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taavsterhello is someone there09:12
taavsterhello can someone give me some help?09:24
oCeanhello taavster, best is to just go ahead and ask your question in the channel. Then see if someone knows the answer..09:28
taavsterHi i was trying to install ubuntu 11.10 from a usb today, when i got to the phase where it asked me what kind of installation i wanted i clicked install alongside windows, then pressed continue, instead of continuing to the part where it askes me to partition my drive it instead immediately went to somekidn of black screen with data scrolling down informing me ubuntu was installing after which i encountered somekind of er09:45
adamj1986Hi, I'm a new Xubuntu user and I'm having trouble configuring the audio output.17:21
adamj1986Audio is working through the internal speakers. I can also connect to a bluetooth device. But how do I tell it to USE that bluetooth device?17:23
holsteinadamj1986: i would try installing pavucontrol ... you can try astking in #xubuntu as well17:23
adamj1986Ok, didn't realize there was a separate channel. Thanks!17:24
holsteini use pavucontrol with multiple audio devices, but i cant say i have used it first hand with a BT device17:24
holsteinadamj1986: totally cool to ask here as well! ...stay as long as you like :)17:24
adamj1986Installed and loaded pavucontrol, but couldn't select the output device. Got this error in console: " DEBUG: Failed to initialize device manager extension: No such extension"17:25
holsteinadamj1986: so the GUI didnt load?17:26
adamj1986It loaded and seemed to be fine but I have no options for the output device17:27
holsteinadamj1986: BT devices may not show up there17:27
holsteini just havent had the opportunity to troubleshoot them17:28
zhuangI've just installed scrotwm, logged out, switched to scrotwm and logged back in.19:47
zhuangafter that, i just saw the little taskbar on the top of the screen and the ubuntu login screen19:48
zhuangi wasn't able to log back in, essentially. what might've caused this and how do I fix it?19:48
zhuangis there a way I can mask my IP when chatting using irc?19:54
zhuangor a way to do it in Xchat or...?19:54
nlsthzn:( finally a question I can answer and I miss it20:08
JoseeAntonioR:O, same over here :/20:11
conorreedyanyone in here?23:08
conorreedyI want to ask a question, I'm just reading the terms of service23:10
conorreedyOk, so has anyone experienced "No boot device available" when inserting a CD burned iso and trying to boot from it?23:13

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