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UrB[ 2330.918161] mythbackend[13888]: segfault at 10 ip 002d6d33 sp b28fe210 error 4 in libmythdb-0.24.so.0.24.0[241000+129000]10:58
UrBany ideas where to start digging into that?10:58
UrBupdated to 3.0.0-16 kernel and now that occurs each time I try to start mythtv-backend11:05
UrBhttps://lists.launchpad.net/mythbuntu-bugs/msg06134.html - sounds like this one11:07
Zinn[lists.launchpad.net] [Bug 886321] Re: Upstart issue and mythbackend : Mailing list archive : mythbuntu-bugs team in Launchpad11:07
UrBproblem solved: video source was missing from the input connections11:14
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