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ESphynxhey guys.. what does  Build for superseded Source mean?07:15
dapalHello people, I'm using LP to host wicd, and I'm having issues with Rosetta09:58
dapal(or however that's called today)09:59
dapalit keeps reverting changes I directly make to the code (it is set so that it imports/exports translations from the bzr repo)09:59
dapalthose are all wrong translations which I cleaned in the code, and after a few weeks they're back09:59
dapalso this is either a bug in Rosetta, or a malicious user trying to destroy wicd :)10:00
dapalany suggestion?10:00
dapal(or any more info I could provide?)10:00
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candreaHello! I'm trying to reassing bug 940583 to an another project but I keep getting 'Not allwed here'. I've tryied both to replace gnome-terminal and to use 'Also affects project'. Any clues?13:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 940583 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "Terminal Ctrl+u doesn't clear the line" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94058313:03
Ampelbeincandrea: To what project do you want to reassign?13:05
candreaAmpelbein: ubuntu-website13:10
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ESphynxhey guys.. what does  Build for superseded Source mean?16:44
AmpelbeinESphynx: A new version got uploaded while the previous version didn't finish building yet. So, e.g. foo-1 is building, foo-2 gets uploaded before foo-1 finished -> foo-1 "build for superseded source"16:48
ESphynxah ok, so in that case it skips the build?16:55
ESphynxAmpelbein: So adding ia32-libs-multiarch to the list of dependencies (already had ia32-libs) fixed my amd64 build issues on oneiric.16:55
AmpelbeinESphynx: It skips the upload and build, yes.16:55
AmpelbeinESphynx: That's good. Although it's the wrong solution to the problem.16:56
ESphynxOn precise I get the weird 'ia32-libs-multiarch: does not exist' error16:57
ESphynxAmpelbein: What would the proper solution be again? using multiarch?16:57
AmpelbeinESphynx: Yes, build only for the "native" architecture (i386) and let the user fulfill dependencies through multiarch. But that's off-topic here, #ubuntu-motu/#ubuntu-devel is more appropriate.16:58
figure002hello, i just started working with blueprints and was wondering what the different option for "Definition" mean. It is not explained in the help page; where can I find an explanation?17:11
SamBfigure002: I'd open a bug report about that, if there isn't already one17:33
SamB(Or extract an explanation from someone and edit the help page, if its on the wiki...)17:34
figure002SamB: ok, thanks for the advice17:40
SamBobviously asking here is not a bad idea if you were hoping to actually find out the answer, though perhaps that would work better on a weekday17:41
figure002hehe, guess so17:48
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rmkHi. I'm trying to copy a package from one of my PPAs to another and am getting this error "(binaries conflicting with the existing ones)".  Only one other package exists in the dst repo and it's not this one.22:41
rmkIt seems as though packages are there which are not visable via the web interface.22:41
rmkActually there's another problem with this private PPA.  My auth creds aren't available like they are for other private PPAs.22:52
Jordan_UI think the answer is "No", but does launchpad have any services for projects looking to host a home page, or host web viewable documentation?23:20
Jordan_UI'm trying to figure out how much we (Super GRUB2 Disk) could move to Launchpad. Bug tracking, code hosting, Answers, and Translations all look great already :)23:21
wgrantJordan_U: No, Launchpad doesn't have a service like that. Some projects use external services such as readthedocs.org.23:22
wgrantrmk: Check for superseded packages in the PPA.23:22
Jordan_Uwgrant: Thanks.23:22
wgrantrmk: It's not just published packages that can conflict -- anything that was ever published does.23:23

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