Riddellyes you could well be right00:00
nixternalanother reason i bring that up, is it seems cjwatson was touching a lot of the bugs supposedly specific to [kde] but never did anything with them after the fact00:01
Riddellyes he'll triage them a bit but not fix them generally00:04
nixternalcleaned out ubiquity-kde oem bugs, 1 left as incomplete. i couldn't reproduce it, and if they don't answer in the next 59 days, it will be closed anyways00:29
nixternalwish they made that 14 days instead of 60 days. if someone doesn't respond in 2 weeks, who cares :D00:29
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nixternalalright, cleaned up about half of the ubiquity issues (>2 years). there are still 25 kde-specific ones I will get to later. time to get ready to go out for dinner01:13
* nixternal notes i had fun doing this today! \o/01:13
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manchickenSo, who here is great with git?04:59
ScottKHeya manchicken.  Long time, no see.06:12
ScottK(not me re git)06:12
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nixternalwhoa, is that really the real manchicken ?06:23
* manchicken stands up06:24
nixternalhow you been dude06:24
manchickenMixed results :)06:24
nixternalsame here :)06:24
manchickenMuch less of me these days :)06:24
nixternalyou still in champaign?06:24
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nixternalhow is the family?06:25
manchickenMahomet, pretty close :)06:25
nixternalyou voting for ron paul this time around? :p  /me remembers your blog posts back in the day06:25
manchickenPretty good, we've got two kiddos now, not sure how much you've heard.06:25
nixternali remember your first one, congrats on the second06:26
manchickenNo, Ron Paul's actually pretty messed up these days.06:26
nixternalyou still hacking on perl?06:26
manchickenHe's a bit of a neocon now.06:26
manchickenSometimes. My 9-5 is mostly ColdFusion.06:26
nixternalthere's a change i wouldn't have called a couple of years ago06:26
manchickenThe job market around here isn't very strong, so I don't have much of a choice :)06:27
nixternalyeah, it isn't any better up 57 either06:27
manchickennixternal: That seems to be a regular theme when people try to make predictions about me :)06:27
manchickenI'm unpredictable ;)06:27
nixternalhaha, so true06:27
ScottKHeya nixternal.  Nice to see you too.  I filed a nice new update-manager-kde bug for you.  Even a really easy one to fix.06:28
nixternalubiquity! pfft update-manager, dist-upgrade baby :D06:28
nixternalif it is a really easy one to fix, then why didn't you fix it?06:28
ScottKBecause I knew you were hot to trot.06:30
ScottKI'll work on it tomorrow.06:31
nixternalnot hot enough to go buy a netbook just to play around with this one :p06:31
nixternalScottK: is there a list of "must fix" bugs for us? figured I would find a link somewhere but I was unsuccessful at it06:34
ScottKWhat happened to the netbook you had?06:34
ScottKDid it die in the flood?06:34
ScottKActually you can replicate this one in a VM just fine, just give it a small screen, but I digress.06:35
nixternalno, it survived the home devistation, it just died of natural causes06:35
ScottKOK.  Mine's still ticking.06:35
nixternalthe display is bad06:35
nixternalonly way to use it is to plug it in to an external monitor. but to do that i need to find my power chord or go buy a new one06:36
nixternalbuying a new one seems dumb for a machine that doesn't work anyways06:36
ScottKNot too many High/Critical ones tagged Kubuntu https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.importance%3Alist=CRITICAL&field.06:37
ScottKGotta love that Launchpad.06:38
nixternalneeds a URL shortener service06:38
ScottKIf you're working on Ubiquity stuff, that's definitlely good as it's gotten almost no love since shtylman bailed out.06:40
nixternalmost of the bugs are old and non-existant06:41
nixternalonly a few i was able to reproduce in 10.04.4, 11.10, and 12.0406:41
nixternalthough they might not even be ubiquity kde_ui issues, but core issues instead06:41
nixternalheh, just bought a power adapter for the mini 10v for $3 shipped via amazon :)06:56
nixternalI can use it headless06:57
ScottKNow you got a server again.06:57
nixternalperfect for storing my email, irssi, and yup, replace my way to noisey of a server06:58
nixternalso, it seems a majority of the comments on my last blog post don't like Kubuntu because a) it isn't a rolling release, b) we stick to close to KDE when there are better/more stable options available, c) canonical07:02
nixternalout of most of the comments where people said we stick to close to kde and aren't a rolling release, they were arch users. hrmm, arch sticks with kde like we do, they just make there desktop not look much like kde07:03
jussinixternal: you are awesome, thank you for that blog post so much. I think we as a community can benefit from all those comments and maybe we could sit down and analyse them, write a list of problems and perhaps have a sprint?09:04
Riddelljussi: which one is that?09:33
jussiRiddell: http://www.nixternal.com/why-does-kubuntu-suck/09:35
Riddellah yes, the provocative titled one :)09:35
jussistill, the comments have been suprisingly well behaved and kind of useful imho09:40
MamarokRiddell: I think this report should be reassigned to Unity, it is certainly not an Amarok bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/94056210:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940562 in amarok (Ubuntu) "Global hotkeys of amarok for rating conflict with Unity (Meta-1 to Meta-5) " [Undecided,New]10:11
Mamarokwhy should an application existing since 10 years suddenly change because a newcomer in the market wants these hotkeys?10:12
yofeljussi: agreed, I was reading them myself yesterday but only had time to read like half of them10:14
RiddellMamarok: feel free to try and hope they agree10:58
Mamarokwell, which unity part should this be assigned to then?10:59
RiddellI don't know, never used unity11:04
MamarokI added a comment now11:10
danttiRiddell: morning, one question on that long ago UDS you were interested in changing the printer stuff, recently I even added the com.redhat.new... so pretty much the Add New printer dialong won't work well if the udev rule didn't work well, are you willing to change this for the next release or maybe it's too late?11:10
Mamarokbut this is in now way a bug in Amarok11:10
Riddelldantti: I'm not sure what you're asking11:12
danttiRiddell: it misses a bit of smartness on new printers dialog and don't have the samba thing to probe for printer rbelem said he would help :P but it's quite a nice change because of the plasmoid and overall ui (I believe you saw my blog), so less stuff for you to care...11:12
Riddelldantti: you added it to what?11:12
danttiRiddell: the kded part of it now also shows the printer add notification11:13
Riddelldantti: you added it to your printer admin tool?11:13
danttiwith a + to configure the printer button if the coosen was not so good11:13
danttiRiddell: yup, wondering if it's too late for this cycle11:13
danttisince imo it would be a nice to have feature (especially for the plasmoid thing)11:14
Riddelldantti: yes it'll be too late for this cycle I'm afraid (unless someone is really keen on it and shepherds it through feature freeze exceptions etc)11:14
Riddellbut next cycle sure, if it has all the features of printer-applet and is less buggy that's lovely11:14
danttioh I should read topics ::P FF11:14
Riddelldantti: where is it?  got .deb packaging yet or shall I post to the list to find people who can package it?11:15
danttiRiddell: k, well this week I'll probably fix the missing stuff and ask for kde review if someone if then willing to do an exception good, if hopefully on 4.9 backport it will be11:16
danttiRiddell: no package I believe11:16
Riddelldantti: cool I'll post to the list and hopefully someone will put it into a PPA for testing11:17
danttiRiddell: nice, http://simplest-image-hosting.net/png-0-plasma-desktopx21432%0A this is the knotification thing I was talking about11:18
Riddelldantti: that's what's is needed, what happens if you click on the systray icon?11:19
* Riddell gumbles about kde systray notifications having no visual link to the systray icon11:21
danttiRiddell: it isn't connected to the systray icon, it's just a popup when you plug a new printer11:40
danttiRiddell: the plus is the configure button that let's you configure the newly installed printer the gtk version of printer applet has it too11:40
danttiRiddell: if you click on the systray it will show the plasmoid I posted here http://dantti.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/say-hello-to-our-must-have-new-plasmoid/11:41
danttiright now it doesn't properly hide because of QML - plasma bug11:42
yofeldantti: looks great :)11:42
danttiyofel: thanks tho the plasma theme helps a lot ;)11:43
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/libkdcraw] Philip Muškovac * 29 * debian/ (5 files in 2 dirs) * Cherry-pick upstream commit d0e61353aeff0ec89cfa4a2de0c767286784c239 from master to add lcms2 support. (LP: #885324) * Build-depend on liblcms2-dev instead of liblcms1-dev11:44
bulldog98yofel: I lost my cia script somewhere, where is yours?11:44
yofelbulldog98: lp:project-neon, in the cia folder11:45
bulldog98yofel: why don’t we put it into the kubuntu-dev-tools ?11:45
yofelfeel free to, there is another one in the archive, but that doesn't work like I want11:46
jussidantti: that plasmoid is *awesome* *drool*11:47
danttijussi: thanks :D11:48
* dantti leaves to church now, bbl11:48
jussilaters dantti11:49
jussibtw, does anyone know if there is a tool to change the PIN number on a sim card?11:49
mikecbwhich one?11:51
jussior do I need to pull it out and stick it in my phone to do so....11:51
jussimikecb: which what? 11:51
mikecbaren't there multiple ones?11:52
jussimikecb: no, I mean the PIN that you put in on boot  before it gives you access11:52
mikecbsee if that works11:53
mikecbI just realized I have no idea what any of those numbers are for my phone11:54
jussimikecb: They might work, but I have none of those items here in Kubuntu.11:54
jussiThe simcard is in the 3G module of this machine11:54
Riddelldantti: you have your sabbath and church on a saturday?12:06
* peace skydive done12:41
jussipeace: was it awesome?`12:48
peacejussi: it's always awesome12:49
jussihehe, I want to do it one day.12:49
peacejussi: i got the license now12:50
jussipeace: nice work12:50
peacejussi: xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJrAnv8JiF0 that is my AFF12:50
BluesKajHey all13:16
peaceBluesKaj: hey13:17
BluesKajhi peace13:17
peaceops sorry13:17
peaceBluesKaj: i just done a skydive xD13:17
BluesKajby yourself or with a guide?13:20
peacei got the license 13:21
BluesKajthrill seeker , i'd never do it.13:22
BluesKajno prarchutes large enough for 145kg ppl13:23
peace145kg mm 13:24
peacei am 80kg13:24
Ezimhi guys/girls.13:29
Ezimsome one from the team should contact richard: http://www.nixternal.com/why-does-kubuntu-suck/13:29
Ezimhe seems to want to help out with kubuntu13:29
BluesKajyes peace , also I'm 196 cm tall 13:30
Ezim:) what does this to do with what I write?13:30
peaceBluesKaj: wtf :D 13:30
yofelEzim: that's nixternal, don't mind him :P13:30
peaceBluesKaj: 1.7513:31
yofelEzim: he's one of us too13:31
BluesKajnixternal is regular member here13:31
Ezimyofel, hehe he is?13:31
Ezimhaha sorry guys :).13:31
Ezimdid not know that.13:31
BluesKajpeace, well ,that's what my drivers licence reads :)13:33
peaceBluesKaj: ar you taller ?13:33
BluesKajno , it's correct 13:34
BluesKaj6' 5" in ft and inches13:34
BluesKajopeace, I'm also pretty old to be jumping out of airplanes :)13:38
BluesKajpeace, ^13:38
peaceBluesKaj: hahahaha you are not i am sure13:39
BluesKaj< is a grandfather13:41
peace:D i knew13:41
BluesKajwell , peace , you have more nerve than I do...I prefer solid ground under my feet m:)13:43
peaceBluesKaj: :)13:43
BluesKajpeace,  we should be discussing this in OT13:44
peaceBluesKaj: i could do a launch with a kde t-shirt one dayxD13:44
peaceBluesKaj: right13:44
Ezimmany users seems to have problem with kubuntu13:51
EzimI hope many things can be solved with 12.0413:51
EzimI agree about the comments about rekonq 13:52
Ezimthe worst browser I have tried under linux.13:52
BluesKajkonqueror is almost as bad now too13:53
EzimBluesKaj, yeah. I liked konqueror before.13:54
Ezimhttp://ubuntu-se.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=55870&start=20 I have written stuff about kubuntu here13:55
Ezimin swedish13:55
Ezimaccording to me some of its shortcomes13:55
Ezimand how I manage to solve/bypass them13:55
EzimDär Kubuntu 11.10 i mitt tycke brister och vad man kan göra åt det. <<--- from here13:56
peaceEzim: sudo apt-get konq-plugins and then you have to identfy konqueror like firefox13:57
peaceit will works better 13:57
peacei use firefox and konqueror 13:57
peacerekonq doesn't work.13:57
peace(for me)13:58
Ezimpeace, will take a look. thx peace.13:58
peaceEzim: look konqueror and google plus http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/25/plasma-desktopdC1826.png14:01
Ezimpeace, nice.14:02
Ezimpeace, I still prefer firefox/chrome/opera over konqueror/rekonq14:03
Ezim:) If I would decide rekonq would not be default broswer and even not installed by default14:03
Ezimpeople that needs qt-browser can use konqueror for backup thing.14:03
peaceEzim: well konqueror is light i use it for that and because for my bank it works so... i prefer it14:03
peaceEzim: btw there is firefox-qt14:04
Ezimpeace, firefox-qt?14:04
peacebut unluckly you need to change the theme to see it properly14:04
Ezimyou mean theme?14:04
peaceEzim: no14:04
peacefirefox-qt 14:04
peaceit's a version of firefox that uses qt libraries14:04
Ezimpeace, your kubuntu looks :P gnome;ish :P.14:05
BluesKajchromium-browser works well, but some think google is evil :)14:05
Ezimfaenzo icons? :)14:05
peaceEzim: kfaenza14:05
Ezimpeace, :) yeah I can see that.14:05
EzimI prefer oxygen old.14:05
Ezimbest icon theme14:05
peaceEzim: :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYzEty1TYAE&feature=g-upl&context=G2a5e810AUAAAAAAAIAA14:06
peaceEzim: and here the firefox-qt version http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/tinderbox-builds/mozilla-central-linuxqt/1330168309/14:07
Ezimpeace, I am using 4.8.0 :).14:07
Ezimpeace, thx, firefox works good in its default way with kde theme :).14:08
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danttiRiddell: yes,  sabbath at saturday :D (can sabbath happen on another day?)15:15
danttiRiddell: oh I dind't know that Sabbath was also used by sunday church too, since since both words seem the same and in Brazil we don't have this distinction...16:07
jussidantti: heh, yeah, its like that. 16:09
danttijussi: nice to know :P I thought it was a nicer name to name the Saturday (as in english Saturday is the day of Saturn iirc), so as every one said happy sabbath I thought it was to dissociate with the week day..16:11
BluesKajdantti,  afaik Sunday is the Christian Sabbath16:16
danttiBluesKaj: not really16:18
danttiit was changed by romans long ago, so most people have it as the Christian Sabbath, but some don't16:18
BluesKajok , BBL ...16:21
yurikolesplese commit verify patch https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-l10n-ru/+bug/93552116:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935521 in kde-l10n-ru (Ubuntu Precise) "kde-l10n-ru version 4:4.8.0-0ubuntu1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,Confirmed]16:48
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 620 * debian/changelog typo17:20
debfxyurikoles: will do, thanks for spotting that!17:31
debfxwe could really use a machine that regularly builds our packages to detect missing files17:32
ScottKThat or we could read the bugs that get filed ....17:44
debfxI don't think we have a bug report about missing /usr/include/KDE/KDescendantsProxyModel so that approach doesn't really work17:51
ScottKOK.  We did have the kdel10n-ru FTBFS bug though.17:52
debfxright, but that bug report didn't say "you failed to install file X"17:53
debfxwell until an hour ago :)17:54
yofeldoes someone know how bad of an idea it is to build without -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions?17:55
yofelexcept that you might have a bit slower library loading17:55
JontheEchidnasymbol lookup during runtime might be slower17:59
MamarokScottK: thanks for reassigning that report :)18:00
ScottKMamarok: You're welcome.18:00
yofelJontheEchidna: yeah, that much I found out, just trying to make sure as I plan to disable that for kdepim (it breaks the ktimetracker kpart for some reason I haven't found out yet)18:01
JontheEchidnaother than that I don't think it's particularly bad18:02
yurikolesdebfx: first patch in #935521 contains copy-paste from romanian section. i uploaded the fixed one18:16
ScottKdebfx: kde4libs accepted.18:17
yofelkdevelop 4.3 rc1 up for packaging18:40
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CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdepim] Philip Muškovac * 192 * debian/ (changelog rules) Don't use -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions in LDFLAGS to work around kde bug 283479 (LP: #864975)19:58
ubottuKDE bug 283479 in general "cannot start ktimetracker" [Major,New] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28347919:58
CIA-42[lp:kubuntu-dev-tools] Jonathan Kolberg * 145 * zsh_completion/_kde-l10n-build-status Added zsh completion for kde-l10n-build-status20:02
rbelemhi Riddell 20:34
nixternalwhy does kontact have to be such a pita?20:38
rbelemRiddell, could you take a look at the startactive package? i uploaded it to the kubuntu-active ppa :-)20:42
* yofel did another test upgrade from lucid20:45
yofel"Failed to fetch the resource collection" AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH...............20:45
bulldog98yofel: yeah I know that’s a nice error20:49
yofelbulldog98: I don't mind it having a "warning" symbol if it was a warning20:50
yofelbut infact it's a fatal error that doesn't really make it unusable20:50
yofelI'll see if we can somehow work around that20:50
yofelas that pretty much reliably fails on upgrades from what I know20:50
bulldog98yofel: even better is if you get that stuff 100000 times20:50
yofelJontheEchidna: do you have an idea what to do about apper and muon-updater competing for updates? After a lucid upgrade I have 2 "updates available" symbols in the panel. One from apper, one from muon20:53
JontheEchidnayou'd have to disable update notifications from one of the two20:53
yofelhm, that's somewhat sub-optimal, but I don't really have an idea either20:55
sreichhow can i make a package of kde-workspace/plasma/netbook/containments/sal only, for kubuntu. the source is from git21:04
sreichbut i don't think it has any deps on git21:04
yofelsreich: iirc you can't build pieces of kde-workspace by themselves, only the whole thing21:05
yofelat least not unpatched21:05
jussithats sub optimal21:05
sreichbasically i only need to compile sal for someone to test only that, without having to compile kde on that machine as well21:06
sreichno idea how to do that21:06
ScottKsreich: If you want it in a package, you can get the source package for Kubuntu/4.8.0, replace the sal directory and rebuild it.  Then you'll have new debs built with the new code.21:10
ScottKThat will require building all of workspace, but that's less than all of KDE21:10
sreichyeah, will only take a couple minutes to build anyways21:10
sreichwhere can i get the source?21:10
yofelsreich: apt-get source kde-workspace21:10
sreichi'm not on kubuntu21:11
ScottKAre you on a Debian based system?21:11
ScottKHang on.  Links coming21:11
* yofel goes back fighting kdepim21:12
sreichyofel: and winning? ;)21:12
yofelsreich: unlikely :(21:12
ScottKsreich: Those are the "Source package" for what's in Kubuntu Precise right now.21:12
sreichwhat's with the different files though?21:13
starbuckScottK: would that run also then on oneiric with KDe 4.8?21:13
ScottKkde-workspace_4.8.0b-0ubuntu4.debian.tar.gz is essentially a patch of the upstream tar that include the debian style packaging and our local patches.21:13
rbelemsreich, if you want to build the packages you can create a chroot21:14
ScottKstarbuck: I didn't look if there are any difference in the PPA packages for Oneiric.  You should pull the source from the PPA if that's what you're using.21:14
sreichScottK: how can i actually compile the package then?21:15
sreichon my system21:15
rbelemsreich, http://capricorn.woot.net/~jdrew/debian-chroot.html21:16
yofelScottK, starbuck: the oneiric package is the precise one without the changes for oxygen-gtk21:16
ScottKI've no idea how to run the Debian build system on non-debian systems.21:16
sreichrbelem: hm, thanks21:17
rbelemsreich, you may replace debian stuff by ubuntu ones21:17
sreichrbelem: and the bootstrap?21:17
sreichcan remain the same, i presume?21:18
sreichbtw, what's oneiric and how does building a package for that fit into my issue?21:18
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdepim] Philip Muškovac * 193 * debian/ (changelog control) Add libprison-dev to build-depends21:18
nixternalwth, precise has me so confused right now. thunderbird is v11, yet the stable release via mozilla is v10.0.2. how are they expecting thunderbird 11 to be released in time for an lts release?21:19
rbelemsreich, i will get you the link for the oneiric debootstrap21:19
yofelnixternal: mozilla has pushing out releases in a speed lately that I wouldn't be surprised if they'll release it in april21:19
yofel*has been21:20
nixternalyofel: damn, you are right. March 13, 2012 to be exact21:20
nixternalman, they are ripping out releases21:20
rbelemsreich, http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/debootstrap21:20
* yofel remembers that he used firefox 3.5 a while ago21:20
yofelnow we're at 11.....21:21
nixternalok, confusion subsided for precise, now my confusion is at the extension developers. the 3 biggest extensions don't support thunderbird 11 yet. bastards :)21:21
starbuckyofel: yeah, thats insane :)21:21
sreichrbelem: thanks21:21
rbelemsreich, a direct link http://mirrors.xmission.com/ubuntu//pool/main/d/debootstrap/debootstrap_1.0.37_all.deb21:21
nixternali only use firefox for testing websites, otherwise i am strictly a chrome-beta channel lover21:21
yofelsomeone forgot what major versions were for (no, I'm not thinking of you at all Linus..)21:22
starbucknixternal: what are the three?21:22
nixternallightning, zindus, and that one that makes thunderbird threads look like gmail ___________ <- i forgot that damn word :)21:22
starbucknixternal: i need to try the last one, never heard of that for now :)21:23
nixternaldamn, "Provider for Google Calendar" is another one that isn't available for v1121:24
nixternaland enigmail. actually, not much is available for v11 as of right now in terms of extensions21:25
rbelemsreich, to run debootstrap `sudo debootstrap oneiric ubuntu-oneiric-chroot/ http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu`21:25
nixternalstarbuck: Thunderbird Conversations is the name of that plugin I couldn't remember21:25
starbucknixternal: thanks, gotta try21:26
nixternalw00t, found a pre release for it21:27
rbelemsreich, ping me when you get the chroot ready21:28
sreichrbelem: 'W: Failure trying to run: chroot /home/sreich/Desktop/kubuntu chroot stuff/debootstrap/ubuntu-oneiric-chroot mount -t proc proc /proc'21:40
Ezimhi nixternal :).21:43
EzimI was before linking to your blog-post.21:43
rbelemsreich, one minute21:43
rbelemsreich, did you run deboostrap as root?21:44
sreichyeah, sudo21:44
rbelemsreich, could you paste to me the entire error?21:45
sreicham i doing this is the wrong path?21:47
rbelemsreich, i think the path is ok21:49
rbelemsreich, do you have any special parameter to mount yours partitions?21:49
rbelemsreich, could you paste the `mount` output?21:49
rbelemsreich, there may be a mount parameter that is blocking the chroot21:55
rbelemsreich, what is your distro?21:55
yofelapachelogger: whatever happened to your plymouth stuff?21:55
sreichrbelem: fedora 1621:56
rbelemsreich, one minute21:56
starbucksreich: time to switch :)21:56
rbelemsreich, lets try a different path21:58
rbelemsreich, `sudo debootstrap oneiric /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-chroot/ http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu`21:59
yofelthat stupid local mail resource folder path is set in akonadi's sql db :/22:01
jussiyofel: *hug*22:01
yofeljussi: :D22:02
rbelemsreich, how is it going?22:05
sreichstill downloading22:06
jussiSo Im here at MWc... met this guy who is working for a company doing a very cool android app22:07
jussiHave a look at sinne - its free and the android market, works with > 2.222:08
jussiits a keyboard app, but really really fast.22:08
jussianyway, bed time now22:11
sreichrbelem: alrighty, isntalled successfully now22:14
rbelemsreich, awesome22:14
rbelemsreich, i'm looking for kde4.8 for oneiric22:16
sreichok, thanks22:17
rbelemyofel, do we have a ppa with kde 4.8 for oneiric?22:17
yofelrbelem: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports22:17
rbelemyofel, thanks22:17
rbelemsreich, put this http://paste.kde.org/429266/ in your /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-chroot/etc/apt/sources.list22:20
rbelemsreich, remove everything from there before22:20
sreichrbelem: anything else?22:23
rbelemsreich, yup22:24
rbelemsreich, things are coming slowly to my mind :-)22:24
sreichah ok ;)22:24
rbelemsreich, sudo mount -o bind /dev /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-chroot/dev22:25
rbelemsreich, sudo chroot /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-chroot su -22:27
rbelemsreich, did you copy the /etc/resolv.conf to /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-chroot/etc/resolv.conf?22:27
rbelemsreich, now run apt-get update22:28
rbelemsreich, apt-get install python-software-properties22:29
rbelemsreich, add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports22:29
rbelemsreich, apt-get update22:30
Tm_T4.8.0a ?22:30
yofelTm_T: the a because the tarball was refreshed before release22:30
Tm_Thow thad differs from our previous 4.8.0 packages?22:31
rbelemsreich, apt-get install build-essential 22:32
nixternalhrmm. anyone else notice some things disappear when attached or minimized to the panel. ie. thunderbird and the telepathy widget22:32
Tm_TI'm on oneiric btw22:32
yofelTm_T: not we refreshed it, upstream refreshed it before they released 4.8.0. But as we get early-access to the tarballs we already had the old one on launchpad. So an arbitrary version bump like that is needed22:32
sreichnixternal: yes!22:32
sreichthe taskmanager widget seems to have some regression i think22:33
Tm_Tyofel: right, thanks (:22:33
sreichmy issue was related to "show only from current activity" for some reason22:33
sreichpossibly not at all your issue though22:33
yofelnixternal: I'll confirm the telepathy one, and the telepathy folks didn't have an idea except blaming plasma22:33
yofelit works if you put it in the systray22:33
rbelemsreich, apt-get build-dep kde-workspace22:33
nixternalyofel: nice to know about the telepathy widget22:34
rbelemsreich, apt-get source kde-workspace22:35
rbelemsreich, after that apply your changes22:36
rbelemsreich, enter the source and run dpkg-buildpackage -b -j<num_jobs>22:38
sreichyou're far faster than my internet connection ;p22:38
rbelemsreich, add -nc parameter if you want to build without clean the sources22:39
rbelemsreich, :-D22:39
sreichhm, interesting..after the chroot now alt+right/left arrow switches VT's22:39
rbelemsreich, that's it, i think :-)22:39
rbelemi think i will turn this into a blog post :-)22:42
sreichyou should!22:42
sreichvery helpful indeed22:42
sreichthis sort of info gets too easily lost too22:42
Riddellrbelem: you got sreich all sorted?22:42
rbelemthat's true, and that link is a pretty old22:42
rbelemRiddell, :-D22:43
nixternalhrmm, telepathy kcm shows me logged in to 4 services, but only shows those using google talk22:45
rbelemsreich, i forgot to say that you have to run inside the chroot 22:45
nixternalhrmm, jjesse did you just log into hotmail/msn chat crap?22:45
yofelare the others online? There's a button to show offline contacts22:45
rbelemsreich, mount /proc22:45
rbelemsreich, mount /sys22:45
sreichrbelem: oh crap22:45
rbelemsreich, mount /dev/pts22:45
sreichwhat if i didn't do that and i'm updating it?22:46
rbelemsreich, you will get just some warnings22:46
jjessenixternal i may have :)22:48
nixternalthe telepathy client is a buggy bastard, but i like its simplicity to be honest22:49
nixternalthough, kopete worked flawlessly for the way i used it22:49
rbelemRiddell, could take a look at the startactive package? should i file a bug to FFe it?22:50
Riddellrbelem: yeah I'll look in a minue22:50
RiddellFFe bug probably a good idea yes22:50
Riddellshadeslayer: "I've created the tarballs for KDevelop 4.3 RC 1." is that your area?22:51
rbelemRiddell, i will upload tomorrow declarative-plasmoids22:51
rbelemRiddell, i will ping you when it is ready22:51
rbelemRiddell, thaks22:52
rbelemRiddell, ah! also i will update tomorrow kubuntu-active-default-settings22:53
rbelemRiddell, and i hope this week i will get kcm filesharing ready22:53
Riddellprogress on the images!22:54
Riddellwe have logs http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/precise/kubuntu-active/20120225/livecd-20120225-i386.out22:54
Riddellmissing share-like-connect which is in new, I'll look at that now22:54
rbelemgroovy :-)22:55
rbelemsreich, i have to go now22:58
sreichrbelem: ok, thanks for the help22:59
rbelemsreich, i think Riddell and yofel can help you if you have any issues :-)23:00
rbelemsreich, you r very welcome :-)23:01
* yofel put ksecrets into experimental23:08
yofelif someone wants to test it23:08
yofelI have no idea how one is supposed to use it23:08
yofelupstream documentation is useless23:08
bulldog98yofel: what’s the kdelibs change in there?23:10
Riddellyofel: presumably you need an application that uses it23:10
Riddellyofel: it's just a library and kded module?23:10
yofelbulldog98: iirc some mail in the discussion said that you need to rebuild kdelibs with  ksecrets to make it usable23:11
bulldog98Riddell: kwallet can use it as backend afaik23:11
bulldog98yofel: ok23:11
yofelRiddell: it's a service for dbus with a sync module and should behave as a kwallet backend23:11
Riddellrbelem: startactive is a native package in the PPA23:11
Riddellso change a kwallet setting and everything will use secretservice?23:12
yofelshould be, except that is something I'm pretty sure is broken in my package23:13
yofelas kwallet should have a checkbox to use ksecrets, and it doesn't23:13
yofelI need to find some upstream dev to explain to me how that's supposed to work23:13
Riddellrbelem: how do you actually use startactive?  there's no xsession file to log into23:16
nixternalRiddell: on printer-config, when you select "Show printers shared by other systems", should shared printers just automatically show up?23:17
rbelemRiddell, the xsession desktop will be in the kubuntu-active-default-settings23:22
rbelemRiddell, hum... it should not be native, i think23:23
Riddellnixternal: I've no idea, it's dantti's programme23:25
sreichrbelem: so..how do i actually provide someone with this package. can i just give them plasma-netbook?23:25
sreichalso, how do i compile for $arch23:25
Riddellnixternal: but I would guess so23:25
sreich-a i guess?23:26
nixternalthe computer must be a part of the same workgroup with samba probably then for that to work. time to play with that for a few minutes and see if i can get it to automatically recognize printers23:26
* sreich wonders what valid values there are23:26
rbelemsreich, the package is in the parent dir of the source root23:26
kklimondahmm, does recent changes in how canonical supports Kubuntu mean demoting everything but Qt (and libraries used by Unity) to universe?23:26
rbelemsreich, and probably the netbook package has the changes23:28
sreichso that was easy. /me prays it will work ;)23:28
rbelemsreich, does the target computer have kde4.8?23:30
yofelkklimonda: maybe not all, but probably most of our packages23:30
sreichrbelem: yes23:30
nixternaldid this survive that brutal attack I just puto n my system?23:32
nixternallooks like23:32
nixternalyeah, when apport crashes, 'The KDE Crash Handler', aka Dr. Konqi, fires up so I can report the bug. any plan/idea for a fix?23:38
sreichwhat should i pass to dpkg-buildpackage -t for i686?23:38
nixternaldon't we use i386? I assume you are building on a x86_64 machine23:40
sreichyes i am23:40
nixternaldid that work? it has been awhile since I used x86_64 & built x86 packages23:42
yofeluh, I think you need a 32-bit chroot for that.23:42
nixternali finally got tired of ia32-libs :)23:42
yofelat least that's what I use23:43
yofelmaybe you can do that in some other way too23:43
nixternali can't remember now, i think i used schroot back in the day as well23:43
nixternalamd64 is worthless anyways23:43
nixternalwhat is the benefit of it?23:44
sreichoh, no idea ;)23:44
nixternaldo the pros outweight the cons?23:44
nixternali don't either, i just know i never saw any type of performance increase23:44
nixternalbut i know working with java & other things that weren't x86_64 specific had to mingle with ia32-libs and there were some dirty hacks that had to be done for quite a few projects i worked on in the past23:45
nixternalwith x86 and pae, i can use all the memory i need and it is all good23:45
sreichyou get far fewer registers with x8623:45
sreichit's a crappy arch23:45
nixternalholy hell, one crash started an insane chain of events23:46
sreich64-bit widens the registers and provides more23:46
nixternalknetattach crash > apport runs as it should > apport crashes > dr. konqi runs as it shouldn't > dr. konqi crashes > apport runs as it should > apport is now frozen23:46
nixternalnow i am looking at a backtrace and i have no idea which app it belongs to23:47
nixternalwth, now LP opened (w/o me knowing or wanting it to) to file a bug report against kde-runtime & kcmshell423:49
nixternaloh lord23:49
yofelkcmshell4 would be for apport, as that's what it uses to open the browser for bugfiling23:49
yofelhm, no, it only uses xdg-open these days23:52
rbelemsreich, still want to build for i686?23:55
sreichrbelem: yes23:56
rbelemsreich, do you have linux32 cmd in fedora?23:56
sreichrbelem: yes23:57
rbelemsreich, we have two ways to do that23:59
rbelemsreich, one is using pbuilder and the other is creating a x86 chroot23:59

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