DropsOfSerenityis there any way to change the gradation of the volume slider when I press the volume up button, I have sensitive speakers and would like to raise it  around 2% instead of 5% i'm running ubuntu 12.0401:47
DropsOfSerenityis there any way to change the gradation of the volume slider when I press the volume up button, I have sensitive speakers and would like to raise it  around 2% instead of 5% i'm running ubuntu 12.0402:20
DropsOfSerenityi've been looking in dconf-editor for an option like volume-step or something02:20
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JamesMRpopey: do you happen to know if kazam usually hangs for ages after recording a two hour screencast?04:25
=== stkrzysiak is now known as somedudeyoudontk
cheakohas anyone used luks on a USB drives casper-rw file?04:34
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
kabiigondoes anyoneknow about usb305:38
kabiigonmy card is being reconized by lspci05:42
cheakokabiigon: I've got that, but I don't have any devices beyond usb2.0.05:51
cheakoOne note is that installing the drivers on windows XP will cause kvm/qemu to loose access to USB devices(if you follow).05:52
log!info mesa05:54
ubottuPackage mesa does not exist in precise05:54
log!info mesa oneiric05:54
ubottuPackage mesa does not exist in oneiric05:54
cheako!info mesa-common-dev05:57
ubottumesa-common-dev (source: mesa): Developer documentation for Mesa. In component main, is optional. Version 8.0.1-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 309 kB, installed size 1522 kB05:57
cheakoI've mastered folding USB persistent storage into squashfs.  http://jan.varho.org/?p=254&cpage=1#comment-112306:38
xiambaxGTK seems to be buggy in development07:50
xiambaxCould it be because of old themes?07:50
cheakoxiambax: I have problems with huludesktop after attempting(failing) to configure transparency in GTK.  I don't understand engines at all.07:59
xiambaxI do a little. But all the engines apparently pulled over correctly. Still look like ass. I just went default gtk08:00
cheakoYeah, I just want fiery/blurry/cube-spinning/wobbling effects back.  Though this gnome-shell interface is niffy.08:05
xiambaxI prefer gnome over unity. but i used Fluxbox back in the day.08:07
xiambaxBut I have a mac desktop08:07
xiambaxSo mac and gnome seem very similar to me08:07
cheakoI had a G5-PPC and I ended up putting Debian on it because I couldn't stand the UI(back then I was a sawfish/gnome-session/panel user) used) and it's X implementation leaved much to be desired.08:10
cheako...that and after going hard down the filesystem's b-tree would be corrupt, when that happens it's all over.08:10
OldManMagnushi. anyone got any idea how to change the nautilus right click menu to get the "open with" option back?10:22
OldManMagnusi'm writing some code and want to run it from nautilus.10:23
OldManMagnusit gives you a list of programs you can use, but doesn't seem to let you add your own.10:24
spacebug-OldManMagnus: I'm using an extention for that in nautilus which lets you add your own program/scritps to run on files/folders10:33
OldManMagnusspacebug-: ah, that sounds useful. got a link?10:40
OldManMagnusspacebug-: ?10:46
spacebug-sorry took a shower hehe. Hum10:47
spacebug-not sure which of my packages it is.. w810:48
pangolinOldManMagnus: I think nautilus-actions is what you want10:48
spacebug-yeah me too10:49
OldManMagnuscool. thanks guys.10:50
spacebug-then scripts should be in $HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts10:50
DaniG2kguys how can I remove unity in 12.04 and install xfce?11:02
DaniG2kguys how can I remove unity in 12.04 and install xfce?11:04
robin0800! notunity | DaniG2k11:04
ubottuDaniG2k: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:04
ubottuk/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.11:05
DaniG2kso i have to install gnome first and xfce second?11:05
brobostigonDaniG2k: you should just be able to install xubuntu-desktop package, and just switch on login.11:06
DaniG2khow do I get rid of Unity after?11:06
brobostigonDaniG2k: or just use xubuntu 12.0411:06
zzecoolDaniG2k: read this http://askubuntu.com/questions/6302/how-can-you-remove-unity11:21
zzecoolprobably the same or almost the same will work for precise11:21
zzecoolinstead of use the terminal do what the tutorial says using synaptic11:21
zzecoolso you can have a visual about what is happening11:22
zzecoolglosoli: nooboli11:22
glosoliwhat ?11:23
DaniG2kim afraid it will mess up my system for some reason :S11:25
glosoliDaniG2k: Why would you remove unity11:25
glosoli ?11:25
DaniG2kbecause i can't stand it11:26
glosoliDaniG2k: So just switch to Gnome Classic :)11:26
glosoliNo need to remove it11:26
glosoliit doesn't use 10tb in your hdd11:26
DaniG2kmy partition is really low on space11:26
brobostigonas i said, why not just use xubuntu 12.04, then no need to mess around, it has xfce, and no need to worry about unity.11:26
DaniG2ki have 200MB left :'(11:26
glosoliDaniG2k: how much you gave for Linux ?11:27
DaniG2kbut Ubuntu becomes bigger and bigger11:28
DaniG2kso now I'm really low on space11:28
DaniG2kthinking of just switching distro11:28
brobostigonDaniG2k: it is worth seeing how big /var/log is, as that is where all the log files are, and it can become quite a size.11:29
DaniG2kbrobostigon: its 34 MB11:30
brobostigonDaniG2k: you should have disk space analyser installed, use that to see wheree space is being used, and can be cleaned out.11:30
yofelDaniG2k: if you're on precise your apt file cache is likely using a lot of space, run apt-get clean11:35
chmacHow do I get the laptop to lock the screen when I close the lid?11:50
bazhangchmac, check the screensaver settings?11:51
chmacbazhang: I don't have screensaver settings in system settings I don't think.11:52
chmacbazhang: My options in power settings are "when lid is closed" do nothing, suspend or hibernate. I want lock.11:53
arandchmac: Looking in dconf,doesn't look like that is available in gnome, unfortunately...11:57
chmacarand: Sadly my research is turning up the same, although I did find a bash script that apparently has the desired effect, will experiment later. :-)11:57
chmacarand, bazhang: Thanks for looking into it.11:57
zzecoolchmac: system settings --------> brightness and lock11:58
chmaczzecool: So I have lock "On" after 5 minutes, but if I close the lid and reopen within 5 minutes, screen is unlocked.11:59
aranddconf makes me wonder what some people are smoking...11:59
zzecoolchmac: Lock screen after screen : Turns off12:00
zzecoolits simple12:01
zzecoolwhy so much confusion ?12:01
chmaczzecool: Just tried it, but it doesn't have the desired effect.12:01
chmaczzecool: I think it refers to the setting above, turn the screen off when inactive for X minutes.12:01
zzecoolWhat is the desired and what it does?12:02
chmaczzecool: I want the screen to lock when I close the laptop lid. It does not currently.12:02
mortalhas anyone else had virtual desktop keybindings disappear with the latest update?12:05
chmacmortal: You mean ctrl-alt-left/right/etc? If so, yes.12:06
zzecoolchmac: i think the suspend is broken12:06
chmaczzecool: I don't want my machine to suspend when I close the lid.12:06
chmacHow do I find out (command line) whether a package was installed manually or as a dependency?12:07
zzecoolthen there is no feature that can make what you asking12:07
zzecoolyou can file a bug12:07
zzecoolas a wish12:07
zzecooland explain what you want as a behaviour12:07
chmaczzecool: Ok, thanks for your input.12:07
arandmortal: They werer moved, no?12:07
arandmortal: super+shift+arrows12:08
zzecoolchmac: go and fill the bug report because noon will do it for you12:08
mortalthank you12:08
mortalI have also lost the network-manager icon12:10
* arand wonders if the keybind change will be the "omg-wtf-revert!!!-ubuntu-is-stupid" of this release ;)12:11
chmacarand: What's the new keybind?12:12
arandchmac: ^ I just said it :)12:12
chmacarand: Oh yes, so you did! :-)12:12
chmacOh, that's a much better default.12:12
chmacAnyone else have openid issues logging into launchpad? Regularly fails for me and I can never remember exactly how I got it to work previously.12:14
chmaczzecool: The bug exists already https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/87104712:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 871047 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Can no longer set screen to lock when lid closed" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:21
zzecoolok i will confirm it12:21
zzecoolas affects me12:21
arandzzecool: Likely something that could use forwarding upstream to gnome12:23
zzecoolit is confirmed hope that it is going to get any attention12:24
penguin42chromium seems to be getting a bit touchy for me in PP; a few attempts to start, a few hangs - anyone else seeing this?13:00
jokerdinoi think it is just you ma'am penguin4213:01
penguin42damn; going to be hard to debug and impossible to report given it's non-repeatable13:03
jokerdinowhat exactly is happening?13:03
penguin42jokerdino: I've had a few times clicked the button on the panel and it doesn't come up; click again a minute later and it starts13:04
penguin42jokerdino: But today I've also had a few crashes on simple stuff like G+ and google reader, page opening empty and other pages not responding to clicks13:05
jokerdinooh dear, it is awesome as ever before here.13:06
brobostigonpenguin42: start it from terminal, and watch the error output in terminal.13:07
penguin42brobostigon: Indeed, and of course having done that it worked13:07
brobostigonpenguin42: hmmm, interesting.13:08
penguin42bit of a heisenbug13:08
spacebug-I remapped show first menuitem from F10 to F12 in ccsm and I have also unchecked "enable menu shortcut key" in terminal but when I press F10 now it brings up the same menu I get when pressing right mouse key. How can I disable/change that? I'm using F10 to get the quit dialog in mc13:55
jrgiffordanyone know what package supplies the dictionaries? I found a bug - it doesn't know what "Pangolin" is...14:48
ironhalikthe irony...14:52
jrgiffordi know right?14:53
brobostigon!info aspell14:53
ubottuaspell (source: aspell): GNU Aspell spell-checker. In component main, is optional. Version 0.60.7~20110707-1 (precise), package size 87 kB, installed size 360 kB14:54
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cjohnstonI just opened chromium and got a system crash.. It says "Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has expereinced an internal error. It gives me a check box for send an error report, a button for show details and a continue button.. One problem, my mouse stops working after this crash.. The Caps lock and scroll lock buttons on my keyboard are now flashing.. any ideas?18:10
penguin42cjohnston: If capslock/scroll lock are flashing it's probably a kernel panic - you need to hit reset18:10
cjohnstonpenguin42: I did that the first time, and it did it again.. is there anything i can do to get rid of this?18:11
cjohnstonother than wait for an update?18:12
penguin42cjohnston: it's most likely a graphics driver issue (although chromium is getting touchy for me as well and I'm not seeing a kernel panic)18:13
penguin42cjohnston: It's interesting it manages to display the crash box before it dies - there is a small chance there are actually some logs in /var/log/syslog after reboot18:15
zzecoolglosoli: you here?18:17
cjohnstonpenguin42: is there something i can search for it in to try and find?18:17
penguin42well it would be a back trace I'd be looking for - just before the last boot18:19
cjohnstonpenguin42: I just found BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffffffff8117680018:19
penguin42cjohnston: Ah, can you pastebin it?18:19
cjohnstonpenguin42: its on the current boot, not the last one...18:20
cjohnstonbut still an issue18:20
glosolizzecool: yea18:21
penguin42cjohnston: Hmm that shouldn't happen18:21
zzecoolglosoli: i had constant crashes on google chrome unstable18:22
glosolizzecool: I'm not, just for nautilus....18:22
zzecoolbut i did delete .config/google-chrome and did a reinstall18:22
cjohnstonpenguin42: I also found http://paste.ubuntu.com/856826/18:22
zzecoolim ok now18:23
glosolizzecool: my nautilus constantly crash18:23
zzecoolnp here18:23
zzecoolworks great18:23
zzecooli had some dash lock ups18:24
zzecoollooked like working but you cant run any app18:24
zzecoolonly navigate18:24
zzecoollog out log in is a fix18:24
penguin42cjohnston: Don't worry - probably separate bug18:29
glosolifriggin smuxi....18:30
glosolidisconnected me once again18:30
cjohnstonpenguin42: so do i need to report two seperate bugs?18:31
penguin42cjohnston: Yep, looks like it18:35
cjohnstonwhat should I file them against? just ubuntu?18:35
penguin42cjohnston: use ubuntu-bug linux    for both of them18:36
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cjohnstonpenguin42: that went over very poorly for me.. I'm now at the login screen18:41
penguin42cjohnston: It sounds like lots of random stuff is failing for you - I'd run a ramtest18:42
cjohnstonhow do i do that18:42
Hiob10hiobmoin, i have a problem.....18:43
Hiob10hiobwhen i leave my Laptop for a while, it cant wake up again18:44
Hiob10hiobthe screen just stay black18:44
Hiob10hiobCTRL + ALT + F1 has no reaction18:44
Hiob10hiobonly with CTRL + ALT + PRINT + U +X (Kernel Shutdown) i can shutdown18:45
Hiob10hiobany suggestions?18:49
ironhalikany ideas how I could run unity2d from livecd? when I try to change users, lightdm gets stuck in a restart loop18:51
ironhalikI think there was some way to simulate lightdm from within another session18:51
Ampelbeinironhalik: xnest or xephyr?18:55
ironhalikI think it will be easier to just install it :)19:12
ironhalikhmm, where is a samba share mounted?19:17
ironhalikif I accessed it via nautilus19:17
crizzyironhalik: under /media likely19:17
ironhalikactually, its not there19:17
ironhalikneither in /mnt19:17
Ampelbeinironhalik: doesn't it show in mtab?19:19
ironhaliknvm, I mounted it manually19:20
scienteswith the test rebuild me everyone who has precise will have to downlaod everything over again?19:28
Ampelbeinscientes: Nope, the rebuild is done in a seperate archive.19:28
Ampelbeinscientes: You have to only download packages that failed in the rebuild and got a new upload to fix the failure.19:29
scienteswill there be a rebuild in the main archive down the road?19:29
Ampelbeinscientes: No, this is never done.19:29
scientesok thx19:29
scientesso all i loose is stability bug-wise :)19:29
scientes''This is still a BETA release.''19:30
scientesalready says BETA19:30
penguin42cjohnston: Reboot, hold left shift down as it comes past the bios, you should get a grub menu and on that menu is a memtest, leave it at the memtest for a few hours and see if it gives any errors19:31
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scientescjohnston, at least the recent memtests will tell you on the screen after a full pass has completed without errors19:43
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
scientesare delta-debs going to come any time soon?19:52
scientesi.e. presto19:52
arandscientes: A debdelta server for the ubuntu repo? THere isn't one yet?19:54
scientesall the test-rebuild is so that people don't run into problems when they download the source and build their own19:54
scientesarand, ubuntu brainstorm said it was in development19:54
scientespresto for ubuntu19:54
mrdebwho uses the 120420:02
penguin42most here20:08
outboxwhen I dig host the query time is always 0 even when I restart dnsmasq,  how can i make sure that dnsmasq is working fine?20:19
urfr332gOoutbox, you running a actual release or 12.04?20:22
ironhalikpenguin42: maybe you will know - whe the hell Ubuntu didnt go with Precise Penguin with 12.04?!20:22
outboxurfr332gO, yes20:23
urfr332gOoutbox, yes meaning 12.04?20:23
penguin42ironhalik: I don't know! Precise Penguin Provides Perfect Peudonym20:24
penguin42ironhalik: Personally I blame big Mark20:24
outboxurfr332gO, it is20:24
urfr332gOoutbox, cool, you in the right place. :)20:24
ironhalikif he keeps it up, we gonna have to do something about big mark ;>20:24
ironhalikanyone actually had dnsmasq installed by default?20:25
ironhalikoh nvm, I probably had it, it just wasnt caching20:25
penguin42ironhalik: It seems dnsmasq is now a default in PP20:25
zzecoolyes it is20:26
zzecoolits was a description in one bluprint asswel20:26
zzecoolas well*20:26
outboxso how can i uninstall dnsmasq as network-manager depends on it20:26
scientesinstalling dnsmasq by default now?20:26
scientesthat sounds like a good move20:27
scientesits a great piece of software20:27
zzecoolscientes: do you know any way to make dnsmsq to forward the resolvs to another dns ?20:27
zzecooli was trying to find a way to have dnsmsq + dnscrypt work together in different ips20:28
zzecoolbut i cant find any way to forward the dns resolves20:28
scienteszzecool, dnsmasq just uses resolv.conf20:28
scientesunless you give it another resolv.conf20:28
scientesyou can also set dns server on a domain basis20:29
scienteslike to force ipv6 resolving for google20:29
scientesor maybe they make that the default now, not sure20:29
scientesjust man dnsmasq, its well documented20:29
zzecooli think that whatever i put in resolv.conf resets back to where dnsmaq is listening20:29
scientesahhh gotcha20:29
scientesthats a dhcp problem20:30
scientesbut its probably not but your external ip address20:30
outboxzzecool, you can use package resolveconf to keep your resolve.conf settings permanenly20:30
penguin42zzecool: Yeh, there is now a config file that dnsmasq reads instead - and it's all driven by network manager20:30
zzecooli know all this20:31
scientesdnsmasq in ubuntu i guess uses an alternate resolv.conf20:31
zzecoolevery single one dns server - cache have an option to only cache and forward the resolves to another server20:31
zzecooli cant find this feature to dnsmasq20:31
scienteszzecool, and that is exactly what dnsmasq does by default20:31
scientesso you don't even have to configure it20:32
zzecoolscientes: let me explain20:33
zzecooli have 2 dns servers running on my pc20:33
scienteszzecool, just set the alternate resolv.confr by hand20:33
scientesand then put the ips you want to forward to inthere20:33
zzecoolconfr ?20:33
scientesyou can tell dnsmasq which resolv.conf to use in dnsmasq.conf20:34
zzecoolbut network manager use his config20:34
zzecoolevery time dnsmasq starts20:34
zzecoollet me show you20:34
zzecooltype  :  ps aux | grep dnsmasq20:35
zzecoolyou will see the config20:36
scienteswell im using oneric20:36
scienteshope the upgrade to precise doesn't f it up for me20:36
scientescause i use dnsmasq for alot of stuff20:36
scienteslike tftp20:36
zzecoolwait i will show you20:37
zzecoolscientes: http://pastebin.com/eYbxVpVh20:37
zzecoolthis is by default20:38
zzecoolso its allrdy a mess20:38
scientesoh geeze20:38
scientesthat ubuntu for you (did i say that!)20:38
scientesif they are going to do something ugly like that they should listen on a non-default port20:39
zzecoolit gonna be for you too ;p20:39
scientesor just on lo20:39
scientesso it doesn20:39
zzecoolits on lo20:39
scientes't conflict with running your own dns server20:39
zzecoolbut on the default port20:39
scienteson the real port20:39
scientesno, its not on lo20:39
zzecoolmy second dns is running on so i dont have a conflict20:39
scientesits on
scientesthere is a difference20:39
zzecoolbut i cant redirect form dnsmasq to the second20:39
scientesthats a fucking mess20:40
zzecooli told ya20:40
scientesshit, and the precise upgrade already started20:40
scientesthat will fuck my shit up20:40
penguin42scientes: While it may indeed be, they prefer less language in this channel20:41
zzecooli was testing DNSCrypt form opendns20:41
zzecoolits very cool20:41
scientesoh sorry penguin4220:41
zzecoolbut doesnt give a shit about local dns names20:41
zzecoolso you need a second dns20:41
ironhalikhmm, I guess I can enable dnsmasq caching function?20:41
zzecoolironhalik: i dont know20:41
zzecoolit is suppose that the implement dnsmasq for cache but the config  is strange20:42
zzecooli dont get it20:42
zzecoolthat they *20:42
zzecoolnevermind gonna watch some series  ;p c ya20:43
ironhalik      hf :>20:43
zzecoolif you have any news about dnsmasq  give me a notice when you see me again :)20:44
penguin42hmm - is it possible to run a dns server on a port other than 53 and resolv.conf pick it up? And would it make sense for nm to do that to cause less chaos?20:51
penguin42hmm doesn't look like resolv.conf supports a port20:52
scientesis this a ubuntu change or an upstream change?20:54
scientesdnsmasq supports a config directory, ie /etc/dnsmasq.d/20:54
scientesthen network manager could split out the DHCP, TFTP, stuff20:54
ironhalikhmm, Ive got no dnsmasq confs in etc20:55
scientesand ship a differn't default dns config for dnsmasq that only listens locally20:55
scientesironhalik, /etc/dnsmasq.conf20:55
scientesthe directory is not shipped currently20:55
ironhaliknope, no conf20:56
scientesbut dovecot for example changed from one big, to a directory style20:56
ironhalikand no service, either20:56
scientesoh, well i havn't confirmed that20:56
penguin42scientes: Looks like it's Ubuntu - based off: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-p-dns-resolving20:56
ironhalikwell, should it have an init script?20:56
ironhalik hmm, on the other hand, maybe those changes make my openvpn work on 12.04 and not work in arch20:58
Ian_Cornenice one jo-erlend21:05
Ian_Cornedid he reply?21:06
jo-erlendoh, that discussion went way too far.21:06
Ian_CorneI'm pretty sure he doesn't have much supporters of his views21:07
jo-erlendI don't think anybody bothered to see what the application is really about. It's a nearly defunct photo album/video catalog. Has absolutely nothing to do with pornography.21:07
jo-erlendif people are so sensitive that a mere word is enough to cause mental damage, then ... what can we do? There's got to be a limit.21:08
jo-erlendheh, you could, for instance say that fsck should be banned, because it could easily be mistyped into spelling an extremely horrible word. :)21:09
jo-erlendbut I too went way too far in the discussion, and I'm trying to put it behind me. I don't usually react so strongly, and I shouldn't have.21:09
ironhalikhmm, Ubuntu tries to hit buisness market now, and such large and open repos could offset some corporate minds21:12
ironhalikofcourse, you can install apps like that in Windows21:13
ironhalikbut for some, of its in the software center, its built right into the operating system! portn operating system!21:13
ironhalikstill, its much lesser evil/inconvinience then censoring everything21:14
ironhalikso nvm21:14
jo-erlendironhalik, "apps like that"? You mean photo albums?21:22
ironhalikyeah, thats silly :)21:22
ironhalikphoto albums named 'PronViewer' and using a blond, 80s style, pixelated chick as its icon21:23
jo-erlendWhat about "Xchat"? Does that sound a little suspicious as well?21:23
ironhalikless then BitchX :P21:24
ironhalikIts not about rational arguments, its about corporate mind21:24
ironhalikat least as I see it21:24
jo-erlendno, it was about religion. It was claimed that Ubuntu should be considered a completely Christian operating system, and therefore anything not Christian must be removed.21:25
ironhalikoh, I didnt think about it in that categories ;>21:26
jo-erlendbut just like that discussion was inappropriate on the design list, this discussion is really inappropriate here, I think.21:26
ironhalikeither way, I think the issue of operating system and religion conformity is silly enough it may be ignored :)21:31
urfr332gOironhalik, gee golly wally were you not the one to complain about vapid posts yesterday. :)21:31
ironhalikI was? :)21:32
jo-erlendironhalik, if you're reading through that list, however, you may find the posts from Ryan Gauger somewhat amusing...21:33
ironhalikI dont recall21:33
urfr332gOit was you but no biggie. :)21:33
ironhalikjo-erlend: I tried but it times out on me for some reason21:33
ironhalikurfr332gO: I really dont remember :) And since I dont visit the forums or lists, I dont know how its possible :)21:34
urfr332gOironhalik, T 1330120503 8 28 ironhalikthats a lot of pointless discussion '?21:35
urfr332gOfrom scrollback21:36
ironhalikoh that wasnt about a post :P21:36
ironhalikthat was about a discussion here21:36
urfr332gOironhalik, about my discussion with another.21:36
urfr332gOironhalik, do you get the point your now is no different.21:36
ironhalikit was tangue-in-cheek, since I didnt participate much21:37
urfr332gOironhalik, I don't really care by the way just pointing this out. :)21:37
urfr332gOwe all talk and say things off topic, most of us realize this and try to keep it shor.21:38
ironhalikI guess you're right - discussing the state of gaming and graphic performance in linux, in comparision with windows is almost religious in nature and should be ignored :P21:38
ironhalikwell, since there is no other chatter here21:39
urfr332gOgo for it I say. :)21:39
ironhalikhmm, Im even idling in #ubuntu-offtopic21:40
ironhalikBut people there are talking about frozen pizza :/21:40
urfr332gOironhalik, I never go there it is like a good old boys club with generally user with no critical thinking abilities, but that is just my opinion. :)21:41
ironhalikWell, if you "love frozen pizza", you seriously lack critical thinking abilities :)21:42
urfr332gOironhalik, lol that is about the jist of it, and while eating it in your parents basement, "mommie"21:43
ironhalikand I think he ment frozen as in not-yet-thawed21:43
ironhalikThats cruel :> I think most Ubuntu users moved out of their parents basement ;>21:44
ironhalikI think I know someone that lives with his parents attic actually, and his an avid Windows Sever 2003 user :)21:47
urfr332gOironhalik, may have moved out but the mentality sticks. :) It is a metaphor21:48
ironhalikSure, just kidding around ;>21:49
ironhalikBut its still true story :)21:49
Amozhi, anyone know if the ctrl+alt+arrowkeys shortcuts in gnome-shell are borked?22:02
penguin42Amoz: Someone said they changed to super+alt+arrowkeys (not tried it myself)22:04
jakubohi, what does the dri mesa experimental package do in 12.04?22:05
Amozpenguin42, doesn't work here either. I'll check if I can find shortcut settings somewhere.22:07
jakubodoes it change anyting?22:09
Daekdroomjakubo, I think it contains the gallium mesa driver for nvidia cards, but let me check22:12
jakuboit activated quite a few things when gallium was not default, but that changed quite some time ago22:13
jakuboit used to bork my intel driver for instance...22:14
DaekdroomWell, the opensource nouveau driver is quite recent, so it might not be default on mesa yet.22:14
ironhalikAmoz: you can change the shortcuts in CCSM22:15
Daekdroomironhalik, he's talking about gnome-shell22:15
ironhalikAmoz: right now they're binded to super+shift+arrows22:15
ironhalikoh, sorry, missed that :D22:16
DaekdroomNothing to do with how unity shortcuts are set22:16
ironhalikGuys, would you say that missing hibernation entry in the cog button is a pm-utils issue of the applets? :>23:47
snadgeits actually a "feature"23:49
snadgehibernate has been disabled by default, unless your system appears in a whitelist.. which is apparently very small23:51
snadgeyou can re-enable it again by editing an obscure file23:52
penguin42that's a bit sad - although I can kind of understand why23:52
ironhalikoh, wow23:53
ironhalikfunny part is, pm-hibernate works correctly23:53
ironhalikwhere is the file I can edit? :>23:53
ironhalikbtw, disabling hibernation by default is not very green of them :P23:55
ironhalikok, found the file http://askubuntu.com/questions/94754/how-to-modify-policykit-to-allow-hibernation-in-upower23:57
Daekdroomironhalik, hibernation is known to not work very well on a lot of systems.23:59
graingertis anyone getting an issue where they type a few letters into gnome-shell and it crashes?23:59

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