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theadminPardon me, but what's with ubottu? She seems to reply to people without anyone actually firing the factoids13:26
AlanBellif someone addresses ubottu directly she replies saying she is a bot, this is normal13:29
AlanBellubottu: you do that don't you?13:29
ubottuAlanBell: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:29
theadminOkay, she did it again (her reply and what seems to have triggered it shown on screenshot): http://i.imm.io/hia4.png -- I don't see anyone firing the factoid14:55
AlanBelltheadmin: 14:54 < soreau> !info vlc15:09
jussitheadmin: you have soreau ignored.15:09
AlanBellthat would be my guess too15:09
theadminAh yes I think that's the case >.< Sorry, didn't realize15:10
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