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jYis there anyway to tell upstart to send a HUP signal to a process to restart?18:58
JanCjY: why for restart instead of for reload?19:03
jYJanC: i'm a upstart noob.. so i didn't know there was a reload19:04
JanCjY: I was somewhat surprised; most people complain that right now "reload" can't use anything but SIGHUP  ;)19:05
jYwe'll i'm happy if it can only do that19:06
JanCanyway, you can read about the available commands in 'man initctl'19:07
JanCalso, see the cookbook mentioned in the /topic for lots of useful info & tips19:08
lucsJust wanted to confirm that yes, "\" at the end of lines in "script/end script" sections does get passed correctly to sh, and thus we can have continuation lines like that.19:48
SpamapSlucs: thanks for investigating. :)20:47
* lucs is now a happy camper with his nice readable scripts :)20:48
JanCSpamapS: it would have been a bug if it didn't work  ;)20:48
SpamapSI'm a little incredulous that anything requiring \'s is "readable" .. but to each his own20:49
JanCalso depends on the language used, I suppose20:49
lucsExample of my "\" usage: http://paste.scsys.co.uk/18383220:56
SpamapSlucs: indeed, *that* is quite a bit more readable, and I hadn't thought about doing that.21:00
lucsIt makes code longer instead of wider, but like Steven Right, "I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of widths." :)21:02
lucs(explaining why he liked to walk his dog around the ledge of his apartment building)21:03
JanCcould also be useful with complex conditional statements in some languages21:08

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