mongyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/926647 seems similar.00:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 926647 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "login screen does not appear while using lightdm" [Low,Incomplete]00:02
knomethis is in oneiric?00:05
mongymy eyes are killing me.  I'll file one tomorrow if needs be still.  I'll have to get the vm back up as was for any logs and confs.00:06
knomewell if you could, i'm sure that would be helpful00:06
knomegood night :)00:06
mongylooking at his log, it's the same bug.  unity-greeter gets set00:08
mongyeven though unity was never installed.00:08
mongyok, I'm out00:08
ChristopherNgknome: your back00:34
ChristopherNgbasically, i spoke with my lug today and we want a project for xubuntu00:35
starnhello, i had to redo my gnu-linux system and kinda lost my CLI apps.. and i am wondering if someone has a really good list of CLI tools and general apps? i only remember byobu and moc..02:31
starni do know one tool i'd love if it there is even such a thing.. a cli tool that can control a Teamspeak 3 client on either a local network or on the host machine..02:32
pleia2starn: a lot of applications in linux have CLI equivalents so it would be hard to compile a list, unfortunately I'd just recommend working on stuff and installing apps as you need them03:18
Noobie-LJcan anyone help a noobie with some sound issues?04:33
Noobie-LJguess not04:36
tintoyHi anyone helps, I am using apache2 in ubuntu 10.04, When I access it at the browser it always saying "You have chosen to open which is a: PHTML file". what does this mean?05:14
tintoyI'm suppose to see my homepage05:14
xubuntu039para que sirve el comando chown05:19
xubuntu039soy nuevo en linux y quisiera aprender05:21
nanotubexubuntu039: para cambiar el owner del archivo05:22
nanotubelee 'man chown' para mas informacion05:23
nanotubey tambien05:23
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.05:23
xubuntu039gracias amigos05:24
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duelleHi there, I sometimes can't copy and paste files (from a folder to desktop for example). I can hit copy from the context menu, but on the desktop context menu paste is greyed out.09:14
duelleCopying via terminal cp src dest works fine.09:14
Unit193Yep, known bug that's fixed in a later update.09:17
duelleOkay, thank you Unit19309:17
Unit193Precise to be precise, and may get a backport if we're lucky.09:19
duelleAbout once a day my boot process gets stuck just before entering "gui". If I change to tty and start lightdm manually everything works fine. Xorg-Logs say that no screen could be found.09:39
NyLescan someone help me with my sound card? i've tried everything but still doesn't work.. it produces a somewhat buzzing sound "zzzzzzzzzz" whenever the mouse is moved.. aplay -l results wit no soundcards found..10:20
NyLesi mean any action in the desktop produces that sound, card is Intel Corporation 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller..10:21
yo9hnfhello ! i whant to install XBMC on XUBUNTU 8.04 (i can't use a newer version because of my VIA C3 compatibility) and i can't because APT deosen't recognise XBMC10:23
yo9hnfeven if i update APT10:23
yo9hnfcan someone help me ?:)10:23
NyLes!anyone | yo9hnf10:29
ubottuyo9hnf: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:29
TheSheepNyLes: he did ask his question10:39
TheSheepNyLes: does the soundcard appear in lshw?10:40
NyLesTheSheep: yeah..10:40
TheSheepNyLes: what does it say about it?10:41
NyLeswhat is the command again? lshw -c "audio"?10:41
TheSheepso you didn't really check10:41
NyLesTheSheep: lshw only, it appears10:42
TheSheepNyLes: can you pastebin the relevant part?10:42
NyLesTheSheep: yeah sure.. wait..10:43
NyLes_TheSheep: got dc'ed http://paste.ubuntu.com/855221, ive included the USB port and SMBus.. i just noticed that they have the same product name should i say?10:47
TheSheepNyLes_: I wonder what that 'UNCLAIMED' means :)10:53
TheSheepNyLes_: dmesg says anything about audio?10:54
NyLes_TheSheep: o wait scanning dmesg result lol11:00
NyLes_TheSheep: ok, just noticed this one, ALSA intel8x0.c:2435: codec_ready: codec is not ready [0x300000]11:01
NyLes_TheSheep: intel8x0 is the one appeared on lspci command..11:03
TheSheepNyLes_: I guess you need to google that now11:04
NyLes_TheSheep: i also noticed snd_seq_midi as well as snd_seq_midi to be unknown symbol11:04
NyLes_TheSheep: ok thanks..11:04
ronsonolToday (re)installed Xubuntu 11.10 AMD64.  Found Gimp to work initially, but seriously hosed after running update manager.11:50
mongywhat version of gimp11:54
ronsonol_sorry about that, just crashed, suspect same cause.  2.6.11-2ubuntu4.  Tested at default install.  Tested again after running update manager.  Some 218 packages.12:03
ronsonol_Freezes up halfway through image scaling.  Selection area vanishes on choosing another tool.  Occasionally, jaggy artifacts several pixels around brush strokes.12:07
ronsonol_This is something that's been updated within the last few days.  I've been running 11.10 since release with no problems.12:09
mongyvery odd.  tried removing your home configs12:16
ronsonol_I went through all of that before resorting to reinstallation.  That's how I absolutely narrowed it down to something updated.12:18
ronsonol_I mean, I reinstalled and tested before customizing anything.  It worked.  Then I ran updates.  Then it didn't.12:19
mongyi have the same updates and gimp, no problems here.  got any ppa's on there?12:22
mongyhave you added any ppa to your sources?12:23
ronsonol_Haven't altered sources at all.  This is strictly insert media, install xubuntu 11.10 AMD64.  Update manager kicks up automatically after restart.12:26
ronsonol_I've got a laptop haven't updated in 10 days.  Now, that's running 11.10 x86, but 34 packages to be installed, including the 3.0.0-16 kernel and libgtk-3-0.12:34
mongyknome, awake?12:43
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xubuntu404xubuntu's so damn fast13:02
xubuntu404way faster than the original one shipping gnome313:02
NyLescan someone please analyze this for me, i've been fixing my sound card for 4 days now please :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/85538914:12
xubanyone here?15:45
xubdoes anyone know15:45
xubwhy the button on the title bar thats on the left15:45
xublag so much when clicked?15:45
xubit takes it like a second for the menu to appear15:45
mongyeverytime or just the first time15:46
xubits so weird15:46
xubxubuntu is running so smooth15:46
xubexcept for that little detail15:46
mongywhat about when you right click on your desktop to get that menu15:47
hobgoblinI always get about a 1s lag doing that15:48
mongymine seems fine.  customised it a bit.. removed the exo stuff, put my own stuff in there instead, other than that not played with it.15:49
xubits just that15:50
xubevery other menu just works awesome15:50
xubI've got an ATI card15:50
xuband im not too sure whether I should install fglrx15:51
xubI've had a lot of issues with that driver on several Linux distros15:51
mongyI have ati/fglrx.  but it was fine without.15:51
xuband with different cards..15:51
xubExactly, same here15:51
xubThis is my first time trying Xubuntu and Im very pleased with it15:51
xubHad to switch to something else15:51
xubsince I'm not quite happy with Gnome315:52
xubwindows seems unresponsive when moving15:52
xubAnd KDE looks to windowish15:53
mongycompositing on ?  not that it would affect only that thing.15:55
mongyrun top and see what is happening when you click the app menu15:55
sovtwaremaybe the server is Polish xubuntu? and how to enter someone tell me?16:04
mongy!pl | sovtware16:06
ubottusovtware: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.16:06
sovtwareubottu, dziękuję więc jest tylko jeden kanał16:07
ubottusovtware: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:07
baizonsovtware: whats your problem?16:11
baizonquery me if you need help in polish :P16:12
sovtwarenot everything ok sorry16:15
sovtwaremy friend already wrote what and how16:15
baizonso i can go home now :)16:16
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coiriushi guys. i have small problem with my xubuntu installation - when i press XF86Bluetooth button for turn off a bluetooth device - my screen brightness increasing, but when i press for turn on bluetooth device - all ok. how i can fix this small trouble>17:08
reddog9287I have a quick question if anyone could answer17:53
baizon!ask | reddog928717:53
ubottureddog9287: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:53
reddog9287Well, thank you! I am installing Xubuntu right now, and it appears to be hanging at the Ubiquity laptop-detect, is this normal?17:54
baizonreddog9287: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/87379117:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 873791 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity (Xubuntu) Hangs on laptop-detect on a Desktop" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:56
reddog9287Okay thank you, I suppose I could wait for it, otherwise is it okay to skip this?17:57
mongyis there a boot option like no-laptop-detect or something?  might be18:00
qazokmif i post a forum post here, so as not to crowd things, would that be objectionable?19:39
hobgoblinqazokm: I'd not object - but others might not even have a forum account ;)19:40
qazokmoh that's true...19:40
qazokmwell i will paste bin it then19:40
hobgoblinblimey - does the forum post look like that ... got a link to it anyway19:42
qazokmo tried to be thorough :(19:43
hobgoblinthat's good - often posts on forum aren't which is what I was getting at19:44
hobgoblinqazokm: I'll not be able to help much I'm afraid - not been using xubuntu for very long - but did you install all those things that you removed ontop of xubuntu?19:46
qazokmer, i am using xubuntu-desktop19:46
qazokmoff of ubuntu19:46
hobgoblinqazokm: never had issues like that myself when I used to do that - but that was before unity and the need to have compiz, are you still using both?19:48
qazokmno, ive uninstalled unity19:48
qazokmand compiz19:48
Sysiqazokm: when do changes you mentioned happen, at login?19:48
Sysisounds like you still have nautilus and bits of unity installed and you get to the wrong session19:49
hobgoblinSysi: thanks - that was what I was thinking19:50
qazokmwell i dont knwo enough to argue that point really, im sure, somethings stopping xfcw from running19:50
hobgoblinqazokm: do you still actually use ubuntu?19:50
qazokmbut i think ive gotten rid of them completely19:51
Sysiaptitude search unity | egrep "(^i)"19:51
qazokmaha my noobishness might show but im not sure? i use the software manager on occasion...but i login with 'gdm' always into an xfce session19:51
Sysi.. aptitude isn't installed by default so "dpkg -l *unity*" unity/nautilus/compiz19:53
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qazokmi have aptitude19:53
SysiI recommend removing unity-2d19:53
Sysihow do you log out, do you save session?19:54
qazokmheh... i click log out :( sorry19:54
Sysiyou get pop-up window or list?19:54
Sysiwhich one, menu/list or popup?19:55
qazokma popup window giving me restart, shutdown, etc options19:55
qazokmdont think were talking the same thing19:55
Sysithere's a tap for session saving at the bottom, is it checked?19:55
Sysi(I ment which one, menu/list or popup)19:56
qazokmyes it is19:56
qazokmit is a popup with five buttons and the aforementioned checbox, checked19:56
Sysiyou could try rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions and not checking it on logout, it will remember it for next time19:56
Sysinot check/uncheck19:56
qazokmoh i guess i didnt mention it in the post19:57
qazokmdeleting the seession cache does not seem to work19:57
Sysiit doesn't if you save session when exiting anyway19:57
qazokmi will try now then, okay?19:58
qazokmbe back in a jiff19:58
Sysigood luck19:58
qazokmwhy cant i just plug into an experience machine and know when im making dumb missteps20:01
qazokmalso, what is the problem exactly20:02
qazokmthat deleting the session folder fixes it20:02
qazokmwell thanks sysi / hobgoblin20:04
hobgoblinthank Sysi not me qazokm :)20:05
qazokmthanks for responding :o20:05
hobgoblinqazokm: if that is ok and sorted perhaps you could add info to your forum thread for others20:05
hobgoblinwell I did that at least :)20:06
Sysixfce devs really should give some focus on session saving problems, they're quite common20:06
qazokmi was just about to ask if anyone would reply to it to gain karma, or something20:06
Sysihard to backtrack/reproduce maybe20:06
hobgoblinqazokm: the forum does not do karma :)20:07
qazokmbut i would still like to understand what the problem is really, i still dont20:07
qazokmno? do you not get beans or something for talking in solved threeads?20:07
hobgoblinqazokm: well yea - but they are meaningless I have almost 20k there20:08
qazokmforum doesnt seem to support spoiler...20:09
hobgoblinqazokm: perhaps go to #xubuntu-offtopic or PM to talk about the forum post thing rather than here20:09
Sysiqazokm: probably something from unity-2d session is ran for some reason and it's left there because of session saving20:09
qazokmoh sorry hobgoblin20:09
hobgoblins'ok :) - just stopping someone tell me off lol20:10
SysiI never use session saving and rarely have several DEs on one machine20:10
* hobgoblin the same 20:10
qazokmyes i dont want them either20:10
qazokmnot to go too far into it, but is there a way i could find some log, or something, that shows what in the session was the problem, and report it as a bug?20:11
qazokmso that they can fix unity/ they can fix xfce/ someone patches something?20:11
Sysiit would've been in deleted session file(s)20:13
nikolamcan someone propose easy way of reinstalling GRUB2 into disk/MBR , if root is on MD Raid partition/device (separate /boot partition). I have Xubuntu alternate CD booted (installed windows on separate partition and need to revive Linux)20:15
mongyo hai22:54
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