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george_eI've got a rather strange issue here - it seems like Juju is completely ignoring the default values I have set in config.yaml.04:58
george_eIf I interactively debug the config-changed hook and try to retrieve a config value, it doesn't return the default - it's empty.04:58
george_eAny ideas?05:01
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SpamapSgeorge_e: what version of juju?05:53
SpamapSgeorge_e: a few bugs around that have been fixed in the last 2 months.05:54
george_eSpamapS: Apparently 0.5+bzr467.05:55
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SpamapSgeorge_e: ok well then that is odd.06:15
SpamapSgeorge_e: unfortunately you've caught me just before passing out from exhaustion.. but please do come back and ask again. :)06:16
george_eI've just upgraded to the latest version and I've started the environment from scratch.06:16
george_eSpamapS: Yeah, I'll be here tomorrow.06:16
SpamapSgeorge_e: also it might work to ask on askubuntu.com and tag with 'juju' .. we read those periodically and they tend to produce nice long-lived answers.06:16
* SpamapS passes out06:16
george_eSpamapS: I can definitely do that.06:16
george_eI use Ask Ubuntu all the time :P06:17
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shafiqissaniIf I want to deploy a single charm ... why is the bootstrapped node necessary ? the extra node is a huge waste of resources... Is there any possibility to deploy a charm without it ?14:44
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george_eJuju seems to be broken - all of the charms I deploy get stuck at the 'pending' stage.22:08
* george_e downgrades to 0.5+bzr467.22:44
george_eIt's still not working :(22:44
george_eTime for a serious downgrade to the version packaged in the Oneiric archives.22:44
george_e...followed by a prompt reboot.22:45

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