dOxxxomg it worked00:03
wgzdOxxx: you clearly have the magic00:05
dOxxxwgz: clearly. I got the idea from the fedora bug for the same problem. patched the bzr texinfo builder to register itself under a different name so it doesn't clash with the builtin texinfo builder00:05
dOxxxnow I have to figure out how to handle this cacert thing00:12
wgzso, you don't actually have to now00:16
dOxxxwell I still get that error about the cacerts being wrong00:16
wgzafter 2.5b6 the default got flipped so if the certs aren't there it will just not verify00:16
dOxxxoh hmm00:17
dOxxxI see00:17
dOxxxI didn't have 2.5b6 installed when I tested it00:17
wgzit still complains?00:17
dOxxxI get this like 8 times:  Not checking SSL certificate for bazaar.launchpad.net: 44300:17
dOxxxand then the normal command output00:17
wgzhttps://code.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/929179-default-ssl-certs/+merge/93177 <- is the mp00:18
wgzah, okay, so... it doesn't error, but does print something00:19
dOxxxyeah I just had an old version installed when I first tried it00:19
wgzand for whatever reason that https command spams connections00:19
wgzso, what I did, which is probably not appropriate for osx00:19
wgzwas stick the bundle that the curl guys extract from mozilla and publish on their website in the install directory00:20
wgzbut doing the right thing for osx no doubt means writing extra code00:21
dOxxxyeah it means writing extra code that I do not know right now :)00:21
dOxxxI can do the same hack as you00:21
dOxxxjust tried it by downloading the cacert file from that site and then using `bzr -Ossl.cacert=path/to/file`00:22
wgzwill just check what vila left in as the expected location for osx...00:22
wgz^and that worked?00:22
dOxxxerrr... it seems that it worked with the older verison of bzr, but now with 2.5.0 it's still giving me the "not checking ssl certificate" spam00:23
wgzah, dammit, the code is:00:23
dOxxxoh well, it's not like I don't already have 2 patches for bzr code, one more is not going to hurt00:24
wgzoh, oh dear. it really shouldn't do that with 2.5, the change must have been wrong00:24
wgzokay, so changes three and four:00:25
wgzrevert the change from the mp I just linked00:25
wgzchange the darwin branch in bzrlib.transport.http._urllib_wrappers.default_ca_certs to the same as the win32 bit above it00:26
dOxxxI was considering storing it in /usr/local/share/bzr just to be nice about it00:27
wgzby all means be superior :)00:27
dOxxxaha, so if I do this: `bzr -Ossl.ca_certs=cacert.pem -Ossl.cert_reqs=required` then I don't get the error or the spam00:31
dOxxxwhich is basically what the patch will accomplish in code instead00:31
wgzit seems none was a bad idea.00:32
dOxxxI think I grok this now00:32
wgzwhat's odd is I'm sure it was vila that explained to me why none was a bad idea00:33
dOxxxso default_ca_reqs should always return 'required'?00:34
dOxxxoh I see, just set the default for ssl.cert_reqs to required in the option definition00:35
wgzyeah, as you're supplying it00:35
dOxxxI can never tell when I should be using single quotes or double quotes for a string...00:36
wgzI change my mind every year or so :)00:36
wgz`bzr merge -r6474..6473 bzrlib/transport/http/_urllib2_wrappers.py` would do... but you're going from the tarball00:37
dOxxxyeah, I'm modifying my bzr 2.5 working tree, generating a patch from that and then apply that patch during the build process00:38
dOxxxthe whole process is automated from extracting the source onwards so I have a patching mechanism00:38
wgznext time you do this I need to look over your shoulder and pick up tips00:39
dOxxxyou're welcome to have a look at lp:bzr-mac-installers to see my build scripts00:40
dOxxxit's inherited code so it's not quite as nice as I would like it to be but I've been making improvements slowly here and there00:41
wgzsticking up the first hunk as a merge proposal against 2.5 wouldn't hurt00:41
dOxxxI guess so...00:41
wgzokay, bed for me I think00:49
dOxxxseeya wgz00:51
dOxxxssl cacerts hack works :P00:57
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