vibhavIs there any way I can get started with ubuntu documentation?02:16
vibhavI have been editing ubuntu-manual for some time now02:17
jbichavibhav: sure, we definitely could use some help02:21
jbichathere's some info on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation02:24
jbichaand you can find the source at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-docs/precise02:25
vibhavjbicha: Which are the files I need to edit02:28
vibhavI have downloaded the branch02:28
jbichavibhav: look at the ubuntu-help/C directory02:29
vibhavjbicha: Thanks!02:29
jbichayou can run yelp . in that directory to see the current help02:30
jbichaCtrl-L is an undocumented way to see what page you're looking at02:31
vibhavDo I need to then create a new branch , push my edited stuff to it and then propose it for merging?02:31
jbichayes, you've proposed bzr branches for merging before, right?02:32
vibhavI edit ubuntu-manual where anyone can push branches02:33
vibhavalso , what do the check_status.sh scripts do?02:33
jbichayou can run ./check_validation.sh net-antivirus.page to make sure your page is valid Mallard syntax02:36
vibhavthanks jbicha , that should be fine now02:36
jbichathe Unity specific pages need the most help02:42
jbichavibhav: are you running Precise?02:42
vibhavjbicha: On a Virtual Machine02:43
vibhavI run oneiric02:43
jbichadoes Unity 3D work in your VM?02:44
vibhavjbicha: I have not yet installed the addons , but they should work02:44
vibhavjbicha: Unity 3d now works04:47
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