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markus_hy everybody01:51
jameslordi have problem relate to vnc02:56
bazhangjameslord, you are already asking in #ubuntu02:56
jameslordwhen i connect to ip:0 , the destop is grey, why?02:56
jameslordbazhang dude, i am using kubuntu, maybe there should be some kubuntu specific config, understand?02:57
bazhangjameslord, please dont crosspost to multiple channels, thanks02:57
jameslordbazhang dude, different questions, understand?03:00
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FanfareQ: How do i REinstall a package? New download+new install.04:17
jameslord1Font directory '/usr/share/fonts/X11/75dpi/' not found04:42
jameslord1what's wrong?04:42
masterhas to be downloaded04:43
jameslord1master how to download it ?04:45
jameslord1master should i install some package?04:45
DasKreechjameslord1: Master?04:51
acidraindownload fonts04:51
danix803how do I find out about new things coming out??? before U write about them... That way I can test drive them and write something about them... I have VBox setup with Windows XP Pro and Windows ME... I can build others if necessary... except I can't seem to build a Mac OS... But, I'm still working on that...04:53
jameslord1acidrain how to download fonts, dude i donot know what is the package04:53
DasKreechjameslord1: Do you have apt-file installed?04:53
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jameslordDasKreech yes04:54
danix803Yes... I can apt-get install stuff... LOL04:54
acidrainfont come from google04:54
DasKreechjameslord: try apt-file search 75dpi04:54
danix803Oooppss.. sorry... I didn't mean to interrupt...04:54
DasKreechdanix803: Wht new things?04:55
danix803Uhm... new features... new apps... etc...04:55
jameslordDasKreech what a hell, so much .gz:(04:56
jameslordDasKreech how to install them?04:56
DasKreechjameslord: can you pastebin that output?04:57
DasKreechdanix803: what would you consider new features?04:58
danix803Helping with the weather widget in Kubuntu... it doesn't have my location on it... it seems to be very limited...04:59
danix803building drivers...04:59
DasKreechdanix803: Ah you want to get involved upstream05:00
danix803What is upstream???05:00
danix803There is something that I really need... I've been working on it for about four months...05:01
DasKreechdanix803: in projects you have work that is done before where you interact with it05:01
DasKreechThat's called upstream05:01
DasKreechFor Kubuntu Upstream would be KDE05:01
danix803I don't understand that... "have work that is done before where you interact with it??? I'm confused...05:04
danix803I really, really like KDE...05:04
danix803My uncle Gil is deaf as a bat... He was in the Korean war... He worked on munitions... I've been trying to work on getting the speech-to-text system to work... like subtitles... He wants to be able to read what people are saying to him... It's been very difficult... there are tons and tons of text-to-speech programs... but, speech-to-text is rare... and often expensive...05:04
danix803I tried putting it on a Dell D800... but it's too slow... So, I got a Dell D820... Now, I just need to find of make a program that can do the job...05:05
danix803I tried using the MS speech engine, but, it's too slow and very, very unreliable...05:05
danix803it types all kindsa' crazy stuff...05:06
danix803Could also be the microphone I'm using... LOL...05:06
danix803I'll try that next...05:06
DasKreechdanix803: Kubuntu is a project. But it uses work from anther project05:06
DasKreechwhich for Kubuntu the major project it uses is KDE05:07
danix803I thought that Kubuntu was a KDE faction of Ubuntu???05:07
DasKreech so KDE is upstream to kubuntu05:07
danix803So, how do I get into the upstream???05:07
DasKreechKDE makes use of the work of the project Qt. So Qt is upstream to KDE05:07
DasKreechIf you have to wait on another project to finish work before you can make use of it then it's upstream to you05:08
danix803I have difficulty working with Qt... I like KDevelop...05:08
DasKreechdanix803: That's fine :)05:08
danix803What 'other project' RU waiting on???05:09
DasKreechdanix803: If you want to work with a Project just ask05:09
DasKreechdanix803: Well if you are working with KDE then you don't have to wait on a lot :)05:09
danix803Which projects are available to be worked on... Is there a project for refining speech to text???05:10
DasKreechdanix803: #kde-accessibility05:11
DasKreechjameslord: hmm?05:11
jameslordwhat's wrong with vnc?05:11
jameslordxrdb is in /usr/bin, stupid kubuntu cannot find it?05:12
danix803Thanks DasKreech... I'm reading that channel now... lookin' 4 a place 2 get in...05:12
danix803What does DasKreech mean???05:12
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danix803What do U need help with jameslord???05:14
jameslorddanix803 what's wrong with vnc? http://paste.ubuntu.com/856166/05:15
danix803I don't understand... Who is using VNC??? Where do I paste that???05:16
danix803I pasted it into mozilla... interesting...05:17
danix803xrdb: No such file or directory05:17
danix803xrdb: can't open file '/home/jack/.Xresources'05:17
danix803Whose computer RU trying to take over with VNC???05:18
DasKreechdanix803: It's my nick name IRL05:19
DasKreechjameslord: Where is x81? that's what it's trying to connect to05:20
danix803I don't understand about your nickname??? What's your nickname???05:20
DasKreechdanix803: DasKreech05:20
jameslordDasKreech pc's name:)05:22
DasKreechjameslord: So it's localhost basically05:22
DasKreechjameslord: do you hve jack installed?05:24
danix803People give me old computers... I boost 'em as much as possible... load Kubuntu on them... and give them away... My biggest problems are printer drivers... the people I give them to want to connect printers to them... and most times it's not a plug and play event... LOL... anyway... going to bed... You've given me a lot to think about... thanks... ttyl...05:26
DasKreechdanix803: HP printers I would presume?05:28
L3topAnybody particularly farmiliar with mastering live cds? (ubiquity preseed problem)05:30
DasKreechI'm not but  #ubuntu-devel might be a good place to ask questions05:31
jameslordhttp://i.imgur.com/JQMtw.png what's wrong when i connect to remote pc using vnc05:34
jameslordwhat a hell05:44
jameslordwhat destop icon wizard do05:44
jameslordi hate that disgusting function, which hosted itself as a bullshit on the right  corner of my screen05:45
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jameslordgod, i need help:)05:47
igor_ii am havinga problem in irc, as soon as i connect it says nick is already in use05:47
igor_iso i have to choose a different name05:48
DasKreechhi igor_i05:48
DasKreechigor_i: So choose a different name05:48
DasKreechjameslord: what vnc server are you running?05:48
igor_ii did05:48
jameslordDasKreech vncserver05:48
DasKreechjameslord: And it works but you have strange  things happeneing?05:49
igor_ithe problem is i cant log into certain channels cause i forgot my pasword or else i'm typing it wrong05:49
jameslordDasKreech TightVNC Server version 1.3.905:49
DasKreechigor_i: #freenode05:49
jameslordDasKreech dude, see this pic, http://i.imgur.com/JQMtw.png05:49
igor_ican they help me in there?05:50
DasKreechjameslord: and I presume that clicking that section of the windoww has no reaction ?05:52
DasKreechgranted I'd just be using Ctrl+Q anyway05:52
DasKreechigor_i: Better than anyone here regarding password failure05:52
jameslordDasKreech it can react to my click operation, but i cannot see that button, dude, it's a hell, i am hurt:(05:56
DasKreechjameslord: Not sure what's doing that. Do you hve  compositing on? That may be cached out05:57
jameslordDasKreech i have 4g memory05:58
jameslordomg, how to fix this problem06:03
artaoI've got a dual-head setup and kinda need to apply seperate ICC profiles to each monitor. I've already generated the respective profiles for each monitor, but now don't know what to do with them.06:05
artaomy secondary monitor is in SERIOUS need of gamma correction .. and i do CGI work so it really is rather important for my purposes06:05
DasKreechjameslord: #kwin or #tightvnc I would guess06:08
DasKreechartao: colord ?06:08
artaonever heard of colord06:09
DasKreechIt's new ;)06:09
artaoi c06:09
artaojust googled it06:09
jameslordafter install gnome-session , i cannot connect my vncserver now, why?06:11
artaogui? i was hoping i was just missing "where" to enter the profile to load for each monitor06:12
artaoreading wikipedias "Linux Color Management" section ...06:12
jschallso, on my kubuntu laptop, the regulatory domain on my wifi was set to 00, instead of US... i set it to US using "iw reg set US" but will this change be permanent? if not, how do i make it permanent? shouldn't kubuntu be setting it correctly based on the time zone i select?06:22
DasKreechjameslord: possible that you are running a gnome session on the display that VNC was using before06:24
FrusI'm a gnome ubuntu user but am new to kubuntu. I would like to reset the kubuntu desktop (kde?) to original settings before i changed anything. Is there a way to do this?06:32
DasKreechFrus: You mean just the desktop ?06:33
Frusyes dashavoo_06:34
Frusyes DasKreech06:34
DasKreechFrus: mkdir ~/plasmabkup; kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 3 && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plas* ~/plasmabkup && plasma-desktop&06:39
artaoi give up for tonite .. learned of KolorManager, but don't seem to it nor can i find in in repos08:35
artaodid find a console command colormgr i have, but couldn't figure out how to use it08:35
artaocolord appears to be installed, but again i don't know how to use it08:35
artaofrustrated. stopping.08:36
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aussie_matthi all, can anyone help me mount my raid array please? dmraid -ay finds it and lists two devices in /dev/mapper....Which device do i mount?10:00
filleanyone know  anything about the bumblebee for optimus ubuntu?11:05
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anqxyrHello. Can anyone help me with a little problem?12:58
liudaswhat is your problem?13:00
anqxyrI can't edit some text files. File permissions are set correctly, and even editing as root don't work. Copying the content of the file into a newly created one, then deleting the original works, but I'd like to figure out what's the problem is.13:00
liudaswhat kind of files?13:01
liudasand what editor u use for editing?13:02
anqxyrplain text files. Currently the problem is with a DF init file, but a few days ago I had the same problem with another, unrelated, file, also plain text. The editor is Kate13:03
liudasany error notification when trying to save?13:04
DoctorPepperhi guys !!!13:04
anqxyrKate simply don't allow me to make any change to the file, so it won't save it since it's unchanged13:05
anqxyractually, let me try to open it on LibreOffice and see what it would do13:06
liudasanqxyr: start kate as su: sudo kate. open file, make changes, try to save. if it works - you have wrong file permitions. ofcourse make backup befor13:07
anqxyroh, it looks like I found the problem13:08
anqxyrOffice changed and saved the file just fine, and when I opened it in Kate again, it said13:09
anqxyr"bla bla bla, contained too long lines (more than 1024 characters) bla bla bla set to read-only mode, as saving will modify its content"13:10
peaceanqxyr: ok go in options of kate and set this stuff :D i hate this too13:10
peaceanqxyr: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/25/plasma-desktopXW1826.png13:10
anqxyrthanks. The strange part is that it didn't say anything before13:11
peacey are welcome13:12
anqxyraaand it didn't work13:12
peaceanqxyr: you need to restart kate13:12
peacei guess13:12
go^peace, a cosa serve la scorciatoia win+tab?13:12
peacego^: wtf english13:12
go^mi leva tutte le finestre...13:12
go^peace, massì ;)13:13
anqxyrit don't complain anymore, but I still can't edit the file, and restarting didn't help13:13
anqxyrbut at least now I know that it's Kate problem13:14
DoctorPeppercan anyone please help  me , nepomuk is acting strange on my laptop. after  indexing  is finished  the file indexer  goes idle  after  a few minutes   i get the the following  "file indexing service not running13:15
anqxyrand looks like this is a known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdesdk/+bug/54163013:16
peaceDoctorPepper: try with a new user13:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 541630 in kdesdk (Ubuntu) "Kate enables read-only mode automatically and does not tell the user" [Undecided,Invalid]13:16
BluesKajHey all13:16
peaceDoctorPepper: maybe resetting configs could help13:16
peaceDoctorPepper: so you could test a new user or rename ~/.kde13:16
DoctorPepperpeace:  with a new user  i get the same message  but the file indexing  not happen before  getting the message13:28
peaceDoctorPepper: mm kde version ?13:29
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peaceDoctorPepper: ask on  #kde or fill a bug report13:30
DoctorPepperok thanks13:30
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designbybeckhello all. in Ubuntu you can switch between keyboard layouts and switch between them with a keystroke. I have found out how to do this in Kubuntu as well. But one feature I can't find that I liked in Ubuntus keyboards... was the ablility to see an actual pdf of the keyboard layouts for other languages. Is there something like that for Kubunut/KDE?15:45
jussidesignbybeck: curious - In ubiquity I know we have the option to see it (at install time) but after that I cant see anythign15:58
designbybeckah yess jussi, i guess you do see it at install16:00
designbybecki remember ubuntu having it in the systray, you could click on the keyboard switcher and select a layout and view the keys and such and it allowed you to print it even16:00
peacedesignbybeck: there is a widget to see the layout16:03
peacebut i dunno if it's what you watn16:03
designbybeckhmm that is a lil' closer peace16:04
peacedesignbybeck: this ? http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/25/plasma-desktopRc1826.png16:05
designbybeckagain that is close to what ubuntu had16:06
designbybeckbut they had when you went into it  you could pull up a pdf so you could print it out16:06
designbybeckthe keyboard widget is pretty much it16:06
designbybeckso you can at least see what keys go with what16:06
designbybeckbut you can't print it16:06
peacejust change the layouyt with the widget16:07
peaceand you will print with your selected languages16:07
designbybecki'm thinking for an education classroom that teaches langauge, so you could print it out poster size for everyone to see16:07
designbybeckso in other words i'm looking for a way to print out the keyboard layout of a number of languages so people can see what letters and keys to push for other languages16:08
peacedesignbybeck: i use kde as windows ... just clickin on the widget you can select the layout16:09
designbybeckright, and that is workign ffor me, it doesn't seem you can type with that widget16:09
designbybecklike an on screen keyboard, that would be nice, but at least we can use that for them to see the keys16:09
designbybeckthat is all greek to me! LOL16:10
peacedesignbybeck: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/25/plasma-desktopyn4809.png16:11
peacedesignbybeck: i have click one time on the widget P=> italian16:11
peacesecond time => greek16:11
vichello everyone16:12
peacevic: hi16:12
peacedesignbybeck: i can' tundestand well your problem16:12
vichi, peaceful peace16:13
designbybeckpeace:  it is working for me as far as being able to change languages and such16:13
designbybeckand i can view the layout in the widget, lathough aribic doesn't look like it is working int he keyboard widget,16:14
peacedesignbybeck: you have even the keyboard widget look http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/25/plasma-desktopos4809.png16:14
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designbybeckbut i was also looking for something like ubuntu had that pulls up the Keyboard Layout in a PDF form so you can print it16:14
peacepdf ?16:15
designbybeckyes so that you can print nice vector graphics16:15
designbybeckbut this gets me going at least ;) Thanks for the help peace16:15
Avihaydesignbybeck: try kvkbd16:16
Avihayyou can use ksnapshot to convert it into an image16:18
BluesKajok , BBL ...16:21
peaceAvihay: but this is karbon ... i can't figure out what he is looking for http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/25/plasma-desktopWx4809.png16:21
yurikolesis there any devs?16:38
BluesKajyurikoles, not here , try #kubuntu-devel16:50
RatchetmanMy dependancys got messed up in  a full system upgrade (Muon... I know now it doesn't work so well) Can someone tell me how to fix it?17:10
BluesKajRatchetman, reboot in order to kill Muon (it's buggy atm) , the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade in he terminal, after the upgrade muon shouldn't hang anymore17:11
BluesKajerr then, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade17:13
Ratchetman Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/sevenmachines/flash/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found17:17
RatchetmanW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/sevenmachines/flash/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found17:17
RatchetmanE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.17:17
RatchetmanWhat does this mean Blueskaj17:17
BluesKajRatchetman,  that means you have an ppa repository that's no longer valid on this OS , just go to /etc/apt/sources.list.d with root permissions and remove it17:19
RatchetmanHow do I get root permission. It won't even let me into apt directory17:20
BluesKajRatchetman,  alt+f2 , then kdesudo dolphin /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:20
RatchetmanOh duh.17:21
RatchetmanThe whole folder?17:22
BluesKajRatchetman, it should just be a text file with sevenmachines in the title17:23
meduserhello, is this the Kubuntu irc? I am a newbie looking for some help17:23
RatchetmanThose are my text files17:24
meduserI am looking for some help on making a playable DVD from an ISO file17:25
BluesKajRatchetman,  /etc/apt/sources.list.d , don't forget the  .d17:25
RatchetmanThese ones?17:25
FloodBotK1Ratchetman: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:25
BluesKajRatchetman,  what path are you using to those files you just listed ?17:29
Ratchetmankdesudo dolphin /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:30
BluesKajRatchetman,  remove the sevenmachines file17:30
BluesKajwerr files17:30
BluesKajthe sevenmachines files are the the troublesome ppas17:30
BluesKajRatchetman, ^17:31
RatchetmanOk thank you17:31
RatchetmanThat got me back to the dependancy issue.17:32
BluesKajRatchetman,  then run your update/upgrades17:32
RatchetmanI got a really long list of dependancies unmet list17:32
BluesKajok, run sudo dpkg --configure -a17:33
RatchetmanProcessing was halted because there were too many errors17:33
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BluesKajyou didn't start muon I hope , or the update manager which is part of muon17:35
RatchetmanWhat's the command to see processes running?17:36
BluesKajdid you reboot as I suggested earlier?17:36
RatchetmanI rebooted before going on quassel17:37
RatchetmanOk I'm going to try another reboot be back in 4 min17:37
meduseranybody that can help a newbie would be greatly appreciated17:37
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BluesKajmeduser,  just ask your question , we'll help if we can17:38
meduserI am trying to burn a dvd, I have converted the ripped file to an iso, but the dvd player says it cannot play17:39
medusersees it as a DVD-r, my Sony player can play burnt disks with no issues17:40
DarthFrogmeduser: Put the disk in your computer and see if there are VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories on the disk.  Or is there an ISO file on the disk.17:41
Ratchetmanok trying config again17:41
meduserI used Devede to convert, and tried K3B to write, and all I am getting17:41
BluesKajmeduser,  did you convert the file to another codec while ripping it , if so the the iso might not work17:42
RatchetmanProcessing was halted because there were too many errors. Again17:42
BluesKajRatchetman, are you just updating or ?17:43
DarthFrogmeduser: it doesn't matter what you used, what matters is what you got.17:43
RatchetmanFull system upgrade17:43
meduserI converted to iso from avi, and then ran K3b to burn the disk. the burning process took like 6 minutes to complete. The disk I insert has 13 files in the video folder, and nothing in the audio folder17:43
BluesKajupgrade to oneiric from natty . Ratchetman ?17:44
RatchetmanI've had oneiric for a month or two17:44
meduser6 of those files end in vob, 3 end in ifo, and 3 end in bup17:44
RatchetmanI saw there were lib files that were available for upgrade17:45
BluesKajRatchetman,  then get rid of all the natty files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:45
BluesKajand the sources.list repos debs as well17:46
DarthFrogmeduser: Can you play that DVD on your computer?17:47
RatchetmanI dumped the whole folder. Nothing said oneiric.17:47
RatchetmanDirectory is still there but it's emptied17:47
BluesKajnot oneiric , just natty17:48
RatchetmanYeah I got rid of natty and maverick.17:48
Ratchetmanshouldn't I have oneiric in there?17:48
BluesKajoneiric in /etc/apt/sources.list , yes17:49
RatchetmanI don't have any.17:49
RatchetmanHow do I get them?17:49
BluesKajRatchetman,  http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/17:51
RatchetmanThank's Blues! You're being very helpful.17:51
RatchetmanShould I select all repositories?17:52
BluesKajyes, if you want 3rd party software available etc17:53
BluesKajBBL, gotta push some snow for 30 mins or so ..18:00
meduser@Darthfrog....no, all it does is go to the title screen which is 37 seconds long, and that is it18:02
DarthFrogmeduser: Re-do the project.18:02
meduserI have redone it 4x, with the same end result. The avi works perfectly in VLC18:03
DarthFrogmeduser: User a different program to make the ISO.18:04
DarthFrogUse, not user. :-)18:04
meduserIt is obviously something I am doing. I am new to Kubuntu, and have never had issues using nero in a windows environment18:04
meduserI used devede to create the iso, as I was told it was the best one to use18:05
DarthFrogDon't know, never done that.18:05
DarthFrogI use MythTV. to make DVDs.18:05
meduseris that a download, or online18:06
DarthFrogRead http://www.mythtv.org first.  It's a major undertaking.18:06
medusereverything seems to be in Kubuntu..lol18:06
meduserI have to say, it seems a lot easier in Windows,Open file, click burn, insert and watch18:07
DarthFrogmeduser: Kubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu which in turn is a derivative of Debian.  There are over 14,000 software packages available.18:07
meduserI know, I have been going throught them...lol18:08
DarthFrogmeduser: Perhaps, but using Linux means you don't have to surrender your soul.18:08
meduserI know, and that is why I am here. I really want to learn how to do everything. I have packed up from windows, and don't want to go back.18:09
meduserEverything I have read says to use devede to make the files, and K3b to burn the disk. I tried last night with both the iso, and creating video and audio files in devede, same result18:10
meduseranyone have any ideas? I know devede can work, and so does k3b18:21
yurikolesmeduser: install package mythtv18:30
BluesKajmeduser,  have you tried k9copy , it rpis and encodes to dvd format , then you just burn toi disk18:31
BluesKajyurikoles,  mythtv is for tv feeds not dvd18:31
meduserI'll try both. Thank you18:32
BluesKajmeduser,  don't install mythtv18:32
meduserat BluesKaj ...I went to their website , and it seemed that way.18:33
BluesKajunless you have a tv tuner card'18:33
meduserno, I don't18:33
BluesKajthat's what mythtv does18:33
RatchetmanHey Blue, got the updates done.18:33
BluesKajRatchetman,  cool , glad to hear it18:34
RatchetmanThanks again. Now I don't have working sound @.@18:34
Ratchetmanlol I can't get a break here.18:35
BluesKajRatchetman,  ok open alsamixer in the terminal , set up your vol ctrls for inputs and out puts there and use the M key to unmute any boxes with MM18:35
meduserI have not tried k9yet..I can use that from anAVI file?18:36
BluesKajuse the arrow keys to navigate and increase vol on the ctrls18:36
BluesKajmeduser,  yes , sudo apt-get install k9copy , in thew terminal18:37
meduserThanks blue. Just gotit but have to restart..I'll be back18:40
RatchetmanBlueskaj comp locked up on me when I terminated my frozen phonon18:41
BluesKajRatchetman,  what audio chip is listed in alsamixer , in the top left ?18:43
RatchetmanHow do I run that?18:45
RatchetmanI only know phonon18:45
BluesKajtype alsamixer in the trerminal18:45
BluesKajok Ratchetman now, set up your vol ctrls for inputs and out puts there and use the M key to unmute any boxes with MM18:46
GH0How can I get x0vncserver to automatically start during system boot up? I would like to be able to connect to the VNC Server prior to logging into the system.18:46
BluesKajRatchetman,  use the arrow keys to navigate and increase vol on the ctrls18:47
RatchetmanThat's done18:47
GH0I attempted to use /etc/rc.local with the following line "/usr/bin/x0vncserver&" however that isn't launching the program.18:48
meduserso tried to run k9..crashed right away18:49
RatchetmanWhew! I've learned a lot today!18:49
BluesKajRatchetman,  good18:49
BluesKajmeduser,  how did it crash,  when you set up the avi file or ?18:49
meduserI opened k9DVD backup..I have 3 choices, dvd drive, folder or iso, I chose folder, hit next and it crashed18:51
RatchetmanMuchos Gracias BlueKaj18:53
BluesKajmeduser,  open the folder then choose18:53
meduserExecutable: k9copy PID: 2312 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)18:57
medusercrash #218:57
BluesKajmeduser,  have you updated / upgraded lately ?18:58
meduseryes this am18:58
BluesKajmeduser,  make sure you have kubuntu-restricted-extras installed18:58
meduserit is18:58
medusertry that instead? I have tried that before, and K3b would not write it19:00
BluesKaj!medibuntu | meduser19:03
ubottumeduser: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org19:03
BluesKajmeduser,  the avi file may have a codec not available in your libs , that's whay I' suggesting medibuntu19:04
zelharHello, can i get assistance ?19:05
peacezelhar: just ask19:05
zelharI have a problem with kde power manger- it sometimes - many times - doesn't turn off the screen after the set time lapses19:06
peacezelhar: NVIDIA ati or intel ?19:07
BluesKajzelhar,  laptop?19:07
zelharmoreover if I set the time to 1 minutes it seems to work but if set higher value like 5 or more minutes the screen never goes off19:07
zelhardesktop with ATI19:08
peacezelhar: if you have set well the power manager it could be a driver issue19:10
zelharis that a known issue ?19:10
peacezelhar:  .... it depends you know how many models are out there?19:10
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peacezelhar: try with a different driver19:11
peacetest it19:11
zelharany suggestions how to fix this ?19:11
peace1  set well the power manager19:11
peace2 test another driver19:11
peace3 if doesn't work fill a bug report19:12
peace4 you could ask in #kde too19:12
peacebut not on weekends19:12
zelharAnother driver ? as far as I know the only options are with fglrx or without19:13
peacezelhar: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/25/plasma-desktopky5974.png19:14
zelharwell thank you I will see if I can make it work now19:16
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darbeKDE said these drivers are unnnecessary (or something like that)20:31
darbenow fan doesn't work properly20:32
darbean sut down20:32
darbehow can I fix it20:32
darbeanybody konws?20:37
L3topdarbe: what drivers? What hardware?20:37
archelsso there's this process or something which keeps spewing ^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@ on my consoles20:52
archelsany ideas what this is?20:52
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LoueyI've installed Kubuntu and for some reason the top part of any window open the minimize/maximize/close buttons have shifted to the right and are cutoff. is that a resolution issue with my laptop?21:29
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medusersorry BluesKag...I had to run out...I see your not here anymore. Is anyone else here familiar with burning dvd's for regular dvd players?22:14
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