pleia2knome: have some time tomorrow? we should talk marketing stuffs, I want to get a blog post out asking for help with tshirt designs and things and hopefully have some zazzle/cafepress/whatever shop up by release time00:10
knomeermm, possible00:11
knomewhat time were you thinking?00:11
pleia2evening your time probably00:11
pleia2I wake up at 16:00 UTC :)00:12
pleia2but I can get up earlier00:12
knomehmmh. well, something like 21UTC might work..00:12
pleia2sounds good00:12
knomebut i'm not sure00:13
knomei'll try to be around at that time :)00:13
pleia2ok, I'll ping you again tomorrow and we can figure something out :)00:13
pleia2I'll be around this weekend too (lots of house projects to do)00:13
knomesounds good00:14
Unit193Anything I should be helping with?00:14
pleia2Unit193: you can get a sneak peak! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Marketing/Products00:15
Unit193ochosi: I know you're gone and don't care at this point, but: https://github.com/daz4126/Blackbird/commits/blue and https://github.com/daz4126/Blackbird-Icons but they also aren't ready yet either.07:34
micahgmr_pouit: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=9397 if you get to it before I upload08:28
mr_pouitlooking at it09:26
micahgmr_pouit: ok, brb, I should probably run it first :)09:28
mr_pouitmicahg: you need to add the update-alternatives thing from 1.0.6-0ubuntu409:28
mr_pouit(otherwise flavours can't override the config with their own without ugly dpkg-divert)09:29
micahgmr_pouit: oh? let me see09:29
micahg:(, ok, good catch :)09:29
micahgmr_pouit: I don't see that in the 1.0.6-0ubuntu4 changelog09:31
micahgmr_pouit: do you have time to fix it?09:33
* micahg needs sleep09:33
mr_pouityeah, sorry, I wasn't clear: that's the last version to ship these changes, they have been added during oneiric09:33
mr_pouityeah, I can do it09:33
mr_pouit(but I won't be able to upload)09:33
micahgok, make sure you grab the latest source off of revu, can you push there when you're done?  with your upload, I can review it when I get up and upload09:34
mr_pouitbah, that's useless as in10:47
mr_pouitI'm rebasing it on the last lightm source that shipped the gtk greeter10:47
mr_pouitthere are too many changes in ubuntu10:48
mr_pouit*as is10:48
mr_pouitmicahg: http://lionel.lefolgoc.net/misc/lightdm-gtk-greeter_1.1.4-0ubuntu1.dsc <<< here's one that should work (but it's not based on pkg-xfce anymore). Feel free to adapt it, I won't have more time for it today.11:47
mr_pouit(i'm away from my key, so i can't upload to revu either)11:48
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micahgmr_pouit: thanks :)18:21
pleia2knome: oh hey, nudge me wgen you're around to talk marketing20:25
micahgknome: madnick: is xubuntu not part of the release meeting anymore (no e-mail, no meeting presence)21:48
* micahg wonders if xubuntu is planning on having a beta 121:48
knomemicahg, we are...22:21
knomepleia2, unfortunately today doesn't work out. i need to go to sleep. maybe tomorrow at about the same time? :)22:22
pleia2knome: sounds good :)22:22
pleia2have a good night!22:22

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