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dobeydesrt: are you -0500 or -0600?01:48
dobeydesrt: i think it's ~12-13 hours ahead of us01:49
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kabiigondoes anyone know about usb05:37
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desrthello desktop people12:57
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dobeyanyone around and know how to make flash stay fullscreen on one screen while focusing another window on the other screen, with twinview/multihead?21:58
desrtdobey: you need to make a small patch to src/platform/linux/x11-fullscreen.c and recompile22:05
dobeypatch in what?22:06
desrtflashplayer, of course22:06
dobeyuh, flash is not open source22:06
desrt((that's the joke))22:07
* dobey makes a note that canadians aren't funny22:07

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