stgraberbdmurray: ok, I can definitely reproduce the upgrade option being visible when booting a 11.04 install media after installing 11.1004:39
stgraberbut I really want to get the same with something more recent...04:39
stgraberoh and apparently you can also "Upgrade" to the same version...04:41
stgraberat least with 11.10 you could04:42
stgraberbdmurray: after cleaning up the disk and reinstall precise from scratch, I now get the "upgrade" to 11.10 so I've got something I can indeed debug05:08
stgraberwill do that over the weekend or on Monday05:09
Beezyhi linix gods18:09
Beezyis this specific to android ubuntu installation? if not do we have some android people in here?18:11
Beezylunch time? :(18:12
Beezyhave a nice day gods18:16

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