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infoturtlethethomaseffect you still up for helping spruce up the site? if you can't it's cool, just asking14:13
thethomaseffectI have no time these days really, my laptop went missing so I'm in college all the time working on projects, final year and all that14:15
thethomaseffectI'll have time at easter break but that seems so long away14:15
infoturtleah no hassle, I just started work on it and just wanted to know if you wanted in, I'll keep tippin' away at it14:42
slashtommythe ubuntu hour was a little quiet again16:32
thelodgerhow often is it held?16:35
slashtommyit's held whenever anyone calls one16:38
tdr112ah we had a nice chat17:06
infoturtleIs Dublin having a UGJ the weekend (or anytime)?19:31

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