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Len-1204Yup todays iso is not real usable. lightdm does seem to be there, but I never get x anything.00:18
Len-1204The logo with the spinning band for a bit then nothing. I can get console, and can see the lightdm files in /usr/lib/lightdm. Don't know what else is missing though.00:21
Len-1204Tomorrow is another day.00:21
scott-upstairsmicahg, before i do stuff that isn't necessary, should i be taking out Depends: lightdm-gtk-greeter on any packages?02:14
scott-upstairsmicahg, okay, here is what i have done:02:22
scott-upstairs1. replaced 'ubuntustudio-icon-theme' in the seeds with 'xubuntu-icon-theme' and gave it a comment02:22
scott-upstairs2. added /usr/share/pixmaps to the ubuntustudio-menu package and modified the install file for /usr/share/pixmaps02:23
scott-upstairs3. added Depends: ubuntustudio-default-settings to ubuntustudio-menu because -default-settings is where it sets the applications menu icon02:23
scott-upstairs 02:23
scott-upstairsi feel a little dirty about #3 though02:23
scott-upstairsoh, i haven't pushed to bzr yet thought, i wanted your confirmation i didn't forget something or do something stupid first02:24
micahgscott-upstairs: if you feel that ubuntustudio-menu is part of the overall Ubuntustudio settings and *required* for the US experience, Depends is appropriate02:26
scott-upstairsmicahg, i do, but it just seems disproportionately inelegant02:29
scott-upstairsit just seems disproportionate to force the installation of the -default-settings package, and all it entails, just to set the applications menu icon02:30
scott-upstairsit's a minor issue to me, really02:30
micahgoh, haha, I read that backwards :)02:30
scott-upstairsmicahg, but if you do not think i need to do anything else at this point i will push to bzr02:31
micahgyeah, that's not right02:31
scott-upstairsso have -default-settings depend on -menu?02:31
scott-upstairsi just worry that if someone were to install ubuntustudio-menu then they would be without the proper menu icon02:31
micahgI'd suggest shipping the icon and configuration together in either package02:33
micahgsince this is more about branding, maybe in default-settings02:33
micahgAIUI, the menu package is just extra enhancements02:34
scott-upstairsmicahg, it currently is in the -default-settings package02:36
scott-upstairsso i'll remove the Depends: ubuntustudio-default-settings from ubuntustudio-menu package02:36
scott-upstairsand i'll add the /usr/share/pixmaps into -default-settings as well02:38
scott-upstairsmicahg, after i complete this should i commit and push?02:39
micahgyes, please02:39
micahgoh, I see what you're saying, I think ubuntustudio-desktop should depend on ubuntustudio-default-settings02:40
micahgthat's where you force the branding02:40
scott-upstairsno, i don't think that was what i was saying02:40
scott-upstairsin bzr right now...02:41
scott-upstairs1. -default-settings sets the application menu icon02:41
scott-upstairs2. nothing currently has the /usr/share/pixmaps directory02:41
scott-upstairs 02:41
scott-upstairsi thought "why put the application menu logo in default-settings?  it really should be part of the -menu"02:42
scott-upstairsbut then if someone installs just ubuntustudio-menu then the icon maybe be copied to their computer but not set properly02:42
scott-upstairs 02:42
scott-upstairsthat is why i thought of settings the -menu package to depend on -default-settings02:42
scott-upstairsit just seemed very, very heavy handed to force all the settings from -default-settings to set the application menu icon properly02:43
micahg!info ubuntustudio-menu02:43
ubottuubuntustudio-menu (source: ubuntustudio-menu): Menu for Ubuntu Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.15 (oneiric), package size 6 kB, installed size 120 kB02:43
scott-upstairs!info scott-upstairs02:44
ubottuPackage scott-upstairs does not exist in oneiric02:44
micahgmeh, I wanted the long descriptions02:44
micahg Installs a menu for Ubuntu Studio's use case. These menu has new audio02:44
micahg production and video production subsections for Sound & Video section.02:44
scott-upstairsDescription: Menu for Ubuntu Studio02:44
scott-upstairs Installs a menu for Ubuntu Studio's use case. These menu has new audio02:44
scott-upstairs production and video production subsections for Sound & Video section.02:44
scott-upstairsoh, hehe02:44
scott-upstairsyou know?  i'm tempted to just put it all (including the -menu stuff) into -default-settings just like xubuntu does02:45
micahgfine with me, less source packages = less things to upload :)02:46
scott-upstairsyou want me to do that now?  i can and fairly quickly i think02:46
scott-upstairsor we can wait02:47
micahgsure, just add a conflicts/replaces on the -menu package for -default-settings (conflicts since we're removing the package, not moving files)02:47
micahgand remove it from the seed as well02:48
scott-upstairsi also see that the -menu package is currently depending on gnome-menus, i thought i saw some traffic that says we shouldn't do that?02:49
micahgdo you need something in gnome-menus?02:50
micahgyeah, you don't need that anymore now that you're using Xfce02:50
scott-upstairswe might have at one time, but i don't know that we do anymore02:51
scott-upstairsokay, i will not add that to the -default-settings control file then02:51
Len-1204scott-upstairs, doing the menu as xubuntu does would be nice. The do not expect their menu to be used with anything else but xfce.02:56
scott-upstairsLen-1204, i'm not sure how our menu should be different, i'm not really very versed at menu stuff, i just look at what is done and hack it to work usually02:57
Len-1204scott-upstairs, we have a stock menu with two patches on it. Xubuntu has a new menu from scratch.02:59
scott-upstairsLen-1204, that certainly seems easier, how about we tackle this together when we restructure the menu?03:00
scott-upstairsokay, micahg, here is what i have done...03:03
scott-upstairs1. replaced ubuntustudio-icon-theme with xubuntu-icon-theme03:03
scott-upstairs2. removed ubuntustudio-menu03:03
scott-upstairs3. added menu files03:03
scott-upstairs4. modificed default-settings.isntall for menu files03:03
scott-upstairs5. added Conflicts/Replaces: ubuntustudio-menu03:04
scott-upstairs6. removed Recommends: gnome-menus03:04
scott-upstairs 03:04
scott-upstairsdoes that sound correct?  should i add, commit, push?03:04
* micahg wonders if 6 was an action or lack of one03:07
micahgbut yes, sounds right03:07
scott-upstairswhen i was adding the Conflicts/Replaces: ubuntustudio-menu i noticed that the -default-settings control file also said Recommend: gnome-menus03:11
micahgah, ok, sounds good03:11
scott-upstairsmicahg, seeds (rev. 1309) and -default-settings (rev. 95) pushed03:24
scott-upstairssorry for the delay, wife got home from work and kids kept interrupting03:25
micahgscott-upstairs: sure, no rush, I've still got to have dinner before I tackle this stuff03:26
micahgscott-upstairs: BTW, it's better to do 1 commit per change, so removing ubuntustudio-menu should've been a separate commit from the icon change (it's good to bzr diff before committing to be sure that you've described the change properly)03:39
ScottLmicahg, i had forgotten, i'm sorry, however, i believe i shall remember next time03:59
micahgScottL: no worries, thanks04:00
micahgas soon as I get webkit building, I'll upload these04:01
micahgScottL: FYI, Provides requires a comma separated package list like the other fields06:19
* micahg fixes06:20
micahgugh, now I don't know what to do about copyright...07:11
micahgScottL: I'm not really happy with the lightdm theme (maintainer scripts) or default-settings (debian/copyright) branches ATM, I made quite a few fixes to the default-settings branch, they're both only missing a thing or 2, but I'm too tired ATM to get this right09:14
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lenTodays iso still looks small.. 21:00
lenscott-work: I am guessing it is still not ready to be tried.21:01
micahglen: sorry, that's my fault, I wasn't able to get the packages uploaded last night21:05
lenNo worries. Sleep is more important than this.21:07
micahgI'll get it sorted over the weekend so there's a beta candidate on monday21:07
lenAre the missing apps being included at this time?21:07
micahgmissing apps?  well, currently, there's no ubuntustudio-desktop, default-settings, or lightdm-theeme21:09
lenJa, I tried yesterdays iso... no gui, just console.21:09
micahgScottL: one thing I need from you is copyright information21:09
micahglen: same thing yesterday, these binaries were removed from precise accidentally21:10
micahgScottL: we need to know the copyright of the images you added to the default settings package21:10
lenmicahg, I figured something like from the irc logs.21:10
micahgI debated doing a no change rebuild of the old versions, but as it was already broke, I didn't see the point21:11
lenIt would be nice to combine the settings and theming as xubuntu has.21:12
micahgyeah, we did a little package consolidation with menu moving into default settings (we need to update the copyright for that stuff as well)21:14
lenScott was asking for help redoing the menus... so I will take the changes and put them into one file instead of three.21:15
micahgwell, for beta 1, let's just get everything working, them we can go back to consolidating :)21:18
lenOh yes. I just make the files, Scott adds them or not as he likes.21:19
CFHowlettthemes?  I maintain that this has strong potential as the default wallpaper...  http://shitsukesen.deviantart.com/art/Fake-Ubuntu-Studio-Screen-shot-173257515 21:41
CFHowlettor perhaps this one  http://spreadubuntu.org/en/material/unusual/beautiful-ubuntu-ray-traced-wallpapers21:49
holsteinhttp://parker1.co.uk/eternity/screenshots/eternalstudio.png is my fav so far21:53
holsteini think the etched ones are knd of dry21:53
holsteini feel like thats where the desktop is headed though... with the faded out no color icons we are getting21:54
holsteini installed crunchbang and the icons in the try are the old-school ones with color21:54
holsteini like it :)21:54
lenI'm not too picky, they are all better than I can do.21:54
lenI would like a bit more contrast in the theme though.21:55
holsteinyeah, at least more contrast21:55
lenI find it hard to figure out which window I am typing into...21:56
CFHowlettholstein   fyi, I updated the logo...21:59
lenIt looks a bit cleaner.22:01
CFHowlettI'd also submit these for consideration  https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialOneiric22:03
CFHowlettlove that etched metal look!22:03
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scott-workmicahg: i will get it tonight, hopefully shortlly after getting home i'll be leaving in moments)22:38
scott-workmicahg: interestingly, these are wallpapers that we have been using already, so it might be that we didn't have copyright file in the previous package :/22:39
scott-workmicahg: also, this has me wondering if i am including them in the default package then why do we also need a ubuntustudio-wallpaper package?22:39
scott-workthe last question is probably something stupidly simple and i'm too brain dead from work to realize it22:40
scott-workat the moment22:40
scott-workhold on, which images did i put into default-settings?  wasn't that the icon images?22:42
scott-worknot the wallpapers?  why the hell was i thinking it was wallpapers?22:42
scott-work*shrug* going home, i'll suss it out there where i can really look at stuff and drop/leave the work stuff in my head at work22:43

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