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pbuckleynow lets see if it makes it thru the weekend00:53
* GrueMaster breaks out the champagne. 00:57
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ayakai want to use fastboot boot a kernel and initrd whose root is /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 in my mobile04:12
ayakasomeone tell me ./fastboot boot zimage initrd -c $DEFAULT_CMDLINE root=/dev/block/mmcblk1p2 but fastboot can't recognize it argument04:14
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cyboti'm running ubuntu for arm on my motorola atrix 4g, everytime i hit the button on keyboar between s an f (i can't type i) it minimizes the current programm. any i ea how to fix this?08:54
int_uacybot: looks like Ctrl is down09:00
int_uaCtrl+D = minimize all windows09:01
int_uaMaybe some hardware issue?09:01
cyboti have .o physical buttons, only osk09:05
cyboti just loked into the shortcuts. it wasnt ctrl d, it was only do09:08
cybotchanged it09:08
cybotthanks for your help!09:08
cybotdamn, its hard to type, sorry for my bad english09:09
int_uacybot: You're welcome :)09:14
int_uacybot: maybe you should look for/file a bug report about this?09:15
ayakahow to use fastboot boot a kernel09:33
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igloI have problems to install Ubuntu 11.10 Server on a Beagleboard C4; I copied the image to the SD Card, but its shows this while booting:   *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment17:36
iglothe checksum of the download is ok17:37
igloany ideas to solve this?17:38

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