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dnivrahello. I think I might have found a bug in ubuntu but not sure which package it is. http://paste.ubuntu.com/856200/ says it all. installing openjdk-6-jdk solves the issue.06:26
andoldnivra: Not sure I see where the bug is? You try to run a program (jdb) which you currently don't have installed, and Ubuntu suggests which packages you can install to provide that program? Am I missing something? How should Ubuntu have behaved otherwise?07:41
dnivraandol: it gives a wrong suggestion-the second one was already installed.07:41
andoldnivra: Ahh, now I see it, thanks.07:42
dnivranp. glad I could help out.07:43
dnivrawhich package is it a bug in? just in case i find similar bugs.07:43
dnivraandol: ^^07:45
roignacdnivra: this should be 'command-not-found' package08:16
andoldnivra: Well, the suggestion comes from the package command-not-found, but part of me wonders if there might be something more complicated going on due to separate java environments related to if other openjdk6 or openjdk7 packages are installed, or something in that direction, or it is really a trivial bug, I don't know.08:16
dnivraandol: well I did it again-just to be sure. i removed all installed jdk's and other java compilers/interpreters and JDK/JRE installed. i installed openjdk-7-jdk and the issue is no longer existent. it works fine :|08:41
dnivrai am ablet to run jdb and this is the output of 'jdb -version' is 'This is jdb version 1.6 (Java SE version 1.7.0_147-icedtea)'08:42
dnivraweird :|08:42
dnivrai just noticed something else: why does openjdk6 get installed when I install openjdk7? isn't openjdk7 sufficient to compile and run java programs? http://paste.ubuntu.com/856286/ for more.08:47
dnivraI don't mind using up a few more MB for jdk6 but someone might. there's another issue though! installing jdk7 creates incompatible defaults: http://paste.ubuntu.com/856299/. This issue is because the compiler is from JDK7 but interpreter is from JDK6!09:01
hggdhdnivra_: 'update-alternatives' sets which installed Java is to be used by default. If you do not override by giving out an absolute path to java, the right thing will always be done16:04
hggdhactually, 'update-alternatives' is used for a lot of things16:05
hggdhdnivra_: additionally: Oracle Java is no longer distributed with Ubuntu, Oracle cancelled/did not renew the distribution licence16:51
hjdIn the case of bugs triggering seg faults, is there a way to send a crashlog to an existing bug? Since a crashreport contains more information of the crash I want to add that, but the best idea I've come up with so far is to file a new bug with the crash log, then mark the old one as a duplicate.17:01
penguin42hjd: apport-collect bugnumber17:24
penguin42hjd: That'll add all the logs it thinks are appropriate for that log; if you have a separate backtrace or log you think is appropriate just add it as an attachment to the bug17:25
hjdpenguin42: Thank you. :) But it didn't seem to add my crashlog? Bug 929210.17:36
ubot2`Launchpad bug 929210 in jbofihe "jvocuhadju segfaults" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92921017:36
penguin42sorry, I just rat-holed on wth is Lojban17:37
hjdI have to admit I know very little of it beyond the package description, but the segfault is reproducible at least :p17:38
penguin42hjd: Hmm do you have a crash file in /var/crash file for it?17:40
hjdI have a _usr_bin_jvocuhadju.1000.crash17:46
penguin42I wonder if apport-cli --update-bug=929210 that.crashfile17:48
penguin42will do it?17:48
hjdpenguin42: still didn't seem to add anything useful.17:54
hjdI wonder if the best might be to simply file a new bug report and copy over the description from this one.17:55
penguin42yeh probably best - have you installed the debug package?17:55
hjdpenguin42:  jbofihe doesn't seem to have a debug package, so I am not sure what you mean? :)17:57
penguin42hjd: There is a ddebs repository with packages debug symbols in, I've got that and I can install a jbofihe-dbgsym package17:59
penguin42hmm although confusingly it doesn't seem to have helped gdb18:00
* penguin42 gently wonders howmany other commands have 2 j's in18:01
hjdI wasn't aware of that. Is this an offical repository?18:02
hjdofficial, even18:02
penguin42Yeh, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash18:02
hjdpenguin42: ok, so install the debug package, run the command and file a bug as normal?18:10
penguin42hjd: So you should find a jbofihe-dbgsym package you can install if you've set up the ddebs18:12
hjdpenguin42: yes, I've installed it.18:14
penguin42right, so now when it tries to do a backtrace it should get a little more info18:15
hjdok, so just file the automatic report when apport detects the crash?18:16
penguin42yeh that should append the backtrace from the crash file (or at least I thought it should)18:17
hjdpenguin42: bug 94104118:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 941041 in jbofihe "jvocuhadju crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_start_main()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94104118:20
penguin42the backtrace is unfortunately pretty useless - hmm18:22
Ampelbeinpenguin42: It's not retraced yet.18:24
hjdI'm marking the older bug as a duplicate of this now, unless someone has a better idea.18:24
penguin42Ampelbein: I can't get a useful backtrace from it even with gdb locally - very easy to reproduce though18:29
Ampelbeinoh, yeah. upstream strips the binaries in their Makefile.18:39
penguin42it's a bit surreal - the comments are in english but with random Lujvo words thrown in18:39
penguin42Ampelbein: I've just added a backtrace18:39
* penguin42 thinks it might just be a case of not coping with no input18:40
penguin42It looks like there is a 3 dimentional 'r' array where the 1st element is indexed by an element out of the c array, and the c array looks like it's initialised for nt elements, where nt is something like the number of words passed in, but it still uses c[0] if nothing is passed in and it's got junk in18:42
penguin42probably best left to someone who understands Lujvo18:44
penguin42I'll send a mail to the author, although 2 of the 3 pages referenced in the manual page are dead18:46
hjdFor the future, should I simply file a new bug if the original one doesn't contain backtrace/etc from apport? Since it seemed rather hard to add it afterwards.18:48
Ampelbeinhjd: New bug, let apport retrace then (if retrace is good) dupe the old one to your new one with a comment.18:49
Ampelbeinpenguin42: http://paste.ubuntu.com/856859/ looks like it could need a simple check that len(argv)>1 and error out if not.18:50
hjdok, thanks for your help.18:50
penguin42Ampelbein: Yeh, or if words == wp just before the call to makelujvo to take account if an option is passed but no words18:52
AmpelbeinYes, but I agree on your comment tha the project looks pretty dead.18:54
hjdSomething completely different: bug 931517 is clearly caused by bug 919671, but I am not sure whether it would be right to mark it as a duplicate.18:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931517 in condor "condor can not be installed on ubuntu 12.04 precise (unmet dependency)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93151718:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 919671 in condor "Please remove condor from ubuntu precise" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91967118:55
penguin42Ampelbein: I mean huh, a parser for lojban words but they've not even translated libreoffice into Lojban yet :-)18:56
penguin42hjd: Generally leave 'special' bugs like ones to remove things alone - although perhaps add a comment to point it at the other one18:57
* hjd added a comment to bug 93151719:04
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931517 in condor "condor can not be installed on ubuntu 12.04 precise (unmet dependency)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93151719:04
YosiqueSomebody got the same problem/bug when minimized a terminal or other app it just running background and disappeard out off Gnome? \o/19:16
YosiqueOh, @ Ubuntu 12.0419:18
dlentzYosique, you mean gnome-shell?19:18
YosiqueThe GUI Terminal.19:18
dlentzyou said "disappeared off gnome"..19:19
YosiqueYe its running in the background but im not able to recover the window19:19
YosiqueAfter minimized19:19
dlentzhave you reported as a bug?19:20
YosiqueI got the same problem with Chrome browser.19:20
YosiqueLets do that.19:20
YosiqueBut maybe someone already reported the bug19:20
YosiqueSo thats why i came to ask.19:20
dlentzi don't see any recent gnome-shell reports that report anything like that19:24
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penguin42it's amazing how many really scary glib/gtk/gdk warnings pretty much every gtk app spews out19:57

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