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alexxioi upgraded my ubuntu(studio) from previous version to 11.10, but when it was installing all the packages i accidentally rebooted it...now it works only in recovery mode and not in normal mode..what can i do to understand where the problem is?10:37
ailoalexxio: You can try installing ubuntustudio-desktop from recovery mode10:47
alexxioailo: how to do that?10:48
ailoapt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop10:48
alexxiommmh ok10:48
ailoYou can try this: apt-get install --reinstall ubuntustudio-desktop10:49
alexxioi will need the network?10:49
alexxioi sent the command10:50
alexxiothank you10:50
alexxiommmh it already finished (that's strage, isn't it?) it says :10:51
alexxioextracting substitude of ubuntustudio'desktop...configuring ubuntustudio-desktop (0.90)...the returns the shell $10:52
alexxionow i reboot..it's charging the ubuntu studio splashscreen10:53
alexxioand it freezes on it10:53
ailoWell, it's hard to know what went wrong during your upgrade10:54
alexxioi know10:54
ailoI never like to upgrade myself. I always do a fresh install10:54
alexxioi gave a dpkg --configure -a10:54
ailoYou should back up your files, and do a new install10:54
ailoIt's much faster that way, I think10:54
ailoI usually keep my files on a separate partition, like a data partition. This way, I don't need to touch them when I reinstall10:55
alexxioand configurations?10:55
alexxiodo you have a separate /home too?10:55
ailoNope. I use symbolic links to my home for those configs that I like to keep10:56
ailoBut, if you want to save something specific, just backup those10:56
alexxioif i'm on recovery boot and reestablish normal boot it goes, but if i do normal boot direcly from grub, it freezes :(10:57
ailobtw, you could try: apt-get install -f10:58
ailoBut, I would just do a fresh install anyway10:58
alexxiok thank you11:10

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