brodermade it to level 6 :)01:17
broderfyi, if anybody's working on the ctf, i recommend adding -stripe to the beginning of any google searches you do01:33
broderthere are, e.g., gists on github with solution writeups that have already been indexed01:33
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arandIf I want to get an icon-size fix into Precise at this stage, would it be easier to sync over a Debian update (with very minor packaging updates), or do the patch as an isolated patch for Ubuntu?09:48
tumbleweedminor packaging updates => sync09:55
tumbleweed(assuming they won't impact othe rpackages)09:55
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PaoloRotoloHi all!17:44
qwebirc91098im a c embedded programmer17:44
qwebirc91098could i get some help on getting into the ubuntu project?17:44
tumbleweedqwebirc91098: sure17:51
tumbleweedqwebirc91098: do you have any particular questions?17:53
qwebirc91098hm yes18:07
qwebirc91098first, can you point me to a specific bug/feature that i can work on?18:07
qwebirc91098never worked on a an opensource project before18:08
qwebirc91098would glad to get some overview18:08
tumbleweedhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted has some hints18:08
valdur55qwebirc91098, first change your nick iwth /nick command :). Then read channel topic18:09
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tumbleweedwe're just coming up on beta 1, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule so the things of most interest are fixing release-critical bugs, not bringing in new packages or new versions of things18:10
SemaphoreVsMutexthanks for the link.. i read some of the bugs in the bug section18:10
SemaphoreVsMutexwas hard for me to follow since it was all fixed or being fixed18:10
tumbleweedharvest should help you to find things to look at18:12
jokerdinoooh people around.18:15
jokerdinoi am investigating bug 89846318:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 898463 in software-center (Ubuntu) "GParted is in USC "Themes & Tweaks" section rather than "System"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89846318:16
jokerdinoi note that there is no fault in gparted or app-install-data18:16
jokerdinoand i am not sure where the problem is in usc. any pointers?18:17
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ockhamtumbleweed: did you get any chance to take a look at tesseract 3.0?20:26
tumbleweedockham: no, but I suppose I could now20:26
ockhamtumbleweed: cool! tell me if there are any menial tasks i can help with20:27
tumbleweedpipedream: ohi20:28
pipedreamtumbleweed: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2012-February/007188.html20:29
tumbleweedpipedream: yar, just saw that20:30
tumbleweeddid you see http://wiki.debian.org/DebianScience/Sage ?20:30
* tumbleweed doesn't know too much about sage, but as I understand it, it's a big bundle of other stuff20:30
pipedreamIt's a python front-end to like 50 packages20:31
tumbleweedso, when we are shipping different versions of the "other stuff" to sage, things get problematic20:31
pipedreamSo I don't want to ship a sage based on the debian vcersions20:31
pipedreamsage makes all it's own versions20:31
tumbleweedwhich means you we have to carry essentially two copies of all of those packages20:31
pipedreamsage has thigns called spkg's (tarballs) which are the upstream exact versions whic hmake sage compile so cleanly20:31
pipedreamYes, the sage package will be huge20:32
pipedreambut  my goal is to aid Sage adoption, and besides using bandwidth/space, I don't really tsee the problem with this20:32
pipedreamSage-spkg'es do not overwrite system versions20:32
pipedreamyou call them from sage (or optionally install direct access to /usr/local/bin/)20:32
tumbleweedthe most commonly-stated downside of duplication is that security issues have to be fixed in multiple places20:33
pipedreamSo how about I just make a PPA first, and worry about all that later20:33
tumbleweedyeah, why not20:33
tumbleweedI also suggest talking to the debian science people20:33
pipedreamThen debian/ubuntu won't be shipping insecure stuff20:33
pipedreamtumbleweed: apt-add-repository ppa:aims/sagemath20:34
pipedream(there is nothing in there ;)20:34
tumbleweedthe build failure in your mail didn't actually include gcc's error20:35
tumbleweeddoes sage's build system hide gcc output?20:35
pipedreamI forgot to attach the log file20:35
pipedreamit's a 1.2M text file20:35
tumbleweedonly the bit around the error is important20:35
tumbleweedah, or that20:36
pipedreamthe line that failed is a pretty long line20:36
pipedreamI figure that is details20:36
pipedreamI need a mentor as I will run into such problems again and again20:36
pipedreamand I can't pinpoint them to the package or to my (lack of) packaging skills20:36
tumbleweedpipedream: I'm more than happy to help out20:36
jtaylorlooks like a quoting issue20:37
pipedreammaxima, btw, built cleanly when NOT run from debuild20:37
tumbleweedwe already know each other, so why not :P20:37
pipedreamtumbleweed: I am at an ICTP workshop, and this is my project for the week20:37
tumbleweedah, I see20:37
pipedreamwhatever time you have to help, super thanks20:37
pipedreambut I guess this will go on after that20:37
pipedreamand also as sage thakes 5 hours to build the iterations are a bit long20:37
pipedreamSo I will keep asking on sage-devel, ubuntu-motu, and #ubuntu-motu for a few days20:38
jtaylordo you use ccache? that will cut down time on repeated builds of C/c++ parts20:38
pipedreamthen I am on two weeks holiday and will pick it up again after20:38
* pipedream googles ccache20:38
pipedreamsage itself will also pick up from where it left off20:38
pipedreamwhere it b0rked20:38
tumbleweedjtaylor: what quoting issue do you see?20:39
tumbleweedI just wish I could see gcc's outptu20:39
pipedreamthat maxima.log I pasted has it?20:39
jtaylor /usr/bin/ld: unrecognized option '-Bsymbolic-functions -Wl'20:39
tumbleweedoh, I missed that20:39
tumbleweedat the end of the massive line, duh20:39
jtaylora failuire like that also occurs in scons packages quite often20:39
tumbleweedyes, that is a quoting issue20:39
pipedream(yes, but only via debuild?)20:40
jtaylordebuild exports certain buildflags a normal build would not20:40
jtaylorincluding -Bsymbolic-function and security related stuff20:40
pipedreamso here is where I have a lot to learn ;)20:40
tumbleweedjtaylor seems to know everything about these types of issues, you're in good hands :P20:41
valdur55pipedream, look topic links.... maybe you read then something useful :)20:43
pipedreamvaldur55: I am reading a lot at developer.ubuntu.com, debian guides, and launchpad20:44
valdur55pipedream, ok! good to know!20:45
tumbleweedScottK: if I were to kick the ball rolling on tesseract (I'm just starting some local tests), are you up for a pile of NEW review? (there are 67 tesseract source packages)20:48
pipedreamtumbleweed: I'm getting some reply on sage-devel mailing list.21:00
pipedreamI guess it is not appropriate to keep this going on both sage-devel and ubuntu-moto, and yet that is exactly the cross section where people can help solve this problem...21:00
tumbleweedI'm busy downloading the source so I can have a look21:01
tumbleweedanything interesting in your debian/rules?21:01
pipedreamuhm, no21:02
pipedreamI literally read and followed http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-new-software.html21:02
pipedreamfrom the top down21:02
ScottKtumbleweed: Are they sync's from Debian?  If so, no problem.21:03
ScottKtumbleweed: Go for it.21:03
tumbleweedok, as soon as I've tested it locally21:03
tumbleweedpipedream: re "googling and not finding much"21:17
tumbleweedthe flags are coming from dpkg-buildflags21:17
pipedreamwhich is absent in my package so I get defaults?21:18
pipedreamI can also try to pre-empt the difficult part by doing an easier project first:21:18
tumbleweeddebuild runs it21:18
tumbleweed(in Debian, this doesn't happen any more, as these days, dh runs it, at compat levels >=9. But we kept this enabled in Ubuntu for precise)21:19
pipedreama package, say, sagemath-upstream-binary, which gets sage's prebuilt binar and make a postinst script that untars it, moves it, fixes permissions21:19
tumbleweederr s/debuild/dpkg-buildpackage/21:19
tumbleweedbuilding from source is definitly preferable :)21:20
pipedreamyes, but just to practice my packaging a bit, and to have a result for people to use while I work on it21:20
tumbleweedfair enoguh21:21
tumbleweed(it'll also build, much faster :P )21:21
pipedreamYes, and I'll actually have something to show at the end of the workshop ;)21:21
pipedreamI cxould probably do that in one day if I learn how to make a virtual package from scratch and add a postinst, but that seems to rely on me already knowing how to build source packages, bit of a catch 2221:22
tumbleweedI suggest not doing anything fancy in a postinst21:23
tumbleweedrather take a linux binary tarball as your source, and build debs containing everything where you want them21:23
tumbleweedthe only reason people do crazy downwloading and unpacking in postinsts, is that the software they are installing isn't redistributable21:24
tumbleweedpipedream: look at the Ubuntu nvidia-cg-toolkit package for an example of what I'm suggesting21:25
tumbleweedsorr, that's not a simple example, there is lots of other stuff going on there too21:30
pipedreamYes, how about a doc package that builds nothing?21:30
pipedreamwhat is a proper debian location for sage?21:31
pipedream/usr/bin/sage and /usr/share/sage/* ?21:31
tumbleweed/usr/lib/sage, if you want it all in one place. /usr/share is for arch-independant data only21:32
tumbleweedand bin, yes21:32
pipedreamok, thanks21:32
broderpipedream: sage used to be packaged in debian. it ended up getting removed because the packager got busy running a startup, but have you looked that up?21:32
pipedreamyes, Tim Abbott/ksplice . He was however debianizing, depending on all the components' debian versions21:32
pipedreamI want an all-in-one sage21:33
pipedreamsage versions of all the components21:33
broderoh, i see21:33
tumbleweedwhich probably wouldn't be acceptable in Debian, but it's closer to what sage upstream wants, and debs of that would be useful (in your PPA, of course)21:33
broder(just curious - tim is a friend of mine from school)21:33
pipedreamthat project is too big for me now21:34
pipedreammaybe one day21:34
pipedream3 jan@osprey:~/sagemath-upstream-binary$ls usr/lib/21:40
pipedream0 jan@osprey:~/sagemath-upstream-binary$bzr dh-make sagemath-upstream-binary 4.8-10.04.3-0ubuntu121:40
pipedreambzr: ERROR: command 'dh-make' requires argument TARBALL21:40
pipedream^^ so this package would have no upstream tarball21:41
tumbleweedpipedream: rename the tarball you downloaded to $PKG_$VER.orig.tar.gz21:41
pipedream(on 12.04 it renames for one, I think, but OK, I had removed the tarball as it is uncessary for this method)21:42
tumbleweedyou still need an orig tarball21:42
pipedream(also it is lzma, I guess I need to decompress and use gz?)21:42
tumbleweedno, .lzma is fine21:42
tumbleweed(although tell the upstream that they should use .xz instead :P )21:42
pipedreambzr: ERROR: Unable to import library "lzma": No module named lzma21:43
tumbleweedinstall python-lzma?21:43
tumbleweedockham: tesseract 3 doesn't break the world (that I can see)21:46
* tumbleweed starts pressing buttons21:46
ockhamtumbleweed: yeah!21:46
ockhamgo for it!21:46
* tumbleweed quickly adds a -y option to syncpackage21:47
pipedream^^ sagemath is a bit big?21:49
tumbleweedI do suggest filing a bug about that21:50
tumbleweedGo the bzr-less route for now, or do a merge-mode bzr branch (only containing the debian directory)21:51
pipedreamnetwork-manager coredumped while trying to file a bug (I'm running 12.04 right now, next to 11.10 on this laptop)21:52
tumbleweedcyphermox: ^21:53
pipedreamAnd I have a sage compile running, so I'll reboot to 11.10 later21:53
pipedreamunreportablereason: networkmanager version has changed since then21:55
pipedreamseocnd time round it worked (nm didn't crash)22:02
pipedreamsame bug as this one maybe: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr/+bug/53161222:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531612 in bzr (Ubuntu) "failure to extract content > 2^31 bytes (OverflowError: signed integer is greater than maximum)" [Low,Confirmed]22:02
tumbleweedyour traceback looked bzr-builddeb specific22:03
jtayloris sage bigger than 4gb? :O22:03
ubottuError: launchpad bug 941131 not found22:07
pipedream"This report is private" ?22:07
pipedream^ First time I've seen that22:08
tumbleweedcrash bugs potentially contain private data22:08
tumbleweedthe re-tracer removes the dumps and attaches stack traces22:08
tumbleweedScottK: all yours: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue :)22:09
pipedreamSo, I don't know the bzr-less route or merge-mode bzr. Reading http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/mini-tutorial/index.html22:09
Laneyremovals filed too?22:09
Laneyalso, damn you re: ctf22:09
tumbleweedLaney: :)22:09
Laneylevel05 now22:09
tumbleweed5 is easy22:10
ajmitchI don't think I'll start on ctf, it'll kill any time I had22:10
Laneyi pasted the curl line it gave and it didn't come back, so i decided to give up for now22:10
ajmitchtumbleweed: that's a lot of syncs :)22:10
broderlevel 5 is obfuscated, but easy once you realize what you have to do22:10
Laneyi liked 322:11
broderi still don't know what specifically i'm supposed to do for 622:12
Laneygot more useful things to do, like make a haskell graph go green22:12
* ajmitch should get back to the fun rcbugs list22:13
ajmitchso many to look at on there22:13
tumbleweedbroder: I found a rather neat solution to that, after lots of dead ends22:13
pipedreamThanks. I'm off until Monday morning now, I think.22:22
highvoltagethose sure are a lot of tesseract packages :)22:23
ajmitchtumbleweed's trying to win on the upload activity graphs :)22:23
tumbleweedthey mostly just contain one file22:24
* tumbleweed blames the debian maintainer22:24
* ajmitch still has a long way to go to get back on that list of uploaders for precise22:25
jtaylorwhere is that list again?22:25
ScottKThere's a list?22:25
ScottKAh.  Didn't know about that.  Thanks.22:26
tumbleweedit's intentionally not listed anywhere :)22:27
ajmitchstill interesting to look at22:27
ajmitchtumbleweed: don't worry, I won't tell anyone about it ;)22:27
* Laney tweets it22:28
tumbleweedas long as nobody sends me angry e-mail about comparing canonical contributions to community members, do whatever you want :)22:28
ajmitchand spoil all our fun?22:28
ScottKtumbleweed: I'm assuming you're tracking if all the tesseract builds succeed.  I'm just worrying about Newing the stuff that does.22:34
ajmitcha --subscribe-me-to-bugs-and-build-failures on syncpackage would be nice - I currently don't know if the person syncing gets the build failure emails for syncs22:35
tumbleweedScottK: yeah, keeping an eye on them (and they all built locally)22:35
ScottKajmitch: If you get the accepted mail, you'll get the build failures, I'm pretty sure.22:36
tumbleweedajmitch: at least tde debian maintainers aren't getting emails any more22:36
tumbleweedbug 862251 for the sync requestor22:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862251 in Launchpad itself "Sync requester doesn't receive build failure emails" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86225122:36
ajmitchtumbleweed: thanks, hopefully I haven't missed any failures on archs that I don't have22:38
ajmitchnot that I've got many syncs :)22:38
tumbleweedfortunetly there's a column on launchpad.net/people/+me/+synchronised-packages22:39
tumbleweedlisting failures22:40
ajmitchgreat, one armhf failure22:40
tumbleweedoh, even test-rebuild failures show up there, neat22:43
ScottKtumbleweed: sikuli depwait22:50
tumbleweedyeah, it looks like tesseract-dev isn't published yet22:51
tumbleweedalthough LP said it was, before I retried it22:51
ScottKLP says it's published at the start of the publisher run, but the package isn't actually available until shortly after it finishes.22:55
ajmitchLaney: there aren't plans to update ghc in precise, are there?23:18
ajmitchok, was just looking at the rc bugs list, found some packages like gtk2hs-buildtools that will need synced if it's updated23:19
Laneyit will all be synced23:20
* Laney rubs palms23:20
ajmitchsounds like madness23:20
ockhamtumbleweed: thanks for syncing tesseract! incidentally, this has just been posted to LP: https://bugs.launchpad.net/simple-scan/+bug/483391/comments/2123:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 483391 in Simple Scan "Extract text using optical character recognition (OCR)" [Wishlist,Triaged]23:25
ockhamhmm, getting proper an OCR option into Simple Scan sounds tempting...23:26

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