pleia2almost done with the massive wiki overhaul of 2012 \o/07:25
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewsTeam and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge are completely done07:25
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter is almost done, I just need tediously update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies/HowToEdit07:26
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akgranerpleia2, thank you - sorry about that - I wanted to include as many steps as possible when I wrote it...:-/13:41
pleia2akgraner: oh no, it's great! just needs to be updated since things changed a bit since it was written :)16:32
akgraner:-) glad it helps...I'm working on my session notes for my class in 30 mins now :-)16:34
pleia2ok, sent out the summary writers email17:12
pleia2it's that time of the week again! we need summaries: http://bit.ly/vDkJyf :)17:12
pleia2akgraner: you just /msg classbot !q18:01
pleia2if you like the question, you /msg classbot !y18:01
pleia2if you don't like the question, /msg classbot !n18:02
Myrttioh darnit, the classroom :-|18:25
pleia2haha, oops, I hit the wrong channel18:25
akgranerpleia2, so did I as you saw :-)18:26
pleia2irc is hard18:26
akgranerhehe :-)18:27
akgranerpleia2, how are we on summaries?18:30
pleia2I wrote a bunch this week when I was in a waiting room18:30
pleia2but planet and below needs some love18:30
akgranerahh ok - I've got some time so I'll look at them - sorry about last week18:31
pleia2no problem, life happens :)18:31
akgranerIn case I don't tell you enough - thanks for stepping up and being a driving force for UWN! :-)18:31
akgranerI think we have some awesome team members who in a short time will be able to take the reins :-)18:32
pleia2now I just need to figure out how to for real get more people working on this18:32
akgraneryeah me too - I've been trying for what 3 years18:32
pleia2going to show bkerensa the publishing procedure on monday18:32
akgranerpleia2, awesome!18:32
akgranerIt's easier now than when I learned18:33
pleia2oh, and I think we should stop emailing the translations list18:33
akgraneryeah - I don't think they do anything with it18:33
pleia2I updated the UWN wiki to say: "Rather than translating summaries for English articles, we now suggest you work with a team in your local language to find articles and release your own newsletter."18:33
akgraneryep that was the goal and only have the GCN and stats used etc18:34
pleia2I'll touch base with the -it team to get a link to theirs (I don't know how often they release, but I know they do something we can link to)18:34
akgraneryeah that's the other thing I don't know - I used to have it up to date but it's not anymore all the versions of who was producing Ubuntu News Locally18:34
pleia2we should also get the teams sorted out soon, I'm still not part of ~uwn so I need nhandler to review any script changes since he is a member, not optimal :)18:34
akgranereven if they didn't all it UWN18:34
akgranerit's nice to have the links18:34
akgranerMaybe dpm can get that for us?18:35
pleia2yeah, looks like anyone on the canonical community team will be able to transfer ownership18:35
akgranerhmm  - yeah let's just set up a leadership team and have them transfer ownership to that18:37
pleia2oh, we should link dholbach's dev news to the NewsTeam wiki too18:37
akgranerso it's not one person - I think during the -q cycle we should change up the LP teams and clean all that up18:38
akgranerit's a mess18:38
pleia2~ubuntu-news-leadership ? -eic ?18:39
akgranerlink to it on UWN or the Fridge or both?18:39
pleia2I was thinking link it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewsTeam18:39
pleia2as a third thing the news team does18:39
akgranerthat will work18:39
akgranersorry mind wasn't on wikis18:40
akgraneryep - I like the dev news it's a great service18:40
akgranerubuntu-news-leadership seems long but it's not confusing and it's clear as to what it is18:41
akgranerwhich I think is important - and between now and 12.10 release we can figure out a structure18:42
akgranerso people can clearly see the progression etc18:42
pleia2ok, let's just go with ubuntu-news-leadership18:42
pleia2I'll add myself, you, and dholbach for now18:42
pleia2we can remove you later ;)18:42
akgranerI think that is part of the problem everything is so vague right now18:42
akgranerworks for me18:42
akgranerit used to be we have specific people who were responsible for the various sections and if someone didn't do it we knew who to contact18:43
akgranerand people felt like that had ownership and a stake in the final product18:43
* pleia2 nods18:44
pleia2did that work well?18:44
akgranerI think it's important to empower people and give them a stake in it , as well as the responsibility and accountability for it.18:45
akgranerit did - but when we moved it to the open people hated the criticism they often got in the channel18:45
pleia2ah :(18:45
akgranerso I started being top cover and had people address issues with me18:46
* pleia2 nods18:46
akgranerwhich was fine, but then well you know the fire etc18:46
akgranerand well  - things went south18:46
akgranerso it's time to get it all back in place - and the leadership team can be top cover and not just one person18:46
pleia2ok, emailing dholbach (cc you and dpm) about moving things over to the new leadership team18:47
akgranerThe cool thing was people learned styles to write for other publications - and I would recommend people for things etc18:48
akgranerso by helping here they could 1) help with the  project, 2) build sustained contribution 3) real world skills18:49
akgranerpleia2, thanks!18:49
* pleia2 nods18:51
pleia2ok, email is off, off to the gym now before I give myself something else to do ;)18:53
pleia2have a good one!18:53
Silverlionakgraner: ping21:28
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Silverlionhi there!21:29
pleia2hey Silverlion21:31
pleia2interested in writing some article summaries this weekend?21:31
Silverlionhey pleia221:31
Silverlionpleia2: would love to but i am on duty for RL-Money ^^21:31
pleia2well, if you get some time, all the links are here: http://bit.ly/vDkJyf21:31
Silverlionpleia2: will try but i have to code a complete issue of fullcirclemagazine this weekend ;)21:32
pleia2no problem, just asking since you said "hi" ;)21:33
* pleia2 grabs everyone she can!21:33
Silverlionpleia2: once i have a time slot i will remember you and give you a note21:33
Silverlionbut full circle magazine is going for back-issuing to have all issues available as Ebooks21:34
pleia2that's great21:35
Silverlionpleia2: and guess who does the work?21:35
pleia2Silverlion ;)21:35
Silverlionbut i still want to keep in touch with you folks to get the latest gossip21:38
Silverlionpleia2: btw. it would be great to have some coverage of the re-build of ubuntu youth ;)21:39
pleia2benonsoftware has his blog syndicated on planet, if he blogs about it we'll pick it up :)21:40
Silverlionpleia2: thx and bkerensa could too?21:40
Silverlionon his news site?21:40
pleia2you'd have to ask him :)21:41
Silverlionthat was a kind of question in his direction ;)21:41
Silverlionthat's why i highlighted him21:41
* Silverlion had a live interview on national radio earlier today :D *happy*21:42
pleia2cool, what about?21:43
Silverlionthere was a radio host in our city to promote an action to win a concert with Rea Garvey ;) he did a terrible mistake which made me kinda "freak out" and so he took the time to do an interview and invited me to ask all kind of questions ^^ he wanted me to proove that i could be a journalist too ^^21:45
Silverlionwe did like 20 Mins of talking and when i got home i had mail saying that it would be broadcasted on national radio21:46
Silverlionpleia2: you got a pm with a link ^^ go to picture 5/1221:48
Silverlionthere you will find me ^^21:48
Silverlionand all this coming from an overnight-duty on my job (where i am currently ... again)21:50
bkerensaSilverlion: Hmm?21:51
Silverlionbkerensa: i took over the task to promote the re-build of ubuntu-youth in ubuntu media21:52
Silverlionand i want you in ^^21:52
bkerensaAhh yeah if I see it I can write something up on OMG21:52
bkerensaI read the entire planet almost everyday21:52
Silverlionand another victory21:58
Silverlioni have launched a story about a little girl who playes table-tennis in a male team21:59
Silverlionand it became title picture and head story of the magazine!21:59
pleia2nice :)22:13
bkerensaI'm co-maintaining a debian package :P22:24
pleia2yay :)23:32
Silverlionpleia2: you seem to be happy ^^ mind to ask you local time?23:33
pleia2Sat Feb 25 15:34:04 PST 201223:34
Silverlionso I am kinda 9 hrs in the future of you ^^23:34
Unit193Bummer that ctcp's are considered rude. :/23:35
Silverlionhow can i display my local time for you?23:36
pleia2I'm using irssi, so I used /exec -o date23:36
Silverlionthat command doesnt work on webchat23:37
pleia2I don't know, sorry23:38
pleia2you can run "date" in a terminal and paste it here ;)23:38
Silverlioni am on windows ^^ my employer rejects to install linux at all23:38
Unit193I think it's date -R that I bind.23:39
Unit193Sat, 25 Feb 2012 18:39:16 -050023:39
Silverliondate -R23:39
pleia2Silverlion: that's the command he puts in the terminal -R changes the output format (notice it's a slightly different format than mine)23:46
Silverlionpleia2: i only have windows cmd line23:48
pleia2I know, I was just explaining the command :)23:49

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