cjohnstonwe had a lady get hit by an umbrella earlier and want to go to the er00:12
cjohnstonjames_w: ping00:24
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james_whi cjohnston01:35
cjohnstonhey.. got a second to take a look at status and see why one person in one of the teams isn't having a page generated?01:36
james_wI can try :-)01:37
james_wit's been a while...01:37
cjohnstonsame here01:37
cjohnston~allison is a member of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-community-contributors  but she doesnt show up http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/ubuntu-community-contributors.html01:39
cjohnstonyou can see http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-community-app-developer-growth.html that she has work items assigned to her01:39
james_wcjohnston, where does the config live again?01:42
cjohnstonjames_w: just realized01:43
cjohnstondo u need to remove 'ubuntu-community' from line 3701:43
cjohnstonfor the spec01:43
james_wcjohnston, I don't think that's it01:45
james_wshe's not in the db at all fwiw01:46
james_wso it's a "collect" problem rather than a "generate" one01:46
james_wcjohnston, I can't see what's wrong01:51
james_wit may just be that the collect script hasn't run successfully since before the 15th01:51
james_wbut that can't be right01:52
james_wbecause the workitems have changed01:52
james_wthe logic looks sensible, LP correctly reports she is part of the team over the API01:54
james_wand running locally puts her in the db too01:59
james_wso maybe the run with --refresh doesn't work01:59
james_wbut we get the cron mail once a day that suggests that it does01:59
cjohnstonya.. once a day that stupid lock file still exists02:01
james_wthat's when the --refresh run happens I think02:01
james_wand takes more than an hour02:01
james_wmeaning that the next run sees the lock file in place02:01
james_wthe run after midnight is the one that takes longer02:02
james_wand so the one after that sees the lock file02:02
james_wif the cron is at 33 minutes past the hour that would be 01:33 UTC02:02
james_wwhich is 20:33 EST, which is when we see the email02:02
james_wthe time jumps around a bit more than that though, so maybe that's wrong02:04
bkerensajono: happy friday02:53
akgranerjono - blogging now - will send you the link to post once I have it up03:10
akgraner(just got back to my desk - sigh)03:10
akgranerlink to reference I mean03:10
bkerensamhall119: The about page on your blog is awesome :)03:20
mhall119bkerensa: yeah, I never did get around to that03:28
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jo-erlendhmm. Somewhat discouraging when projects are deleted without even asking first.14:09
jussijo-erlend: which project are you talking about?14:14
jo-erlendUbuntu Classic.14:14
jussiwhere was it deleted from?14:15
jo-erlendit was deleted because there is already a gnome-session-fallback, so there's no need to have a larger scope project for the entire experience.14:15
jo-erlendLaunchpad. The project doesn't exist anymore.14:15
jo-erlendbut it's fine. There's so much resistance, I'm just going to focus on LXDE, I think.14:16
jo-erlendbut deleting other peoples work first, then later send them an email is not the right way to do things.14:18
jussiahh, I guess you need to take it up with whoever it was then. (dont think I can help much)14:20
nigelb(just saying hi, in case you see this much later)14:24
jussihi nigelb14:24
nigelbjussi: How's baby and the mom? and how's your weekend looking? :)14:25
jussinigelb: Im in Barca atm. Elodi and Sari are doing fine.14:25
Pendulumjussi: are you at MWC?14:27
jussiPendulum: yes14:27
nigelbI should have guessed :P14:27
Pendulumcool :)14:27
Pendulumjussi: if you happen by the Scottish Innovation booth, say hi to the SpotSpecific folks, they're buddies of mine :)14:28
jussiok :)14:28
jussiwe got a pretty good position - we are in hall one, opposite MS ;)14:28
Pendulumgranted, if Al's one of the people there you might not be able to understand him ;-)14:29
Pendulumjussi: looks like they're the same hall, just off to one side (I got the name of the overall group wrong, it's Scottish Development International14:32
jussiPendulum: dunno how much time Ill have to wande, but lets see14:32
Pendulumjussi: no worries, just thought I'd mention :)14:33
PendulumI need to remember that it's MWC this week so I can watch keynotes14:33
akgranerjussi, I wish I was there15:18
jussiakgraner: I wish you were here also!15:18
jokerdinojust a quick question, is spreadubuntu.org pretty much dead?15:19
jokerdinoi was considering blogging about it in one of the community blogs. so i just want to clarify.15:19
akgranerThat's one of the events I wanted to go to this year, but my boss said he can't send me to *all* the events that *I want* to go to.15:19
akgranerjokerdino, it's only as alive as the community who ads to it - so maybe tell people about it an encourage them to add to it :-)15:20
akgranerI go there to snag posters/fliers that doctormon has created15:21
jokerdinoakgraner: most of the content are for 10.04 or 10.1015:23
jokerdinono updates after natty :/15:23
akgranermaybe more people need to know about it - I still use some stuff from there so...it's up to the community to add to it - not one set of people and I'm not an artsy person or I'd be adding stuff to it15:25
jokerdinohm, so you mean i should just go and blog about it?15:25
jokerdinoi will happily do so if i am sure the project is no longer maintained or declared dead.15:26
akgranerone sec let me get you an email address and you can email the team and ask them :-)15:26
akgranerI still tell people about it, but that's just me15:26
jokerdinoheh, thanks.15:27
akgranerhmm - you'll have to join the team to post to their mailing list - I think the email from the team lead is in my achieved mail somewhere but I'll try and find it for you let's hope I tagged with something that makes sense to me now15:31
jokerdinoone sec15:31
jokerdinogd luck :D15:31
jokerdinois it spreadubuntu@lists.launchpad.net ?15:32
akgranerRubén Romero y Cordero huayra@ubuntu.com15:32
akgranerand yep that's the right list15:32
jokerdinoso, i ping him or the list?15:33
akgranerI'd email Rubén the the list if you don't hear from him15:33
akgranerhe used to hangout in -marketing but I am not so sure anymore15:34
jokerdinoi don't see him there.15:34
akgranerHmmm did the key bindings change in the last update?15:40
jokerdinowhich one?15:40
jokerdinoa couple of them did, iirc15:41
akgranerfor multi-monitors and changing desktops15:41
jokerdinoswitching workspaces yes.15:41
* akgraner goes back to my mouse right now - don't have time to figure this out atm15:41
jokerdinoIt changed to meta + Shift + arrows I think15:42
jokerdinoyou should just look at the shortcut hint overlay15:42
akgraneryeah I know about it  - just busy at the moment :-)15:42
akgranerjust when I think I have it memorized it changes15:43
akgraner:-) that's all15:43
jokerdinoi am sorry for disturbing.15:43
akgranerno you aren't the changes are15:43
akgranerI like people - and yes I know it's a development release and all that  - I picked a bad time to try to get rid of my mouse dependency15:44
jokerdinoi am on precise anyway.15:44
akgranerjokerdino, you're fine :-) I like surprises with the releases as well but sometimes it just makes me cranky for few mins - sorry if I implied you were disturbing me - not my intent :-)15:45
jokerdinodone emailing the person. thanks for the address.15:47
pleia2spreadubuntu is very much alive :)16:40
pleia2more people just need to know about it, a lot of teams still only upload their materials to their own pages and things16:41
akgranerpleia2, thanks!16:48
akgranerI just know how I use it :-)16:48
pleia2doctormo and I worked with ruben recently to get a countdown banner section added so it could replace the wiki in the countdown banner competition, but the idea was ignored by the canoncial folks running the contest16:49
pleia2disappointing, but we tried16:50
pleia2could have avoided all the problems people have logging into the wiki *and* promoted spread ubuntu all at onec!16:51
akgranerpleia2, nods16:57
pleia2cjohnston: can you install curl on the classbot machine? (we need it for denting)17:02
cjohnstonpleia2: python-pycurl ?17:03
pleia2no, just regular curl (classbot is perl)17:03
pleia2it calls the command line program directly17:03
pleia2gracias :)17:04

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