being in the environment to poke around not much I can tell. Try to figure out what the binary is called that FF is calling to do the loading, view the source and see what's happening :-/15:49
razor85arand: It's lshell, a limited shell.15:49
ironhalikshubbar: I know its not helpfull, but it works for me out of the box15:50
CyberDawgsun_devil, interesting... Costco does it for me all the time... they replace the chip I believe15:50
martianCharminTheMoose: so despite the minimal userspace, FF still loads the install plugins thingy?15:50
ironhalikshubbar: I had some color issues with older nvidia drivers, had to use noveau or the latest ones from nvidia15:50
shubbarironhalik, it the picture crisp clear?15:50
ironhalikshubbar: right now, yes15:50
razor85escott: What's the best way to check the files the deb uses? Just install the deb again with -i ?15:51
sun_devilFor Kodak?  I have been to refill businesses and they turn me away15:51
CharminTheMoosemartian, yes, the plugin-service-finder or so the taskbar says. Which then calls something that looks like gksu, when I'd rather have it run gksudo. :)15:51
martianCharminTheMoose: I may have to look in to this debootstrap thing myself. been meaning to learn how to create a nice safe chroot environment for others to be able to develop on my servers15:51
CyberDawgsun_devil, what printer cartridge do you use?15:51
shubbarironhalik, does nivida driver affect the webcam operation?15:51
wormmdI've internet'd all over the place for this: how do I remove gnome-panel?15:52
wormmdI'm running GNOME 3 Shell and the panel is showing up behind my transparent application bar.15:52
CyberDawgsun_devil, oh I dont know about Kodak stuff15:52
ironhalikshubbar: for me it did15:52
zykotick9sun_devil: be sure to consider your experience, and do more research, before purchasing a printer next time.15:52
CyberDawgsun_devil,  google is our friend :)15:52
arandrazor85: YOu can use "dpkg --contents lshell.deb"15:53
martianCharminTheMoose: what's the difference between gksu and gksudo anyway?15:53
sun_devilIt has a color and b & w cartridges.    10b and 10c15:53
razor85arand: Ah okay, will try it now.15:53
escottrazor85, -c15:53
arandrazor85: Isn't lshell using the python setup.py instead?15:53
CharminTheMoosemartian, ah cool. Likewise I've been wanting to investigate ssh chroot jails etc.15:53
zykotick9martian: on relies on su the other sudo (on ubuntu, i see no real difference)15:53
Chipzzzmormmd: have you tried auto-hiding the gnome panel?15:54
CharminTheMooseon ubuntu, you can't access root with su, even by setting a password, from what I've tried.15:54
sun_devilHopefully others can learn from my mistake, its a family printer that I did not buy15:54
CharminTheMoosesu/gksu rather15:54
razor85arand85: now you got me wondering. I'm not sure if that's just for the makefile15:54
wormmdChipzzz, I can't access any settings for it in gconf-editor15:54
Ovan /join #iutas15:54
razor85arand* woops15:54
escott!root | CharminTheMoose15:54
ubottuCharminTheMoose: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:54
=== Shadows`sleep is now known as SoulShadow
sun_devilAlthough I should be able to print to it somehow15:54
zykotick9CharminTheMoose: gksu works just fine15:54
razor85arand: Honestly I can't even remember how I installed it, since it was a while ago.15:54
sun_devilI works fine on Vista, but Ubuntu is a pain15:55
shubbarironhalik, which nvidia driver version are you using? I'm using 280.1315:55
arandrazor85: In case it does use the setup.py, it looks like the installed files are all listed in that script, in fact...15:55
CharminTheMooseescott, I did set a root password, so I know what it is. trouble is, gksu doesn't accept it/15:55
CharminTheMooseHence my issue.15:56
ironhalikshubbar: for me, the open source ones, nouveau work best, when I tried the nvidia ones, the latest were better then the 17315:56
Gentoo64CharminTheMoose, i think gksu has a properties gui where you can choose su or sudo15:56
Gentoo64i think if its set to sudo gksu is linked to gksudo15:56
razor85arand: I see, do you know the python argument to remove/uninstall?15:56
martianCharminTheMoose: anyway, maybe if you bring up the plugin-service-finder then hit ctrl-alt-f1, log in, and inspect what processes are running, you could find the actual binary15:56
arandrazor85: Unfortunately there are none.15:57
zykotick9CharminTheMoose: have you tried running any Xorg applications from your chroot (i'm guessing they currently will all fail to start)?   gksu(do) is an X based application.15:57
sun_devilI have used the scanner and printer options on Vista, but Ubuntu only offers (4) known drivers15:57
arandrazor85: But like I said, look in that script, I think the files are enumerated there15:57
razor85arand: Yeah, they are. Doesn't look to harmless. What should I do now?15:57
CharminTheMooseGentoo64, martian both very good ideas, I'll try them out.15:58
arandWell, manually remove them, I guess?15:58
sun_devilI searches for drivers but comes up empty15:58
CharminTheMoosezykotick9, yep I have, just did a export DISPLAY=:1 and have a xnest xserver running15:58
dr_willissun_devil: checked askubuntu.com yet?15:58
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razor85arand: Well, I'm not even sure how to do that, since uninstall does not work15:59
zykotick9CharminTheMoose: and are you feeding that same export to gksu(do)?15:59
colbywhat channel can i go to for ubuntu help?15:59
razor85arand: You mean to remove the files?15:59
zykotick9colby: this one.  Ask your question.15:59
CharminTheMoosezykotick9, Yep, am running it from a terminal in the nested X15:59
colbyi installed ubuntu 11.10 on an old p3 850mhz comp. after installation, i updated it and now when the computer boots, i get the grub>16:00
colbyhow do i fix it?16:00
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)16:01
sun_devilShould it really be that complicated to print from Ubuntu?16:01
bluetuga2000hi. could someone tell me where is located the directory os the themes16:01
Gentoo64bluetuga2000, /usr/share/themes16:01
zykotick9sun_devil: if you have a compatible printer, just plugging it in sometimes works.16:01
bluetuga2000thank you Gentoo6416:01
Gentoo64bluetuga2000, or ~/.themes for local ones16:02
dr_willismy printers work great in linux16:02
laanhello.. i have a question on openldap16:02
dr_willisplug in..  click a thing..  and go16:02
zykotick9dr_willis: my brother laser is the same16:03
laandoes anybody knows a good tutorial to set up a openldap enviroment?16:03
dr_willisyep.  networked brother laser16:03
zykotick9dr_willis: no, cheap USB.16:03
sun_devilIts a wireless printer, should'nt it printer wireless?16:03
zykotick9sun_devil: you're almost certain to run into issues with wireless16:04
martianlaan: Not off the top of my head, but I bet a simple google search would come up with many16:04
sun_devilI punched in the printer IP and the computer sees it16:04
dr_willissun_devil:  check the cups Web interface?16:04
dr_willisit may have settings to tweak16:04
sun_devilI tried cups interface last time, too complicated and after hours, did not work16:04
martiansun_devil: you may have broken the IP when you punched it :)16:05
zykotick9sun_devil: is it possible to plug it in via USB to test?16:05
sun_deviltapped it16:05
dr_willishow vague.  :)16:05
Edson_JRIs there any development on the Ubuntu project for Android? He wanted to know someone is inside it ...16:05
ikoniaEdson_JR: what ?16:05
zykotick9Edson_JR: try #ubuntu-phone perhaps16:05
razor85I installed this program called lshell, for limiting shell commands for others. I can't get it removed now. I manually removed the files but it's still showing up when I run the command. What do I do? And of course I tried all the uninstallation methods before that.16:06
dr_willismany printers have related frivers from other models that may work16:06
ikoniaHP is a good example of that16:06
Edson_JRthanks Zykotick916:07
sun_devilI will try the USB16:07
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zykotick9Edson_JR: using TAB is a lot easier to complete nicks16:10
escottrazor85, run "which lshell" and figure out where the binary is16:10
razor85escott: Thank you, you saved me from this trouble :P It's removed now.16:12
starpileI'm using rsync to download my entire webroot, I'd like to exclude ALL folder named .git will --exclude '.git' accomplish this?16:12
starpile(There are multiple repositories in the targeted directory16:13
escottrazor85, there is sure to be other stuff too. like a man page and the like. also you should note that something like lshell would have to be very carefully constructed to make it work, its basically impossible to do correctly. a single interpreter and the whole security setup falls over16:14
razor85escott: There is entries in /etc/passwd. Sure there are man pages, but those won't really bother me I guess?16:14
razor85escott: It's no problem to remove those entries though.16:14
Promille!msg ubottu kasablanca16:15
ubottuPromille: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:15
=== reed_ is now known as reed
PromilleDoes anyone know why "kasablanca"(kasablanca.berlios.de) was removed from reps? Compiling it gives the error message: "in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail."16:17
PromilleSo, check this please and use another prefix16:17
ikoniaPromille I didn't know it was ever in the repos16:17
Promilleikonia: it was http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/natty/universe/base/kasablanca16:17
meegooowhats difference between alternate image cd and main one ?16:18
meegoooin 12.0416:18
ikoniameegooo: the installer16:19
Hiob10hiobi think the alternate one is not a live cd16:19
Hiob10hiobyou can just install from it16:19
ikoniameegooo: 12.04 support discussion is in the #ubuntu+1 channel16:19
ikoniaPromille: best bet would be to mail the kubuntu mail list and ask the developmnent team16:19
meegooook, thanks16:19
sun_devilI hooked up printer via usb,  should I go with jetdirect with IP port 9100 or 2nd option of Kodak with device as printer?16:20
Tarkssun_devil probably the kodac option - jet direct works over the network I believe16:21
starsinmypocketsSorry for the repost I got disconnected: I'm trying to rsync my entire webroot, which contains multiple .git repositories... is there a way to exclude ALL folders named '.git' ... will --exclude '.git' accomplish this?16:21
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ikoniasun_devil what make is the printer ?16:21
rebecouple weeks ago I disabled overlay scrollbars, but now I wanna turn it back on, the problem is I don't remember how I disabled it, any hints ?16:21
sun_devilKodak will not let me go forward, but I can with the jetdirect.  Its a Kodak ESP 7 wireless16:22
ikoniasun_devil what make is the printer ?16:22
lamer13300980470sun_devil there are good exploits for both so its 50/5016:22
lamer13300980470sun_devil there are good exploits for both so its 50/5016:22
ikonialamer13300980470: exploits....really, he just wants the printer working, connected by USB,16:23
escottstarsinmypockets, it should although a nice trick to use with rsync and git is to set your exclude-from-file to be your .gitignore and then put .git into your .gitignore16:23
sun_devilI did the jetdirect and it search for drivers. Came up with error  and still wants to search. MIght come up with another error16:24
lamer13300980470if thatds the case either one would do the trick16:24
ikoniasun_devil: have you looked if the printer actually has any linux support ?16:24
starsinmypocketsescott so that git and rsync share an ignore file... which includes .git16:24
sun_devilIts a Kodak, it doen't16:24
escottstarsinmypockets, exactly I do it for my box.net account (like a dropbox but the reject hidden . files)16:25
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ikoniasun_devil: ok - so why are you pushing this ?16:25
lamer13300980470personally i would say kodak over jetdirect (less exploitable and easier to work with)16:25
ikonia16:25 < lamer13300980470> personally i would say kodak over jetdirect (less16:25
Picilamer13300980470: Lets stay on-topic here. This channel is for SUPPORT.16:26
sun_devilWell its wireless, that does not work, gave up.  Tried USB and it cant find it16:26
ikonialamer13300980470: please stop going on about exploits, he's working with a printer16:26
BoardinaryHello, I am having an issue with the volume change keyboard shortcuts.  They work to change the volume, but there is no feedback "blip" sound played.  Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?16:26
sskalnik_how to stop a process?16:27
sskalnik_all I know is "kill <ID>"16:28
escottsskalnik_, suspend or kill?16:28
R4ndZsskalnik_: killall? pkill?16:28
sskalnik_Is there a stop-process command that takes process names?16:28
bluetuga2000hi. could someone tell How i can I copy a directory to another in nautilus, with root permission?16:28
escottsskalnik_, killall16:28
escottbluetuga2000, you would need a root nautilus window (which I would discourage using)16:29
sun_devilI go to the Linux database for new printer and search for Kodak, gives (5) older models that are not ESP 716:29
Picisskalnik_: kill `pidof processname`16:29
bluetuga2000escott It's just to copy a theme to usr/shere/themes16:29
ikoniasun_devil: anything that of a similar period in time / specification ?16:29
Chipzzzsskalnik_: htop has a very convenient way of doing that16:29
Boardinarybluetuga2000, sudo mv -r [directory name here] [destination path here] without brackets16:29
sskalnik_Cool, thanks all16:29
bluetuga2000thanks Boardinary16:30
Boardinarybluetuga2000, thats is cut, copy is cp instead of mv16:30
sskalnik_Is there any reason to not use the "service <foo> stop" syntax and instead type out the whole path? I always use the newer shorter form, but some of the old hands I know type it all out.16:31
Boardinarybluetuga2000, so use cp for copy and mv for cut16:31
sun_devilEasy Share printer doc, driver cups?  ESP 5200 says recommended, another duplex and ditherered?16:31
bluetuga2000ok . thanks Boardinary16:31
sun_devilThey dont give the specs in years, just the name of the printer16:32
sun_devilLast time I tried the Easy Share printer-doc.....which did not work16:33
Chipzzzsskalnik_: the terminal grumbles at me when i don't use the service <foo> stop syntax, so I assume they will deprecate the older style in due course16:33
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gener1ci installed a phaser 6000 printer on my ubuntu 32bit and it works perfectly but when i try to send a print job from another location all i get is tons of lines that start with @pjl16:35
sun_devilI tried the 5200 recommended.  Gave me a errors saying cups16:35
gener1cur talking to me?16:35
=== outbox is now known as hacked_kernel
sun_devilClient error not authorized16:35
gener1csun_devil: are you talking to me?16:36
sun_devilI have a feeling its a apt-get install thing16:36
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:36
gener1c!who sun_devil16:37
LordDeathI have 3 monitors connected to my radeon hd card16:37
LordDeathdo I need fglrx to use them in ubuntu?16:37
LordDeathI just want to use them as extended desktop and not as one single eyefinity screen16:38
Tarkssun_devil -all the available drivers should already be installed. If your printer isnt there, you can check the manufacturers website to see if they provide a linux driver, but its doubtful that they do16:38
sun_devilikonia I think its a apt-get install thing16:38
hacked_kernelwhat is a good bouncer?16:38
ikoniasun_devil: what ?16:38
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designbybeckHello all, I am trying to setup a Public Access computer. I made a 'public' user with a basic password. They aren't part of the admin/root group. When they login, I don't want them to be able to change the password. I don't want them to be able to see the main users home folder contents.