icerootwxl: its not affected00:00
wxliceroot: that's what i find too oddly00:00
icerootwxl: its using the default lubuntu gtk theme without this black bug00:00
icerooti will post that on the bug and then go sleeping00:00
wxlk nite00:01
CXIVI made lubuntu on usb by usb creator and I cannot see my copied files on desktop00:01
CXIVls shows them on desktop00:01
CXIVBut they are invisible00:01
CXIVHow fix that?00:01
icerootCXIV: you are using an english system?00:02
icerootCXIV: because "desktop" is translated00:02
icerooti have ~/desktop and ~/Arbeitsfläche and only ~/Arbeitsfläche is shown, everything in ~/desktop is ignored00:03
CXIVIts lubuntu with persistant save00:03
icerootCXIV: do the files start with "."?00:03
CXIVSo should I made new user?00:03
icerootCXIV: are they readable by the current login user?00:03
CXIVYes , they are.00:04
CXIVAnd I copied some folders there.00:04
icerootCXIV: plese paste the output of "ls -all ~/desktop" and "whoami"00:04
CXIVls shows them00:04
iceroot!paste | CXIV00:04
ubottuCXIV: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:04
CXIVIts desktop00:05
CXIVIt seems that live user desktop is locked.00:06
Unit193Mine uses ~/Desktop rather than ~/desktop00:07
CXIVI will make new user00:07
icerootCXIV: do you have desktop and Desktop?00:07
icerootin ~00:07
icerootCXIV: ls -all ~/Desktop00:07
CXIVI pasted it :D00:08
icerootDesktop != desktop00:08
icerootso you changed it already?00:08
CXIVI forget about case sensitive thing00:08
CXIVIts ubuntu@ubuntu:~/Desktop$00:09
CXIVI haven't change anything00:09
icerootCXIV: so when you put smething in ~/Desktop its there?00:09
CXIVI made new user.00:14
CXIVAnd i logged in again into live user.00:14
CXIVAnd now I can see folders.00:14
CXIVI will reboot now.00:15
ignoredthoughtslubuntu is AWESOME01:43
CelltechHow do I change the clock to american time?02:26
CelltechClock Format %R What's it for 12hr time?02:27
phillwCelltech: give me one mo02:28
phillwI thought you asked a different Q.02:29
phillwdoes the setting of the day of the week, I'll go get the time version for you.02:29
CelltechGot it.02:30
CelltechLowercase r02:30
CelltechDoes lubuntu need restricted extras?02:30
phillwCelltech: only if you want to access the stuff not freely under licence, it can be added via https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats#Playing_Restricted_Formats I'll let you guess which link to click on :)02:33
CelltechI just changed the clock. Now I'm wondering about restricted extras. Do I just instal the standard ubuntu ones?02:34
phillwCelltech: if you are running lubuntu... I'd suggest the lubuntu link?02:35
CelltechWhere's that at ?02:35
phillwCelltech: ^^02:36
CelltechThank you02:36
phillwall 4 flavours are listed02:36
CelltechLink only opens chrome. Doesn't do anything02:37
Unit193apt:lubuntu-restricted-extras?section=universe?section=multiverse This link does? If so, odd...02:38
Unit193`sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras`  at any rate02:38
CelltechThat's better. Thank you again02:40
phillwCelltech: chromium should just ask for permission02:40
phillwif you say "yes" than it should get on and do it?02:41
CelltechIt's installing.02:41
phillwCelltech: sudo apt get will do anything, just checking as to why the posted link does not.02:44
CelltechI'm still learning the sudo apt-get thing02:45
CelltechI just switched from Ubuntu, to Xubuntu, Just now to Lubuntu02:45
Celltechin a week02:45
rawfodogDoes lubuntu run in seamless mode via virtualbox ? Do the additions work with it ?04:09
rawfodogIve only tried a real install04:09
phillwrawfodog: I ran lubuntu in VB, it behaves perfectly, as would be expected from one of the ubuntu family. As to alpha's and beta's, well they are supposed to mis behave... that's why we have VB's :)04:22
phillwrawfodog: just make sure you add the 'additions' to each VB and not to the core, as ubuntu has KVM in the core and they will not work together.04:24
phillwyou can remove kvm from the core if you wish.04:24
rawfodogthanks phillw04:25
rawfodogHow do I specify that ? Won't running ./VBox___etc work ?04:25
phillwrawfodog: I use04:29
phillwused vbox from synaptics, then you get the newer version04:30
phillwrawfodog: pop over to #lubuntu-offtopic04:31
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rawfodogso I cant get lubuntu guest additions working07:20
rawfodogapt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`07:36
rawfodogthat worked07:36
rawfodogthanks lubuntu room07:36
answerNOWanyone here???!!!09:50
answerNOWAsnwer me now!!09:51
answerNOWwhich one should I get? Windows (zip) ~8MBWindows (exe) ~8MBUbuntu PPALinux (tgz, 32/64-bit) ~12MBMac OS X ~6MBor get the source code (GitHub09:51
answerNOWWhich one?09:51
answerNOWwhich one?09:51
Myrttiwhat are you even talking about09:51
answerNOWwhich should I download for bitcoins09:51
answerNOWI'm trying to instal bitcoins09:52
Myrttifirst of all, you need more patience09:52
answerNOWWindows (zip) ~8MBWindows (exe) ~8MB or Ubuntu PPALinux (tgz, 32/64-bit) ~12MB or Mac OS X ~6MBor get the source code (GitHub09:52
MyrttianswerNOW: well what do you think you should get?09:53
answerNOWwhether ubuntu or PPA Linux09:53
answerNOWor get source code?09:53
answerNOWWindows (zip) ~8MBWindows (exe) ~8MB  or   Ubuntu   or   PPALinux (tgz, 32/64-bit) ~12MB  or  Mac OS X ~6MBor get the source code (GitHub09:53
Myrttiheyheyhey, we saw that on the first try09:54
answerNOWwindows, ubuntu, PPA Linux or Mac OS09:54
Myrttiand are you sure it's Ubuntu OR PPA Linux?09:54
answerNOWso which one?09:54
answerNOWyes! two links!09:54
answerNOWone for ubuntu09:54
answerNOWanother for PPA Linux09:54
MyrttiI'm looking at the website now, and it looks like it09:55
Myrttis Ubuntu PPA *OR* Linux09:55
answerNOWk whatever but which one should I choose?09:55
answerNOWI'm using lubuntu oneric09:55
answerNOWwhich one?09:56
answerNOWwhich one?09:56
MyrttiI could give you a quick answer so you'd stop asking, but I'm in the mood of showing you how to make the decision yourself in the future09:58
answerNOWyou're slow09:58
answerNOWvery slow09:59
Myrttiand you really need more patience09:59
answerNOWI'm going to die!09:59
answerNOWbut I dunno when09:59
answerNOWall human die09:59
icerootanswerNOW: i told you some days ago to leave this channel please09:59
answerNOWno no no09:59
answerNOWThat's harsh10:00
answerNOWand not fair10:00
Myrttiif I tell you that most, if not all packages that are labeled as "Ubuntu packages", work in Lubuntu, would you be able to make an educated decision which one you should use?10:00
iceroot!guidelines | answerNOW10:00
ubottuanswerNOW: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:00
Myrttidon't even let me start by telling you what's not fair and what is harsh.10:01
answerNOWwhat have I done, iceroot?10:01
icerootanswerNOW: you called people stupid the last time and so on10:01
MyrttianswerNOW: so, which link should you pick based on that information?10:02
answerNOWubuntu but I dunnow which one I should pick now10:02
answerNOWiceroot, you don't have proof!10:02
icerootanswerNOW: i guess the most important link for you is http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:03
answerNOWthere is 2 version for oneiric? which one?10:03
answerNOWor 4.8.30-10oneiric310:03
Myrtti"Adding this PPA to your system"10:04
Myrtti"You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin to your system's Software Sources."10:04
Myrttithere is a link after that text that says (Read about installing) - click it - it has information on how to do it.10:05
answerNOWthat is the problem, where is the ppa?10:07
answerNOWsudo apt-get repository ____________?10:07
icerootanswerNOW: in the answer of Myrtti10:08
Myrttiall the information in the world is in your reach and available faster than we can type it for you, if you only search a bit, and use time in reading and understanding it.10:08
answerNOWE: Invalid operation repository10:09
Myrttithere is a link after that text that says (Read about installing) - click it - it has information on how to do it.10:09
icerootanswerNOW: /nick readingNOW10:09
icerootanswerNOW: if you flame people becuase they are "slow" do you really think that persons want to help you when all infos are already provided?10:09
answerNOWI did this, sudo apt-get repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin10:10
answerNOWE: Invalid operation repository10:10
icerootanswerNOW: reread the text10:10
iceroot!tab | answerNOW10:10
ubottuanswerNOW: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:10
icerootanswerNOW: apt- TAB TAB10:10
answerNOWapt- TAB TAB10:11
MyrttianswerNOW: the link on the page, it has a step by step instructions10:11
iceroot!ppa | answerNOW10:11
ubottuanswerNOW: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa10:11
MyrttianswerNOW: there is a step 210:11
iceroot!addppa | answerNOW10:11
ubottuanswerNOW: Since Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details10:11
Myrttithere is also a step 310:11
answerNOWno step 3!10:12
icerootanswerNOW: are you a troll?10:12
answerNOWno way!10:12
icerootanswerNOW: ubottu told you the exact command10:12
answerNOWI'm here for bitcoins and the nick said it all, ASAP10:13
MyrttiI'm getting a bit bored at spoonfeeding10:13
icerootanswerNOW: then read the infos ASAP10:13
icerootMyrtti: its just a troll, last time the same and he flamed people of being stupid10:13
Myrttiiceroot: I'm trying to give benefit of doubt and assume good faith10:14
answerNOWI'm not a troll10:14
icerootMyrtti: have fun :)10:14
Myrttialthough my good faith is running out very fast10:14
answerNOWI'm suing you10:14
icerootMyrtti: but i am allowed to say "i told you"? after that?10:14
Myrttithat was my good faith running out.10:14
MyrttiI knew it in the beginning, I just tried and tried to be nice10:15
icerootthat is the reason why i am not an op10:15
icerooti would wait 10 seconds and hit the kick-alias10:15
icerootas it seems this "spaces between lxpanel when using xfce4-power-manager" is an lxpanel bug10:16
icerootafter the latest dist-upgrade, if i move a window over my systray the systray does not get a redraw and i see e.g. my firefox on the nm-applet-icon10:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 846878 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "empty space between time applet and nm-applet" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:19
judgeKeniceroot and myritti10:23
judgeKenafter I add repository and update..then?10:23
judgeKenhow do I install?10:23
judgeKenwhat is the code?10:23
judgeKensudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin:bitcoin10:24
judgeKensudo apt-get update10:24
ngaumI have a concern10:29
ngaumsudo apt-get install bitcoin Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package bitcoin10:29
ngaumsudo apt-get install bitcoin10:29
ngaumReading package lists...10:29
ngaumDone Building dependency tree10:29
ngaumReading state information... Done10:29
ngaumwell what happened?10:30
ngaumE: Unable to locate package bitcoin10:30
Myrttiyou not only show a huge amount of inpatience, you're also incredibly rude10:30
ngaumsudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin10:30
ngaumsudo apt-get update10:31
Myrttiwhy are you hilighting random people?10:31
ngaumdidn't work10:31
* iceroot is holding the "i told you trigger" again10:32
ikoniaerrr why did nagm just ping me ?10:35
ikoniaand I assume judgeKen is the same10:35
solojinhowdy there! loving lubuntu and just found this place. was hoping to get help with a small matter. :D10:55
solojinim using wine and im trying to move a few files around in the "virtual" c drive but whenever i open the c drive it opens in my chromium browser, anyone know how to get it to open in a regular window so i can move a few things around?10:57
smilesolojin: just start pcmanfm (file manager) and go to /home/user/.config/wine11:07
smilethere is a c directory in it i think :)11:07
solojinbut when i click the c drive it opens in my web browser11:08
solojinand i cant copy or paste anything from file manager to the web browser lol11:08
smilesolojin: you tried right click => open? ;)11:10
smile(in pcmanfm :p )11:10
solojinyeah :D11:10
solojinand in the .config folder there is no wine folder11:10
solojintheres a .wine folder in the same directory as the .config tho11:11
solojinthe path i was trying was menu://applications/wine-wine11:12
MyrttiI thought it was .wine/drive_c/11:12
solojinstrangely my files arent in that directory11:13
solojinbut when i browse to them through menu://applications/wine-wine i can see them in my web browser lol11:13
solojinok well i guess what im really doing is using winetricks to browse the files11:15
solojinso the wierd thing is i can use winetricks to find the files but then they arent there if i browse to them normally11:15
solojini give up good night D:11:32
thor_How do get htop to run in lxterminal when click on the htop icon11:51
thor_how do i11:52
thor_i dont no howto11:53
jailtonpierreI'm having some difficulties about icons on desktop. Can you help me?13:23
jailtonpierreI'm having some difficulties about icons on desktop. Can you help me?13:25
phillwjailtonpierre: what problems?13:33
jailtonpierreI don't know how to create icons13:34
phillwjailtonpierre: take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#How_can_I_create_a_shortcut_on_the_Desktop13:35
jailtonpierrefor programs and folders13:35
jailtonpierreI'll try13:35
jailtonpierrephillw: thanks again, it worked13:38
jailtonpierreyou know anything about a lubuntu software center?13:44
phillwjailtonpierre: yeah, it is a low resource version of the ubuntu software center.13:44
jailtonpierrebut is it working?13:49
milen8204hello all how can I set desktop change to be whit Ctrl+ALt+Left not whit mouse scroll ?14:24
milen8204how can I share a afolder in Lubuntu ?15:42
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ignoredthoughtsCelltech: how much RAM is your Lubuntu using at idle?17:25
Boris_i need some help if possible...18:06
Boris_i'm running on lubuntu and i updated to 11.10 when it was released and had no issue18:07
valdur55And what is your issue?18:07
Boris_a few days ago, i had to create an user account for a friend with limited acces and i deleted it later18:08
Boris_but now i can't log in18:08
Boris_i've tried to change password using the recovery mode but dosen't change anything18:08
valdur55can you login with you limited account?18:09
Boris_i delete the limited account a few daays ago18:10
Boris_i found out on the web that it's was u know bug and a searched for a solution but nothing i've tried has worked18:11
Boris_*a known bug18:11
valdur55Boris_, maybe you get your answer on #ubuntu room.18:12
Boris_i heard it was a bug with a file named Xauthority but can't find it18:13
Boris_i'll go chack on that room18:13
Boris_thanks for your help18:13
phillwBoris_: it will most likely be .IDEAuthority18:25
phillwBoris_: sorry for the delay, it is Xuathority, usually the permissions have been messed up.18:35
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Guest15844Hello all. Looking for assistance with Lubuntu 12.04 booting in Virtualbox. Is this the right place? Thanks.18:37
Unit193Well, not if you don't ask your question...18:38
Guest15844Thanks. While booting 12.04 is booting in VB I'm dumped to a CL. This happens in live and install options. Any ideas?18:39
Unit193Big long thread in the mailing list, phillw may be able to remember some of it, but generally, it's a dev version, it's not going to work out the best for now.18:40
Guest15844Not going to work best for now ... for VB in particular or booting in general?18:41
Unit193In general, but he may have ideas.18:41
phillwGuest15844: I have seen the issue mentioned - I'm trying to find a bug report for you.18:42
phillwI can only find a reference for ppc18:42
Guest15844Thanks phillw, appreciate the effort.18:43
phillwGuest15844: can you start lubuntu?18:43
phillwfrom CLI?18:43
Guest15844The only command I attempted from CLI was 'startx' and it failed.18:44
Unit193I got it to work once by starting x, then `startlubuntu`, but that was an odd way and a while ago...18:45
Guest15844I'll give 'startlubuntu' a try ...18:45
phillwUnit193: I'm also struggling to dust off my memory cells, it's been a while since I faced this one :(18:46
Guest15844for reference: Originally got no boot, until manually selected PAE option in VB.18:47
phillwGuest15844: try /usr/bin/startlubuntu18:49
Guest15844Feedback: 'startlubuntu' from CLI give output - GTK warning cannot open display18:49
Unit193Either `sudo service lightdm start` or `sudo X` and type the `startlubuntu` only for the second in another TTY18:52
phillwGuest15844: are you using the latest daily for 12.04?18:54
Guest15844iso date is 2/25/2012, d/l'd it about 30 minutes ago.18:56
phillwGuest15844: it is possible the build has a major gremlin. Infuriatingly I do not have my VM's running.18:57
Guest15844phillw - thanks. tyring Unit193 advice - gave 'sudo X' command - for clarity now I should go to 2nd TTY and issue 'startlubuntu'?18:58
Unit193Might be worth a shot...18:58
Unit193At best.18:59
Guest15844Forgive me, how to open a second TTY from VB screen? Pecking around but no joy yet...18:59
phillwGuest15844: when testing, expect it to break - the 'fun' is in reporting what broke & what you did to fix it.18:59
Guest15844I agree.19:00
Unit193Think it's the command char +F2?19:00
Guest15844thanks, standby19:00
phillwfortunantely linux does keep a few spare console logins :)19:01
Guest15844sudo x - starts the boot process, but in locks with a blank screen (as far as I can tell) and was never able to switch TTY's <con't>19:04
Unit193http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8109343&postcount=2 ?19:06
Guest15844sudo service lightdm start - command not found19:06
Guest15844Unit193 - going to your link now ...19:06
Unit193Hmmm... We should be using lightdm, but you can check in /etc/init.d/ if you really want (and sudo /etc/init.d/*whatever*dm start )19:08
Guest15844Good info on VB TTY switching ... trying to boot again now19:08
Unit193Well, it worked once, but not really sure I remember what I did exactly.19:08
Guest15844got to a second tty and can also now see output on sudo x command - from 2nd tty startlubuntu gives: GTK warning cannot open display19:15
Guest15844feedback on sudo x command: the boot seems to die on error - failed to load module 'vboxvideo' module does not exist19:18
phillwGuest15844: that is a vbox problem, not a lubuntu one :(19:22
Guest15844Could be my VB version (4.0.6). I think this is a little old.19:26
phillwGuest15844: as I do not have access to VB, the best I can find is http://forums.funtoo.org/viewtopic.php?pid=405519:26
phillwGuest15844: yeah, it may be worth updating to the newest one.19:27
Guest15844Got to go. Out of playtime for now. Thanks for the help everyone.19:30
thor_I've just tested lubuntu 12.04 daily-live 64bit in virtualbox and come only to black terminal?20:12
valdur55thor_, same here, wait next build.... startx fails...20:14
thor_valdur55: Do you mean that it's okay tomorrow20:16
valdur55thor_, maybe yes, maybe not20:16
thor_valdur55:  ok :)20:17
valdur55thor_, try startx and you get some driver failure20:18
thor_valdur55:  've tried it and it did not help20:19
valdur55did you get driver erros?20:19
thor_valdur55: maybe but can not remember it20:20
valdur55ok :). It's simpler to wait new daily build.20:21
thor_valdur55:  indeed he he20:22
uskerinehi, how can i config a given and limited set of applications in the launch button of the task bar for a certain user?20:31
uskerineso that specific user can not access all installed applications but a few specific ones20:31
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trakinashi guys! Im trying to start memtest, but it looks like it is doing nothing/not starting23:47
jason2007did you try starting it threw terminal?23:48
trakinasto run memtest with my system booted23:49
trakinasor in grub terminal?23:49

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